Student Hermeticians Have a Great Work to Do

By Elbert Benjamine 02/14/1942
Published in Rising Star
February 15, 1942
It has often, and rightly, been said that the proof of a pudding is in the eating. Another way of saying the same thing, when people are under consideration is that by their works ye shall know them. And certainly these two assertions should, and do apply to Student Hermeticians.

Mere belief in some thing may not sufficiently associate it with motor tendencies to appreciably modify the actions. Therefore, in addition to the Stellarians whose lives are markedly benefited, we must expect there will be others whose lives will move along much as they did before, because they do nothing about the religion in which they now believe; for to be a Stellarian requires nothing more than belief in The Religion of the Stars. But to be a Student Hermetician implies that in addition to such belief there has been acquired some technical knowledge of astrology, ESP, directed thinking and induced emotion. Of Student Hermeticians, therefore, the public has a right to expect a high standard of usefulness.

They have a right to expect higher standards of usefulness from Student Hermeticians than from ordinary run-of-the-mill people for two distinct reasons. They have a right to expect it because these Student Hermeticians, as a result of their studies, should have become enthusiastic in their desire to help their fellowmen; and if they are Church of Light members have signed a contract thus to devote some times and energy to assistance of others without thought of recompense. And they have a right to expect it because these Student Hermeticians have the technical knowledge which will enable them to be more helpful than most.

They have been given this knowledge, and assisted in their mastery of it, by the Church of Light, not merely that they might help themselves, and not to enable them to take advantage of others, but in the expectation that they would use this knowledge to benefit many others. That is what we teach in Church of Light classes, and that is what the B. of L. lessons teach; that those who possess special ability to be helpful to others are that much more responsible for the welfare of those they contact.

Of course it is not expected that student Hermeticians will try to cram their religion, or their ability to help, down people's throats. It is not desired that they make nuisances of themselves. But our experience has been that there is not lack of people who are perplexed, of people who are in a jam and do not know where to turn or what to do. And it has been our experience also that these people mostly are more than eager for someone with astrological knowledge, or ESP ability, and knowledge of the other things taught by the Religion of the Stars, to tell them what they should do, and just how they should go about doing it.

I am well aware that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. No one should give astrological advice who has not studied long enough to be competent, and no one should give advice about things which are beyond the province of his knowledge. It is silly, and may be even criminal, for some person with but a smattering of astrological knowledge and almost no knowledge of healing to advise a patient to disregard the instructions of his physician. And it is silly, and may be criminal, for him to try to diagnose and prevail upon some ailing person not to call in a competent doctor. Nor should the Student Hermetician go beyond his certain knowledge in advising about other matters. Her should never be ashamed to say he does not know. But within the scope of such knowledge as he does possess he should make a habit of being helpful.

After all, we are entering the New Dispensation. We are entering a period during which will be determined whether the old spirit of get all you can for yourself and to the devil with others, will continue to dominate the world and bring to it new wars and privation and shedding of tears; or whether a growing spirit of aggressive helpfulness will usher in a new civilization of abundance, enlightenment and kindly feeling for all mankind.

That is what we need! That is what we must have! A New civilization in which those will receive highest honors, and will feel best repaid by the high esteem of others and the high esteem of themselves, who contribute not to conquests of aggression and bloodshed, and not to the exploitation of the less crafty and less strong, but who contribute the most to the welfare of all. That is the one true measure of success, and we must labor diligently to get that one true measure accepted. Contribute Your Utmost to Universal Welfare is not only the dominant life motive of those who adopt the Religion of the Stars; but it must also become the very foundation on which the New civilization will rear itself. In fact, there is no other foundation on which a New Civilization, which is fully worthy to so called, can be built.

Some kind of new dispensation already is starting, and it behooves us as possessing special knowledge to see to it that it becomes such a civilization, as we desire. If we who know the on sure foundation on which a new and spiritual civilization must be do now become aggressive in their helpfulness to others, to whom shall mankind look as models of conduct? Is it now the function of those who have knowledge of the Religion of the Stars to become living examples of the doctrines they accept, examples of how life should be lived, examples whom more and more people will emulate?

I believe it is I believe that every Student Hermetician, as well as those who have become full-fledged Hermeticians, should stand forth as a living example of the foundation on which rests the Religion of the Stars. And I believe he should live this doctrine of helpfulness to others not listlessly, but aggressively. Not only should he help those who press for aid, but he should make it a point to contact people whom he can help with such special knowledge an ability as he has developed. He should benefit as many as possible in such ways as are open to him, and he should let them know that his ability and his kindly actions derive from his familiarity with the Religion of the Stars.

If we are to do our part toward the establishment of the new civilization we must be dynamic; make no mistake about that. We cannot merely rest upon our knowledge if we are to make these times bear our impress. No we must not sit idly and hope opportunity to be useful will come to us; for if we do the forces of atheistic materialism, driven by the power of selfish brute force, will take over. If we do, atheistic materialism will present its pattern of life as the model for all the world to follow. We must not let spirituality thus be submerged; we must not let the world slip once again into the Dark Ages. Therefore must we be dynamic in our helpfulness. Therefore must we aggressively seek and use opportunity to demonstrate how those should live who have knowledge of the Religion of the Stars.

When atheistic materialism rears its ugly head thinking people often become confused. Their intellects will not permit them to have faith when materialistic science apparently has shown in its laboratory that many of the notions in which once they believed have been exploded. Because certain outmoded notions of the Piscean age have been discarded they are made to believe that religion, as a whole including belief in life after death, must be abandoned.

These people need help. They are wandering around with nothing spiritual to anchor to. And Student Hermeticians should go to their rescue. They should explain to these people who have lost faith in religion that what has been disproved by materialists is nothing essential to real religion, but merely the outward trappings in which it was wrapped by those of a time when science had no existence. They should explain that the divine Intelligence can be contacted today, and that it could be contacted of yore, by those who cultivate the faculties of their souls. And that the truth of life beyond the physical is something many persons can demonstrate to themselves if they will develop Extra Sensory Perception through which they can apprehend at least some of the conditions and events and personalities of the Inner Plane.

Most people, from time to time, encounter perplexing problems. Even when conditions are most difficult, and there seems no way out, there is always a best way for them to think and act, a way which will avoid some degree of harshness, or which will lead to some small gain. And usually one with knowledge of Hermetic Astrology can aid them to find this best way.

Here is one field of usefulness, which is open to all Student Hermeticians who have studied long enough to become competent. It is a field of usefulness where, if he does not bungle the job, a Student Hermetician will contribute to the New Civilization in three distinct ways. Through assisting the perplexed in individual solve the problem of what it is best to do he will reduce by that much the total discord and failure in the world, and thus contribute some what to the happiness and abundance of human life. By his success in solving the problem, he will make a new Stellarian, provided the one helped is not already a believer in the religion of the Stars; and even if he is, he will increase his enthusiasm for it. And by affording a living example of the unselfish helpfulness which is expected of those who adopt this religion as their pattern of life, he will increase the respect of the one assisted for the religion, and encourage him likewise to be helpful to others and thus aid in establishing the New Civilization.

Where parents are willing to accept advice in rearing of their children the Student Hermetician has another great field of usefulness, which he should find opportunity to enter. Having knowledge not possessed by others he can enable parents to realize their fond desire to see their offspring grow into men and women who are materially a success, who are happy, who are intelligent and spiritual-men and women such as the New civilization must have.

The same principle can, and should, applied by adults to adjust their lives and attain their ambitions; but because the habit systems of children are not yet so fixed they can adapt themselves, under parental guidance, much more rapidly.

This principle, which must be applied by every person who gets anywhere near what he should out of life, can only be applied intelligently by one conversant with astrology esoteric psychology, such as a Student Hermetician is. It is the principle that whatever powerful energies reside within the unconscious mind should be permitted expression, but that they should be led to express in harmonious manner through channels which will benefit both the individual and the race.

It is because those in charge of them do not understand this principle that there are problem children, and that here are children who grow into criminals. If the child has Saturn prominent in his chart of birth, the thought-cells of Saturn with this soul possess so much of this kind of energy that neither he nor society can prevent it from finding expression. If Saturn also is afflicted in the chart of birth, this Saturn type of energy within his soul will express discordantly if left to itself. But if the parents, or others who have the child in charge, will find a harmonious outlet for this energy which otherwise will which otherwise will manifest as cold and greedy selfishness, it can be led to express in a way beneficial to all. And Saturn energy which gains satisfaction through the security and advantages which come from some systematic labor benefiting others, having thus been released, cannot be used for cunning deception or for selfish greed. Nor, finding happy expression, can it attract into the life the loss and sorrow, which if left undirected, it otherwise would.

Who but the Student Hermetician can indicate to parents the power and trends of each of the ten types of energy, which reside within the soul of a given child? Who but the Student Hermetician unerringly, even from the very moment of birth, can tell the vocation for which a child will be best suited, and thus enable years of useless training to be avoided? Who but the Student Hermetician can instruct parents not only of the dominant types of energy within the child's soul, but what to do to lead that energy in to constructive channels, so that the child will avoid much heartache, discouragement and pain, and grow into happy, spiritual and successful man or woman?

Do not think you can force a child or force yourselves to live a life in which there is inadequate outlet for the particular dominant energies of the soul, and have that life yield what it should either in happiness or usefulness. Do not think that you can make a child whose dominant energies ware those of Mars into a plodding plow horse type of person whose chief interest will be the conduct of some routine business. If you try you will not succeed, but you will make a problem child. You will make a child who will run away from home to get adventure, or who will stay at home and take his punishment for getting into one scrape after another. And it is quite possible you will make a criminal.

Children are not born criminals. They are born with certain dominant energies. And if the one with the Mars energies dominant is early interested in building something for which he is praised, and permitted to find satisfaction and significance in constructive adventure, the energy which otherwise may take a criminal turn, expresses only in ways that are beneficial.
Yet helping parents make useful and happy citizens for the New Civilization is but one of many tasks which on all occasions the Student Hermetician should seek to perform. On every occasion he should seek opportunity to demonstrate his usefulness and thus prove the pudding in the eating, prove that the Religion of the Stars leads to unselfish and helpful actions.