U.S. Y2001 Sun Cycle Chart
by Dennis Sutton 09/12/2001

USA Sun Cycle
1:31 p.m. GMT
Washington, D.C.

The Sun cycle chart is a general event chart. The planets in this chart detail a planet-specific influence on each area (house) of the mundane agenda. The major Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto events are mapped in their respective cycle charts. The Sun enters Aries at 1.31pm, GMT on March 20, 2001. This converts to 8.31am EST on the same day at Washington (77W01; 38N53). The strongest aspects in the chart are Moon conjunct Neptune, Venus trine Mars and Pluto, and Mars conjunct Pluto. The Sun is semisquare the Moon - the 'real' people, and sextile Jupiter and Saturn - the financial-business sector. It is important to understand that a new mundane agenda doesn't commence with this new Sun cycle. It simply maps new trends and influences affecting the current agenda. The mundane agenda is moving in a direction and the astrological energy pattern mapped in the Sun cycle chart details the astrological affects influencing this agenda from March 21, 2000 to March 20, 2002. This means that the mundane astrologer should have a thorough knowledge of the current mundane agenda.

The Washington Sun cycle chart has the Sun in the 11th house and Congress will play a pivotal role during this astrological year. Mercury, also in the 11th house, maps very controversial announcements by Congress. Saturn (pessimism) and Jupiter (optimism) are in the 1st house where they will have a loss and abundance influence, respectively, on the American people. Saturn rules the Democrats, farmers, miners, workers, the poor and elderly. Jupiter rules the Republicans, the Religious right, the bankers, financiers, professionals and wealthy. Saturn there indicates that large numbers of people will suffer heavy losses and poverty, while Jupiter indicates that large numbers of people will suffer heavy gains and affluence. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. More importantly Saturn, planet of security in the 1st house, puts national security high on the domestic agenda.

The Moon, Neptune and Uranus, in the dominant and high-harmony 10th house, detail the astrological affects influencing the administration and business. Neptune maps an idealistic, but confused influence - the administration will be in a state of confusion. Neptune is the planet of fraud, uncertainty and broken promises. The Moon maps novelty and variation and the administration's reputation will fluctuate. The Moon is the planet of gossip. With the Moon conjunct Neptune the administration will announce utopian schemes to benefit the people, but Neptune just likes to daydream. Uranus, planet of change, maps a radical, but bizarre influence on the 10th house agenda and there will be major changes within the administration. Uranus is the exposé planet. Confusion, fluctuation and high-tech radical change will influence the business sector. Uranus and Neptune will have a radical and idealistic influence on the President and his administration, but Neptune's utopian schemes rarely yield what they promise. A vague idealism permeates Washington.

Mars and Pluto are in the 7th house and the US will antagonize the international community. This Mars-Pluto conjunction will bring coercion, military matters, defense programs, the National missile defense system, the army and its generals into prominence. Mars indicates hostile relations with a foreign power (or powers) and a hostile reaction to America's defense strategy. Pluto rules groups, and groups of countries will gang up on the US. Pluto is also the terrorism planet. Mars and Pluto indicate terrorist attacks on the US. The US will respond by taking violent action. Between March 20, 2001 and March 20, 2002 the USA and Mars will stir up a lot of strife on the international stage. MAJOR ASPECTS IN THE SKY

There are two (2) Mars conjunctions during this astrological year. Mars forms a conjunction aspect with Neptune at 12.44pm GMT on November 5th 2001; and a conjunction with Uranus at 7.07pm GMT on November 26th 2001. Both aspects will bring strife, hostilities, accidents, fires, disputes and military matters into prominence around the date indicated. Neptune, the planet of idealism, schemes, drugs, oil, inflation, chaos, uncertainty and movie stars adds a confusing element to the strive and violence around November 5th 2001. Drug wars, oil disputes, aviation disputes and plane crashes are common Mars-Neptune events. At Washington, the conjunction is in the 3rd house and the strife and confusion involves a neighboring country. There's a spate of local airplane accidents. Uranus, planet of anarchy, unrest, racial violence, strikes, protests and demonstrations will add a radical element to the strife and violence around November 26th 2001. Racial violence, radical protests and violent unrest are common Mars-Uranus events. At Washington, the conjunction is in the 11th house and Congress is marching to the beat of war drums. Congress will take violent, radical action.

On May 6th 2001 at 10.40am GMT Jupiter forms a high-discord opposition aspect with Pluto. This converts to 5.40am EST at Washington on the same day. At Washington Jupiter is in the 1st house (domestic affairs) and Pluto is in the 7th house (foreign affairs). This 1st house-7th house opposition indicates a drastic financial situation. The drastic action taken by foreign powers has an adverse impact on America's finances and currency value. The aspect-specific events will occur around May 6th 2001.

Of more importance are the two Saturn-Pluto oppositions in August and December 2001. Saturn will be opposition Pluto in the sky for around 15 months starting in May 2001 and finishing in August 2002. Saturn is the planet of greed and Pluto is the planet of selfish ruthlessness. Both planets grab what they can for themselves: and the aspect will enable the Lower-Pluto forces to create widespread economic inequalities. The destructiveness of greed and selfishness will have an adverse influence on international developments, globalization and the internet. Huge numbers of people (Pluto) will suffer hardship due to natural disasters (Saturn). The entire period will be subject to drastic weather conditions. Lower-Pluto will have an adverse influence on work and employment and Saturn's insecurity will force countries (and people) to take drastic action. Worldwide unrest due to the fear and insecurity generated by globalization, corrupt governments and economic inequality. Whether the current batch of dictators will fall from power remains to be seen although the aspect does favor violent unrest, kidnappings, drastic actions by terrorist groups, and a wave of terrorist attacks. The events and conditions initiated by these high-discord Saturn-Pluto opposition aspects will simply highlight the destructive consequences of greed and selfishness on a national and international level.

Saturn is the planet of security, safety, selfishness, loss, hardship, economy, thrift, fear, insecurity, economic contraction, cut-backs, down-sizing, economic slow-downs, recessions, depressions, poverty, unemployment, bad weather, natural disasters, careful planning, foresight, the sense of consequence, tradition, orthodoxy, conservatism, land, homes, buildings, crops, basic utilities, diseases in general, public health measures, the farming sector, mining sector and elderly. Pluto is the planet of groups, cooperation, coercion, (compulsory cooperation,) corruption, ruthless selfishness, mobs, mass murder, kidnappings, terrorism, terrorist attacks, dictators, dictatorial power, commissions, bureaus, committees, division, disunity, splits within groups, inversion, the distortion and suppression of facts, drastic measures, pressure tactics, bully-boy tactics, spirituality, invisible intelligences, the 'get what you can for yourself at any cost' attitude and the 'blame the victim' mentality. The first Saturn-Pluto opposition is perfect on August 5th 2001 at 5.02pm GMT. This converts to 12.02pm EST at Washington on the same day. In this chart Saturn, in the 8th house (taxes and death), and Pluto, in the 2nd house (finances, wages, prices and $US), have a high-discord impact on the U.S. economy and financial sector. Saturn has a loss influence on taxes and reduces the amount of revenue raised. Pluto has a coercive influence on financial policy. This high-discord opposition aspect maps a drastic financial situation. The Sun-Mercury conjunction in the 10th house (the President and his administration) intercepts the Saturn-Pluto opposition and government action can relieve (solve?) the financial problems caused by Saturn and Pluto. The second Saturn-Pluto opposition is perfect on November 2nd 2000 at 6.08am GMT. This converts to 1.08am EST at Washington, on the same day. In the chart Saturn, the planet of conservatism and security, in the 10th house (the administration and business) is opposition Pluto, the planet of crowds and groups, in the 4th house (homes, farms, the farming and rural sectors, land issues, buildings, the development of natural resources, the weather and Democrats). Saturn indicates a hard-line and conservative attitude by the administration; a loss and disappointment influence on the 10th house agenda; and a selfish and hard-line President. Saturn maps a slow down in government activity and delays to the President's plans. There are major divisions within the administration and Pluto in the 4th house puts the farming sector at odds with government policy. Expect the farming and rural sectors to take drastic action along with environmental and anti-globalization groups who are out in force attacking the administration's policies. Huge crowds of people will demonstrate against the administration's conservative and hard-line actions. The business and housing sectors can experience a drastic slow-down; and drastic weather conditions can have a widespread loss influence.

The third Saturn-Pluto opposition aspect occurs on May 26th 2002 will be presented and evaluated at a later date.