George Bush - The Next 4 Years
by Dennis Sutton 08/05/2001

George W. Bush
7:26 a.m. EDT
New Haven CT.
Progressed to 01-01-01

The acrimonious (Mars) circumstances under which George W. Bush won the US Presidency are sure to linger and I can safely say that his Presidency will be a bitter, political battle. During the entire 4 years he has powerful Sun-Mars progressions. Progressed Mars square birthchart Sun peaks in March 2002 and before it finishes progressed Sun forms a prominence (conjunction) aspect with birthchart Mars. These two planets form a sextile aspect in the birthchart. The Sun, in the 12th house (disappointments), is cusp ruler of the 1st house (health and personal affairs) and the 2nd house (finances). It forms obstacle square aspects with the Moon (the 'real' people) and Jupiter (the financial elite, bankers and religion). Mars in the 2nd house (personal finances and possessions) is cusp ruler of the 10th house (honor). Mars forms an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart MC (honor and publicity). The current high-discord square aspect involving Mars indicates that the aggressive thought-cells in George W's unconscious mind are receiving a discordant supply of aggressive energy and the 'strife' events they energetically work for will parallel their degree of discord. Mars is the planet of weapons, military matters, defense strategies, the generals and the strategic missile defense program and George W's Mars thought-cells are sure to stir up strife on the national and international stage.

(Progressed aspects start, peak and finish at different times. Each tends to map its own event and each stimulates aspect-specific thought-cells which work to attract events that correspond to the way they feel. Mars progressions have a 3-year time frame. Sun, Venus, MC and Ascendant progressions have a two-year time frame. Allow Mercury a 14-month time frame due to its fast motion. The date indicated for each major progression is its Peak Date.)

Sun progressions stimulate the thought-cells that influence the vitality, significance and authority: Mars progressions stimulate the thought-cells that influence strife, haste and increased expenditure of energy -- George W will be rushed off his feet! The high-discord Sun progression will undermine his authority, making it difficult for him to do and get what he wants. Sun discord brings bitter criticism and self-esteem abuse. With the Sun in the 12th house disappointment and restriction will plague the President. Mars indicates a fight and Bush is marching to the beat of battle drums. As Mars is in the 3rd house, and ruler of the 10th, this criticism will largely arise from his handling of the 3rd house mundane agenda. This includes education, public transport, roads, telephone and postal services, print media and relations with neighboring countries. George W. can get into strife over what he says on the phone. Mars aspects are fighting aspects and with Mars active it is a foregone conclusion that Bush will fight with someone. The question is who? Will it be his brother, Mexico, Canada, the religious right, the gun lobby, the press, a media baron or some world leader? Under Mars progressions things move fast. Can Bush keep up with the fast changing world? The Sun in the 12th house is sure to adopt an isolationist policy, which will anger other world leaders: and with the Sun and Mars ruling the 1st and 2nd houses a personal (health/financial) crisis can occur. With the Sun in the 12th house Bush has powerful secret enemies and with progressed Mars square the Sun these enemies can do a lot of damage. Powerful secret political enemies are working behind the scenes to undermine his authority. And with Mars active George W. will get hot under the collar. When the aggression thought-cell group is adversely stimulated the behaviour can be harsh, insensitive, angry, belligerent, destructive, antagonistic, vengeful, combative and war-like. This temporary Sun-Mars progressed discord is activating birthchart harmony and this means that while Bush will experience much political adversity he will also make some gains. He will also put on a brave face.

Currently (January 2001) Bush is getting beneficial support from progressed MC trine birthchart Moon. This aspect peaks on April 15th 2001. Harmonious MC progressions have a favorable influence on the honor, business and publicity. On the other hand progressed Ascendant square birthchart Uranus maps a personal obstacle. This aspect peaks on December 15th 2001. Progressed aspects involving the Ascendant influence the health, personality and personal affairs. Uranus is the high nervous tension planet. Progressed aspects to Uranus stimulate the thought-cells that influence sudden changes through a human change-agent. Uranus is in the 11th house (Congress and friends). It rules the 7th house (his wife and foreign powers) and the 8th house (taxes and death.) This means the change-agent will most likely be a friend, Congress, his wife or a foreign power. Ascendant discord indicates George W. needs to protect his health. 7th house discord maps poor relations with foreign powers. Uranus maps an extreme approach to foreign affairs. (What will US foreign policy be? Will Israel and Palestine fight it out? Will Libya and Iraq remain isolated? And what about China -- the Great Atheist that the Religious Right hates; and the Balkans?) Uranus ruling George W's 7th house will adopt an extremist approach to rogue countries; and the rogue counties will adopt an extremist approach to the US. With Uranus driving Bush's foreign policy expect extreme developments with US international relations. 8th house discord maps tax problems. (With Progressed Venus trine progressed Uranus Bush promised big tax cuts. This progressed square aspect maps obstacles hindering their introduction. Uranus is in the house of Congress.) Progressed Mars square birthchart Sun peaks on March 20th 2002.

On April 9th 2002 progressed Sun semisextile progressed Neptune is at its peak. Neptune is in the 3rd house and the aspect favors the 3rd house education agenda. Neptune will promote utopian educational schemes. Progressed Mercury forms a luck (trine) aspect with birthchart MC on August 13th 2002. Progressed aspects to Mercury stimulate the thought-cells that influence the mental interests, the facility of expression and increase the cerebral activity. Progressed aspects to the MC influence the honor, business and publicity. At this time the education agenda is favored and Bush gets good publicity.

Progressed MC trine birthchart Jupiter is very fortunate, even though it activates a birthchart opposition. This aspect is perfect on October 15th 2002. Progressed aspects to Jupiter stimulate the thought-cells that influence abundance, joviality and optimism. Jupiter, the religious planet, is in the 3rd house (education and trade with neighboring countries) and is cusp ruler of the 5th house (his daughters and the baseball team) and the 9th house (religion, law and trade). With the Sun, Mars and Jupiter all stimulated the political battles will involve the religious right, the Catholic Church, other religious issues, abortion, the RU486 abortion pill, the right to life, the right to death and the death penalty etc, etc.

Progressed Venus opposition birthchart MC maps bad personal publicity. This aspect is perfect on April 28th 2003. Progressed aspects involving Venus stimulate the thought-cells that influence the emotions, social relations and artistic appreciation. At this time Bush will be very sensitive to criticism. His social/love life will have an adverse influence on his reputation; and his career and reputation will have an adverse influence on his loved ones. When a planet forms an opposition with the MC and moves into the 4th house it often indicates a change of home. Venus is cusp-ruler of the 4th house -- his father. Progressed MC conjunct birthchart Uranus maps sensational publicity. Uranus is the exposé planet. This aspect is perfect on October 28th 2003. Uranus in the 11th house indicates extraordinary developments involving Congress, a friend, his wife or a foreign power. Congress will be in a radical, rebellious mood. At this time expect sensational developments on the international stage. In this day and age God permits anything.

On May 25th 2003 progressed Sun forms a prominence (conjunction) aspect with birthchart Mars. The aspect is perfect on June 2nd 2004 and everyday's a political battle for George W. This Mars stimulation will bring strife, haste and increased expenditure of energy into prominence. The conjunction in the 2nd house will focus on George W's personal finances and possessions. Mars is the planet of accidents, infections, violent assaults and fires. As his entire 4 year Presidency will be influenced by Mars energy the least exposure to danger the better. Alas, under Mars progressions people are motivated by wild impulse -- they take risks and behave recklessly. (Mars also rules alcohol and under high-discord Mars progressions people often escape from the stressful strife into a chemically induced state of inebriation.)

As leader of the most powerful country on Earth George W's actions will in some way influence all our lives. He might be a mystery, but the astrological energies influencing his Presidency still remain the biggest mystery of all. During his presidential term birthchart and progressed Sun, planet of power, will form powerful progressed aspects with birthchart and progressed Mars, planet of war; and that's a big secret that only you and I know about.

PS. Let's have no doubts, Aquarian Age politics is a dog eat dog game where you get the other guy before he gets you. During 2004 in George W's birthchart progressed Sun moves to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with birthchart Mars. This indicates, if he runs for a second term, that the 2004 election campaign will be another acrimonious, bitter and controversial battle. Fasten your seat belts -- it looks like it's gonna be another wild, bumpy ride!