Aspects in the sky - May 2002
By D.W. Sutton 04/04/2002

Mars-Saturn Conjunction USA

Mars-Pluto Opposition USA

Saturn-Pluto Opposition USA

In May 2002 the inner-plane weather influencing the world's mundane agenda is very ominous with a high degree of strife and adversity. Although the events pertaining to these aspects won't occur on the dates indicated, Mars is conjunct Saturn on May 4th at 5.58am GMT, Mars is opposition Pluto on May 8th at 10.12pm GMT and Saturn is opposition Pluto on May 26th at 2.33am GMT as per Raphael's Ephemeris.

If nothing else the events of September 11th 2001 proved that it is now impossible to predict major international events: And astrology students must realize that scientific astrology makes no such claim. It does precisely detail inner-plane energy-releases of definite types at definite times and the specific mundane areas these energies will influence; but the events that occur are a co-production involving the internal astrological environment and the external physical environment.

The upcoming high-discord aspects in May involve Mars, Saturn and Pluto and these 3 planets are now playing an outstanding role in world affairs. Mars and Saturn transmit the two primary energies driving physical life. Later on, their aggression (Mars) and selfishness (Saturn) can be turned into spiritual attributes, but now they represent aggression and self-interest that is chiefly concerned with personal survival. Pluto attains significance due to his recent discovery in 1930 and the fact that he represents the cooperation principle, which opposes the selfish competition that Mars and Saturn pursue. The future of the Aquarian Age rests on the outcome of this battle being fought between selfish competition and spiritual cooperation.

These 3 aspects could map three separate events, one single event or three separate developments of the one event. They will map a high-discord event having worldwide repercussions. Individual countries will experience their own high-discord events of national importance. The Washington (USA) charts are presented.

Mars conjunct Saturn on May 4th, 2002 brings aggression and selfishness into prominence. Mars is the planet of war, strife, violence and accidents. Saturn is the planet of fear, security, land issues and loss. The aspect will see an escalation in fighting; land-wars, territorial disputes and an escalation in the war of terror. Washington has identified her enemies. Saddam Hussein builds terror weapons and this Mars stimulation could initiate a US attack on Iraq. The army, navy and airforce are fighting for your safety and security. There's heavy casualties and many deaths. Grief is everywhere. Accidents claim many lives. Fires claim many lives. Fear is everywhere. Around this time the headlines will be written in blood. In the Washington the Mars-Saturn conjunction is in the 4th house (trine the Moon-Neptune conjunction in the 1st and opposition Pluto in the 10th.) The 4th house rules buildings, homes, the land, weather, farming, mining and environment and the strife and violence, loss and fear will centre on, and involve one of these issues. Explosions and bombings, fires in buildings, earthquakes and harsh weather conditions that cause severe damage to homes and crops are typical events. The 4th house is high in harmony but the Mars-Saturn influence is far from fortunate. 1st house harmony seems to indicate that the people are protected to some degree from the discord as it manifests.

Mars opposition Pluto maps a high-discord mix of aggression and coercion. Pluto is the planet of gangs, criminals and terrorists. When Mars and Pluto get together the violence reaches drastic proportions and involves large numbers of people. Around this time the strife, violence and accidents will influence, and be influenced by, groups of people. Expect an outbreak of violent crime: kidnapping, mass murder and terrorists attacks. In the Washington chart Mars is in the 8th house (death and taxes) and Pluto is in the 2nd house (money, financial events and banks.) Mars is cusp ruler of the 7th house (open enemies and international relations.) Mars in the 8th house indicates violent deaths, tax disputes and strife for the insurance industry. Pluto in the 2nd house indicates crimes with a financial motive - kidnappings and drastic financial events. The high-discord 8th house dominates the chart and the dangerous Mars-Pluto energy mix will centre on, and influence, some 8th house matter.

The 3rd Saturn-Pluto opposition aspect, like the 2nd, will again flood the world with fear and terror. The high-discord events it maps will cause widespread loss, hardship and suffering. The aspect will stimulate terror networks around the globe into action and terror events or threats of terror events can occur. What, where and when: who knows? The whole situation is designed to generate an atmosphere of fear and terror. Saturn rules international, national and personal security issues. At this time Saturn's insecurity is aimed at Pluto's dictators (Saddam Hussein). Pluto discord will actualize as terror events by groups intent on destruction. Kidnappings, suicide bombings, mob violence, coercion and inversion are typical of Pluto. There's a climate of coercion. Pluto is the planet of crime, corruption and evil wickedness. (The Mars element will add a high degree of fury, rage, hate, revenge and retribution.) In the Washington chart Saturn is in the 6th house (working conditions, sickness, epidemics, public health issues and drugs). Note that Saturn rules the 1st house (the people) and public health is a security issue. Pluto is in the 12th house (secret enemies, gaols and hospitals). Pluto could initiate a terror event in a hospital or a drastic loss event in a prison. The 12th house stimulation will incite criminal and subversive activity.