Editorial Policy for The Rising Star
by Editorial Staff 01/05/2002

Editorial Policy and History of the Rising Star.

Mildred Schuler in Wichita Kansas first published the Rising Star in 1938. Mildred was a commercial artist and had access to a mimeograph machine in her office. She obtained one and printed a 4 page
8 1/2x11-newsetter called The Rising Star. She tied it together with a ribbon on one side and sent it to many of the Church of Light Members with whom she corresponded. This newsletter was so popular that it got the OK from Headquarters and Mildred, along with her brother, began to publish this for the students. It was to be a Student publication that would provide the opportunity for all who wished to write on the subjects in the Hermetic Philosophy as written by C.C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine) and published by the Church of Light. Mildred published this magazine for almost 50 years and passed to the next plane of life at 108 years of age. We are taking up this work and will continue to carry on this tradition of publishing Student articles and any others of the same nature. They should be expansions on the Teachings of the Hermetic writings of Benjamine along with new information to update or revise these teachings. We have a very clear policy that assures the highest quality of all articles in this new version of the Rising Star. Old articles from the Star will be published from time to time in this 21st century version of the Star. The New Rising Star is an Internet electronic magazine published on the Light of Egypt web site only. We hope to keep the same high standards of the old magazine published by Mildred. All articles can be freely copied and distributed to anyone. We encourage this practice for discussion and debate of the ideas.

The Editors