Marriage and Divorce
by Lenora Conwell 1946

Marriage is the most complex of all partnerships; for to some extent it embraces all departments of life. Its 7th house association was well expressed by the Masters of old when they pictured in the sky the Scales to represent Libra, the sign having the strongest affinity with the 7th house; for a marriage partnership, like the scales, is a constant balancing of forces.

In addition to weighing up and balancing options (in order to maintain harmony and equilibrium), the Scales and its two dishes present an image of two distinct entities (people) united by a common purpose: Two spirits, as symbolized by the circular pans, each dangling free to move in its own orbit, yet united by a beam to which both are attached.

The Sun when it crosses the autumnal equinox, the dividing line between Virgo and Libra, is also a balancing of forces. Here winter and summer signs are joined, nights are weighed against the days and found to be equal, and one half of the zodiac is balanced against the other. Thus is it also with man and woman united in holy matrimony. The character, abilities, desires and accumulated experiences of one partner are balanced against the character, abilities, desires and accumulated experiences of the other.

The ancients looked upon marriage as one of life's noblest opportunities: As an opportunity to build character and to bring into the world, through its proper duties, a higher type of offspring. To them it was an opportunity that could, through cooperative effort, realize the greatest happiness. It was looked upon as a mental, spiritual and physical relationship that could be used to elevate the lives of both partners.

Much has been discovered by recent psychology to vindicate such beliefs; and it highly desirable that every person should understand the various factors that contribute to or detract from the success of marriage. And in this understanding Astrology performs a valuable function; for it points to the possibilities of success between two who contemplate marriage, and it indicates the time when it may be entered into with the greatest opportunity for success. Let us consider this in detail.

The signs of the zodiac map the various zones of the astral body where the thought-cells of consciousness reside; and there's a unique relationship between the signs and the departments of life, mapped by the houses. In your birthchart the 7th house maps the states of consciousness, organized as thought-cells, pertaining to partnership and marriage. Their state of intensity, harmony and discord indicate the kind of partners in general you will attract into your life, and the fortune you will experience with them. The aspects, or stellar aerials, to the ruler of the 7th house indicate the harmony or discord that may be expected from marriage or partnership. Astrodyne power determines importance and the power of the 7th house thought-cells determines the general importance of marriage as an experience.
Several factors, however, must be considered to determine the amount of success an individual may expect in marriage; and to determine the type of partner with whom the most success can be had.

The first factor is to determine the influence of partners on your life. Then the influence of the opposite sex planet - the Sun in a woman's chart and the Moon in a man's chart. Finally your potential fortune where the affections in general are concerned, and with love affairs in particular. As to this last consideration Venus has rule over the affectional side of life, and its power, harmony and discord indicates the success potential of the unconscious drive for love and affection. But in marriage love may not be the dominant motive; yet it is the alchemical (binding) agent which tends to bind the two partners together. When it is absent in the relations between husband and wife their union will only last as long as the interest which originally brought them together.

Furthermore, it is well to know the influence of children as a life experience, for they are the natural fruition of union. The part played by children and love is determined by the planet (or planets) ruling the 5th house and its aspect structure.

In selecting a marriage partner, because of the close mental and physical association, strict attention should be paid to the physical and magnetic harmony. Compatibility also plays a prominent role. Both partners should have kindred mental interests, and tastes that are not too divergent. Spiritual inclinations should also be similar, otherwise discord is apt to arise. That is, in physical matters, mental interests, and spiritual inclinations the ideal relationship requires mutual understanding of shared goals and cooperation in their attainment.

Harmonious aspects to the ruler of the 7th house favor understanding and cooperation from the partner. A strong harmonious Venus, while not essential, is important - it is necessary if the union is to have a strong (binding) love foundation. Love is the binding agent and pure, unselfish love strengthens the union, and enhances its chances of success. Love not only furnishes compassion, affection and refinement it also gives a joyful, pleasing influence to every phase of the life. Venus plays a prominent role in strengthening the love-bond between partners. When Venus is afflicted in the birthchart, obstacles and discords tend to enter the life that adversely affect the love emotions.

The three upper octave-planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - when located in the 7th house of the birthchart have a peculiar influence over marriage. Uranus in particular has a disruptive influence. In some instances when not afflicted these planets bring the highest type of marriage, but there is usually some unusual circumstance associated with the partnership.

Some people with a highly discordant 7th house may never marry, being confronted with difficulties and obstacles that frustrate their efforts. Others do marry, but the discord works out as marital problems and relationship difficulties. Yet, no matter what the 7th house circumstance is, it is an advantage to know the most opportune time to marry.

Since marriage may result from various motives and the love motive may play a small part, progressed aspects, other than from the Moon, to the ruler of the 7th house from any planet may turn the thoughts towards marriage. A progressed aspect between Venus and Mars, Venus and Jupiter, or Venus and the Sun does not indicate marriage, unless at the same time there is a progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th house.

Analysis by the Church of Light Research Department of more than 200 timed birthcharts, when the marriage date was known, revealed that these people married when there was a progressed aspect, stronger than the Moon, within one degree of perfect to the ruler of the 7th house. It was found at the time that the Moon might be in any sign or any house, and making any kind of progressed aspect or no aspect at all. But no matter what aspects were in operation there had to be an aspect to the ruler of the 7th house to bring a marriage event.

This 7th house compartment of the astral body relates to contracts and it naturally follows that it also relates to the breaking of contracts, and thus has rule of lawsuits.

This was found to be the case, in the analysis of 100 timed birthcharts of people who had separated or divorced. Each had a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th at the time; and if the separation was coincident with divorce, in which case the person had to appear before a judge, there was in addition a progressed aspect to the ruler of the 9th house (the court).

And this is important: that a number of those who divorced later made a successful second marriage. An analysis revealed that at the time of the first marriage the progressed aspects were discordant, while at the time of the second marriage the progressed aspects were far more favorable. A particularly important finding revealed that at the time of a marriage event harmonious progressed aspects to the ruler of the 7th house and to Venus (if possible) favour success.

If the thought-cells, especially those related to marriage, receive discordant stimulation they tend to attract an incompatible partner; but if the stimulation is harmonious they tend to attract a compatible, harmonious partner. And if the thought-cells mapped by Venus are discordant (indicated by high-discord aspects to birthchart Venus) they will work to bring into the life unfortunate social and affectional experiences that reflect the way they feel. But if Venus is harmonious the social thought-cells work to attract pleasant social and affectional experiences that favour joy and happiness.

While it is important that the progressed aspects at the time of marriage be harmonious, they do not need to be fortunate to enable the individual to marry. A person can marry under a discordant or harmonious progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th house. But the type of progressed stimulation does influence the success of the marriage. The impulse to marry, and the opportunity to do so, do not depend upon the harmony of the aspects, but upon the energy added to the 7th house thought-cells which gives them the impetus to do more work. The stimulation provided by a powerful progressed aspect, whether harmonious to discordant, can give them the energy to demonstrate a marriage.
Finally, if it is decided that both charts favour a happy marriage all that remains to do is to select the best possible time to marry. Both charts should have harmonious progressed aspects to the ruler of the 7th house - discordant progressions should be avoided. Harmonious progressed aspects to Venus are preferred. Then a good day can be selected according to rules of horary astrology. The marriage chart should have a high-harmony 7th house with the balance of the chart as favorable as possible.

Marriage is the balancing, in harmonious union, of two distinct forces. So long as the pans of the Scales are kept fairly even they have an exceptional power to meet the conditions of the external world in a manner that is far more effective than when facing them alone. But when the interests of one partner become too divergent from the interests of the other, or when love has been dragged down or permitted to languish, then the Scales are those of a court of law, where the ties that bind are severed permanently. Instead of the Balance, it is then separation and divorce, that old implement of crucifixion, the cross of Libra.

Endnote: Astrological compatibility rests on the theory that certain planets and signs have a natural attraction for each other. The astral frequencies they radiate express as the body's electromagnetic radiations and those having a similar frequency (attitude and purpose) are compatible. Compatible planets and signs enjoy each other's company: They have a really great time together. They like each other because both have similar attitudes, interests and goals. Each feels comfortable in the other's presence and they do not annoy or irritate each other. On the other hand incompatible planets and signs annoy and irritate each other terribly. They don't like being in each other's company. Their attitudes, interests and goals are incompatible and each feels an uncomfortable psychic irritation when in the other's presence. Astrological compatibility also extends to our relations with the external inanimate environment. The birthchart reveals your hidden compatibility potential expressing as unspoken rapport, sympathetic understanding and joyful, feel-good feelings. PS. If someone is irritating you then it is highly likely that they're being irritated by U-2.