Your Astrological Self-Study Rewards
By D.W. Sutton 2000

The more time and effort you invest in doing something the bigger the reward you expect. No body invests a great deal of mental, emotional and physical energy in some pursuit to deliberately reap tiny benefits. The personal benefits must equal the time and effort invested - and they usually do; but there's a good chance that you can do something, thinking you're doing the right thing, only to find out later on that what you did was an unproductive waste of time.

Who would buy a house for $200,000, spend 20 years paying it off, and then sell it for $180,000. This would be considered a very poor investment in terms of time and money. Who would place their money in a bank account where the bank fees exceeded the interest rate being paid? Again this would be considered a very unwise investment. And a person who sets out to study astrology and who does the practical homework is in exactly the same position as a person who invests a great deal of time and money in a house - they both expect to profit in some way.

We expect rewards. We don't do anything unless there is something in it for us. There are intellectual rewards and emotional rewards but more often than not we seek financial rewards. Our time and effort must be financially rewarded. In fact we are inclined to only do those things that provide us with a financial dividend. And very often we won't do something unless there is a financial reward. Self-knowledge may reap financial rewards, but the universal law regarding effort and this includes effort invested in enhancing our self-knowledge, states - the reward for effort is increase ability. And ability increases in proportion to the effort expended. This means the reward for the time, effort and energy you invest in your self-study pursuits is an increased ability to understand who you are and what you can do. And this ability has the potential to constantly expand providing you with greater and greater self-understanding.

Unfortunately too many people have invested a lot of time and effort in their astrological pursuits only to find that their efforts reaped zero-rewards. In fact, it seems to me that very few people have experienced the wonderful benefits that personal astrology offers. This situation is easily explained. Too many people just don't know what astrology really is and what it can do. Too many students just don't know what the birthchart is. And too many people just don't know that Hermetic Astrology and the birthchart can be used to make their lives better. The purpose of the Church of Light's astrological research was to learn what astrology could and couldn't do so people could use it to enhance their personal development.

Bearing in mind that most students have failed to reap the benefits promised by their astrological self-awareness journey your objective is to make sure that the time, effort and energy you invest in your astrological pursuits is personally rewarding. Your goal is to learn your astrology and use it to make your life better, but you must be certain that, at the end of your astrological self-awareness journey, the time, effort and energy you've invested has reaped the highest personal rewards.

The Benefits

At the start you will benefit from an enhanced awareness of your unconscious psychology. This will increase your self-knowledge and this, in turn, will allow you to live a more productive, useful life. An enhanced understanding of your unconscious psychology will allow you to improve your capacity to understand and satisfy your personal needs. A greater understanding of your thoughts, feelings and impulses will enhance your capacity to play a pro-active role in developing a lifestyle that best suits your psychological profile. An enhanced level of self-knowledge will promote better mental and physical health, better decision-making skills and a heightened sense of well being. A greater sense of personal empowerment will allow you to enhance your capacity to accept full responsibility for all your actions - the events you experience and your responses to these events. Eventually, an increased level of self-awareness will enhance your capacity to utilize your mind-energies more productively. It will allow you to proactively seek those experiences that will enhance your usefulness, happiness and spirituality. Your long-term objective is to contribute your utmost to universal welfare by living the completely constructive life of a good citizen. A life of usefulness, happiness and spirituality is a good investment in your future.

Hermetic Astrology clearly explains the known laws of astrology (that influence all life). It also explains the rules and regulations imposed by these laws. Hermetic Astrology allows you to enhance your understanding of the inner-world astrological environment and the role it plays in your life. It classifies behaviour as constructive or destructive and explains modes of conduct as productive or nonproductive. By explaining how to convert discord into harmony it encourages a completely constructive lifestyle. But no matter how constructive your lifestyle there will always be problems to overcome. Hermetic Astrology, via your birthchart, simply presents 'a best solution to every problem'. Knowledge of up-coming difficulties in the immediate future permits proactive precautionary measures, such as constructive thinking and environment management, that should be deliberately employed to prevent or modify potential misfortune.

The more authentic self-information you accumulate the better equipped you are to handle the challenges of daily life. Hermetic Astrology should be used to enhance self-understanding and to promote productive personal development.

The answer to the question: What reward do I expect from my astrological self-awareness studies is: The reward I expect is the self-knowledge that will allow me to enhance my usefulness, happiness and spirituality.

Classroom learning time is primarily devoted to the theoretical understanding of the astrological information. Homework time is devoted to the practical application of this information. Yet this is not enough if you are serious about your studies. Regular self-study sessions are needed to ensure that you are reaping the highest personal rewards from your astrological pursuits.