Man Versus God
By Rev Edward Doane 1962
Intro by D. W. Sutton 2002

In 1953, in rather unprincipled circumstances, James Watson and Francis Crick announced the discovery of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) the very complicated chemical that codes the instructions for physical life and growth. Human DNA makes up our chromosomes and carries, as genes, all the information we inherit from our parents. It was a very important discovery, especially from a scientific point of view, as materialistic science now had the evidence that supported its claim that life was an exclusively electrochemical process. Nothing else was needed - especially a non-physical vital ‘life’ force. I pointed this out in the opening pages of the book "The Hermetic System of Astrology" where I presented extracts from articles written by Elbert Benjamine and Edward Doane explaining the Hermetic viewpoint on DNA, genes and behaviour.

In 1962 in response to some rather outrageous claims in the popular press Ed Doane (the then President of the C of L) wrote the lead article in the "Church of Light Quarterly", where he challenged the commentators and their misguided assumptions. The article he wrote is as relevant today as it was then. It is here presented in its entirety. Although it does contain some scientific technicalities, I am certain that all sincere students of astrology will find his words enlightening.

I would also like to point out, again to those sincere students, that the study of hidden (occult) energies is a tricky business. The Sacred Tarot reveals that truth is duel - the truth of the real and the truth of appearances; and that Nature reveals her truths only to the pure in heart, and hides them from the curious and profane (MA 2). Also, when studying hidden (occult) energies the feminine intuitive qualities of the unconscious soul-mind are often superior to rational thought, which only accepts what it can see, hear, touch, taste and feel.

This capacity to be tricked by your sense impressions is so important that C.C.Zain pointed it out in the very first lesson (Occult Data) of the Brotherhood of Light’s Course 1 text - "The Laws of Occultism". There he relates the story of Giodano Bruno (16th Century Italian scientist and philosopher) who, due to a personal experience with his sense of sight, where he misinterpreted what he saw, learned to distrust the reports of his senses. And who, due to this experience, devised a means of checking and testing the accuracy of his sense impressions. C.C.Zain explains that Bruno discovered what we all must discover before we can correct and improve our knowledge (including our self-knowledge). Namely, that we constantly misinterpret our sense impressions, and despite repeated efforts to check them one against another and to subject them to reason we almost daily draw from their reports wrong conclusions. And the New-Age scientist is just as likely to misinterpret what she sees, and to draw wrong conclusions from her misinterpretation, as you and I.

Man Versus God
Rev Edward Doane

In the January 16, 1962 issue of Look magazine appears an article by J. Robert Moskin, Look’s senior editor, headed: “In the next twenty-five years, man will master the secret of creation.” The heading over the second page reads: “Will man discover the molecular structure of God?” The article states that man is on the verge of creating life in a test tube since he has discovered DNA and other nucleic acids. Accompanying the article is a picture of a laboratory model of a molecule.

Let us look at the molecule. As do all molecules, it consists of atoms rather widely separated from each other and held in place by an undefined something called adhesion. All adhesion means is that they stick together. In liquid acids, this undefined something behaves in one way. In a piece of wood or other solid, it behaves in another way. In a piece of rubber or other stretchable material, it behaves in still another way.

Atoms are all similar to miniature solar systems with wide-open spaces between the component parts. In the case of magnetic attraction, the ‘force’ called magnetism acts on the atom as an integral unit just as though it were a solid ball, which according to current conceptions, it is not. Man does not yet know what the force is that holds the atoms together in any molecule, or what the force called magnetism is.

These forces, like gravity (which science has discovered but can’t explain) have many peculiarities. For instance, the gravity of our galactic center acts on the entire solar system, and its gravity, just as though the whole thing was a solid ball. It behaves just like the atoms in relation to magnetic forces.

Within the atom and within the solar system, there are wide open spaces and energy fields behaving as solids in relation to magnetic and gravitational forces and the force that holds the atoms in place in molecules. We can say that a force holds the atoms together in a molecule. We can say magnetism is a force and that gravity is a force. But when we have said that much, we have said about all that is known.

The Look article contains many quotes from scientists. One by Linus Pauling says: “There is no reason why nucleic acid, proteins, genes, should not be synthesized - why genes should not be introduced into living things.”

Such a statement requires the presupposition that all life and memory are but chemical processes. That life does not require the pre-existence of an intelligence with knowledge gained from experience in order to direct the building and animation of the organism.

If this supposition is correct, since the DNA is supposed to be the creative element, then it must naturally follow that in addition to controlling hereditary traits (and being the God of the living cell as well as the devil that can kill cells as claimed in the article), it would be possible to make a chemical synthesis of the entirety of higher education and inject it into the living organism as a child. This process would eliminate the necessity of wasting toilsome years of study to become a good scientist or, for that matter, a magazine editor. Taxpayers would be spared tremendous expenses if knowledge could be gained by a hypodermic injection. Absurd you say? Of course it is, but no more so than calling DNA the designer of life or assuming that man is about to create life from dead matter.

Life is a manifestation of feeling and intelligence through form. The difference between a dead cell and a living cell - which have exactly the same chemical composition - is that the building, controlling and directing intelligence has discarded the physical structure. The cell is dead when the intelligence has left it. It is living while the non-physical soul-intelligence is using it and directing its functions. Obviously, intelligence and feeling are not molecular structures, atomic structures or the unknown forces that cause atoms to exhibit a certain togetherness in various molecular structures.

Man does not know why one arrangement of molecules is solid when another is not, or what it is that stretches in a rubber band, nor why one material is transparent and another similar material is not. As a matter of fact, matter and the unknown forces and energies that make these differences possible are supernatural. What is known is how to use various materials and energies, and it is in this realm of usage that science has made real progress.

Since life is the manifestation of feeling and intelligence through form, life is feeling and intelligence, not the form through which it manifests. There is only one kind of life, one kind of intelligence, and to be able to create life in a test tube, man would first have to create the animating intelligence. This requires the primary false assumption that intelligence is a chemical reaction, and the common materialistic assumption that everything arises from gross matter.

The article question “Will man discover the molecular structure of God” implies that God evolved on Earth strictly by chance. It also implies that man is capable of analyzing the Supreme Intelligence and reducing Him to a chemical formula. The editor quotes many scientists who make various unwarranted assumptions as the result of advances in information.

Neither the editor nor the scientists get around to analyzing life or realizing that the pre-requisite to any living (physical) thing is an intelligence ready to take over and animate the particular form when the right physical conditions have been provided. Only after the non-physical intelligence or soul had taken over can anything be called alive. The Super Intelligence we call God, who manifests as Life, Light and Love, who interpenetrates and actively directs all manifestations of energy, matter and motion , and in whom we Live, Breathe and have our Being, works through a multitude of inner as well as material realms.

So far as science knows anything is solid because God so wills. Atoms are held in place in molecules because God so wills. The chair you sit on supports you because it is held together by something and all that the materialists know about it is that it does.

The 1962 Information Please Almanac contains an article by Willie Ley, entitled ‘What is Life?” This article does not exhibit the egotism of the Look presentation, but like it, it never gets around to the obvious fact that life is feeling and intelligence manifesting through form. Nor does it recognize the fact that the animation of any physical form requires the pre-existence of the manifesting intelligence.

The Look article reveals how very widespread the fake doctrine of materialism has become in our colleges and universities. Since the various mental (psychological) factors necessary to life are completely ignored, it is clearly an attempt for purposes not stated, to advance materialism, if it is just egotism pretending to knowledge not possessed by the author. In any case, it reveals why those who become the end products of higher education sometimes defect to communism. They have been conditioned to blindly accept statements on authority, and any latent ability to use the searchlight of critical analysis has been brainwashed out of them.

Instruction in physics, chemistry and psychology and other sciences is all to the good. But when the professor starts to brainwash the student into blindly accepting the false doctrine of materialism as part of the educational process, subversion has set in.

The Look article also points up the fact that most, if not all, of these scientists and the Editor do not know the difference between egotism and self-respect. I submit that it is impossible for a person who has genuine self-respect to be egotistical. Such a person recognizes the limitations of his own knowledge and is humble.

It is well to note that the only physical building blocks of matter are the minute particles within the atom, and that the distances between these particles is as great, relatively speaking, as the distances between the planets and sun in our solar system.

Atoms, then, are composed of wide open spaces and minute particles. Yet in a molecule something holds the atoms in place. This something behaves in various ways,, but is obviously made of something else. What this adds up to is that matter consists of a few sub-microscopic particles and a vast area of wide open spaces - made of nothing at all according to present (1962) physical concepts. Until the theory of a sub-atomic-sub-field (ether) substance and energy is adopted, no reason at all can be advanced for anything about matter and its various behaviour patterns.

Because the area of ignorance is so great and the area of knowledge so small, no living man has cause to think that he can do something with matter that will enable him to emulate or supplant God. Jumping to conclusions is not thinking. Indeed, in looking over the Look article to examine in detail the various statements attributed to the various scientists, I wonder if their concept of DNA isn’t just a bit addled in some of their thought-cells.

If we consider the article as an essay on life, it adds up to drivel. It is not particularly scientific or intelligent to try to reduce God to the status of a bunch of Amino Acids. And down to the size of a single-celled creature. It is not scientific or intelligent to consider a molecule with the wide-open spaces between the component parts and completely disregard the force that holds atoms in place. It is not intelligent or scientific to imagine (albeit vainly) that because man has made a little minor headway relatively speaking, that he is on the verge of playing God.

I repeat that in a cell that has just died because the animating intelligence (soul) has finished using it as a means of gaining experience with relative conditions, the chemical compounds - including DNA - are identical with the same components of the same cell when alive. The DNA does not create life but is subject to the forces of decay and dissolution. Consequently, the life is in the animating intelligence and not in the physical structure of the cell.

A newspaper editor wrote me some years ago, “Man starts out with the primarily false assumption that something is known. The truth is that nothing is known.”

Perhaps it would do these microscopic scientists some good to take a few telescopic looks at the universe and contemplate the power and glory of the God that created it and all of its multitude of suns and other bodies and the forces keeping law and order on such a grand scale. I doubt that any one of them, including Look’s editor, would be stupid enough to ask, “Will man discover the molecular structure of gravity?”

What then is one to think of the question; Will man discover the molecular structure of God. Genes and chromosomes not withstanding, the soul of man is not a physical structure of chemical composition. Like the intelligence that animates a single cell it must preexist in order to animate the human form. It is non-physical and survives physical death.

When little man is still so ignorant of matter and its formation and does not know how or why a chair supports his weight, he is indeed suffering from ego-mania to the point of dementia when he presumes he is about to create life, or assumes that he is going to reduce the God of all the galaxies comprising the Cosmos to the status of a virus and put Him in a tube.

The much higher frequency (and smaller-particled) worlds of the Inner Planes offer unlimited opportunities for research and exploration. This is the realm of the un-(sub)-conscious mental organism or soul. It is the reservoir of memory and the realm of intuition and, on the higher levels, of inspiration. It is in this inner realm that man can and often does contact God directly, through prayer.

Even if some chemist succeeded in providing just the right conditions for life to manifest (in a test tube), he still would not create life, for the animating intelligence would have to come from somewhere outside of the nucleic acids.

The ability to organize and direct the functions within any organism from the single cell to the human form, must of necessity be the result of experience gained in building and directing still other less complex forms. Intelligence does not spring automatically into being in this respect, any more than it springs automatically into being in the outside world in which physical forms function.

Experience is necessary to learn to do something. In study we review the experiences of others even as we gain experiences of our own, adding the total to, our memory. We act upon and react to the information gained in both ways in the business of living. Our intelligence is measured by the ability we gain to form new, independent and correct conclusions from the data at hand.

If we jump to unwarranted conclusions or try to present what we think we know in a false light, in order to satisfy our Drive for Significance, we are nor being intelligent or doing real thinking. On the contrary we are behaving as the small boy trying to attract attention to himself, running around and yelling, “Look at me!”

Within God’s gradually unfolding plan of progressive evolution of consciousness, man will progress to a continually greater understanding of life and its functions, including the relationship of the individual soul to the Creator. Eternal progress is the Anthem of Creation, and unless in the insanity of his egotism, man eliminates himself and leaves the Earth to the microbes, the vistas of the future hold many undreamed of (at present) discoveries.

Man will never create life. He will ultimately come to the understanding that all life is One, providing he divests himself of his egotism and begins to lift himself above the brute level of intelligence. He will in time make sufficient spiritual progress to realize that there is only One primary source of Energy, matter and Motion and all Life, Light and Love.

Editors Note:
In Richard L. Gregory's 1981 publication "Mind in Science", Dr. Gregory shows from the history of Psychology and Physics that the Mind is not the Brain with the use of optical Illusions. The eyes and brain are a camera and recording devise but who is the perceiver. Houston Smith in "Forgotten Truth" shows the problem of materialistic thinking and how science has become Scientism, a new religion, in trying to control the thinking those who would investigate the Truth of Nature.