So You Want to Navigate the Stars?
By D.W. Sutton 2000

In the past sailors used the astrolabe, (an ancient navigational instrument), to guide them to their destinations. Later the compass and sextant were used. A compass is any instrument used for finding direction. These days the gyrocompass and navigation satellites are used in ships and aircraft. These broadcast time and position signals. Sailors can also navigate by the stars and in the past plainsmen and woodsmen looked to the Pole Star to give them direction - to guide them safely to their homes.

Life would be a whole lot easier if we only had a personalized compass that could guide us to where we want to go. If only the planets, stars and constellations were pointers to life's journey: if only the planets and stars provided signs and signals that allowed us to forecast and navigate our future? The good news is they do.

Your birthchart is a personalized star map that acts as a personal compass. It provides self-information that allows you to find direction, but more importantly it can guide you to where you want to go. It allows you to assess the signs and navigate your future. The astrological energy-pattern pictured in your birthchart details the structure of your unconscious psychology at the time of your human birth. It is an excellent source of self-information and should be used as a self-awareness, personal development guide

Your birthchart provides a very accurate autobiographical account of your lived experience and you are the best person to translate its astrological messages into relevant self-information. Hermetic Astrology allows you to translate the astrological mind-messages written in your birthchart into self-information having personal relevance.

Hermetic Astrology, via your birthchart, allows you to identify the outstanding features of your unconscious 'soul' psychology with their astrological markers. It allows you to identify the people, activities and life-matters through which your psychological needs can be satisfied. It reveals if the external circumstances you encounter support happiness and success - or difficulties and failure. And it reveals when powerful unconscious drives will be stimulated into activity resulting in new experiences that guarantee personal growth and development of some kind.

Your birthchart displays your developed consciousness at birth and your progressed astrology details your (inner-world) astrological environment and the influence it is currently having on your unconscious (soul) mind.

Your lived experience also provides very important self-information. Your lived experience is recorded in your unconscious mind as experience-specific memories, and you have easy access to this information. Life is educational and you will learn a lot about yourself from the events and conditions you experience. Very important events provide very important bits of self-information and minor events provide less important bits. In fact every internal and external experience provides self-awareness information that you haphazardly catalogue as important or unimportant. In the end this information becomes your likes and dislikes and preferred interests and activities. You may not have developed a productive technique of translating your lived experience into a data-base of valuable self-information but your self-examination behaviours can always be improved.

Alas many people seek signs and forecasts in astrology but forget the wonders of their own character. Your character is more important than your astrology. Your lived experience reveals if you're playing the game successfully and your astrology reveals the mental resources you must use in the game. Your astrology also allows you to quickly identify what you're doing wrong and what you should do to fix a problem situation.

It is important to know that you are the pilot of your life. As the navigator of your mind-energy system you are in charge of the system. The system must do what you want - not what it wants. Your personal control - your birthchart - provides you with an on-paper display of your unconscious psychology and astrological environment. Learning to read this control panel and the personal messages it provides is (or will be) an important part of your lived experience. Hermetic Astrology allows you to learn about your mind-energy system, how it developed and what you should do to maximize its current and future development.

Planes and ships have navigational control panels that provide important information to the navigating officer. A plane's navigational equipment provides information about the plane to the pilot who uses the information to control the plane's progress. The birthchart in a similar manner provides important information about your 'soul' self that you can use to control your personal development. It details your consciousness development at birth and the condition of your psychic 'soul' engine, the dynamic astral energy-system, that controls your physical well being and the events you experience. It also reveals when your progressed astrology forecasts important new experiences. Your birthchart puts you in the picture: and your progressed chart reveals the (inner-world) astrological conditions currently influencing your psychological development.

Navigating your way through life by the stars is easy when you clearly understand the astrological information displayed in your personal navigation chart. Hermetic Astrology allows you to enhance your wellbeing by the stars, plan your personal development by the stars, and navigate your way through life by the stars. It is the ultimate self-awareness, personal development guide.