Physical, Mental and Spritual Health
By Elbert Benjamine

Because we can do more for ourselves and more for others when we are healthy each of us should strive for good health. And as our health is influenced about equally by the inner-plane environment and by the outer-plane environment we should know as much as possible about how the factors of each environment, including the inner-plane weather and the outer-plane weather and the inner-plane foods and the outer-plane foods, are apt to influence our health. And possessing this knowledge we should use it to select the inner-plane foods and the outer-plane foods suitable to our particular needs. As the foods needed in one kind of weather are different than the foods needed in another kind of weather, in selecting the foods for a certain period we should make the selection with due regard to both the inner and outer-plane weather.

In considering health, however, it is a sad mistake to only consider the physical body. A healthy physical body is certainly a great asset while we continue to function on the material plane; but not only is it unlikely to remain healthy unless the soul also is in good health, but at best it can serve us only a very limited number of years. Thus health on the inner plane - the health of the inner constitution - is much more important than physical health; for it will not only assist keeping the physical body healthy while we are on the physical plane, but it will continue to enable us to be healthy, useful and happy after we have left this physical world.

But soul health is not the only thing we need to live a highly effective life while still on the earth, or after life on earth is done. Man has a triune nature. He is body, mind and spirit. And to get the most out of life both here and hereafter, and to do the most for others, his spirit also should be healthy. Thus whilst living an earthly life effort should be made to make simultaneous progress on the three planes of existence: the physical, mental and spiritual.

After earthly life is done man will no longer possess a physical body. He will then only have his inner-plane constitution, which will function on the level to which he gravitates due to his dominant vibratory rate. But while he still possesses a physical body he has also this inner-plane constitution, composed of thought-cells organized according to his experiences and his thoughts. And now, as well as after life on earth is done, this inner-plane organization which is commonly called the soul, functions on the inner-plane level to which it gravitates due to its dominant vibratory rate.

It is true that both the soul and the body may be healthy even while the dominant vibratory rate of the individual is low. This vibratory rate does not determine either the physical health or the health of the inner-plane constitution. Instead, it determines the evolutionary level on which the individual functions. To be spiritually healthy, the individual should function on a high vibratory level. In fact, the measure of an individual's spiritual health is the elevation of the inner-plane level on which his soul functions as determined by his dominant vibratory rate.\par

Because people can commonly recognize when they are in poor physical health and when they are in good physical health there is no need to explain what each is. But few people recognize when they are in poor mental health, unless in a type of mental illness such as to make their behaviour unusually abnormal. Statistics show that more hospital beds are occupied by those who are mentally ill than from all the other diseases put together.

The real mentality not only embraces the thoughts that gain objective consciousness, but also embraces the whole organization of thought-cells in the astral body and the spiritual body which is called the soul, or unconscious mind. These thought-cells determine our objective thoughts and behaviour and they use their psychokinetic power to determine and attract the events they desire into our life. These events, to be sure, must be those of the kind, which the physical environment makes possible. And the physical environment may facilitate or resist the events the thought-cells desire. Thus the physical environment also has much influence over the events which come into our life. But to the extent they can, the thought-cells of the soul influence our thoughts and behaviour to be in the environment that will enable them to cause the events to happen which they desire.

Thus the individual who habitually has misfortune in some area of his life expresses a poor mental health (of a specific type) which influences this area. In the section of his finer form mapped by the house of his birthchart relating to this department of life he has diseased thought-cells. Dis-ease is synonymous with discord. Discordant physical cells express as physical disease. Discordant mental cells express as disease of the thoughts, the behaviour, and the events which come into the life.

In the treatment of physical disease physical food is very important and in the treatment of mental disease mental food - thoughts and the feeling accompanying them - is even more important. Furthermore, as physical disease is chiefly brought into the life through the action of diseased thought-cells of the finer form, mental food of the proper type is also essential in the permanent cure of physical disease.

But what about spiritual disease? This is not necessarily discord, but instead it is a low dominant vibratory rate. And strangely enough an individual can have a very healthy physical body and a very healthy mentality and at the same time be quite deficient in spirituality. There are insects which, on the insect level, have good physical health and good fortune all their lives. Their inner-plane form has a harmonious organization. But their spirituality is far below that which we expect a man to have.

Relative to this matter I will mention my dog Duke whose birthchart was precisely timed. His chart shows some departments of life which are harmonious and some which are mentally distressed. And when the inner-plane (astrological) energy, as mapped by a progressed aspect, is added to the diseased thought-cells, he experienced unfortunate events similar to those which would have been expected if the chart had been that of a man. And he had the physical diseases that were indicated by his birthchart, at the time the progressed constants of the disease were present.\par

But however good his physical and mental health during his life, influenced by the harmony of his birthchart, was he spiritually on as high a level as we expect a man to be? He is unusually affectionate and unusually loyal, and thus on the dog evolutionary level we may assume he is highly spiritual. But because he is a dog he has dog traits, such as being \b nasty to strangers\b0 , and \b selfish and greedy\b0 where food is concerned. Thus we would not consider a man who functioned on the same inner-plane vibratory level to be in good spiritual health.

There are many people in the world today who have fairly good physical health and fairly good mental health, as indicated by the good fortune they have in most departments of their lives, who have a dominant vibratory rate not much, if any, above that of my dog, Duke. Altogether too many people, aside from the condition of their physical and mental health, are in poor spiritual health. That is the chief trouble with the world today. Too many people are functioning on the spiritual level of the brutes.

A great aid in gaining physical, mental, and spiritual health is knowledge of the birthchart and the kind of inner-plane weather that will arrive during a given period as mapped by progressed aspects. This allows proper precautionary actions to be taken to avoid ill health that otherwise might develop. For mental health, the diseased thought-cells must be given mental food of the proper kind, persistently and repeatedly, until their discords have been eliminated and they have been transformed into harmonious thought-cells. They must be reconditioned by giving them pleasant thoughts, preferably of their mental antidote type, that will give them health. The birthchart maps these discordant thought-cells, and also the predisposition toward physical disease. It thus indicates just what thought-food must be applied to each group of diseased thought-cells to recondition them to be healthy. Harmonious thought-cells can be considered healthy, and harmonious physical cells can be considered to be in good physical health.

While it is important to have good physical health it is much more important to have good mental health. We depend on our mental health, or harmonious thought-cell organization, not only to think properly, and to behave properly, but to bring into our life the events we desire. When the thought-cells are healthy they use their psychokinetic power to bring into the life fortunate events.

But however healthy we may be physically and mentally we should want to function on an evolutionary level above dogs and cats, even though there are some humans who function on the level of such predatory beasts as tigers and wolves.

A high vibratory rate eventually is essential if we are to be immortal; for in time the astral form also shall pass, and if we are to survive we will have to have a spiritual form in which to function, which can only be constructed of thoughts having a higher-than-animal vibratory rate. But those, while here, who live on the vibratory level of the brutes are under a heavy handicap in gaining spirituality in the after life. They have formed habit-systems which will require Herculean efforts to change.

It is much better to gain as much spiritual health as possible while still on earth. And this may be gained by adopting and persistently using only one habit-system. This habit-system, which if followed energetically will surely bring spiritual health, involves approaching every situation by first thinking through just how the matter can be handled so it will contribute most to universal welfare, then to not merely take the indicated action or make the indicated decision, but to also have a decided feeling of pleasure in handling the situation in this manner.

This means that instead of feeling worried, or depressed, or angry, or sorrowful, or experiencing any other discordant emotion when difficulties arise, the attitude is that here is a problem to be solved and I will take pleasure in solving it. It may be an event or condition that others judge to be most unfortunate. It may be a condition that people customarily face with fright and anger. However, nothing can injure the soul, the real self, except the attitude of the soul toward the thing. And if the attitude is that the decided upon action is to be in the direction of universal welfare, and a feeling of joy is felt when making and acting upon this decision, it will not only assist in reconditioning the thought-cell organization harmoniously, and thus progress both the mental and physical health, but it will also contribute to spiritual health by markedly raising the dominant vibratory rate.

To develop this single most beneficial of all habit-systems requires persistent effort and the association with it of as many pleasant thoughts as possible. But surely no effort is too great to attain physical, mental and spiritual health?\par