Mental Alchemy Planetary Antidotes - Stellar Dietetics
By: Dee Wynne Revised 9/1/03

Before attempting these antidotes you have to be able to recognize your behavior. This takes a certain degree of objectivity. Be a little self-critical and ANALYZE YOURSELF. BE TRUTHFUL with yourself. That's the best way to apply these antidotes, because if you can't admit you're too bossy, or too dictative, then you will be unable to realize you're having a discordant Pluto aspect. These antidotes really work. With a strong desire to change your mental attitude and some persistence your condition will improve. It will not happen over night, but you will be surprised at how speedy they do work, especially when you are already a student of the B of L lessons. Your subconscious mind is already imprinted with these thoughts patterns. You will be very pleased with yourself when you see that they do work and the responses from others will be a confirmation of these changes. Just have a little patience and in a short time, with a strong desire to reform yourself, you will see great progress and become a Mental Alchemist.

*Special Note* This article is a short summary and is in no way a complete discourse on the subject. This topic is covered in depth by myself in my book “Your Personal Pathway to Perfect Health Using Astrodynes”, and by Lynne Palmer in her book Astro-Guide to Nutrition and Vitamins which will be updated and enlarged in her forthcoming book. This is very important. When we discuss vitamins, we are suggesting a multi-vitamin, not a mega-dose. In fact, the best source of vitamins should be in your daily intake of food. Unfortunately this is impossible in these times, so juicing is vitally important if you want your vitamins fresh - Juice blueberries, carrots, parsley, an apple, some celery and you will have a solar blast every day! Massive doses of any vitamin can be toxic. If you take a multi-vitamin with minerals and an extra vitamin of whatever you need while the aspect is working you'll be doing the proper thing. In other words if you are experiencing a discordant Saturn aspect you should take calcium rich food, you'll need vitamin D or sunlight and vitamin E. Try to get a vitamin that contains all three. Health food stores carry practically every conceivable type of vitamin combinations. If you eat plenty of cheese, drink plenty of milk and other calcium rich foods, then you need only take the E. The milk has the A&D added.

THE SUN: When the Sun makes a discordant aspect you have an ego problem. These ego problems manifest as being too dictatorial, prideful, haughty, putting other people down, boasting, never complimenting anyone, thinking you're the center of the universe and no one else counts. Of course you must always maintain your self-esteem but remember others are just as important as you are. When you compliment and praise others you are actually building up your own Sun-Cells (ego). Be generous, tell people how much you appreciate them or what a great job they are doing. Tell them how handsome or pretty they look, or the meal is delicious! Instead of bossing others around you can be kind, firm and diplomatic. You'll see; you will get the same treatment back and then everyone's egos will be puffed up.

On the other hand, if your progressed Sun is afflicted and you are experiencing a DEFLATED EGO remember that the Sun is the dynamic stellar structure that maps your POWER URGES. These are the most deep-seated of all the drives - The Sun maps your drive for SIGNIFICANCE. It's your soul, your ego that deflated. If someone tries to put you down, don't allow it. Remember that you are a child of the universe and you are unique. Your soul is working toward significance in the cosmic plan and no one else can fill this blueprint EXCEPT YOU! Don't put unnecessary strains on yourself to be absolutely perfect because it will delay your healing progress.

Thoughts to Think: Think and cultivate thoughts of pride, firmness, self-esteem, conscientiousness, dignity, courage, calm self-assurance, control and stamina.

Food & Vitamins: Natural remedies are light and color. Diet high in Iodine, Manganese, Vitamins A and B, seafood, fruits, vegetables, almonds, liver, peas.

The feeling to be induced in that of dominant vital power. To assist in holding this mood, saturate yourself with the color orange.

THE MOON: When the Moon makes a discordant aspect you are overly emotional and overly sensitive. When you magnify everything out of proportion, not receptive to others, or when your mental attitude is totally negative towards your home and family this indicates an afflicted Moon. Instead of being an emotional hysteric do something physical. Use Mars' energy. Build something, Be active, not passive. Don't be a wimp and cry over spilled milk or what you have no control over. Take the initiative, have sex, engage in some kind of sports or exercise. Be courageous and nurture others. Get out there and play tennis, golf, swim, get a bicycle.

Thoughts to Think:
Mars is the natural antidote for Moon and Pluto. Apply aggressive thoughts as indicated above, but induce the feeling of abundant and positive energy. To assist in holding the mood you can saturate yourself with the color scarlet. Also, because the Moon when afflicted is very changeable and fluctuates, try to be more stable.
Food & Vitamins: Vitamin B Complex, watch your salt-water balance, music and water (hydrotherapy). Vitamin B-2 is found in liver, beans, dried prunes, wheat germ, cheddar cheese, lima beans, salmon, milk, eggs, almonds. Calf and beef liver has the highest amounts of B-2.

MERCURY: Mercury rules your Mental Expression. It rules the brain, tongue, mouth, nervous system and how you talk and communicate. When you find you're restless, or your nervous system is in an uproar, or if you can't make decisions and you are feeling disoriented, this is discordant Mercury aspect.

Thoughts to Think: Hold thoughts of optimism and confidence. Only thoughts, which are pleasant and move toward some purpose, should be held in your mind. Ask yourself "What is the significance of this, what will all this mean years from now"? Separate the important from the unimportant. Jupiter is the antidote for Mercury discordant. Jupiter is the religious planet so hold the thought that you have divine protection and have faith in a higher power that everything will work out for the best. And it WILL!

Food & Vitamins: Vitamin B1 and B complex, Vitamin D or sunlight. Foods rich in calcium found in milk, cereal, cheese, and lemons. Stay away from coffee while this aspect is operating.

The feeling you should induce is one of prayer, devotion and thanks to the higher power. To assist in holding this mood you can saturate yourself with the color purple.

VENUS: Venus is the planet of love, charm and grace. If you are having difficulties with your love life or social life; if you are easily hurt, lack firmness, don't know how to say NO, don't feel charming, then you are probably having a discordant Venus aspect. Venus affects the skin, kidney, veins, thyroid glands, female organs and hormones of each sex. Adverse aspects affect your pride, self-worth, shame, inferiority, as well as superiority, and excessive emotions. Saturn is the antidote for afflicted Venus.

Thoughts to Think: Learn how to say NO. Don't be so pliant and yielding. Be cool, practical and maintain your ego. Use foresight. But avoid fear and selfishness. Add feelings of significance. To assist in holding this mood you can saturate yourself with the color steely-blue. Use discipline and express yourself with well-placed affection. Enjoy beauty, art and being social. You can also wear black for seriousness. Discrimination, rest and relaxation are vital.

Food & Vitamins: You need Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iodine and Copper for afflicted Venus. Copper is found in oysters, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, peas, kale, grapes, watercress, celery, beets, tomatoes, potatoes, and cabbage. Best sources of Vitamin A: Halibut Liver Oil and Cod Liver Oil are very high; parsley, spinach, kale, endive, escarole, beef liver, broccoli, dried apricots, red peppers, watercress, green lettuce, sweet potatoes, egg yolk, butter, cream cheese, mangoes. Add onions, garlic, carrots, which are rich in Iodine.

MARS: The planet of sex, action, aggression, initiative, courage and anger. When you find your temper is getting you in trouble, when you have no patience, when you are having accidents, getting cut, burned or get into arguments, it is because your Mars is discordant. Discordant aspects to Mars bring strife into your life.

If you're having a problem with sex and /or alcohol, it's due to afflicted Mars thought-cells. Most important - slow down. Don't be hasty, rash or impulsive. Have patience.

Thoughts to Think: The Moon is the antidote for afflicted Mars. Instead of destroying things, be helpful, nurturing and caring. Take care of people or animals less fortunate than yourself. Be paternal or maternal. Build something. Wear green. Be gentle. To sustain the vibration of nurturing and caring ( while desiring to aid the ones that are less able to care for themselves), you can saturate yourself mentally with the color green.

Pluto is also an antidote for discordant Mars. Use the positive side of Pluto which is being very cooperative and spiritual. (Spirituality is achieved when you help others.)

Food & Vitamins: Low amounts of protein, but vary the sources. Iron Vitamins A, B, C, copper and Bee Pollen. Music is also soothing. If you have trouble handling protein, ask your doctor about Beta-Pepsin; it is supposed to aid the digestion of protein.

Exercise, yoga, music is helpful. Garlic, parsley, lentils, avocados, dried beans, dried lima beans, egg yolks, oatmeal, wheat, barley, rye, almonds, corn, dates are excellent sources of iron.

JUPITER: The planet of abundance. If you are overdoing things, being careless, making snap judgements, being impulsive, having an attitude that you don't care (sure, have another piece of cake, "I don't care.) - that's all discordant Jupiter thought-cells. When you cook too much food, spend too much money, eat too much, and abuse your credit cards, all this indicates your Jupiter is afflicted.

Thoughts to Think: Mercury and Uranus are the antidotes for Jupiter. To use Mercury, STOP AND THINK. Be cautious and shrewd and analyze your situation. Use your mental powers to discriminate. When you use Uranus, be original, inventive and inspired. The feeling to be induced is one that is felt when the mind is concentrating on solving problems (Mercury). To assist in holding this mood you can wear the color violet or saturate yourself mentally with the color violet.

Food & Vitamins: Care with fats and sugar. Jupiter rules the blood so you want to get rid of impurities. Tumors, cysts and growths are attracted as well as liver problems with afflicted Jupiter. Avoid eating butter, cream, sauces, oils, and very rich and highly seasoned foods. Eat lean foods, seafood, lentils, dried beans, hard cheese; vegetables are good. Take Lecithin for fat digestion if you have a problem, but ask your doctor first. Salads and lots of walking are good remedies.

SATURN: If you get a lot of colds, have bad teeth or bones, or if you are constipated, have arthritis, rheumatism, or if you're gloomy, depressed, gripe and complain about everything; if you lack discipline, are stingy, disorganized, or over-organized, you are having progressed or natal discordant Saturn thought-cells.

Thoughts to Think: Venus is the antidote for Saturn. Mentally you have to be cheerful, stop being negative and seeing the dark side of everything. People are tired of hearing you complain anyway. You are debilitating your own aura with all this negativity. That's why you're so tired. You are carrying a lead weight around. Saturn rules lead in alchemy, so you're being a "Lead-Head"! Do happy things. Get out and socialize. Read light and amusing stories. When people ask how you are, say "Great". SMILE . You'll see you will start to elevate your vibrations immediately. Stop worrying - anxiety, fear, and negativity will disappear when you discover you are your own worst enemy. Beautify and pamper yourself (Venus). Be loving and kind. Be graceful, sweet and charming. People who used to shun you because you were so pessimistic will be happy to share your company. Continue to be practical and keep busy. If you have been depressed, it's because you are focusing too much attention and thought on yourself. Saturn is the planet of selfishness - Keep your mind occupied with work, hobbies, anything, so that you don't have time to think about the situation that is making you unhappy.

Food & Vitamins: Vitamin E, plenty of Calcium, Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin D and/or sunlight, Vitamin G, Bioflavonoids. Your vitality may be low, so a variety of nutrients, cell salts, minerals, vitamins and proteins are good. Have contact with the outdoors. Do earthy things.

URANUS: The Thrill planet. Uranus is the freedom principle. This is the unique and radical planet. It also rules the electrical ignition system of the body and the sensitivity of the nerve currents, which the electricity flows over. (Mercury is the nervous system itself.) When you are acting rebellious, eccentric, radical, abrupt, can't conform, when you are very high strung, weird or haywire, your progressed or natal Uranus is afflicted. When you are "wired" or get sudden flare-ups of illnesses, it's Uranian in nature (rashes are ruled by Uranus, considered an upper-octave planet) Jupiter is the antidote for Uranus.

Thoughts to Think: Jupiter thoughts are benevolent, giving, sharing, compassionate and, above all, INTELLIGENT. When you see that you are a nervous wreck (Uranus), say, "I am One with The Universe.” Believe that the Almighty will protect you. Jupiter is the religious planet, so believe everything is in divine order and develop a religious spirit. Cultivate thoughts of protecting the weak and helpless. These types of thoughts impart the proper energy to the electrical system. But, of course, you have to INDUCE SOME EMOTION with these verbalizations. You can wear purple and mentally saturate yourself with purple to assist in holding the mood. Start with the color swirling over your head and pull it in and down and all through your body out of your toes. Swirl it around you and envelop yourself in the radiating healing energies of this benefic planet. Jupiter corresponds to the purple ray of the spectrum, which is the most potent healing energy.

Food & Vitamins: Afflicted Uranus calls for correct Calcium, B-1, or B Complex, Vitamin D or sunlight, Phosphorus. Celery is good for the nerves. Broccoli, hard cheese, hazelnuts, almonds, molasses, dried figs, watercress, dried beans, lentils, maple syrup, chocolate, pecans, walnuts, cottage cheese, raisins, limes, turnips, string beans, clams, olives, cauliflower, brown rice, and eggs are some good sources of Calcium.

NEPTUNE: The planet of Ideals and Illusion. (another upper-octave planet) When you discover you are lazy, you procrastinate and nothing gets done, or that you lie, cheat, con people, daydream too much, fantasize, take too many drugs or alcohol, or you've been swindled or fell off the cloud you've been on for years, it's discordant progressed or natal Neptune. The mental antidote for Neptune is Saturn.

Thoughts to Think: Get off your cloud; wipe off your rose-colored glasses. Get practical. Force yourself to get on a schedule. Cultivate pleasure when you are productive. Make a time schedule for accomplishing tasks. Make lists so you don't forget things. Above all, be REALISTIC and AMBITIOUS. Believe in the work ethic. Stop scheming and get to work. Stop the drugs (but don't go cold turkey, because your body will be in shock. Slowly decrease amounts of whatever you are taking.). Employ the harmonious side of Saturn, which is economical, practical, deliberate, exacting, rational, firm, solid and dependable. Discordant Neptune drives other people crazy because you're vague and unreliable. You will be rewarded for using excellent and sound judgment. You can still be creative, talented and dramatic without being stoned and drugged out. BE LOGICAL.

Food & Vitamins: Neptune afflicted calls for ENERGY FOODS. Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-1, and less protein. Avoid gassy foods, because afflicted Neptune can make you gassy and bloated. Apples, almonds, lima beans, brown rice, cabbage or broccoli, and buckwheat are okay. Health difficulties which discordant Neptune thought-cells attract are due to negativity, to hypersensitivity, or to poisons. (Meat is toxic compared to other foods, and take care not to overload the system with protein, even with vegetable sources of protein.)

PLUTO: Discordant Pluto thought-cells make you uncooperative, cruel, vicious, revengeful, too bossy, dictatorial, tyrannical, forceful and compulsive. This planet can be very destructive, so when you discover you are sneaky, underhanded, too pushy, or a source of difficulty, you need to employ the mental antidote of the Moon and Mars.

Thoughts to Think: To employ harmonious Moon thought, think about and protect the weak, helpless, or anyone who needs nurturing. Take care of others. Be as cooperative as possible, especially in a group. All matters should be approached on a one-to-one basis. Be a team player, don't be a rebel rouser and be non-materialistic. Pluto is the most drastic of all planetary energies. You can wear green for the Moon, or wear red for Mars. When using Mars thought, be courageous and aggressive, but constructive. Add sensitive and positive thoughts. To assist in holding this mood, saturate yourself mentally with the color scarlet.

Food & Vitamins: Food and supplements high in iron, Calcium, Vitamins A,C, D, and B, with varied sources of protein. Eat fruits, vegetables, milk, raisins, whole wheat, turnips, string beans, almonds, oranges, and fresh foods.

To aid and assist you in your Mental Alchemy program I recommend you use the Bach Flower Remedies or FES (Flower Essence Society) to bring about the desired results FAST.