By D. W. Sutton 12-17-2003

In mundane astrology the astral vibrations radiated by Mars actualize as strife, violence and accident events. As the cosmic warlord he incites international strife - wars and disputes between countries; national strife - internal disputes between opposing factions; and domestic strife - violence in the home. Astrological energies work through people and while every human soul is born with a powerful aggression potential how this potential expresses is learned. Early life experiences with open opposition, threats, domestic violence, competition and enmity condition (or train) the aggressive mind-energy potential into a personal style of aggressive behaviour. We learn our aggressive behaviour through aggression experiences. A learned violence response, when attacked, won't hesitate to respond with violence. Aggression is a powerful weapon in the game of survival. These days, rather than do our own fighting we employ the Mars people (in the defense forces) to do it for us. Governments are obliged to protect their civilian populations from violent attacks and this means governments will respond with violence if the need arises. The idea that Mars is going to sit down and resolve a conflict by talking is a wrong idea. Of course violence is dumb, but aggression rarely stops to consider the consequences of its actions. Revenge and retribution are its driving forces. Yet it seems that non-violent conflict resolution is a Mars behaviour we will have to learn for our own good, even though it does contradict our pre-human life training.

Students of astrology are well advised to study the origins of aggression. It plays a very important role in the soul's evolution. Unless the soul learns to fight for its rights it will be defeated. Unless the soul attacks when threatened it will be defeated. Unless the soul in a combat situation takes aggressive action it will be defeated. In fact our physical evolution is designed to build powerful aggressive tendencies into our soul's thought structure. Our very survival often depends upon our ability to aggressively attack and defeat our enemies. A well-developed aggressive urge is a powerful ally in the game of life. It's an asset on a personal, national and international level and an essential component of our spiritual growth and development.

Mars, the planet of strife and violence, is not sensitive, peaceful, frightened, conciliatory, considerate or patient. He is harsh, selfish, brutal, insensitive, inconsiderate, fearless and impatient. His worst behaviours are harshness and brutality. He is merciless, unfeeling, crude, coarse and inhumane. He has no remorse. His best behaviours are initiative, enterprise and creative power. He is assertive, daring, brave, energetic, bold, eager and enthusiastic. In the jungle his survival depends upon brute strength, size and speed, but in human life he relies more on guns, bombs, missiles and land mines.

The Mars cycle chart shows what departments of life are affected, and how, by mechanics, manufacturing, war, soldiers, policemen, machines, fires, firemen, athletics, strife, violence, explosions, intoxicants, bandits, doctors, surgery and healing. When Mars is activated rage, anger and adrenalin stimulate the behaviour - and the strife, violence and accident events that occur are usually reported in blood. Mars is a belligerent: his energy and initiative drive physical life.

The current Mars cycle chart commenced at 1.12am GMT on January 20th 2002.

In this chart Mars forms four discordant and two harmonious aspects. The discordant aspects - Mars conjunct and parallel Moon, Mars semisquare Mercury and Mars square Jupiter - have a discord potential; yet Mars has a net-harmony due to thestrength of two harmonious aspects - Mars sextile Sun, planet of politics, and Mars sextile Venus, planet of peace and harmony. But, even though Mars has a constructive inner-plane potential, it would be folly, at the present time, to interpret the harmony as an outbreak of constructive Mars behaviour on planet Earth. An accurate picture of what to expect from the Y2002 Mars cycle chart must consider the astrological, inner-world conditions mapped in the chart and the physical, outer-world conditions in which the chart operates. Alas the current physical (outer-world) environment is ripe for violence due to antagonisms caused by globalization, nationalism, self-interest opposing the common good, cultural bullying, racial hatred, religious intolerance, dictatorial corporations, corrupt governments and financial inequalities - greed and stupidity by the 'haves', and feelings of being left out and side-lined by the 'have nots'.

Of course the strife agenda is a two-way street where the perpetrators of violence and those enforced to defend it clash head-on. In some instances those with a grievance resort to violence to solve their problem. Their unlawful violence is then confronted by lawful violence. This means that the solution of a grievance, (where the aggrieved resort to violence), is usually far more complex than the Mars option. Yet, when it comes to solving a problem, it's the Mars option that is most often chosen. The Mars cycle chart details the conflict-dispute agenda and the efforts of the antagonists to get what they want in terms of a conflict victory. But when it comes to the crunch it's the Military ruled by Mars that always has the upper hand in a conflict situation. The most important factor to consider when evaluating this Mars cycle chart is this: 'Even when harmonious the Mars energy tends to so much force and speed that strife of some kind will always be present in the events he brings to pass.'

In the Y2002 Mars cycle chart Mars sextile Sun, planet of politics, supports the military and police in their efforts to contain the violence. The aspect unites the military and political agendas under favorable 'opportunity' circumstances. Mars and his warriors have the support of the Sun and his politicians; yet the politicians and those in positions of power are in some danger. Mars conjunct and parallel Moon unites the strife and violence with the civilian population under unfavorable 'prominence-intensity' circumstances. This is the outstanding trend in the chart. The strife and violence targets the civilian population and civil-life. The everyday people are victims of the strife, violence, accidents and fires - they're in harms way. The aspect brings domestic violence and aggressive action by the everyday people into prominence. With the Sun and Moon aspecting Mars in this cycle chart both the people (Moon) and their elected representatives (Sun) are intimately involved in the Mars agenda and the strife and violence events it spawns.

Mars semisquare Mercury puts the military and other law enforcers at odds with the press and academics. Freedom of expression is an issue. Military matters and conflict situations will generate friction and controversy. The aspect maps violent criticism of the warlords and police by the press and academics. There's a potential for the press to engage in mischief making. The journalists and writers are in harms way. Mars sextile Venus, planet of art, also supports the military and the strife agenda. The aspect unites the military and peace agendas under favorable 'opportunity' circumstances. Venus influences the peace moves that follow the violence events. Venus rules women and the aspect favors the involvement of female warriors in the strife and violence events. Women will also play a beneficial role in the peace moves. The aspect favors artistic creation, social strife and accidents involving the social set. There's a harmonious fusion of sex and love.

Finally Mars square Jupiter puts the judges, bankers, clergy and lawmakers in danger. Jupiter is the planet who will finance the war on terror. Mars square Jupiter indicates the escalating costs of the strife and violence. The aspect maps strife (Mars) over the amount of money (Jupiter) spent on the military and its weapons (Mars). (An afflicted Jupiter has no sense of proprietary or constraint.) Mars square Jupiter also indicates the huge financial cost (Jupiter) of natural disasters (Mars). Jupiter is the planet ruling diplomatic relations and the conflict-resolution negotiations: and with Mars square Jupiter these negotiations will have huge obstacles to overcome. Strife will erupt at the negotiating table as belligerence and revenge (Mars) contaminate Jupiter's benevolence and goodwill. Jupiter is the planet of trade: and disputes will erupt over trade issues. Jupiter is the planet of law: and disputes over law issues, and new laws to curb the civil violence, will erupt. Mars rules prisoners of war and Jupiter rules legal scrutiny: and dissension (Mars) will erupt over the legal status (Mars) of prisoners. Jupiter is the planet of religion: and religious disputes will erupt. Religious leaders will become involved in the strife and violence although the square aspect hinders their capacity to play a productive role. The aspect maps religious rows and attacks on the Church. Jupiter rules ships and shipping: and Mars square Jupiter maps shipping (Jupiter) accidents (Mars).

In the Washington Mars Cycle Chart Mars is in the 8th house (death, debt, taxes, insurance, tariffs and pensions). The 8th house rules the death rate and the kinds of deaths suffered by the people; the debts due from foreign countries and the taxes raised to finance the war on terror (Mars). It also rules the cabinet of the president or prime- minister, and the chief appointees of the mayor of a city or state. Mars is cusp-ruler of the 9th house (law-matters, court cases, aviation, religion and trade) and the 3rd house (the postal service, road-rail environment and neighbouring countries). These mundane matters will be subject to strife, violence and accidents. Mars in the house of death indicates death by violence (and infection) will be prevalent during this Mars cycle. Mars conjunct and parallel Moon ignites civilian strife and domestic violence that results in many deaths. The everyday-people are victims of the civil-strife, violence and fires. Even though the people (Moon) support Mars and his war on terror dissension will erupt over the taxes to finance the war and the deaths it causes. There's much conflict and disputation over taxation matters. Mars is sextile the Sun in the 5th house and the strife and violence he ignites influences the political agenda. The strife and violence incites the politicians to take aggressive, dangerous actions. Strife will stimulate the share market. With Mars semisquare Mercury in the 6th house the strife and violence stirs up friction and controversy over labor and sickness issues. The strife influences the press, journalists and academics. With Mars sextile Venus in the 5th house the strife and violence affects the social agenda and women through sex, pleasure and risk. Strife will stimulate the leisure and sex industries. With Mars square Jupiter in the 11th house the strife and violence has a high-discord affect on money and religion through the actions of Congress. Strife will hamper financial prosperity; but with Mars sextile the MC the strife and violence stimulates business activity.

The US is currently engaged in a war on terror (Pluto). This means that the country's aggressive Mars energy is being diverted into the war. In summary: thoughts of conflict and war ruled by Mars directly influence the violent deaths of US military personal, soldiers, policemen and firemen (Mars in 8th house); and the deaths of civilians (Mars conjunct and parallel Moon in 8th house). (Mars also indicates death by infection.) The war on terrorism and military spending influence the tax agenda. There's strife and dissension over taxation matters and the money spent on the military and weapons. With Mars ruling the 9th house legal issues, and court cases involving prisoners of war, incite strife, dissension and violence. And with Mars ruling the 3rd house the strife and violence will influence the postal service, road and rail environments, (the ailing Amtrak), press, journalists and relations with neighboring countries. The strife and violence will directly influence the politicians and women (Mars sextile Sun and Venus); and will stimulate the share market, sex and leisure industries (Sun and Venus in 5th house) The President will benefit by taking aggressive action although he is in some danger. Dangerous thoughts of war, combat, strife and violence will stir up heated controversies (Mars semisquare Mercury) and have an adverse (friction) influence on work, labor and sickness (Mercury in 6th house). The strife and violence have an adverse influence on employment trends. The war on terrorism hampers financial prosperity; and ethnic hatreds ignite religious animosities (Mars square Jupiter). A thoughtless Congress spends like crazy (Jupiter) and adds to the strife by raising taxes (Jupiter in 11th house square Mars in 8th). Unthinking, ill-advised Congressmen make comments that stir up religious hatred and intolerance. (Jupiter in 11th house square Mars): And thoughts of war stimulate business activity (Mars sextile MC.)

A glance at the US Mars cycle chart reveals that Mars is very close to the 8th house cusp. It's precise house location - whether in the 8th house or 7th, is vital for a precise interpretation. The time used for the commencement of this Washington Mars cycle chart is 8.12pm EST on January 19th, 2002. This is from Neil F. Michelsen's American Ephemeris for the 21st Century - revised midnight edition. But, according to the Horoscope program, Mars is at 0N00' at 8.03pm EST and remains there till 8.42pm EST - 39 minutes. Both the 8.03pm time and the 8.12pm time place Mars in the 8th house. Beginner students should understand that 'time' is the more important factor influencing a chart's accuracy. The precise location is very important, but while a change in latitude of one angular minute equals 1.8km (1.2 miles) on the Earth's surface the Earth rotates through one minute of longitude in 4 seconds of time. This means that the birth time is the more vital factor influencing a chart's precision, rather than its location.

The Mars cycle chart for Afghanistan has Mars in the 3rd house (talks, roads, public thinking, print media and neighbouring countries). A very harmonious 1st house (the people's welfare) dominates the chart. Afghanistan will experience road and rail accidents and strife with her neighbouring countries. Iraq also has Mars in the 3rd house with Sun and Venus in the dominant and harmonious 2nd house (finances). The Pakistan chart has Mars in the 2nd house (financial strife) with Sun and Venus in the dominant 1st house. Mars is cusp ruler of the 3rd and 10th houses. The 3rd house Mars influence indicates strife, violence and possible war with her neighbor India. The 10th house influence puts the Pakistan administration in an aggressive, warlike frame of mind. The Indian Mars cycle chart is very similar to the Pakistan chart. Mars in the 2nd house is cusp ruler of the 3rd and 10th houses. In both charts the 1st house is the dominant influence and the strife and violence will involve and influence the welfare of the people.

The Israel Mars cycle chart has Mars in the 4th house (land, buildings and factories). The Israel-Palestine conflict is a land-territory issue and Mars in the 4th house will bring the dispute to a crisis point. Mars is cusp ruler of the 5th house (children and teenagers) and the 12th house (secret enemies and terrorists). Russia also has Mars in the 4th house - land-territorial disputes. Mars is cusp ruler of the 1st, 5th and 12th houses. The 1st house Mars influence puts the Russian people in a reckless frame of mind: much drinking, strife and violence. China has Mars in the 1st house where his strife and violence will directly involve and influence the Chinese people via fires, accidents, bombings, explosions, banditry, intoxicants and infectious diseases (Aids and other STD's). Mars there is good for taking the initiative, but the people are very angry, rash and reckless. Indonesia also has Mars in the 1st house. This country will experience a great deal of civil strife and internal violence - even civil war. The people are in a very aggressive state of mind. Mars, cusp ruler of the 9th house (religion), is square Jupiter. The aspect possesses a high-discord potential for religious motivated violence.

Great Britain has Mars in the 5th house where his strife and violence will impact on the country's youth, share market and sporting agenda. It indicates strife in schools and violence at sporting events. Mars is cusp ruler of the 1st and 6th houses. This 6th house influence stimulates employment, aggressive actions by the workers and workplace accidents and fires. Argentina has Mars in the 7th house and the strife and dissension will influence the country's relations with foreign powers. The 7th house is the house of war. Mars is cusp ruler of the 3rd house (an angry print media and strife with neighboring countries) and the 8th house (strife over debts and loans.) This country is experiencing a political and economic crisis and Mars in the 7th house indicates strife and trouble with other countries. The road ahead for Argentina is paved with strife, dissension, struggle, violence, unrest and turmoil.

The Mars cycle chart for Australia has Mars in the 12th house and the strife and dissension he stimulates is limited in its scope and hidden away from public view. The 12th house rules detention centers, gaols, hospitals, crime, asylum seekers, refugees, secret enemies, terrorists, secret activity, people smugglers and disappointments. Mars in the 12th house indicates outbreaks of strife and violence, and fires in detention centers. The asylum seekers and prisoners will take harsh-violent action. The 12th house rules self-mutilation and suicide. Mars in the 12th indicates strife for the hospital system - nurses will take aggressive action. There's strife and violence in the prisons; and an outbreak of violent crime. There's a great deal of secret activity. The 12th house also rules relief given to those in distress - it's the house of charity: But with Mars there don't expect too much humanitarian aid, although the Moon conjunct Mars indicates that the everyday people are with the asylum seekers and nurses. Mars is cusp ruler of the 1st house (the people and domestic agenda), and the 8th house (death and taxes); and the strife, violence and crime will directly impact on the people with many violent deaths and deaths due to accidents and fires. (Note that Mars square Jupiter is not in orb in this chart.) Mars is harmonious in all these charts.

This chart maps the Mars inner-world weather conditions between January 20th 2002 and December 17th 2003. And, to quote C.C.Zain from Mundane Astrology, When a new Cycle Chart comes in it is found that the events signified by it may begin to happen somewhat before the Cycle actually starts. The changing of the planet, from south magnetic polarity to north magnetic polarity, brings into considerable prominence the affairs ruled by the planet. The time of the commencement of the Cycle, therefore, is commonly coincident with some of the matters foreshadowed in the Cycle Chart.

That which happens as the Cycle commences, and which comes under its influence, is seldom all that transpires of similar import during the Cycle. More often it foreshadows other events of similar nature which come to pass as the time progressed aspects form in the Cycle Chart. And not infrequently these later events are a further development of less outstanding events that arrive with the Cycle.

Astrological influences tend to bring a response from the physical environment, not merely at the moment the phenomenon is perfect, but for a certain time before and a certain time afterwards. In its change of polarity, from south to north, the change begins to exert an influence when the planet is within one degree of crossing the celestial equator, and continues to exert some influence during the time it is within one degree of crossing.

The influence is more pronounced while the planet is close to the exact line between south and north declination. But because the physical environment, by its resistance or lack of it, may require accumulated planetary pressures to manifest as a given event, the condition indicated by the changing polarity may develop sometime before, or somewhat after, the exact moment of change in declination. There is an orb, therefore of one degree of movement by declination, within which events signified by the Cycle may take place before the Cycle actually starts.

Mars entered 1 S 00' declination at approximately 7.00pm GMT on January 16th 2002 and was at 1 N 00' declination at approximately 8am GMT on January 23rd. This means that Mars was within the critical 1 orb of the exact moment of its change in declination for approximately 7 days. Here's what happened as Mars moved from south to north polarity.

As the new Mars cycle commenced the violence between Israel and Palestine reached a highly critical point. Arafat was under siege - isolated by Israeli troops; and Hamas suicide bombers targeted the civilian population in Israel. Israel retaliated by bombing the terrorists. On the 18th of January Palestinian gunmen killed 6 Israelis and Israel attacked Palestinian terrorist hideouts. On the 22nd there was another terrorist shooting. Israel responded with bombs and Arafat remained trapped in his own headquarters. Indications are that developments in this region will reach critical proportions during the life of this cycle chart. The fight is a territorial dispute and Mars is in the 4th house (land and territories) of the protagonist's charts

Another critical point was Kashmir where Pakistani and Indian troops were on high alert. A terrorist attack on the Indian parliament claimed 11 lives. India blamed a Pakistani terrorist group. Then on the 18th there was a terror bombing in Kashmir. As Mars changed from south to north polarity tensions between these two nuclear powers ran high. Pakistan has its home grown terrorist cells. Will the war on terror move to Pakistan? The Indian-Pakistani dispute is a territorial conflict over the region of Kashmir. Mars in the Indian and Pakistani Mars cycle charts rules the 3rd house (the neighbouring country) and the 10th house (the administration).

In the USA the rhetoric turned to financing the war on terror. President Bush wanted $16 billion? Some reports stated $50 billion. Mars in the 8th house of the Mars cycle chart rules the taxes needed to finance the war on terror. On the 19th the shoe bomber appeared in court - Mars is cusp ruler of the 9th house (court cases). On the same day a row (Mars) erupted between China and the US as Chinese investigators claimed to have found 27 satellite controlled listening devices in the Chinese President's new (US built) plane. On the 20th two US marines were killed and five others injured in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. Mars is in the 8th house (death by accident or violence). The indications are that the taxes to finance the war on terror and the violent deaths of US servicemen and women are the primary issues driving this Mars cycle chart. Court cases involving terrorists, their treatment and human rights are another issue.

On the 19th of January 2002 a volcanic eruption (Mars) in the Congo destroyed 80% of Goma and liquid fire (Mars-lava) claimed hundreds of lives. Mars rules disasters and catastrophes. The Mars cycle chart for Congo has Mars in the 4th house. It rules the homes of the people and natural disasters affecting their land. Jupiter is in the 8th house and square Mars. It indicated the disaster's high death toll and high financial cost.

On the 18th of January police in Britain arrested suspected members of the al- Qaeda terrorist network. There were claims that Britain was an active recruiting ground for Islamic terrorists. This was the first time that terrorist arrests had been made in Britain. On the 19th of January a plane crash (Mars) in New Zealand claimed six lives.

In Australia, with Mars in the 12th house, attention focused on the plight of the Afghani asylum seekers being held at the Woomera Detention Centre. Mars in the 12th house incited the asylum seekers to resort to strife and violence in their efforts to draw attention to the harsh conditions under which they are forced to live. Hundreds of asylum seekers went on a hunger strike (Mars) and some sewed their lips together (Mars). A group of young Afghanis threatened to commit suicide (12th house). There were claims of self-mutilation (12th house). The government responded with its fear-driven harsh and insensitive (Mars) rhetoric. The row lasted 12 days before a break-through occurred. With the Moon conjunct Mars a proposed solution involved the housing (Moon) of the children and women with Australian families (Moon). Mars semisquare Mercury saw the press and journalists (Mercury) caught up the news frenzy. One journalist was arrested. The media were criticized (semisquare aspect) for mischief making (Mars). At the same time initiatives (Mars) to help solve the problems confronted by the doctors (Mars) and nurses in the hospital system (12th house) were proposed.

Because these events occurred at a critical point in the Mars cycle they give important clues as to how things will unfold during the life of the chart. They are signs of things to come. The primary focus of the Mars energy is the war on terror, and there's a high potential for its dangerous and volatile aggressive energy to erupt out of control. It's up to our political leaders to control and regulate the energy but, when ignited by Mars, they too can become dangerous, reckless and insensitive.

When assessing future events and developments in this cycle chart Mars and its house position are the starting point from which emanates the other important events that transpire during the life of the chart. This means that in the US Mars cycle chart the Mars-8th house factor is the critical influence. It acts as the starting point from which emanates all the other important (Mars) events that occur during the life of the cycle. In Israel the starting point is the Mars-4th house critical influence; and in Australia the starting point is the Mars-12th house critical influence.

Events occur as transiting Mars in the sky aspects the planets in the cycle chart.

Consider that the most important events will occur

(1) When transiting Mars forms a conjunction, opposition, square or trine aspect with another planet in the chart. These aspects have the most power.

(2) When transiting Mars aspects a planet that forms an aspect with Mars in the birthchart (i.e. Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus or Jupiter); and

(3) When transiting Mars aspects a powerful (angular house) planet in the chart.

Consider that the event must

(1) Bear the characteristics of Mars and the planet he aspects and

(2) Pertain to the mundane matters ruled by the houses that Mars and the other planet rule.

When transit Mars forms aspects in his cycle chart the news headlines will focus on strife, violence and accident events.

The student of mundane astrology needs access to a radio or television news service that prioritizes the international and national news by its importance. So much news is irrelevant nonsense and the serious student needs easy access to the important mundane news as it occurs.