Y2004 Sun Cycle Chart
D.W. Sutton 3-22-2004

The Sun Cycle chart commences when the Sun enters Aries each year. It is a general event chart having a life of 12 months. In the Y2004 Sun Cycle chart at Washington (commencing March 20th, 2004 at 1.49am EST) the dominating influence is Saturn, planet of loss, fear, security and bitter criticism, in the 7th house (war,international relations and foreign policy.) The Sun forms a prominence (conjunction) aspect with the Moon (the common people and family life); a fortunate opportunity (sextile) aspect with Mars (war, accidents and strife); a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with Saturn (fear, loss and security issues); an adverse friction (semisquare) aspect with Neptune (oil, chemicals, aviation and uncertainty); and an adverse obstacle (square) aspect with Pluto (terrorist networks and coercion.) Each planet by its house position maps a planet-specific influence on a definite area of the mundane agenda.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury energize the 3rd house highliting the influence of the print media, newspapers and journalists. It's election year and the newspapers will play a more than prominent role in the election campaign. Mercury maps a critical press and a great deal of controversy -- much criticism of the administration by the newspapers. Rumours abound. The education system, travel and communication will also receive a great deal of attention. Discord indicates difficulties for the railroads and problems for the postal services. It also indicates controversies, misunderstandings and strained relations with neighbouring countries. The print media's role in the election will be far more prominent than the electronic media's role.

A great deal of this criticism is generated by developments in the war on terror. Saturn, the planet of loss, fear and disappointment is in the 7th house -- war, foreign policy and relations with foreign powers. It maps severe setbacks in the war on terror and losses due to the actions of other nations. The insecure international situation causes a great deal of worry, fear and anxiety. (Saturn is opposition the Ascendant -- the people, square the Sun -- the politicians, and square Mercury -- the press.) Saturn trine Uranus in the 2nd house (money) maps an unexpected financial benefit due to the actions of a foreign power. The Moon, cusp ruler of the 7th house is in the 3rd and overseas developments will receive great deal of media attention.

Uranus, planet of reform, sudden changes and unexpected developments, and Neptune, planet of chaos, uncertainty and inflation, are in the 2nd house -- economic conditions, finances and private property. Uranus maps economic/price reforms and Neptune maps financial uncertainty, chaotic financial conditions and inflation. Both planets stimulate the cash flow. Saturn in the 7th house (the war on terror) is having an adverse influence on the financial situation.

Jupiter, planet of finances, trade, treaties, capitalism, expansion and increased spending, is in the 8th house -- death, taxes, loans, revenue raising, the public's money and the national debt. It maps increased government spending and attempts to raise revenue -- higher taxes. The administration's reckless spending has to be financed. Jupiter maps the deaths of prominent business, judicial and religious figures.

Mars, planet of energy, strife, accidents, guns, alcohol, disputes and military matters, is in the 5th house -- Wall Street, hazards, children, schools, sexual activity and entertainment. Indications are that military matters will influence trading trends on Wall Street. There are severe accidents involving children and children, guns and violence will be an important social issue. Fires in schools, strife for the movie industry and accidents at social events are indicated. A drinking and gambling fever will hit the country. Mars square Uranus maps an unexpected financial disturbance.

Pluto, planet of crime, criminals, terrorists, propaganda, coercion, cooperation and drastic developments, is in the 12th house -- prisons, detention centers, prisoners of war, spies, hospitals, conspiracies, the FBI, CIA and disappointments. Pluto there maps a great deal of secret, behind the scenes, activity. Stimulation to the 12th house indicates subversive activity, crime and spying -- criminal groups are working undercover. The prisons are overflowing with inmates and there are drastic developments with the hospital and prison systems. Venus, planet of charm, is in the 4th house -- the Democrat candidate in the upcoming election, and is cusp ruler of the 10th -- George W. Bush. It appears that both candidates will turn on the charm and the election will turn into a charm context. Venus rules women and the wives of both the presidential candidates will play an important role in the election campaign. The prominence of Venus in this chart also turns attention to the arts, musical entertainments and the achievements of women.

This Sun Cycle chart reveals the general trends for each area of the mundane agenda for the 12th months commencing March 20th 2004, but as it's election year the election will get all the publicity. A lack of stimulation to the 6th, 9th, and 11th houses reduces the influence of Congress and the importance of work, employment and trade during this 12 month period. News (3rd house) about the war on terror (7th house) will be the outstanding influence in the election campaign. (The Libra lunation on October 13th, 2004 indicates extraordinary stimulation to the 4th house and huge support for the Democrat presidential candidate.)