The Y2005 Mars Cycle Chart
D. W. Sutton May 2005

In mundane affairs Mars -- the greatest soldier of them all displays himself as aggressive action and ruthless competition. He's harsh, brutal, vicious, combative, energetic enterprising and courageous. As the fight impulse Mars views aggressive force as the best option. The enemies of the new civilization must be exterminated.

Progress takes place when problems are overcome and Mars represents a forceful aggressive solution. Social progress takes place through strife and conflict. Energetic effort, forceful enterprise and aggressive action can overcome dangerous problems. Competition (for power, wealth and prestige) is a powerful driver. Hairy-chested masculine aggression is socially admired -- it's tough, strong and hard. It's never soft, sensitive and considerate. The behaviour is as old as time and because it's unable to invent original new solutions to old problems it always follows precedent. What's new are the 'smart' weapons that the military employ in the battles.

The Y2005 Mars cycle commenced on June 20th 2005 at 3.22am GMT. This chart will influence the conflict agenda from that date till May 20th 2007.

In this chart Mars, the planet of strife and conflict, forms a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with the Sun (the political agenda); a high-harmony luck (trine) aspect with the Moon (family life and civilian population); a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with Jupiter (the financial agenda); a low-harmony luck (trine) aspect with Saturn (security issues and weather); and a low-discord friction (semisquare) aspect with Neptune (lies, deception, drugs, aviation, oil and inflation).

The previous high-discord Mars cycle chart saw an upsurge in violence, terrorist attacks, disasters, accidents, and fires. The civilian population suffered. The harsh brutality of war took its toll as human behaviour sank to new levels of degradation. With Mars square the Sun the military option chosen by the world's leader's didn't have much success in the war on terror; and with Mars square the Sun in this new Mars cycle chart there are still many obstacles to be overcome. Mars opposition Jupiter is a powerful new influence. It will focus on military spending, the legalities of the war on Iraq and the high cost of destroying and then rebuilding a country.

The War on Terror currently holds centre stage although there are other violent conflicts taking place and others waiting in the wings. The Mars cycle chart provides a clear astrological picture of these conflict events as they unfold. This Mars cycle chart influences several areas of the mundane agenda, but conscious attention determines where the energy flows and while there are people fighting poverty and disease the war on terror continues to get the most publicity. Major accident and disaster events always grab the headlines.

The Mars agenda embraces -- mechanics, manufacturing, machines, war, soldiers, policemen, firemen, fires, bombs, explosions, strife, violence, bandits, intoxicants, athletics, doctors, surgery and healing.

In the Washington chart Mars is in the 2nd house and the 2nd house agenda is energized. The house where Mars is located indicates where explosive energy flows. It indicates where the strife and violence is coming from -- the mundane matters that ignite strife and dissension. It indicates where the hazard is located -- where the risk and danger lies. This allows the astrologer to locate the human and environmental phenomena directly influenced by the energy and strife of Mars.

The 2nd house agenda embraces -- the earning and spending capacity of the US people, their personal wealth and property, economic and financial policies, the banks, national treasury, the price of goods and services, workers wages and $US. Mars in the 2nd house codes for financial strife, financial disputes, the aggressive pursuit of money, a wild dash for cash, financial stimulation for the manufacturing sector, a wild ride for $US, military spending, bank robberies, violent attacks on bankers, wages disputes etc, etc.

Mars is cusp ruler if the 9th house and some of his strife and dissension will flow into the 9th house agenda. It embraces foreign trade, shipping, the Supreme Court, constitution, the law, courts and legal matters, religion, church, clergy, moral issues, ethics, aviation, airlines, radio, television, universities, higher education and advertising. As cusp ruler of the 9th house Mars codes for trade disputes, legal battles, dissension over legal decisions, harsh new laws and penalties, plane crashes, aviation disputes, religious disputes, university violence, shipping accidents etc, etc.

The outstanding aspects in the Y2005 Mars cycle chart are Mars square Sun and Mars opposition Jupiter. With Mars square Sun strife, aggressive action and dissension will influence politics, the political agenda, world leaders and those with influence. The aspect codes for the aggressive pursuit of power and prestige, political disputes and violent attacks on world leaders. With Mars opposition Jupiter strife, aggressive action and dissension will influence the financial agenda, commerce, the banking sector, trade, capitalism, profits, religion, God's workers and the legal system. It codes for financial disputes, money wars, trade wars, legal battles, harsh new laws, religious disputes, holy-wars, violent attacks on religious leaders etc, etc.

At Washington Jupiter is in the 8th house and the strife of Mars will influence the 8th house agenda. This includes foreign debt, taxes, insurance, pensions, medicare, social security and the death rate. The reckless high-discord Mars-Jupiter opposition aspect influences the financial houses. It indicates impulsive spending, higher taxes, higher insurance rates and extravagant spending and lending.

The Sun in the Washington Mars cycle chart is in the 5th house -- Wall Street, stocks and bonds, speculation, gambling, lotteries, hazardous ventures etc, etc. The harsh high-discord Mars-Sun square aspect influences the financial agenda, Wall Street and gambling industry. Risky political moves will cause Wall Street to shudder. The strife of Mars will influence the 5th house agenda.

Neptune in the 1st house of the Washington Mars cycle chart is semisquare Mars and conjunct the Ascendant. He displays himself as the desire to make easy money. The airlines, drug companies and shareholders will all be victims of the financial strife. Neptune signals inflationary pressures. Pleasure chemicals will allow a confused and disillusioned US public to temporarily escape the harsh reality of Mars.

All things considered this planetary pattern is indicating a financial crisis of some sort. The frantic pursuit of wealth and reckless speculation will have disastrous consequences. It pictures the death of an influential financial figure/treasury official, financial strife, extravagant spending and a debt crisis. Can the war in Iraq wreck the US economy? How long can the US afford to keep troops in Iraq? Mars opposition Jupiter pictures a financial crisis for the manufacturing sector, strife for the shipping industry, accidents involving luxury liners, extravagant military spending, harsh new laws as Mars shows no mercy, dissension between the warlords and the law-lords, and legal disputes -- was the war in Iraq a legal war? It codes for killing in the name of God, violent religions and violent attacks on judges and bankers.

The competitive impulse (Mars) displaying itself as ruthless competition is prepared to break all the rules in its pursuit of money, profits and wealth. The result will be a crisis of fair-play, honesty and good-will. In a dangerous environment a trigger-happy aggressive urge is intent on shooting first. Mars and Jupiter are both dumb planets. Neither thinks. Neither assesses consequence. Both act on impulse. Mars behaviour particularly is guided by precedent -- he simply does as he's told and obeys orders.

Some people live in dangerous, hazardous places. The general environmental conditions and the discord of Mars measure the degree of risk. Some countries are very hazardous places to live. Some countries may present a hazard to economic growth, higher profits, peace and security. The 7th house is the house of war and those countries having Mars in the 7th house of their Mars cycle charts may or may not present a hazard to peace and security. South Korea, China and Taiwan have Mars in the 7th house. Jupiter is in the 1st house. The 10th house rules a country's leader and administration. Mars there codes for an aggressive administration. Countries with Mars in the 10th house include Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

Scientific Astrology and world affairs

Scientific astrology does not claim to make precise predictions. It does claim that during a definite time frame a precise amount of Mars energy, possessing a definite amount of harmony or discord will impact on the Earth affecting a definite sector of a country's mundane agenda. The event that occurs is greatly determined by what is happening now -- and the current environment is constantly changing. A more accurate astrological assessment thus requires a clear understanding of the astrological environment and a clear understanding of the current mundane environment -- and both are in a constant state of change. Keeping up to date with a changing mundane agenda is a difficult task for the mundane astrologer; and relying on the astrological picture to reveal the whole story is expecting astrology to do something that it can't. The environment at any point in time facilitates some events and negates others. Bushfires (ruled by Mars) are more inclined to occur during hot summer months -- not during wet winter months. The environment can move an astrologically predicted bushfire (or any event) to a time that facilitates its occurrence. Thus when Mars is forming transit progressed aspects in his cycle chart look for Mars events, but don't expect to precisely predict the event and where it will occur. This is too big an ask, but with a clear understanding of the current astrological environment and what's currently happening on planet Earth, you will get pretty close.

The degree of discord possessed by Mars in this chart converts into a hazard potential. Transit progressed aspects formed by Mars represent a hazard. They indicate when the event mapped in the chart and facilitated by the environment can occur. The degree of risk or hazard is measured in astrodyne discord. The higher the discord the greater the risk.

The critical time for this new Mars cycle chart is when Mars moves from south to north declination. This is a 7-day period between the 17th and 23rd of June 2005. Mars events that occur during this critical stage provide a preview of what the chart holds. They are a sign of things to come.

When assessing future events and developments in this cycle chart Mars and its house position are the starting point from which emanates the other important events that transpire during the life of the chart. This means that in the US Mars cycle chart the Mars-2nd house factor is the critical influence. It acts as the starting point from which emanates all the other important (Mars) events that occur during the life of the cycle.

Events occur as transiting Mars in the sky aspects the planets in the chart.

Consider that the most important events will occur

(1) When transiting Mars forms a conjunction, opposition, square or trine aspect with another planet in the chart. These aspects have the most power.

(2) When transiting Mars aspects a planet that forms an aspect with Mars in the birthchart (ie. Sun, Moon, Jupiter or Neptune); and

(3) When transiting Mars aspects a powerful (angular house) planet in the chart.

Consider that the event must

(1) Bear the characteristics of Mars and the planet he aspects and

(2) Pertain to the mundane matters ruled by the houses that Mars and the other planet rule.

When transit Mars forms aspects in his cycle chart the news headlines will focus on strife, violence and accident events.