Editorial: The Tyranny of Smiles
By Linden Leisge 10-2004

I have been a member of a number of organizations, civic, religious and work. In reflecting on the events and my actions I came to understand that I was part of the problem. Many times my experience was just the problem and not the solution. Group Psychology (the study of organizations or groups of people with a single connection i.e. clubs, civic organizations etc) is a large field of study and I have been aware of the basics since 1975. By far the largest problem that all groups deal with is Opposition. In Group Psychology studies of communities there is always a dynamic of leadership/opposition. How the different parts of the community look at this problem, is very consistent in that they do not see that leadership and opposition are each part of the problem. When this is realized by both sides then they should try to work within the community so both leadership/opposition are be part of the solution. Leadership will devise strategies to control the group because of their fear (Saturn) of loosing power (Sun). Opposition is trying to gaining power. No one sees the dynamic of using the energy developed by this opposition as a force for progress. This Process is the creative use of Opposition that is outlined in Group Psychology. Leadership that possesses the ability to incorporate this energy of the opposition to propel the organization forward shows its quality and effectiveness.

One of the best ways to keep control of any group is to use the idea of Harmony as a way of keeping control. It works like this, "We must be Spiritual, positive, and Smile." This is reinforced by the LAW of the JUNGLE experience we have in the outside world. Don't make waves or the boss will fire you, do it the company way or else. Christians are always beaten with the We Must Love each other stuff and feel guilty (Saturn) when they have a disagreement with the priest or Minister or parts of their membership. In the real world discord does happen. People do make waves. For those who say we must be Harmonious flies in the face of the facts of astrology. We have strong Suns (desires for power) Uranus (desires for individual expression) and Mars (aggressive desires) all express in oppositional behavior. Opposition to the gain or loss of power. In addition we have 4 discordant, 3 Harmonious aspects and 3 Neutral. This means our world will always present difficult energy's to deal with and that Harmony is the way to deal with it in a creative manner. Not by suppression or defeat of the opposition is the discord dealt with but by transforming it to more constructive work. Discordant energy is a form of latent ability that must be reconditioned to perform for the benefit of the group. The framework we are talking about is well defined in this paragraph of Donald Koen.

" A tyranny that exists in human society is a thought cell intelligence/thought form-imposed force that has the ability to avoid rational consideration. To put it in a nutshell "WARNING YOU ARE ENTERING A DELUSION ZONE" Because of these influences it would seem that what actually is going on is a four-dimensional drama played out in three-dimensional human interplay. Each person, each couple, each small or large organization, in society is a vying of primitive desires to out-maneuver other players on a field of human reaction. Any particular element of power (desire thought structure) is constantly being challenged for its occupation of that said authority by other organizations of desires to oust it from control. It is a competition of primitive motivated desire manifestations. These demonstrations seek expression as needed to either overthrow or maintain the satisfaction of their desires. Because of our inability to have a conscious, rational understanding of these expressions, one faction assumes clandestine maneuverings from the other. Where in fact, each is engaged in the same exercise of desire unfoldment."

Here are some examples of how these primitive desires work out as our individuals manipulated by primitive desires try to keep control or satisfy their desires.

Some type of strategy is used by the individuals in the leadership or opposition to maintain/obtain power (Sun). People who question ideas and policies of how the group is to be controlled are trying to obtain power or to ostracize the leadership. A person in the membership is chosen by those in power or the opposition " a cats paw" to voice an idea so the leadership/opposition is not seen as discordant. The leadership/opposition sometimes talks privately about "gossip" allegations of disloyalty/damage to the group by not agreeing with the ideas of the leadership/opposition or tells of acts of destruction to the community that others have no way of checking to see if true. There are many different ways to present this problem like "I am in charge and that is my decision" "Problem what problem" "You have not had enough experience to understand all the issues." "They have not been successful" "We can do a better job" etc. Many of these ways are outlined in any group dynamics course. Those who lose are driven out or cause a struggle and if the opposition wins on an idea they take control. Then they persecute the losers. Most organizations who have leadership/opposition that adopts the Tyranny of Smiles grow smaller in membership or remains static as new members come in and the "difficult" are driven out by various means. This is also a form of mind control that is promoted by those on this plane and members of the group on the Inner Plane who want to keep the group together at ALL COST. Even at the cost of freedom of the individual. Political systems which are closed impoverish any group by strangling new ideas, new leadership, and ultimately fail.

This is a problem we face in this country trying to control the Muslim Radicals by the government. The United States government tries to justify its prying into the private lives of people for safety (Saturn) in the name of security (Saturn) and those of the (Uranus) persuasion call for individual freedom. In the Aquarian age this will be balanced at some time in the future when we have learned the best way to handle such difficulties. Hermetic Philosophy does not promote groupthink, as Freedom of Thought is the most important of all principles in this Philosophy. The First Amendment to The Constitution also promotes this under freedom of speech and religion. Freedom of thought is the essential principle of Hermetic Philosophy but is not practiced by many individuals or organizations.

The first requisite of Hermetic philosophy is the old axiom "know thy self". This is followed by not letting others judge you or tell you how to think. By the law of correspondence any organization is a reflection of the Higher planes and students must take a clear look at how these forces are manifesting on the physical plane. When you look at an organization what do you see the Tyranny of Smiles or some other type of group dynamic? Do you see people who happily agree to disagree and continue to work as a community? Opposition dealt with hears the person or subgroup. The Community accepts the hostility and begins to work with the person or subgroup in opposition (Higher Pluto). In business it is called Quid Pro Quo or you help me and I will help you. This system has worked for 200 plus year as the way of our government in the United States. It represents the best way to have optimum play of ideas. Cooperation promotes new thoughts about programs so they do not become stale or obsolete. The person or subgroup is reenrolled in the community and the community is strengthened. When you see this process it is a healthy organization practicing the Higher Pluto principle of Cooperation for the better adaptation of the Community to the environment. All healthy organizations have mechanism that include all in the process of policy making from the people to the leadership not from the top down. We have seen in Iraq how difficult it has been but the people persist in the face of violence. It worked in the Ukraine and the people of Lebanon are working to free their country by means of working with all factions. People must be judged on the basis of performance not the judgment of those in or out of power. Most Tyranny's soon create a revolution if one reads history. There is only an appearance of harmony but beneath is a boiling cauldron of discontent. People will not rebel because of having something to loose (Saturn fear) until they see it will be lost if they don't join the movement for change once it gains momentum. When you see the Tyranny of Smiles learn to look for the Tyrant.

Try to be part of the solution as you are part of the problem.