Cycle Chart Watching Saturn
Dennis Sutton November 2005

The Saturn Cycle:
Saturn is the planet of fear, insecurity, anxiety and orthodoxy. His primary objective is personal security -- protection from danger and safeguarding his land, natural resources and material possessions. He radiates a highly conservative thought-force -- a narrow self-interest perspective that in most instances is unable to see that his own selfishness is what is wrong with the world. Saturn is orthodox and conventional -- precedence, established custom and history guide his behaviour. He's unable to originate, innovate or try something new. He follows tradition, takes a cautious approach, consumes and acquires and views material prosperity as the only way to attain freedom from fear and want. Saturn's fear and insecurity drive the economic agenda. The voters fear loss, poverty, terror, disease, unemployment and death. Their governments fear reduced consumer spending, doom and gloom, public pessimism, falling markets, recession, natural disasters and anything that disturbs the economic applecart. Economic growth -- the liberator of fear and poverty -- is an imperative. To prevent these fears from developing into grim situations Saturn employs safety nets and security measures. He prepares for natural disasters and epidemics by developing disaster management programs. The Saturn perception of life is orthodox, traditional and fearful. It drives the economic, scientific and religious agendas. In most instances it is self-interest motivated, shortsighted and quite unaware of its destructiveness. Fear makes people stupid. It gives their perceptions of life, and the way they interpret their sense impressions, a fear bias. Uncertainty and the fear of poverty lock people, including scientists, politicians, spin-doctors and opinion-makers, into the Saturn way of life, yet its selfish rationalism is very limited in its capacity to make sense of what is really going on. Saturn represents the materialistic version of life. Material realities deny the existence of everything that is not material. He believes what his eyes can see and down grades the importance of life by claiming it's a meaningless genetic experience. His thinking limits life's possibilities. Saturn is unable to see that life contains infinite possibilities. To him there is only one possibility -- material life made possible by a chance chemical event.

Personal loss only occurs when birthchart Saturn is stimulated by progression. A country will only experience loss when Saturn in its birthchart is activated by progression. The Saturn cycle chart for each world capital is a Saturn event chart. It provides a loss profile for the life of the chart and times when Saturn-type fear and security events will occur. Saturn influences the land, the buildings on the land, the mineral wealth under the ground, crops and the plight of the worker, farmer and miner. By his house location in a particular chart Saturn reveals the area of mundane life that will be influenced by orthodox thinking, cautiousness, conservatism, economy, fear, security and protection. Loss events and security measures will influence this house and its mundane agenda. The current Saturn cycle commenced on February 16th, 1997 at 5.27am GMT. This cycle chart is outstanding in its uniqueness. It has presided over a period of great loss, grief, anxiety, fear and insecurity.

Saturn in the chart, at 5 degrees 08 minutes Aries, is opposition Mars, sextile Jupiter, sextile Uranus and trine Pluto and all these planets are terminals at 5 degrees. This means that whenever Saturn transits a 5 degree terminal the astrological environment is set to trigger important events typical of Saturn. In the Washington Saturn cycle chart Saturn is in the 5th house (the market place, stocks, children, sex and entertainment) and is cusp ruler of the 3rd house (roads, rail and print media) and the 4th house (homes, buildings and weather conditions.) The high-harmony 3rd house dominates the chart. Most recently, on August 29th, transit Saturn in the 9th house at 5 Leo 32 was trine birthchart Saturn, sextile Mars, opposition Jupiter, opposition Uranus and trine Pluto. On this day hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. This is an important cycle chart to watch. It influences the Saturn mundane agenda till March 26, 2026, but over the next 12 months transit Saturn will form many powerful aspects including a double repeat performance of the recent August 29th astrological event. Each transit aspect maps a critical stage in the chart's life. Each one signifies when an important Saturn event will occur -- somewhere on planet Earth.

Aspects to watch in the current Saturn cycle

Transit Saturn at 10 Leo 26 opposition Mercury.
Events time-frame is between October 7, 2005 and January 8, 2006
Peak dates are October 22 and December 23, 2005

Note that Saturn turns retrograde on November 22 and is within orb of the opposition aspect from October 7 to January 8, 2006. This high-discord aspect codes for severe loss and controversy events -- earthquakes and destructive wind-weather conditions. Transit Saturn at 5 Leo opposition Jupiter, opposition Uranus, trine Pluto, sextile Mars and trine Saturn.
Events time-frame is between February 8 and May 22, 2006
Peak dates are:
Saturn opposition Jupiter -- February 21 and May 18, 2006
Saturn opposition Uranus -- February 21 and May 17, 2006
Saturn trine Pluto -- February 28 and May 11, 2006
Saturn sextile Mars -- March 4 and May 7, 2006
Saturn trine Saturn -- March 7 and May 4, 2006

Note that Saturn turns direct on April 4th 2006 at 4 Leo 22 and is within a one degree orb of cycle chart Saturn from February 18 to May 20, 2006. This and the other aspects code for major loss events, destructive weather conditions, natural disasters (earthquakes), terror events, grim loss of life and property, financial loss, heavy financial burdens and economic contraction between February 8 and May 22, 2006. The Y2006 Sun cycle chart and the Y2006 Aquarius, Pisces, Aries and Taurus lunation charts will also be involved in the events and their timing. Transit Saturn at 10 Leo 26 opposition Mercury. Events time-frame is between June 24 and July 11, 2006
Peak date is July 3,2006

Transit Saturn at 16 Leo 19 opposition Venus.
Events time-frame is between August 11 and August 26, 2006
Peak date is August 19, 2006 At this time Saturn's loss and orthodoxy influence the love industry and the art and fashion worlds.

Transit Saturn at 20 Leo 10 ses-square Saturn and semisquare Mars.
Events time-frame is between September 10 and September 29, 2006
Peak date: September 19, 2006

Transit Saturn at 20 Leo 10 ses-square Saturn and semisquare Mars Events time-frame is between February 15 and March 17, 2007
Peak date is February 28, 2007

Transit Saturn at 20 Leo 10 ses-square Saturn and semisquare Mars
Events time-frame is between May 23 and June 20, 2007
Peak date is June 7, 2007
This discordant Saturn-Mars merger of energy codes for destructive weather events, industrial accidents, problems for the building sector, industrial strife, heavy loss of life and property due to fires and losing the fight. The casualties and loss of life in the war zones will be high -- the grief unbearable.

Transit Saturn at 27 Leo 35 opposition Sun
Events time-frame is between August 6 and August 22, 2007
Peak date is August 14, 2007
Saturn's fear, loss and destruction will impact directly on the governing authorities resulting in an extreme conservative shift in their thinking and policy making.

**Please note that events may or may not occur on the peak date. It simply represents the date when the aspect is at its peak astrological power and influence.