Cycle Chart Watching Uranus
D. W. Sutton 2006

Cycle Chart Watching
The Uranus Cycle

You probably assume that the future will closely resemble the present, but what you didn't count on was Uranus -- the planet of radical change. Uranus is no ordinary planet. He's an extremist with a rebellious attitude -- a highly disruptive influence on the world stage: And his potential to shock, disrupt and instigate change was most evident on September 11, 2001. On that date progressed ascendant in the 7th house (war and open enemies) of the US birthchart was opposition Uranus in the 1st house (the people and their welfare) and with cataclysmic suddenness Uranus changed the status quo. The terror attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon was a radical event -- a sudden unexpected shattering of existing conditions. The initial change was a fear and insecurity response (Saturn) -- then came the aggressive pay-back (Mars) -- the war on terror in Afghanistan and the demise of Saddam Hussein. Uranus scripted the cry for freedom, democracy and liberation from tyranny, but change that ignores social, religious and cultural difference is bound to fail. The push to spread democracy is very often an attempt to control and change other people's differences -- to make them more like ourselves. The planet that sees things a little differently transits an important astral e-mail -- difference must be respected, not changed -- and any attempt to export the US version of democracy to other countries will be violently resisted by Uranus. There have been more changes in the past 100 years than in the preceding 5,000 -- the world today simply represents the outcome so far. The consequences of 9/11 are still unfolding. Uranus is an astrological eccentricity -- an oddity -- an originator, inventor, innovator, independent thinker, rebel, maverick, fringe-dweller, bohemian and misfit. He's the book of amazing revelations, the champion of human rights, the reform agenda and the spirit of rebellion. He dislikes the way things are and wants change. He's changing the way you live, think and play. He represents difference -- religious, political and sexual difference --and your right to display and celebrate your difference and be respected. Uranus is the planet of amazing discoveries like the mapping of the human genome. He's a rebel with a cause -- the instigator of radical proposals like same-sex marriage and the new and untried like sustainable energy. He's the exposé planet who delights in exposing fraud and corruption. He's smart, clever, inventive, original, charismatic and progressive -- a dynamic new-age thinker. He's a law unto himself -- the equal of any man. In business he represents invention and unusual methods.

Uranus is the planet of revolutions and revolutionary change and there's an Aquarian Age revolution happening on planet Earth right now. There's a political revolution, a social revolution, a sexual revolution, a science v religion revolution, a God v evolution revolution, a financial revolution, an economic revolution, a communications revolution, a self-discovery revolution and a spiritual revolution and Uranus in the sky is sending every individual an important astral message -- ‘the revolution starts with you'. Uranus is the planet of innovation and technology -- and he's taking the world on a roller coaster ride of invention and discovery. Uranus is the force behind the technology revolution -- the reliance on technology to solve major world problems and the saviour of the human race -- the technological solution. He's the electronic superstar who's hardwiring the world. He invented the electronic jungle, the information super highway, the world-wide-web, google, e-mail, electronic fun and I-pods. He's busy inventing medical technology, nanotechnology, robots and audio translators Uranus represents the radicals -- the radical element and extremists -- the hard right and extreme left. He can't identity with the moderates. He's the extreme in political thought -- the radical extremist and conservative hardliner, both fighting for what he thinks is right. He's the insurgent who resorts to extremist violence, the white supremacist spreading racist remarks and the shock-jock stirring up social discord. Each resorts to violence -- guns, bombs and inflammatory rhetoric to protect his position and attain his objective. Uranus is the planet of discontentment, dissension, social unrest, civil disobedience, riots, demonstrations, protests, violent protests, anti-violence protests, rebellions, uprisings, revolutions and flaming oratory. He's a human rights agitator and the working man's friend. He unites workers into unions and works to better their working conditions -- the pursuit of shorter hours and increased wages. Uranus influences labour unions and the methods they employ to attain their ends -- strikes and boycotts, but being driven by direct action and rugged individualism he lacks a spirit of cooperation and a sense of unity and discontentment within the ranks and leadership often derails their plans and objectives. Uranus is the planet of reform and reform movements of all kinds, but if the social reform proves unsatisfactory he swings the pendulum back in the opposite direction -- returning to past ideas and methods that had been previously discarded. Uranus is the planet of individual liberty -- the freedom to live your life the way you want. He abhors restraint of any kind, but the right to pursue wealth and power free from political and legal restraint is socially dangerous -- it often lacks a moral conscience and sense of social responsibility. Uranus thus favours government ownership of public utilities as way of preventing exploitation and monopoly practices.

Uranus is the planet of exposure, research work, evidence-based scientific research, progressive thinking, brilliant ideas, experimental experiences, electricity and electronics. He's the planet of extremist rogue countries, racism, racial tensions, extremist violence, cataclysmic change, sudden developments, unforeseen events, ultra-progressive thinking, the occult, innovative methods, radicals, insurgents, revolutionaries and extremists. He's a revolutionary change-agent -- the astrological marker for unexpected happenings, radical cultural change, sudden developments, freedom and liberty. When Uranus is active in the sky or his cycle chart expect sensational news headlines, disturbing (extreme) developments, radical proposals, a shock to the system, amazing innovations, sudden cataclysmic changes, the shattering of existing conditions, sudden shifts in public opinion, social, economic and political reform, sudden departures from tradition, unexpected resignations, freedom-fighting, new inventions, outstanding scientific achievement, social unrest, disruptions to the status quo, a dependence on technology to solve problems, an unexpected crisis, strikes, protests and demonstrations, an exposé of graft or corruption and bizarre, outrageous behaviour. The Uranus cycle chart is a specific event chart mapping major events and conditions of the Uranus type only. The cycle commences when Uranus moves from south to north declination. It provides a snap-shot of the radical change agenda for the life of the chart and times when important Uranus-type events involving independence, reform, exposure, invention and the new and untried will occur. By his house location in a particular chart Uranus reveals that area of the mundane life that will be influenced by ultra-progressive thought, invention, reform, technological change and radical politics. Uranus promises a sensational future. He offers freedom and liberty -- not though wealth and technology but through self-understanding, doing and less dependence on the external environment. He recognizes that technology when intelligently employed can make your life better, but it's a tool -- not a happiness provider. He invites you to navigate by the stars, join the human-rights revolution and liberate yourself from the culture of compulsive consumerism. He transmits sensational revelations and awesome truths that the public is not yet ready for: But they are available and when the conditions on planet Earth favour their exposé get ready for the greatest revolution of all.

The current Uranus cycle commenced on March 26, 1969 at 11.24pm GMT (as per Michelson's Table of Planetary Phenomena). The chart has presided over the technological revolution and liberation movements that have changed the world. Uranus in the chart forms an opposition (separation) aspect with the Sun (the political agenda and ruling class); a prominence (conjunction) aspect with Jupiter (finances, commerce, trade, law and religion); an opportunity (sextile) aspect with Neptune (visionary schemes, involved affairs, dramatic talent, aviation, movies, oil and drugs) and a prominence (conjunction) aspect with Pluto (groups, drastic developments, cooperation, coercion, reconciliation, mergers and the inside of things).

The outstanding trends mapped by the chart include: Sun opposition Uranus -- political change, revolutionary political upheavals, and political exposés -- the cry for liberty and equal rights was resisted by the dominant (Sun) culture. While Uranus favours government ownership of public utilities this aspect inaugurated change as governments everywhere transferred their state owned enterprises -- airlines, telecommunications services and banks, to the public sector. Privatization was politically desirable -- most governments were heavily in debt, but the public remains sceptical of the benefits -- increased efficiency, improved services, lower prices and lower taxes. The shareholders simply want higher profits. If this new and untried experiment doesn't work out Uranus will simply take us back to the way we were.

With Jupiter conjunct Uranus there was a financial revolution, trade reforms and a new religion -- technology worship. Uranus discovered electronic money and electronic banking and Jupiter financed the technological revolution. Uranus sextile Neptune saw an aviation revolution, visionary reform movements, the privatization of airlines, utopian technology and amazing computer graphics -- Neptune exaggerated the personal benefits of technology. And Uranus conjunct Pluto invented a brand new world of computers, nanotechnology, computer networks, computer crime, the world-wide-web and radical groups -- Uranus and Pluto wired the world.

Nanoscience is the emerging technology. It will change the world. Nanotechnology is the building of devices on a molecular scale -- micromachines. It's the world of atoms, designer molecules and nanoparticles. Uranus -- the technological superstar -- has his sights set on engineering matter and the development of a super quantum computer that has an endless potential of computing power. At least 20 years away its development is dependent on the Y2012 Uranus cycle chart. The risks include toxic nanoparticles and misunderstanding the consequences. The new technology promises a better world but Neptune keeps blurring the certainty.

In the Washington chart Uranus is the 12th house (secret activity, secret enemies, behind the scenes stuff, the CIA, spying, [spy technology and spy satellites], espionage, crime, research work, prisons, hospitals, relief and charities); and is cusp ruler of the 5th house (the stock market, gambling, entertainment, movies, sex, children, unborn children, the birthrate, IVF program and schools).

This dynamic cycle chart influences the Uranus mundane agenda through till April 9, 2011. The chart tends to experience a constant flow of aspect activity although 2004 and 2005 were comparatively quiet. More aspects are formed during 2006, but 2007 and 2008 are less active. 2009 and 2010 are dynamic years in the chart's life cycle.

On December 21, 1998 Uranus moved to the 5th house of the US Uranus cycle chart. Whilst transiting the 5th house his radical-reform agenda, progressive developments and technological change influenced the 5th house agenda. On March 2, 2006 he will move to the 6th house where he will remain till the chart's use by date. The 6th house agenda includes -- labour, employees, working conditions, trade unions, strikes, public servants, the armed forces, police, illness, food, the harvest, restaurants, diners, drugs, drug stores, pets and small animals. Those workers, union leaders, public servants, military personal and police with a prominent birthchart Uranus will be especially receptive to Uranus's extreme radical vibration.

Aspects to watch in the Uranus cycle chart

Transit Uranus at 7S50 parallel Saturn
Events time-frame is between January 31 and May 22, 2006
The peak date is March 19, 2006

Transit Uranus at 10 Pisces 21 semisquare Venus
Events time-frame is between February 5 and March 12, 2006 The peak date is February 23, 2006

Transit Uranus at 10 Pisces 43 semisquare Saturn
Events time-frame is between February 11 and March 19, 2006 The peak date is March 1, 2006

Transit Uranus at 11 Pisces 30 square Mars
Events time-frame is between February 25 and April 2, 2006
The peak date is March 15, 2006

Transit Uranus at 7S50 parallel Saturn Events time-frame is between July 13, 2006 and February 27, 2007
The peak dates are September 26, 2006 and January 7, 2007

Transit Uranus at 11 Pisces 30 square Mars
Events time-frame is between September 11, 2006 and January 24, 2007
The peak dates are October 9 and December 30, 2006

Transit Uranus at 10 Pisces 43 semisquare Saturn
Events time-frame is between October 2, 2006 and January 6, 2007
The aspect never peaks

Transit Uranus at 10 Pisces 21 semisquare Venus
Events time-frame is between October 14 and December 26, 2006
The aspect never peaks

Transit Uranus at 16 Pisces 24 trine Moon
Events time-frame is between March 17 and April 25, 2007
The peak date is April 4, 2007

Transit Uranus at 4S30 parallel Mercury Events time frame is between May 8 and August 6, 2007
The aspect never peaks

Transit Uranus at 16 Pisces 24 trine Moon Events time-frame is between August 24 and October 16, 2007
The peak date is September 18, 2007

Transit Uranus at 16 Pisces 24 trine Moon Events time-frame is between December 31, 2007 and February 15, 2008
The peak date is January 26, 2008