Myths of Creation Serial 74
By C.C. Zain January 1920

Commentary on Manuscript by Linden Leisge

This manuscript deals with a great many of the early creation myths and their relationship to Hermetic Philosophy. Many of the early myths of creation are derived from the Idea of a Creator that manifests a world for the education of souls to assist the Creator in the unfoldment of an ever expanding Universe. The Biblical Adam and Eve can be translated into the separation of Soul mates from the divine spark created by Angles as a new need forsouls to be trained in this ever expanding plan. The New Testament of the Bible is Astro-mythology (the cycle of the Sun through the seasons) which gives it a power to impress the populace but is written in terms that make the Prophet of the Piscean Age the center of Christian theology. The ONLY WAY to heaven is to believe in this Prophet. Most use the King James translation of the Bible. They do not consider that the Greek translation of "Piestas" (translated to faith) means they must have the same vibratory rate or state of consciousness as Jesus or the Christ to receive the Kingdom of Heaven. The translators of the bible into English made it "belief" which does not get the true meaning of the original Greek. I have Dr. Gene Scott to thank for my learning about the translation problems of the English bible. I have listened to him for many years to get a handle on what is excellent information on the translations of ancient texts. Dr Scott translated the Greek word (Piestas) to Faithers(a verb or action)which means to attain the same type of consciousness(vibratory rate) as Jesus to be saved. For those who would like to look at more information on how the bible is from the ancient Astro-Theology of Astrology the web site is worth study. There are book references at this site as well as the ones in the text of this manuscript.

We also see in this manuscript the Polar shift theory that Benjamine abandoned in the later rewrite of the lessons. This Doctrine is still referenced in the chapter on Ancient Cycles in the Sacred Tarot as something of a tradition that is "of interest". The evidence of the floods sited cited in this tradition are well verified by science about 13,000 BCE. The explanation of the Polar days of Creation in this manuscript are well worth thought. As they do represent a good example of what science now says is the process of the creation of the earth and planets. Not a geological history of the earth and its peoples. As discussed earlier in the manuscripts concerning the theory of the early civilization by Graham Hancock.

Since this manuscript deals with the sign Aries I would like to also talk about the problem raised by John Halloran about the sign Aries. Halloran writes " A factor that can be dispensed with as an influence on the signs is the constellation figure associated with the sign, such as Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Balance Scales, Scorpion, Archer, Goat-Fish, Water-Bearer, or Fishes. These are just what the Sumerians and Babylonians imagined that the stars drew in the sky. Furthermore, due to precession the Babylonian constellations no longer occupy the same ecliptic longitudes. And the sign that the Babylonians always called the "hired man" the Greeks of Alexandria, Egypt transformed into a sheep or ram through a scribal misunderstanding. In Late Babylonian times the cuneiform scribes wrote the Sumerian name for Aries, which is lú-hun-gá, in abbreviated form by writing just the cuneiform sign lú, which means 'man', but sometimes also the homophonic but different sign lu, which, if read as a logogram, means "sheep" (ref: O. Neugebauer, Astronomical Cuneiform Texts, vol. II, p. 475, Springer-Verlag publ.). The Babylonians knew what the sign represented, but when the zodiac shows up among the astrologers of Alexandria, Egypt in the wake of Alexander the Great's conquests the hired man has become a sheep, as depicted in the late Egyptian Zodiac of Denderah. If the signs can acquire their symbols in such an accidental fashion, then the symbols can be no more than mnemonic labels."

The whole creation of signs and constellations after the Greek influence created by Alexander seems a bit tenuous but the creation had to have some substance from somewhere. To say that the constellations and the signs are simply mnemonics ignores the fact of the use of the signs in Astro-Theology as the precursor of the Biblical story of Jesus and other World Saviors with the same story as Jesus. Essentially the cycle of the SUN through the Seasons The story of the life death and the rebirth of life in the spring ( the vegetative god). The story of Osiris and Isis being the most obvious. There are many similarities of the (vegetative god) that are taught in any ancient religions classes in any public College or University. The book the Hero of a 1000 faces is one of these books. There is a man in the constellations of Aires which is Perseus. I don't have much to say here as we don't have all the literature available to the Greeks. But this fact does raise the question of where the Astro-Theology of the Greeks thru Ptolemy came from. It was not the Sumerians and this raised the question that not all the centers of civilization had the same Zodiac as the Chinese one is very different and so on. It also seems that O. Neugebauer may have a point about a mistranslation but we know that much of ancient scholarship was destroyed by Christians and Moslems. We do know that the translations of the Septuagint and many versions of the bible that where only a few hundred years after Ptolemy were very careful with language translations so it seems that to assume as Neugebauer does that it is a mistranslation needs more evidence than just his opinion as authority. The question remains where did this elaborate Astro-Theology come from? Ptolemy was just a very good editor by his own words.. It remains for further study to reconcile this Zodiac issue.

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Serial No. 74. Course VII.-D.
January 1920

The Religion of the Stars
Part IV. Myths of Creation.
By C. C. Zain

The constellation Aries is pictured on celestial atlases of ancient times as a Ram leading the zodiacal figures and looking backward at the Bull and other constellated figures that follow. In Greek mythology this is the much-coveted Ram that bore the Golden Fleece. It was because of this wonderful Golden Fleece that the famous Argonautic expedition was organized under the command of Jason; and its recovery is commemorated today in Masonic Lodges by the Lamb-skin apron and the woolen drawers.

Phryxus and Helle were the children of Nephele, queen of Thebes. The only queen in the sky is Cassiopeia, the last Decan of Pisces. The emotional children of this queen are now represented by the two-ribboned fish. It is said that Helle and Phryxus were persecuted by their stepmother Ino, and as the only other woman in the sky is Virgo, she must be identical with Ino. To escape the persecutions of Ino, the queen provided her children with a Ram, which was to transport them thru the sky to Colchis. The Ram rose high above the earth, and moved so swiftly thru the air that Helle became giddy and fell into that portion of the seat known afterwards as the Hellespont-named after her because of the tragic death; and which is none other than the middle Decan of Aries, Eridanus. Phryxus arrived safely at Colchis, but the lure of the treasured Golden Fleece so excited the cupidity of his father-in-law that he murdered Phryxus to obtain it. And it was to recover this golden treasure that far famed Argonautic expedition set out.

Whenever Virgo rises on the Eastern horizon, the two fish, representing Phryxus and Helle set and disappear from sight. Virgo thus persecutes them. And because Virgo is a mental sign, and Pisces an emotional sign- intellect being of later development than emotion- Virgo is the acquired mother, or step-mother, who thru analysis persecutes the spontaneous prompting of the emotions, and often puts them to route. To escape the pursuit of relentless practical reason, as represented by the earthy and scientific constellation Virgo- Cassiopeia, who occupies the Scorpio, or sex, Decan of Pisces, provides them with a Ram to carry them to other shores. When Aries, the Ram, starts rising, Virgo has just completely set; as can be seen by looking at a celestial atlas, and the two fish of Pisces are then just above Aries- figuratively on his back- and rise high in the heavens as the Ram soars to the zenith. The emotions- or fish of Pisces- being stimulated and sustained by the Creative energy of Aries, rise to inspirational heights, completely free from the questionings of reason. But Helle- the second, and feminine fish- is unable to keep her equilibrium in the higher region to which she has been lifted suddenly by creative regeneration; and falls headlong into the Hellespont, represented by the middle Decan of Aries where the creative power of the Sun is most exalted. Phryxus, her brother, of a more practical turn, reaches the spiritual region of Colchis in safety. Phryxus represents the soul who triumphs over mystical illusions yet utilizes his creative mentality to carry him safely and surely to the goal of attainment. The father-in-law who slays him must be the Decan that rises as the first fish of Pisces sets. This is Crater, the cup of Desire that rests on the back of the Water-snake. So Phryxus, tho brilliant in mental attainment, was vanquished by his love of pleasure- Crater being the first Decan of Leo, ruler of pleasure.

It is easy to see the meaning conveyed by this starry allegory. As all astrologers well know, Pisces is the most emotional and credible sign of the zodiac. The children of the queen of this sign flew from Reason, and escaped it completely. But nevertheless they met with disaster; for Helle unable to keep her poise under stress of religious emotions falls headlong into the sea of vague phantasies. Phryxus, riding his virile steed to a more practical haven, finally is overcome by temptation, and is slain by his devotion to pleasure. These two, in forsaking reason, have been carried to opposite extremes, one as disastrous as the other. Jason, represented in the sky by Perseus, aided by 54 companions (the numerical root of 54 being 9, the number of wisdom) after various adventures recovered the Golden Fleece. We will not here recount the various exploits of Jason, but merely mention, what must be apparent to every astrologer; that the whole allegory revolves about the Creative attribute of Aries. First the extreme of religious asceticism, followed by the extreme of unlimited gratification- and then Jason having observed the disaster wrought by these extremes, gains discretion and wisely utilizes the Golden Creative energy constructively for all mankind.

As Aries is the first constellation, corresponding to the house of birth in a horoscope, it is quite natural to find many references to those first-born in connection with its symbolism. Thus we find at the introduction of the Passover all the first-born of the land of Egypt slain. Egypt is the land of captivity, or winter, from which the Sun emerges by slaying the old cycle. The first-born, being of the old cycle, of course must give way to the new-born cycle, commencing with the Lamb, or beginning, of Aries. The Sun entering into Aries, the new influence, is quite appropriately represented by a Lamb- and not by a Ram full grown until it is well along in the sign; just as the Sun entering Taurus is represented as a Calf; and as it advances in age by passing to the latter part of the sign it is represented by a full-grown Bull. Every astrologer is familiar with the rulership of the planets over the metals- gold being the metal of the Sun and silver of the Moon, and so recognized from the most ancient times. Realizing Gold to be a symbol of the Sun's influence makes certain mythological and scriptural passages obvious. The Golden Fleece certainly signifies astrologically the Sun's influence in Aries; and the Golden Calf, of course, is the Sun's influence in Taurus.

"And it came to pass that at midnight the Lord smote all the first-born in the land of Egypt, from the first-born of Pharaoh that sat on his throne, unto the first-born of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the first-born of cattle." It seems from this that the new year anciently commenced at midnight, just as it commences at midnight to this day. They used an astronomical year that commenced with the first zodiacal sign instead of the present Julian year that commences when the Sun enters the second decanate of Capricorn, the Goat. By referring to Frontispiece Part I. it will be seen that while the tip of the sword in the hand of Perseus is the third Decan in Longitude, yet it is very close to the commencement of Aries, and it is this sword that smote the Egyptians, or Winter Signs. Mythology informs us that Cepheus and Cassiopeia were king and queen of Ethiopia, North Africa- therefore of same significance symbolically as of Egypt. Pharaoh is none other than king Cepheus, and the captive is Andromeda, chained to the rock; and the cattle no doubt are Capricorn and Equuleus and Pegasus, the two latter being Decans of Aquarius, and all belonging to the Winter Quadrant of the heavens. These personages and creatures pass the Nadir and rise first, being first-born, but belonging to the old cycle are cut off by the sword of Perseus at midnight when the Sun passes to the new cycle, the astronomical birth of the year, in the sign Aries.

A little further light upon the symbolical significance of the Ram may be gleaned from Gen.22. Abraham was commanded to take his Sun into the land of Moriah and offer him as a sacrifice on one of the mountains. It should be noticed that Taurus is sometimes represented as an Ass instead of a Bull, and that the last Decan of Taurus is Auriga, the Charioteer. So Abraham with his Sun saddled and set out with his Ass, or passed thru Taurus. He also took two young men with him, indicating his companionship with the twins, Gemini. Then he is represented as leaving both Ass, or Taurus, and the young men, Gemini, behind and going on until he reaches the appointed spot for the altar. The only altar among ancient constellations is Ara, the Pisces Decan of Scorpio in the winter constellations. The Lord does not permit Abraham to slay the Sun on the Scorpio Altar of physical generation; for scorpio rules the sex organs of man. but he shows him the Ram of mental creation, for the sign of the Ram rules the head of man- and this becomes an acceptable offering to the Law. The land of Moriah was quite distant from Abraham's habitation where the Sun has his exaltation- for Abraham is derived from words signifying Ab-Ram, or belonging to a Ram, or Aries. The son of Abram is accordingly the Sun of the cycle just commenced. And as the Altar is now found in the winter constellation, there is no doubt that the land of Moriah, as well as Egypt, signifies the winter part of the year. And it is well to here notice the similarity between the sacrifice of the Ram of the Old Testament and that of the Lamb of God of the new. As to Abraham's sacrifice we read- "saith the Lord; for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thy only son." We learn that the sacrifice Ab-Ram was about to make was his Only Son. So also the sacrifice made by the Lamb of God- and certainly a Lamb must be from a Ram (Ab-Ram)- was made upon the Cross where the Winter Signs are entered sitting just a little ahead of Ara the Altar, for the Lamb must be slain first on the reversed sword of Perseus which just rises as the Sun sets at the crossing of the Autumnal equinox, before being placed on the Altar. The Sun of the sky is Ab-Ram, being born each year in the sign of the Ram, sacrificing himself by crossing the autumnal equinox to the Altar in Scorpio, and then redeeming the world by moving to the Ram where he is resurrected and later ascends into the region of Summer- the sacrifice in Aries being acceptable to the Law. This is the Only Begotten Sun of the Zodiac.

The Lamb of God distinctly says, Math. 10:34, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword." This is a strange thing for the meek and gentle Nazarene to say, whose doctrines of love and mercy have never been excelled. From subsequent events and the rivers of blood that have flowed on his account it seems a justifiable prophecy. But delving deeper we discern that in all the heavens there is but one constellation in which a sword is pictured, and this is the sword held in the hand of Perseus belonging to the third Decan of Aries, and rising at the same moment as the middle of the Ram's, or Lamb's, head. Every student of the influence of the zodiac on people's temperaments knows that those born under the sign Aries, the Lamb, are the most combative people in the world. Isaiah speaks in no uncertain terms of the aggressive pioneer spirit of Aries people-5: 17. "Then shall the Lambs feed after their manner, and the waste places of the fat ones shall strangers eat." In other words, Aries people will take as much of the world as they want, and after they have what they want, people of other signs can have the remainder.

When it is remembered that the old Romans were ruled by Aries, and that Great Britain is ruled by Aries today, we can but admire the astrological knowledge of Isaiah. And speaking of the glorious time when intellect shall rule supreme-"The Wolf also shall dwell with the Lamb, and the Leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the Calf and the young Lion and the Fatling together; and a little child shall lead them." The only children among the constellations are the Twins of Gemini- rulers of thought and research. By investigating the nature of things, Isaiah prophesied, the Mars constructive and destructive forces symbolized by the Lamb and its opposing constellation, the Wolf, might be harmonized. Also, the Leopard, or Lion, and the Capricorn Decanate of Taurus, represented by Auriga with a kid in his arms- the most enthusiastic temperaments with the most practical. He finishes his prophecy as to the ability of intellect to bring about co-operation between diversified natures by naming the fatling, which has previously been mentioned as the fat Lambs, and the young calf, Taurus, and the young Lion, Leo, together. Anyone with an intimate knowledge of the temperaments produced by the zodiacal signs Aries, Taurus and Leo, will be convinced that Isaiah was very hopeful regarding the powers of the budding intellect, Gemini, when he held that it could harmonize and lead these three most incompatible signs. Whether his prophecy will prove true as applied to nations is yet to be seen. England and Germany are both ruled by Aries, France by Leo, and Ireland by Taurus- the United States by Gemini. Isaiah probably never contemplated the situation that now confronts the world, or such a thing as a League of Nations.

But he was convinced that in any great crisis the only hope of a permanent reconciliation between nations, and a permanent peace, lie in the ability of some Gemini people to take the lead and formulate a plan of harmonious cooperation. As this is not a work on Mundane Astrology we will not here venture a prophecy as to the outcome of the settlement following the just ended World-War. But we do affirm that in our opinion Isaiah was a good astrologer, and knew that in any such situation as now confronts humanity the only hope of a permanent Peace lies in the versatile genius and good offices of a young Gemini Nation.

We have now taken as much space as we can spare to Aries, the Lamb, the exaltation of the Sun. The Lamb of God and the Blood of the Lamb are mentioned in Revelation, and are currently familiar expressions. It was held by the populace in ancient times, and so erroneously taught in certain occult schools at this day, that the spirit resides in the blood. That the spirit departs when the blood leaves the body is true, but it also departs at the death of the body in other ways. In reality the Subliminal mind directs the circulation of the blood and its processes of carrying food to the various organs of the body, and the spirit of man is no more associated with the blood than with his nervous system, or his muscles- for the spirit is not in direct contact with the physical form, but contact is thru the offices of the astral body. But blood came to be used as the symbol of spirit, and sometimes from the resemblance, wine was used as a symbol of blood. The Lamb, astrologically, is renewed creative energies, and the blood of the Lamb is the spiritualization of the creative forces and their constructive use, mentally rather than physically, to build up a more perfect form, either here of hereafter.

Once more we wish to call the student's attention to the fact that the constellations are not equally spaced. And in finding their proper sequence we do not look at a constellation in the large, but find the zodiacal longitude of the very first point of the constellated figure. Thus the first point of the Triangle, Triangulum, has the same Longitude, and rises with the very first portion of Aries. Almost immediately after the first point of Triangulum, the first bank of the river Eridanus rises, being followed very closely by the tip of the sword of Perseus. The commencement of these three Decans of Aries rise above the horizon within a few minutes; but even tho close to the same longitude, their correspondence to the zodiacal decanates is determined by that longitudinal sequence. See Frontispiece Part I.

On first thought it might seem strange that the very beginning of the zodiac is marked by a Triangle instead of some romantic figure. But the more thought spent upon the subject the more will be seen the wisdom of marking the first Creative Decan with a Trine. The supreme God-Head of most nations of the world is a trinity. In Egypt it was Osiris, Isis and Horus. In India it is Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and still earlier the Indo-Aryans worshiped Fire as the Creative Deity calling it Agni, being composed of the trinity Vayu, the flame; Indra, the light; and Vishnu, the heat. This is, of course, the universal creative fire symbolized by the Triangle of fiery Aries. The Zarathrustrian deity of Persia was Ahura-Mazda- the creative fire, who manifested positively thru Ahura-Mazda, Cpenta-Mainyu, and Vohu-Mano. And it is curious to note that the ineffable word A-U-M of the Hindus, also a universal trinity, is contained in each of the names of the Persian trinity- AhUra-Mazda, VohU-MAno, CpentA-MainyU. The Christian trinity is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost, it is interesting to note, being the spiral serpent of union of vibratory forces, positive and negative joining. The winding course of the Nile resembling in form this spiral, and bringing life to the Egyptians, was taken by them as the symbol of creative vibrations, the Holy Ghost. The original trinity of the Christian Fathers was, Father, Virgin Mary and Son, but this was changed by the early advocates of monastic life who thought it a sin to think of woman, and who were very free in expressing themselves of the opinion that woman is ever the instrument of the Devil, as anyone may find out by reading their books to be found in the public libraries. The Virgin Mary, or Isis, was therefore given a subordinate place, and another Egyptian Deity, the Holy Ghost, or Overshadowing Genie, was elevated to her original place. Among the natives of other lands the Sun, Moon and Earth belong to the supreme trinity- the trinity of the just dawning Aquarian Age being that of Life, Light and Love.

Apart from religious conceptions, it is also a scientific fact that there is a trinity present in every change, or creation. No change takes place without two forces of different polarity uniting to produce a third force. As everything that now exists was derived from preexisting things whose modifications were brought about by the interaction of positive and negative forces, each polarity being a distinct force, and their union being the third element, or Holy Ghost, we have no knowledge of anything not created by a trinity. Further- as we have shown at length in lesson No. 53, there is a trinity in everything that exists- for there is no existence where there is not Motion, Substance, and Intelligence, these three being universally present, and where one is, the other two must likewise be, for they are inseparable. The trine has three sides- in religion, Father, Mother and Holy Ghost; in science, Motion, Substance, Intelligence. It is also a creative product, being not only three sides, but three sides enclosing an area in a particular manner, which we call a triangle. As applied to the Christian idea, the resulting triangle, or product is the Son of God- for remember that the Holy Ghost descended upon him at baptism; and as applied to any specific expression of Motion, Substance, and Intelligence, we call it an Entity. The triangle is a perfect universal symbol of creative expression; and with the upturned point as in Triangulum, is also the symbol of Fire, being composed of flame, heat and light. This is the Serpent Fire, which ascends from the awakened Kundalini, as taught in Vedanta schools of the U.S.A.

From the creative Triad, or Triangulum, according to Jewish Kabbalists, sprang 7 other emanations corresponding to the 7 planets within the septenary scale. In the Vedic Hymns we find Agni, fire, the Supreme Deity, corresponding to Triangulum- and secondary are the 7 Rishas, who later for very good reasons were translated to the constellation of the Great Bear where in the latitude of the writers of these hymns they never set, but continue day and night to circle the pole. And we find Revelations 5:6 "And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb, as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth." The writer of Revelation recognized that out of the trinity of the creative fire of Aries sprang the Seven Active Principles of Nature-, which are manifest thru the influence of the Seven Planets. We even now hear the stars spoken of as eyes looking down from heaven- and the ancients considered each planet as possessing consciousness- both a star and an eye being universal symbols of perception. A horn is not used as an avenue of perception, but as an instrument of manifestation. So, to signify the fact that the 7 planets have an influence upon things, they are each given an instrument of execution- a horn. And each planet does truly manifest the creative fire of the slain Lamb, or commencement of the zodiac, in its own peculiar way, its power being renewed each cycle. In Mundane Astrology the Ingress, or moment a planet enters Aries and thus commences a new Cycle, is a very important moment, for a chart then erected will give information about the things ruled by that planet during its next cycle. The writer of Revelations was a very good astrologer, and owing to the curse he placed upon anyone daring to alter the work, it has come down to us very little changed. Martin Luther renounced Revelations as not properly belonging to the Bible- but in spite of his denunciation it remains, and it is a pity many of the other books of the Bible that were discarded had not contained some such element that would have led to their preservation; for the portions destroyed, there is every reason to believe, contained like Revelations, much esoteric Wisdom.

As the Divine Creative Fire, or triangle, ever expresses itself thru the Law of 7; for 7 is always found where there is completion in form and action- it is quite to be expected that in any scheme of creation there will be found seven distinct stages, or steps. Many primitive people, such as the American Indians, do not possess any mythological history of Creation such as is found thruout the East, and recorded in the Bible. Where no creative traditions are to be found, the allegories start with the Garden of Eden, or Golden Age, at a time when there was perfect peace and happiness. Traditions regarding cosmo-genesis, however, occur thruout the Orient. The Zend Avesta starting the scheme with the divine creative fire, Ahura-Mazda, shows creations to have resulted from 7 creative emanations from it, or as they are called, Amesha-Cpentas. The ancient Mazdaznans represented this symbolically by placing a radiant Sun, Ahura-Mazda- in the center of a 7 point star, each point representing one of the 7 Amesha-Cpentas. Each of these Amesha-Cpentas correspond to one of the 7 planets, and were named as follows-- Cpenta-Mainyu, Vohu-Mano, Asha-Vahista, Khshathra-Vairya, Cpenta-Armaiti, Haurvat, and Aneretat.

The student will probably have had enough of difficult names by this time, so we will turn from other creative traditions to the familiar one given in the orthodox Bible. And in considering it may be well to mention that archaeologists have unearthed cuneiform inscriptions giving the Babylonian "Hymn of Creation". This Babylonian work when translated is almost word for word identical with the story of Creation given in Genesis. Certain it is, either that the Babylonians copied from the Jews, the Jews copied from the Babylonians during their captivity, or both derived the same story from a common source. It little matters which.

It may be rather startling to the scientist to find that, whether he accepts the story as fact or not, nevertheless the Hymn of Creation is based upon a better knowledge of natural phenomena than has yet been attained by modern schoolmen. We will not here enter into a mathematical discussion of the Polar Day as recorded by the ancients; for that will be taken up in our work on Periodicity. We will simply state that astronomers are aware, as consulting an Ephemeris for widely separated years will show, that the amount of inclination of the earth's axis is decreasing at the rate of about 50" per century. If we suppose this variation in inclination to be constant, in the course of time as it is now decreasing, there will be no inclination, and consequently there will be no seasons- for the seasons depend upon the inclination of the earth upon its axis, and the more the inclination the more extreme will be the seasons. But if this inclination of the earth's axis constantly varies, the time will come when there will begin to be an inclination of an opposite nature, for after the Celestial Equator and Ecliptic coincide, they will again separate. Thus in time the earth will turn completely over polar wise. This revolution of the earth in the plane of its poles is called a Polar day, and at the present decrease in inclination will be accomplished in 2,592,000 years- just 100 Processional Cycles.

During that period of the Polar day when the yearly path of the Sun is always vertical to the Equator, the Equatorial belt will be burnt up - even as the Greek Phaeton scorched the earth when permitted to drive the chariot of the Sun. At the same times in the temperate zones there will be perpetual Spring, and the earth will produce food abundantly without effort on the part of man. There will be equal day and night on all portions of the earth at all times of the year, the amount of heat and light decreasing as the poles are approached. Any climate desired could be found by moving north or south, and the climate would be the same the year round. The arctic and antarctic regions would be completely icebound, for but little sunlight would ever reach them. Under such conditions, where climate and food is merely a question of latitude, and no efforts are required to supply the bodily needs, the highest intellectual and spiritual races are evolved.

In the course of 648,000 years, however, at the present rate of variation in inclination, the earth's poles having passed over an arc of 90 degrees, the apparent yearly path of the Sun will be vertical to the pole of the Ecliptic. that is, instead of the Sun coming 23 degrees north of the Equator in our Summer, and 23 degrees south of the Equator in our Winter, it would come 90 degrees north in Summer and be vertical to the North Pole, and in our Winter it would pass 90 degrees South of the Equator coming vertical to the South Pole. Thus twice a year, even at the equators, the Sun would for days appear but a dull red glow on the horizon and not rise into the sky; and latitudes either north or south of the arc of twilight, for days, and in high latitudes for months, would be immersed in complete night, such as is now experienced in winter at the north pole. Every portion of the globe would have tropical Summer and Arctic Winter, and as the poles are left and the equator approached there would be two torrid summers and two frigid winters each year, one, however, being more severe than the other. This period is called the Age of Horrors by Hindu and Egyptian Initiates. And when one considers how vast amounts of snow and ice must have accumulated during the cold portions of the years, and how quickly they melted during the tropical portions, and what the struggle merely to survive climatic conditions must have been, no surprise is felt when it is reported that the Trinil Man of Java, supposed to have had a brain capacity and nature but little higher than the Brutes, lived about 500,000 years ago- for according to Chaldean Chronology this was the period of the last Age of Horrors.

This gradual variation of the inclination of the earth's axis was well known to the Egyptians, to the Chaldeans, and to the Hindus. The Egyptians told the Greek historians that they possessed records of a time when the Ecliptic and Equator were vertical- the Age of Horrors. The Pyramid of Gizah records this Polar motion by the inclination of the entrance tube, which is the only opening, and is on the north side to represent the polar axis. The nature of the Pyramid, and other occult considerations, point conclusively that the Pyramid was constructed to point chronologically to the Winter Solstice of the last Processional Cycle. That is, just as Christmas commemorates the point in the annual cycle of the Sun where, having reached its farthest declination from us, the nights being longest, it again starts back, bringing new life to the world as soon as it crosses the Solstice between Sagittarius and Capricorn, so also in the Precessional Cycle of 25,920 years, the Equinox crosses the constellated Solstice between Capricorn and Sagittarius, and then starts back, bringing new spiritual life to the children of the earth. The pyramid of Gizah, among other things, commemorates the Precessional Solstice, which took place about 19,719 B.C. the mean inclination of the entrance tube of the Pyramid is 26 degrees-27'. The mean obliquity of the Ecliptic for 1920 is 23 degrees-26'-58.89". By figuring back at the rate of 50" per century, or 1" every two years, it will be seen that the change in the inclination of the pole, which is the obliquity of the ecliptic, has been just about 50" per century, which is the value given it by the ancients.

Astronomers are aware of this change, Hershel using it to show that 2170 years ago the entrance of the Pyramid pointed to (a)Draconis. Newton showed that this decrease inclination is due to the pull upon the oblate shape of the earth exerted by the planets. From this some Astronomers have concluded that the variations will never be as much as 3 degrees, and then will swing back again. This no doubt would be true, if the pull of the planets alone be considered; but there are other factors. Thus, due to the earth being further in her orbit from the Sun when it is winter at one pole, than when it is winter at the other, some scientists have concluded that ice and snow will accumulate faster at one pole than the other, causing the earth to be top-heavy, causing a sudden shifting of /inclination of the axis. Why the change in inclination should be sudden they do not explain, and one would think that as the snow accumulated gradually that the earth would lean gradually. However, the fact remains beyond dispute that the earth has not always had the same inclination as at present; for geology fully substantiates the "Age of Horrors". Also there have been cataclysms, such as the advocates of the sudden shifting of the axis of the earth, point out. The fossil remains of seals, polar bears and walrus are to be found in the now burning deserts of Africa and Hindustan, and mammoths are found as they stand upright where washed with debris and frozen in among silt and driftwood- so quickly frozen that the remains of tropical vegetation is yet to be found in their teeth and undigested in their stomachs, the whole carcasses being in a fine state of preservation.

These cycles by which the ancients recorded evolutionary periods were given amid much acclaim as original doctrines from India by A. P. Sinnet in "Esoteric Buddhism". These sacred Cycles are all definite portions of the Polar Day of 2,592,000 years- following the arithmetical progression 1-2-3-4, as Henry Melville points out in "Veritas", published in 1874. The key to these cycles was given by S. A. Mackey still earlier in "The Mythological Astronomy of the Ancients", published in 1827, and now rare. The first publication of these cycles, in so far as we know, in which they were correctly given in terms of common years and without concealment, was in "Mankind, their origin and Destiny", by an M. A. of Balliol College, Oxford. This very remarkable volume- still to be found in many libraries in spite of its revealing and wholly inaccurate translations that exist thruout the orthodox Bible- was published in London in 1872, and gives the duration of the cycles as translated from the Chaldean. It antedates "Esoteric Buddhism" a decade, and gives astronomically correct figures. These latter coincide, however, with the Egyptian calculations, and also with the Yugs of the Hindus, when the latter are unlocked by use of the Divine Year of 360 common years.

These Polar Days of 2,592,000 years are measures of creative activity on the earth, and likewise measure the duration of the life-waves. The Six days of creation mentioned in the Bible, which are identical with the Chaldean, Egyptian and Hindu creative periods, are Polar Days. And in each day, as the dark, undeveloped and negative half of the period occurs first, and the more developed period during the latter reversal of the poles, or half revolution, the Sacred Books refer to it as the Evening and the Morning of that day, mentioning the Evening first, which would not be the case if a common day was meant, for the latter commences in the morning. In the formation of the earth, according to occult tradition handed down by Initiates, during the first Polar Day the astral light swept the nebulous matter that was to compose the earth into a rapidly revolving globe of fire, the first half of the Polar Day being dominated by Fire alone, but during the second half the atmosphere cooling enough so that there was a constant conflict between the down pouring vapors and the heated earth.

During the second Polar Day, a well-defined atmosphere was formed by natural chemical processes, and the seas were formed, due to volcanic action their beds were constantly shifting. Yet the earth was cooling rapidly. During the third Polar Day the beds of the ocean became more permanent, the land surface more stable, metallic deposits were formed, and erosion prepared conditions for vegetable life. Here the Biblical account differs from the Egyptian tradition, for the Initiates maintain that the third Polar Day was a Mineral wave, and that the beginning of the Fourth was the commencement of vegetation. The Bible gives the third to vegetation, and the Fourth to clearing the atmosphere sufficiently to let the Sunlight, Moonlight and Starlight penetrate to the earth sufficiently that day could be a different condition for vegetation than night. The Initiates claim that due to the carbon-dioxide in the air and the heat vegetation came upon the scene and grew to gigantic form during the Fourth Polar Day. At the beginning of the Fifth Polar Day the vegetation has cleared the atmosphere sufficiently of carbon-dioxide that animal life can exist. And by the Sixth Polar Day Initiates claim sufficient advance has been made along evolutionary lines that man comes to the earth and finds an abode. The Seventh Polar Day is a negative period in which little advance is made. We cannot go further into the discussion of these Polar Days here, for it necessitates taking up mathematics and scientific considerations which here would be out of place. We will treat it as it deserves in the Course on Periodicity. The student can, however, from what has been said and by referring to the 1st. Chapter of Genesis, discern that the originators of the story of the Six Days of Creation had a much wider knowledge of scientific facts as substantiated by astronomy and geology, than they generally have been credit for.

When it is remembered that the river Eridanus is the middle Decan of Aries, where the Sun exerts its greatest creative strength, also that Aries is an equinoctial sign, and that the Equinoctial period of the Polar Day is the time when the Sun is vertical to the Equator the year round, and thus burns to a blistering desert the whole equatorial region- both the personal and cosmical application of the myth of Phaeton are easily understood. When Phaeton drove the chariot of the Sun and his steeds ran away with him, scorching the earth and endangering it, Jupiter hurled a thunderbolt at him and he was consumed by fire as he fell headlong into the River Eridanus. The third is the Sagittarius decanate of Aries, sub-ruled by Jupiter. Perseus, the Son of Jupiter occupies this constellated Decan. When the earth was being burnt up by a vertical Sun at the Equator, climatic conditions in that region improved as the Ecliptic, or Sun's path, moved away from the Equinoctial; just as the Sun in Spring moving from the Equinoctial passes thru the first three decanates of Aries before reaching Taurus. The Sun reaches Perseus, militant Jupiter, immediately after it reaches Eridanus; but Eridanus extends much further back, clear to Orion. Horses, as will be later explained, symbolize Mind. Man unaccustomed to controlling his thoughts, endeavoring to reach the heights thru utilizing the Aries creative energies, may, like Phaeton, loose control of his steeds, and receive an arrow, or thunderbolt from outraged morality; being consumed by the astral light before attaining the river of creative mentality.

In the Zendavesta we find in numerous places that Ahura sacrificed to the river Ardivicura. This is what we call Eridanus, the place where Ahurs the Sun is exalted, and makes the sacrifice of giving renewed virility to all upon the earth. Genesis says- "And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads." True- the energies of life flow from a single creative fountain, symbolized by Eridanus, and Eridanus flows back to water the constellation of the other three quadrants, taking its head close to the equinoctial cross, or four points. Philosophers have looked for the fountain of perpetual youth. Revelations 22:1 tells where it may be found. "And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clean as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb." This is the fountain of intellectual regeneration, the river Eridanus, that flows from the middle of Aries, the Lamb. See frontispiece I.

Perseus found this river, for seeing Andromeda chained to the rock of selfish interest- due like many present day dilemmas, to the boasting pride of her mother who thought only of material advancement- he set about to rescue her. Cetus, this Whale-Monster of sensual desire; occupying the Libra (marriage) Decan of Aquarius, was about to devour her. The feet of Cetus may be seen dabbling in the River, but he never enters it. But Perseus slays this monster with the sword of mental union. Perseus also slays the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus is the Son of Jupiter, and also the favorite of Minerva, who is really the higher aspect, or intellectual, Jupiter, for she springs, without a mother, full-armored from the brow of Jupiter. The Gorgons, three in number, growing indissolubly together have serpents for hair, yellow wings and brazen hands. To look upon them is to be turned to stone. Even as now to gaze upon licentious images and hold them in thought is to crystallize about unclean desire. By means of the shield furnished by Minerva, the higher mind, and polished as a mirror, Perseus was enabled to approach the Medusa without looking at her, viewing her reflection in the shield. He then cut off the head of this lascivious creature while she and her sisters, who were immortal, were asleep. He escaped from the other two by using a helmet furnished by Pluto- Pluto being the lower mind, and brother to Jupiter, who rules the infernal regions. This helmet of discretion made him invisible.

There is much sound psychology in this myth. to overcome amorous desires and noxious images, the best example to follow is that of Perseus, who would not look at them. The shield of aspiration will protect from the vile if we but look thereon. The force of the lower mind, the dagger furnished by Pluto, as well as the positive helmet will enable the aspirant to escape from immoral environment and companions.