Victoria's Firestorm - An Astrological Report
Dennis Sutton April 2009

Information gathering and the getting of wisdom is an academic enterprise driven by the intellectual zodiac sign Aquarius. His 'I know' motivation engages in and conducts a scientific method of inquiry that leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of evidence-based knowledge. It seeks to sift the facts from the fallacies and in 1924 the Church of Light's astrological research department was established to do just that. Scientific knowledge-based information not only revolutionizes the way we think about a particular matter it provides the hard evidence that permits correct judgement and accurate prediction.

In 1935 the evidence-based astrological data acquired by the Church of Light's mundane research department was documented by CC Zain in the reference text Mundane Astrology: And whenever Elbert Benjamine (CC Zain) provides astrological comment you can be guaranteed that it's based on scientific observation and detailed investigation.

In the April 1938 edition of Student Astrologer he wrote: 'Important events are attracted into the life of an individual or into the life of a nation, only when there is a major progressed aspect to the ruler of the house in the birthchart which governs the department of life affected. The event then attracted partakes of the characteristic type of influence exerted by the planets forming the major progressed aspect.

That is, the unconscious minds of the people of a nation perform the same function in attracting the events which happen to a nation that the thought-cells within the unconscious mind of an individual do in attracting personal events of a similar nature. It is only when the unconscious minds of the people, or the thought-cells of an individual, receive an unusual volume of planetary energy of a particular type, that events are attracted which are of the nature of that planetary energy.

Planetary energy of sufficient volume to attract important events, through giving unusual activity to the unconscious minds of people, or to the thought-cells within the unconscious mind of an individual, is only added during the time a progressed aspect is within one degree of perfect. Consequently, in predicting the outstanding events which will happen to a nation or individual, progressed aspects which are within one degree of perfect are noted: the aspecting planets indicating the type of event, the aspect indicating its harmony or discord, and the houses ruled by the aspecting planets determining the department of life affected.

While the more outstanding events in a nation's life are attracted by the progressed aspects which form in its birthchart, the less important events are indicated by aspects which form in the cycle charts, and these cycle aspects also time when the important events attracted by the progressed aspects will take place.'
In the text Mundane Astrology CC Zain comments: 'The sign occupied by each of the major planets, and the aspects that form between these planets from time to time have an influence over the trend of world events. Where these events will take place must be determined from the specific birthcharts and progressions, or lacking these from the Cyclic Charts, of the nations, cities and communities of the world.

Major events are attracted to a nation or a city ONLY when there is a Major Progressed Aspect within one degree of perfect which relates by house position to the department of life affected. Furthermore, even as in natal astrology, minor progressed aspects attract minor events and aspects by transit attract inconsequential events. These lesser progressions do not attract important events, but by adding accessory energy to major progressed aspects may precisely time important events.

During the seven years since this course of Mundane Astrology was first published our research department has diligently investigated the birthcharts and progressed aspects of all countries and towns for which it could obtain accurate birth data. However, the number of authentic birthchart of these larger groups which it has been able to obtain has been disappointingly small.

Our experience has been, although that experience has been limited by necessity in the case of nations and cities, that in predicting events for a nation, city, town or corporation, nothing else gives the details and precision that can be gained by the use of a correct birthchart and progressed aspects. (However) in the case of most countries and cities the difficulty of obtaining a correct birthchart is so great as to prohibit their use. We are, therefore, compelled to use, not what we prefer, but that which we can get. Cycles and major conjunctions thus give us much information as to what will happen at a specified time within a given area, but they do not clearly designate the city, or other small locality chiefly affected by the event. They do not point out the one specific enterprise, among many of a similar nature, which feels the full weight of the influence. Such details can only be had from progressions calculated to a correctly timed birthchart.'

These comments, being the result of scientific research, provide a wealth of knowledge regarding when and what events will be experienced by a nation and that such knowledge when applied correctly permits the predicting of an event and the time it will occur.

While CC Zain laments that 'the number of authentic birthcharts of these larger groups which it (the research department) has been able to obtain has been disappointingly small', Doris Chase Doane in her book Accurate World Horoscopes did a mighty job in addressing this problem. Her book provides a starting point for the mundane astrologer who is serious about matching the mundane events experienced by a nation with their astrological causal factors.

The print and electronic media including the internet report the daily news and serious thinkers might conclude that the life of a nation is a series of inconsequential, meaningless gossip-driven events, but every now and then an event of historical significance does occur: And that's what Mundane Astrology is all about.

Dateline February 7, 2009: Australia's worst natural disaster occurs when a firestorm sweeps across the state of Victoria causing devastation, death and destruction.

Australia's a hot, dry continent – and during the summer months (November to April) the Sun blazes and hot northerly winds blow. Many parts of the country have been drought stricken for years – a destructive consequence of climate change. The county's environment supports bushfires and other disasters like floods, storms, hailstorms, cyclones and the occasional earthquake. In January 2009, Victoria, due to a 12 year drought, was bone dry and late in the month, at the height of summer, the temperature began to rise. For a week it hit 40° Celsius (well over 100° Fahrenheit) and the scorched landscape invited disaster. On Black Saturday, February 7th 2009, the drought stricken state may have been the hottest place on Earth and you were able to watch the disaster that occurred on your television.

The Commonwealth of Australia was born on January 1, 1901 at a ceremony held in Centenial Park, Sydney – NSW. On that day at 1.00pm Mr. EJ Blackmore commenced reading the Queen's Proclamation of the Commonwealth, the Letters Patent constituting the office of Governor General and Commander in Chief of the Commonwealth, and the Governor General's commission. Then Lord Hopetoun read the Judicial Oath, the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Office. When he signed the last oath at 1.25pm AEST, the Royal Standard was unfurled above the pavilion and a royal salute of 21 guns signaled the Governor General's assumption of office and the inauguration of the Commonwealth of Australia.

This account of what happened is documented in the book Mother and Daughter by Gavin Souter – and credit for finding the data – January 1, 1901, 1.25pm AEST– 151E14; 33S53 – goes to my friend and colleague Gwen Stoney. (Please note that the data given in Accurate World Horoscopes is incorrect.) My intention here is to apply the previously mentioned mundane information provided by Elbert Benjamine (CC Zain) to Australia's chart – in order to validate the astrology behind Victoria's firestorm. The chart should be progressed to February 7, 2009

On that day progressed Mars at 24 Leo 20 – the planet of heat, violent weather, fires and destruction – in the 4th house (weather events, natural disasters and the homes of the people) – had moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart Sun at 10 Capricorn 03 and cusp ruler of the 4th house: And progressed Sun at 28 Aries 29 had moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart Uranus – the planet of extreme weather events and sudden shocks – at 14 Sagittarius 19. Uranus is in the 8th house (death and insurance) and Mars is its cusp ruler. Minor progressed Ascendant was square progressed Mars; minor progressed Sun was inconjunct birthchart Mars; minor progressed Mercury was sextile progressed Sun; and minor progressed Mars was conjunct birthchart Uranus. The timing of the event was fine-tuned by transit Mercury inconjunct progressed Mars and transit Ascendant semisextile progressed Sun.

Progressed chart indicators have a well defined and easily identified focus and Australia's 'now' astrology, on February 7, 2009, detailed a dynamic astrological-physical connection – and an event that could only occur if the astrological and physical environments both gave it the go ahead: And in February 2009 the astrologically indicated event was facilitated by a supportive external environment. The hot and destructive inner-plane weather was operating at the height of a hot and destructive summer. The event could not occur in September 2009 even though the same progressions are still in operation, because the cold wintry conditions would resist a 'firestorm' event. In fact it's highly likely that the destructive external conditions during February 2009 played the key role in the event. The inner-world astrological conditions were nasty, but the external situation was probably worse.

Like all countries Australia experiences natural disasters and it is interesting to note that three (3) major bushfire tragedies have all occurred in Victoria – at the height of summer. On Black Friday – January 13, 1939 – 71 people died when flames engulfed the state. On this day in Australia's chart progressed Mars – fires, heat-wave conditions and destruction – had moved to form a (luck) trine aspect with birthchart Saturn – planet of destructive weather events – and a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with progressed MC: And progressed Mercury had moved to form an intensity (parallel) aspect with progressed Mars. Progressed Sun – cusp ruler of the 4th house (weather events and the homes of the people) – had moved to form a friction (semisquare) aspect with progressed Jupiter – this 4th house stimulation setting the scene for a natural disaster. Mars is cusp ruler of the 8th house (death). Progressed Moon had moved to form a high-discord square aspect with birthchart Sun – and minor and transit progressed aspects to Mars and the Sun reinforced and fine-tuned the timing of the event. At this point in time this event was Australia's worst natural disaster.

Then on February 16, 1983 – Ash Wednesday – 72 people died when bushfires fueled by gale force winds and 40° (Celsius) temperatures swept across Victoria and South Australia. On this day in Australia's chart progressed Mars – the planet of fires, heat-wave conditions and violent weather events – in the 4th house (natural disasters and the homes of the people) had moved to form a luck (trine) aspect with progressed MC (publicity) and progressed Venus had moved to form an expansion (inconjunct) aspect with progressed Mars – activating their high-discord birthchart square. Mars is cusp ruler of the 8th house (death) and minor and transit progressions to progressed Mars reinforced and fine-tuned the timing of the destructive bushfire event.

Australia experienced another tragic disaster (of a different kind) when Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin on the night of December 24, 1974. On that day in Australia's chart progressed Mars – destructive weather events – in the 4th house (natural disasters and the homes of the people) had moved to form agitation (sesquisquare) aspects with birthchart Sun and progressed Jupiter. Progressed Ascendant (the people and their welfare) had moved to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with progressed Neptune – planet of unusual and destructive weather events – and a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with birthchart Mercury – planet of wind: And progressed MC (publicity) had moved to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Saturn – planet of loss, grief and destruction. Mars is cusp ruler of the 8th house (death and insurance). Cyclone Tracy's killer winds claimed 66 lives and ripped Darwin apart. 25,000 people (out of a total population of 48,000) were left homeless.

Astrological events in the sky often time natural disasters like Cyclone Tracy and on December 24, 1974 Mars was parallel Saturn and on December 25 Mars was conjunct Neptune. The Mars-Saturn parallel chart for Canberra – the political and administrative capital – had Saturn in the 11th house and the Mars-Neptune conjunction in the 4th – mapping a destructive weather event and the destruction of homes and buildings. The Moon was in the 8th house (death) and Mars was the cusp ruler.

The recent Black Saturday firestorm occurred with Mars conjunct Jupiter in the sky – and while Mars went on a destructive rampage the aspect, more than anything, highlighted and displayed Jupiter's generosity when over $100,000,000 was donated in 7 days to help the bushfire victims: And the total donations are now over $208,000,000. Then on February 22, 2009 a National Day of Mourning was declared to remember the victims. On that day in the Saturn cycle transit Saturn – planet of loss, grief and mourning – had moved to form a square aspect with the Moon – planet of the ordinary, everyday people.

The astrological assessments of these four (4) major disasters reveal that it's quite unwise to presume that a high-discord disastrous loss event must have a matching high-discord astrology – or that a high-discord astrological event must result in a matching disastrous life experience – or that a harmonious progressed aspect can't cause destruction and death. When it comes to an event there are a number of dynamic factors at work – none of which are fixed. The evidence-based facts reveal that an event that is strongly supported by the external environment can occur when the astrological stimulation is weak: And an event that is strongly supported by the astrological environment can fail to arrive if the external environmental resistance is even stronger. Of course, when both environments get it right the event will occur – right on time.

Victoria's firestorm is now yesterday's headlines. It's been replaced by another disaster that's occurring someplace else. But next year Australia will again experience a long hot summer – with searing temperatures and hot northerly winds – and the progressed aspects in her chart, that mapped this most recent disaster, will be back again too.