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The 2011 Rupert Murdoch - Phone Scandal
Dennis Sutton August 2011

What Fox News didn't tell you about Rupert Murdoch
DW Sutton
Rupert Murdoch was born March 11, 1931 at Melbourne, Victoria - Australia. His
birth announcement in a local newspaper stated 'midnight', but the birth time was rounded
off and won't be precise. In Australia the term 'Midnight' identifies the end of the day so it's
likely that Rupert would have been born a short time before midnight on March 11, 1931.
This data has been around since the late 1980's and when I applied the pre-natal epoch in
1987 the birthtime was found to be 11.52pm. It gets a dirty data rating. The 'midnight'
time gets a B for biography - and provides a documented record - but there isn't a written
record of his precise birth minute. His birth place - Melbourne - is a very large city and
the latitude and longitude coordinates - 37S49; 144E58 - are for some landmark, not the
hospital where Rupert was born, but they will be close.
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Chart notes
The ascendant moved from Sagittarius to Capricorn at 11.50.05pm - ten minutes prior the
time stated in his birth announcement - and the real-life character evidence indicates that
the first decanate of Capricorn is on the ascendant.
Saturn moved from the second house to the first at 11.52.33pm. It's cusp ruler of the
second house (finances) and moved by progression to the second house in October 1936.
It's been there ever since and Murdoch is driven by powerful financial insecurities and has
suffered heavy financial losses. But his high stress life style has resulted in chronic illness -
Saturn in first house. In 2000 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in May 2000
underwent radiation therapy. At this time in his chart progressed ascendant (at 23
Aquarius 31) had moved to form a growth (semisextile) aspect with progressed Saturn (at
23 Capricorn 04R) and progressed Moon (at 23 Gemini 13) in the sixth house (illness) had
moved to form an expansion (inconjunct) aspect with progressed Saturn and a separation
(opposition) aspect with birthchart Moon in the twelfth house - hospitalization.
Uranus moved from the fifth to the fourth house at 11.52. 33pm and its precise position is
uncertain. But...Uranus marks for eccentric thinking and when it's in the fifth house this
thinking results in unconventional and 'odd' experiences with children. Both marriage
(seventh house) and children (fifth house) have been central themes in his life - even
though Venus - planet of love and affection - is his weakest planet. He's been married
three times and has six children. His first marriage to Patricia Booker produced one child -
Prudence - his second marriage to Anna Torv produced three children - Elisabeth, Lachlan
and James - and his third marriage to Wendi Deng produced two children - Grace and
Chloe. In 2011 he has a 53 year old daughter and an 8 year old daughter.
Murdoch's relations with his children are far from smooth and congenial. Uranus in the
fifth marks for eccentricity and estrangement and Mars - the cusp ruler - marks for strife,
dissension and conflict. This area of his life has also had a strong developmental potential.
Progressed Mercury moved to the fifth house in April 1945; the Sun moved there in
February 1955; and Venus moved there in March 1988. On November 19, 2001 when
daughter Grace was born progressed Jupiter - at 18 Cancer 11 in the seventh house - had
moved to form on obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Uranus at 17 Aries 45 in the
fifth. And progressed Moon at 13 Cancer 22 in the seventh had moved to form an obstacle
(square) aspect with birthchart Uranus mapping a peak in fifth house-seventh house
thought-cell activity. This is strong astrological evidence that Uranus is in the fifth house.
And in 2011 with progressed MC at 28 Scorpio now forming an agitation (sesquisquare)
aspect with birthchart Uranus the role of his son - James - in his current business and
reputational dilemma is still unfolding.
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Murdoch's dominant planet - decanate profile
Murdoch has two dominant planets - Mercury and Sun. Each has 12.7% of the chart's power
and they stand for print media and power. (They're in the fourth house - his father - and
on October 4, 1952 when his father died he inherited the Adelaide News. Murdoch is a
very controversial (Mercury) and powerful (Sun) figure. He's the founder and CEO of News
Corp - a global media baron - and in 2010 Forbes' ranked him the 13th most powerful
person in the world. You could say that his dominant Mercury-Sun conjunction simply
maps a powerful urge to control the other person's thinking.
Sun is in the third decanate of Pisces - Vicissitudes
Best qualities are sympathy and resourcefulness - Worst are worry and trouble making
Vicissitudes marks for an eventful life with a diverse range of experiences - lots of changes
and uncertainty. Murdoch is adaptable, changeable and driven by a need for excitement.
Mercury is in the second decanate of Pisces - Self-Sacrifice
Best qualities are sympathy and tenacity - Worst are worry and touchiness
The world's most powerful media baron see's his newspapers and television stations as
providing a useful social service. His words, television shows and films are entertainment
that alleviates mental and physical distress. And with Mercury trine Pluto he is easily
influenced (controlled?) by inner-plane forces so he could be their agent here on earth
doing things that they want done. (His social usefulness is determined by the vibratory
level of his thinking and only he knows what that is.)
Moon is in the third decanate of Sagittarius - Illumination
Best qualities are loyalty and kindness - Worst are sportiveness and domination
Murdoch is a Christian - goes to church whenever - is not intensely religious, but knows
what his public wants - sport. It's doubtful that he has accepted the invitation to transmute
his desire for games into a more worthwhile life of spiritual endeavor - yet.
Ascendant is in the first decanate of Capricorn - Organization
Best quality is diplomacy - Worst is deceitfulness
Murdoch's got managerial skills - the capacity to should heavy responsibility - and has the
ability to coordinate mergers. His natural field of endeavor is business (and politics) and
he's great at cost cutting, eliminating waste and improving efficiency. This appears to be
his outstanding decanate - the ascendant is conjunction Moon.
Cancer is the dominant sign. It's followed by Pisces, Capricorn and Virgo. He's very
conservative, very emotional and driven by ruthless practicality. He's a businessman - a
corporate highflyer - and this means he's not a family man.
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The dominant planet's aspect profile
His dominant planets - Mercury and Sun - both have astrodyne harmony, but the devil is in
the detail. The Mercury-Sun conjunction is trine (luck) Jupiter in the seventh house (the
public, partnership and open enemies) and sextile (opportunity) Saturn in the first (his
personality and health.) They're the business planets and both have above average power -
so that's where he gets his business intelligence from. This aspect pattern marks for big
business success. Pluto - planet of globalization, coercive control, satellite television and
internet in the seventh house (the public) - is trine (luck) the Mercury-Sun conjunction: And
Mars - planet of strife, aggressive action and risk in the eighth house (debts and other
people's money) - is sesquisquare (agitation) Mercury and trine (luck) Sun.
But the Mercury-Sun conjunction is opposition (separation) the MC (his business interests
and reputation) and square (obstacle) the Moon in the twelfth house (disappointments,
behind the scenes stuff, crime, secret enemies and self-undoing.) This aspect pattern
marks for business failures, reputational problems and public disgrace.
Mercury - planet of controversy - and the Sun - planet of power and politics - are in the
fourth house (his father, home and latter-life events and developments). Mercury is the
primary ruler of the sixth house (employees and illness) and co-ruler of the tenth (his
reputation and business interests). (Venus with 7.43 astrodynes is cusp ruler of the sixth
house but Mercury - ruler of intercepted Gemini - with17 astrodynes has the most power.)
Rupert Murdoch's life story
The man who makes politicians tremble - who made a guest appearance on the Simpsons
and introduced himself as 'the billionaire tyrant' - and who got listed 3 times when Time
ranked the world's most 100 influential people - was born in Australia, raised in England
and is now an American citizen. He was educated at Geelong Grammar and Oxford and
studied politics, philosophy and economics. He's the founder and CEO of News Corp - and
News International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Australian based News Corporation.
He gives back through the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Here's his story:
October 4, 1952 - age 21 - his father dies and he inherits the Adelaide News - and little
else. He starts to acquire smaller newspapers and eventually the Daily Mail in Sydney.
March 1, 1956 - marries Patricia Booker
1958 - daughter Prudence born
1960 - he and Patricia separate - they divorce in 1967
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July 15, 1964 - launches Australia's first national newspaper, The Australian. (He now
pushes his conservative political agenda in 70% of Australia's newspapers.)
April 28, 1967 - marries Anna Marris Torv a Scottish-Australian socialite and news figure
who was born June 30, 1944 at 8.40am, Bridge of Allen, Scotland (56N09; 3W57). This is
birth certificate data from Caroline Gerard.
August 22, 1968 - daughter Elisabeth born
January 1, 1969 - gains control of News of the World - a British broadsheet
October 15, 1969 - buys The Sun
February 18, 1971 - gains control of London Weekend Television
September 8, 1971 - son Lachlan born
December 13, 1972 - son James born
1976 - purchases The New York Post. It becomes famous for its coverage of salacious
crime and ridiculous headlines: 'Headless body found in topless bar' and 'Pulitzer Sex Trial
shocker: I slept with a trumpet.'
1981 - buys the London Times for $27 million
November 10, 1983 - his personal wealth is $135 million and Business Review Weekly
names him Australia's richest man
1984 - revamps News of the World from a broadsheet to a tabloid
February 12, 1985 - buys 50% of 20th Century Fox Film Corp for $209 million
September 4, 1985 - becomes a US citizen - so he could get into US television
September 23, 1985 - buys the other half of Fox Film Corp
1986 - buys Metromedia and launches America's fourth television network
February 6, 1987 - makes a successful takeover bid for The Herald and Weekly Times
1988 - sells the New York Post
January 6, 1989 - gains control of the British publisher, William Collins
1993 - buys back the New York Post
August 1, 1993 - acquires a 63% share in Asia's Star TV - and then joins forces with PRO 7
in Germany
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September 10, 1993 - daughter Elisabeth marries Elkin Kwesi Pianim. They have two
children and divorce in 1998.
May 10, 1995 - News Corp forms a worldwide partnership with MCI
1996 - starts Fox News Channel - if you watch you know what it does
April 21, 1998 - he and wife Anna separate after she discovers that he has been having an
affair with a junior executive at Star TV
July 21, 1998 - Anna files for divorce
1999 - The Economist reports that despite billions in profits, News Corporation has paid
no corporate taxes for more than a decade, due to its complex international structure and
extensive use of offshore tax havens
June 8, 1999 - divorce from Anna finalized
June 25, 1999 - he marries Wendi Deng - a former employee
(She marries banker William Mann in October 1999.)
May 2000 - Begins a course of radiation treatment for prostate cancer
November 17, 2000 - grand daughter Charlotte born
August 18, 2001 - daughter Elisabeth marries Matthew Freud
November 19, 2001 - daughter Grace Helen born
July 17, 2003 - daughter Chloe born
2004 - buys a $44 million penthouse condominium in New York
November 9, 2004 - grandson Kalan born
2005 - News Corp buys Myspace for $580 million
July 29, 2005 - son Lachlan resigns from his executive positions at News Corp - his
departure was abrupt and unexplained
May 6, 2006 - grandson Aiden born
January 13, 2007 - grandson Samson born
April 12, 2010 - grand daughter Aerin Elisabeth born
2010 - Rupert's net worth is estimated at US$7.6 billion and he's ranked #117 on the list of
the world's wealthiest people
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April 6, 2011 - Glenn Beck, Fox News top rated talk show host, resigns or is fired by the
network. His rating had plummeted and he'd become a big Murdoch liability.
June 29, 2011 - News Corp sells Myspace to Specific Media for $35 million
A News of the World phone hacking time-line
(Note that all the newspaper people mentioned were Murdoch employees.)
January 1, 1969 - Murdoch gains control of News of the World
1984 - the broadsheet is revamped as a tabloid
1989 - Rebekah Wade (later Brooks) is hired as a secretary
2000 - Wade becomes the tabloid's editor - Andrew Colson is her deputy
January 2003 - Wade becomes editor of The Sun - and Andrew Colson becomes editor of
News of the World
March 2003 - Wade tells a parliamentary committee that News of the World has paid police
officers for information
November 2005 - News of the World runs a story on Prince William that contains
confidential information. Royal officials complain and the police open an investigation
August 8, 2006 - Glenn Mulcaire and Clive Goodman - News of the World reporters - are
arrested for phone hacking
January 26, 2007 - Mulcaire is jailed for six months - Goodman for four
Andrew Coulson resigns as editor claiming 'ultimate responsibility' for the phone hacking,
but denies having knowledge of it
May 2007 - Lawyers for News International conclude that there is 'no evidence' that
Coulson had knowledge of the illegal phone hacking. (Coulson is hired by David Cameron
as communications director for the Conservative Party.)
June 2009 - Rebekah Wade is named CEO of News International
July 2009 - The Guardian reports that several News of the World journalists had intercepted
voicemails of celebrities and politicians with the knowledge of senior staff. It claims that
News International had paid more than $1.6 million to settle phone-hacking cases and to
limit the damage. Scotland Yard reopens the case.
February 2010 - The House of Commons Culture, media and Sports Committee issues a
report saying it's 'inconceivable' that News of the World managers didn't know about the
'near industrial scale' phone hacking at the tabloid
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2011 - Rupert Murdoch's year of horrors
January 26, 2011 - Scotland Yard opens a new investigation of News of the World phone-
hacking, citing new evidence
March 3, 2001 - Murdoch's News Corp bows to government pressure and agrees to sell off
most of its Sky News channel in Britain in exchange for approval in its planned megadeal to
buy the 61% of Pay-TV giant BskyB that it doesn't already own
April 2011 - Ian Edmondson - the recently fired senior editor of News of the World - Neville
Thurlbeck - a chief reporter with the tabloid - and James Weatherup - a senior journalist -
are arrested on phone-hacking charges. The tabloid acknowledges its role in phone-
hacking from 2004-2006 - apologizes - and sets up a compensation system for
unidentified victims.
July 4, 2011 - The Guardian reports the hacking and erasing of Milly Dowler's voicemail
messages. (On June 23, Levi Bellfied had been convicted of her murder.)
July 5, 2011 - Claims that News of the World hacked the phones of victims of London's
terrorist attack on July 7, 2005. Ford announces it's canceling its advertising with News of the World
because of the hacking scandal - and starts an advertising exodus.
July 6, 2011 - The Daily Telegraph reports that New of the World hacked the phones of
families of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan
July 7, 2011 - News International Chairman, James Murdoch, announces that News of the World
will close and publish its last edition on July 10, 2011
July 11, 2011 - ex UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown accuses other Murdoch papers of
illegally obtaining his personal financial records and the medical records of his four year
old son who suffers cystic fibrosis
July 13, 2011 - Murdoch withdraws his bid for BSkyB
July 14, 2011 - The FBI opens an inquiry into allegations that News of the World tried to
intercept the phone records of victims of the September11 terror attack. Former News of
the World editor Neil Wallis is arrested.
July 15, 2011 - Rebekah (Wade) Brooks resigns as CEO of News International. Les Hinton
resigns as chairman of Murdoch's Dow Jones and publisher of The Wall Street Journal
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July 17, 2001 - Rebekah Brooks is arrested. (Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul
Stephenson - the highest ranking UK police-officer - steps down.)
July 18, 2001 - Bloomberg reports that News Corp directors are considering replacing
Murdoch as CEO. (Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner - John Yates - resigns.)
July 19 2001 - Rupert Murdoch and his son James appear before a parliamentary
committee and deny all knowledge of the phone-hacking. Rebekah Brooks testifies
separately and issues similar denials.
All dates are from biographical and internet sources, including Astrodata Bank. You need
to know that the internet and Astrodata Bank are not always reliable with their dates.
Rupert Murdoch's progressed chart - July 19, 2011
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On July 19, 2011 - when Rupert Murdoch fronted a parliamentary committee to answer
questions regarding News of the World's phone hacking - progressed Mercury in his chart
(at 14 Taurus 04) - planet of newspapers, phones and controversy in the fifth house (his
son James) - had moved to form a growth (semisextile) aspect with birthchart Uranus -
planet of explosive exposÚs and sensational developments: And progressed MC (at 28
Scorpio 10) - his business interests, reputation and publicity in the twelfth house (secrets,
secret activities, secret enemies and self-undoing) - had moved to form an agitation
(sesqui-square) aspect with birthchart Uranus - planet of mobile phones, shocks and
startling revelations - in the fifth house. The MC-Uranus sesquisquare aspect marks for a
sudden disturbance involving his business interests and son James. (James Murdoch is
Chairman and CEO of News Corporation Europe and Asia and oversees the corporations
British newspaper interests through News International.)
(Please note that the positions of the progressed MC and progressed ascendant and the
start, peak and finishing dates of their progressed aspects should be considered almost
accurate rather than absolutely precise.)
In August 2002 progressed Uranus (now at 18 Aries 10) - in the fifth house - had moved
to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Pluto - planet of crime, coercion and
corruption in the seventh house (the public). This aspect is the primary astrological marker
for the disgusting events that occurred. It is interesting to note that when Murdoch was
born Uranus was square Pluto - that the two planets formed a progressed square aspect in
his chart in 2002 - and that the phone hacking got world-wide media attention with
Uranus square Pluto in the sky. The two planets were 1║ degree 9' from the perfect square
aspect. There's no doubt that the aspect in the sky had an astral connection to those souls
who had the same aspect activated by progression in their birthcharts.
In Murdoch's chart the key timing factor that set the whole thing off was the progressed
Moon. On May 7, 2011 it moved to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with
progressed MC - in the twelfth house. The aspect was perfect on June 4. Three days earlier
on June 1 progressed Moon moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with
birthchart Uranus. The aspect was perfect on June 27. This major-Moon progression
stimulated all the progressions involving the MC and Uranus and mapped a peak in MC-
Uranus thought-cell activity. The Moon-Uranus sesquisquare aspect finished on July 23,
2011 - when there was a distinct subsidence in the public's interest in the story.
But the astrological evidence reveals that by the end of 2011 Rupert Murdoch and News
Corp will be back in the headlines as the phone hacking scandal is set to escalate and do
big damage to his reputation and business interests.
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Here's a time-line of Murdoch's upcoming major progressed Moon aspects
Progressed Moon parallel progressed Mars - started May 26, peaks August 17 and finishes
December 8. Mars is the planet of strife, conflict and energetic action. Progressed Mars (at
34 Leo 26) in the ninth house - television and internet - has moved to form a luck (trine)
aspect with birthchart Moon in the twelfth house - secrets, secret enemies, crime and
disappointment. Birthchart Mars is in the eighth - debt, death and taxes.
September 17 - Progressed Moon square progressed Neptune starts
September 20 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Uranus starts
October 5 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare birthchart Pluto starts
October 11 - Progressed Moon square birthchart Neptune starts
October 13 - Progressed Moon square progressed Neptune peaks
October 15 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Uranus peaks
October 20 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Pluto starts
October 31 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare birthchart Pluto peaks
November 6 - Progressed Moon square birthchart Neptune peaks
November 7 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Jupiter starts
November 8 - Progressed Moon square progressed Neptune finishes
November 11 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Uranus finishes
November 15 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Pluto peaks
November 26 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare birthchart Pluto finishes
December 1 - Progressed Moon square birthchart Neptune finishes
December 4 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Jupiter peaks
December 4 - Progressed Moon semisquare birthchart Saturn starts
December 11 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Pluto finishes
December 30 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare progressed Jupiter finishes
December 30 - Progressed Moon sesquisquare birthchart Saturn peaks
Progressed Moon is square progressed ascendant in the third house during September and
October, 2011 but precise start, peak and finishing dates are uncertain.
These major Moon aspects will stimulate
Progressed MC sesquisquare birthchart Uranus
Progressed Uranus square birthchart Pluto
Progressed Jupiter conjunction progressed Pluto and trine birthchart Sun and
Progressed ascendant opposition progressed Neptune
You need to know that progressed Sun in the sixth house is moving to form an obstacle
(square) aspect with birthchart MC. The start date is September 12, but this is uncertain.
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Over the past few years Murdoch has had to deal with some difficult Saturn progressions
that have affected his health, television interests and finances. In December 2008
progressed Sun (at 5 Gemini 05) - planet of managers and executives in the sixth house
(employees) and cusp ruler of the ninth house (television and internet) - moved to form an
agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart Saturn in the first house (his personal
interests and health). The aspect was perfect on January 1, 2009, but before it finished on
January 15, 2010 progressed Sun moved to form the same aspect with progressed Saturn
in the second house (finances). This aspect was perfect on September 16, 2010 and will
finish on September 16, 2011. At the same time progressed Sun had moved to form
intensity (parallel) aspects with birthchart and progressed Saturn. These aspects
undermined his authority and power - accelerated the aging process - and caused big
financial losses - like the $545 million dollar loss on Myspace. It was under this aspect (and
progressed ascendant opposition progressed Neptune) that he withdrew his bid for BskyB -
Saturn retreats and withdraws.
Progressed ascendent has now moved to form a separation (opposition) aspect with
progressed Neptune in the ninth house - television. Murdoch is 80 years old and the
aspect's impact on his health can't be ignored. It marks for high-level deception and
disillusionment and Neptune rules the shareholders and investors.
Progressed Jupiter in his chart (at 20 Cancer 00) - planet of money and religion - has
moved to form a luck (trine) aspect with birthchart Sun - and this progressed aspect must
be rated as providing high-level luck and support. And progressed Pluto (at 19 Cancer 21)
- planet of corruption, coercion and crime - has also moved to form a luck (trine) aspect
with birthchart Sun. These aspects seem to afford some protection, but if progressed Sun
moves to form an obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart MC in September 2011 it will
activate their birthchart opposition and have devastating consequences on Murdoch's
reputation and business interests during 2012.
It's very difficult for astrology to prove anything. The 'character-thought' evidence it
provides is just not open for public inspection. It's not like a sample of DNA that's left
behind at the scene of a crime. But it's hard to believe that Murdoch, with that dominant
Mercury, went to sleep on the job. And with Mercury ruling the sixth house it's hard to
believe that he didn't know what his employees were up to. Mercury is the planet of phones
- Uranus is the planet of communications technology - and Pluto is the planet of crime and
phone-hacking. And progressed Uranus in his chart has moved to form an obstacle
(square) aspect with birthchart Pluto. But how do you prove that he knew what was going
on? And how do you explain to people that Capricorn rising has a big potential for
deception behaviour. The astrologer's best hope is Uranus. Hopefully it will expose what
really did go on at News of the World over the past few years - and who knew what.
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James Murdoch - media executive
James Murdoch was born on December 13, 1972 at Wimbledon, England. He's the son of
Rupert Murdoch - the CEO of News International - and a central figure in the phone
hacking scandal that has rocked his father's News Corporation. No birth time is available so
the ascendant sign and decanate are unknown, but important astrological data can be
gleaned from the birth date. Theoretically he could have been born sometime between
12.01am and 11.59pm so a sunrise, noon or sunset chart serves no purpose.
The Sun in his chart is in the third decanate of Sagittarius - the same decanate as his
father's Moon. It's the decanate of illumination, but there's a strong attraction to the
sporting life - gambling - and playing games. The Sun is opposition Saturn - so his
selfishness is well developed and he suffers from self-esteem anxieties. He lacks his
fathers foresight, planning and managerial skills.
The Moon in his chart is in the second or third decanate of Pisces - and there's another
astro-connection to his father. Self-sacrifice is the second decanate and Vicissitudes is the
third. The Moon forms a various aspects but no matter the birth time it is square Saturn.
And if he was born after 1.05am the Moon is square Sun, in which case he would have a
Sun-Moon-Saturn T-square.
Mercury is in the first decanate of Sagittarius. It's the decanate of devotion - so he's got a
sense of destiny and a close kinship with nature. But if he acts on the other person's advice
he'll get it wrong. Mercury is conjunction Neptune - the planet that rules investors and
shareholders. It's the dominant decanate and Sagittarius is the dominant sign so he's very
loyal (to his father?) Venus and Mars form a conjunction aspect in Scorpio and they are
probably trine the Moon; and Jupiter in Capricorn is the only planet in an earth sign.
He's currently in the hot-seat and the astrological signs are not good. In his chart
progressed Jupiter - the financial planet - has moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect
with progressed Uranus - the planet of sensational exposÚs; progressed Mars - planet of
strife - has moved to form a high-discord separation (opposition) aspect with progressed
Saturn - planet of loss; and progressed Sun has moved to form an opportunity (sextile)
aspect with birthchart Mercury. These aspects are definitely in orb. If he was born after
8am progressed Sun has moved to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with progressed
Saturn. If not it will move into orb later in the year. This aspect will activate their birthchart
opposition. His claims at the parliamentary committee inquiry on July 19, 2011 have
already been disputed so only time will tell....And if the Moon is in the second decanate of
Pisces will he be sacrificed?
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David Cameron - British Prime Minister
David Cameron - according to his mother - was born at 5.55am on October 9, 1966 at
London, England (51N30; OOW10). He originally gave 6.00am in 2005. (The source notes
on Astrodata Bank are interesting. Anabel Herriot who obtained the birth data from
Cameron's mother used to be a midwife and she reckons that the recorded or given birth
time - in the UK - is usually a few minutes late! Oh dear.)
David Cameron comes from a financially privileged background. His father was a stock
broker and he was educated at Eton. He married Samantha on June 1, 1996 and they have
four children - Ivan born April 8, 2002 - Nancy born January 19, 2004 - Arthur born
February 14, 2006 - and Florence born August 24, 2010. Son Ivan died on February 29,
2009 from seizures caused by Ohtahara syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. He won the
leadership of the Conservative Party on December 6, 2005 and became Prime Minister of
England on May 11, 2010 when he and Nicholas Clegg formed a partnership (Libra) or
coalition (Pluto) that compelled Gordon Brown to step down. (The success of these coalition
governments relies heavily on the harmony of Pluto and Cameron has a 'wild' Pluto.)
Here's his birthchart
background image
If you looked at this chart in 1940 you would have said - Wow, look at that prominent Sun
in the first house - but in 2011 the astrodynes reveal that it's the second weakest planet!
There's three uncertain markers. The ascendant moved from Virgo to Libra and the MC
moved from Gemini to Cancer at 5.51.15am and the Moon moved from the eleventh to the
tenth house at 5.54.24am - 36 seconds before the given birth time.
The Sun is in the second decanate of Libra - Independence; the Moon is in the first
decanate of Leo - Rulership; Mercury is in the first decanate of Scorpio - Resourcefulness;
and the ascendant is in the first decanate of Libra - Policy. Libra the sign of partnership
dominates and the first decanate of Leo dominates - Moon is conjunction Jupiter.
The Moon dominates his chart - so he's a family man. Sun and Mars are the weakest
planets. Moon, MC, Asc, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus and Mercury have above average power -
so he's pretty cluey - Moon, Uranus and Mercury are the mental planets. Best aspect is
Jupiter sextile ascendant - then Moon sextile Venus. Moon square Mercury is the dominant
aspect and the worst - so terrible decisions and controversy are never far away. Like when
he employed Andy Coulson - the ex-editor of News of the World - to be the Conservative
Party's communications director in May 2007. The Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the twelfth
house - disappointment, self-undoing, secret deals, crime and criminals - is opposition
Saturn in the sixth - work and illness. Moon conjunction Jupiter in the tenth house favors a
good reputation and career success.
My interest in his chart is his association with Andy Coulson the ex-editor of News of the World.
In May 2007 he hired Colson as his communication's director - on January 21, 2011
Coulson resigned - and on July 20, 2011 Cameron got a grilling in parliament over his
association with the notorious spin-doctor.
In May 2007 when Cameron hired Colson progressed Mercury in his chart - planet of
communications at 22 Scorpio 51R - had moved to form a luck (trine) aspect with
progressed Saturn - at 22 Pisces 58R in the sixth house - employees: And a prominence
(conjunction) aspect with birthchart Neptune - planet of schemes and deception in the
second house - finances. Saturn is always careful and sober, but Neptune's fantasy
thinking always tricks and deceives.
Then, on July 20, 2011, when he had to account for his action in hiring Colson to the
British parliament his chart was in a dynamic state of activity.
Progressed Mercury - planet of controversy at 18 Scorpio 28R - had moved to form an
opportunity (sextile) aspect with birthchart Pluto - planet of crime and insidious events in
the twelfth house - criminals, crime and coverups.
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David Cameron's progressed chart - July 20, 2011
Progressed Mars - planet of strife at 23 Virgo 58 in the twelfth house - had moved to form
a prominence (conjunction) aspect with progressed Uranus - planet of unexpected events
and sensational developments at 23 Virgo 47: And a high-discord separation (opposition)
aspect with birthchart Saturn - planet of loss and fear in the sixth house - work and
employees. (The Mars-Saturn opposition aspect started in April 2011 - will peak in January
2013 - and will finish in November 2014. More than anything it maps the struggle,
difficulty and hardship that Cameron faces trying to get the UK economy back on track.
Saturn is the planet of debt and unemployment and it's in the sixth house - work.)
And progressed Venus - at 3 Sagittarius 41 in the third house (newspapers) - had moved
to form a luck (trine) aspect with progressed Jupiter - at 4 Leo 29R in the tenth house (his
job). Progressed Moon at 2 Aries 30 was trine (luck) birthchart Jupiter. And it is interesting
to note that Cameron has the best progressed aspect - Venus trine Jupiter - and the worst
progressed aspect - Mars opposition Saturn - currently influencing his life.