Part 01 Barack Obama - an astrological assessment
of his 4 year term as President
Dennis Sutton February 2009

The Church of Light's astrological research report # 88 entitled Group Leaders and Mundane Astrology provides evidence to support the hypothesis that the fortune of a nation coincides with the progressed aspects forming in the chart of its leader.

The original research focused on the progressed charts of US Presidents who were in office when the country either experienced a war or a nation-wide financial depression: So, in the interest of on-going research this assessment of Barack Obama's progressions and the mundane astrological agenda over the next four (4) years is presented to clarify the validity of the claim made in astrological research report #88 and to test the capacity to predict future trends in the USA via the chart of her President. .

Mundane Astrology studies the astrological environment and its influence on world affairs: And research has found that people and nations, at a particular moment in time, are not equally receptive to the vibrations being broadcast by the planets. This research found that those people in positions of leadership - the Presidents, Prime-Ministers, their appointed executives and other CEO's - who have a particular planet prominent in their birthcharts' are more responsive to its vibrations. They have within their unconscious soul-minds thought-cells that act as a natural receiving set for the energy: And when this planet gets turned on in the sky its earthly agents determine its influence on their nation's mundane agenda.

But when a particular type of planetary energy is being broadcast from the sky it can only be picked up by an agent or decision-maker who has the same planet (in their chart) activated by progression. The aerial formed by the progressed aspect permits the unconscious thought-cell groups involved in the aspect to receive the energy being transmitted from the sky - and these thought-cells, when stimulated, influence their thinking and behaviour and the events they experience. This is very important astrological intelligence. It reveals that the economic and social trends on Earth are determined by the actions of the world's political and other leaders in response to astrological events occurring in the sky. The Presidents, Prime Ministers, rulers, CEO's and administrators are the chief agents through which the astrological environment operates and influences world affairs.

The original astrological research work involved an assessment of the progressed aspects that had formed in the charts of the primary player whose actions were chiefly responsible for the effect of a major aspect in the sky upon a nation or city. It found that these individuals had the aspecting planets prominent in their birthcharts - and at the time there was a major progressed aspect to one or both of these planets. The conclusion was that the progressed aspects forming in the leader's birthchart picture the fortune of his group - in this case the US nation - in a broad manner.

The following commentary attempts to validate this original research. It requires an accurate assessment of the current mundane astrological agenda - the major aspects being formed by the planets in the sky over the next four years - and their integration with the progressed aspects that will form in Barack Obama's birthchart over the same time-frame - 2009-2012.

November 4, 2008

As Election Day, USA - November 4, 2008 - approached, the economic carnage being wrought by Saturn opposition Uranus in the sky, a high-discord astrological event that reached its critical peak date on the same day, became more and more evident. Barack Obama was elected to deal with the great economic mess that was unfolding. After eight (8) years of George W Bush and the worst economic crisis since who knows when the US electorate were desperate for change.

Obama rode to the White House on the luck provided by the most fortunate political astrological aspect - progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter. In his chart Jupiter, the planet of hope and optimism, not only has prominence status it's his best planet and the Sun is the planet of politics. This high-harmony aspect allowed him to sell his message of hope (Jupiter) to the US electorate. It enabled him to achieve - against the odds. But the Sun - planet of politics, power and authority - is his weakest planet and he lacks political acumen and the authority needed to dominate others and exercise power.

Now a fortunate progressed aspect can't make a good politician out of a poor one. It can't produce talent when talent is lacking, but it can provide the lucky breaks needed to succeed. It can provide supportive environmental conditions - in Obama's case a financial and economic crisis. Luck can help when talent is lacking - and progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter provided Obama with an abundance of political luck. But on December 7, 2008 when progressed Sun trine progressed Jupiter reached its use-by date Obama ran out of luck.

When it comes to leadership and governance Barack Obama is an unknown quantity, but the Sun in his birthchart provides inside information. Being his weakest planet he lacks political intelligence and the ability to exercise power and authority. As president he lacks what is needed to do and get what he wants. Obama has persuasion skills (Pluto) and positional power (the presidency) but this weakness - his ‘fatal flaw' - will be evident when managing difficult new problems and dealing with other world leaders.

A constitutional, democratically elected President has no dictatorial power but it's easy to misinterpret dictatorial control (Pluto) with political power and authority (Sun). Research into politicians has revealed that if the birthchart Sun is lacking in power then Pluto, very often, has prominence status. Pluto is the planet of dictatorship, persuasion and universal welfare and in the chart of a politician, when his astrological influence is outstanding, s/he can tell other politicians what to do and they do it.

The economic and other problems are getting harder and what's needed is clever crisis management. There's no guarantee that the solutions will work. The President must not only be intelligent he must be a man of exceptional political ability. If he's wise he will know his own limitations and delegate - and this requires high-level self-understanding. His advisors will have their ingenuity taxed to the limit, but politicians are not noted for their original thinking (Uranus). Following precedent they tend to recycle old solutions. A new innovative solution is rare. In politics Uranus marks for a charismatic leader who instigates radical change but the big political machines are primarily driven by short-term political advantage and maintaining the status-quo.

January 20, 2009

On January 20, 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the USA and all things considered the only thing that changed on that day was the person sitting in the driver's seat. The US chart didn't change; the cycle charts didn't change and the planets in the sky continued in their orbits around the Sun.

George W Bush presided over the 2008 financial crisis. It was the result of reckless lending and investment practices. In his chart Mars the planet of recklessness and strife is in the 2nd house (money and banks) and when progressed Mars moved to form a conjunction aspect with birthchart Jupiter (banks) the reckless banking practices the aspect mapped became a real life event. The Subprime mortgage crisis had hit in August 2007. At that time in Bush's chart progressed Jupiter - the planet of finances - had moved to form a high-discord square aspect with Saturn - planet of debts and mortgages; progressed Mercury had moved to form a semisquare aspect with birthchart Jupiter; and progressed Mars had moved to form a conjunction and parallel aspect with birthchart Jupiter. The Mars-Jupiter stimulation marked for reckless and unregulated banking behaviour which Bush supported.

But there are other culprits you may wish to consider. For example the June 2005 and May 2007 Mars cycle charts at Washington. Both these charts had Mars in the 2nd house (banks and money) and in the June 2005 chart Mars was opposition Jupiter in the 8th house (lending practices and debt). No doubt it was during this cycle that the financiers and bankers got aggressive and reckless: And with Mars square the Sun in this chart any attempt by the politicians (Sun) to regulate the banker's reckless conduct was aggressively blocked. When the CEO, corporate mogul, banker and politician talks about freedom they're usually talking about deregulation. They're talking about getting rid of the regulations that stop them from doing what they want - not the freedom to choose or freedom of speech. They already have these freedoms and what they want is the freedom to make as much money as they can. They don't have freedom from want, but that's their problem.

But Jupiter is the planet of banks and finances and you can't ignore his cycle chart. In the February 1999 Jupiter cycle Jupiter is conjunct Venus - and the financial party the aspect threw is now over and the world is suffering a financial hangover. But all things considered you can't go past progressed Jupiter conjunct birthchart Neptune in the Aquarian Age chart as the prime astrological culprit. Neptune is the planet of magic, but he's no ordinary magician. As the grand illusionist he can perform the most amazing tricks and during 2008 he abracadabra'd Jupiter's wealth and made it disappear.

Now Barack Obama, with no significant Jupiter progressions, has the task of cleaning up the financial mess. Progressed Jupiter in his chart is inconjunct progressed Uranus and progressed Venus is inconjunct progressed Jupiter, but his outstanding progressions involve Saturn and this indicates that the Bush financial crisis (Jupiter) has turned into an economic crisis (Saturn) for him. So having inherited one gigantic economic mess he hit the US economy with a big spending financial stimulus package. Elected on a platform of change it is interesting to note that his birthchart indicates a low-level change potential. The fixed signs Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio dominate his chart and his fixed attitudes are inclined to solve new problems with the same old solutions.