Part 02 A quick look at Obama's astrological profile
Dennis Sutton February 2009

It's safe to presume that Barack Obama has Jupiter type ambition. The Moon and Jupiter dominate his chart and with the Moon - planet of the common people - sextile Mercury and trine Jupiter he'll direct his intelligence and benevolence to assisting the 'everyday people': And with Jupiter in the 12th house the underprivileged, oppressed and those less well off will get his assistance too. He may aspire to be another Lincoln, who also had Aquarius rising, but most likely he'll want to be remembered as the president who, when the world was threatened with economic calamity, was able to reestablish economic and social stability. So he'll direct all his intelligence and benevolence to achieving these ends.

In his chart Jupiter trine the Moon marks for an innate understanding of money matters and the financial and banking systems, but Mercury opposition Jupiter reveals that an over-reliance on hope and chance distorts his rational thinking. He's advised to go with his gut feelings and hunches (Moon) - and with Jupiter conjunct Saturn he can plan and implement a long-range financial strategy. Jupiter does provide faith and hope when his rational thinking (Mercury) has exhausted every possible solution: And Mercury opposition Jupiter and Saturn marks for heavy duty stress on the intellectual thought-cells that could eventuate in illness - Mercury is in the 6th house (sickness and disease).

Jupiter in the dominant 12th house - the unemployed and oppressed, relief, relief work, charity, hospitals, behind the scenes activity, secrets, covert enemies, sneak attacks, crime, criminals and prisons is cusp ruler of the 2nd - banks and financial matters, personal wealth, property and income as wages and salaries; and progressed aspects involving Jupiter will influence his capacity to deal with the banking and financial crisis.

There are no planets in Obama's 8th house - taxes, revenue raising, debts, the level of debt in the system, mortgages and medicare - but with progressed Mercury, progressed Mars and progressed Sun now there, this house has attained outstanding significance. It has a normal progressed harmony of 7 harmodynes. Mercury is the cusp ruler and these 8th house matters are subject to controversy (Mercury), strife (Mars) and vigorous effort (Sun). Progressed Mercury conjunct progressed Mars (in the 8th house) started in October 2006 and the Subprime mortgage financial crisis went global in July 2007. Then in June 2008, with Mercury and Mars both forming a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Saturn (debt), toxic debt was causing the world's financial system to collapse.

Mercury (talk and controversy) and the Sun (politics) are in the prominent 6th house - the workforce, public servants, job creation (with the 10th house), army personnel and troops. 6th house power brings unemployment and getting the troops out of Iraq into prominence, but the success potential is variable. Both Mercury and the Sun are involved in powerful progressions during his 4 year presidential term - and with birthchart Mercury trine the MC every word he utters tends to receive favourable publicity.

Neptune - the planet of idealistic schemes is in the 9th house - trade, international commerce, shipping, legal matters, the Supreme Court, religion, publishing, universities, radio and television. These days the planet of idealism is more intent on confusing the issue, but he's not activated by progression over the next 4 years and this will negate his influence. The Moon - family and home-life issues - is in the 4th house - the housing sector, homes, weather events and climate change. 4th house power brings these mundane matters into prominence and harmony supports effective action and success. The Moon is only involved in one major progressed aspect over the next 4 years although she will regularly form sub-major progressed aspects with the other planets. The Moon is his dominant planet and these sub-major progressions are well-worth observing

Mars and Pluto in the 7th house - the other country - are the rulers of the 10th house - Obama's actions as President, his public standing and business - and the 9th house - trade. This 7th house pattern puts the ball in the other country's court when it comes to US business and trade. They're calling the shots and it's shaping up as a very difficult situation. Mars fights and bickers and Pluto coerces and employs bully-boy tactics - and both planets are very active by progression during Obama's entire term as President.

Venus is in the 5th house - Wall Street, the market, speculation, gambling, risk, schools and colleges, but Mercury, the cusp ruler, actually has more power and a stronger influence. From a financial-economic perspective the role of the 5th house cannot be underestimated. And during Obama's Presidency both Mercury and Venus are involved in powerful progressions.

While Obama was elected to solve the economic and financial mess you could say that he inherited the whole thing (the 8th house) - and George W. Bush's attempts to solve it. Bush, with progressed Mars conjunct Jupiter - reckless lending and banking practices - addressed the financial crisis on October 3, 2008 by bailing out the perpetrators to the tune of $700 billion. The outcome of this strategy remains uncertain and maybe Obama will have to revisit this problem later on.

That weak birthchart Sun

A weak birthchart Sun - as a lack of confidence and low-level control of life - is usually considered an astrological impediment but some people with this psychological stumbling block still climb to positions of power, position and authority.

Winston Churchill, for example, was a 'war-time' prime Minister. He was born November, 30, 1874 - 1.30am LMT at Blenheim Palace, England - 51N45; 1W15 - according to an entry in the family bible. In his chart Mars, the planet of war, was in the 1st house - conjunct Jupiter, trine Saturn and sextile Uranus. It has prominence status and as a child he was fascinated by armies and fleets and his early childhood conditioning included killing rabbits (for food) and rats. He was educated at the Royal Military College Sandhurst and got best marks for tactics and fortification. In 1908 he was elected to parliament as member for Dundee and on October 24, 1911 became the First Lord of the Admiralty. In November 1915 he resigned and rejoined the army. In 1919 he was made Secretary of State of War. Then on May 10, 1940 he became war-time Prime Minister, appointed himself Minister of Defense and helped navigate Britain and the other freedom fighters to victory in the 2nd World War. His prominent planets were Uranus, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Neptune - and the Sun was the weakest. This meant that power, political acumen and the capacity to dominate were psychological deficits. Libra, the war sign, dominated his chart. And now, Barack Obama has been elected 'recession-time' President. His prominent planets are Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn - and the Sun is the weakest: And this means that power - the state of mind that desires to take control and dominate others - and political acumen are psychological shortcomings. Scorpio, the sign of other people's money and debt, dominates his chart.

Based on the available data he will be the first US president to have the Sun as his weakest planet. The Sun is the third weakest planet in the charts of Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy and George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter has it as his second weakest planet.

The 'wild' 7th house - war, foreign policy and international relations

With Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the 7th house of Obama's chart it's hard to find the right word to describe this astrological set-up. Being a west-side house it represents qualities (ingenuity, originality, aggression, initiative and a spirit of cooperation) that are developed through his surroundings and the actions of other people. His character is very much molded by circumstance and high-level 7th house discord can easily see the development of destructive traits - like eccentricity, discontentment, impulsivity, harshness and coercion. On a personal level this is the house of marriage, partnership and public relations, but as US President it relates to America's relations with the other country: And these relations are subject to coercion (Pluto), eccentricity (Uranus) and strife (Mars).

The astrological trend relating to each life matter is clearly revealed through practical experience, and when it comes to the 7th house you're very much the victim of circumstance. You get what you get and there's no personal control over what happens. On a personal level it's what your marriage partner says and does, but on a mundane level it relates to what's happening in the other country and the actions of its leader: And. Barack Obama, as President has no control over what's going on in the other country's backyard. He will be a victim of circumstance. This situation explains why we all try to control the other person's behaviour and why America - using hard power, soft power and now smart power - tries to control the other country's behaviour. It's a power thing driven by destructive self-ignorance - Aquarius requests that you 'Do and think unto others as you would have them do and think unto you'.

Pluto - coercion, cooperative effort, inversion, persuasion and dictatorial action; Uranus - democracy, sudden shocks, unexpected developments, social unrest and radical action: and Mars - strife, conflict, war, force, belligerence antagonism and aggressive action - are in Obama's discordant 7th house - the international community, relations with foreign powers, opponents, open enemies, disputes and war. 7th house power gives these mundane matters high-level significance, but the discord - as a 'not-good' international situation - is sure to have an adverse impact on the US. She will be a victim of what's happening in the other country. All three planets are involved in major progressions during Obama's presidency and this 7th house stimulation will turn the spotlight on America's role on the world stage.

Obama's 7th house will certainly bring America's enemies out into the open. Chances are they're lining up getting ready to pounce the minute he becomes President. Uranus, Mars and Pluto are all very active by progression during his presidency.

The dominant, harmonious and secretive 12th house

In Obama's birthchart Jupiter and Saturn - the business planets - form a conjunction aspect in the dominant 12th house. They have prominence status and this brings restriction, disappointment, work done behind the scenes, secret activities, secret enemies and the condition of the underprivileged, oppressed and persecuted into prominence. These 12th house life-matters are the key shapers of Obama's life experience and personal development.

The 12th house life experience involves disappointment, constraint, limitation and restriction events and most astrologers tend to view the 12th house in a forlorn negative light. But the heavy constraints and restrictions, imposed by environment, can be overcome. Success is not denied, but the 12th house does limit what the individual is actually able to achieve - a situation that s/he may or may not view as a personal disappointment. But when life is viewed as a character development enterprise involving the overcoming of constraints (imposed by environment) the 12th house life experience is seen in a more positive light. It marks for personal development through restriction, constraint and disappointment and the only conclusion you can draw is that Barack Obama has done a remarkable job of overcoming the constraints and restrictions imposed by his environment.

Of course that high-harmony Jupiter in the 12th house has provided harmonious interference from both the inside astrological and outside physical environments. Jupiter rules the 11th house - Obama's friends and supporters and, now that he's the President, Congress. And while naturally fortunate Jupiter, via his religious and wealthy friends, can have a misfortune influence on his life. They can in fact become his secret enemies and secretly work to bring about mishap and failure, but high-level 12th house harmony reduces their destructive potential to cause harm and do damage.

Being a 12th house person Barack Obama has big secrets and a secret life he shrewdly keeps a secret. And because the high-harmony 12th house is the best he does it all very successfully. Nothing untoward is implied. It's just that he very successfully keeps his secrets under wrap and his low-level self-confidence and sense of self-confusion could be secrets he doesn't want you to know about. These important sense of self issues are ruled by the Sun and the Sun in his chart is the weakest planet - and it's square Neptune, planet of confusion.

Saturn, the planet of loss and disappointment, in the 12th house is his big problem. The high-level astrological assistance provided by progressed Sun trine Jupiter helped him win the Presidency, but progressed discord to Saturn at the same time caused economic mayhem. He's the planet of restriction, constraint and disappointment and the economic slump is a big restriction for Obama. It has no doubt turned his presidential expectations upside down. His liberal religious and other views (Jupiter) will rub the conservatives (Saturn) the wrong way and with Saturn in the 12th house Obama has powerful secret enemies amongst the conservatives and religious fundamentalists. Mars, the planet of strife, in the 7th house marks for openly hostile enemies and it's unlikely that there has ever been a President with so many overt and covert antagonists. With Mars, the fighting planet, trine Saturn he's inclined to take a cautious and circumspect approach to the conflicts he encounters, and only time will tell how this astrological story will play itself out in real life.