Part 03 How did Barack Obama make it to the White House?
Dennis Sutton February 2009

Most of us have no desire to be President. I know I don't. We know we don't have the political and other skills needed to do the job, so it makes you wonder who would. Those rare souls who dare to think 'I want to be President' have thought-structures built into their characters that think they can - after all it's the thought that gets you started. Conventional astrological wisdom assumes a high-powered thought-structure involving the Sun, but Barack Obama's life story proves otherwise. Yet his birthchart must detail an unconscious thought-structure that had sufficient energy, ability and environmental support to demonstrate its 'presidential' intent. So how did Barack Obama make it to the Presidency?

Right from the start Obama was driven by a Jupiter sense of importance. He felt that menial employment was beneath his dignity so he gravitated to the legal profession and became a lawyer. Mercury opposition Jupiter marks for innate legal intelligence: And that high-powered harmonious Mercury sourced the intellectual ability to overcome, by clever thinking, all the obstacles and problems that were in the way. Jupiter rules the 11th house - his friends - and no doubt they provided a wealth of support: And there's no doubting his intelligence either, after all it got him to the White House, but this discordant Mercury-Jupiter opposition marks for intellectual conceit - a misguided character trait that is inclined to overestimate the mental ability and what it can achieve: And it's highly likely that the thought - 'I want to be President' - was sourced by this unconscious thought-structure. But being the President requires more than intelligence, shrewdness and clever communication skills (Mercury) and the capacity to get patronage and inspire hope (Jupiter).

It also requires the ability to persuade, some magnetic power and political skills. Pluto is the persuader - very often a hidden persuader - and with Pluto in his birthchart having prominence status Obama has persuasion skills. But the Sun, planet of politics, is his weakest planet so political intelligence is lacking. He lacks a sense of leadership, the ability to dominate others and the capacity to inspire confidence - so he'll have to compensate to overcome these political weaknesses. Most likely Pluto, the dictator planet, will dictate (not dominate) and Jupiter will inspire hope (not confidence). Obama seems to have an inexhaustible supply of this valuable mental resource.

Barack Obama's journey to the White House commenced with a thought but it's easy to build a sense of destiny on a misguided notion and faulty self-understanding. When personal expectation exceeds thought-cell ability the end result is always failure and the weak Sun in his birthchart marks for a lack of political ability. It also makes it very hard to maintain self-control as the more energetic unconscious mental activity easily accesses the brain overwhelming the thinker with its incessant chatter. As a recession President Obama has to provide leadership, inspire confidence and display unyielding resolve - and doing this will be a very personal struggle for the man who got the top job - against the odds.

In the end we are all victims of our own thinking and a misguided unconscious impulse and a lack of self-understanding can easily lead to mishap and misadventure. Only time will tell if Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto in Obama's birthchart and their psychological equivalents can compensate for the weak Sun and his deficiency of political acumen and insight.