Part 05 The Economy
Dennis Sutton February 2009

The economy embraces a number of sectors. Jupiter rules the financial, banking and business sectors and Saturn rules work, the workforce, natural resources and the farming and mining sectors. Each sector interconnects and affects the other: And we are now suffering the economic fallout (Saturn) of the financial crisis (Jupiter) that hit during 2008.

Jupiter rules the world's financial system. He's the planet of capitalism, business, profits, wealth, prosperity, economic growth and luxury items. He's got goods and services to sell and he wants you to buy them. He's the planet of higher prices. Saturn rules the workers. He's the planet of economy and he's very price sensitive. He's the consumer who wants to buy things at the cheapest possible price. When he withdraws demand Jupiter's prices fall. Saturn is the planet of recession, falling profits, poverty, unemployment and scarcity.

Government, the governing authority and special privilege are ruled by the Sun and the 10th house. Households are ruled by the Moon and the 4th house. The business sector is ruled by Jupiter, Saturn and the 10th house. Stock companies and their investors are ruled by Neptune: and the multinational corporations are ruled by Pluto. Service industries are ruled by Saturn and the 10th house. Labour and the work force - the servers and the service they provide - are ruled by the 6th house: And trade unions are ruled by Uranus and the 6th house.

The market, where traders buy and sell money, stocks, commodities and resources, is ruled by the 5th house: And the money supply, assets and personal wealth are ruled by the 2nd. The amount of debt in the system, the level of foreign debt, foreign investment and foreign borrowings are ruled by the 8th house. Inflation is ruled by Neptune. Trade (an economic stimulus involving the importing and exporting of goods) is ruled by the 9th house. Economic expansion is ruled by Jupiter. Economic slumps, hardship, unemployment, hunger, disease and epidemics are ruled by Saturn. Relief given to the unemployed and aid - food aid etc - given to those suffering misfortune is ruled by the 12th house.

The farming sector - agriculture and the growing of crops for food - is ruled by Saturn and the 4th house. The crops on the ground are ruled by the 4th house: And the stored harvest is ruled by the 6th. The natural environment and weather are ruled by Saturn and the 4th house.

Manufacturing and the manufacturing sector are ruled by Mars. The resources - mining - sector is ruled by Saturn and the 4th house. Tourism is ruled by the 9th house. Local transport is ruled by Mercury and the 3rd house. Local communication, newspapers and the press are ruled by Mercury and the 3rd house. Overseas transport - airlines and shipping - is ruled by the 9th house. Radio, television and internet are ruled by Pluto and the 9th house. The military and armed forces are ruled by Mars and the 6th house. Population growth involves the birthrate ruled by the 5th house and the death rate ruled by the 8th.

Different energies are ruled by different planets. Energy comes from the Sun - and energy sources contain solar energy in fossilized form. Electricity is ruled by Uranus but it has to be produced from some energy source. Oil and gas are ruled by Neptune. Oil is the most widely traded commodity. Iron ore is ruled by Mars. Coal is ruled by Saturn. Nuclear power is ruled by Pluto, hydropower is ruled by the Moon and wind power is ruled by Mercury.