Part 06 What chance of America going to war under Obama?
Dennis Sutton February 2009

Mars, the planet of aggression, plays a very important role in the soul's evolution. The soul must learn to fight for its rights, and attack enemies and opponents who threaten its welfare, otherwise it will be defeated. In fact your physical evolution is designed to build powerful aggressive tendencies into your soul's thought structure: And a well-developed aggressive urge is a powerful ally in the game of life. It's an asset on a personal, national and international level and an essential component of your spiritual growth and development.

Mars, the planet of strife and violence, is not sensitive, peaceful, frightened, conciliatory, considerate or patient. He's harsh, selfish, brutal, insensitive, inconsiderate, fearless and impatient. His worst behaviours are harshness and brutality. He is merciless, unfeeling, crude, coarse and inhumane. He has no remorse, never forgives and bears grudges. His best behaviours are initiative, enterprise and creative power. He's assertive, daring, brave, energetic, bold, eager and enthusiastic. In the jungle he employs brute strength, size and speed, but in human life he relies more on guns, bombs, missiles and land mines.

On the world stage Mars stands for military matters, military power and war

Mars is the fighting planet and during Barack Obama's presidency the Mars progressions in his chart will attract strife and conflict - and he will respond to these progressions with a fighting attitude. Mars is in the 7th house and fighting enemies and opponents is a key developmental experience for his soul: And with Mars ruling the cusp of the 10th house (honor and reputation) his fighting tendencies tend to attract bitter criticism.

My neighbour reckons that America only goes to war when she's experiencing economic difficulties. And if he's right then the chances of America going to war during Obama's presidency must be rated as high.

The astrologer on the other hand would note that Obama's birthchart has Mars, the planet of war, in the 7th house of war and that during his entire Presidency Mars is stimulated by progression and with this inside information s/he would rate America's chances of going to war as very, very high.

A number of countries display open enmity towards the US and a violent attack by an open enemy is a likely scenario. During his presidency Obama has several 'violent' progressed aspects involving Mars - progressed Mars square Saturn (activating a natal trine), progressed Mars semisquare Pluto and progressed Mars sextile Uranus, but Mars doesn't have to engage in a shooting war. Mars square Saturn in Obama's chart could map a war on poverty and unemployment, a war on greed or a war on global warming. It could map a war on selfishness, ignorance, orthodoxy, fundamentalism, fear, want, scarcity and insecurity. It all depends on him - the thinker - and what he chooses to do with his aggressive Mars energy. During his presidency Barack Obama will experience ten (10) Mars conjunctions: And on each occasion the world will experience a spike in strife and conflict. The time-frame of the aspect will vary between 4 and 6 weeks. The house position of the Mars conjunction in the Washington chart will indicate the mundane matters that will be subject to strife, violence, force, conflict, energetic effort and haste.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter
February 17, 2009 at 11.27am EST
May 1, 2011 at 12.24am EDT

Mars is conjunct Neptune
March 8, 2009 at 8.50am EDT
February 20, 2011 at 11.16pm EST

Mars is conjunct Uranus
April 15, 2009 at 6.00am EDT
April 3, 2011 at 4.50pm EDT

Mars is conjunct Saturn
July 31, 2010 at 3.54am EDT
August 15, 2012 at 6.34am EDT

Mars is conjunct Pluto
December 13, 2010 at 11.11pm EST
November 27, 2012 at 3.13pm EST

Mars also regularly forms opposition, square and parallel aspects with the other major planets and within 48 hours of each aspect's peak time there is a distinct spike in Mars events - disputes, conflicts, act of violence, destructive behaviour, drunkenness, fires, accidents etc. And even though many of these Mars events have low-level mundane significance they are well worth observing - particularly the opposition aspects.

Astro-flashback: On December 27, 2008, with Mars conjunct Pluto in the sky - perfect on December 28, Israel launched an all-out air attack on Hamas (a democratically elected terrorist organization). The bombs destroyed Hamas infrastructure and over a thousand Palestinian civilians. Not to worry. Civilian deaths are military mishaps that are brushed aside with a quick apology. This particular dangerous moment was easy to predict, but what message were the two antagonists sending the Obama administration? At the same time Ugandan rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo attacked and slaughtered over 400 villagers. This Mars conjunction marked for violent conflict and mass destruction and it occurred - right on time. The pleas of world leaders to stop the slaughter fell on deaf ears. (Israel declared a cease-fire on January 18, 2009.) In the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars semisquare birthchart Pluto was perfect on December 5, 2008

But Church of Light Astrological Research Report #88 implies that both the country and her leader must have 'war progressions' in their respective charts before a war event can occur and these are - a progressed aspect to Mars and a progressed aspect to the ruler of the 7th house: And some very recent astrological research provides supportive evidence. On September 11, 2001 America was attacked by al Qaeda operatives who flew planes into the Twin Towers in New York and Pentagon. Over 2000 civilians lost their lives in the terror attack. At the time in the US chart progressed Ascendant in the 7th house (open enemies and war) had moved to form a high-discord opposition aspect with birthchart Uranus - planet of surprise events and shocks and progressed Venus moved to form a parallel aspect with progressed Mars - planet of war. Progressed Sun, cusp ruler of the 4th house (buildings) had moved to form an expansion (inconjunct) aspect with Neptune - planet of planes; progressed Mars trine birthchart Moon stimulated more open enmity; and with progressed MC conjunct Neptune the event received breathtaking publicity.

On the same day in George W Bush's chart progressed Ascendant had moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Uranus - planet of shocks and cusp ruler of the 7th house (open enemies and war) and progressed Mars - planet of war and violent attacks and cusp ruler of the 4th house (buildings) - had moved to form a high-discord obstacle (square) aspect with birthchart Sun. Progressed Sun had moved to form a semisextile aspect with progressed Neptune - planet of planes.

On March 19, 2003 the US launched an attack on Iraq: On this date in the US chart progressed Ascendant in the 7th house had moved to form a parallel aspect with progressed Jupiter cusp ruler of the 7th house (open enemies and war) and progressed Venus had moved to form a parallel aspect progressed Mars - planet of war. At the time it is interesting to note that Pluto - planet of inversion, coercion and the distortion of facts - was very active. Progressed Mercury was semisextile progressed Pluto; progressed Sun was semisextile birthchart Pluto and progressed MC was trine progressed Pluto.

On the same day in George W Bush's chart progressed MC had moved to form a prominence (conjunction) aspect with birthchart Uranus - cusp ruler of the 7th house (open warfare) and progressed Mars (war) was square birthchart Sun.

Now, during the Obama presidency, progressed Sun in the US chart is sesquisquare progressed Mars (February 14, 2009); progressed Venus is opposition progressed Mars (January 13, 2010); progressed Venus is sextile birthchart Mars (January 28, 2012); progressed Mercury is trine birthchart Mars (March 26, 2013) and progressed Asc is sextile progressed Mars (April, 6 2013). And the 7th house is stimulated by progressed Asc inconjunct progressed Jupiter (August 13, 2009); progressed MC square birthchart Jupiter (January 27, 2010); progressed Sun trine birthchart Jupiter (March 23, 2011); progressed Asc (in the 7th) sextile birthchart Moon (October 28, 2012) and semisquare progressed Saturn (December 5, 2012) and progressed Asc sextile progressed Mars (April 16, 2013).

In Barack Obama's chart Mars - ruler of the 7th house - is turned on by progressed Mercury conjunct progressed Mars (June 26, 2008); progressed Mars square progressed Saturn (March 3, 2009); progressed Mars semisquare progressed Pluto in the 7th (August 29, 2009); progressed Mars sextile birthchart Uranus in the 7th (March 4, 2012); progressed Mars square birthchart Saturn (April 6, 2012) and progressed Mars opposition progressed Asc (August 22, 2012): And in the Aquarian Age chart progressed Mars semisquare progressed Pluto will reach its peak date on January 30, 2011.