Part 07 Sun trine Jupiter and the regaining of US moral integrity
Dennis Sutton February 2009

The Hermetic worldview provides a valid description of life. It ultimately constitutes a theory - a logically interrelated proposition. Causality is a central concept and the causal relationship between the astrological environment and the soul's life experience is the theory's key component. Individuals, depending on their evolutionary level, perceive the worldview differently, but the logic of the theory cannot be understood by rational thought alone. It's a spiritual concept - not an intellectual surmise - and the soul's spiritual-moral development is placed above its physical, intellectual or financial achievements. Needless to say the Hermetic worldview differs greatly to those proposed by other schools of thought.

Jupiter is the planet of honesty, integrity and trust, and moral behaviour - knowing right from wrong - is very much a Jupiter thing. It's the result of childhood learning, but unfortunately many adult souls are incapable of making a value judgement regarding their own behaviour. They're incapable of regulating their own misguided impulses and society, recognizing this failing, has introduced rules and regulations that try and reign in the destructive tendencies. The Hermetic viewpoint on morality is summed up in the dictum- a soul is completely moral when it contributes its utmost to universal welfare - a life-guiding principle that requires a clear understanding of what is right and wrong. It recognizes that giving - of your time and talent - is the best spiritual fertilizer. Personal opinion, regarding behaviour, is made subservient to astrological and other facts. Thus the Hermetic astrologer, understanding these facts, has a valuable role to play as a social commentator.

There's a universal law of behaviour that declares a constructive behaviour has a beneficial outcome and a destructive behaviour has a detrimental outcome, but the outcome in many instances is not immediately obvious. It applies to every human soul - from your local council gardener to the President - and unless socialized the soul's 'dark' impulses engage in self-destructive antisocial behaviour. Destructive aggression displays itself as harshness, cruelty, torture and abuse and governments have legalized certain forms of torture. But the Hermetic astrologer - and most right thinking people - knows that legalizing torture doesn't make it right. Nor does it nullify its self-destructive outcome. Of course the other person's bad behaviour isn't your problem - unless you sanction it and engage in it yourself.

You might conclude that 9/11 changed everything. That 9/11 actually caused George W Bush to go temporarily insane. But the world community wants to know 'what's going on?' and it's asking some very important questions. Have political arrogance, deceit and incompetence undermined America's moral authority? And is America still a powerful force for good? As the world's economic and military powerhouse the US has global responsibilities. It has a duty of care - not coercive authority. It must set a good moral example, but over the past few years its moral compass has been spinning out of control. On November 4, 2008 the US electorate let George W Bush know what it thought of his absurd thinking, wrong decisions, wrong forecasts, incompetent leadership, immoral acts, deceitfulness, contempt for laws and criminal incompetence when it came to New Orleans and the financial crisis. It wants Barack Obama to provide constructive leadership and rebuild US moral authority.

Terrorism has no morality, but after 9/11 the US government seemed to abandon its moral code. Terrorism it was argued made everything obsolete. With progressed Ascendant in the US Aquarian Age chart forming a high-discord opposition aspect with birthchart Saturn, planet of selfishness in the 10th house (Bush), the US responded by rewriting the rule book on protection and security. And this abuse of positional power has set a precedent that others can now aspire to. The Bush administration gave the world a $700 billion war based on false pretences, lies and absurd rationalization disguised as intelligent thought. It's claimed over 4,500 American lives - and 98,000 (documented) Iraqi civilians have died. With Guantanamo Bay came the dismissal of Geneva conventions: And when the US administration sanctioned torture and waterboarding Lower-Pluto was sitting in the driver's seat.

Chances are the Bush presidency was a horrible political aberration, but how could one man do so much damage? With breathtaking incompetence he disregarded expert opinion and public sentiment and kowtowed to the big money and giant corporations. Bush denied the scientific evidence on global warming and conveniently supported the data that suited his purpose: And he didn't provide leadership when leadership was desperately needed. Other social problems like racism, poverty, religious division and the gap between the rich and poor were ignored. Under the abysmal president the can-do nation became incompetent. But rather than being a force for incompetence, lies and deceit the US must become a force for good.

America does good. In an age when the importance of money supersedes all else she provides enormous amounts of financial aid, but morality is more important than money. Money corrupts and corruption is a moral issue. Financial corruption caused the 2008 financial crisis and some people would claim that those who caused the economic damage must be evil. By causing unemployment and economic hardship they didn't contribute to the common good so their behaviour must be immoral. Of course it wasn't only the greedy US bankers. Greed is a universal behaviour trait - it has no race, creed or color - and bankers around the globe all got greedy. It's also a financial-acquisition dilemma facing every human soul. It's a matter of knowing that the ability to attract wealth brings with it certain social responsibilities and when you've got more than enough you could well be responding to a feral greed need.

Abraham Lincoln saw America as 'the last best hope of Earth', but some view his comment as arrogance. There are many good countries with good governments who provide good moral leadership. These countries don't have America's military might but their governments serve their people well. And that's what governments are elected to do. How immoral is a system that has contempt for the other country and its culture? - a system that gave the world the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. Maybe, in these morally bankrupt times, the last word should go to Thomas Jefferson: 'I tremble for my country when I think God is just'.

With so much economic power and military might the US must do the right thing. It must provide moral leadership and tell the truth: And by acknowledging her bad behaviour she can change and engage in a process of self-correction. Let's hope that Obama, with progressed Sun trine birthchart Jupiter, can undo what Bush did. Let's hope that US moral authority has only been temporarily mislaid - not lost - and that under the Obama administration it can be regained. With Mars in the 1st house of her birthchart the US has resilience. She can bounce back: And with progressed Sun trine birthchart Jupiter she just might.