Part 09 How will the US electorate rate Obama's performance as President?
Dennis Sutton February 2009

Mars and Pluto rule Obama's 10th house and their progressed aspects will have an indirect impact on Obama's public standing and popularity rating. Mars in particular tends to harsh, bitter criticism and with progressed Mars square Saturn, semisquare Pluto and opposition Asc his inability to successfully deal with economic and conflict problems will stir up public criticism and disapproval. Progressed Sun (political acumen and authority) is sextile birthchart MC (honour and credit) till July 2010. It reaches its peak date on July 5, 2009, but this is dependent upon a precise birthtime. This harmonious (opportunity) sextile aspect marks for a high public approval rating during the first year of his presidency.

But with progressed Venus square birthchart MC starting in April 2009(?) his public approval rating will fall due to the actions of a woman - someone from his past, his wife or Hillary Clinton. Venus conjunct Uranus at the same time could mark for an unexpected emotional exposé or a startling personal revelation that will impact adversely on his public standing and popularity.

Progressed MC parallel progressed Saturn during his entire presidency will win him approval for hard work but the inability to make forward progress on the economic and employment front will attract severe disapproval: And while progressed MC parallel progressed Jupiter after May 2011(?) marks for support the opinion polls will be disappointing.

In September 2011(?) progressed MC moves to form a discordant agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birthchart Moon - activating their birthchart opposition. This aspect will influence 2012 - the last year of his term in office. Moon opposition MC is the worst aspect in his chart so it's going to be tough going. This astrological marker tends towards a fluctuating reputation and an up and down approval rating and at this time the fickle public (Moon) could easily become very agitated (sesquisquare aspect) with their President.

The electorate has very high expectations of Obama - and some would say too high. It expects him to perform well. It expects him to deal with problems - quickly, effectively and efficiently. And if he does the opinions polls will rate his performance accordingly - and his popularity rating will rise. But if he doesn't the electorate will display its displeasure and his popularity rating will fall.

But all things considered the only person who is in a position to provide a genuine assessment of Obama's presidential performance is an astrologer who clearly understands the inner-world and outer-world conditions under which he is operating. An astrologer who clearly understand the degree of difficulty being imposed by the high-discord progressed aspects in his chart would rate his performance accordingly. After all it's how you manage your progressed aspects that really counts - isn't it?