Part 15 Mundane Astrology and the power of the past
Dennis Sutton February 2009

The world has an astrological history and major historical events can be matched with their astrological causal factors. The role of the astrological historian is to catalogue the data provided by the matching process: And research into the Aquarian Age chart is providing valuable data regarding events of international significance and research into America's birthchart is providing valuable astrological data regarding her developmental experience as a nation.

In the last 80 years three (3) significant financial crashes occurred on Wall St and each one had a world-wide global impact. Black Thursday - October 24, 1929 - was the day millions of shares became worthless and a financial panic turned into the Great Depression. Black Monday - October 19, 1987 - was the day the Dow fell 508 points wiping 22.5% off share values: And Black Friday - October 10, 2008 - was the day the Dow crashed 700 points heralding the start of a world-wide economic recession.

The Aquarian birth data is: January 19, 1881 at 3.48pm LMT
The US birth data is: July 4, 1776 at 2.14am LMT - Philadelphia PA 39N59; 75W10

In the Aquarian Age chart on October 24, 1929 progressed Jupiter (banks and finances) was conjunct birthchart Saturn (panics and falls); progressed Sun (gold) was opposition birthchart Moon (working families and silver): And progressed Mars (reckless speculation) was square birthchart Neptune (dreams of easy wealth). In the Aquarian Age chart on October 19, 1987 progressed Venus was conjunct birthchart Neptune; progressed Mercury was conjunct progressed Saturn (panic selling and falls): And progressed Mercury (conferences) was sesquisquare birthchart Moon (working families and silver). In the Aquarian Age chart on October 10, 2008 progressed Jupiter (banks and finances) was conjunct birthchart Neptune (easy money and trillion dollar thinking); progressed Sun (political moves) was semisextile progressed Saturn (unemployment and recession): And progressed Mercury (talk and controversy) was square birthchart Moon (working families and silver). On each occasion there was a progressed aspect involving Saturn, a progressed aspect involving Neptune and a progressed aspect involving the Moon.

The Moon represents the home, family and everyday ordinary people and her discordant progressed activity on each occasion not only mapped the adversity they would suffer due to the other person's greed but the recognition, by the powers that be, of their plight and influence as the foundation of the economy. During Hoover's presidency there was no progressed aspect involving the Moon in the Aquarian Age chart and he did little to address the plight of the common people, but when Roosevelt became president progressed Mercury had moved to form an opposition aspect with birthchart Moon and he immediately took drastic action in his New Deal to solve the unemployment problem. Being a Democrat his solution was different to that of his Republican predecessor. On October 12, 2008 President Bush took the Republican approach when dealing with his financial crisis - he bailed out the banks. But President Obama, with progressed Mercury square birthchart Moon in the Aquarian Age chart, will take the Democrat approach and announce an economic stimulus package designed to get the everyday people (Moon) back to work. Previous experience - as history - is what the politicians and commentators learn about and they have learned a lot from the October '29 stock market crash and what happened in its wake. They now know that quick decisive action was needed - and Hoover bunged it up. And by the time Roosevelt became president the horse had bolted. That's why the unemployment problem in America during the 1930's took so long to solve. Astrological evidence provided by the US birthchart supports this assessment.

At the time of the October 1929 crash progressed MC in the US chart had moved to form a high-discord square aspect, and progressed Mars had moved to form a high-discord parallel aspect, with birthchart Saturn in the 5th house (Wall St). Progressed Saturn had moved to the 6th house where his discordant influence was now impacting on the labour market and workers. In January 1930 progressed Mercury moved to form a discordant semisquare aspect with birthchart Saturn and in June 1930 progressed Sun moved to form a discordant semisquare aspect with progressed Saturn and a sextile aspect with birthchart Saturn. Then in January 1932 progressed Venus moved to form a high-discord square aspect with progressed Saturn (the unemployment problem): And in June 1931 progressed Ascendant moved to form a conjunction aspect with birthchart Saturn. These progressions involving Saturn did all the damage, because the next progression involving Saturn did not commence till November 1939. So the need to take quick, decisive action when dealing with an economic-financial crisis is supported by the astrological evidence.

Currently in the US birthchart progressed Sun in the 10th house (the President and his administration) is trine progressed Saturn in the 6th house (employees and workers). The aspect reached its peak date on September 30, 2008. At first glance it would appear that the administration would have a lot of luck (keyword for a trine aspect) dealing with the economic fallout of the financial crisis - primarily mapped by progressed Jupiter square Saturn - but this trine aspect activates a very close and high-discord birthchart square that marks for selfish and short-sighted political leadership (that tends to have high-discord financial consequences). The aspect actually has an approximate average relative harmony of 9.66 harmodynes - so the actions taken by the administration to manage the financial crisis and its economic fallout should have some success. (Birthchart potential is activated by progression and a clearer astrological picture of what is going on here - when two planets involved in a discordant birthchart aspect form a harmonious progressed aspect - would require a mathematical calculation that adjusts and measures the progressed harmony as a deviation to the birthchart discord.)

In the global Aquarian-Age chart the progressed Sun is semisextile progressed Saturn. The aspect reached its perfect peak date on November 11, 2008 and while it supports political leadership when dealing with the current economic crisis it also activate a birthchart square. In the US Aquarian Age chart the progressed Sun and Saturn are both in the 11th house (Congress). The aspect has an approximate average relative discord of 5.65 discordynes - mapping a potential for Congress to engage in ineffective political leadership and selfishness when dealing with the unemployment and economic problems. It's an astrological fact that the Sun - planet of politics - is square Saturn - planet of selfishness, greed and envy - in both the Aquarian Age and US birthcharts: And destructive self-interest is the major stumbling block hindering human progress and humanity's capacity to reach its full potential. The promised Golden Age of Aquarius will only be realized when political leadership guided by system, order, foresight, patience, careful planning and wisdom eliminates freedom from want, poverty, greed and unemployment. When electing a president, prime minister, governor or premier it's not a matter of listening to what the candidates have to say: It's a matter of understanding the world situation and asking - does this potential leader have the expertise and experience to deal with what's going on?

In the US birthchart Uranus, the planet of unexpected events, is conjunct the Ascendant and every now and then the American people experience a sudden shock. On August 6, 1890 for example, with progressed Ascendant square birthchart Uranus, New York introduced a new form of capital punishment - the electric chair!

On January 17, 1893, with progressed Ascendant square progressed Uranus, the US took over the Hawaiian Islands: But on April 13, 1893 her troops were ordered to leave. Then on August 12, 1898, with progressed Mercury inconjunct progressed Uranus, the sovereignty of the republic of Hawaii was transferred to the USA. Forty years earlier Commander Matthew Perry had predicted the rise of Japan as a world power and foresaw the need to establish a US naval base in the Pacific - Pearl Harbor. In an amazing astrological twist to this story on December 7, 1941, with progressed Ascendant sesquisquare birthchart Uranus, the American people experienced a sudden shock when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The surprise attack destroyed five battleships, 200 aircraft and killed 2,400 people - many of them civilians. On December 8 the US declared war on Japan.

More recently on September 11, 2001, with progressed Ascendant opposition birthchart Uranus, the American people again experienced a sudden shock when al Qaeda operatives under orders from Osama bin Laden launched a surprise attack on the Pentagon and Twin Towers in New York. Thousands of innocent civilians were killed and on March 19, 2003 the US declared war on terror and attacked Iraq. The hard astrological evidence reveals that progressed aspects involving Uranus invariably bring sudden changes and extreme events, often of an unexpected nature. Previous experience stores in the collective psyche of a country's population and this unconscious thought structure matches the astrological energy pattern pictured in the country's birthchart. The memory of previous experience represents the power of the past and the passage of time permits previous experience to be matched with its astrological causal factor. As valuable astrological intelligence this information and insight can be used when assessing current trends and future developments.