Part 19 Obama's Presidency - a year by year assessment by progressed aspect
Dennis Sutton February 2009


Progressed Mercury is conjunct progressed Mars; progressed Mars is square progressed Saturn; progressed Mercury is square progressed Saturn; progressed Mars is semisquare progressed Pluto; progressed Mercury is semisquare progressed Pluto, progressed Venus is conjunct progressed Uranus and progressed Sun is sextile birthchart MC. A lot of energy is directed into solving the economic problems but there's not much forward progress. The economy remains recessed with unemployment remaining a major problem - and the global economic situation isn't helping. Sudden changes to foreign policy and sensational developments at the peace talks pave the way for improved international relations; but on another front there's tension with a foreign power and the war drums are beating loudly. It's a hard year, with variable progress, but Obama's credit will stay in tact.


Progressed Venus is square birthchart MC; progressed Mercury is sextile birthchart Uranus; progressed Mercury is square birthchart Saturn and progressed Asc is square progressed Saturn. The economy and unemployment are the big problems and the President, carrying the nation's burdens, is feeling the stress. He's preoccupied with the overseas situation and success is dependent upon ‘smart talk' and keeping the lines of communication open. It's another tough year with dents appearing in Obama's credit rating.


Progressed Sun is trine birthchart Jupiter; progressed Mars is sextile birthchart Uranus and progressed Mars is square birthchart Saturn. There's a big improvement on the financial front and America's moral integrity is being regained, but the economic and unemployment problems remain major domestic concerns. Energetic action and innovation promote better relations with foreign powers. This will be Obama's best year and even though he's operating in a very difficult environment he'll achieve a lot.


Progressed Mars is sextile birthchart Uranus; progressed Mars is square birthchart Saturn; progressed Asc is opposition progressed Mars; progressed Sun is square birthchart Venus; progressed Mercury is square progressed Jupiter; Progressed Asc is trine birthchart Uranus; progressed Asc is square birthchart Saturn; progressed MC is sesquisquare birthchart Moon; progressed Sun is sextile birthchart Mercury; and progressed Mercury is sextile progressed Uranus. This will be another tough year. The economic and unemployment problems just won't go away and the President is running out of credit. He's directing a lot of energy into foreign affairs and the innovative ideas continue to flow but it's an emotional year with personal loss and disappointment - and the emotional distress is having a bad health outcome. Barring unforeseen circumstances Obama will run for a second term as President.