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Part 2
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We Make an Easy Start
he first thing the beginner student of astrology should
clearly comprehend is the nature of the interrelationship
between the two planes of being, and how it is possible for
non-physical energies, through boundary-line electromagnetic
forces having approximately the velocity of light, to influence
physical life. Astrological energies, while they may influence
not only electromagnetic energies having approximately the
velocity of light, but also electromagnetic energies within a
living organism on levels where velocities are much slower
than light, are not physical, but chiefly belong to the astral
The Special Theory of Relativity, which lies at the founda-
tion of modern physics as now taught in most universities,
holds that physical velocities cannot exceed that of light, and
that anything moving with the velocity of light no longer
possesses length, has infinite mass and so is impervious to the
pull of gravitation, and that for it time has come to a standstill.
Yet there is a vast mass of evidence--including precognition,
clairvoyance, and other psychic phenomena that the experi-
menters at modern universities have proved take place, as well
as the action of astrological energies--which demonstrates
there is an inner-world where velocities are even greater than
that of light. These phenomena call for just such properties as
a realm of such high velocities must possess. It is the region at
all times occupied by that which scientific men term the sub-
conscious mind or unconscious mind, which in reality is iden-
tical with the soul.
This inner world from which the astro (star) logical energies
influence physical life is called the astral (belonging to a star)
world, or astral plane. Its substance interpenetrates all physical
things, and in addition to possessing a physical form, every-
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thing material also possesses associated with it an astral form.
The association is made possible by the electromagnetic ener-
gies accompanying things physical.
The velocities of the astral world are too high directly to
affect the low velocity physical substance, and the velocities of
matter are too low directly to affect the high-velocity astral
substance. But electromagnetic energies which, in space, have
a velocity approximately that of light, are not too far removed
in their properties to prevent being influenced by the forces of
both realms. Thus it is that the inner plane affects the outer
plane and the outer plane affects the inner plane only through
boundary-line electromagnetic energies.
These electromagnetic energies are in some degree associ-
ated with all physical substance, but are generated in profusion
by cells of organic life, and in particular abundance by the cells
of the nervous system of the human body.
In the astral realm of velocities, as already indicated, things
do not behave as they do in the physical realm. Things happen
that from purely physical experience seem impossible. Precog-
nition , for instance, which at Duke and other universities has
been definitely proved to exist, is incomprehensible from the
standpoint of the physical relation of cause and effect. Yet it has
been demonstrated by the experiments of university re-
searchers that man has a faculty by which it is possible to
recognize events-- such as the order in which cards will be
found when mechanically shuffled ten days later, and the order
in which dice will turn face up before the throws begin--in the
future. And it has been demonstrated that distance has no
appreciable effect on the ease with which a person through
extra-sensory perception picks up the image in the mind of
another person. Therefore it should not be surprising that the
planets, even though distant from the earth, exercise a pro-
found influence through their astral energies upon the astral
form of man, and that this in turn, imparting motion to the
electromagnetic energies of the physical body, influences his
thoughts, his behavior and the events which come into his life.
The signs of the zodiac map definite fields of force in the
astral world, and each planet radiates astral vibrations which
flow as streams of energy, and as such have a definite impact
upon the astral forms of things possessing no material bodies,
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and upon the astral forms of all things material. All physical
things are in some measure thus influenced by these streams of
planetary energy.
The astral energy radiated from each planet has a different
frequency, and therefore a different influence upon the astral
forms of things. Each different musical tone or pitch that can
be heard is a definite vibratory frequency in air or other physical
substance. Each different color that can be seen is a definite
electromagnetic frequency. And the astral energy radiated
from each planet represents a definite range of astral frequen-
cies which at the velocity speed of light corresponds to a certain
color, and at the velocity speed of physical substance corre-
sponds to a certain pitch, or tone.
Now, the same colors passing through one kind of trans-
parency take on a quality that gives them an effect more
pleasing or less pleasing than when they pass through an-
other kind of transparency. And the same musical tone
sounded on an oboe has a quality quite different than when
sounded on a fife. Likewise a planetary tone, or stream of
energy, coming from the field of astral force mapped by one
sign of the zodiac has a different quality in,its influence than
when coming from the field of astral force mapped by an-
other sign of the zodiac.
No person who has attended even the lower grades of
school is ignorant of the difference between the planets and the
sun and moon. The sun is a star, about which as a center the
planets revolve. The moon is the satellite which revolves
around the earth. But because in astrology sun, moon and
planets have similar affects on life--each radiating a distinctive
range of vibratory frequencies--it is convenient to speak of all
as planets. Not to do so would compel endless repetition of the
phrase, "planets and sun and moon."
Observation has demonstrated that there are 12 major
distinctive fields of force which commonly are called zodiacal
signs. Each of these 30 degree areas along the path of the sun
has also three minor equal divisions, called decanates because
they are 10 degrees in extent. The signs of the zodiac each
impart their peculiar quality to the influence of any planet
found in them, and the decanates each still further modify this
tone quality. The most permanent of all astrological affects is
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the distinctive tone, or characteristic influence, of each planet.
It is only the resonance of the tone, not its pitch, which is
affected by the sign, and to a less degree by the decanate, from
which its influence comes to earth.
Now about the earth is its own field of astral force. And even
as the place in an auditorium where the listener sits has an
influence upon the volume and other acoustic properties of the
sounds from musical instruments played from the stage, so the
place on earth of an object or individual at the time has an
influence upon the volume of the vibratory energy there re-
ceived, and where a living organism is concerned also an
influence upon the department of life affected. The variation in
the volume of a planet's energy that actually reaches a given
spot, and the department of life chiefly affected by these ener-
gies, may accurately be mapped by a circle around the earth,
extending &from west to east and divided into twelve equal
sections, called mundane houses. The common horoscope
blank maps these twelve houses.
The astral energies from the planets, even as does the
electromagnetic frequency called light from these planets, con-
verge from different angles at the spot on earth where any
individual or object may be. And the angle at which any two
streams of planetary energy meet determines the manner in
which their tones harmonize or present discord.
Nearly everyone has seen the small whirlpools in water
formed when currents meet at certain angles. Those who have
driven across the western deserts have seen whirling dust
columns which are present only when air currents converge
from definite angles. Waterspouts at sea and tornadoes on the
land exemplify the same principle, and light-waves under cer-
tain circumstances are brought together so as to cancel each
other's motion. Even as currents of air, water, or light acquire
definite properties when they meet at certain angles, so also do
the astrological energies from the various planets. And experi-
ence shows that there are ten different angles from which
planetary energies may converge to produce distinctive influ-
ences, each of the ten having an influence somewhat different
than any of the others. These angles of convergence of plane-
tary energies that are known to produce a distinctive influence
are called aspects.
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Any kind of energy is capable of either constructive or
destructive action. Sunlight can burn human skin, or it can
enable plants to manufacture the food that sustains human life.
Water can drown an individual, or it can run the turbines that
generate manufacturing power. Air can destroy towns or it can
drive sailing vessels. Electricity can blast a tree of oak, or it can
furnish light for reading at night. And a good astrologer always
remembers, not only that the characteristic influence of each
planet never changes, but that even so, it may act either destruc-
tively or constructively, and it is his job to see to it that it acts
constructively as often as possible.
Other than time, we now have briefly considered all the
factors of major significance in astrology: Planets, signs, aspects,
houses.. Of these four, the astral energies radiated by the plan-
ets are the dynamic influences. The signs merely represent the
fields of force that do not change the essential influence of the
planets located in them, but do change their resonance. They
act as sounding boards for the planetary tones. The aspects do
not change the essential characteristics of any planet's influ-
ence; but they do determine the type of harmony or discord the
convergence of its stream of energies with the streams of ener-
gies of other planets indicates. The houses do not change the
characteristics of either the planets or their aspects, but they do
have a determining influence over the amount of power a
planet's energy can exert, and what department of life its
energies will chiefly influence.
Now these four astrological factors are at all times operative.
But as the dynamic influences called planets revolve about the
sun they move at times into the various fields of force called
signs; the angles with which their energies converge with those
of other planets, called aspects, change; and as the earth rotates
on its axis their energies reach a given spot on the earth succes-
sively through each of the 12 houses within a period of 24 hours.
The time element is essential thus to map the directions in
which streams of astrological energy are flowing, and also to
map releases of planetary energy by progressed aspects.
These streams of astral energy exert a pressure upon the
astral forms of all things on earth. As set forth in Astrological Lore
Of All Ages,
they have profoundly affected the evolution of
man, have influenced his social systems, brought periods of
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progress and periods of stagnation, and without his knowledge
have instituted and maintained his holidays and popular cus-
toms. Also they have an influence even upon inanimate objects.
Things which are crosswise, so to speak, to these currents, and
especially if they are so constituted as to vibrate readily to the
convergences mapped by destructive aspects, have a difficult
time. Other things which offer little resistance to the general
flow, and only vibrate readily to the convergences mapped by
constructive aspects, fare better.
A great amount of observation goes to show that living
things that survive birth are born only at those times when
their own astral organism coincides rather closely with the
pattern formed at that time by the flow of planetary energies.
For instance, if the thought-cell organization of a child is too
divergent from the pattern of astrological forces, including
planetary streams, signs, aspects and houses, it is believed
that the child will not live. However, this flowing astral
pattern which permits birth of living creature is certainly not
as rigid as steel. Instead, when proper physical conditions are
present it seems to have sufficient elasticity that children can
be born and live whose thought-cell organizations vary con-
siderably from it in detail.
Anyone who will take the trouble to learn to erect and
read a birth-chart can prove for himself that the positions
thus mapped show the predispositions of a child then born.
The important thing for the astrologer to remember, so as not
to fall into the errors of fatalistic fortune-telling, is that these
positions of the planets at birth did not cause the individual
then born to possess the characteristics they indicate, but that
they show the direction in which the planetary energies were
then flowing and combining with other planetary currents.
And that the sum total of these energy streams and their
convergences formed an innerplane energy pattern which
permitted only a soul which already had a corresponding
organization to be born. The soul possessed certain predispo-
sitions. It could not be born until there was an astrological
pattern not too divergent from the thought-cell organization
which was the seat of these predispositions.
Each planet in a birth-chart maps dynamic thought-cells
which express their energy in thoughts, behavior and events
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attracted characteristic of the experiences which formed them.
The type of experiences in lower forms of life that built and
organized the thought-cells mapped by each of the ten planets
is set forth in Chapter Three of How To Select A Vocation.
The physical cells and organs of the material body have a
characteristic type of intelligence, know how to do certain things
without being directed by the brain, have their own desires,
which may or may not be for things which are beneficial to the
individual, and perform their functions without the active super-
vision of objective consciousness. So also the thought-cells and
thought structures of the inner-plane body possess the kind of
intelligence imparted to them when they were formed, have
desires, and do work from the inner plane which may or may not
be beneficial to the individual. The amount of energy they nor-
mally possess is indicated by the prominence of the planet map-
ping them in the chart of birth. Their desires are always
characteristic of the planet thus mapping them, but are modified
in detail as shown by the sign occupied by the planet, and are of
a nature beneficial or detrimental to the individual as indicated
by the aspects the planet receives.
These desires, to the extent the thought-cells possessing
them normally have energy, or acquire it from progressed
aspects, influence the thoughts, the behavior and the events
that come into the life. Occupying the inner plane, thought-
cells are able to exert extra-physical power to bring to pass the
type of physical events they desire. This is the kind of power
exercised by metaphysicians and all other practitioners who do
not employ physical means, to demonstrate health or other
conditions for those who seek their services.
Important events come into an individual's life only when
thought-cells mapped by the house of the birth-chart ruling the
department of life affected receive new energy from a pro-
gressed aspect. And the type of the event is always charac-
teristic of the planets forming the progressed aspect. The
periods when such additional energy is given to definite groups
of thought-cells can be predetermined through calculating the
progressed aspects. How to make these calculations.and ap-
praise the probable event that will occur while a progressed
aspect is operative is explained in Progressed Aspects of Standard
Still further details of practically applying this easy
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way to judge progressed aspects, statistical analyses of the
events which have actually happened in people's lives coin-
cident with given progressed aspects, and just what precau-
tionary actions should be taken when a progressed aspect
shows a given event is probable, are set forth in When And
What Events Will Happen.
In this beginner's book it is sufficient to point out that the
birth-chart does not map SPECIFIC EVENTS. But it does map
PREDISPOSITIONS toward the types of conditions and events
which will affect each of the 12 departments of the individual's
life, because it maps the general desires of the thought-cells
associated with each. The specific conditions and events, as
explained in full detail in When And What Events Will Hap-
pen,3 are determined by the desires and activities of the
thought-cells in connection with the facilities and resistances to
these desires offered by the physical environment. Neither do
progressed aspects map SPECIFIC EVENTS. Instead they map
ENERGY RELEASES of definite types during limited periods
of time which can be predetermined. These give greater activity
to definite groups of thought-cells. But the specific event they
are able to bring into the life at such times is not determined
alone by their desires and power, but is subject also to the
facilities of environment for some specific events, and the en-
vironmental resistance to others.
Furthermore, the birth-chart does not indicate the develop-
ment of some particular disease is inevitable. But it does indicate
the PREDISPOSITION toward diseases of a certain type. The
progressed aspects show, not when some disease of this type will
inevitably develop, but the periods during which there is almost
no danger from such diseases, and the periods during which some
disease of the type is likely to develop unless adequate precau-
tionary actions are taken. This subject is given detailed considera-
tion in Body Disease And Its Stellar Treatment.
The Easy Way to Learn Astrology
Right at the start the student of astrology should have a
general idea of the nature of astrological forces, why they
produce the results they do, and how they operate. To impart
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such essential information has been the object of this book thus
far. But from here on the object will be to make information
available in the order with which it can most easily be applied.
As the planets are the chief source of astrological energies,
the beginner early will wish to know the chief characteristics of
the influence exerted by each upon human life. Then, as zodia-
cal signs, which are fields of force acting as sounding boards,
give resonance and general trends to planetary energy, he will
want to know what these trends are. Following this, he will
desire to know what discords and harmonies are given to the
planetary energies by their aspects. Moving from the more
general toward the more particular, he will then want to know
about the houses as indicating the departments of life affected
by the planets as aspected and located in the signs. And finally
he will want to know how to appraise appearance, health,
finances, position, marriage, and other phases of the life that
are influenced by several astrological factors.
He will understand that a precise astrological reading re-
quires a birth-chart erected for the year, month, day and time
of day at the geographical location of birth. But merely from the
positions of the planets on the day of birth certain general
conclusions can be drawn. An ephemeris for the day of birth
will give the sign positions of the planets, and from the degrees
they occupy their aspects--with the possible exception of those
of the Moon, which moves approximately 13 degrees a day can
be ascertained.
While neither revealing what department of life is thus
chiefly affected, nor how affected fortunately a unfortunately,
the sign occupied by each planet, as shown in the ephemeris
on the day, month and year of birth has some significance over
the things that planet rules. Therefore we will commence with
a consideration of the nature of the influence of each planet,
and how that influence operates in each of the twelve signs.
And, as the sign position of the Sun can be ascertained merely
from the date of birth without the use of an ephemeris except
when it is at the very end of one sign or the beginning of the
next--we will start with the sun-sign. Furthermore, as such
sun-sign influence expresses the more common influence of
each sign, there would be no point in giving, in another place,
the influence of the signs when not thus occupied by the Sun.
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The thought-cells mapped by the Sun are the seat of the indi-
viduality. They have been organized by those experiences in
lower life-forms that express the Drive For Significance, includ-
ing tenacity to life. They govern the positive, electric energy of
the electromagnetic form. On their degree of activity, and their
harmony, depend the ability to withstand illness and to recu-
perate. Length of life is measured by their power relative to the
afflictions shown by groups of thought-cells mapped by discor-
dant planets. Any aspect of Mars to the Sun, or a harmonious
aspect of Jupiter to the Sun, tends markedly to lengthen the life
through increasing their power.
Because their chief expression is toward gaining and main-
taining significance, and their activity strongly influences the
relation of the individual to those in authority, as well as influenc-
ing his authority over others, they are called POWER thought-
cells. The thought-elements of which they are composed are the
most deep seated and persistent of all. To the extent these
thought-cells are active is the life influenced by thoughts of pride,
firmness, approbation, conscientiousness or self-esteem.
Aspects to the Sun affect the vitality, the relation to authority,
and relations with the male sex. Only those with a prominent
birth-chart Sun become successful as politicians or successful in
personally directing the efforts of others. Discordant aspects to
the Sun tend toward difficulties with those in authority, or diffi-
culties arising from attempts to exercise authority.
When the Sun is prominent in the birth-chart the individual
seeks to be at the head of something, and seldom works to
advantage unless given full charge of his work or department.
When the Sun is prominent and afflicted the individual may
think he is entitled to exercise authority for which he is completely
unsuited. And to increase his feeling of significance, he may brag
and be egotistical. Therefore, as early as possible he should realize
that the RULERSHIP which he craves cannot be attained through
bragging or DICTATIVENESS. It can only be attained through
acquiring and using abilities that command admiration, and gain-
ing the co-operation of others through a sympathetic considera-
tion of their views and problems.
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Sun in Aries--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Aries, where the Sun may be found each year from March 21
to April 21, have been associated with, and desire to express
through, the I AM attitude. Even as the Ram, which pictures
among the constellations the influence of this sign, is combat-
ive, uses his head in offensive, and is the leader of his flock, so
Aries people require the zest of competition, feel the need for
combat, and always strive for personal leadership.
The Sun in Aries marks the birth of spring, and all the world
seems new to an Aries individual. He is extremely optimistic,
and this often leads him into.undertakings that are more than
he can manage. One of several things he should avoid is having
too many irons in the fire at once. The same inherent enthusi-
asm easily leads him to rush into controversy before he has
thoroughly examined all the evidence. And once he thus es-
pouses a cause he is reluctant to admit himself wrong. Rash in
love, bright and lively in conversation, he takes to politics; for
in it leadership plays an important part. Whether working
constructively or destructively he uses creative power and
original thought, employing his brain to gain his ends. In
business he is apt to overwork.
When the Sun is afflicted, his desire for LEADERSHIP,
which is his own proper field, may cause him to make two
mistakes. One, already mentioned, is to diffuse his energies,
trying to take in too much territory. The other is to develop
OFFICIOUSNESS, and an inclination to interfere unduly in the
affairs of others. The sooner he learns that people resent being
bossed about and told how to do things they already are doing
well, and that example and kindly advice when it is asked gain
him the leadership he craves, the more successful will his life
Sun in Taurus--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Taurus, where the Sun may be found each year from April
21 to May 21 have been associated with, and desire to express
through, the I HAVE attitude. Even as the Bull, which pictures
among the constellations the influence of this sign, is slow
moving, plodding and self reliant, but excessively violent when
provoked to anger, so are Taurus people quiet and thoughtful,
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patiently awaiting for plans to mature. Remarkable for en-
durance, industry and application, they sometimes become
sullen and reserved. Slow to irritation, when once aroused
they are furious and violent. They make warm friends and
implacable foes.
The Taurus individual thinks largely in terms of money. He
is neither more acquisitive nor more liberal than other signs,
but he likes to handle money, and to use money for whatever
purposes he has in mind. Obedient to his employer, and very
persistent in all he undertakes,, he does not possess the initia-
tive for new undertakings, nor the courage to take great risks.
When the Sun is afflicted, his desire for STABILITY may
cause him to follow a set routine in the performance of his
tasks, and very much dislike to change his methods in any way.
He is thorough in all he undertakes, and can neither be hurried
nor frightened from his deliberate pace. Carried to the extreme
this inflexibility may express as OBSTINACY. The earlier in life
he forms the habit of being steadfast for truth and justice the
more successful will he become; for a recognition of these will
permit him to change and to give way when he perceives he
is in the wrong.
Sun in Gemini--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Gemini, where the Sun may be found each year from May
21 to June 22, have been associated with, and desire to express
through, the I THINK attitude. Even as the Twins, which
picture among the constellations the influence of this sign, are
human and dual, so Gemini people like to talk and study and
teach, in a manner characteristic of those who have developed
both reason and intuition. They are versatile and changeable
and able to do more than one thing at a time.
The Gemini individual has a very active brain and is at his
best when his intellect has full scope for work He is restless, and
must constantly express himself in some way, and may talk too
much about unimportant details that important information is
obscured. He has remarkable dexterity, and can do any number
of things well.
In his desire for VERSATILITY he may try many occupa-
tions, and he can follow so many different ones with little effort
that he frequently does not stick to any of them long enough to
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make a marked success of it. It is unnecessary for him to endure
disagreeable things in one occupation, because he can always
get a job doing something else.
When the Sun is afflicted, this may lead to CHANGEABLE-
NESS, not merely in reference to jobs, but relative to his point
of view, his likes and dislikes, and even may include friendships
and domestic partners. For greatest success, therefore, he
should early realize that any one task can be made worthy of
all his ingenuity and talent, and that instead of changing his
occupation, or his domestic partner and friends, he should
change his methods, and strive thus for greater and greater
Sun in Cancer--The Power thought-cells of the individual
born in Cancer, where the Sun may be found each year from
June 22 to July 23, have been associated with, and desire to
express through, the I FEEL attitude. Even as the Crab, which
pictures among the constellations the influence of this sign,
is influenced by the tides and the moon, and is sensitive to
its environment and tenacious of purpose, so Cancer people
are powerfully influenced by their environment, are sensi-
tive and mediumistic, are subject to moods, and have tremen-
dous tenacity. And in their approach to their work, while
their method gives as good results as any, they are apt to
commence in a manner that those of other signs consider
oblique, even as the Crab has a side-long gait.
The Cancer individual, while he may love travel, is excep-
tionally fond of, and attached to, his home and family. He is
emotional, and above all else craves sympathy. As he tends to
absorb all the conditions he contacts, he should choose his
associates and his domestic environment with special care.
When the Sun is afflicted, his fear of ridicule may be so
powerful and distressing as to prevent him properly asserting
himself, and he may fancy he has been slighted where no
offense was meant. He too easily becomes upset at hearing
unpleasant news, and exhibits TOUCHINESS. Instead, he
should as early as possible absorb the idea that people in
general are sympathetic and friendly, and that those who are
otherwise are not worth bothering about. When he makes this
thought a part of himself he will no longer refuse to accept,
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when they are presented, the very opportunities which he
desires; for when he has an idea, a friend, or a purpose, he holds
to it with the utmost TENACITY.
Sun in Leo--The Power thought-cells of the individual born in
Leo, where the Sun may be found each year from July 23 to
August 23, have been associated with, and desire to express
through, the I WILL attitude. Even as the Lion, which pictures
among the constellations the influence of this sign, is the king
of beasts, is noted for its courage, and is especially solicitous of
its offspring, so Leo people aspire to rule, are courageous, fond
of their children and will defend them regardless of the cost.
The Leo individual tends to be honest, magnanimous, gen-
erous to his friends, impulsive, passionate, faithful and ambi-
tious. His ideas usually are on a large scale, and he seldom
stoops to pettiness or meanness. He is fond of entertainment
and mixing with his friends, and must have affection, admira-
tion and worldly acclaim to be happy. He has' faith and trust
in other people, and these usually respond to his faith by trying
to live up to his expectations. He is good at deputizing work,
not demanding of his subordinates that which is impossible.
When the Sun is afflicted, his desire for significance may
lead him to overdress, and to become a showoff. He then goes
to great pains to have a better car, a finer house, and to entertain
more lavishly than others in his social set. It is true that he is
better at directing the efforts of others than in taking orders. But
also he readily can believe he should have a position of impor-
tance far beyond any he is capable of properly filling. His
craving for a position of authority and for personal notice may
develop into a tendency toward DOMINATION. He should,
therefore, as early as possible realize that KINDNESS will ad-
vance him toward the glory he craves, even if its exercise calls
for the performance of menial tasks, much faster than the
arbitrary issuing of orders.
Sun in Virgo--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Virgo, where the Sun may be found each year from August
23 to September 23, have been associated with, and desire to
express through, the I ANALYZE attitude. Even as the Vir-
gin--a gleaning maid holding in her hand cars of wheat--
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which pictures among the constellations the influence of this
sign, is modest and industrious in gathering her harvest, so
Virgo people are thoughtful, serious, contemplative, modest,
industrious, and have the ability to assimilate experience and
facts in such a way as to reap a rich harvest of knowledge.
Always ready to suggest improvements in existing methods,
some of them become veritable encyclopedias of information.
The Virgo individual loves to deal with facts rather than
with theories. Statistics appeal to him. He takes orders readily
and uses ingenuity and originality in carrying them out. He is
clever at accountancy, and makes a good public servant. He is
a master of detail, and his ability to think straight may take him
into the scientific field, or make him exceptionally valuable to
executives who do planning; for he can dissect a proposition of
any kind and find its weaknesses and determine how these can
be strengthened. He lives so completely in the intellectual realm
that often it narrows the range of his emotions.
When the Sun is afflicted, his desire for ANALYSIS may
cause him to be unsympathetic, to be overly fastidious, seldom
to praise, but often to find fault, with others. The earlier he
realizes that it takes just as keen discrimination to find and
stress the good points in people and things, and is far more
profitable than indulging in CRITICISM, the more benefits he
will receive from life.
Sun in Libra--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Libra, where the Sun may be found each year from Septem-
ber 23 to October 23, have been associated with, and desire to
express through, the I BALANCE attitude. Even as the Scales,
which pictures among the constellations the influence of this
sign, are easily tipped either way, but regain equilibrium as
soon as the weight is removed, so are Libra people for a moment
easily swayed by their emotions, but quickly regain their bal-
ance. And even as the Scales are the symbol of justice, so are
these people devoted to justice.
The Libra individual is a lover of peace and harmony, is
amiable, even tempered, affectionate, sympathetic, and in-
clined toward marriage. He is fond of art, refined pleasures and
amusements, dislikes unclean work intensely, and feels the
need of a companion to share his lot in life. He loves perfection,
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craves understanding, and as a rule should not live an isolated
life, but follow his social inclinations. He is polished and gra-
cious, and inclined to make a living through the easier methods
than through those more strenuous. Ugliness, strife, discord
and coarseness distress him painfully. When the Sun is af-
flicted, his desire for APPROBATION may cause him to sanc-
tion the questionable conduct of others, and to be led by them
into actions which of his own initiative he would never take.
Also, instead of specializing in some single direction, and hence
gaining high efficiency, his sense of proportion may influence
him to dabble in many things. His occupation should be some-
thing in which he contacts others personally and can capitalize
on AFFABILITY. And the sooner he realizes that people will like
him better when they find he has sufficient character to render
firm decisions uninfluenced by flattery, the sooner he will gain
his desires.
Sun in Scorpio--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Scorpio, where the Sun may be found each year from Octo-
ber 23 to November 22, have been associated with, and desire
to express through, the I DESIRE attitude. Even as the Scorpion,
which pictures among the constellations the influence of this
sign, is intense in its sexual propensities, is secretive in habit, is
cruel and subtle, is a fighter, and uses a weapon which is not
suspected by its opponent, so are Scorpio people suspicious,
shrewd, determined, secretive,,energetic and good fighters, at
times using indirect, but effective methods in attacking their
opponents. In their sexual nature they are intense and given to
The Scorpio individual is thoughtful, contemplative, ingen-
ious and scientific. He is strong in his likes and dislikes, and
whatever he finds to do he does with his whole might. He
possesses a natural healing magnetism, and is never at a loss
for plans by which difficulties may be overcome. He can be
trusted to grapple with the most difficult and disagreeable
tasks. Usually he knows what he wants from life, and works
energetically to get it.
When the Sun is afflicted, his strong sense of duty, or his
cold, calculating and deceitful cruelty towards those he dislikes,
may give rise to TROUBLESOMENESS. The earlier he realizes
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that his advantage is in concentrating his RESOURCEFUL-
NESS on his own problems and in helping, rather than hinder-
ing others, the sooner he will be able to realize his desires. And
he should also learn that success at times depends on willing-
ness to take second place, and that asking questions is not a
serious acknowledgment of inferiority.
Sun in Sagittarius--The Power thought-cells of the individual
born in Sagittarius, where the Sun may be found each year from
November 22 to December 22, have been associated with, and
desire to express through, the I SEE attitude. Even as the
Centaur, which pictures among the constellations the influence
of this sign, is half animal and half human, is a hunter with the
leg of a horse and the head of a man, and is armed with a bow,
so Sagittarius people have strong animal tendencies and at the
same time are also well supplied with the higher, nobler, more
generous impulses. They are migratory, loving to travel, and
they are keen on outdoor sports; but at the same time they have
a strong leaning toward philosophy and religion. When they
speak, what they say goes straight to the mark like an arrow to
the bull's eye.
The Sagittarius individual is free, energetic, ambitious of
worldly position, loyal, patriotic and charitable of the short-
comings of others. Prompt and decisive in action, he can com-
mand others, and thus makes a good executive. On the other
hand, he can also take orders without resentment. Frank and
candid in expressing opinions, he is quick to fight for the rights
of others. He posses buoyancy and tremendous enthusiasm.
When the Sun is afflicted, he tends toward SPORTIVE-
NESS. He does need fresh air, exercise and recreation. But he
also re quires ample mental activity. The earlier he gains the
viewpoint that the best game of all is to be found in work
which contributes to his own success and to the welfare of
society, and that to find and follow this work advantageously
requires the acquisition of COMPREHENSION, the more he
will gain from life.
Sun in Capricorn--The Power thought-cells of the individual
born in Capricorn, where the Sun may be found each year from
December 22 to January 20, have been associated with, and
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desire to express through, the I USE attitude. Even as the Goat,
which pictures among the constellations the influence of this
sign, ascends a mountain by taking advantage of every foot-
hold, so Capricorn people climb to their ambitions by grasping
every possible opportunity, great or small, to advance them-
selves. Suppliantly they bow to the reigning authority, seeking
by sun dry and devious ways to gain the good will of others,
that they may partake in power, much as the goat must bend
his knees and devise many a clever method to crop the foliage
among the precipitous rocks of his upland pasture.
The Capricorn individual is patient and persistent, and by
concentrated effort and skillful maneuvering butts his way
through, or climbs his way around, all but insurmountable
obstacles. He is highly ambitious, a good manager, methodical
and inclined to be conventional. He carries responsibility well
and has a faculty for bringing together dissenting factions but
is too much inclined to carry other people's troubles.
When the Sun is afflicted, he tends toward DECEITFULNESS.
The earlier he realizes that the greatest advantage any
person can have is integrity and devotion to the welfare of
others, and employs DIPLOMACY, and his faculty for synthe-
sis and economy for the good of society, the greater will be those
honors attained which he so ardently craves.
Sun in Aquarius--The Power thought-cells of the individual
born in Aquarius, where the Sun may be found each year from
January 20 to February 20, have been associated with, and desire
to express through, the I KNOW attitude. Even as the Man,
which pictures among the constellations the influence of this
sign, measures the energies in the sky with one hand, and with
the other pours down upon earth a flood of information, so
Aquarius people tend to be interested in astrology and all things
new and progressive, have humanitarian instincts, are keen on
education, and desire scientific verification of all theories.
The Aquarius individual is inventive, scientific, pleasant,
friendly, determined, faithful, sincere, easily influenced by
kindness, fond of society and refinement, and a keen student
of human nature. He is independent, cares little for precedent
and convention, and although he may listen with rapt attention
to the ideas of another, he is not apt to be impressed by them.
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He forms his own opinions. Because he understands human
nature so well, he knows just what to say and what to do to
produce a given effect upon those with whom he is associated.
Greatly interested in politics and religion, he tends to view
things, not so much from their benefit to one person or one
group, but in reference to their benefit to society as a whole.
When the Sun is afflicted, his desire for ARGUMENTA-
TION often causes him to take the opposite side of a question
merely for the sake of the discussion. Because he absorbs
knowledge so quickly he becomes impatient of those who are
slow to grasp new, and perhaps untried, ideas. He tends to
procrastinate, and his enthusiasm for bettering the race is too
apt to be expended in verbal discussions which theoretically
solve the difficulties of mankind. The earlier he recognizes that
wisdom must be accompanied by practical application if it is to
accomplish anything worthwhile, and the earlier he acquires
the habit of action, in addition to talk, the quicker and more
effectively will he be able to contribute to the ALTRUISM which
he seeks.
Sun in Pisces--The Power thought-cells of the individual born
in Pisces, where the Sun may be found each year from February
20 to March 21, have been associated with, and desire to express
through, the I BELIEVE attitude. Even as the Fishes, which
picture among the constellations the influence of this sign, live
in water, symbol of the emotions, so are Pisces people unusually
sympathetic and powerfully influenced by their affections.
These fish are united by the ribbon of love, and Pisces people
long for the ideal in marriage, and when this ideal is not realized
become restless and discontented. Nor is their idealism con-
fined to domestic life. They also yearn for universal brother-
hood and peace on earth good will to men.
The Pisces individual is amiable, kind, neat and particular,
yet may be timid and lacking in self-confidence. He is greatly
influenced by his environment, is restless, emotional, and ca-
pable of high intellectual development. Sensitive and medium-
istic, capable of psychic lucidity, romantic and a lover of
mystery, he may become too negative and dreamy to realize
his ideals. He readily becomes interested in psychic investiga-
tion, is profoundly disturbed by injustice, and is deeply relig-
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ious. Even as there are two fish, the Pisces individual varies
more widely from type than those born in any other sign.
When the Sun is afflicted, he is inclined to magnify the
importance of actual or threatened adversity, and he easily
develops a tendency to start things which he does not finish.
Even in his SYMPATHY for others he should early realize he is
responsible only in so far as he has ability, and trust Deity with
other details. And the sooner he thus banishes WORRY, and
learns to finish what he starts, the quicker will he realize the
peace and harmony he desires.
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