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Chapter 1
Soul Healing
and Its
Even as the term extra-sensory perception was coined by uni-
versity scientists to designate any one or all of those activities
by which information inaccessible to the senses is gained, so a
new term became necessary to indicate any one or all of those
processes by which beneficial changes are brought about within
the soul. Information received through mediums in trance,
through clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, clairaudience
and various forms of impression and visions is now classified
as being gained through extra-sensory perception.
The soul, which is identical with that which material sci-
entists call the unconscious mind or subconscious mind, is sub-
ject to being changed by several methods. Metaphysical heal-
ing, New Thought healing, Christian Truth healing, Mental
healing, Divine healing, Yoga healing, in fact all healing apart
from the use of physical agents, depends upon making changes
within the soul. Thus the need arose for a term by which any
one or all of these processes by which the soul might benefi-
cially be changed could be designated. This term is THOUGHT-
Now long before the time of Hippocrates, father of medi-
cine, it was known that certain physical agents brought about
beneficial changes in the physical body. And during the 2300
years since that Greek physician lived, knowledge has steadily
increased as to how beneficial changes can be brought about
in the physical body through the use of physical means. But it
has been only with the recent perfection of microscopes and of
methods of preparing bodily tissues for observation with them,
that science has become aware of the cell structure of the physi-
cal body and the methods by which the protoplasm within
these cells is modified.
Physicians successfully practiced the healing art long be-
fore Harvey, the English physician, discovered the circulation
of the blood, and long before the much more recent discovery
that the body is built of cells and their secretions. But the more
detailed knowledge of the structure, cell-organization, and
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Soul Healing
chemical composition of the physical body has enabled the professional
healer of today who uses physical agents to cure diseases that much
less than a hundred years ago were considered fatal.
Likewise, during the past sixty years those who have practiced some
of the various methods of healing the soul have attained considerable
success. But we believe that with more detailed knowledge of the struc-
ture, thought-cell organization, and thought-element composition of the
soul, those whose work it is to heal the soul will be able to gain many
more successes than if they merely follow the old rule-of-thumb proce-
dure, to whatever school of healing through non-physical methods they
The finer form, whose organization is called the soul, is no more
homogenous than is the physical body. It is composed of thought struc-
tures, even as the physical body is composed of bony structures, mus-
cular structures, nervous structures, etc. And these structures of the finer
form are composed of thought-cells much as the physical structures of
the material form are composed of cells of protoplasm and their secre-
tions. Also, these thought-cells are composed of thought-elements in
various pro- portions, much as the physical cells of the material body
are composed of chemical elements in various proportions.
These thought-elements of which the thought-cells of the inner-
plane body are composed are grouped in families having similar prop-
erties. These properties are best designated briefly by referring them to
the planet whose energies are similar. The thought-cells composed
largely of thought-elements designated by a given planet may be indi-
cated by the planet or by the outstanding characteristics of this planet.
And this planet in the birth-chart maps the position, degree of activity,
department of life with which associated, and the discord or harmony
of the thought-cells thus designated.
Because these thought-cells, whose organization constitutes the
soul, express energies characteristic of the planet mapping them in the
chart of birth, because they are mapped thus by the planet, and because
they gain new energy and become highly active when the planet thus
mapping them becomes involved in a progressed aspect, they are also
called stellar-cells. As they have all been formed by states of conscious-
ness, and are readily changed by thought, it is proper to call them
thought-cells. But as they are mapped by astrological positions, and
become highly active under the influence of astrological energies, it is
consistent also to call them stellar-cells. Yet because all healing of the
soul is brought about by changing the composition, activity, or organi-
zation of these thought-cells, by whatever means that change is brought
about, the term we have coined to embrace these methods of soul heal-
When we say that an understanding of the structure and functions
of the various compartments within the soul should enable any healer
who uses non-physical methods to get satisfactory results far more con-
sistently, we are no more disparaging the efforts of various groups of
non-physical healers than we would be disparaging the efforts of physi-
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
cal healers who have some success and yet know practically nothing of
either anatomy or physiology. But it is our opinion that a healer by physi-
cal means who proceeds by rule-of-thumb, and quite ignorant of
anatomy and physiology, will be able to get good results more consis-
tently if he becomes familiar with these two subjects. And it is also our
opinion that any non-physical healer will be able to get good results
more consistently if he becomes familiar with the structure of the soul
of his patient, as mapped by the birth-chart, and learns how these
thought structures react to progressed aspects, and the different meth-
ods by which changes are brought about in their composition and rela-
tion to other groups of thought-cells.
What the individual thinks, what he does, and the events that come
into his life primarily are influenced by the various activities of the
thought-cells within his own soul. We do not hold that they are exclu-
sively due to the activities of factors within his soul; for physical condi-
tions of any kind can be made to respond to the activities of the soul
only to the extent physical factors exist within the environment which
do not offer too great resistance to the extra-physical pressure exerted
upon them by the soul.
Even as do the cells and organs of the physical body, the thought-
cells and thought structures within the soul not only perform definite
functions, but have consciousness and desires which are not under the
direct supervision of objective consciousness.
When placed in a nutrient solution, physical cells may continue the
work they have learned how to do long after being removed from the
animal to which they originally belonged. Red blood corpuscles per-
mitted to flow from a drop of blood into liquid plasma form a tiny stream
which builds up banks and finally covers the stream over with filaments
of fibrin to form a pipe through which they move much as they did
while in the blood stream of the animal from which they were removed.
An intestinal loop when removed from the body and provided with
artificial circulation continues to perform its normal movements. And
other tissue taken from a fowl has been kept alive over a quarter of a
century, several times as long as the normal life of the chicken from
which removed.
The heart of man needs no special instructions from his conscious
mind to keep it beating, the digestive juices are manufactured and
poured into the alimentary tract whether or not he is or is not aware
that such juices have an existence, and the red blood cells deliver their
load of oxygen to the tissues and carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs
even if he has never studied chemistry.
Likewise each thought structure of the soul, and each thought- cell
within the structure, exercises the intelligence which was imparted to it
when it was formed, and strives to bring about those conditions which,
because of the conditions under which it was formed, it desires. Its ac-
tivities, to the extent they are pronounced at a given time, then influ-
ence the trend of the individual's thinking. These thoughts, in turn, to
the extent they are powerful and persistent, influence the individual's
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Soul Healing
behavior.And in addition these thought-cells exert extra-physical power,
to the extent they are active, to bring into the life of the individual such
events and physical conditions as they desire.
We can hardly speak of the physiology of the soul, for there is noth-
ing physical about it. As it is thought-built, and the reactions between
its various parts are those between factors of consciousness, we must,
instead, speak of its psychology. But we can refer to the anatomy of the
soul. Its anatomy, although modified by experiences (conditioning) af-
ter birth into human form, at the time of that birth is mapped in consid-
erable detail by the astrological chart of birth. The prominence of the
planets indicate the activity, and therefore importance, of the soul's ten
dynamic structures, and the relative importance of its common thought-
cells which are mapped by the houses the cusps of which these planets
rule. The houses, by the signs on them and the planets they contain,
indicate the quality of the thought- cells, also the activity, and therefore
importance, of the twelve compartments of the soul. The aspects to the
planets indicate the structural facilities for exchanges of energy, and the
type of energy exchanges thus facilitated, between various structures
within the soul. And as the healing of the soul can only be accomplished
when the degree of activity or the desires of the thought-cells are prop-
erly changed, the knowledge revealed by the birth-chart and progressed
aspects as to the particular group of thought-cells largely responsible
for a disagreeable condition should be of great aid to any non-physical
Other than that non-physical energies are applied to the soul rather
than applying physical remedies to the material body, THOUGHT-CELL
TREATMENT differs from physical methods in that it is not confined to
treating soul discords that manifest as physical disease. Body disease is
but one type of expression of soul discord. And discords within the soul
are primarily and equally--but not exclusively--responsible for diffi-
culties that arise in any one of the twelve departments of life. Soul dis-
cords are primarily responsible for accidents, difficulties with finances,
with relatives, in the home, arising in the love-life, in the work, with the
public, through death, through public expression of opinion, with credit,
with friends, with sorrows, and all the other matters that so often thwart
worthwhile human desires.
When we say that soul discords are not exclusively responsible for
any of these difficulties we are recognizing that conditions in the physical
environment may be equally important in offering facilities for the diffi-
culties, or in resisting soul pressure that otherwise would prevent the
difficulties. But as the soul isthe active agent, exertingextra-physical power
to bring to pass those conditions it desires, and as the physical environ-
ment merely rep- resents the physical materials the soul is afforded to
use in this effort, we consider soul activity as primarily responsible for
what happens, and physical environment as the secondary, and usually
less important, factor. In other words, while the soul may be unable to
develop this much power, if it does acquire sufficient power, it can attract
an environment which will permit the realization of its desires.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
THOUGHT-CELL TREATMENT, therefore, in any of its various
methods of application, does not deal with physical things Instead, its
object is to bring about those changes in the soul that will give the ap-
propriate thought-cells both the desires and the activity that will enable
the soul to overcome whatever resistance physical environment may
offer to the realization of those things the individual has selected as
worthy of his effort.
Before it can be known what changes should be made in the soul to
enable it more successfully to bring into the life those things that seem
worthy, there must be recognition of those conditions and activities
within the soul which are primarily responsible for the undesirable fac-
tor in the life. If the pocketbook is affected adversely by certain thought-
cell groups within the soul, before these can be changed to work for
more favorable conditions affecting the pocketbook, the thought-cell
group responsible for the difficulty should be recognized, and the na-
ture of their desires which cause them to work for such adverse finan-
cial conditions should be learned.
STELLAR DIAGNOSIS does not diagnose the physical condition.
It relates only to ascertaining the factors within the soul that work from
the inner plane to bring definite conditions into the life. STELLAR DI-
AGNOSIS makes no attempt whatever to diagnose any physical dis-
ease. Instead, through ascertaining the Birth-Chart Constants and the
Progressed Constants, it attempts to find out what conditions within
the soul usually are coincident with the presence, not only of each body
disease, but each other condition which importantly affects human lives.
STELLAR DIAGNOSIS can be made of tremendous advantage to
those who are duly licensed healers, in the application of the method of
their choice--medicine, osteopathy, chiropractic, physio-therapy, etc.--
to the healing of physical disease. But neither STELLAR DIAGNOSIS
nor THOUGHT-CELL TREATMENT offers an excuse for one untrained
or unlicensed to meddle with the physical body. Knowledge of the Birth-
Chart and Progressed Constants of physical diseases often will assist
the trained and licensed physician in making correct diagnosis of the
physical disease from which his patient suffers. But it does not offer an
excuse for some person untrained and unlicensed to diagnose physical
diseases, or to offer suggestions as to physical remedies that should be
But there are others of considerable success who, instead of diag-
nosing the physical disease or offering physical remedies of any kind,
treat the soul. And whatever method they may employ in thus treating
the soul, a more detailed knowledge of just what is the matter with it
will enable them to apply their method more specifically to that factor
in the soul that needs correction. To them, also, therefore, STELLAR
DIAGNOSIS is a great aid.
As the significant thought-groups within the soul which are pri-
marily responsible for each condition in the life are mapped in the birth-
chart by astrological positions, an analysis of the birth-charts of numer-
ous people in whose lives any particular condition has developed,
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Soul Healing
whether that condition belongs to one department of life or to another
department, can be made to reveal the thought-cell condition of the soul
at birth which gives a predisposition toward that condition. For practical
reasons in this research work we have employed the timed birth-charts
of 100 individuals in whose lives the given condition has been present.
When the astrological positions in such a series of 100 charts have been
tabulated, it is seen that specific astrological relations stand out in almost
all, or all, of them, and that other astrological positions are present only
about as often as chance would indicate they should be.
These birth-chart positions which are almost, or always, present in
the charts of those in whose lives the event or condition has been present
are called the Birth-Chart Constants. These Birth- Chart Constants map
the factors within the soul that are primarily responsible for the physical
condition, whatever it may be. The condition, or event, of course, for which
the Birth-Chart Constant is thus ascertained, may be something benefi-
cial or something detrimental to the individual, as the case may be.
Furthermore, as the type of thought-cells mapped by each planet is
known, which department of life is affected by the thought-cells mapped
by each house of the birth-chart, and the kind of harmony or discord
indicated by each aspect, once the Birth-Chart Constants of any condi-
tion are ascertained, it is possible to diagnose the condition within the
soul--the thought- built condition--that at birth gave the predisposi-
tion toward the physical condition.
For instance, through the analysis of 100 timed birth-charts of those
who follow a given vocation it has been possible to ascertain the Birth-
Chart Constants of that vocation. Furthermore, as most of those who fol-
low a given vocation must have some natural aptitude for it, these Birth-
Chart Constants of a given vocation also indicate what Birth-Chart Con-
stants an individual should have if he is to make a success of the vocation.
Certain thought-built factors within the soul thus are found to favor suc-
cess in a given vocation. But whether or not a certain individual has in his
soul these factors which give natural aptitude and good luck in a given
vocation can only be ascertained by STELLAR DIAGNOSIS.
To enable such STELLAR DIAGNOSIS to be made intelligently in
reference to vocations, The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research
Department devoted i8 years to collecting and analyzing, along with
other data, the birth-data of 100 persons who have followed each of 30
different vocations. The tables derived from each of these 30 series of
analyses show the percentage in which each of the Birth-Chart Con-
stants are present in each of the vocations. The practical significance of
the analysis is explained in material which follows the table given un-
der each vocation specifically considered. And from the Birth- Chart
Constants of these 30 representative vocations thus considered in the
book, How To Select A Vocation, it should be easy to select the prob-
able constants of any possible vocation. Thus while the book offers the
most practical help available in selecting a vocation, it is based upon
what the chart of birth reveals relative to the thought-built composition
of people's souls.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Whether it is the actual start of engaging in such a vocation, or any
other event of consequence, however, it does not come into the life merely
as the result of such thought-cell activity as is mapped in the chart of
birth. The thought-cell activity at birth indicates only the norm for the
life. Any significant deviation from this norm, such as the arrival of an
important event affecting any department of the life, always coincides
with increased thought-cell activity due to the particular group of
thought-cells involved receiving additional energy from astrological
sources through a progressed aspect forming to the planet mapping
them. Here again we have evidence that thought-cell activity is the pri-
mary influence behind every event of consequence in life; for while the
physical environment may increase the importance or the harmony or
discord of the event, or among alternate events of its type may even
determine its specific nature, an important event never comes into an
individual's life unless at the same time the appropriate thought-cells
gain new energy from a progressed aspect to the planet mapping them.
This is not just a theoretical statement. It is borne out by the careful
analysis of many, many, thousands of birth-charts which have been pro-
gressed to the date of some specific event. Thus in addition to the
thought-built condition within the soul at birth which gives a predispo-
sition toward a given type of event, we find that to bring this given type
of event into the life there must be new energy added to the thought-
cells chiefly responsible for the event by the formation of an appropri-
ate progressed aspect. For each event, therefore, as distinct from the
birth-chart predisposition toward it, there are Progressed Constants.
The Progressed Constants for twenty-different events have been
carefully ascertained. In each case 100 timed birth-charts were used and
the progressed positions of the planets were calculated and placed
around the outside for the date of the event. Then the progressed as-
pects were tabulated. Those which did not appear often enough to ap-
pear significant were eliminated. Those that seemed significant because
they appeared far more often than chance would indicate, were retained
and placed in a table to show their frequency in terms of percentage.
After each table has been placed a detailed explanation of its practical
significance, together with instructions on what Precautionary Actions
should be taken to make the event that actually happens when the Pro-
gressed Constants are present more beneficial to the individual than
would otherwise be the case.
These twenty different events thus carefully considered in the book
When and What Events Will Happen provide an adequate basis for the
STELLAR DIAGNOSIS not merely of these events, but of most events
other than those involving physical disease; for these were selected so
that one or more would relate to die thought-cells mapped by each of
the twelve houses of the birth-chart. They embrace at least one event
affecting each of the twelve departments of life.
Now the chief purpose of such STELLAR DIAGNOSIS, which re-
veals the thought-cell condition chiefly responsible for a given type of
event, is to indicate what changes should be made in the thought struc-
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Soul Healing
ture and composition of the soul so that the astrologically indicated event
will either not take place, or will be given such a turn that it becomes
more highly advantageous to the individual.
The secondary purpose of such STELLAR DIAGNOSIS is to reveal
to one competent to judge of such matters what physical steps should
be taken to afford environmental facilities for beneficial events, or to
afford great resistance to detrimental events. We speak of those compe-
tent to judge because where body disease is the event; only those prop-
erly trained and given a license are permitted either to diagnose the
physical disease or to prescribe for it. When and What Events Will Hap-
pen does not consider body diseases. This is a subject of such great scope
and importance that it warrants the vast undertaking of ascertaining
the Birth-Chart and Progressed Constants of each important disease,
and of pointing out to the licensed professional healer the dietetic or
other physical factors that are implied by the astrological positions, as
well as indicating to the healer who uses no physical agents what changes
need to be made within the soul and how best to bring those changes
In the present volume we have made a start in this important work.
While only Length of Life and seven of the rather prevalent of the seri-
ous diseases are here given detailed consideration, the basic principles
of STELLAR DIAGNOSIS are set forth, and the methods of THOUGHT-
This book does not attempt to advise what physical remedies should
be used, or what physical methods of treatment followed, in the effort
to cure the physical disease. However, to permit the reader to know just
what physical condition is being discussed the physical symptoms rec-
ognized by the medical profession may be mentioned. And to show the
relation between the astrological factors which map the condition within
the soul which we believe are primarily responsible for the disease--as
they are primarily responsible for all other significant events--and the
methods which the medical profession or licensed healers use in treat-
ing the disease, it is necessary to mention these physical methods of
treatment. In so doing, however, it should be understood that this is
only as a popular presentation of some of the up-to-date facts relative
to such physical treatment, for the purpose of showing the astrological
significance of the physical agents commonly employed, and is not in-
tended to instruct either the layman or the licensed healer in the art of
physical healing.
We do believe, however, that this method of showing the astrologi-
cal significance of some of the factors used in the physical treatment of
a disease, and their relation to the soul factors indicated by the astro-
logical constants of the disease, will give the doctor or other profes-
sional healer hints which, if he will take the trouble to erect the chart
and calculate the progressed aspects of his patients, will enable him to
apply his remedies in such a manner as to insure much greater success.
The physical treatment of diseases should remain in the hands of
those who by education and training understand the physical body and
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
physical diseases. As evidence of sufficient education and training not
to be a menace to the public it is quite right that they should be required
to possess a license. But we are convinced that knowledge of the Birth-
Chart and Progressed Constants of each disease, and what these repre-
sent in the soul, will assist such licensed healers to benefit their patients
much more often. And the mention of commonly recognized physical
methods in reference to the handling of each disease, in addition to giv-
ing the layman astrological information of some interest, is designed
also to indicate to the licensed physical healer certain correlations that
he may find valuable in his work, between the physical methods com-
monly used and the discords within the soul which we believe are pri-
marily responsible for each difficulty.
Nor is there any intention to depreciate the value of physical meth-
ods of healing. Not only relative to disease, but relative to all other events,
what the thought-cells can accomplish is determined not exclusively by
the intensity of their activity, but by the relation of that activity to the
resistance they encounter in the individual's physical environment to
realizing their desires.
The thought-cells cannot create bacterial infection. They can influ-
ence the individual, working from the inner plane, to come in contact
with such infection if such bacteria are within his environment. They
can act upon his adrenal and thyroid glands to decrease the secretion of
adrenalin, cortin and thyroxin, and thus make the individual unusually
susceptible to infection if he does come in contact with bacteria. But if
infecting bacteria are entirely removed from the individual's environ-
ment the thought-cells are powerless to bring about bacterial infection.
As explained in detail in Stellar Dietetics, discordant thought-cells
usually influence the individual toward foods which contain too little,
or too much, of certain elements. Discordant thought-cells mapped by
each afflicted planet also tend toward the over secretion or under secre-
tion of definite endocrine glands. Under this strain the gland or glands
influenced needs far more than its usual supply of certain vitamins or
other foods if it is not thus to be influenced to under secretion or over
secretion. But if the necessary unusual supply of certain vitamins or
other food elements is included in the diet, the endocrine glands and
other bodily organs may have resistance enough to the pressure brought
upon them by the discordant thought-cell groups within the soul to
keep performing rather normally.
The licensed physical healer has the definite and useful function of
providing physical conditions which offer every physical facility for the
thought-cells that desire health to gain their ends, and to offer every
physical resistance to the pressure exerted by those discordant thought-
cells which, working from the inner plane, strive for disease.
This whole matter of the relation of physical resistance to thought-
cell activity as affecting the importance of the event attracted, includ-
ing, of course, a given disease, is explained in detail in Chapter Four of
Progressed Aspects of Standard Astrology. In that book diagram 2 shows
that when physical resistance is equal to thought-cell activity the two
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Soul Healing
influences cancel out, and nothing of importance happens. In other
words, when through diet and other precautionary actions the individual
builds up a physical resistance to the disease toward which at the time
his birth-chart and progressed aspects show a predisposition, he escapes
having that disease.
In that book diagram 3 shows that when the physical facilities for a
given event are equal to the thought-cell activity, the event is twice as
important as it would normally have been as indicated by the birth-
chart and progressed aspects. This means that when through faulty diet,
exposure, or other unwise physical conditions, physical facilities for the
disease are present, toward which at the time his birth-chart and pro-
gressed aspects show a predisposition, his illness may be twice as se-
vere as if such physical facilities for the disease had not been present.
In that book diagram 4 shows that when the physical resistance to
a given event is equal to half the extra-physical power of the thought-
cell activity, the event is only one half as important as it would have
been had the environment been normal. That is, when through diet and
proper hygiene the individual has built up some physical resistance to
the disease toward which at the time his birth-chart and progressed
aspects show a predisposition, his illness may be only half as severe as
if he had taken no such precautionary actions.
And this brings us to the chief usefulness of STELLAR DIAGNOSIS.
The most valuable function of the professional healer should be, instead
of waiting for his patient to come to him after illness has developed, to
keep his clients in good health. But unfortunately merely obeying the
common rules of health is not sufficient to keep people well when a dis-
cordant progressed aspect adds its energy to the thought-cells which are
mapped by the planet which is the Progressed Constant of a given dis-
ease toward which the birth-chart also shows a predisposition.
If the individual is to escape at least some danger of developing the
disease, either the thought-cells within his soul which otherwise will
work to attract the disease must be changed, or an unusual resistance to
the disease must be built up in the physical environment, or better still,
To bring about such a harmonious alteration of the thought- cell
activity, or to build up the needed marked resistance to the disease
through proper diet and other physical measures, takes time. To be sure
to avoid the disease or other type of event toward which predisposition
is shown by birth-chart and progressed aspects, precautionary actions
should be commenced long before the physical symptoms of the dis-
ease or other disagreeable conditions are discernable. But unless the
healer is familiar with STELLAR DIAGNOSIS he has no way of know-
ing during what periods his client will be specially susceptible to a given
disease, or usually even toward what type of disease his client is par-
ticularly predisposed.
But while STELLAR DIAGNOSIS in the hands of a competent li-
censed healer can be made a valuable aid in ascertaining just what is
wrong with his patient, and therefore what steps should be taken to
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
correct the difficulty, its most valuable function is to indicate long be-
fore any body disease or other outer- plane difficulty is present what
precautionary actions should be taken, and during what periods of time
special precautionary actions should receive unusual attention in order
that the individual may escape what otherwise might come to pass.
And in reference to this it should be pointed out that while people
almost never have a disease unless its Birth-Chart Constants are present
in their birth-charts, many people never have the disease who do have
its Birth-Chart Constants in their charts of birth. Throughout their lives
their environmental conditions are such as to offer too much resistance
to the disease even though at various periods the Progressed Constants
of the disease are also present.
Even people, who have the Birth-Chart Constants of a given dis-
ease in their charts of birth, almost never develop the disease except
during a period when the Progressed Constants of the disease are also
present. Yet even those who have the Birth-Chart Constants of a given
type of disease may pass through several periods during which the Pro-
gressed Constants of the disease also are present and escape the disease
because of environmental resistance, and then develop the disease dur-
ing a subsequent period when the Progressed Constants are present
coincident with greater environmental facilities for the disease.
All of which means that, whether guided by knowledge of STEL-
LAR DIAGNOSIS or not, if people take the proper precautionary actions
they usually are able to escape either a body disease or other physical
difficulty that otherwise would come into their lives. But guided by STEL-
LAR DIAGNOSIS they are far more apt to take the proper precautionary
actions, and take them at the appropriate time.
Thought-Cell Treatment
To heal the maladies that afflict the soul, the composition, activity, or or-
ganization of the stellar-cells within the finer form must be changed. That
is the function of thought-cell treatment, whether it be called by this name
or by any one of a variety of others. Thought-cell treatment does not use
physical agents of any kind; neither does it treat the physical body. In-
stead, it .confines itself exclusively to healing the soul.
It may be that even as the liver at times get sluggish, so certain
groups of thought-cells have insufficient energy to perform their func-
tions. Or other groups of thought-cells may acquire so much energy
that their excessive activity throws the whole soul out of balance, even
as when the brain is incessantly and highly active it may rob the physi-
cal body of energy needed to perform its other functions. Sluggish
thought-cells may be given activity by adding energy of the proper kind
to them. Over-active thought- cells may be moderated by changing their
composition through adding to them thought-elements that provide an
While lack of balance due to too great activity of some thought-
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Soul Healing
cells in proportion to the activity of other thought-cells occasionally is a
malady of the soul, more frequently the malady is due to the discordant
combination of thought-elemen4 within the thought-cells. This causes
the afflicted thought-cells to have desires that are not in harmony with
those of the soul to which they belong. STELLAR DIAGNOSIS reveals
that while imbalances between the degree of activity of the various
groups of thought-cells within the finer form are occasionally at fault,
the usual malady of the soul which is the chief influence in attracting
any disease is the desire of certain active thought-cells for events and
conditions in the external life which are detrimental to the welfare of
the individual.
These stellar-cells within the organization of the soul not only have
independent intelligence, even as do the cells of the physical body, but
they exercise extra-physical power, with such energy as they possess or
acquire, to attract into the life physical events such as they desire.
Nor is it any longer necessary to cite the results brought about by
psychics, yogis and the various schools of healers who use non-physi-
cal methods to -prove that extra-physical power does influence physi-
cal events; for this has now been demonstrated in university laborato-
ries. And in considering this university work, it should be borne in mind
that what is thus demonstrated explains how the thought-cells mapped
by birth-chart and progressed aspects influence physical events, and it
explains how Thought-Cell Treatment is able to change the activity, com-
position, or organization of these stellar cells, and thus bring about the
healing of the soul.
What we call extra-physical power may be exercised by human
beings still occupying physical bodies, by discarnate human beings, by
the thought-cells within the finer forms of such incarnate or discarnate
human beings, or by other outer-plane or inner-plane intelligences. And
science has now coined a term to designate the effect on physical condi-
tions produced by this extra-physical power. It is called the Psychokinetic
Effect, or more briefly, the P.K. Effect.
Side by side with the vast number of experiments on extrasensory
perception conducted at Duke University, other experiments on the in-
fluence of extra-physical power over physical objects have there been
conducted. The first paper setting forth these numerous experiments,
and the conclusions derived from them, appeared under the names of
Louisa E. Rhine and J. B. Rhine in the March, 1943, issue of The Journal
of Parapsychology. Quoting one paragraph from the introduction:
"Now, however, there are reasons for going ahead with the task of
reporting the findings. There has been during the years since 1934, a
long time for careful consideration of the results and for many repeti-
tions of the experiments. The findings have been confirmed again and
again by many careful experimenters working independently. It there-
fore appears reasonable to hope that altogether we have taken most of
the risk of error out of the research before it is offered to a wider audi-
The experiments as conducted were to determine if by mental power
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
alone, Hand-Thrown and Mechanically-Released dice could be influ-
enced in a predetermined way. The conclusion of the article starts with
this sentence:
"At the end of this first PK report, we have to conclude that we
know of no better explanation for the result of the tests in dice-throw-
ing herein described than that of the PK hypothesis; i.e., that the sub-
jects influenced the fall of the dice without the aid of any recognized
physical contact with them."
The last paragraph of the report concludes:
"Mention was made of a long series (twenty-four at the time of
writing) of similar reports in manuscript form to be published in due
time in these pages offering the work of sixteen experimenters, not only
confirming but extending the PK research along a number of lines. It is
suggested that these will be important in any final decision on the ques-
tion of the occurrence and the nature of the PK effect."
With the proof at hand that extra-physical power can influence
which face of Mechanically-Released dice shall appear up, it is not diffi-
cult to perceive that the extra-physical power of a STELLAR HEALER
can also rearrange certain thought-cells within the soul of a person
treated. The point here to be brought out however is that the STELLAR
HEALER will have greater success in healing if he knows just what
thought-cells need reorganizing, energizing, converting, or treating with
mental antidotes, and the general principles of how such changes can
be brought about.
Increasing Thought-Cell Activity
The activity of a group of thought-cells may be increased by giving them
more energy. Some such energy may be derived from the inner-plane
vibrations of objects or environments having the same planetary or sign
rulership. A progressed aspect to the planet mapping the thought-cells
adds energy to them. The Stellar Healer may tune in on the energy of
the planet mapping the thought-cells to be treated and deliver this en-
ergy to these thought-cells. The individual may think thoughts and en-
tertain emotions belonging to the planetary family of the thought-cells
to be treated; or more effective still, because energy in greater volume is
delivered, he may deliberately tune in on the planetary energy of the
planet mapping the thought-cells to be treated by cultivating and hold-
ing the mood corresponding to the energies thus to be delivered in vol-
ume to the thought-cells.
Through whichever of these methods the stellar-cells acquire new
energy, their activity will be increased in proportion to the volume of
energy received, and they will exercise that much more extra-physical
power. But the -extra-physical power will be used by them to work for
those things on the external plane which they desire, and their desires
will remain the same as before the energy was added.
Yet these desires of the stellar-cells may be changed either by the indi-
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Soul Healing
vidual or by the Stellar Healer. And there are just three ways by which
this may be accomplished.
Changing Thought-Cell Desires Through Rallying Forces
If the planetary energy added to a group of thought-cells is harmonious,
it tends to cause the thought-cells to desire and work for thoughts, be-
havior and events attracted into the life that are beneficial to the indi-
vidual. And the Stellar Healer can tune in on the appropriate harmoni-
ous planetary energy and deliver it to the thought-cells whose desires
need changing. Or the individual can tune in on the harmonious plan-
etary energy and thus deliver it in volume to the thought-cells needing it.
The nervous system, through electrical currents flowing over it, is
tuned by man's thoughts to pick up, radio fashion, the type of planetary
program corresponding in harmony or discord and in type to these
thoughts. That is, the individual can tune himself to feel rather intensely
in a certain way, and the electrical currents flowing over his nerves then
pick up energy of this quality radiated from one or more of the planets.
Such electrical currents also serve as conductors carrying the plan-
etary energy or thought energy thus received to all the stellar aerials of
the astral body. So long as a particular state of feeling is maintained the
chief astral energy received by the stellar-cells at the terminals of all the
aerials is of this particular planetary type, and of this harmony or dis-
cord. But if the desires of the thought-cells are to be permanently changed
by this energy, rather than merely given a temporary trend, appropri-
ate thoughts must also be cultivated, for it is thought that utilizes emo-
tional or planetary energy to build or change the thought-cell composi-
tion and organization.
Changing Thought-Cell Desires Through Conversion
As the feeling of pleasure or pain at the time the thought-cells were
formed is entirely responsible for their desires until they are given un-
usual activity through the energy fed into them by a progressed aspect,
their desires can be altered in the direction of harmony by adding pleas-
ant feeling energy to them in as much intensity as possible. This pro-
cess, which may be accomplished by the Stellar Healer or by the indi-
vidual, does not add thought-elements of a different planetary family
to the thought- cells, but it does rearrange in a more harmonious com-
pound the thought-elements of which they already are composed. If
the impact is sufficient it may even rearrange the thought-cell organiza-
tion and thus markedly change the structure of the soul.
The best technique to follow in this process is first to recognize both
the destructive and the constructive thoughts that belong to the thought-
elements within the compound to be converted. Then pleasure should be
cultivated in thoughts and actions which are constructive and at the same
time express the chief planetary energy within the compound.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
This harmonious energy added to the compound not only influ-
ences the desires of the thought-cells to be more fortunate, but while
the process is being applied as well as after conversion has been accom-
plished, the energy of the thought-cells thus diverted into constructive
activities is used up sufficiently that much less is left them with which
to work to bring unfortunate events, such as body disease, into the life.
Changing Thought-Cell Desires Through Mental Antidotes
Even as when certain chemical elements are added to a chemical com-
pound already formed, they unite harmoniously and readily with one
or more of the elements present, converting what before was a danger-
ous compound into one highly beneficial, so there are thought-elements,
called Mental Antidotes, that when added to a compound containing
another specific thought- element, unite with it and quickly change the
compound into one harmless or even beneficial.
Mental antidotes, which may be applied by the Stellar Healer or by
the individual, are much easier to apply than is the technique of Con-
version, because there is less necessity of giving so constant attention to
intense feelings of pleasure. They do not merely change the arrange-
ment of the thought-elements within the stellar-cells, but they also add
new thought-elements which give a different character to the compound.
And as the compound is more harmonious than before, the thought-
cells have desires and work to influence objective thoughts, behavior,
and events which may include health, which are much more beneficial
to the individual.
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