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Chapter 2
Each Disease Results From
Characteristic Thought-Cell
and Its
To avoid possible misunderstanding, it may be well to repeat
that there is no intention of contending that physical agents
are not an important factor in the development of most dis-
eases. Thought-cell activity may be powerless to develop a
given disease if certain environmental agents are not present.
Without the Anopheles mosquito people do not have malaria.
People subject to colds may go months without being troubled
with this difficulty in spite of progressed aspects which tend
in this direction, provided diet and other environmental fac-
tors are such as to resist the condition which thought-cell ac-
tivity tends to develop. But let them become exhausted, be-
come chilled from rain or a cold wind, or stuff themselves with
candy, and a cold develops. Yet others who are in the same
rain, the same cold wind, or who also stuff themselves with
candy, may remain free from the cold.
Not only diseases, but all other events of life, are the prod-
uct of thought-cell activity and physical environment. Increase
the resistance of physical environment to a specific event and
the thought-cells desiring that specific event must acquire more
activity to bring it about. Lower the resistance of physical en-
vironment to the specific event desired by a group of thought-
cells, and they need to possess less energy to bring it about.
Yet the fact remains, as shown by statistical studies in
the present book, and by the statistical analysis of 2,000 charts
progressed to time of events in When And What Events Will
Happen, as well as by a vast amount of research not set forth
in these two books, that only the type of events desired by
his thought-cells come into an individual's life. Environment
may increase or decrease the importance of the events that
occur; it may cause the events to be much more or much less
fortunate; and it may cause them to be certain specific events
of a given type rather than other specific events of the same
type. But such events as do happen to an individual, includ-
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
ing the diseases he suffers, are characteristic of the thought-cell activity
of his soul as mapped by his planetary chart of birth; and they happen
only at those times when the thought-cells characteristic of the disease
are given more than normal activity due to receiving the energy of a
progressed aspect.
Thus while physical conditions are important, we are justified in
considering thought-cell activity as the primary factor in every disease.
And as statistical analysis shows that people who do not have a certain
type of thought-cell activity do not have certain types of diseases, we
are fully warranted in believing that when other persons who have a
predisposition toward a given type of disease properly change their
thought-cell activity they do not develop this type of disease.
The same type of thought-cell activity which predisposes toward a
given type of disease also predisposes toward a given type of thinking.
At the time the disease develops it is practically a certainty that the indi-
vidual also engages in the type of thinking which is associated with the
disease. This does not mean that his objective thinking at this time is
chiefly responsible for the development of the disease, even though
customarily it does contribute to it. But it does mean that both the dis-
ease and the type of thinking are manifestations of the same thought-
cell activity.
The particular thought-cell activity chiefly responsible both for the
disease and for the type of thoughts that precede and accompany it is
accentuated at the time the disease develops by the energy of a pro-
gressed aspect to the planet characteristic of them. Both the desires of
the thought-cells and their activity before thus being accentuated are
due to thoughts and feelings at some time in the past. The thought-cells
have been built by states of consciousness characteristic of the planet
mapping them, and their desires have been given the particular harmo-
nious or discordant trend indicated by the aspects of the planet map-
ping them by harmonious or discordant states of consciousness. If, there-
fore, we include states of consciousness entertained by his soul in lower
forms of life before human birth, as well as the thoughts and emotions
entertained by his soul since human birth, we are correct in affirming
that thoughts and emotions are chiefly responsible_ for every disease
and other event which is experienced by an individual.
But while refraining from the kind of objective thinking character-
istic of a given disease during a period when progressed aspects indi-
cate there is likelihood of it developing undoubtedly will assist in its
prevention, such precautionary thinking may be inadequate to change
the desires of the thought-cells. Objective thinking during a given pe-
riod may only contribute to changes in the desires of the thought-cells.
In spite of directing the objective thoughts over a limited period of
time, trains of thought of the type it is sought to avoid may continue to
flow through the unconscious mind. The thought-cell activity accentu-
ated by a progressed aspect may continue to work for the disease, and
continue to stimulate thoughts in the soul which are not permitted to be
recognized by objective consciousness. Directed thinking and induced
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
emotion, to be effective in preventing disease, must be employed over
sufficient length of time, or must be employed with sufficient intensity,
to change the desires of the thought-cells within the soul.
When the thought-cells whose activities are chiefly responsible for
a disease have their desires changed so that they no longer work to
develop the disease, the individual will no longer think thoughts char-
acteristic of the disease, nor will he develop the disease. Physical pre-
cautionary agents have their value, but the one sure way to avoid a
given disease is to change the desires of the thought-cells whose activi-
ties are chiefly responsible for it, and then through proper thinking see
to it that the change is permanent.
Thought, as Hereafter Considered,
Embraces All States of Consciousness
As affecting the growth and activity of thought- cells within the soul,
feeling, emotion, perception and cerebral activity all are contributing
factors which for sake of convenience may be embraced in the word
thought. They all contribute to thought-cell activity, which in turn is
chiefly responsible for disease and other events. But to determine the
nature of the thinking and consequent thought-cell activity which is
responsible for each disease can be done with certainty and in sufficient
detail only through the statistical analysis of the birth-charts and pro-
gressed aspects at the time the disease developed of numerous persons
who have actually suffered from the particular disease.
In other words, as handed down from ages past and as verified by
extensive observations throughout modern times by a host of careful
students, we know the type of thinking characteristic of each planet.
We know when a given planet is dominant in a person's chart that he
habitually thinks the thoughts and has the emotional reactions charac-
teristic of this planet. We know that when a progressed aspect forms to
a given planet in any person's chart his thoughts and emotions are slanted
from those normal to him in the direction characteristic of the planet
thus aspected. The type of thinking characteristic of each planet is a
well known factor.
But the diseases characteristic of each planet are not so well known.
Observation has associated certain planets with certain diseases. But
these observations need to be checked and corrected as to detail by sta-
tistical studies. Statistical studies often modify the opinions formed from-
general observation, and nearly always reveal additional, and hitherto
unsuspected, contributing factors that are commonly associated with
each disease. What we need therefore, is a statistical study of each dis-
ease in order to ascertain the astrological factors which are almost in-
variably present in the birth-charts and progressed aspects of those who
develop it.
When the astrological factors which indicate a predisposition to-
ward a given disease have been statistically ascertained, these factors,
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
in turn, of necessity reveal the type of thinking which is chiefly respon-
sible for the disease; for, as has already been pointed out, the type of
thinking associated with each such astrological factor is well known.
When the type of thinking which is chiefly responsible for a dis-
ease has been recognized, it is obvious that if this type of thinking is not
engaged in there will be less likelihood of the disease developing. Con-
scious thinking adds energy to the thought-cells in the finer form that
are of the same type. But if the thought-cells of the type chiefly respon-
sible for the disease already are powerful and discordant, as indicated
by the prominence and afflictions of the planet mapping them in the
chart of birth, merely the effort to avoid the indicated type of thinking
may need to be supplemented by positively directing the thoughts into
channels calculated pronouncedly to change the desires of these thought-
cells. In other words, when the predisposition toward a given type of
disease is pronounced, merely ceasing to think certain thoughts objec-
tively, while helpful, is not sufficient to prevent the thought-cells from
continuing to work to develop the disease. For complete immunity from
such a disease which factors in the physical environment do not make
impossible, the activities or the desires of the thought-cells must be
changed. They must be changed in such a way that they no longer will
work, to develop the disease toward which, due to their previous de-
sires, there was a predisposition.
The thoughts through which the thought-cell activity mapped by
each planet in the birth-chart tends to express, and the diseases which,
subject to check and correction through statistical analysis, are believed
to develop from the discordant thoughts thus entertained, are as fol-
SUN influences thoughts of pride, firmness, approbation, conscientious-
ness and self-esteem.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are heart trouble, high blood pressure, infantile paralysis, pneu-
monia, or diseases of the spine, if other thoughts also predispose to-
ward it.
MOON influences thoughts of the domestic life, women, the offspring,
the weak and helpless, or of music.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are dropsy, stomach trouble, mental complaints, or afflictions of
the eyes, if other thoughts also predispose toward it.
MERCURY influences thoughts about time, written or verbal expres-
sion, calculation, travel, the recognition of size, weight, form and color,
or the solution of perplexities.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are nervousness, neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, hay fever, asthma,
mental trouble, or bowel complaint, if other thoughts also predispose
toward it.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
VENUS influences thoughts of affection, friendship, beauty, art, mirth,
conjugality, or inhabitiveness.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are trouble with the kidneys, skin, veins, venous blood stream,
thyroid gland, female organs, or one of the so-called social diseases, if
other thoughts also predispose toward it.
MARS influences thoughts of construction, destruction, initiative, aggres-
sion, combat, sex, eating, or drinking.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discordant
are operation, accident, infection, inflammation, burn, blood poison, rheu-
matism, kidney trouble, urinary complaint, or a contagious disease such
as small-pox, influenza, measles, pneumonia, scarlet fever, infantile pa-
ralysis or chicken-pox, if other thoughts also predispose toward it.
JUPITER influences thoughts of benevolence, veneration, hope, devo-
tion, selling, good-will, or generosity.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are always due to an over abundance of something, and may mani-
fest as the ketosis type of acidosis, diabetes, liver trouble, biliousness,
catarrh, auto-intoxication, carbuncles, or fatty tumor, if other thoughts
also predispose toward it.
SATURN influences thoughts of safety, secrecy, acquisitiveness, covet-
ousness, buying, trading, casualty, comparison, worry, fear, greed, self-
ishness, system, order, or persistence.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are always due to a deficiency, and may manifest as cancer, fibrous
tumor, acidosis, tuberculosis, pellagra, atrophy, or constipation.
URANUS influences thoughts of independence, originality, invention,
the unconventional, methods unusual, or methods quite new.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are paralysis, appendicitis, arthritis, infantile paralysis, or some
nerve disorder, if other thoughts also predispose toward it.
NEPTUNE influences thoughts relative to wishful thinking, fantasy
thinking, day-dreaming, apprehension, idealistic visions, living in the�
imagination, or relative to easy wealth, or promotion.
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are negativeness that encourages invasion by bacteria and to the
formation of moist pockets of infection which may be quite hidden,
poisoning, or psychic difficulty due to negativeness or over-sensitive-
ness, if other thoughts also predispose toward it.
PLUTO influences thoughts of groups, statistics, inner-plane conditions,
drastic events, the inside of things, gang methods, co-operation, coercion,
or universal welfare.
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
The health difficulties that may arise when such thoughts are discor-
dant are due to a high degree of sensitiveness which encourages inva-
sion by other organisms, hives, hay fever, asthma, or psychic control by
another entity, if other thoughts also predispose toward it.
Gauging Thought-Cell Power
As the power of any group of thought-cells to bring into the life events
of importance, including the diseases they desire, depends upon their
activity, we find the Birth-Chart Constants of diseases to be indicated
almost exclusively by planets in the birth-chart--usually afflicted, to be
sure-- which map a high degree of thought-cell activity. And high de-
gree of thought-cell activity is mapped only by prominent planets; the
more prominent the planet in the chart the more active are the thought-
cells which it maps. Therefore, in STELLAR DIAGNOSIS the ability to
gauge planetary prominence is highly essential. Why a planet maps a
high degree of thought- cell activity, and therefore must be considered
prominent under these conditions, is discussed in Chapter One of How
To Select A Vocation. Here it will only be stated:
When a planet receives very powerful aspects, especially if a heavy
aspect is not more than one degree from perfect, it must be considered
prominent irrespective of not being in an angle and aspecting Sun, Moon
or Mercury. But such prominence constitutes an exception to the gen-
eral rule that only such planets in a birth-chart as are in an angle, or
which aspect Sun, Moon or Mercury with a reasonable degree of close-
ness, are to be considered prominent.
The Parts of the Body More Likely to Be Afflicted
Because the astral body occupies a plane where due to velocities
exceeding those of light spatial relations are of an entirely different or-
der, it has both zones and compartments whose interrelation is not con-
sistent with our conception of low-velocity three-dimensional existence.
Thoughts, feelings and impulses are the foods of the astral body, and
each type has an affinity for some one of the twelve compartments of
the finer-form makeup. Thus thoughts and feelings which revolve
around the personality immediately are assimilated and move into sec-
tion one of the astral body, mapped by the first house of the birth-chart.
Thoughts and feelings about money and personal possessions move
into compartment two mapped by the second house, thoughts and feel-
ings about short journeys and studies move into compartment three,
mapped by the third house, and thoughts and feelings about the home
when assimilated move immediately into compartment four, mapped
by the fourth house.
But due to the variations in human personality and character, and
attributes of inner-plane existence made possible by its high velocities,
these compartments in the astral body in which the thought-cells are
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
retained are not related to the astral bodies of all people alike. While the
order of sequence is always the same, there may be the widest variation
in the relation of the thought-cells in a given compartment to sections of
the physical body which these thought-cells affect. Thus the thought-
cells relating to money may, in one person's astral form, be in the feet;
may in another persona be in the knees; may in another person be in the
arms, etc.
Yet while the compartments containing thought-cells are variously
related to the physical anatomy, the zones of the astral body, as mapped
by the zodiacal signs, are the same in all people. Thus each sign, decanate
and degree of the zodiac accurately maps the relation of the thought-
cells there located to a definite section or place of the physical human
body. In the chart of any person, Aries maps the thought-cells that af-
fect the head, Taurus maps the thought-cells that affect the throat, and
Sagittarius maps the thought-cells which affect the hips and thighs.
Where the physical difficulty indicated by a prominent and afflicted
planet is most apt to manifest, therefore, is indicated in the chart of birth
by the sign occupied by that planet, by the signs. ruled by that planet,
or by the structure or organ of the anatomy the planet rules.
This rulership is as follows:
ARIES rules the head and face, the upper jaw, and the cerebrum, or
upper hemisphere of the brain.
TAURUS rules the neck, the ears, palate, tonsils, cerebellum, or lower
lobes of the brain, the occipital region, larynx, pharynx, and vocal cords.
GEMINI rules the shoulders, arms, hands, bronchi and the lungs.
CANCER rules the lower part of the lungs, the breasts, the diaphragm
and the stomach.
LEO rules the spine and back, and the heart.
VIRGO rules the abdominal and umbilical region, the duodenum' and
the intestines.
LIBRA rules the lumbar region, the kidneys, the ovaries, the seed, and
the internal generative organs in general.
SCORPIO rules the sinus or pelvis of the kidneys, the urethras and
bladder, the sigmoid flexure, rectum, prostate gland, uterus and exter-
nal generative organs in general. The nose also seems to respond some-
what to the activities of Scorpio.
SAGITTARIUS rules the hips and thighs and the sciatic nerve.
CAPRICORN rules the region of the knees.
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
AQUARIUS rules the legs below the knees, and the ankles. PISCES
rules the feet and toes.
SUN rules the vitality, influences the spleen where the vital electric en-
ergy is stored, and the heart which pumps the blood to the various parts
of the body. It rules the spine and has a decided influence upon the
action of two front pituitary hormones and the thyroid gland.
MOON rules the constitutional magnetism, influences the medulla ob-
longata and base of the brain where magnetic energy is stored, rules the
fluidic and lymphatic system of the body, and has considerable influ-
ence over the eyes. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the
back pituitary gland, the thymus gland, and hormones of the alimen-
tary tract.
MERCURY rules the brain and nervous system and has a determining
effect upon the frequency of the electromagnetic vibrations of the body.
It rules the nerve currents, the mouth and tongue, and also has a de-
cided influence upon the action of the parathyroid glands and one hor-
mone of the front pituitary gland.
VENUS rules the venous blood and the veins, skin and hair. It also has
a decided influence upon the action of the thyroid gland and the gonad
MARS rules the muscular system and the red corpuscles of the blood.
It also has a decided influence upon the gonad glands and upon the
secretion of both adrenalin and cortin by the adrenal glands.
As these are the chief chemicals with which the body fights toxic condi-
tions and invasion by bacteria, an afflicted Mars predisposes to fevers,
blood poison, abscesses, and various types of infection. The infection
occurs because the body does not have at hand the chemicals with which
otherwise it would oust the invaders.
Wounds, abrasions, cuts, tears, surgical operations, and hot, dry,
feverish complaints are typical of Mars afflictions. It tends to violence,
and to acute and painful diseases.
JUPITER rules the arterial system of the body, the liver, and the fats
and glycogen stored as fuel. It also has a decided influence upon the
manufacture and secretion of insulin by the pancreas gland.
SATURN rules the bones and ligaments, the teeth, and the mineral salts
of the body. It also has a decided influence upon the action of the adre-
nal gland in the manufacture and secretion of adrenalin, a decided in-
fluence over the spleen, and a decided influence over one hormone of
the front pituitary gland.
As the spleen is the storage battery of the vital electric energy, an
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
affliction to Saturn tends to a condition of the spleen in which it is un-
able to get and hold reserve energy. Saturn also tends to produce pov-
erty in other essential things, such as lack of the proper elements in the
food, lack of assimilative ability and, through inadequate adrenalin, lack
of ability to draw on the emergency fuel supply.
Saturn is negative and subtle in its influence. It tends to the accu-
mulation of toxins in the blood, and to various chronic and wasting
diseases which persist because of lack of vigor and energy to remove
their cause. Atrophy, tuberculosis, arthritis, and cancer are types of af-
flictions which are characteristic of Saturn.
URANUS, as the octave of Mercury, has considerable influence over
the sensitiveness of the nervous system and the nerve currents which
flow over it. Its action is to increase the potential and vibratory rate of
the electrical energies generated by the nerves, encouraging high-ten-
sion such as precedes cerebral hemorrhage or appendicitis. It also has a
pronounced influence over the action of the parathyroid glands, and
influences one hormone of the front pituitary gland.
NEPTUNE has very much the same influence over the action of the
parathyroid glands that Mercury and Uranus do in giving sensitivity to
the nervous system, and it influences the hormone of the pineal gland.
Its most pronounced influence on disease is through the negative
condition it induces through the action of the pineal hormone to sup-
press and counteract the action of cortin. The excessive negative condi-
tion thus induced tends to the accumulation of toxins. Neptune is also
the poisoner.And because it reduces the action of the typical Mars gland,
so the poisons cannot be eliminated from the body, it favors the forma-
tion of pus, and moist wasting diseases. It tends to perversions, to the
use of narcotics and opiates, and as closely associated with the astral
plane is responsible for certain maladies caused by astral entities, which
when severe enough become obsessions.
PLUTO, while having the drastic quality and sometimes the forceful-
ness of the watery sign Scorpio, which it rules, in most respects may be
considered as a higher octave expression of the Moon. It influences the
hormone of the pineal gland, one hormone of the front pituitary--the
one related to co-operative effort --the cortin hormone of the adrenal
cortex, and secretions of the parathyroid glands. When its thought-cell
activity increases the pineal secretion, rather than cortin, we have much
the same negative condition and susceptibility to toxic poisons influ-
enced by Neptune. Pluto also tends to sensitiveness to people's thoughts
and to the vibratory rates from the astral plane. Through its affinity to
the eighth house rulership of Scorpio, it enables those on the inner plane
of life to impress their thoughts in a recognizable form on the individual.
These may be beneficial or they may be coercive and tend to irrespon-
sible mediumship or obsession.
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
Locating the Predisposing Constants
Unlike most departments of life, the thought-cells influencing which
are chiefly confined to a single compartment of the finer body, mapped
by one of the houses of the chart, no section of the whole astral body
should be neglected when considering physical health. While certain
compartments--those mapped by the sixth house and the first house--
are more important where health is concerned, all twelve zones, how-
ever they may be mapped by the houses, should be scanned with the
object of ascertaining how active and how discordant the thought-cells
are there indicated. Such zones of the astral body--head, throat, lungs,
stomach, heart, bowels, etc.--which contain planets, or whose rulers
are heavily aspected, indicate a high degree of thought-cell activity. And
if this activity is shown to be discordant, as indicated by the aspects
these planets receive, they indicate where disease is most likely to at-
In general, the most powerfully afflicted planet in the chart indi-
cates the predisposition which is most likely to develop into a charac-
teristic disease, the next most heavily afflicted planet the next predispo-
sition which is most likely to develop into characteristic disease, etc.
Therefore in scanning a chart for the most likely health difficulty it is
well to look first for the heaviest affliction in the chart; then consider the
next heaviest affliction, etc.
In thus looking for the affliction the thought-cell activity of which
is most likely to affect the health, prominence--which means high de-
gree of thought-cell activity--should be considered as well as the har-
mony or discord of the aspect. In some diseases a prominent planet
even when well aspected indicates a predisposition to a given disease.
Thus a prominent Saturn trine Moon gives a predisposition toward ear
trouble; but the difficulty is apt to be far less severe than had Saturn
been square the Moon. Mars prominent and trine or sextile Moon gives
a predisposition toward eye difficulty, but the difficulty is apt to be far
less serious than had Mars been opposition Moon.
In considering the predispositions toward health difficulties, while
every zone and planet must be considered, there are five factors of such
outstanding significance that they should always be given special at-
tention. They are, in the order of their importance:
1. The Sun as ruling the vitality.
2. The Moon as ruling the magnetic constitution.
3. Mercury as ruling the objective thoughts.
4. TheAscendant and First House as representing the physical body.
5. The Sixth House as representing the zone of least resistance.
SUN: As indicated in Chapter Four, the thought-cells mapped by the
Sun show the vitality and recuperative power. The electromagnetic form
is composed of energies of different frequencies and wavelengths. The
wavelengths of the electromagnetic energies radiated under the influ-
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
ence of the Sun type of thought-cell activity are of lower frequency than
those induced by Mercury, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, but the potential
is high. It' is the range of frequencies specially adapted to sustaining life
and vitality.
Many people who generate plenty of electrical energy never have
vitality enough to maintain health or do the things otherwise they would
be able to do, because so much of the total electrical energy generated is
diverted into other frequencies, such as those used in cerebral processes
or in negative moods or in over sensitiveness, that there is not enough
of this Sun frequency to repair the cells, take care of the organs, and
direct the physical functions.
As the electromagnetic form is chiefly of this vibratory rate and its
polar opposite, the frequencies of the Moon, any planet aspecting ei-
ther Sun or Moon has direct access to the nerve currents and to the
various terminals of the aspect aerials that reach all the thought-cells of
the astral body.
MOON: Vitality and health are not the same thing. Vitality comes from
the Sun. Health depends upon the soundness and magnetic strength of
the constitution, and this is mapped by the various planets and aspects.
But because the Moon maps the mental attitude and the vibratory fre-
quency which, although constituting a large part of the electromagnetic
form, is of opposite polarity to that mapped by the Sun, the influence of
its thought-cells upon the constitution is outstanding. The electromag-
netic form is really a Solar-Lunar form. And thus this low potential,
low-frequency and high volume energy mapped by the Moon is chiefly
instrumental in nourishing and soothing the physical cells, organs and
And because they are so importantly associated with the electro-
magnetic form, the thought-cells mapped by the Moon have easy ac-
cess to the aerials which reach all the thought-cells of the finer body.
MERCURY: Mercury not only rules the cerebral thoughts, but the nerves
and the currents which flow over them. These currents are electrical in
nature, chiefly generated by the thought- cells mapped by the Sun and
Moon. But Mercury is constantly building images in the objective mind,
constantly sending trains of words and sentences through the mind. All
these thoughts expressed either mentally or verbally, tend to tune the
nerves so that the electrical energies passing over them pick up inner-
plane vibrations of a corresponding type.
Furthermore, aside from thus tuning the nervous system and the
electrical currents passing over them to planetary and other inner-plane
energies, and aside from the suggestions offered by the individual's
thoughts about himself and his health, these verbally and mentally ex-
pressed thoughts actively add new thought-substance to the astral body,
and build with it, according to their import and harmony or discord,
new thought-cells and new organizations of thought-cells. It is not with-
out significance that Mercury is the ruler of the natural sixth house,
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
because the type of thought building material thus being added through
objective thinking is indicated by it.
ASCENDANT AND FIRST HOUSE: Next in importance to Sun, Moon
and Mercury where physical health is concerned is the dynamic thought
group which acts as a ground wire, which through the electromagnetic
energies flowing through it, connects up the astral body most closely
with the physical plane. This is mapped in a birth-chart by the degree
on the Ascendant.
That compartment of the astral body in which the thought materi-
als most readily tend to collect and organize as thought- cells which
have to do with the physical body, its form and method of expression, is
the zone mapped by the signs in the first house. These thought-groups
which relate the individual most directly to the physical world through
bodily contact are present in this section of the astral body. And the
degree on the Ascendant is the particular point where the whole astral
organism, through electromagnetic energies, is grounded.
If this first house is vigorous and harmonious, as mapped by the
ascending degree and the planets in the first house receiving good as-
pects, it indicates a vigorous and harmonious physical body. But if the
planets in the first house are much afflicted, and the degree on the as-
cendant is afflicted, it indicates that the physical body in a similar man-
ner is subject to discords.
SIXTH HOUSE: Now just as we rightly consider the first house of a
birth-chart as indicating the physical strength, so there is another house
in every birth-chart which is associated with physical weakness. Less
energy from the planets finds its way into the astral body through the
zone mapped by the sixth house of a birth-chart than through any of
the other twelve zones. This zone, consequently, in all birth-charts, rep-
resents a compartment in the astral body of great weakness. And if a
malefic planet is located in the birth-chart in this zone, this indicates a
planetary terminal where disease finds most ready access to the physi-
cal body.
Two things are always present in disease; an affliction to the body
and illness. The physical body is ruled by the first house, and illness is
ruled by the sixth house. And statistical analysis shows that when ill-
ness develops there is practically always a progressed aspect to the ruler
of the first and also a progressed aspect to the ruler of the sixth. There
must be an acceleration of thought-cell activity in the first house and an
acceleration of thought-cell activity in the sixth house to attract disease
into the life.
Stellar Healing
The Stellar Healing of others can no more be successfully practiced by
the layman than can naturopathy, chiropractic, or osteopathy. To prac-
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
tice it successfully the individual should possess a natural aptitude for
it, and undergo proper training. Its technique is fully set forth in B. of L.
Course XVI, Stellar Healing. What is said here, therefore, relative to the
healing of others, is merely a general popular explanation. And what is
said relative to the use of Stellar Healing under the heading of each
disease, is chiefly to indicate principles of self-healings; although it does
also give indications to the professional Stellar Healer who has been
trained in that art, just as other indications are given to those who use
physical remedies and who are duly licensed to use them.
Progressed aspects deliver planetary energy in volume to the
thought-cells mapped by the planets forming the aspect. This energy
not only gives greater activity to the thought-cells, but to the extent it is
discordant it tends temporarily to give the thought-cells discordant de-
sires and to the extent it is harmonious it tends to give the thought-cells
harmonious desires. This energy, however, of itself does little to change
the thought-cell composition; for after the progressed aspect is past the
individual's fortune may return nearly to normal.
But if the progressed aspect also influences his thinking and emo-
tions, these thoughts and emotions use the energy of the progressed
aspect to recondition the thought-cells, that is, to change their composi-
tion and their desires. And to the extent this takes place; the individual's
fortune is different after the progressed aspect is past. The energy of the
progressed aspect, directed by thoughts and emotions, is able to change
the thought- cells much more pronouncedly than the individual can
change them with the same amount of thought and emotion when the
energy of the progressed aspect is not present. That is, the energy of the
progressed aspect is added to the thoughts and emotions, and gives
them just that much more power.
Certain individuals known as Stellar Healers develop the ability so
to tune their nervous systems in on any selected planetary vibration
that they pick up this selected planetary energy in volume comparable
to that when an individual has a powerful progressed aspect in his chart.
They make of their nervous systems, not only a receiving set to tune in
on the selected vibratory rate, through generating a surplus of electro-
magnetic energy that flows over their nerves they use this electromag-
netic energy as a conductor to convey the planetary energy they are
picking up to the thought-cells to be treated in a patient's astral body.
This is not a new method of treatment; for such use of planetary
energies by a Stellar Healer was developed to a high degree by that
great initiate Akhenaten in ancient Egypt. The planetary energies picked
up, radio fashion, by the healer, and are transmitted to the patient
through the electromagnetism flowing from the healer's hands. All heal-
ing by Laying on of Hands, such as Jesus commanded His followers to
do, convey the thought in the healer's mind to the thought-cells need-
ing to be changed through the electromagnetism passing from the
healer's hands to the patient. Jesus indicated that true Christians were
to be recognized by their power thus to heal the sick. Mark 16:17-18.
"These signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they shall lay
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
hands upon the sick, and they shall recover." In fact, if we are to believe
the Bible, the two things which Jesus commanded His followers to do,
and emphasized in a manner to indicate they were of equal importance,
were to, "Preach the Gospel and to heal the sick." And historians record
that healing was a common practice among all believers in Christianity
for several hundred years after the crucifixion. Iranasus, in 110 A.D., for
instance, chronicles, "Man healed the sick by laying their hands on them."
Such healing is THOUGHT-CELL HEALING, but not necessarily
Stellar Healing. Electromagnetic energy from the hands is used to fa-
cilitate and give power to the image in the healer's mind reaching the
thought-cells that should have their activities or their desires changed.
But in Stellar Healing, as practiced 3,300 years ago in Egypt, and as
practiced also at the present day, planetary energy of a selected type is
added to the thought that is conveyed to the patient with the electro-
magnetism which, flowing from the healer's hands, acts as a conductor;
and this planetary energy, being properly selected, gives the thought
not only vastly more energy, but energy of the special kind most suit-
able for the purpose desired.
But while the ability to use such planetary energies in the healing
of others needs natural qualifications and special training, the individual
safely can apply the more important factors of Stellar Healing to him-
self. And of course the best time for him to employ them is while he still
is in good health, and before the diseases toward which he has a predis-
position develop.
Instead of directing the planetary energy tuned in on and the
thoughts they reinforce through his hands, as the Stellar Healer does,
through developing and holding the proper mood he tunes his nervous
system in on the selected planetary energy just as the Stellar Healer
does, but he directs his thoughts reinforced with this planetary energy
into making the changes desired in the thought-cells of his own finer
body. This process is briefly explained in Chapter One under the sub-
heading, Changing Thought-Cell Desires Through Rallying Forces. But
it is a principle which also can be used to advantage when seeking Con-
version or applying Mental Antidotes. That is, whatever the quality of
the thought which is used to change the activity or the desires of the
thought-cells being treated, it can be given multiple power by reinforc-
ing it through tuning in--by gaining and holding the mood characteris-
tic of the constructive quality of the planet--on the planetary energy of
similar quality.
As indicating the mental antidote for the afflictions mapped by each
planet, and the nature of the feeling to be induced effectively to tune in
on each of the planets, the following will serve as a general guide:
SUN is not the natural antidote of any other planet, but its harmonious
vibrations add vitality to the thought-cells mapped by any planet. The
feeling to be induced is that of dominant vital power. To assist in hold-
ing this mood, the individual may saturate himself mentally with the
color orange.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
MOON is the natural antidote of Mars. The feeling to be induced is that
felt by a mother for the babe in her arms. It is an enfolding, caressing,
gentle and sustaining vibration, rounded and strictly feminine. To as-
sist in holding this mood the individual may saturate himself mentally
with the color green.
MERCURY is the natural antidote of Jupiter. The feeling to be induced
is that felt when the mind is concentrated on solving some problem. To
assist in holding this mood the individual may saturate himself men-
tally with the color violet.
VENUS is the natural antidote of Saturn. The feeling to be induced is
that of affection, quite apart from the passion of sex. To assist in holding
this mood the individual may saturate himself mentally with the color yellow.
MARS is the natural antidote of the Moon and Pluto. The feeling to be
induced is that of abundant and positive aggressive energy. To assist in
holding this mood the individual may saturate himself mentally with
the color scarlet.
JUPITER is the natural antidote of Mercury and Uranus. The feeling to
be induced is that of prayer, devotion, and thankfulness to the Almighty.
To assist in holding this mood the individual may saturate himself men-
tally with the color purple.
SATURN is the natural antidote of Venus and Neptune. The feeling to
be induced is that of cold, unbending justice. To assist in holding this
mood the individual may saturate himself with the color steel blue.
URANUS is the natural antidote of Jupiter. The feeling to be induced is
that of intense potentiality devoted to discovery and originality. It is the
mood of inspiration.
NEPTUNE is the natural antidote of Saturn. The feeling to be induced
is that of sensitivity and keen awareness to inner- plane presences. It is
the mood of extra-sensory perception.
PLUTO is the natural antidote of Mars. The feeling to be induced is that
of high potentiality conscious and functioning on the inner plane. It is
the mood of conscious and directed inner- plane soul activity.
What type of thoughts should be used, and what planetary vibra-
tions should be thus tuned in on, depend upon the thought.. cells whose
activities or desires are to be changed. And to determine which thought-
cells need thus to be changed, the Birth- Chart and Progressed Con-
stants which are responsible for the disease, or give a predisposition
toward it, must be known. To ascertain these is the purpose of the sta-
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Each Disease Results From Its Characteristic Thought-Cell Activity
tistical analysis of the charts and progressed aspects of those who have
suffered from the given disease.
All the 850 birth-charts analyzed in this book were erected by Lenora
Conwell. In the 700 charts progressed to the date a given disease devel-
oped, she placed the progressed positions of all ten planets, the M.C.
and Asc. around the outside of the chart. While she tabulated the pro-
gressed aspects and other factors; I also tabulated them independently
from the charts with the progressed positions around the outside of