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Chapter 5
Thoughts Which Prevent
The Necessity of Operations
and Its
While it is unwise to state what is and what is not possible,
observation indicates that the power of the thought-cells within
the finer body of man, or if you prefer to be more inclusive,
even the power of mind, is limited in what it is reasonable to
expect of it. A crab, for instance, when it loses a claw, can often
grow a new one; but I know of no instance in which a man
who has had his hand amputated at the wrist has been able--
no matter to what school of mental, metaphysical, or religious
healing he belonged--to grow a new hand. And those who
have relied on the power of mind to set a broken bone usually
have had to put up with one mended in a crooked position.
These observations, and the fact that when people have a
burst appendix or various abnormal growths or seats of infec-
tion they really should have an operation, are merely examples
of that which should constantly be emphasized; that what the
thought-cells or mind can accomplish on the physical plane
depends not merely upon the desires and degree of activity of
the thought-cells, and not merely upon the power of `mind or
thoughts, but also upon the amount of resistance of the physi-
cal environment to the condition for which mind, thoughts, or
thought-cells work. And so far as I know, even the resistance
of physical environment to growing an entirely new finger
when it has been amputated has been so great that mind,
thoughts, or thought-cell activity has not been able to bring
sufficient extra- physical pressure to bear to overcome that re-
But employed in Precautionary Action it usually is not too
difficult to modify the desires of the thought-cells in such a
manner that the necessity of amputating the finger will not
arise. Not because if seriously enough injured, or seriously
enough infected, it may not need amputation, but because the
thought- cells when properly conditioned do not find it diffi-
cult to keep the finger from being badly injured or badly in-
The layman, even if he is a good astrologer, should, not
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Thoughts Which Prevent tThe Necessity of Operations
presume to invade the field of surgery and advise a client that an opera-
tion is not necessary when a physician has urged the operation. People
do, however, often come to an astrologer regarding other than health
matters, when they are suffering from what they believe is some minor
complaint, but while under progressed aspects which, taken with the
chart of birth, lead the astrologer to believe they are approaching a seri-
ous illness. It is the duty of the astrologer under such circumstances to
urge an immediate checkup by a competent physician. The advice of an
astrologer in many instances has resulted in the discovery of cancer at
so early a stage that it was halted without difficulty, while had it not
been for that advice the client probably would have paid no heed to the
difficulty until it had developed so far that arresting it would have been
There are various diseases of the human body in the attempt to
alleviate which operations often are resorted to. They range from ad-
enoids or infected tonsils to the too prevalent types of disorders of the
female organs. But toward whatever of these diseases, for which an
operation often is undertaken, there is a predisposition, as shown by
the positions of the planets in the chart of birth, the most effective method
of preventing the necessity of an operation is to take the specific Precau-
tionary Actions advocated for this disease.
However, relative to such a disease, it commonly reaches an acute
stage before the operation is necessary, and the more general Precau-
tionary Actions relating to operations often will prevent the difficulty
reaching this critical stage. To find out what these general Precautionary
Actions should be we analyzed the charts of 100 persons who had had
operations, whose time of birth is known, and the date of the operation.
The operations covered by these 100 birth-charts progressed to the date
of the operation were widely diversified, including amputations, removal
of the adenoids, removal of the tonsils, removal of cancer, removal of
appendix, removal of growth on the liver, abdominal operations, op-
erations on women's sex organs, operations on the spleen, etc. Thus are
they representative of operations in general.
Tabulating these charts by sign occupied by Sun, Moon and Ascen-
dant showed no sign occurring often enough to be significant. Tabulat-
ing the sign on the first, the sign on the sixth, and the sign on the twelfth,
gave none often enough to be considered a Constant for operations.
100 People Who Had Surgical Operations
Charts with major progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time of
surgical operation ....................................... 100 100%
Chart with progressed aspect to ruler
of First ...................................................... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect to ruler
of Sixth ..................................................... 100 100%
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Charts with progressed aspect to ruler
of Twelfth .................................................. 99  99%
Charts with progressed aspect of Mars .............. 99  99%
Charts with progressed aspects of Mars both
discordant and harmonious ........................... 49  49%
Charts with progressed aspects to Mars
discordant only ............................................ 37  37%
Charts with progressed aspects to Mars
harmonious only .......................................... 13  13%
The one instance in which no major progressed aspect involving Mars
for the date of the operation was found is chart F7oo5, a female, born
September 28, 1935, 11:30 p.m., 119:50W., 36:30N. The operation took
place August 29, 1936, when the child was II months old. The Moon is
ruler of the rising sign, Cancer, and is square Pluto in the first, and semi-
square Mars. The Moon is 22 Libra 39, and Mars is 8 Sagittarius 46.
Thus the semi-square at birth is only 1 degree 07 minutes from perfect.
Eleven months later, when the operation occurred, Mars had moved up
to 9 Sagittarius 25, quite beyond orb of a progressed aspect to any planet
in the chart.
As a guide to judgment the rules derived from statistical analysis
of a series of charts of those who have suffered from a given disease or
who have experienced a specific event are highly valuable. But it must
not be overlooked that the rules thus derived from planetary promi-
nence and birth-chart and progressed aspects merely signify definite
desires and activities upon the part of the thought-cells mapped by the
Constants for the condition, whatever it may be. And, under special
circumstances, there may be thought-cell desire and activity enough to
attract the event when the ordinary requirements of the rule are not
fulfilled. Special facilities in the environment for the condition or event,
among other things, may require less than the normal amount of
thought-cell activity to bring a given event to pass.
In the case of chart F7005 no special facilities of environment are
necessary to explain why the operation took place. In the birth-chart Mars
in Sagittarius was square Saturn in Pisces and square Neptune in Virgo
as well as semi-square the Moon. The difficulty for which the operation
later was performed was present at birth. And the Mars thought-cells as
mapped in the birth-chart not only were highly active, but highly discor-
dant. They were active enough that when eleven months after birth mi-
nor progressed M.C. reached 24Aries o8, and thus was sesquisquare major
progressed Mars, this accessory energy added to the Mars thought-cells
was sufficient, in addition to the heavy Rallying Forces provided by ma-
jor progressed Sun semi-square Jupiter and major progressed Moon op-
position Uranus, to attract the operation.
While, as indicated, there may be exceptions due to minor pro-
gressed aspects of Mars at the same time there are heavy Rallying Forces,
it is safe to say that no matter how ill an individual may be, if there is no
progressed aspect of Mars at the time heavier than one from the pro-
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Thiughts Which Prevent tThe Necessity of Operations
gressed Moon, it is highly unlikely he will have an operation. And it is
highly unlikely he will have an operation even when there is a pro-
gressed aspect to Mars unless there is also a progressed aspect to the
ruler of the first (his body), to the ruler of the sixth (illness), and to the
ruler of the twelfth (confinement and restriction, but more frequently a
If the other afflictions by progressed aspect are heavy enough, he
may have an operation even if the only progressed aspect to Mars is a
semi-sextile, a sextile, or a trine. The chances of an operation are greater
when the only progressed aspects of Mars are discordant. But in almost
half the operations, in addition to one or more discordant progressed
aspects of Mars there is also a harmonious progressed aspect of Mars.
That is, it seems that the more active the Mars thought-cells become,
even if some of the energy they receive is harmonious, the greater the
tendency toward an operation.
Heavy progressed aspects to Mars incline toward operations if at
the same time there are other progressed aspects indicating serious ill-
ness. Yet many people with Mars powerfully placed and heavily af-
flicted in their birth-charts go through life, in spite of numerous heavy
progressed afflictions to Mars, without an operation.As certain diseases,
such as appendicitis, cancer and ovary difficulty are so commonly treated
by means of an operation, we must look to the predisposition toward
diseases commonly thus handled, rather than to Mars alone, in estimat-
ing whether or not a given birth-chart and its progressed aspects indi-
cate the likelihood of an operation.
At the time of the operation it is better to have a harmonious pro-
gressed aspect to Mars than one discordant, and to have as many other
harmonious progressed aspects as possible. But more frequently the
condition which makes the operation seem advisable to the doctor is
such that no time can be lost. A burst appendix will not wait, even a
matter of days. And people do recover, in spite of progressed afflictions
to Mars; in fact, the operation indicated by the aspect of Mars often is
the only means of saving the life.
In choosing the time for an operation, aside from the progressed
aspects, which usually cannot be controlled, the Moon as shown in the
ephemeris on that day should not be within two signs of the part of the
body operated on. The best time is when the Moon is two or three signs
past the region of the body operated on, so it will have to travel nine or
ten signs to get back to the region operated on. Where the Moon is the
fluids tend to flow, and this gives three weeks or more before the Moon
gets to the place operated on and brings the blood and other fluids there
in abundance. Thus the part is not so apt to bleed profusely, and will
have better opportunity to heal. The more favorable aspects, especially
those made by the Moon, in the sky on the day the operation is per-
formed, other things being equal, the more successful it is apt to be.
The Mars thought-cells represent energy and the generation of en-
ergy. Whether that energy is used to build up or to tear down depends
on the desires of the thought-cells. These thought- cells were built by
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
the struggle of the organism the soul occupied to survive. To survive
the organism had to acquire food. A high degree of activity assisted it
markedly in thus acquiring nourishment. Even in the human form the
lazy man may have to go hungry.
To survive the organism also had to escape or defeat its enemies,
enemies which sought to use it for food. Nor is man immune from such
enemies. While carnivorous beasts menace him only in limited areas of
the earth's surface, there is no place where he is free from the danger of
protozoa or bacteria depleting him for their own nourishment. And the
struggle within the human body to destroy these minute foes, and to
eliminate the poisons which are by-products of their life processes, are
no less fierce and fraught with peril than the struggle of the savage who
meets with a spear the sudden attack of a lion. Both combats are at-
tracted by the activity of Mars thought-cells, and if the individual sur-
vives, he must fight valiantly and with a high degree of activity.
For lower forms of life, as well as for man, environment is con-
stantly changing. And to overcome the difficulties imposed by new con-
ditions there must be both activity and initiative. The life-form lacking
initiative all too often waits until conditions have so greatly changed
that subsequent struggle is of no avail. Often action must be taken im-
mediately if the organism is not to be overwhelmed.
That the Mars thought-cells are equally related to life and to death
is indicated by the signs the planet rules. Aries is the sign of birth. Fur-
thermore, the procreative instinct is ruled by Mars. While Venus relates
to love and affection, Mars in the human species rules amativeness; and
frequently those who have, for various reasons, been reluctant to marry,
do so when a progressed aspect to Mars adds energy to the amative
thought-cells. Our research shows, for instance, that a progressed as-
pect to Mars in a woman's Chart tends even more toward marriage than
does a progressed aspect to Venus.
These Mars thought-cells are not merely instrumental in urging
activity which results in offspring--birth--but as revealed in Chapter
Four, their association with the thought-cells which relate to vitality
tends to length of life. The strongest single indication of a long life is an
aspect between Mars and the Sun. Without energy there is no life, and
Mars is the planet of great energy.
Energy, however, as the horrors of war emphasize, may be used to
bring death instead of support life. Thus the analysis of progressed as-
pects relating to 608 deaths given in the book, When And What Events
Will Happen, shows that next to an aspect to the Sun, which rules vital-
ity, the heaviest affliction both at the time of the death of the individual
and at the time of death of a relative is a progressed aspect involving
Mars. As co-ruler of Scorpio, natural ruler of the eighth house, Mars is
the planet of death.
In the same book it is revealed that Mars is also the planet of acci-
dent. Not only is Mars usually the most prominent planet in the charts
of those who have serious accidents, but if we allow an orb of a degree
and a half for the progressed aspect--as we now find must be done for
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Thiughts Which Prevent tThe Necessity of Operations
progressed aspects of both Mars and the Sun--we find that accidents of
violence almost never take place except when there is a progressed as-
pect adding its energy to the Mars thought-cells. In other words, it is
the unusual activity of the Mars thought-cells primarily which attracts
an accident. Progressed aspects of Saturn and Uranus also often are
present acting as Rallying Forces.
While in the case of a surgical operation progressed aspects of other
planets than Saturn and Uranus often furnish the Rallying Forces, we
find not only the progressed aspect involving Mars, but those affecting
the first house to be practically identical with those indicating an acci-
dent. In fact, except that the Rallying Forces may be different, the indi-
cations of an accident and an operation seem to be identical. Relative to
this difference in Rallying Forces, sometimes the birth-chart and pro-
gressed aspects, together with the progressed aspects involving the sixth
house and the twelfth house, so clearly indicate an illness that there can
be no mistaking it. And in such an illness an operation, as indicated by
the progressed aspect of Mars, may seem the likely thing.
But in actual class work over many years in which students have
been called upon to estimate from the progressed aspects placed around
the chart just what event took place at the given time, we have found
many instances in which students would say it was either an operation
or an accident, but were unable to determine which. An accident may,
and often does, result in illness (sixth house) and being confined in a
hospital (twelfth). And unless there are clear indications of some seri-
ous disease the line of demarcation between accident and operation may
be too thin to make it safe to specify from which the chief danger lies.
Yet looking at the matter from the standpoint of Precautionary Action,
in such instances the individual is fully warranted in taking steps to
avoid both.
Because the astrological indications of an accident are so similar to
the astrological indications of an operation, it should not hastily be con-
cluded that an operation is a misfortune. Instead, while it may be a thing
destructive to life, and thus allied to the Mars rulership of the natural
eighth house, it may, instead, be allied to the Mars rulership of the natu-
ral first house, and thus be the one thing which preserves the life. In
other words, we must not overlook that the most life prolonging aspect
in the chart of birth involves an aspect--even a discordant one-- to Mars,
and that Mars rules eating, without which life cannot be sustained.
Precautionary Actions
As an operation commonly is for the purpose of alleviating some disease
or preventing the result of an accident from causing the dire effects that
otherwise would be present, the precautionary actions should include those
indicated for the specific disease or the accident. As those for an accident
are practically the same as those for an operation, if an accident is indi-
cated, the Precautionary Actions here indicated should suffice.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
In all Precautionary Actions it should be recognized that thought-
cell activity cannot successfully be suppressed. If you have Mars promi-
nent in your chart of birth, the thought-cells thus mapped are going to
expend their energy in attracting some kind of Mars event, and nothing
you can do will keep them from it. But, by reconditioning their desires,
you can determine to great extent what events of a Mars nature they
will desire and for which they will work.
By the use of natural antidotes even the characteristic type of activ-
ity of the thought-cells may be much modified. That is, by� persistently
thinking harmoniously about the things ruled by the Moon, which is
the natural antidote of Mars, whenever Mars thoughts begin to seep
into the objective consciousness, it is possible to add so much of the
Domestic thought-elements to the thought-cells mapped by Mars in the
chart of birth that the Domestic inclinations will be much more appar-
ent than those ruled by Mars.
Two thought elements, such as those ruled by the Moon and those
ruled by Mars, may have so pleasant an affinity for each other that
whenever they are associated, by being in the same compartment of the
finer form--a compartment is mapped by a house of the horoscope--
they tend to unite in a compound which gives the thought-cells em-
bracing it highly harmonious desires. Their spontaneous affinity for each
other is so pleasant that it tends to change the character of the thought-
cells. It is changed to the type of activity, and the event-attracting qual-
ity, that would be indicated if the two planets ruling the natural anti-
dotes were in powerful and harmonious aspect with each other in the
chart of birth. And the activity of the thought-cells whose type of think-
ing is thus cultivated may be so increased that they largely influence
the conduct and the events attracted.
In reconditioning the Mars thought-cells, the first step is to culti-
vate the habit of encouraging the Mars energy to express fully in some
constructive work. Energy--even thought-cell energy--spent in some
constructive activity leaves that much less of that type of energy to be
spent in destructive activity. Whether the constructive work is healing,
or building a boat, or using sharp tools elsewhere, or painting a picture,
or writing a story, or any other activity requiring creative energy is not
so important. But it is important that the creative energy be used con-
structively and that pleasure be experienced in the activity.
Remember, there cannot be too much Mars energy if it is chan-
neled to express only constructively. And if cultivated harmoniously in
association with the Power thoughts, as indicated in the preceding chap-
ter, this energy will lengthen the life. It is only when the Mars thought-
cells have a desire for accidents or strife or infection or other discordant
conditions that Mars energy is dangerous.
To get them to have more harmonious desires there is nothing bet-
ter than to apply the natural antidote, that is, the Domestic thoughts. In
thus adding the natural antidote to the compound in the Mars thought-
cells, whenever discordant Mars thoughts begin to intrude into the con-
sciousness they should be deliberately displaced with thoughts of pro-
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Thiughts Which Prevent tThe Necessity of Operations
viding for the helpless, of making the domestic life more enjoyable for
those in the home, and of taking care of their wants. And these fine and
harmonious thoughts should not be permitted to dissipate their energy
merely in thinking. To get the most benefit from the mental alchemy
process, some actual work, having for object the caring for the helpless
and providing for their welfare, should be undertaken.
Lust, anger, irritation, the feeling of antagonism, and the feeling of
haste, all are discordant expressions of Mars thought- cell energy. And
deliberately to replace any and all such thoughts and feelings with
thoughts of actions designed to help the weak and relieve the suffering
of the unfortunate is to use the principle of contiguity and association
to add Domestic thought-elements to the Mars thought-cells.
Aside from the altruistic motive, which everyone should cultivate
as a part of his character, it is not too high a price to pay for freedom
from infection, for lengthened life, for prevention of accident and the
necessity of operations, for the individual to adopt some definite plan,
project or work in which happiness can be cultivated, and which at the
same time contributes to the comfort of his family, or the welfare of the
old or young who are helpless. Social welfare work may be made thus
to serve the purposes of mental alchemy admirably.
Displacing the feeling of irritation, thoughts of combat, destruc-
tion, or passion by turning the attention to constructive work of some
kind and thinking about it pleasantly, is the practice of conversion. Us-
ing pleasant Domestic thoughts to displace any such discordant Mars
thoughts and feelings is the practice of mental alchemy.
In addition, should there be a quite harmonious progressed aspect
between other planets during the period the progressed aspect of Mars
threatens accident, operation, infection, or other Mars difficulty, it is a
good plan to keep the thoughts and feelings as much as possible tuned
to the harmonious aspect. The mood of the harmonious aspect, so long
as it is maintained, will feed the thought-cells reached by the progressed
aspects, including those mapped by Mars, Rallying Force energy, and
will tend to give them more harmonious desires.