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Chapter 6
Thoughts Which
Prevent Typhoid Fever
and Its
In the consideration of the relation between thought-cells and
disease we may well start with the typical Mars condition called
fever. Mars is the planet of invasion, and of resisting invasion.
Infection is the invasion of the body by some other organism,
and fever is the response of the body to infection. It is the indi-
cation of the combat going on within the body to oust the in-
vading organism or to take care of the toxins which arise from
its life processes. The medical profession now holds that the
rise in temperature is detrimental to invading bacteria, even
though not powerful enough to kill them, and is thus an es-
sential part of the defensive mechanism. Thus when infection
is present, fever is not a detrimental indication. It shows the
body is making a pronounced effort to protect itself from the
The rise of temperature is believed to be due to a disorder
of the heat-regulating centers brought about by the toxins of
the invading organisms, and by the action of these toxins in
breaking down the tissues and increasing the metabolic pro-
cesses. Fever being the body's method of combating acute in-
fection, and it being noticed that certain chronic disorders were
improved or cured when during the course of the disease fe-
vers occurred, led to the use of artificially induced fever in the
treatment of various chronic disorders. In such treatment elec-
tric currents of very high frequency are used to produce in the
tissues temperatures similar to those of high fever. Chiefly this
method is applied to gonorrhea, to cardiac and nervous disor-
ders, and to rheumatic conditions.
Mars is the planet of combat, and not only does the activ-
ity of the Mars thought-cells attract other organisms which
attack. the body, but the fever so frequently present when there
is infection is the indication that the body is fighting invading
forces. These armies are of various types. Some, such as those
which are, present in malaria, yellow fever and the sleeping
sickness of Africa, are species of protozoa. Others are viruses
such as those responsible for influenza. Science has not yet de-
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Thoughts Which Prevent Typhoid Fever
termined to which kingdom viruses belong. Still other invaders are spe-
cies of bacteria. That which gives rise to typhoid fever is the typhoid
bacillus. It is a rod-shaped organism very similar in appearance to the
colon bacillus which normally inhabits the colon. Closely allied bacilli
are those producing paratyphoid fever A and paratyphoid fever B.
Those who say that the typhoid bacillus is not the cause of typhoid
fever may say with equal logic and with the same amount of truth that
the wound inflicted by the bite of a dog is not caused by the dog. In the
first place unless the Mars thought-cells are exceptionally active the in-
dividual will be attacked neither by fever bacilli nor a dog. And in the
second place if the physical organism has sufficient resistance it will not
be injured by fever bacilli nor by the effort of the dog to bite. Some
people, due to the activity and discord of the Mars thought-cells are
much more susceptible to infectious fevers and to injury by dogs or
other animals than are other people. And this susceptibility may be less-
ened by reconditioning the Mars thought-cells. But as an additional pre-
cautionary action it is well to avoid irritating a vicious dog, and it is well
to avoid contact with the organism whose invasion is coincident with
the fever which resists it.
While typhoid bacilli may find their way into the human organism
through inhalation, far more commonly they make their entry by way
of the mouth through contaminated food or water. Sheets, blankets, or
clothing used by a typhoid patient may spread the disease to any one
handling them. The usual carrier however is water which has become
contaminated by discharges from a case of typhoid fever. Defective
drains may permit the soil to become infected with the typhoid germs.
Large cities maintain laboratories to count the bacteria in the water, and
to identify the dangerous ones as soon as they put in an appearance. All
the water before reaching the consumer passes through chlorination
plants. And whenever the infectious types of organisms put in an ap-
pearance the chlorination process is intensified to a point which is sure
to kill the germs.
Thus in large cities there are now seldom an epidemic of typhoid
due to contaminated water. But epidemics do still arise from germ in-
fested milk. The dilution of the milk with infected water, or the washing
of the cans with infected water, or the handling of the milk by a carrier
patient, may give it a start. Milk is an ideal nutrient solution for the
breeding of typhoid bacilli. If only a few gain entrance to a milk supply
they multiply so quickly that they may start an epidemic. Other sources
of typhoid epidemics are watercress or celery grown in infected water,
ice cream, oysters, clams and other shellfish grown near the outlet of
sewers, and food on which flies alight. Flies move from places of con-
tamination carrying the germs on their hairy legs, and may deposit these
on any articles of food on which they alight.
Carriers have been mentioned. These are persons who at some time
have suffered from typhoid fever, but apparently have completely re-
covered. They have no knowledge of the fact they are carriers, and seem
healthy in all ways. But they still harbor some of the bacilli--not enough
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
to cause them inconvenience--in their gall bladder, intestines or, uri-
nary tract. Such bacilli have been found in the excreta of carriers as much
as thirty years after the typhoid fever had apparently subsided. With-
out being aware of it these people are apt to contaminate the food they
contact, and thus pass the germs along to others. Typhoid epidemics
not infrequently have been traced to dairy workers or cooks who were
The early symptoms are rather vague, and doctors find it difficult
to differentiate it from influenza, bronchial pneumonia, miliary tuber-
culosis or pleurisy. The individual complains of headache and vague
pains throughout his organism. The tongue is furred, and generally there
is discomfort in the abdominal region accompanied by either constipa-
tion or diarrhea. The temperature rises gradually, becoming a bit higher
each morning, and a bit lower each night. So indefinite are the early
symptoms that people often keep on working as much as a week after
the start of discomfort.
But at the end of the first week the individual takes to his bed with
a high temperature. The high temperature continues for some ten days
or more and the individual is prostrated with weakness. If the attack is
severe the third week is one of severe toxic poisoning, called the ty-
phoid state. In this state the individual not only is weak, but semicon-
scious and often delirious. The mouth is kept partly open and the tongue
is dry and coated. This is the critical period, for heart failure may threaten
or abdominal complications may arise.
If the individual is able to survive this period the disease will gradu-
ally decline. For perhaps a week or ten days his condition will generally
improve, although the heart action will still be very weak. After this, if
he can avoid a relapse, he may consider himself well along the road to
The more frequent danger is from complications that may arise
during the third week. Inflammation may affect the lungs, the throat,
the veins, or other regions. Inflammation is typical of Mars. But the great-
est danger of all is from hemorrhage and perforation of the intestine
due to ulcer. A hole may form at the base of the ulcer through which the
intestinal contents pass. Hemorrhage often takes place without perfo-
ration of the bowel: The individual becomes very pale, the temperature
suddenly falls to below normal, the pulse becomes quickened and feeble,
and there is severe shock.
Perforation of the bowel is rarer, and is more dangerous, for it is
followed by peritonitis, which in turn at the present state of medical
knowledge calls for an operation.
Hemorrhage, perforation, and the operation, as well as the infec-
tion and fever, are characteristic of discordant Mars thought- cells.
100 People Who Had Typhoid Fever
Birth-Chart Constant
Birth-Charts analyzed ..................................... 100 100%
Birth-Charts with rather severe afflictions
to Mars....................................................... 96  96%
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Thoughts Which Prevent Typhoid Fever
Progressed Constants
Charts with major progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time of typhoid fever ................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect to ruler
of Asc ...................................................... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect to ruler
of sixth ..................................................... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect to Mars ............... 96  96%
Charts with discordant progressed aspect
to Mars........................................................ 82  82%
Charts with progressed aspect of Mercury,
or to a planet in Virgo ................................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Saturn ..................................................... 83  83%
Charts with discordant progressed aspect
to Saturn ..................................................... 26  26%
Charts with no progressed aspect
to either Mars or Saturn ................................ 04  04%
Charts with no discordant
progressed aspect ......................................... 00  00%
Major progressed aspects to the ruler of the first house and to the ruler
of the sixth house are present in other forms of illness, as they indicate
new conditions affecting the body (first) and effecting illness (sixth).
And it is likely that the frequency of a progressed aspect to Saturn is
only characteristic of this disease in the sense that it leads to deficiency
and chemical imbalance in the body which enable the bacilli readily to
get a foothold. It is thus a Rallying Force which in addition to deficiency
in diet, may lead to overwork, exposure and other conditions encour-
aging depletion; in which the body lacks normal vigor to resist infec-
tion. Also the Saturn thought-cells if discordant work, not specifically
to attract infection, but to attract disease in general.
While the disease is a general infection of the system by Bacillus
Typhosus, and practically any organ of the body may be involved, it is
characterized by acute parenchymatous inflammation of the intestinal
lymph follicles, the spleen and the mesenteric glands. The characteristic
attack upon the intestinal region, and the manner in which the disease
travels in an unbroken chain from mouth to anus and from anus to mouth
so long as there are unsanitary methods of disposing of excreta, are
indicated by the presence at the time of the disease of a progressed as-
pect either to Mercury, which is the ruler of Virgo, or to a planet in
Virgo, the sign mapping the intestinal zone of the body.
This means that unless the thought-cells within the Virgo zone of
the finer form are given far more than their ordinary amount of activity
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
through a progressed aspect adding its energy to them, they do not
work to attract any disease affecting this particular region of the physi-
cal body. We are not warranted, however, in drawing the conclusion
that it is the activity of the Virgo thought-cells which attract the infec-
tion. Merely that the general rule relating, not merely to events, but to
the body operates in typhoid fever. This rule is that unusual events never
happen affecting any one of the twelve departments of life except at
those times when the thought-cells mapped by the house ruling that
department of life are given unusual activity; and that unusual events
affecting any one of the twelve zones of the physical body only happed
when the thought-cells mapped by the sign indicating this zone are given
unusual activity.
Should the thought-cells mapped by a certain sign be given un-
usual activity by the thoughts of the individual, by the impacts of the
thoughts of others, or by any inner-plane forces, the condition in so far
as the Mercury or Virgo Constant is concerned would be fulfilled, and
if the other Constants were present the individual might have typhoid
fever. But as indicated in the table, thus far in our researches, however
much or how- ever little these other influences may have contributed,
the Virgo thought-cells have been found to have been given unusual
activity by a progressed aspect.
There is a stimulation of conscious thoughts of the Mercury type,
or of the type indicated by the planet in Virgo, due to the energy re-
ceived by the Mercury thought-cells or the thought-cells mapped in
Virgo, from the progressed aspect. And if such thoughts are permitted
to occupy the consciousness, the thought- cell activity responsible for
the conscious thoughts is still further increased. However, it must not
be concluded that if thoughts of the Mercury family, or thoughts of the
family ruled by the planet in Virgo are inhibited in so far as objective
consciousness is concerned that there may not still be enough thought-
cell activity, resulting from the energy of the progressed aspect, in the
Virgo zone to permit the manifestation of disease there.
Furthermore, the actual reduction of thought-cell activity within
the soul is a very difficult problem. Energy received by the thought-
cells is quite sure to give them added activity; and as yet we know of no
method to insulate a group of thought-cells from receiving the energy
of a progressed aspect to the planet mapping them. The thought-cells,
however, receiving planetary energy can have their desires conditioned
to be more harmonious, and they can be conditioned to express their
activities chiefly through selected channels.
Thus the Virgo thought-cells given activity by a progressed aspect
involving Mercury can be made disease resistant through adding to them
the thought-energy of the Jupiter type, which is the natural antidote of
Mercury. This may be done by thinking harmonious Jupiter thoughts,
and thinking them especially each time Mercury thoughts tend to in-
trude into the consciousness. The very fact that they are used as a sub-
stitute for the Mercury thoughts will cause them to associate in the
Mercury thought-cell compounds with the Mercury thought-elements.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Typhoid Fever
This will not decrease thought-cell activity, but it will tend to cause the
thought-cells thus treated to work for the Jupiter things to the extent
Jupiter energies are thus added; and it will cause them to work for har-
monious events to the extent harmonious energies added are able to
change the Virgo thought-cell desires.
If the factor within the soul needing treatment is mapped by some
planet in the sign Virgo, the desires of these thought-cells within the
Virgo zone may be changed by substituting thoughts which are the
mental antidote of those mapped by the planet in Virgo receiving the
progressed aspect. If the planet in Virgo is Saturn, pleasant Venus
thoughts should be used, and used especially to displace the Saturn
thoughts each time these tend to intrude into objective consciousness.
The thought-cells thus conditioned will then endeavor to work for har-
monious Venus events. And to the extent their energy is thus diverted
into working for something else, will there be less energy left these
thought-cells with which to attract disease to the region where they are
The principle here involved is not an effort to decrease or increase
thought-cell activity, but to use up the thought-cell activity in some ben-
eficial work so that too little is left for them to accomplish much in any
other field of endeavor. Two things we know how to do relative to the
activities of the thought-cells: We know how to increase their activities
and thus enable them to accomplish more, and we know how to change
their desires. In this instance no effort is made to increase their activity,
in fact, such increased activity is as much as possible to be avoided.
Instead, we make the effort to change the desires of the thought- cells.
Such changes may be accomplished through any of the three methods--
Rallying Forces, Conversion, Mental Antidotes --mentioned at the end
of Chapter One. The use of a mental antidote is probably less likely to
increase the thought-cell activity markedly. But the success of the pro-
cess depends upon the degree to which the thought-cells treated can be
induced to desire and work for constructive conditions and events, thus
using up their available energies.
The activity of the thought-cells in the Virgo zone of the finer body,
however, is but the secondary factor in the predisposition toward ty-
phoid fever. It merely indicates the thought- cell activity which attracts
something affecting the intestinal tract. If the primary constant of some
other disease is present, and the progressed aspect involving Mars is
lacking, the bowels may be attacked by some other disease, but not by
typhoid fever. And this is true whether or not there is a progressed as-
pect at the same time to Saturn, malting a Rallying Force favorable to
the disease.
At the time the 100 charts of those who have had typhoid fever
were progressed and tabulated, we held the limit of influence of a pro-
gressed aspect strictly within one degree from the perfect aspect. Sub-
sequent research has made us extend the effective influence of both Mars
and the Sun up to a full degree and a half when there are powerful
Rallying Forces present. But even without thus extending the orb of
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
progressed aspects involving Mars beyond one degree from perfect, in
each of the four charts in which it was thus not within the one degree of
a perfect aspect there were other Mars contributing factors. In other
words, irrespective of any weakness of progressed Mars as indicated in
the four cases in the table, the Mars thought-cells actually were unusu-
ally active; for in each of these charts it was exceptionally afflicted and
powerful in the birth-chart, was in the sixth (illness) afflicted by the
progressed Moon, received a progressed parallel of the Moon, or other
condition was present which in reality gave the Mars thought-cells much
new energy.
Not merely from the study of the charts analyzed in this book, but
from an incomplete study of many infectious diseases, we find the gen-
eral rule that invasion by virulent organisms of any kind only takes
place when the thought-cells mapped by Mars acquire considerable more
than their normal amount of activity.
To fight these organisms, and to neutralize the toxins they secrete,
increased supplies of adrenalin and cortin must enter the blood stream.
If Mars at the time is afflicted by progressed aspect, the adrenal glands,
which respond to the activity of the Mars thought-cells, may not have
sufficient strength to answer the excessive demands made upon them.
Adrenalin secreting responds also to the activity of the Saturn thought-
cells, and the progressed aspect of Saturn which is so often present at
the time of typhoid fever, often weakens the power of the adrenal glands
to secrete adrenalin.
Precautionary Actions
When the birth-chart and progressed constants of typhoid fever
are present the disease will attack only through contact with typhoid
bacilli. Adequate precaution, therefore, should be taken not to make
such contact.
As depletion of the adrenalin and cortin supply lowers the resis-
tance to invasion by the germ, over exertion, fear, anger, anxiety, worry
and other emergency thoughts which use up adrenalin should be
The adrenal glands should be kept strong and vigorous through
affording them in the diet Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin C, Iron and
a variety of the proteins. They will thus have at hand the materials from
which they can manufacture adrenalin and cortin, and not be called
upon to do the impossible.
If the progressed constants include a progressed aspect to Saturn,
which tends to weaken through deficiency, the diet should contain also
variety of the mineral salts and vitamins.
While variety of protein is recommended, too much meat tends to
produce an acid condition of the blood stream, and this in turn places
an additional burden upon the adrenalin supply one function of which
is to neutralize the acids. The blood stream should be kept slightly alka-
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Thoughts Which Prevent Typhoid Fever
line. A table of the foods which tend to give such an alkaline balance to
the blood stream is given on page 4 of the book Stellar Dietetics.
As the primary influence in attracting the disease into the life is an
unusual activity of the thought-cells mapped by Mars, the primary pre-
cautionary action should be toward giving the Mars thought-cells such a
strong desire to perform some constructive work that this inner-plane
work will absorb so much of their energy that they will have insuffi-
cient left with which to attract an invasion of any kind.
This is best accomplished by using the Domestic thoughts, ruled
by the Moon, as an antidote. These are thoughts that relate to helping
the weak, the helpless and the unfortunate. They should be substituted
for the Mars thoughts whenever these begin to enter objective conscious-
ness, and they should be cultivated through forming some plan, project
or work in which pleasure can be experienced, having to do with the
comfort of the family, or which contributes to the welfare of the aged or
young or those otherwise helpless.
The typical discordant Mars thoughts are those of anger, irritation,
lust, and those which accompany the feeling of antagonism and the ten-
dency to strife, undue haste, or the undue expenditure of energy. When-
ever any such states of consciousness begin to be felt the attention should
be resolutely turned to some constructive effort that will assist those
who are unable to help themselves. And to give more energy to these
thoughts and feelings, Moon planetary energies may be tuned in on
and used as Rallying Forces. Thus to tune in on the Moon planetary
energies the feeling should be induced such as a mother feels for a babe
in her arms, but this feeling should be toward the weak or helpless indi-
viduals to whom help is being given.
As a secondary precautionary action Jupiter thoughts may be used
to give the thought-cells mapped by Virgo more harmonious desires, or
if the constant is a planet in Virgo which receives the progressed aspect
instead of Mercury, the thoughts should be employed which are the
natural antidote of this planet, in the effort to make the thought-cells it
maps desire more harmonious conditions. The object is, of course, to
use up so much of the energy of the thought-cells mapped in the Virgo
zone of the finer form in constructive activities that they will not have
enough left to attract any disease to the region.
Should there also be a progressed aspect to Saturn, the Saturn
thought-cells should be treated with their mental antidote, using Venus
thoughts to give them more agreeable desires, and Sun thoughts to over-
come their tendency to negative conditions.
The thought treatment thus indicated is of course also the method
of thought-cell treatment when typhoid fever is actually present.
So far as physical remedies are concerned, the medical profession
does not hold there is at present any specific cure. Drugs, serums, collidal
gold, etc., have not proven satisfactory, and alcohol, once considered
important, now universally is banned. These things add still other for-
eign substances to the blood stream and place an additional burden
upon the endocrine secretions and the eliminative functions.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
As the blood stream already is filled with toxic acids, it is obvious
that the diet should tend toward neutralizing this condition by tending
toward the alkaline. As any physical exercise results in acid products of
combustion entering the blood stream, the patient should be kept strictly
lying down, but should be turned from side to side or on his back every
few hours in order to avoid bedsores. Such sores are frequent in ty-
phoid illness.
It is well to clean the mouth frequently with water, boric glycerin,
or listerine. This decreases likelihood of the parathyroid gland becom-
ing infected, and adds to the comfort of the patient. As in other fevers
the taking of water copiously is beneficial. In other words, typhoid fe-
ver patients should receive good nursing, a proper diet, and the indi-
cated thought-cell treatment.