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Chapter 7
Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
and Its
Next to heart trouble more people in America die of cancer
than from any other disease. And as when the heart stops beat-
ing, from whatever unknown cause, there seems to be a ten-
dency to state the individual died of heart trouble, it will be
realized that at present cancer competes with all others as the
number one disease enemy of man. In the U. S. one person in
every seven now dies of cancer.
To understand the nature of cancer and its depredations
it must be recognized that the tissues of the body consist of
cells of which different types enter into the formation of the
different organs and structures. These cells multiply through
division. In early youth they multiply rapidly, but when the
body has reached full growth the action of certain hormones
upon them causes them to stop increasing in number. They
continue to die and be replaced with new cells provided
through cell division, but this replacement is held within the
normal form of the body at maturity.
Under discordant Saturn and Jupiter thought-cell activity
some cells become immune to the chemical control processes
provided by the hormones and are no longer subject to the
growth restraint which regulates the normal cells surround-
ing them. The normal cells are then overgrown by the wild,
lawless, self- centered cells, with which they are unable to com-
pete for nourishment. These ruthless and greedy cells which
differ in chemical composition from the normal cells, and there-
fore are not susceptible to the same chemical control, are called
cancer cells.
The two main types of normal body cells consist of one
variety which covers the outer surface of the body and lines
the inner surface of the mouth, stomach and intestines, and
the glands which open on to the one or other surface. When
the predatory cancer cells develop among these cells the dis-
ease is called carcinoma.
The other main type of body cells consists of those which
go into the muscles, bone, connective tissue and general frame-
work of the body. When the lawless cells develop among these
connective-tissue cells the disease is called sarcoma. Sarcoma
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Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
is found in people of all ages, but carcinoma seldom attacks young people
and is seldom found in those less than thirty years of age. In general
cancer in youth or middle age grows more rapidly than when it ap-
pears later in life. Certain parts of the body are much more often at-
tacked by cancer than others. The stomach and rectum in both sexes,
but more often in the male, and the female breasts and uterus are espe-
cially vulnerable to carcinoma. While cancer seldom starts in the liver
or lungs, they both frequently are attacked secondarily by cancer which
starts elsewhere in the body.
There are other growths than cancer which may develop. A benign
tumor differs from cancer in that the cells of which it is composed have
no tendency to invade any of the neighboring parts. Usually the growth
of a sarcoma is more rapid than that of a carcinoma. The surrounding
tissues are invaded, and even though these cells put up a fight they are
quickly overcome. Also there is the tendency of portions of the growth to
enter the blood stream and be carried to remote parts of the body and
there start to multiply in a secondary growth. Such dissemination by the
circulation is much more common with sarcoma than with carcinoma.
While mention has been made of the two broad types of cancer,
such bandit cells may develop in any organ or structure of the body,
even in the blood cells. And in whatever tissue they develop, when they
are transplanted by the circulation to other regions of the body they
retain their characteristic original form and as they multiply consist only
of this special type of cell. That is, cancer cells seem to be mutations of
normal cells, irreversibly changed in such, a manner that they can never
be rendered normal again. So long as they live they will continue to be
self-centered outlaws. Yet to them are applied many different terms.
These refer to the type of cells of which they are composed. Thus an
adenocarcinoma is one that develops from a secreting gland, an epithe-
lioma is a cancer which develops in the epithelium of the skin or a mu-
cous membrane, etc.
Cancer cells differ in shape from normal cells, making it possible to
recognize them with a microscope. They also have different affinities
for colored dies. The use of such coloring revealed the way in which
cancer destroys the body. A thin slice of an organ affected with cancer
when placed under a microscope shows the finger-like processes of the
parasitic cancer tissue invading and destroying the normal tissue. The
normal tissue resists, but by its superior strength the cancer tissue wins
the battle with the normal tissue, resulting in the dissolution of the de-
feated normal cells.
Animals as well as man develop cancer. And cancer tissue can be
transplanted from one animal to another if closely related animals are
used. After such transplantation the bandit tissue grows and thrives in
its new host. Furthermore, Peyton Rous showed that in the case of can-
cer in fowls, the malignant tissue could be transplanted even though
the cancer cells were ground up and passed through a filter that would
not let the cells through. This proved, at least in the case of fowls, that
cancer could be caused by some part of the cells, that is, by what is now
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
called virus. This led to the discovery of the exact molecular structure
of a chemical agent capable of producing cancer. This chemical agent,
when synthesized, was found to have a structure very similar to the sex
hormones secreted in the body. The injection into mice of certain sex
hormones resulted in cancer of the breast and other organs. And the
injection of cancer-producing compounds into certain animals caused
sex changes in them. Thus at the present moment cancer researchers
are inclined to believe that cancer in man has something to do with
some abnormal formation of sex hormones. They believe that in the
manufacture of normal sex hormones, abnormal chemical conditions
result also in the manufacture of small amounts of hormones a bit dif-
ferent, and that substances structurally allied to the sex hormones are
the substances which cause cancer.
This is the present frontier of opinion regarding the physical agent
which produces cancer. But that there is some chemical imbalance in
the blood stream which is coincident with and encourages the develop-
ment of cancer seems definitely proved. The fact has been established,
for instance, that certain types of compounds will regularly cause dancer
in an animal if the animal is given a diet lacking in certain vitamins and
other food elements. But if these vitamins and other food elements are
added to the diet and the compound is fed, no cancer develops. That is,
in these experiments, proper food is a preventative of cancer.
In man, something goes wrong in the manufacture of chemicals
within the body. Instead of sex hormones, other chemicals are formed
closely related to the sex hormones. The compounds thus manufactured
have the power of changing normal cells into wild, self-centered cancer
cells. The chemical manufactured in error in some manner seriously
interferes with the life processes of the normal cells. These are poisoned.
And in the attempt to overcome and resist the poisoning they become
tough and wild, as a boy may be made a criminal by the harshness and
injustices of his environment. And these cells, after becoming outlaws,
prey upon the normal tissue.
At the present state of knowledge one other factor is the most im-
portant of all when cancer cells have once started to form. It is that while
young, and before they have had much time for development, these
cancer cells are not tough. In the early stages they still are tender. And
while in this early stage they may be killed by high-frequency radia-
tions that are not intense enough to kill the surrounding normal cells.
The difficulty usually encountered in using such treatment is that the
cancer cells have become so tough by the time the patient visits the clinic
that any rays applied to them will also kill the surrounding tissue.
There are cancer clinics now in the larger cities, and people should
be made to understand that if they go to such a clinic early enough that
cancer can definitely be cured. Therefore if they have even a very small
growth they should have it investigated. In its actual beginning a can-
cer is painless, although later on pain may be present. In cancer of the
skin a tumor or swelling is the first symptom. Warts, birth-marks and
moles that start growing need investigation. Many lumps in the breast
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Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
are not cancer, but in women over forty they often are cancerous, and
such a lump--especially if it results from a bump--is often the first in-
dication of cancer. In the breast of a fat woman a lump may form and
remain unnoticed for months except for a dimpling of the skin. Such a
dimple, especially in a woman over forty, may betray the cancerous
growth that has started beneath. More diffuse and less well-defined
lumpiness or hardness of the breast that may be accompanied by an
aching pain at the time of the monthly period needs watching.
A lump or discharge should not be neglected because of absence of
pain. Pain may or may not be present in the early stages, and may even
be absent in rather advanced stages. Discharges are present only in those
cancers which reach the surface. Such a discharge may be blood-stained,
watery or mucoid. Any person who has a discharge of blood or mucus
from the rectum, and any woman who has irregular discharges of blood
from the vagina between her periods, should have competent examina-
tion. Gastric or intestinal cancer usually leads to pains, pains which of-
ten are attributed to indigestion. Other deep seated cancers interfere
with the function of the organ affected.
The physical cause of the cancer--the chemical resembling a sex
hormone--is in the blood stream of those who develop the disease. This
chemical, perhaps aided by toxins in the blood, tends to poison the cells
of the body. With such a poisoned blood stream the repeated irritation
of any tissue may permit the development of the greedy, wild bandit
cells. Cancer practically always develops where there has been an irri-
tation. The tongue coming constantly in contact with a sharp tooth, burn-
ing the throat or stomach repeatedly with too hot food, the nicking of a
particular spot repeatedly by a man in shaving, a bruise on a woman's
breast, bumping the leg or knee often in passing some obstruction in
home or office, repeatedly burning the lips in smoking, a burn on the
skin or a chronic sore, or irritation through much contact with tar or
paraffin, may give cancer an opportunity to develop if the blood stream
contains the cancer chemical.
This chemical seems to be present only when there is nutritional
imbalance, and it seems quite certain that faulty nutrition contributes to
its presence. For example, it has been established that those with cancer
of the stomach have a disordered reserve of Vitamin A. With the growth
of cancer of the stomach the body seems to lose its ability properly to
store and handle Vitamin A. Not only does the administration of syn-
thetic cancer producing chemicals to animals markedly lower the abil-
ity to handle Vitamin A, thus inducing a vitamin disturbance similar to
that witnessed in people who have cancer, but even when great amounts
of Vitamin IA are administered to cancer patients in the effort to build
up their health and ability to withstand operation they seem unable to
handle it.
In cancer of the white blood cells, called leukemia, it has been dem-
onstrated that there is an outstanding disturbance of the ability to handle
Vitamin B-1. In leukemia, the leukocytes or white blood cells have a much
higher content of Vitamin B-1 than do the normal white blood cells.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
100 People Who Had Cancer
Birth-Chart Constants
Birch-Charts analyzed ............................... 100 100%
Charts with Saturn prominent ...................... 99  99%
Charts with Saturn prominent
and afflicted .......................................... 97  97%
Charts with Jupiter prominent.................... 100 100%
Charts with Jupiter prominent
and afflicted .......................................... 95  95%
Charts with Moon prominent .................... 100 100%
Charts with Moon prominent
and afflicted .......................................... 96  96%
Charts with Neptune prominent ................. 100 100%
Charts with Neptune prominent
and afflicted .......................................... 91  91%
Progressed Constants
Charts with progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for the time of cancer ............ 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Saturn ............................................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Jupiter.............................................. 100 100%
As explained in full detail in the book Stellar Dietetics there are two
kinds of acidosis of the blood stream. One is the deficiency type in which,
under the influence of Saturn thought- cell activity, the individual fails
to get in his food the mineral salts which are necessary to keep the blood
stream slightly alkaline. The other is the repletion type in which, under
the influence of Jupiter thought-cell activity, the individual through eat-
ing too abundantly, too rich foods, or inability properly to burn the fuel
supplied in his food, loads his blood stream with incompletely burned
fuels. This type is called ketosis.
The prominence and affliction of both Saturn and Jupiter as shown
in the table indicate that those who develop cancer have a predisposi-
tion toward both of these types of acidosis. On the one hand they tend
to fail to acquire the variety in their foods which will supply the mineral
salts and vitamins, and on the other they tend to load the blood stream
with other foods which are starchy or greasy or with more sugar than
they can supply insulin to burn.
There are two types of thought-cell activity which give this predis-
position. One is the discordant Saturn type. This means that the indi-
vidual also, because of the Saturn thought-cell activity, tends to thoughts
of worry, grief, fear, envy, greed or self-centeredness. Yet some people
who have a prominent and afflicted Saturn neither acquire cancer nor
permit fear, grief, worry, or self-centeredness to dominate their think-
ing sufficiently that the disease gets a foothold. These people have trained
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Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
their Saturn thoughts to express through careful planning, system, or-
der, persistence, elimination of waste, organization or efficiency to such
an extent that these thoughts and constructive Saturn events use up the
energy of the Saturn thought-cell energy so completely that little is left
for developing disease.
At the time cancer develops there is always a progressed aspect to
Saturn, and very frequently a progressed aspect to Saturn from the Sun.
And from observation we know that when there is such a progressed
aspect to Saturn, especially if Saturn is prominent and afflicted in the
chart of birth, responsibilities or losses are attracted by the activities of
the thought-cells which, unless some other trend of thinking is deliber-
ately cultivated, bring fear, worry or grief. And clinical observers report
that preceding cancer a high preponderance of the patients have suf-
fered some loss, often where the affections are concerned, to which they
are unable properly to adjust themselves. Inwardly they continue to
hold on to that which has been lost.
Now let us consider that in addition to the acidosis blood stream and
a blood stream containing poisonous chemicals such as are indicated by
a prominent and usually afflicted Neptune, that the growth hormone of
the front pituitary gland responds chiefly to Saturn thought-cell activity.
Not only the supply of adrenalin is affected by fear, worry, greed, self-
centeredness, and especially acquisitiveness which inwardly holds to that
which has been lost, and grieves for it, but the supply of this growth hor-
mone. As indicated in Chapter Three, its over-activity gives rise to gigan-
tism, and when not decreased at puberty due to action of the gonad stimu-
lating hormone ruled by Pluto, an adolescent boy fails properly to de-
velop manly characteristics and becomes excessively fat. And it seems
that when the blood stream has acquired certain chemicals inimical to the
normal cells, this same growth hormone encourages the growth of cells
that are tough enough to withstand the poisons in the blood and greedily
deprive the normal cells of nourishment.
Over activity or discordant activity of the Jupiter thought-cells gives
rise to the type of thinking which places too great reliance on faith, good
luck and the protection of providence, instead of taking an adequate
share of the responsibility. The desires are so strongly dominated by
wishful thinking that they are not restrained by the intelligence. And
this attitude is reflected in the dietary habits, there being a tendency
toward over indulgence, especially in reference to sweets and fat foods.
Now sugar and fats are the standard fuels of the body. The more
sugar taken in as food the more insulin there must be properly to handle
it. And the more fat there is in the diet the more insulin there should be,
because fat can be burned only in the presence of sugar, and insulin helps
in the combustion of both. The secretion of insulin by the pancreas gland
is under the influence of the activity of the Jupiter thought-cells.
When the insulin is insufficient for fat combustion the fat used as
fuel is incompletely oxidized and its fatty acids are added to the blood
stream. This smoldering fuel undoubtedly helps to produce a condition
in the blood stream which enables the cancer producing chemical to
develop cancer cells.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Both the action of the pineal hormone, which reacts to the activity
of the Neptune thought-cells, and the action of the thymus hormone,
which reacts to the activity of the Moon thought-cells, tend toward pre-
venting precocious maturity. In other words, they tend to counteract
the influence of the hormones which change the individual from the
childish state, in which cell growth is more rapid and the attitude to-
ward life is that of seeking the line of least resistance, to the state of
maturity. And in addition to this youth producing effect, Neptune is the
planet of poisoning.
Precautionary Actions
It will be understood, of course, that many people have all the birth-
chart constants of cancer, and pass through periods in their lives during
which there are progressed afflictions to both Saturn and Jupiter, with-
out developing cancer. These constants merely show predispositions
which, under certain environmental conditions and habits of thought,
enable cancer to develop.
According to the mentioned findings of present-day cancer research,
two things stand out clearly: One is that there are certain cancer pro-
ducing chemicals one or more of which is in the blood stream of those
who develop cancer. The other is that even when these cancer produc-
ing chemicals are in the blood stream their ability to develop cancer is
influenced markedly by the diet of the individual; the indication of ex-
periments being that proper food is a preventative of the disease.
The precautionary actions, therefore, should have in view both the
prevention of the manufacture within the body of the cancer producing
chemicals, and the supplying of the body with a diet that in spite of
such chemicals being manufactured there will be little likelihood of can-
cer developing.
While we cannot overlook the power of certain foods, or their lack,
to influence the secretion of definite hormones, we must recognize that
the chemical manufacturing and other functions of the body are chiefly
under the influence of endocrine secretions, and that these hormones,
in turn, are profoundly influenced by the thoughts and emotions. An
imbalance in the emotions is sure to result in unusual activity of some
endocrine gland, and this in turn to an imbalance in the chemicals of the
blood stream. The inward tenacious clinging to something which has
been lost, for instance, not only places a strain upon the adrenalin sup-
ply, but also stimulates the abnormal secretion of the growth hormone
of the front pituitary gland.
The Moon, which is prominent, and usually afflicted, in the charts
of those who develop cancer, is the planet of mentality in the sense that
its thought-cells map, not the thoughts expressed in words and sen-
tences or those relating to careful reasoning, but the feelings about things,
the hunches, intuitions and unreasoned processes, which largely deter-
mine the attitude toward people and things. The Moon thought-cells
are the most receptive of all to impressions from environment. Thus
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Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
these people are apt to feel deeply such loss or discord as their Moon
thought- cells or their Saturn thought-cells attract.
And when Neptune is also prominent in the birth-chart the sensi-
tiveness, negativeness, and imagination are still further increased. The
importance and significance of such loss as is attracted through the ac-
tivity of the Saturn thought-cells are dramatized and exaggerated. And
in addition, the Neptune thought-cells when discordant tend to attract
poisoning, and therefore tend to increase the tendency of the blood
stream-- through decreasing the secretion of cortin, which is necessary
to handle the proteins--to contain inimical chemicals.
To recondition the thought-cells so that they will resist, rather than
attract cancer, three types of mental antidotes are chiefly needed. Pri-
marily--for cancer is more closely related to the activities of the Saturn
thought-cells and the endocrine secretions influenced by them--there
is need of reconditioning the Saturn thought-cells. But as the negative-
ness indicated not merely by a prominent Saturn, but by the Moon and
Neptune likewise, is an important factor, a more positive attitude also
is greatly needed. And as Jupiter, with its reliance on feeling rather than
on careful reasoning, is always an influence, the Jupiter thought- cells
need reconditioning.
Relative to the environmental factor, other than avoiding the irrita-
tions or abrasions that afford facilities for the start of cancer when the
cancer producing chemical is in the blood stream, as there is always a
progressed aspect to Saturn and a progressed aspect to Jupiter at the
time the disease develops, there should be especial attention to provid-
ing the foods indicated when these two planets are afflicted by pro-
gressed aspect.
Under the active Jupiter thought-cells, the diet should be rich in
sulfur, and there should be avoidance of rich foods, and the sugar and
fats partaken of should be held to a reasonable minimum. Over eating
should be avoided.
Instead of the attitude of careless reliance on luck and circumstances
to take care of events, pleasure should be cultivated in the intellectual
appraisal of events and conditions. While looking to divine power for
inner guidance and protection, whenever there is a tendency toward
impulsive action, toward extravagance, or toward indulgence, pleasure
should be cultivated in substituting thoughts of careful discrimination.
Prayer, serious contemplation of the purposes of God's Great Plan, en-
tertaining the resolution to assist in the realization of that plan, and
well thought out charitable actions will channel the activities of the Ju-
piter thought-cells to express through constructive avenues, and thus
use up their energies. And the substitution of analytical and directed
thinking for the impulsive and less considered Jupiter trends will add
to the Jupiter thought-cells their mental antidote, the thought-elements
of Mercury.
As Saturn always works through deficiency, the foods should be
selected that will supply a wide variety of proteins, minerals and vita-
mins. There should be in particular sufficient of the mineral salts that
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
the lactic acid and the toxins in the blood stream will be neutralized.
Whatever the source of the cancer producing chemical in the blood
stream, from the known tendency of afflictions to Saturn and Jupiter to
give an acid blood stream, it would seem certain that such an acid blood
stream is favorable to it. And the fact that when cancer is present there
is vitamin imbalance indicates that there is special need of the vitamins
in the prevention of the disease.
Relative to the Saturn thought-cells, these need to be reconditioned
to express harmoniously. Their legitimate need for expression can be
provided for through thinking about organization, system, efficiency,
order and persistence toward some constructive accomplishment.
But in addition to such expression they should be provided with
their mental antidote. Saturn thoughts tend to be laborious and pains-
taking. To lighten them, and give them buoyancy and build them into a
harmonious compound they need the artistic, light, social and cheerful
thoughts ruled by Venus. Not only can this antidote be applied by sub-
stituting thoughts of affection, thoughts about things of beauty, and
thoughts about amusement, for the serious and laborious thoughts, and
especially for thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, sorrow, loss or grief, but
it can be applied by cultivating pleasant social contacts, going to musi-
cal and other entertainments, and getting as much pleasant emotion as
possible out of them. Such recreation will benefit very little, however, if
while engaged in it thoughts about serious problems and about things
that occasion worry are permitted to hold the attention.
But as Saturn is negative, and as the influence of the thought- cells
mapped by both the Moon and Neptune is negative, something more
than the mere adding of antidotes and the diverting the thought-cell
activities into more constructive expression is needed.
The electrical charges generated in the brain cells are positive to
the rest of the body, the strongest negative charges, as determined by
experiment, being in the liver. Vigorous life and positiveness depend
upon the difference in potential between the brain and the liver. Fear,
worry, grief, the listless Moon thoughts, the hypersensitive Neptune
thoughts, or other negative thoughts or moods such as dominant nega-
tive planets encourage decrease the electrical difference between the
brain and liver. This means that they lower the vitality.
As from the prominence of negative planets in the charts of those
who develop cancer it seems certain that such lowered vitality due to
negativeness favors the development of the disease, and as in applying
the mental antidote to either Saturn thought- cells or Neptune thought-
cells there is always need of using Sun thoughts to give greater posi-
tiveness, such Sun thoughts are an essential part of the precautionary
actions in preventing cancer.
To apply them effectively, the attitude should be cultivated that any
situation which may arise will be competently handled, that there is power
present to overcome through constructive effort any difficulty which may
arise, and that one is a significant factor in the universal scheme.
Then when any negative mood commences to be felt, or any nega-
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Thoughts Which Prevent Cancer
tive thought starts to enter the consciousness, it should be ousted by
turning the attention vigorously to thoughts of power and competence.
To gain the electrical potential to oust such invaders and to be able to
hold the selected positive thought, the nerves may be tensed slightly,
and one may become a little more alert and determined and hold the
feeling of radiating slightly and acquiring the required electrical power.