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Chapter 8
Thoughts Which Prevent
and Its
Pneumonia is an inflammation of the tissue of the lungs, as
distinct from inflammation of the bronchial tubes or the pleura.
Sometimes both lungs are affected, when it is called double
pneumonia, but far more commonly only one lung is inflamed.
In typical cases it results from infection by one of the 32
different strains of Pneumococcus. But when it follows exhaus-
tion due to other illness, it may result from infection by other
organisms such as Tubercle bacillus, Streptococcus, Staphylo-
coccus or the typhoid bacillus.
The pneumococcus germs in some of their strains are com-
monly found in the noses and throats of people, and when
conditions favor them they manifest as colds and chills of vari-
ous kinds. Because of their prevalence, people have acquired a
high degree of immunity to the common strains. It is only when
people become unusually negative or exhausted that pneumo-
nia develops from these common forms. There are a few strains,
however, that are highly infectious and exceedingly virulent.
And when these get a good start in a community the disease
may assume epidemic proportions. It is well, therefore, at as
early a stage as possible to have laboratory tests made to de-
termine which variety is the malefactor.
In all instances the sputum of pneumonia patients is in-
fectious, but in the case of the virulent strains it becomes nec-
essary to isolate the patient from all others with the exception
of the doctor and nurses.
When the tissue of the lungs becomes inflamed, thick fluid
is poured into the air cells, and these becoming filled up and
airless, are unable to oxygenate the blood, and suffocation re-
sults. To the extent a portion of a lung thus fills up and be-
comes airless it is said to be consolidated. Physicians have
means of determining the extent of such consolidation.
The disease is most prevalent in the winter months, be-
cause then lack of sunshine and the cold tend to lower the vi-
tality. As explained in Chapter Four, vitality and strength of
constitution are quite different things. The activity of the
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Thoughts Which Prevent Pneumonia
thought-cells mapped in the birth-chart by the Sun tends to generate
the electromagnetic wavelengths which afford vitality. And if the Sun
in the birth-chart is in any aspect to Mars, or in a harmonious aspect to
Jupiter, the Sun thought-cells generate this electrical energy in suffi-
cient volume and of the proper wavelength to give great vitality. The
harmonious aspects of the other planets to the Sun also assist in less
degree the generation of the vital electrical energy.
On the other hand the activity of the thought-cells mapped in the
birth�chart by the Moon tend to generate the electromagnetic wave-
lengths which give strength to the constitution. And if the Moon in the
birth-chart is in any aspect to Mars, or in a harmonious aspect to Jupi-
ter, the Moon thought-cells generate this lower-frequency electrical en-
ergy in sufficient volume and of the proper wavelength to give a strong
Now whether prominent through being in an angle, or through
being in aspect with Sun, Moon or Mercury, any of the negative plan-
ets--Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto-- tends to affect the electro-
magnetic radiations. Such a planet affects the nerves and the electrical
currents flowing over them when in aspect to Mercury, and when in
aspect to either Sun or Moon it has direct access to the electromagnetic
body. The effect, if the aspect is harmonious, is not to impair the consti-
tution, but to give the electromagnetic form that quality which is recep-
tive and negative rather than positive and radiating. And a negative
planet in an angle also impresses its own quality of vibration strongly
on the electromagnetic form.
Thus even when the Sun is not prominent, the individual with nega-
tive planets prominent in his chart may have a truly robust constitution.
And these people, who seem so strong and hearty, and who often are
out-of-doors workers, because of the negative quality of their electromag-
netic form usually put up a poorer fight against pneumonia than feeble
and delicate people who have perhaps never had strong constitutions,
but who have a more positive high-potential electromagnetic makeup.
Pneumonia, as will shortly be apparent from the analysis of the
birth-charts of those who have suffered from the disease, commonly
attacks only those whose Sun thought-cells not only have been given
some negative trend as mapped by a birth- chart aspect of the Sun to a
negative planet, but a discordant negative trend as indicated by an af-
flicting aspect. This means that from birth there is some predisposition
for the electrical energies on which vitality depends to have their po-
tential lowered. The pull is in exactly the opposite direction from that
given by an aspect of Mars or Jupiter to the Sun. Instead of a positive,
radiating vitality, to the extent the afflicting negative planet indicates-
affliction, there is the tendency to lower the potential or to lower the
volume of Sun electrical energy, or both.
From the birth-chart constants of pneumonia we are forced to con-
clude that it is a disease primarily of impaired vitality. This is borne out
by the physical conditions favoring it. It is more a disease of youth and
old age than of middle age when the vital forces are more vigorous. The
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
majority of attacks occur before the age of forty. From that age on until
old age begins to lower the vitality the number of cases is compara-
tively few. But it attacks those even of middle age if their vitality al-
ready has been seriously lowered through some other disease. And it
results in the death of many old people whose vital forces have seri-
ously waned.
Commonly it follows an acute upper respiratory infection such as
a cold, and in its early stages it is difficult to distinguish from some of
the common varieties of cold. After catching cold the individual feels ill
for a few days, with a slight rise of temperature and a feeling of restless-
ness. His head aches, he has little appetite, he has pains about his body,
and in general he feels out of sorts. But at the end of the few days quite
suddenly he is attacked with violent shivering, he trembles all over, his
teeth chatter, and he realizes something is seriously wrong.
The pulse is rapid--100 to 120 beats per minute--the respirations
are perhaps two or three times as rapid as normal, the skin is hot and
dry, a fever develops of perhaps 104� or 105� F., the tongue is dry, there
is insistent thirst, there is no appetite, the head aches, and perhaps there
is vomiting.
Practically all of these symptoms are present also in some of the
other diseases which are accompanied by high fever. In pneumonia there
usually is pain in the side, which is more marked if there is pleurisy.
This pain increases when the individual coughs. This cough is short
and hacking, and dry at start of the disease, but after a little while it is
accompanied by expectoration. The expectoration is characteristic of the
disease, being transparent, jelly-like and very sticky. At first it is clear,
but later becomes colored with blood, getting tawny or reddish or at
other times pale yellow in color. When rust color, as is common, it con-
stitutes an almost certain indication of pneumonia.
The one symptom which most will help distinguish pneumonia
from other feverish diseases is the relation of the heart beats to respira-
tion. Normally there are about four heart beats to each respiration. But
when the respiratory organs are affected the rate of breathing is in-
creased, as there is need of more air to afford oxygenation of the blood.
When an acute illness develops with a chill and a high fever, and at the
same time the respirations are much more markedly increased than the
pulse rate--for instance, the respirations being from 50 to 60 and the
pulse only 100 to 110--this is an indication the respiratory organs are
affected, and most likely by pneumonia.
The course of the disease is peculiar and characteristic. The tem-
perature remains high for from four to ten days, usually somewhat lower
in the morning and almost always higher in the evening. At the end of
this time--probably due to the formation within the body of antibod-
ies--the temperature without warning falls to normal or even lower,
the breathing improves, the pulse becomes less rapid, and the individual
begins to recover. This is the crisis, and is a peculiar association of pneu-
monia. After the crisis, unless complications develop, the patient is on
the road to recovery.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Pneumonia
100 People Who Had Pneumonia
Birth-Chart Constants
Birth-Charts analyzed ............................... 100 100%
Birth-Charts with Sun afflicted by
Saturn, Neptune, Pluto or the Moon ......... 98  98%
Progressed Constants
Charts with major progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time of pneumonia............ 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Mars................................................ 100 100%
Charts with progressed AFFLICTION
to Saturn,
Neptune, Pluto, Venus or
birth-chart Moon .................................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Mercury or to a
planet in Gemini..................................... 100 100%
The cells of the body generate electrical energy. When the electrical
charges thus generated are of the vital type ruled by a harmonious Sun,
the radiations are positive and vital, and the secretions of the endocrine
glands such that they assist in repelling invasion by bacteria. When for
any reason the vital electrical energies ruled by the Sun have their po-
tential lowered, or their flow is impaired, this lack of positive electrical
vitality also lowers the resistance to invasion by micro-organisms.
As a rule the thoughts which are stimulated by the thought- cell
activity mapped by the positive planets tend to glandular secretions
which develop a high electrical potential in the nervous system. The
thoughts which are stimulated by the thought-cell activity mapped by
the negative planets, however, act upon different endocrine glands, the
secretions of which tend to reduce the electrical potential.
Negative planetary energy encourages negative thinking, and nega-
tive thinking lowers the vital resistance of the body. The resistance of
the physical organism is lowered both electrically and chemically, as
the glandular secretions which give a high electrical potential also are
the agents on which the body depends to neutralize the toxins of the
The electrical energies which are the source of physical vitality vary
in potential due to both the condition of the physical body and the kind
of thoughts which are present in the mind. Nerves reaching the endo-
crine glands carry to them the emotional impulse aroused by a thought
or the impulse aroused by the unusual activity of a group of thought-
cells. Some of the glands respond readily to one planetary type of think-
ing, and other glands respond readily only to another planetary type of
thinking. The hormones from the glands thus made active enter the blood
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
stream and instigate various bodily reactions, including the generation
of electrical energies characteristic of the planetary type of thinking.
Pneumonia is made possible by a blood stream which is unable to
eject invading organisms. From the standpoint of environment this may
be due to fatigue, to digestive disturbances, to chilling, to lowered vital-
ity occasioned by some other disease, to hormone imbalance, or to inva-
sion by germs of great potency such as the types of pneumococcus des-
ignated by the Roman numerals I and II, which are highly contagious.
The secretions from the respiratory tracts of persons with either of these
two types of pneumonia, or convalescing from them, either through
direct contact, or through droplet infection--in which coughing or sneez-
ing or even breathing sprays moist sputum in the air where others can
breathe it, or the depositing of sputum which dries but contains the
germs--are a source of great danger to others.
From the standpoint of thought-cell activity pneumonia is made
possible by negative influences which lower the electrical potential. To
the extent the individual entertains negative thinking does he lower both
his chemical resistance and his electrical potential. The negative think-
ing may be of different planetary types. It may relate to fear, as indi-
cated by Saturn, it may arise from affectional discords as indicated by
Venus, it may have to do with unsound fantasies as indicated by Nep-
tune, it may relate to the coercion of others as shown by Pluto, or it may
relate to the domestic difficulties indicated by the Moon. But as shown
by the birth-charts of those who have had pneumonia, in which the Sun
is afflicted by Saturn, Neptune, Pluto or the Moon, people who have
this disease also are given to discordant negative thinking relative to
some of these things as affecting their significance.
Furthermore, at the time the disease is contracted they have excep-
tional discordant activity of some of the groups of negative thought-
cells, activities which encourage some type of discordant negative link-
ing. This is indicated by there always being a discordant progressed
aspect to Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Venus or birth-chart Moon.
They may have a highly acid blood stream for months and years
without contracting pneumonia. Then, under the influence of negative
thinking, and perhaps also the unfavorable environmental conditions
attracted by the negative thinking, the electrical potential is markedly
lowered, accompanied also by corresponding deficiency of certain hor-
mones in the blood, and the germs get such a foothold that pneumonia
develops. According to the kind of negative thinking present in the un-
conscious mind as well as in objective consciousness will the unfavor-
able environmental condition which contributes to the lowered vitality
be different.
As is the case in other infectious and feverish diseases there is al-
ways a progressed aspect to Mars at the time pneumonia is contracted.
The activity of the Mars thought-cells and the thinking they encourage
attract invading organisms, and if the system is unable to repel them
they get sufficient foothold to do damage. As both the adrenalin and
cortin hormones respond to Mars and these are chemicals with which
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Thoughts Which Prevent Pneumonia
invading bacteria are fought, when there are heavy Rallying Forces from
other planets involved in discordant progressed aspects, the progressed
aspect of Mars may indicate exhaustion or suppression of these chemi-
The general rule is that the events attracted by thought-cell activity
are characteristic of the planet mapping them and the houses it rules. In
the case of the region of the body affected by a progressed aspect there
is a corollary. It is that the zone of the body affected by a disease is one
in which there is a high degree of thought-cell activity. The high degree
of thought-cell activity which attracts the disease to some particular
section of the body frequently is indicated by a progressed aspect in-
volving the planet mapped in that zone, or ruling the sign mapping
that zone. `As pneumonia attacks the region ruled by Gemini, we find
that to give the necessary degree of Gemini thought-cell activity which
will attract it, there must always be a progressed aspect to a planet in
Gemini or to Mercury, its ruler.
When pneumonia has been contracted, as it is a disease of lowered
vitality, everything should be done to conserve vital energy. The indi-
vidual should be clothed in woolen garments and put to bed between
blankets. There should be fresh air, but avoidance of draft, and the room
kept at a temperature of about 60� F. To conserve vitality he should be
kept absolutely quiet and not permitted to get out of bed for any pur-
pose. He should not be allowed to lie flat on his back, or in any position
that will impede circulation through the lungs.
The violent laxatives that once were thought necessary should never
be given. Instead, an enema of water which is quite warm should be
given to cleanse the bowels. Cold compresses on the head to reduce the
fever are not now considered advisable.
Hot baths at a temperature of 105� to 108� F. for five minutes to
promote elimination, repeated every three or four hours is now consid-
ered good practice. But great care must be used to avoid chill. And to
promote elimination through the kidneys plenty of water should be
drunk. The blood stream is filled with acid toxins which must be elimi-
nated or neutralized. Once it was thought that the individual should
eat nourishing food to maintain his strength, but now better practice
holds that nothing should be eaten, and the only drink either distilled
water or water to which citrus fruit juice has been added, and not too
cold when given.
As everything possible should be done to conserve the vitality and
eliminate the toxins of the disease, the most essential thing in pneumo-
nia is good nursing. Visits from friends, or any form of worry or excite-
ment places strains upon the weakened vitality.And drugs, or even foods
until recovery is under way, give the system just that much more work
to do with the vitality at its command. The object should be to assist the
body to bring all its powers to bear to increase the vitality and build up
sufficient vigor that it can oust the invading organisms, eliminate the
toxins they have produced, and construct healthy tissue.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Precautionary Actions
When birth-chart and progressed aspects show a predisposition toward
pneumonia physical precautionary actions should be taken to keep the
blood stream slightly alkaline, to see to it there is no deficiency of vita-
mins, minerals or essential proteins, and that the vitality is not lowered
through exposure or over work.
An acid blood stream makes invasion of the body by bacteria easy.
It tends to neutralize the action of the endocrine chemicals with which
the body normally fights the bacteria and prevents their toxins from
doing too much harm.
When the Sun is afflicted by aspect, both the secretion of the hor-
mone of sustained energy by the front pituitary gland, and the secre-
tion of thyroxin by the thyroid gland are affected. When the food con-
tains ample manganese, Vitamin A and Vitamin B Complex, the front
pituitary finds it easier to manufacture and deliver to the blood stream
the energy sustaining hormone.
When the food contains ample iodine the thyroid gland finds it
easier to manufacture and deliver to the blood stream the energy gener-
ating thyroxin.
The other foods specially needed are indicated by the negative
planet involved in the progressed aspect at the time. This matter is fully
explained in the book Stellar Dietetics, but when depletion threatens it
is always good policy to take care of the Saturn needs which call for
variety in mineral salts, vitamins and proteins. And always well not to
overload the system with sweets and other rich foods.
In other words, the effort should be to keep the body vigorous and
generating abundant vital energy.
Whichever of the negative planets afflict the Sun in the birth- chart,
and whichever of the negative planets is afflicted by progressed aspect,
maps thought-cells whose activities tend to lower the electrical poten-
tial and open the way for invasion. The effort should be made, there-
fore, to change the desires of these thought- cells so they will seek to
express through constructive and beneficial channels characteristic of
their essential nature. When thoughts or feelings characteristic of them
begin to be evident, other thoughts and feelings characteristic of the
constructive attributes of the same thought-cells should be substituted,
or there should be substituted thoughts and feelings such as constitute
their natural antidote.
If the activity of the Mars thought-cells, due to the progressed as-
pect involving Mars, tends to a feeling of strife, hurry or irritation, Moon
thoughts may be cultivated as a mental antidote through devising some
plan, project or work in which pleasure can be experienced, having to
do with the comfort of the family, or which contributes to the Welfare of
the aged or young or those otherwise helpless.
More important, however, unless the Mars thoughts are violent
enough to cause adrenalin to be secreted so frequently that there is a
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Thoughts Which Prevent Pneumonia
tendency toward adrenalin exhaustion, is the development of the habit
of calm yet positive and assured thinking and feeling such as is natu-
rally the expression of vigorous and harmonious Sun thought-cells.
This harmonious Sun type of thinking should be made so habitual
that any negative type of thinking cannot intrude. To overcome the nega-
tiveness due to the activity of any of the groups of thought-cells mapped
by one of the five negative planets it is necessary to insure that the ener-
gies flow outwardly, instead of permitting the outside condition to cause
the flow to be in upon the self. And for this purpose the mood should be
cultivated that permits a feeling that the energies of the mind and body
are slightly pressing outward while holding thoughts of power, vitality
and self respect.
The Sun attitude should be cultivated and maintained that any situ-
ation which may arise will be competently handled, that there is power
to overcome any difficulty that may be present through constructive
effort, and that one is significant in the general scheme of things.
Thus to banish negative thinking and control and maintain the se-
lected mood is one of the most important of all problems to any indi-
vidual. Not only do worry, anxiety and fear immediately lower the elec-
trical potential and deprive the individual of proper thought and emo-
tional control, but any tendency toward despondency, discouragement,
grief, pity for oneself, or feeling of inadequacy, inferiority or want quickly
does likewise. None of these should ever be permitted entrance to the
mind; and should one of them sneak in, so soon as its presence is recog-
nized it should be ousted by turning the attention vigorously to some
pleasant, buoyant and constructive thought; and for maintaining vital-
ity these happy thoughts should be associated with those of significance,
vitality or power.
When there is a reluctance to face whatever should be faced the
individual is negative to that particular thing. Such negativeness may
be the result of conditioning which has given him a feeling of inferiority
or inadequacy in the presence of others, or of fear to meet conditions. It
may be the result of insufficient vitality, which is another way of saying
that there is insufficient electrical energy generated by Sun thought-cell
activity. It may be due to a hypersensitivity induced by too much of the
electrical energy generated being of the frequency of one of the upper-
octave planets, or it may be that too much of it is generated by the activ-
ity of the Moon thought-cells in proportion to the amount generated by
the activity of the Sun thought-cells.
To overcome any of these forms of negativeness which not only
predispose toward pneumonia but also toward an ineffective life, the
individual should train himself to meet every situation with which he is
faced positively and confidently, and to be satisfied when he does the
best he can. He should pay as little attention to the hardships and tem-
porary defeats as possible. And the first step in this direction is the con-
trol of his thoughts, holding them to the conviction that there is no hesi-
tation in meeting any contingency life may bring. The next step is the
development of sufficient electrical power of the Sun type, which is
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
positive and radiates controlling electromagnetic waves. And the final
step, of course, is actual unshrinking practice in meeting situations with
a positive and constructive mental attitude.