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Chapter 9
Thoughts Which Prevent
and Its
Tuberculosis results when the body is invaded by Tubercle
bacilli and these organisms establish a firm foothold from which
they start to increase. They may thus attack any part of the
human organism. In appearance they are much like a gelatin
medicine capsule, the capsule being the waxy coat and the
slightly curved rod-shaped Tubercle Bacillus being the con-
tent of the capsule. The tubercle which is formed when infec-
tion occurs is a mass of cells of different kinds in which the
bacilli generally are present, the cells accumulating around the
bacilli due to the irritation they cause. These tubercles tend to
aggregate and replace healthy tissue, and later degenerate to
form a yellowish- white cheesy mass. The propagation is by
cell division, and the bacilli are so small that thousands will
rest on the head of a pin.
Mankind is subject to infection either by the human bacillus
or the bovine bacillus. Most people at various times in their lives
take into their system one or both of these bacilli; but because
their blood stream is not too foul, the electrical energies gener-
ated by the Sun thought-cells give a vigorous vitality, and the
There is a constant warfare on the part of the human or-
ganism against these and other micro-invaders. And when the
chemicals are exhausted with which such invaders are repelled
the battle is unsuccessful. For instance, much of the cow's milk
which reaches the public contains the bovine type of bacillus.
It is the source of a large portion of the tuberculosis occurring
among children. While Pasteurization decreases the ability of
the system to get the so-greatly-needed calcium from milk, it
does kill these and other bacilli; and it is significant that since
Pasteurization of milk has become the general practice, and
the danger from the sputum of tuberculosis patients has be-
come widely known, that this disease has dropped from first
place in the number of deaths caused twenty or twenty-five
years ago until now it occupies only seventh place as a cause
of human mortality.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Tuberculosis
Neither the human nor the bovine type of bacilli has power of loco-
motion, and the human bacilli commonly are spread from the sputum.
Infection may occur through kissing, inhaling the spray from a con-
sumptive when coughing, inhaling the dust formed by dried sputum,
consuming food containing such dust, or by such sputum dust carried
into the food by flies. While cooking will kill these bacilli, it is amazing
how long, and under what circumstances, they can remain in a state of
suspended animation in the dried sputum dust and still retain the power
to infect an organism which breathes or swallows this dust.
When the tubercle bacilli first enter the body, only a few of the blood
cells are sent to attack them, just as if they were splinters or small pieces
of glass. The defenders in the blood stream do not seem to recognize
them as germs. They regard them merely with suspicion, and only a
few of the soldiers are sent to retard their progress, and even these al-
low the bacilli passage. It is the aggregation of freely moving blood cells
and some body cells around the bacilli which causes the slight swelling
or characteristic knot formation.
Later on the defending cells seem to recognize the true danger and
take appropriate action. The waxy capsule is broken down and the ba-
cilli killed, their poisonous products being taken up by the blood stream.
As soon as this occurs every section of the body--white cells, body cells
and serums--recognize that the tubercle bacillus is poisonous, and the
fight against it is on.
Thus there is a different reception awaiting the next tubercle bacil-
lus to enter the body. It is immediately recognized as an enemy, and the
white corpuscle policemen who previously had eyed such invaders only
with suspicion, now immediately set out to exterminate it. A mass at-
tack is made, and wherever such bacilli are found inflammation devel-
ops. That is why in the tuberculin test the skin becomes inflamed. The
inflammation shows that tubercle bacilli have attacked the body before,
and the test is then called positive. The tuberculin is only the protein of
the destroyed tubercle bacillus, but the protective forces of the body
recognize it as a previously encountered enemy. Tuberculin used on
new-born babies always gives a negative reaction, which proves that
tuberculosis is not inherited.
While the bones and other parts of the body may become tubercu-
lar, the germ more commonly attacks the lungs. It is then called con-
sumption. Other regions than the lungs are frequently affected in chil-
dren, but consumption is not common among them. Consumption in
those under the age of fifteen is more frequent with girls than boys, but
the disease is more common among men than women. The greatest
number of cases occurs between the ages fifteen and forty-five years.
The reason tuberculosis occurs frequently in more than one member
of a family is due to the common thought-cell pattern often to be found in
members of the same family and the risk of infection by those of the same
household when one member has developed consumption. The marriage
partner of a consumptive, however, as the result of repeated exposure to
infection, often develops a high degree of immunity to it.
As the birth-chart and progressed constants indicate, tuberculosis
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
is a disease of lowered vitality and foul blood stream. While climate is
not important unless the disease has already gained a foothold, damp-
ness of the soil favors it, and housing is very important. It is chiefly a
disease of the cities or of poverty. Slum conditions and overcrowding,
absence of fresh air, poor sanitation, dust and dirt, overwork, lack of
properly balanced foods, or lack of nourishing foods, give the physical
environment which encourages the development of tuberculosis. It is
prevalent also among those whose work is accompanied by the inhala-
tion of dust, such as those who work in mines other than those from
which coal is gained. The irritation of the lungs enables the germs to
establish themselves.
The individual with a predisposition toward tuberculosis probably
has contacted the tuberculosis germs many times in his life before they
gain a foothold. Then, under the activity of Saturn and Jupiter thought-
cells, conditions arise in the environment which lower the vitality and
clog the blood stream with toxins or incompletely oxidized fuels. Preg-
nancy, lactation, exhausting physical labor, a sudden drop in living stan-
dards, or some other infection of the respiratory tract may be the physi-
cal condition that permits the disease to get a foothold. The great num-
ber of cases of tuberculosis among the negro population is generally
attributed to their low standard of living.
When the tubercle bacilli thus get a foothold they set free a poison
which causes local irritation. Much of this poison also is carried through-
out the system, giving rise to fever, anemia and loss of flesh. Other symp-
toms may be loss of appetite, slow recovery from illness, afternoon tem-
perature, night sweats, and the hacking cough.
In acute cases there is coughing up of blood. The actual amount of
blood varies from a few streaks of clots to half a pint or more. This
blood from the lungs should not be confused with blood which comes
from the stomach. Blood from the stomach is brown in appearance, sug-
gesting coffee grounds, while blood from the lungs is well aerated and
thus charged with an infinite number of tiny air bubbles, and it is bright
In only about 13% of the cases does consumption commence with
such spitting of blood. In about Jo% of the cases it starts with an attack
of pleurisy, a sharp, stabbing pain in the side of the chest made worse
by drawing in a breath and eased by holding the breath. In other cases
the disease at first resembles the onset of pneumonia or bronchi-pneu-
monia. This is a quite fatal form.
One form of tuberculosis is called miliary because the tubercles in
size resemble seeds of millet. It has three types: acute generalized mil-
iary tuberculosis, the so-called typhoid tuberculosis, and the pulmo-
nary type in which there are numerous nodules in the lungs. Although
the infection may have been present for some time, miliary tuberculosis
develops with startling rapidity, and usually runs a fatal course. The
seeds of the disease are quickly scattered all over the body, gain a foot-
hold in various organs and grow there. Due to the rapid poisoning,
weakness develops quickly with corresponding loss of appetite and
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Thoughts Which Prevent Tuberculosis
In the typhoid type, which at start so resembles typhoid fever that
diagnosis is difficult, the sputum is scanty and contains no tubercle ba-
cilli. The spleen is tremendously enlarged, there is irregular fever, the
pulse is rapid and feeble, the tongue is dry, the cheeks flushed and de-
lirium develops which gradually gives way to a profound stupor.
In the pulmonary form, respiration is rapid and there is shortness
of breath, the nose and lips often are blue and the rest of the face pale,
and the lungs behave as in acute bronchitis.
In any of the three types of miliary tuberculosis, which frequently at-
tacks children, there is no doubt from the start that the individual is very ill.
Death usually results in a few weeks from the onset of the disease.
I00 People Who Has Tuberculosis
Birth-Chart Constants
Birth-Chart analyzed .................................... 100 100%
Charts with Saturn prominent ....................... 100 100%
Charts with Saturn prominent
and afflicted .............................................. 98  98%
Charts with Neptune prominent ..................... 100 100%
Charts with Neptune prominent
and afflicted .............................................. 92  92%
Charts with Jupiter prominent.......................... 99  99%
Charts with Jupiter prominent
and afflicted .............................................. 89  89%
Charts with Pluto prominent ............................ 97  97%
Charts with Pluto prominent
and afflicted .............................................. 79  79%
Progressed Constants
Charts with progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time of tuberculosis ............... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Saturn .................................................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed affliction
to Saturn .................................................... 92  92%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Jupiter.................................................... 98  98%
Charts with progressed affliction
to Jupiter.................................................... 81  81%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Neptune ................................................. 93  93%
Charts with progressed affliction
to Neptune ................................................. 74  74%
Charts with progressed aspect to Pluto............... 88  88%
Charts with progressed affliction
to Pluto ...................................................... 57  57%
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
As is indicated by the pronounced, even though discordant, activity of
the Jupiter thought-cells among those who develop tuberculosis, these
are not people given to despondency. The activity of the Jupiter thought-
cells makes them an optimistic, cheerful lot.
Yet in spite of this optimistic cheerfulness it is evident from the
prominence of the three negative planets, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto,
that they habitually engage in some form of negative thinking. Many
people who are cheerful and optimistic have strong fears in their un-
conscious minds that keep gnawing at them, calling out the reserve of
adrenalin as if an emergency situation existed. In spite also of the Jupi-
ter good will and hope, people frequently have other trends of thought
in which discordant thoughts of fear, greed, envy, worry or self-
centeredness give expression to the inharmonious thought-cells. In fact,
people with Saturn as prominent and afflicted in their charts of birth as
those who suffer from tuberculosis have it, and especially at those times
when there is a progressed aspect to Saturn, are sure to entertain some
thoughts of these types unless they deliberately set about to hold their
minds in other channels, and even with such deliberate effort to pre-
vent them, it is a difficult task to be free from these discordant Saturn
The activity of the discordant Saturn thought-cells, and the influence
of discordant Saturn thinking, is to exhaust the adrenalin supply and thus
reduce the amount of the chemical on which the body chiefly depends to
neutralize toxins and fight bacteria. And they attract those environmental
conditions, including overwork and deficiencies in food, fresh air and sun-
shine which lower the vitality, give an acid blood stream, and thus prepare
ideal conditions in which the tubercle bacilli can multiply.
The influence of the active and discordant Neptune thought- cells,
which are present in those who develop tuberculosis, is to cause the
individual to day-dream, to live much in imagination, to be unduly ap-
prehensive, to be very sensitive, and to depress the manufacture of cor-
tin, another chemical on which the body depends to fight invasion. Dis-
cordant Neptune thinking attracts poisoning. It thus increases the ten-
dency toward a foul blood stream, and inclines toward hidden pockets
of infection.
Those who have discordant Jupiter thought-cells have an attitude
that places too much dependence on blind chance. They have a ten-
dency to be careless and extravagant and to permit things to take their
own course in the hope they will turn out all right. They are attracted to
rich foods rather than to a balanced diet, and they tend to have a defi-
cient supply of insulin properly to burn the fuel provided by sweets
and fats. As a consequence of the incomplete combustion of these fuels,
the blood stream carries many acid bodies. Such a blood stream favors
the growth of bacteria which find their way into the system, and through
neutralizing the agents of chemical warfare, hinders the effort to eject
The Pluto thought-cells when other negative influences are domi-
nant tend to increase the sensitiveness and the negativeness. As does
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Thoughts Which Prevent Tuberculosis
Neptune, under such conditions Pluto stimulates the secretion of the hor-
mone of the pineal gland, which in turn depresses the secretion of cortin.
Discordant Pluto thought-cells give rise to unhappy thoughts about
groups, and about coercion, or about unseen forces and influences.
Doctors use various methods to help Nature cure tuberculosis.
Weights composed of shot are sometimes used to help close the cavities
by limiting the action of the lungs, and sometimes the whole or partial
collapse of the affected lung is produced. This inhibits action of the lung
and allows scar tissue to form. Another method used by surgeons is to
crush the phrenic nerve to cause the paralysis of one of the diaphragm
muscles. This destroys the bellows action of the muscles and allows for
complete rest of the lung on that side. When other methods have failed,
the drastic method of using surgery to lessen the size of the cavity is
sometimes resorted to.
Precautionary Actions
Even when the disease is in an advanced stage, other than taking care of
the cavities, if these have developed, the outstanding problem presented
in tuberculosis infection is to build up a physical vitality sufficiently
vigorous that the body can heal the attacked tissues and prevent fur-
ther infection. Building vitality also is what must be sought as the chief
precautionary measure when the birth-chart and progressed aspects
show a predisposition toward the disease. And of primary importance
in this, that the electrical energies in the body may be used for this pur-
pose instead of being consumed in mental or emotional processes, is
the cultivation of the calm, steady, radiant courage which a harmonious
birth-chart Sun gives without such special effort.
Fresh air and sunlight are highly inimical to the tubercle bacilli.
Those who have a predisposition toward the disease, therefore, should
sleep in a well ventilated room and it is better if considerable time can
be spent outdoors in the sunshine. Camps are established where tuber-
cular children may go and in addition to nourishing foods spend their
days largely outdoors in the sun, wearing nothing but shorts to get the
full benefit. Outdoor sleeping shelters often are erected in city back yards
for those who have contracted this disease. These small cabins have a
hinged roof section and drop side to give privacy but at the same time
to permit the individual practically to sleep out of doors and during the
day to receive the full rays of the Sun. The cabins rotate on a circular
track to follow the sun or to move the closed section to be a barrier
against strong winds. With the hinged roof section up the individual
can sit or recline in the nude, if the weather permits, and get full benefit
of outdoor air and sunlight without going beyond his own premises.
Moderate exercise is beneficial in building up the vitality necessary
to resist tuberculosis infection, but exhaustion from overwork, strain,
or emotional excitement lowers the resistance. When the disease is ac-
tually present absolute rest is often prescribed at the commencement of
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
the treatment. Then very gradually the individual is permitted to exer-
cise, but only to the point where the temperature begins to rise.
Even in the matter of sunlight if the disease has already made some
progress, there must be great caution, for excessive exposure to ultra
violet rays has a tendency to stir up the toxins which are released from
the degenerated tubercle bacilli. The system needs to get rid of these
poisons, but if in the effort to do so too much of them are released at one
time into the blood stream the system cannot eliminate them fast enough
to avoid severe illness.
In addition to fresh air, sunlight and rest from hard work and worry,
it is generally recognized that nourishing foods are most important in
the treatment of tuberculosis. And these same physical factors are those
that should receive attention in taking precautionary actions designed to
prevent the disease. They all contribute to building up vitality enough
to resist infection.
The birth-chart constants clearly indicate both the nature of the foods
needed, and those specially to be avoided. In the first place, as Jupiter is
prominent and afflicted, there is not enough insulin to handle rich foods,
sweets and pastries. When these are included in the diet they contribute
to the repletion type of acidosis of the blood stream. On the positive
side, the diet should contain ample sulfur.
But even more important, because Saturn plays a still more promi-
nent part, is to see that the individual gets the various minerals which
keep the blood stream slightly alkaline, that he gets the vitamins, and
that there is variety, but not too great an abundance of the proteins.
Many people with a prominent Neptune--and it usually is prominent
in those who are predisposed toward tuberculosis--are unable to handle
meat because they secrete so little cortin. These people, while needing
variety of proteins, should use care not to overload the system with
proteins, even of vegetable origin. It is found that animals fed an excess
of protein foods in order to stimulate over production are most suscep-
tible to tuberculosis. Furthermore, of all the foods, meat is by far the
most toxic, and requires the most cortin to handle. And a diet deficient
in the mineral salts, such as discordant Saturn thought-cells encourage,
fails to neutralize the acids and tends to increase the susceptibility to-
ward tuberculosis.
While the too great abundance of sweets and rich foods indicated
by Jupiter, the toxic condition that may be produced by excesses of pro-
tein indicated by Neptune, and the deficiencies attracted by Saturn, all
tend to lower the vitality and give a foul blood stream, there are still
other foods that give strength to the electrical energies ruled by the Sun,
which are the vital forces which offer resistance to tuberculosis. There
should be in the food, therefore, sufficient iodine, manganese, Vitamin
B Complex and Vitamin A. These provide the materials with which the
gland of energy production, the thyroid, and the gland of sustained
energy, the front pituitary, can manufacture the hormones that provide
for fuel consumption and the generation of vital electrical energy.
From the standpoint of thought-cell activity the most important
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Thoughts Which Prevent Tuberculosis
type of thinking to cultivate is that which will give the Sun thought-
cells harmony and power. Among those who develop tuberculosis dis-
cordant aspects to the Sun are not outstanding. Therefore, while inhar-
monious Sun thought-cell activity when present does decrease the vital
power, the predisposition commonly is not to be attributed to such dis-
cords. But there is lack of Sun energy, indicated in some cases by lack of
Sun prominence; and in all by the prominence of negative planets the
thought-cell activities of which tends to counteract and weaken the vi-
tality generated by the Sun thought-cells. Primarily, therefore, those
having a predisposition toward tuberculosis should cultivate the type
of thinking which will give greater activity to harmonious Sun thought-
Joy should be cultivated in attaining significance through efforts
that benefit others. Anyone can find something to do or attempt that
will heighten his own opinion of himself. And as Chapter Four indi-
cates that the association of Mars thoughts with the Sun thought-cells,
and the harmonious association of Jupiter thoughts with the Sun
thought-cells are most effective to increase the vitality, what is said in
that chapter about attaining the feeling of significance, about thinking
positive, aggressive, constructive thoughts whenever any situation
touches significance, authority or vitality, and about tuning in on Jupi-
ter energies as Rallying forces, is equally as applicable to preventing
tuberculosis as it is to lengthening the life. Both require the same posi-
tive, radiating vital electrical energies.
To overcome the tendency of the Jupiter thought-cells to attract a
ketosis blood stream and to enable them better to handle the manufac-
ture of insulin, harmonious Mercury thoughts should be substituted for
the tendency toward over optimism and placing blind reliance on chance.
When these tendencies become recognized the critical faculties should be
brought into play to determine the best course of action. Feeling should
be made subordinate to reason based on careful examination.
To alleviate the tendency of the Neptune thought-cells to depress
the secretion of cortin, thus lowering the vitality, and the general ten-
dency toward poisoning, whenever day-dreaming starts, or thinking
begins about some project of vast proportion, or there is the feeling of
over sensitiveness and shrinking, these thoughts and feelings should be
displaced by carefully thinking about what is, and what is not, practical
in the light of past experience, and taking some positive action toward
realizing significance.
To prevent the Saturn thought-cell activities from exhausting the
adrenalin supply, through deficiency of mineral salts from giving an
acid blood stream, and through vitamin or protein deficiency lowering
the physical energy, whenever thoughts of anxiety, fear, greed, selfish-
ness or disappointment start entering the mind, these should be dis-
placed with pleasurable thoughts involving the affections or social in-
terests, and by maintaining the Sun feeling that the energies are slightly
pressing outward and holding the Sun attitude of power, poise, vitality
and self-respect.