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Chapter 10
Thoughts Which Prevent
and Its
The vermiform appendix appears to be a vestigial structure,
the remnant of a no longer used second stomach with which
some prehuman ancestor digested cellulose, much as horses
and cows today have a second stomach for that purpose. The
word vermiform means resembling a worm. The vermiform
appendix is a narrow tube which emerges from the wall of the
caecum, which is the blind end of the large bowel, near the
point where this is joined to the small intestine. It is about as
thick as an ordinary lead pencil, and is from two to six inches
in length. When healthy the outside is glistening pinkish gray
in color, and the inside is lined with a soft pink membrane. It
usually contains a little semi-fluid material which enters the
bowel. Even though apparently a vestigial structure it is overly
presumptuous to assume the appendix and its secretions play
no part in maintaining normal health. Being ruled by the planet
Uranus it is quite likely it has some important function which
as yet has not been discovered. It seems inadvisable, there-
fore, to have it removed by surgery unless it has become so
badly infected that there is little hope of restoring it to a nor-
mal condition. Those who have it removed often suffer after-
wards from severe and chronic constipation.
It was once thought that grape seeds or cherry pits were a
common cause of appendicitis. The material of the appendix
sometimes hardens and forms a concretion resembling such
seeds. Little pieces of hardened feces, often resulting from
chronic constipation, may irritate the lining of the appendix
sufficiently that it ulcerates. In addition to such irritation, the
tissue of the appendix may become infected when catarrhal
conditions affect the adjacent bowel, or result from rheuma-
tism or tuberculosis.
At the end farthest removed from the bowel the appendix
is closed. The tube is small and if there is even a slight swelling
near the point where it enters the bowel, or if the appendix
gets kinked, its secretions finding no outlet, decompose. As its
walls contain a large amount of lymphoid tissue similar to that
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Thoughts Which Prevent Appendicitis
of which the tonsils are composed, it is particularly susceptible, as are
the tonsils, to inflammatory swelling and to infection.
Chronic constipation is one well recognized physical predisposing
factor toward appendicitis. And constipation tends to result when the
diet is concentrated and contains too little cellulose such as is present in
fruit and green vegetables. The races which eat little meat but exist chiefly
on fruits and vegetables, such as do the people India, for example, suf-
fer much less from appendicitis.
The people who suffer most frequently from appendicitis are those
who live at high tension and exhaust themselves through nervous strain.
Whatever the more remote cause, appendicitis results from inflam-
mation of the vermiform appendix. Due to the type of tissue of which the
appendix is composed the germs common to fecal matter which may
have lodged in it, or those of some other type which have produced in-
fection, easily find their way through to the outside of the organ, to the
peritoneum, which covers the appendix much as a glove covers a finger.
This peritoneum is continuous with that lining the interior of the abdo-
men and covering the other organs including the bowels.
When the infection has thus reached the peritoneum one of several
conditions may develop. If the attack is mild the infection may be over-
come by the chemicals of the body, the inflammation subside, and the
individual return to normal health. Drinking olive oil may prevent fur-
ther development if the attack is merely a mild inflammation. But on no
account should a cathartic be taken; for in case the disease has weak-
ened the tissue of the appendix sufficiently the physic may cause its
perforation and the infection of the peritoneum. This is the grave dan-
ger in appendicitis, a danger which may call for immediate surgical re-
moval of the appendix; for the infection of the peritoneum may spread
throughout the inner walls of the abdomen.
Mild attacks of appendicitis tend to recur, but one attack predis-
poses toward another unless precautionary actions are taken, and makes
the risk of a serious attack more likely. The medical profession is now
much more inclined to treat these attacks by putting the patient to bed
under conditions that insure complete rest, not allowing him to leave
the bed for any purpose, and permitting only a special diet, rather than
immediately resorting to surgery.
The trouble is that, as the disease is ruled by Uranus, there is great
difficulty in determining whether or not the attack is severe, or even if it
is appendicitis or some difficulty in an adjoining region. The appendix
seldom is perforated within less than twenty-four hours of the onset of
pain. This permits the doctor who has had the patient put to bed to have
some time to decide how serious the attack is, and whether or not it is
appendicitis. Those suffering mild attacks often attribute them to bilious
attacks or attacks of indigestion. On the other hand flatulence, conges-
tion of the right ovary near the menstrual period, or other pains in the
abdominal region may erroneously be attributed to the appendix. Then
again, surgeons often are surprised to find the appendix gangrenous when
the general condition of the patient has not indicated anything serious.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Even when the appendix does not ulcerate or become gangrenous
serious difficulties often arise. The most common of these other diffi-
culties is the formation of adhesions. When the infection reaches the
outer cover of the appendix and it becomes inflamed, lymph, a soft sub-
stance like colorless blood clot, forms on its surface. By means of this
the appendix becomes glued to other organs within, the abdomen and
later scar tissue forms between the appendix and these organs. Such
adhesions are usually distressing. As a result the individual may suffer
from pain in the lower abdomen, especially on the right side. Or, espe-
cially in women when the adhesion is to one of the Fallopian tubes,
there may be a constant dragging pain, and the congestion of the fe-
male organs at the monthly period may be very painful. Also when the
bowels are distended this dragging pain may be felt, and the adhesion
may be such that any normal exercise of the trunk is painful.
Adhesions in this area either before or after the removal of the ap-
pendix tend to limit the normal movements of the bowels, and this in
turn causes constipation. Furthermore, they may affect the stomach,
there being a form of indigestion known as appendicular dyspepsia.
Those suffering from this form of indigestion may at times get complete
relief when the appendix is removed. The indigestion resulting from
such adhesions is in the usual location for dyspeptic pain, in the pit of
the stomach. However, in a large majority of such cases, in addition to
the appendicitis there is found to be also a duodenal ulcer.
Adhesions when once they have formed, whether from the appen-
dix or restricting the movement of other organs, may need surgery to
cut the scar tissue. They form only when there is, in addition to the
other birth-chart and progressed constants, a progressed aspect involv-
ing the planet Saturn. At the time they are cut there is a progressed
aspect to Mars. Saturn, however, is the planet of persistence, and the
difficulty frequently encountered is that as soon as the scar tissue has
been cut permitting normal movement and normal functioning of the
organ, other scar tissue begins to form where the cutting occurred, and
a few years later there is another serious adhesion requiring another
operation to give relief.
Appendicitis always starts with pain in the abdomen, but often not
on the right side where the appendix is located. At first, it may be felt
anywhere in the abdomen or all over it, but generally it is felt first in the
center, and only later on in the lower right section, which then becomes
tender to pressure.
By this time the walls of the abdomen feel hard and contracted when
the hand is placed on them. The individual feels sick and usually vom-
its once or twice, and a few hours after the pain starts a little fever de-
velops. The pulse, however, is a better guide than the temperature as to
the seriousness of the attack. At first it is normal, but increases in pro-
portion as the attack gains in severity.
When the attack is mild, the pain gradually disappears, leaving
some soreness for a few days. But if the attack is severe, leading to a
ruptured appendix or a gangrene condition, the pulse will be rapid, the
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Thoughts Which Prevent Appendicitis
muscles over the abdomen will become still more hard and resistant to
pressure, vomiting will increase, and the pain will become more intense.
Gangrene is simply the dying of the flesh. When it sets in the ap-
pendix may be transformed into a greenish-black mass having a ter-
rible odor. As the result of the infection an ulcer may form, and when
this happens it commonly perforates the lining of the appendix permit-
ting the putrid infective material to pass into the general cavity of the
abdomen there to spread the infection. The great danger from appendi-
citis arises from the general peritonitis which occurs when the appen-
dix is perforated and this infective material gains access to the interior
of the abdomen.
When such an abscess develops it sometimes can be felt as a tender
lump in the lower part of the abdomen, and the individual usually is
very ill, but quite in character with the unpredictable quality of Uranus
which rules the appendix, there are many instances on record in which
the individual carried on his regular work without great inconvenience
for some time after an appendix abscess had formed.
100 People Who Had Appendicitis
Birth-Chart Constants
Birth-Charts analyzed ............................... 100 100%
Birth-Charts with Uranus prominent ............. 92  92%
Birth-Charts with Mars prominent ................ 90  90%
Progressed Constants
Charts with major progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time of appendicitis ........... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Mars................................................. 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Uranus................................................ 97  97%
Relative to the predisposition toward appendicitis shown by the plan-
etary positions, study of these 100 charts and the progressed aspects at
the time appendicitis developed leads to the following conclusions:
If Mars and Uranus are prominent, even though harmoniously
aspected, in the chart of birth, progressed discordant aspects involving
them, when discordant Rallying Forces (other discordant progressed
aspects) are present, may coincide with appendicitis. If Mars and Ura-
nus are prominent and discordantly aspected in the chart of birth, har-
monious progressed aspects to them may coincide with appendicitis.
Even harmonious aspects both in the birth-chart and by progression to
these two planets sometimes coincide with appendicitis, provided heavy
discordant Rallying Forces are furnished by other planets making pro-
gressed discordant aspects with each other. The progressed aspect to
Uranus, whether harmonious or discordant, gives thought-cell activity
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
in unusual degree which tends to affect the appendix, and the aerial
thus formed to these thought-cells permits the heavy discordant en-
ergy of the planets afflicting each other by progression to find their way--
being conducted to the Uranus aerial by the electromagnetic nerve cur-
rents--to the Uranus thought-cells.
As usual relative to diseases, .a tabulation of the sign occupied by
the Sun, Moon and Ascendant and of the sign on the sixth house, pro-
vided no constant of the disease; and as usual in diseases requiring some
confinement or hospitalization, there was in nearly all not merely a pro-
gressed aspect to the ruler of the first and a progressed aspect to the
ruler of the sixth, but also a progressed aspect to the ruler of the twelfth
Relative to the birth-chart and progressed aspect involving Mars,
any aspect to Mars indicates activity of thought-cells which incline the
individual to haste and undue expenditure of energy. Whether or not
there is actual over exertion physically, the feeling of rush gives the
unconscious mind the signal that an emergency is present. And when
the unconscious mind is made to believe an emergency is present the
adrenal glands release adrenalin into the blood stream. When the emer-
gency is such as to call for courage and stamina, and the desire for com-
bat or conquest is present, cortin also is released. This not merely tends
to use up the available supply of adrenalin and cortin, which are the
two most important chemicals with which the body wages war on or-
ganisms which attempt to invade it, but the release of adrenalin brings
significant bodily changes, among them being the withdrawing of the
blood supply and electromagnetic energy from the intestinal tract, leav-
ing the whole region in which the appendix is located in a state of deple-
tion. Such depletion when prolonged through the constant feeling of
strain and hurry leaves the organs thus deprived of their normal en-
ergy especially open to infection. And if, at the same time, the chemicals
with which invasion are resisted have been exhausted, the invading
forces readily become established.
Athletes who in contests make repeated calls upon their so-called
second wind--which is merely the release of the glycogen of the liver to
become blood sugar suitable for fuel through the action of adrenalin--
frequently suffer from appendicitis. Screen stars who in addition to the
terrific strain of going on location and working long hours under high
pressure, also make tours in drives for charitable purposes, and thus
after being exhausted must call on all reserves to keep going, are par-
ticularly subject to appendicitis. Reaching or pulling or a blow on the
right side may result in an inflamed appendix, but the common prelude
is a period of physical or emotional strain in which the adrenalin sup-
ply has been partially exhausted.
For an understanding of the significance of the birth-chart and pro-
gressed aspect involving Uranus the whole matter of the electrical fre-
quencies generated by the body needs to be comprehended. The cells of
the body generate electrical energies. But the radiations are of various
frequencies. Each of the seven chief types of frequencies is suitable for
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Thoughts Which Prevent Appendicitis
maintaining certain types of activities and is not suitable for other types
of activity. When the electrical currents are chiefly devoted to develop-
ing energies of one type of frequency, this deprives the energies of other
types of frequency by that amount. In effect, it closes the switch to this
frequency and opens it to others.
To make this most important matter clearer by analogy, electricity
is conducted about a city through high-tension wires. In some
individual's home there may be a refrigerator, and when the switch is
closed leading to it the food supply is kept cool. There are electric lights,
which may be made to illuminate the house by closing the switch to
them. There may be a vacuum sweeper which can be made to operate
by closing the switch to it. And there may be an electric clock, a radio,
an electric sewing machine and an electric toaster. Any one of these can
be put into operation by closing a switch, and each can be caused to
cease operation by opening a switch. The "juice" is turned on by closing
a switch and it is turned off by opening a switch.
In the physical body it is the mood, or state of feeling, which closes
the switch. To the extent a given mood or state of feeling absorbs the
attention, not merely of objective consciousness but also of the uncon-
scious mind, is the switch closed. Under the artificial condition of hyp-
notism the attention may be so focused that the switch is so completely
closed to permit certain frequencies to utilize the electrical energies gen-
erated that the cataleptic state may be induced. But under ordinary con-
ditions some of the electrical energies also get through to other sys-
tems. In other words, while the attention diverts most of the electrical
energies into the frequencies suitable for some special use, the switches
to other systems are not completely open and some energy finds its
way to them enabling the other functions to continue, even though in
an enfeebled manner.
While the seven home appliances mentioned all work on an electri-
cal current of the same frequency in which the total volume of electric-
ity available is of little significance because volume is available, the seven
chief activities of man each operate on different frequencies from a gen-
eral electrical supply which is decidedly limited. In the human system,
the volume is somewhat constant and the switch is to frequency. It is
closed by raising or lowering the frequency to the proper level. This is
done by feeling or mood. In the home appliance system the frequency
is constant and the switch is to volume. It is closed by turning a button
which permits the current to flow through, and opened by turning the
button so there is a gap cutting off the current from the appliance.
In the human system, while the energies from any planet, and the
thoughts these energies stimulate, have an influence on the electrical
frequencies, there are seven chief systems, each operating on its own
range of frequencies. The important factor in considering these systems
is to recognize that the body can generate only a certain maximum vol-
ume of electrical energy; and of the total volume generated that used in
any one of the seven systems deprives the other six of that much energy
which otherwise might be available to them.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
When there are progressed aspects to Uranus, especially if Uranus
is prominent in the chart of birth, so much of the total electrical energy
generated commonly is diverted into the frequencies which support the
Inspirational System that too little is left to maintain the normal func-
tions of the body. For the electrical energies to contribute to the repair of
the physical cells, to run the physical organs and direct the physical
functions as well as furnish the energy with which vigorous cells resist
infection, they must flow through the vital system, and to do this they
must be given the frequency of the Vital System which is that directed
by the activity of the Sun thought-cells.
It should not be thought that the high potential generated under
aspects to Uranus have a monopoly in robbing the physical cells and
organs of the energy they require to remain healthful. The Cerebral
System, for instance, which is under the influence of the Mercury
thought-cells, may take too much of the available electrical energy. It
relates to intellectual effort such as commonly goes by the name objec-
tive thinking, including problem solving, worry and ordinary fantasy
thinking. And the Affectional System, which employs electrical ener-
gies of quite a different frequency in sex, generation, regeneration and
love of all kinds may consume so much of the total available electrical
supply that insufficient is left for other bodily needs.
But under any high degree of Uranus thought-cell activity there is
always a tendency to divert too much of the total electrical energy into
the Inspirational System. This system, while it keeps the individual in-
tellectually keenly alert, and is particularly valuable for tuning in on
new ideas--picking them up from the inner-plane through -the exten-
sion of consciousness made possible by these frequencies--also keeps
the mind active and the nervous system in a state of high tension. This
nervous tension is the signal that energy which should be going to the
upkeep of the body is being consumed in frequencies that support the
Cerebral, the Inspirational, the Hypersensitivity or the Inner Plane Sys-
tem, and if it is the tension of the kind present under a progressed as-
pect to Uranus, the energy is too greatly being consumed by the Inspi-
rational System.
Precautionary Actions
From the physical standpoint those whose charts show a predisposi-
tion toward appendicitis need to avoid constipation, not through tak-
ing drugs, but by eating fruit, green vegetables and whole wheat bread
which contain plenty of cellulose, instead of living on too concentrated
a diet. If the alimentary tract is not too sensitive, the bowels may be
kept open by using more bran in cereal or bread or by eating figs. The
diet should contain enough of the mineral salts to keep the blood stream
slightly alkaline. This will permit the adrenalin and cortin that is avail-
able to be used in overcoming infection rather than in neutralizing the
acids in the blood stream derived from faulty eating.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Appendicitis
To maintain the adrenalin and cortin supply, the diet should con-
tain Vitamin A, Vitamin B-1,Vitamin C, Iron and a variety of protein but
not too great bulk of protein--which is concentrated food--in propor-
tion to the fruits and green vegetables.
When the Uranus thought-cells are unduly active they tend to af-
fect the supply of parathyrin and the nervous structure. Vitamin B-1
and calcium are essential to keep the nerves healthy and to handle these
properly and to enable the parathyroid glands to function as they should
there also must be Vitamin D. These three foods in ample amounts--it
is possible also to get too much Vitamin D--are needed under aspects
to Uranus to lower the tension and keep the nerves steady.
Not only should physical exhaustion such as calls for the emer-
gency release of adrenalin be avoided, but the Mars attitude of haste,
and the feeling of being under strain or pressure should be avoided.
This means not merely physical rest, but relaxation of the whole ner-
vous system at intervals and permitting it to recharge with vital energy.
And to give the Mars thought-cells more harmonious desires, the
thoughts may be turned to plans by which the weak or helpless may be
benefited. These are measures to prevent adrenalin and cortin from be-
ing exhausted.
The other step in training the thoughts and feelings has for object
the switching of the electrical energies generated by the body from the
high frequencies ruled by Uranus to those somewhat lower--but not
too low--ruled by the Sun.
To give the Uranus thought-cells more favorable desires, and also
to relieve the tension of the nervous system, the so-called religious
thoughts ruled by Jupiter may be used. They are the natural antidote.
Whenever the tendency to high tension or nervousness is noticed, a
deliberate effort should be made to get into the mood of trust and faith
and optimism and genial good will to all which is characteristic of Jupi-
ter. The placing of faith in the beneficence of Divine Providence and
looking confidently to a higher than human source to oversee matters
beyond human control tends to relieve parathyroid strain and nerve
tension, and the thought-cell activity resulting tends to work for health.
But to switch the electrical energies from the Inspirational System
ruled by Uranus, to the Vital System ruled by the Sun, something more
is required. And while physical work that requires vigorous exercise
while the attention must be closely held to what is being done, so the
thoughts cannot wander to other problems is beneficial in this respect,
one of the very best methods is to get interested in growing things out
of doors. The grass, the trees, the flowers and the birds are all tuned
rather pronouncedly to the Sun band of frequencies on which their vi-
tality, as well as that of man, chiefly depends. And close contact with
them, either through walking about where they are physically present,
or if this is impossible even through bringing them before the imagina-
tion, has an influence toward tuning the individual to the same frequency