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Chapter 11
Thoughts Which Prevent
Infantile Paralysis
and Its
Medical science as yet knows far too little about the physical
cause and cure of infantile paralysis, which is also known as
acute anterior poliomyelitis or acute polioencephalitis. It is a
terrible disease not on account of its long duration, and not on
account of the pain accompanying it, but because so often it
attacks children and in a few short weeks makes of them
cripples for life.
It is an acute specific infectious disease, accompanied by
fever that more often attacks children but at times also attacks
and cripples adults. In the more common attacks, those termed
poliomyelitis, the inflammation is of the gray matter which
forms the front horn of the spinal cord. Medical science holds
a filterable virus responsible for the disease and it has been
reported, but not yet confirmed, that this, virus has been iso-
lated and identified. However at this writing no antitoxin has
been perfected. (*Vaccine since developed. (Ed.))
A filterable virus is an organism which, along with the fluid
containing it, is so small that it readily passes through the pores
of a filter. And this one after finding access to the nose, throat,
and upper air passages is then supposed to be carried along the
small lymph channels which accompany the nerves until it
reaches the spinal cord. Sometimes it goes even as far as the
brain, but far more often attacks the gray matter at the front of
the spinal column at some point farther down where cells are
situated from which the spinal motor nerves are derived.
When these cells from which the nerves pass from the
spinal cord to the torso, legs and arms deteriorate due to the
disease, they are no longer capable of carrying electrical im-
pulses to the muscles which they supply, and these muscles
become paralyzed. Depending on the point in the spinal cord
attacked and therefore which motor nerves are affected, the
paralysis may be of the muscles of one or both legs, of one or
more of the arms, of the chest; or when as less commonly oc-
curs the medulla and pons at the base of the brain are affected,
the muscles of the eyes and mouth may be paralyzed.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Infantile Paralysis
When a muscle becomes paralyzed and not subject to exercise it
rapidly wastes away. In a growing child the paralyzed limb remains
withered and shrunken and normal bone growth fails to occur, or the
paralyzed muscles being flaccid become stretched while the healthy
muscles opposed to them become contracted, in either case resulting in
a deformity.
Although there are isolated sporadic cases, more commonly infan-
tile paralysis occurs in epidemics. Infection is through close contact of
individuals, and so far as known it is not carried by other creatures. But
in addition to those who are known to have the disease, the infectious
material may also be found in the secretions from the nose and throat of
people, both children and adults, who apparently are in good health,
but who act as carriers of the disease, even as there are carriers of ty-
phoid. As the disease is highly infectious these carriers are believed to
be responsible for recurring outbreaks of the disease, which year after
year, occur in certain communities.
When an individual shows the first symptoms of the disease he
should at once be isolated from others and all utensils used by him
should be kept separate and carefully disinfected. Summer weather
seems especially to favor the disease, and it is during the hot months
that epidemics of infantile paralysis usually take place.
In a child the first symptom may be a convulsion. Then the tem-
perature rises and there may be headache and vomiting. While at first it
seems as if the child merely has a feverish cold, after a time usually
some pain develops in one or more of the limbs. The initial symptoms
are apparent in about ten days after exposure to infection. At times they
are so slight as to be overlooked and attributed to a chill, and little is
thought of it until there is paralysis and a limb starts wasting away. But
in severe cases the individual is soon delirious and there is such rigidity
of the muscles of the back that it affects the carriage of the head.
In the comparatively rare cases in which the infection attacks the
brain in4ead of the spinal cord there are violent and frequent convul-
sions which may last as long as half a day. These are followed by a drowsy
period which may last for some days before the patient perks up and
returns to normal mental alertness. But by the time the mental func-
tions are thus normal again a widespread paralysis has developed which
affects one or both sides of the body.
When it is some region along the spine which is attacked it com-
monly will be noticed that in from one to three days after the first symp-
toms have been noticed that the individual does not move one or more
of his arms and legs. They lie limply on the bed. Before the infection has
run its course the paralysis may spread so that the nerves which control
the muscles of respiration are also affected. In such instances unless
means of artificial respiration are resorted to the individual dies from
lack of oxygen.
Although whatever muscles are paralyzed rapidly waste away, of-
ten the paralysis is more extensive in the early stages than later. The
acute stage of the disease before such partial recovery of the use of
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
muscles previously paralyzed as a rule lasts from four to six weeks. But
after this acute stage has passed and more ability to move the muscles is
present some muscles or some group of muscles remain paralyzed. In
the case of an affected limb it is colder than the other, and it sometimes
appears blue.
100 People Who Had Infantile Paralysis
Birth-Chart Constants
Birth-Charts Analyzed .............................. 100 100%
Birth-Charts with Mars prominent ............... 99  99%
Birth-Charts with Uranus prominent ............ 97  97%
Birth-Charts with Saturn prominent ............. 96  96%
Birth-Charts with Sun prominent ................. 95  95%
Progressed Constants
Charts with major progressed aspects
(aspects made by progressed Moon ignored)
calculated for time
of infantile paralysis ............................... 100 100%
Charts with progressed aspect to Mars .......... 99  99%
Charts with progressed aspect to Sun ............ 99  99%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Uranus................................................. 97  97%
Charts with progressed aspect
to Saturn ................................................. 91  91%
Tabulating the charts by sign occupied by Sun, Moon and Ascendant
gave Cancer and Leo highest, with Gemini and Pisces lowest, having
about two-thirds as many. While the sign holding an afflicted planet
which is a constant for the disease often is significant of the part of the
anatomy affected, the Sun-sign, Moon-sign, and Ascendant-sign are not
significant as constants of this disease.
Of the signs occupying the cusp of the house of illness (sixth), Ar-
ies, Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn ran highest, with Scorpio, Aquarius,
Cancer and Leo lowest, with only about one-third as many. We are not
warranted, therefore, in considering any particular sign or signs on the
cusp of the sixth as a constant for the disease.
The general rule is that the region of the body attacked by any dis-
ease is a zone where at the time there is unusual thought- cell activity. As
a rule also, the thought-cell activity in the zone where the disease mani-
fests is discordant. The thought-cells have desires which are not co-op-
erative with the desires of other groups of thought-cells which are work-
ing for the welfare of the body as a whole. But this does not mean neces-
sarily that the planet ruling the zone affected is a member at the time of a
discordant progressed aspect. Instead, it may make a harmonious pro-
gressed aspect, but this aspect provides the avenue by which the energy
of some other more powerful but discordant progressed aspect finds its
way to the thought-cells which are given exceptional activity.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Infantile Paralysis
For instance, the Sun, through Leo, rules the spine. The region at-
tacked by infantile paralysis, therefore, requires that the Leo thought-
cells at the time have an unusual degree of activity, and commonly that
this Leo thought-cell activity shall be discordant. The unusual Leo
thought-cell activity is indicated more commonly by a prominent Sun
and a progressed aspect involving the Sun in the charts of those who
have infantile paralysis, although an occasional instance is found in
which it is denoted by a planet in Leo. In 99% of the cases there is a
progressed aspect at the time involving the Sun, and although this can-
not be considered a constant of the disease, the birth-chart square of
Sun to Saturn is frequent.
The progressed aspect involving the Sun at the time may be a har-
monious progressed aspect, but this does not of necessity indicate that
the Sun-Leo thought-cells at the time they are so active have harmoni-
ous desires. In the cases where they are mapped in the birth-chart by a
Sun which is square Saturn, a harmonious progressed aspect, involving
the Sun and delivering pleasant energy to them may be unable to change
the basic discord of their desires sufficiently.
But even aside from the birth-chart discord, some discordant Ral-
lying Force may be present at the time the disease develops which over-
powers the energy delivered by the progressed aspect of the Sun.
Electromagnetic energy is the only avenue by which astral ener-
gies can influence physical substance. This makes it the common con-
ductor of planetary energies. Yet if it is readily to conduct the energy of
a certain planet it must at the time possess a similar vibratory rate. It
must be tuned to the frequency band of the energy it is to transmit.
In radio, when it is desired to pick up an electromagnetic wave, the
effort is made to select an antenna of the same comparable dimensions
as the antenna where the original wave was created. This applies the
principle of resonance. When the receiving antenna is regulated so it is
about the same length as the transmitting antenna, so the circuits are
about the same electrically, the transmitted wave, through the principle
of resonance, sets electrons vibrating in the receiving antenna. Shorten-
ing and lengthening the electric circuit in the receiving circuit is accom-
plished in a radio set by turning a knob; but it is accomplished in the
nervous system of man by mood or feeling.
When the individual feels intensely, this feeling is the recognition
of electromagnetic vibrations of a certain kind within his nervous sys-
tem. Whatever he feels, to the extent it constitutes a dominant feeling,
represents the electromagnetic vibration his nervous system is tuned in
on. When he is tuned in on a particular planetary vibration:, his nerve
currents not merely pick up this type of inner-plane energy reaching
him from the planets, but inner-plane vibrations of the same frequency
radiated from objects and the general environment and the thoughts of
people. And, which is the factor of tremendous significance, these nerve
currents act as natural conductors for the inner-plane energy of corre-
sponding vibratory rate by which it can reach every group of thought-
cells in the finer form which at the time has a temporary aerial extend-
ing to it as mapped by a planet involved in any progressed aspect.
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
Thus if a powerful temporary stellar aerial is formed, let us say by
progressed Mercury opposition Pluto, and its drastic and coercive vi-
brations are permitted to dominate the feelings, the nerve currents
readily conduct its energy wherever they reach. And if the birth-chart
shows Mars, Uranus, Saturn and the Sun prominent, and at the same
time there is a harmonious progressed aspect to Mars, a harmonious
progressed aspect to the Sun, a harmonious progressed aspect to Ura-
nus and a harmonious progressed aspect to Saturn, this discordant en-
ergy of Mercury opposition Pluto will be carried to all the thought-cells
mapped by Mars, Sun, Uranus and Saturn.
Neither Pluto nor Mercury may be making any progressed aspect
to Mars, Sun, Uranus or Saturn, but the nerve currents which reach all
parts of the physical body and thus contact all zones of the astral body,
being tuned by the dominant feeling to the Mercury opposition Pluto
vibration, permit the Mercury opposition Pluto energy some access to
all the thought-cells of the finer form, and free access through the tem-
porary stellar aerials formed by the progressed aspects involving these
planets, to the thought-cells mapped by Mars, Sun, Uranus and Saturn.
Under these circumstances if the Mercury opposition Pluto plan-
etary energy reaching the Sun thought-cells is more powerful than the
energy reaching the thought-cells from progressed Sun sextile Saturn,
let us say, the thought-cells will be given discordant feelings and de-
sires instead of the more harmonious feelings and desires indicated by
progressed Sun sextile Saturn.
Thus in estimating the times when disease is probable unless pre-
cautionary action is taken, we should not confine our attention to the
birth-chart constants and discordant progressed constants alone. Instead
we must consider often that a harmonious progressed aspect, if its plan-
ets are progressed constants of the disease, may provide the avenue
through which other discordant energy indicated by discordant pro-
gressed aspects between planets which are not constants of the disease
may find its way to the thought-cells whose discordant activity make
the disease likely.
While it is true that all the thought-cells of the finer body may be
somewhat affected through the energy thoroughly tuned in on by the
mood or feeling, our statistics indicate they do not thus reach thought-
cells in sufficient volume to attract an important event unless there is a
temporary aerial built by some major progressed aspect reaching the
group of thought-cells whose activity is responsible for the event.
Thus such Rallying Forces, no matter how powerfully discordant,
do not attract significant illness, unless there is a temporary stellar aerial
leading to the thought-cells of the first house mapped by a progressed
aspect to the Ascendant or ruler of the first house, and also a stellar
aerial leading to the thought-cells of the sixth house mapped by a pro-
gressed aspect to the ruler of the sixth house. Even if the progressed
aspect to the first is harmonious, and the progressed aspect to the sixth
is harmonious, these afford avenues by which the energy of any power-
ful discordant progressed aspect can find its way to the first house and
sixth house thought-cells if the individual permits himself, through the
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Thoughts Which Prevent Infantile Paralysis
thoughts and the feelings accompanying them, to keep tuned in on the
discordant frequencies.
Two of the hormones of the front pituitary gland respond to the
activities of the Sun thought-cells, one of the hormones of this gland
responds to the activity of the Saturn thought-cells, one to the activity
of the Mercury thought-cells, one to the activity of the Uranus thought-
cells, and apparently one to the activity of the Pluto thought-cells. The
front pituitary is the gland not only of sustained energy, but also of
sustained mental output. And the accentuation of the activities of this
front pituitary gland at the time of infantile `paralysis, even when the
disease results in the crippling of some of the limbs, frequently results
in unusual front pituitary activity throughout the balance of the life.
Whether this activity is accentuated by the disease, or is due to the ef-
fort on the part of the Sun thoughts to compensate for the feeling of
inferiority resulting from being physically crippled, the fact remains
that a number of the greatest brain workers in the world are among
those who earlier in life have suffered infantile paralysis.
Mercury is not a constant of the disease. Uranus is the upper- oc-
tave of Mercury, and under certain circumstances its thought- cells seem
as pronouncedly to influence both cerebral thinking and the nervous
system as do the thought-cells of Mercury. Thus it is the nerve tissue of
the spine which is affected by the disease. Furthermore, in the various
other types of paralysis, including that due to cerebral hemorrhage, in
so far as we have been able to collect data, we find a progressed aspect
to Uranus at the time the paralysis develops.
We find also in those diseases where a muscle hardens, where it
atrophies, or where it withers as it does in infantile paralysis, that there
is a progressed aspect to Saturn. Discordant Saturn thought-cells de-
sire, and work to bring about, not merely deficiency of proper foods,
but deficiencies of bone and deficiencies of muscle. These deficiencies
are apparent after infantile paralysis.
The activity of the Mars thought-cells, of course, are responsible
for attracting enemy organisms, such as the virus of infantile paralysis,
which invade the human body.
When infantile paralysis is suspected, the individual should be put
to bed at once and a doctor called. Complete rest is essential, and the
doctor can determine if it is infantile paralysis, and if it is he can take
steps to prevent the spread of the disease to others. Depending on the
area affected he may be able to advise certain mechanical measures,
such as suitable splints, so that the paralyzed muscle shall not become
stretched and the opposing healthy muscle contracted. A so-called bed-
shoe may be worn if the leg is affected, or a similar splint on the front of
the forearm, with the lower end of the splint bent upwards in order to
throw back the wrist, if the arm is affected.
During the acute stage everything possible should be done to check
the spread of the infection and to reduce the inflammation at the spot
where it attacks the spine. The severity of the after effect depends upon
the violence and the amount of spread which the inflammation was
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Body Disease and Its Stellar Treatment
permitted in its attack upon the nervous tissue. But when the acute stage
is past, that which is required is the reeducation of the affected nerves
and muscles. In this reeducation massage and passive movements of
the joints are commonly commenced in from two to three weeks after
the onset of the disease; and after the acute stage has passed so that the
extent of the paralysis can be determined. The individual is encouraged
to move the limb regularly, and make the effort to gain control of those
muscles which still have the power of contraction.
Precautionary Actions
In so far as outer conditions are concerned, when birth-chart and pro-
gressed aspects indicate a predisposition toward infantile paralysis, pre-
caution should be exercised that there shall be no association with those
having the disease or carrying the infection, and that the glands and
blood stream shall be able to furnish the chemicals to defeat the infec-
tion should it be contacted.
In general the adrenal glands need to be kept strong and active and
able to manufacture both adrenalin and cortin to resist infection of any
sort. This means that the food must contain ample variety and ample
amounts of the mineral salts, variety and ample amounts of the vita-
mins, and variety of the proteins. And it means that the individual
through strain, excitement, anxiety or emergency emotion of any kind
must not too frequently call upon the secretions of the adrenal glands.
In addition to this general precaution against infection, the birth-
chart and progressed constants of infantile paralysis indicate that nor-
mal activity of the front pituitary gland, normal activity of the parathy-
roid glands and normal activity of the thyroid gland assist in a marked
manner in resisting infection by this disease. The thyroid secretion, which
responds to Sun thought-cell activity as well as to Venus thought-cell
activity, although not so powerful as the hormones of the adrenal glands,
is inimical to germs and tends to neutralize their toxins. For its manu-
facture the food must contain ample iodine.
The pituitary secretion ruled by the Sun requires manganese, Vita-
min A and Vitamin B Complex. This secretion assists in maintaining
Next in importance to the hormones which resist all kinds of infec-
tion seems to be the hormone of the parathyroid glands. When
parathyrin, as this secretion is called, is deficient the handling of cal-
cium is hindered. Calcium tends to neutralize the influences of sodium
and other elements in their tendency to irritate the nerves and make
them unduly sensitive. Furthermore, in the absence of sufficient Vita-
min B-1, the nerve tissue deteriorates. Such irritated or deficient nerves
invite infection of the nerve structure. To prevent this, the diet should
contain ample Vitamin ample calcium, and enough Vitamin D or expo-
sure of the skin to sunlight that the parathyroids can properly handle
the calcium.
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Thoughts Which Prevent Infantile Paralysis
Yet no matter what the diet is, the parathyroid glands will be under
strain and the nerves unduly sensitive if the individual continues to
think thoughts which encourage the high tension which Uranus thought-
cells tend to promote. It is probably too much to expect children to con-
trol their thoughts, but in addition to providing an environment where
relaxation is easy they can be encouraged to let down the tension and
feel trust, faith and good will toward all, and to resort to prayer. The
Jupiter attitude and the Jupiter thoughts thus encouraged are the natu-
ral antidote of the Uranus thoughts, and when used to replace the high
tension thoughts will give the Uranus thought-cells more harmonious
Not only may high tension be developed in their play and in the
home, but the crowding of children in their school work may place them
under a feeling of emergency, cause them to worry or feel that more is
expected of them than is within their powers, or cause them to release
adrenalin in the effort to live up to the too high expectations of others.
The repeated drain of the adrenalin supply due to these Saturn thoughts
and this Saturn attitude lowers the resistance to infection.
If, instead of such crowding and instead of the highly exciting and
competitive (Mars) sports, the youngster can be induced to enjoy musi-
cal entertainment or social gatherings which are not hilarious, or con-
tact nature or become interested in art, these thoughts and feelings de-
liberately substituted for those associated with the strain of school or
other work, will enter into the Saturn thought-cell compound and tend
to give the thought-cells there located more beneficial desires.
Not only to assist in counteracting the influence of discordant Sat-
urn thought-cell activity, but to give harmony and strength to the Sun
thought-cell activity and thus assist both the front pituitary and the thy-
roid gland in their functions, and to build up vital power, the individual
predisposed to infantile paralysis also should cultivate the attitude of
confidence that any situation which may arise will be competently
handled. Calm cool courage, either in child or adult, tends to give both
the thought-cell activity and the glandular activity which produce vi-
tality and provide recuperative power.