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Chapter 2
How to Gauge
The Fortunate Associations
How to
Select a
Both his behavior and the events which come into any
individual's life are the result of the thought-cell activity of his
soul, or unconscious mind, acting upon and reacting from his
environment. And it is because a birth-chart and progressed
aspects give so good a picture of the thought-cell activity at
birth, and at given periods in the life, that they can be used to
determine the best vocation and the type of events that prob-
ably will occur during certain intervals of time.
The thought-cell activity primarily is derived from expe-
riences of the type indicated by the planet mapping it; but may
be greatly accentuated by planetary energy when the planet
mapping it forms a progressed aspect. That is, experiences of a
given type both before birth and after birth, and the planetary
energies of this type released by progressed aspects, increase
the thought-cell activity of this type through giving these
thought-cells added energy with which to work from the in-
ner plane to influence the objective thinking and to exert pres-
sure on external environment to bring about events character-
istic of their type. And it is the volume of thought-cell activity
of a given type which determines the natural aptitude for physi-
cal activities of this type.
Yet both experiences and planetary forces when added to
the thought-cells do something more than increase the thought-
cell activity. They give the thought-cells--which have indepen-
dent intelligence and independence of action comparable to,
yet greater than, those of the cells of the physical body--har-
monious or discordant desires. To the extent the experiences
or the planetary energies received by the thought-cells are plea-
surable do these thought-cells have desires in harmony with
those of the individual in whose soul they reside, and there-
fore work to bring into his life the things he desires. But to the
extent the experiences or the planetary energies received by
the thought-cells are painful do these thought-cells have de-
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How to Gauge the Fortunate Associations
sires discordant to those of the individual in whose soul they reside,
and therefore work to bring into his life events and conditions the re-
verse of those he desires.
This is the reason harmonious progressed aspects tend to influence
the behavior favorably and tend to coincide with fortunate events, and
that discordant progressed aspects tend to influence the behavior unfa-
vorably and tend to coincide with unfortunate events. But the fortune
or the misfortune of the events which come into the life are not solely
dependent upon the harmony or discord of the thought-cell activity. To
a great extent, often to an equal extent, they are also dependent upon
the facilities of the outer-plane environment to provide events and con-
ditions such as the active thought-cells work to attract.
While there seems no way of testing this idea statistically, the analy-
sis of 3,000 timed birth-charts in connection with the vocation followed--
some being of those who have met with marked success and some be-
ing of those who have succumbed to difficulties or disaster--leaves the
impression that on an average ability and so-called luck are about equally
important in making a success of any given vocation. If the individual
has sufficient natural aptitude, as indicated by the constants for the vo-
cation being exceptionally prominent, he may be successful in spite of
tremendous obstacles encountered. Or if the individual is lucky enough,
as indicated by harmoniously aspected planets, he may have some suc-
cess even though the constants of the vocation are not very prominent.
But usually, for pronounced success, the constants of the vocation must
be outstandingly prominent, even though all afflicted, and there must
be at least one powerful harmonious aspect where his environmental
associations are concerned, insuring that at least occasionally he will
have so-called luck working with him instead of always against him.
It should be apparent that no individual, however lucky he may
be, can exercise abilities he does not possess. On the other hand, no
matter how great the abilities of an individual are in reference to a cer-
tain occupation, if he employs these abilities amid environmental asso-
ciations sufficiently discordant, disaster will overtake him.
A powerful and well aspected planet in the birth-chart indicates
the environmental associations which, in the exercise of whatever tal-
ents the individual possesses, tend to attract to him so-called good luck.
The good luck is attracted because the environment affords just those
factors that the harmonious thought-cells mapped by the planet most
readily can manipulate. As these thought-cells are active and powerful,
and their desires coincide with the desires of the individual, not only
are they able to influence the thinking and behavior, and working from
the inner plane bring external events to pass, but the behavior and the
events thus experienced are of a nature favorable to the individual.
In many vocations there is a wide variety of environmental asso-
ciations in which it is possible to exercise the special talents. A sales-
man, for instance, might sell munitions of war, or he might sell imported
silk; and the fortune attracted in the first instance be as good or as bad
as Mars in his birth-chart; or in the second instance, in which silk was
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sold, be as good or as bad as his birth-chart Venus.
Although in both instances a salesman, he might be blown to bits
in the Mars association, provided Mars were sufficiently afflicted, be-
cause his environmental associations would give unusual opportunity
for the Mars thought-cells to bring about the discordant things they
desire; and he might accumulate ease and a fortune selling silk, if Venus
were sufficiently powerful and harmonious, because his environmental
associations would offer great resistance to the events the Mars thought-
cells would desire to bring about, and ample facilities for the harmoni-
ous events the Venus thought-cells would desire and work to bring to
pass. Yet neither Venus nor Mars is a birth-chart constant of salesmen.
As another example, we might consider a lawyer, exceedingly
clever, using his talents to free underworld characters from-impending
justice. If Pluto, ruling the underworld, were sufficiently discordant,
the lawyer might very well become a victim of gang warfare, because
the thought-cells mapped by Pluto would desire and work for events
which would be disastrous to him. Yet the same lawyer, avoiding the
Pluto associations, might become opulent through working with matters
ruled by the best planet in his chart; working for wealthy business men, for
instance, if Jupiter were prominent and well aspected in his birth-chart.
In addition to affording the facilities with which the thought-cells
mapped by the planet ruling the environmental associations can bring
into the life events which are as fortunate or unfortunate as the thought-
cells are harmonious or discordant, all things radiate an energy of the
type of the sign or planet ruling them which is similar in its effect upon
the thought-cells, although usually weaker in power, to the energy of
the sign or planet. These character vibrations of the things closely asso-
ciated with, as well as the individual's thoughts and astrological ener-
gies, thus impart energy to the thought-cells of similar astrological ruler-
ship and increase their activity. Because the thought-cells having the
same vibrations as the close environmental associations become more
active, they do more work. And the events attracted due to the increased
work they are able to do is as fortunate or unfortunate as their harmony
or discord.
For two reasons, therefore--additional thought-cell activity, and
facilities for producing events--the individual will have better luck if
he associates with the things ruled by well-aspected planets than if he
associates with things ruled by discordantly aspected planets. In fact--
although ability may be more than sufficient to counteract bad luck--
the extent of the luck, good or bad, amid specific environmental asso-
ciations is broadly indicated by the aspects of the planet ruling these
associations. Broadly indicated only; because experiences since birth may
have conditioned the thought-cells mapped by the planet to be either
more discordant or more harmonious than they were at birth.
As the environmental associations thus importantly affect the so-
called luck of every person according to aspects in his chart of birth, a
list of those ruled by each of the ten planets may be made of much prac-
tical value:
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How to Gauge the Fortunate Associations
SUN: gold, the government, politics, persons of authority, persons
of the male sex, employers.
MOON: silver, liquids, the common people, commodities, hotels,
the home, food, the female sex, rhythmic music.
MERCURY: books railroads, vehicles of travel, periodicals, tele-
phone, telegraph, agents, people who are literary or studious.
VENUS: flowers, artistic objects, dancing, wearing apparel, fancy
goods, confectionary, pastry, toilet articles, jewelry, harmonious music,
people of a social turn.
MARS: war, soldiers, surgeons, mechanics, cooks, machinery, steel,
implements of construction or destruction, intoxicating drink.
JUPITER: merchandise, ships, judges, church, clergymen, bankers,
professional men, persons of wealth.
SATURN: basic utilities such as minerals, hay, grain, coal and build-
ing material; mines, real estate, the land, the weather, business meth-
ods, sedate or elderly people.
URANUS: inventions, automobiles, electricity, late mechanical de-
vices, antiques, astrology, the occult, orators, lawyers, electricians, as-
trologers, psychologists.
NEPTUNE: promoters, colonies, schemes requiring incorporation
or profit-sharing of a number Of people, feeling extra-sensory percep-
tion, oil, gas, drugs, the drama, moving pictures, aviation, mediums,
mystics, psychic people, psychic energy.
PLUTO: radio, television, chemistry, inner-plane forces, intellec-
tual or feeling extra-sensory perception, racketeers, gangsters, the coer-
cive thoughts of others, highly spiritual people working for the benefit
of society.
The thought-cells of which the inner-plane form is composed not
only have vibratory rates of the same tone as the signs and planets, but
they have been formed by experiences relating to the twelve depart-
ments of life; and the thought-cells relating to any one department of
life are mapped by the house of the birth-chart governing it. Experi-
ences in lower life-forms have been with mating, home building, jour-
neys, acquisition, offspring, and to some extent with each of the depart-
ments of life ruled by the twelve houses of the birth-chart. The amount
and intensity of the experiences relating to a given department of life
determine the degree of activity of the thought-cells mapped by the
birth-chart house which rules it.
In addition to the number and intensity of the experiences with a
given department of life, however, the pleasure or pain accompanying
these experiences also is important. Painful experiences with the mate,
for instance, build discords into the thought-cells mapped by the sev-
enth house. The discordant desires with which the seventh house
thought-cells are thus conditioned--whether the experiences were be-
fore or after human birth--cause them to work to bring into the life
unfortunate events relating to marriage. Happy experiences in acquisi-
tion build harmonies into the thought-cells mapped by the second house.
The harmonious desires with which the second house thought-cells are
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thus conditioned--whether the conditioning was before human birth
or after it--cause them to work from the inner plane with whatever
energy they possess, or acquire from progressed aspects, to bring fortu-
nate events into the life where money or personal possessions are con-
Each of the twelve departments or life might thus be mentioned in
its turn, in connection with the desires imparted to the thought-cells
they map by the pain or pleasure of the experiences which built them,
with the object of showing how the thought-cells have been thus condi-
tioned to attract fortunate or unfortunate events relative to that particu-
lar department of life. But the significant factor is that the planet or plan-
ets ruling a given house of the birth-chart, by its aspects, shows the kind
of harmony or discord that was built into the thought-cells relative to
the given department of life before birth, and therefore the kind of good
fortune or misfortune for which these thought-cells will try to work.
Each of the ten aspects shows the kind of events the thought-cells
mapped by the aspected planet have been conditioned to work for thus:
Conjunction, 0°, expresses through PROMINENCE.
Semi-Sextile, 30°, expresses through GROWTH.
Sextile, 60°, expresses through OPPORTUNITY.
Square, 90°, expresses through OBSTACLES.
Trine, 120°, expresses through LUCK.
Inconjunct, 150°, expresses through EXPANSION.
Semi-Square, 45°, expresses through FRICTION.
Opposition, 180°, expresses through SEPARATION.
Sesqui-Square, 135°, expresses through AGITATION.
Parallel, 0°, declination, expresses through INTENSITY.
Therefore, in general, to the extent the individual associates with a
given department of life, does he give opportunity for the thought-cells
mapped by the house governing this department to bring to pass the
kind of events signified by the aspects to the planet or planets ruling
this house. If he has a badly afflicted sixth house, for instance, not only
will difficulty be attracted where whatever work he does is concerned,
but if he associates much with people who are ill, as must a doctor, a
nurse, or a dentist, he will encounter many difficulties of the types shown
by the aspects. His sixth house associations will both increase the activ-
ity and power of the sixth-house thought-cells to attract events, and
afford them environmental facilities for bringing to pass the kind of
events they desire.
On the other hand, if he has a well aspected fourth house ruler, he
will tend to attract good luck, not only in his own home, but through
associating with lands, mines, farms, hotels, restaurants, etc., because
these will add energy to his fourth-house thought-cells, giving them
more power to attract events; and will afford them the environmental
facilities for bringing to pass the kind of events they desire.
Here it is rather easy to make a mistake in judgment, however; for
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How to Gauge the Fortunate Associations
in reference to a given vocation it commonly is more important to have
unusually active thought-cells relative to the department of life with
which the vocation associates the individual than to have harmonious
thought-cells. In other words, unless the planet ruling the house with
which the individual must associate in the vocation is strongly aspected
or otherwise prominent, the individual can make too little contact with
the indicated department of life to make much of a success of the voca-
tion. But if the house is active, even though badly afflicted, he may very
well have ability enough to make a success of the vocation in spite of
many difficulties encountered.
As one with little experience is apt to decide against a vocation
because the ruler of the house indicating its close association is rather
heavily afflicted, in the analysis of those vocations in which house ac-
tivity is significant we have indicated not only in what percentage the
house under consideration was active, but the percentage in which the
house is more discordant ;than harmonious and the percentage in which
the house is more harmonious than discordant. The difference between
these two percentages indicates those in which the harmony and dis-
cord are about evenly balanced. From a scrutiny of these tables it will
be seen that commonly the house with which the vocation is closely
associated is more discordant than harmonious. Nevertheless, usually,
in addition to powerfully discordant aspects which indicate thought-
cell activity, there is also one strong harmonious aspect, or several weak
harmonious aspects to its ruler.
Of the harmonious aspects the trine is most powerful, the sextile
next in power, and the semi-sextile of moderate power. Of the discor-
dant aspects the opposition is most powerful, the square next in power,
and the semi-square and sesqui-square of moderate power. The con-
junction has about the power of the opposition; the parallel is less well
defined, being slower and diffusive; and the inconjunct has about the
power of the semi-sextile. But these three aspects in themselves are nei-
ther harmonious nor discordant. They are harmonious when between
harmonious planets and discordant when between discordant planets.
And in calculating the aspects, the degree on the cusp of the Ascendant
and the degree on the cusp of the M.C.--but not the degree on the cusp
of any other houses--should be handled as if they were planets.
The aspects indicate the harmony and discord of the thought-cells
mapped at birth by the houses the aspecting planets rule, and these
houses in turn indicate the phases of life which the thought-cells affect
First House
The physical body and its health, the quality of the personal
magnetism, the temperament and disposition, and purely per-
sonal changes.
Second House
Money and other personal possessions.
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Third House
Brethren, private thoughts and studies, neighbors.
Fourth House
The home, hotels, restaurants, the father,
real estate, mining, crops on the ground, and the condition at
the end of life.
Fifth House
Pleasures, love affairs, speculation, stocks and bonds, children,
and entertainment.
Sixth House
Labor, the condition under which work is done, tenants, food,
small animals, employees and the quality of their services, and
Seventh House
Marriage, partnership, the attitude of those met in public, open
enemies, competitors and law suits.
Eight House
Gifts and legacies, the public's money, ability of those owing
one money to pay, death and the influence of those dead.
Ninth House
Teaching, publishing, advertising, lecturing, long journeys,
religion and the court.
Tenth House
Honor, business, credit, profession and superiors.
Eleventh House
Friends, hopes and wishes.
Twelvth House
Crime, sorrows, disappointments, restrictions, hidden enemies,
large animals, unseen forces and astral entities.
The Tenth House--Because the tenth house is more closely associ-
ated with vocations in general than any other house, it should receive
special discussion; in fact, the whole Trinity of Wealth, embracing the
job itself as ruled by the tenth house, the conditions under which the actual
work is done, ruled by the sixth house, and the money received, ruled by
the second house, need to have their functions somewhat clarified.
It seems reasonable to expect a planet in the tenth, or ruling its
cusp, to have more influence over the vocation than does a planet of
equal prominence elsewhere located in the birth-chart; for the thought-
cells it thus maps are directly related in the unconscious mind with credit,
honor, business and position. And this seems to be borne out by our
studies of these 3,000 vocational charts.
This, however, is quite different from implying that the ruler of the
cusp of the tenth or a planet in the tenth can be considered a constant
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How to Gauge the Fortunate Associations
for any of these vocations. To be sure, a planet in the tenth or ruling its
cusp, has more power to determine the vocation than a planet of the
same prominence not a ruler of the tenth; but that power is so slightly
more in determining the vocation that its consideration has small prac-
tical value. Just as our analysis of the Sun-sign, Moon-sign and Ascen-
dant-sign indicate that there are more with certain of these signs promi-
nent who follow a given vocation, yet that this predominance is not
marked enough to be a constant, or deciding factor in any vocation, and
therefore should be given secondary consideration; so in the 30 voca-
tions here covered, we have found in the analysis of each series of 100
charts covering a given vocation, some with each of the twelve signs on the
cusp of the tenth, and some with each of the ten planets in the tenth, and
none there often enough to be considered a constant, or to warrant such
tenth house influence being given more than secondary consideration.
Because the ruler of `the tenth maps thought-cells which in the as-
tral body are closely associated with business, honor, credit and posi-
tion, there often is a tendency, or leaning toward following a vocation
signified by it. But unless the ruler of the tenth has prominence, which
means that it maps thought-cell activity, and consequently ability of that
planetary type, the individual does not make a success of that calling,
and eventually must turn to some other vocation in which he has greater
ability. Which means that it is foolish for an individual to attempt to
follow a vocation indicated by the tenth house if the ruler of the tenth
has so little prominence that it is clear he has no ability of that kind.
Ability, as has been emphasized, is due to accumulated experiences
of a definite type built into the thought-cells of the astral body, and
mapped in the birth-chart by houses and planets. And a planet in the
tenth house denotes no more experience and no greater thought-cell
activity, and consequently no greater natural aptitude for work of the
kind denoted by the planet, than does the same planet in the first house.
A planet in the tenth house, practically devoid of aspects, denotes less
thought-cell activity of its type, and consequently less natural aptitude
of that planetary type, than a planet in the seventh, fourth or first which
is powerfully aspected. The ruler of the tenth in a cadent house and not
aspecting Sun, Moon or Mercury, and not making other powerful as-
pects, denotes the individual is so lacking in ability of that planetary
nature that he could not make a success of it.
The tenth house, as well as each of the other houses, does have an
outstanding significance. The thought-cells it maps are those which have
been built into the soul by experiences which relate to that which man
calls credit, business and position. Thus a planet in the tenth house, or
ruling its cusp, is significant of the conditions the individual will en-
counter, no matter what vocation he follows, that influence his credit
and position.
For instance: Politics and politicians are ruled by the Sun. Professor
Nicholas Murray Butler, President of Columbia University since 1902,
has the Sun and Neptune in the tenth. He has been Chairman of the
Republican National Convention at various times, and otherwise known
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for his political interests, but politics is not his vocation. Neither is Ad-
miral Richard E. Byrd a professional politician. But the Sun in the tenth
house of his birth-chart enabled him to gain the aid of those in political
authority, without which his explorations) covering both poles of the
earth would have been impossible.
Both David Lloyd George and Howard Jones have the Moon in the
tenth house of their charts. Both had a tremendous popular following,
and the doings of both were of keen interest to a vast number of people.
Lloyd George was the Premier of the British Government during World
War I, and Howard Jones was a famous football coach.
Stephen Foster, the composer of Old Black Joe, My Old Kentucky
Home, and other American folk songs, had Mercury and Venus in the
tenth. Mercury was afflicted, and he had strenuous opposition to his
determination to write music. Marconi was not a writer, but an inven-
tor. Mercury was in his tenth house; and the radio which he invented,
was used to send messages, ruled by Mercury.
Henry Ford has Venus and Saturn in his tenth house. Neither the
inventions nor the manufacturing for which he is noted are ruled by
one of these planets, but his reputation among some people is as benefi-
cent and mild as Venus, and among others that of slave driving Saturn.
Jean Harlow, the movie star, had Venus, the Moon and Saturn in the
tenth. She had the Venus reputation as a glamour girl, the fan public
indicated by the Moon, and career difficulties characteristic of the hard-
ships of Saturn.
Professor A. Vander Nailen, internationally known physicist, had
Jupiter and Neptune in the tenth. He had a fine reputation in his profes-
sion, but his interest in mysticism (Neptune) brought cynical smiles from
his engineering friends. Dr. Alexis Carrel, famous Member of the
Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, has Sagittarius on the cusp
of the unoccupied tenth, and its ruler, Jupiter, conjunction the Moon in
the house of medicine (sixth).
Adolph Hitler has Saturn in the tenth. Napoleon had Saturn, Mer-
cury and the Sun in the tenth. The reputations of both are associated not
merely with ambition, but also with hardships undergone by people
due to their leadership. jack London, the writer of adventure fiction,
had Venus and Saturn in the tenth.
So far as his fiction writing is concerned his reputation was aptly
described by Venus; but for his materialistic philosophy and economic
views his career severely suffered.
Jane Addams, of Hull House fame, had the Moon and Uranus in
the tenth house. The common people among whom she worked, and
the wide interest of people in her work, is indicated by the Moon. But
the reform character of her efforts, and the unusual way she went about
it, are indicated by Uranus. Major Edward Bowes, who first put non-
commercial broadcasting on the air, and has conducted amateur radio
programs resulting in the discovery of many people of talent, has Ura-
nus in the tenth. The avenue through which he works, and the groups
with whom he co-operates, ape denoted by Pluto in the seventh; but the
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original methods he has introduced into his business are indicated by
tenth house Uranus.
Marge Gestring, who became woman diving champion of the world
at 13 years of age, has Mars in the fourth and Jupiter rising to give love
of athletic sports, and ability in them. But it was her ability to dramatize
her ability that caused schoolmates to furnish the money to send her to
Berlin where she won the championship. Huey P. Long, with Jupiter
and Pluto also in the tenth house, had Neptune there; and no politician
on record has had greater ability to dramatize himself.
Pluto is the planet of dictatorship and also the planet of universal
welfare. Huey P. Long, with Pluto, Jupiter and Neptune, in the tenth,
became the dictator of Louisiana. He told other politicians what to do
and they did it. Jupiter in the tenth enabled him to manipulate people
of wealth. Upton Sinclair also has Pluto in the tenth. But he has worked
consistently for socialism and production for use. An outstanding writer,
he has made it his business to expose corruption; working to the best of
his ability for universal welfare.
None of the nine planets I have thus far mentioned in the tenth
house of notable people have been the constants of the chief vocation
they followed. But the planet in the tenth has had an influence upon the
success of their careers. And any planet in the tenth, or ruling the cusp
of the tenth, does have an influence over the career, even though the
business or profession followed may be chiefly ruled by a prominent
planet, or planets, not in the tenth or ruling its cusp. To indicate what I
mean, for it is definitely important that this should be understood, I
have selected the planet Mars in the tenth house. And the charts of those
selected as illustrative of this point will all be those of people, as were
those already mentioned, whose hour of birth is known, whose erected
charts are published with comments in Brotherhood of Light Lessons,
and with whose lives every person should be familiar.
Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. had Mars in his tenth, and his athletic screen
acting, as well as the criticism of his life and honor, were of the Mars
type. In the world of music, Ben Bernie has Mars thus located, and any-
one who has listened to the music of the "Jazz King" at once detects the
Mars quality; and it can also be discerned in his relations with various
employers. Ann Morrow Lindbergh, who does some writing, has Mars
in the tenth, and has illustrated its power through the hazardous flights
she has taken with her husband. A truly outstanding writer with Mars
in the tenth is James Branch Cabell. The unconventionality of some of
his works, such as Jurgen, brought acrimonious controversy and vio-
lent criticism.
At opposite poles, it is easy to think, are a killer who was hanged
for murder and a Supreme Court Justice. Albert Dyer, with Mars in the
tenth, gained national notoriety for strangling three little girls. When
Hugo L. Black, with Mars in the tenth, was appointed Supreme Court
Justice, a violent controversy split the nation. He won senate confirma-
tion by the barest margin. Commerce, exploration and religion have to
do primarily with the ninth house. Henry M. Stanley, famous African
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explorer had Mars in the ninth house, but in less than one degree from
conjunction the M.C.; Daniel C. Roper, who was Secretary of Commerce
for the U. S., had Mars in the tenth house; and Aimee Semple McPherson,
famous evangelist, has Mars in her tenth. All three at various times in
their lives were subjects of violent controversy and acid criticism.
There is probably no point in carrying these illustrations much fur-
ther. It is possible to go on and mention mechanics, waiters, telephone
operators, and those who follow each of the 30 vocations here consid-
ered, who have Mars in the tenth house, and about whose position and
credit there has been strife and criticism. Not to neglect the politicians, it
may be mentioned that both Calvin Coolidge, who called out the military
to put down a Boston police strike, and later was President of the U. S.,
and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was President when the U. S. en-
tered World War II, have Mars in the tenth. Both have been severely criti-
cized, and both had to fight valiantly in their political careers.
What here has been pointed out in some detail relative to Mars is
equally true of each of the other nine planets, as I have illustrated more
briefly, in indicating its own characteristic type of conditions affecting
the credit and position of any individual in whose birth-chart it is in the
tenth house. That is, a planet in the tenth house affects the credit, honor,
position and business in almost the same way it affects the home when
in the fourth house, affects the condition of work when in the sixth house,
affects the finances when in the second house, or affects any other house
in which it is found. And' to a less marked degree a planet also affects in
its characteristic manner the house bearing on its cusp the sign which it
I am not advocating that in selecting a vocation either the tenth
house and its ruler, or the signs occupied by Sun, Moon and Ascendant
be completely ignored, merely pointing out that these cannot be con-
sidered constants of any vocation so far analyzed; for a large majority
of those in any vocation will be found to violate any rules that may be
laid down in reference to these positions. These positions do, however,
within the vocation which is followed, whatever it may be, have a sig-
nificance, such as I have pointed out, well worth observing.
The M.C., Asc., Sixth House and Second House
Each aspect in the chart of birth maps a stellar aerial in the astral body
which picks up and radiates astral energy. And some of this astral en-
ergy is brought to a focus in the region of the astral body mapped by
the apex of the birth-chart. Clairvoyantly the M.C. is marked through
the astral body by a sharp blue line. And all such energy, whatever its
character may be, which reaches this line, is widely broadcast. The sharp
blue line mapped by the degree on the M.C. acts as an amplifier.
Because the various aerials mapped by aspects in the birth-chart
remain throughout life, except as changed through conditioning by
events after birth, they are called permanent aerials. But in addition to
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How to Gauge the Fortunate Associations
the permanent aerials, or stellar wires, across the astral body, which
persist, there are others which form temporarily.
When a planet makes an aspect by progression, either to the place
of a planet in the birth-chart, or to the place of another progressed planet,
there is formed within the astral body a thread of astral substance con-
necting these two points. That is, the progressed aspects map tempo-
rary aerials that form and dissolve within the astral body. They are tem-
porary, but while they last they pick up and transmit the energy of the
two planets making the aspect to the thought-cells in the astral body,
greatly increasing their activity. It is due to this increased activity that
the thought-cells are able to attract events into the life.
This book is not the place to treat of progressed aspects. But they
must be mentioned in connection with vocations, and in connection with
the M.C., because sometimes a progressed aspect is operative at birth
and continues operative much or all of the life. And when this is the
case the thought-cells mapped at either end of the aspect have as great
activity during much or all of the life as the thought-cells of other people
do during those limited periods when progressed aspects form.
The statistics we have compiled from the analysis of 2,700 charts
erected for known birth hours and progressed to the time of some event
in the life of the individual, prove that events of any consequence to the
individual only take place when there is a major progressed aspect
heavier than that from the Moon, within about a degree of perfect--
although occasionally when Sun or Mars is involved and there are other
heavy progressed aspects operating, a degree and a half must be al-
lowed--to the ruler of the house mapping the department of the life
affected. And the analysis of the progressed aspects at the time of these
2,700 dated events also proves that both the M.C. and the Asc. must be
handled, both in respect to progressed aspects made to them in the chart
of birth, and in respect to the aspects they make by progression, as if
they were planets; but that none of the clasps of the other ten houses
react thus to progressed aspects, or to the progressed aspects they make
to the planets.
Any planet in the birth-chart making an aspect to the M.C. maps
thought-cells whose energies have facilities, by way of the aerial lead-
ing thus to the M.C., for getting public recognition. Reaching the M.C.
thus they are amplified and broadcast, and more people learn about the
things they have influenced than learn about other qualities of greater
significance which do not thus connect up with the M.C.
When two planets in the birth-chart are within one degree of the
perfect aspect they make a progressed aspect. And so long as this as-
pect lasts the thought-cells thus mapped have unusual activity. Thus
progressed aspects lasting from birth through much of the life indicate
planets of great prominence, and thought-cells of much power. And if
there is such a permanent progressed aspect from a planet to the M.C.,
it indicates that all through life there is the utmost facility for getting
public recognition for the quality indicated by the planet.
To indicate what I mean; Henry Ford has 12 Virgo 00 on the M.C.
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and Pluto in 12 Taurus 10. Progressed Pluto throughout his life does not
move a full degree from 12 Taurus 10, and therefore is trine birth-chart
M.C. by progression permanently. Pluto is the planet of mass produc-
tion, and is in the house of labor (sixth). Henry Ford had done other things
of note, but that for which he has received the greatest publicity is the
development of mass production and his relation to his employees.
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has II Gemini 45 on the M.C.
and the Sun in II Aquarius 04. At first glance it might be assumed that
the Sun is not powerful enough to make a successful politician, even
though conjunction Venus and square Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. But
at second glance this impression is dispelled; for not only is the Sun
trine birth-chart M.C., but as the M.C. and Sun progress by identical
amounts, progressed Sun is trine progressed M.C. throughout life. That
is, he at all times has Sun thought-cell activity as great and as fortunate
as most other politicians do at such a favored three years of their lives
as progressed Sun comes to the trine of the birth-chart M.C. He is the
first President to be elected for a third term.
In addition to planetary aerials and the blue line marking the M.C.,
the clairvoyant discerns a heavy line running across the astral body in
the region marking the sign and degree on the Ascendant in the birth-
chart. This may be compared to a ground wire, in that it is where the
person connects, and exchanges energy through his electromagnetic
forces, with his immediate physical environment. In some vocations
personality, as well as ability, is important. And in gauging the person-
ality, and how it will affect other people, not only should planets in the
first and ruling its cusp be considered, but aspects to the ascending de-
gree. Quite different from the M.C. amplifier, this ground wire of the
personality reaches in its influence only so far as the electromagnetic
emanations flow. But in so far as personal contacts are concerned, every
aspect to the Asc. has some significance.
The tenth house is the position, or job. The sixth house is the actual
work, and the conditions contacted during the work, while engaged on
the job. Saturn in the sixth house attracts laborious work and disagree-
able surroundings while doing it, Mars brings strife to the work, Jupiter
attracts those who are helpful, etc. We analyzed the progressed aspects
in the charts of 100 people when they secured employment, and the
charts of 100 people when they lost employment. All 100 had both a
progressed aspect to the ruler of the tenth and a progressed aspect to
the ruler of the sixth at the time they were employed. All 100 had a
progressed aspect to the ruler of the sixth at the time they lost their jobs,
suited. They have great resistance to pressure of all kinds, strong en-
durance and plodding perseverance. They are not originators, and not
enthusiastic developers; but when development has reached a high de-
gree they can work out the details that constitute improvements. They
are the perfectors.
This is an age of specialization. People are not just machinists. They
are ignition experts, die makers, auto repair men, etc. And in the selec-
tion of the specialization within the field covered by the natural apti-
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tudes as shown by the prominent planets and active houses, the signs
can be used to advantage. For instance:
ARIES is never content unless he is something of a leader. In al-
most every vocation there is opportunity to start something new, or to
start in a new vicinity. He likes the zest of competition.
TAURUS is very reliable and efficient in taking care of other people's
possessions. He does not like change; but once he learns to do some-
thing in a particular way he will continue to do it in that manner.
GEMINI is restless and can do many things well. But unless given
opportunity for change and variety he is apt to grow restless and quit
his job. He also likes plenty of opportunity to talk.
CANCER is quite sensitive to his environment. The fear of ridicule
is torture to him and often prevents him from asserting himself to ad-
vantage. He should associate with people who are sympathetic.
LEO has a thirst for authority. He is better at deputizing work than
at taking orders from others. Other people usually respond to his faith
in them by endeavoring to live up to his expectations.
VIRGO often is a walking encyclopedia of information. He has keen
discrimination, and often becomes exceptionally valuable to executives
who do planning, for he can find the weaknesses and how to strengthen.
LIBRA needs to meet people personally. He dislikes to get his hands
or clothing dirty. He is a lover of harmony, and so dislikes to hurt
another's feelings that he can seldom say no.
SCORPIO is resourceful and does not flinch either from trouble or
disagreeable tasks. He is intense in his likes and dislikes and whatever
he finds to do he does with his whole might.
SAGITTARIUS can both give and take orders. He goes straight to
the mark, caring more for effectiveness than elegance. He needs open
air recreation, and plenty of opportunity for mental activity.
CAPRICORN is methodical, ambitious and diplomatic, with a fac-
ulty for organization and bringing together dissenting factions. He
should have some opportunity for management in whatever he does.
AQUARIUS understands human nature better than any other sign.
He likes to keep posted on the newest ideas and developments, and
knows just what to say and do to produce a given effect on other people.
PISCES is sensitive and much influenced by environment. He
should be thoroughly interested in and enthusiastic about his choice of
work. He needs an atmosphere of sympathy and encouragement.