Laws of Mediumship
Astral Vibration
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine 1924

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light
Serial No. 41. Course 1. -C
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. 1923
Laws of Mediumship
Astral Vibration
by C.C. Zain

IT is common knowledge that the energy of all life on earth is transmitted across space from the sun. Further, we are also taught that all physical bodies exert a gravitational influence upon all other physical bodies independent of whether or not there are other physical bodies between them. Then again, energy is propelled to far distant points by "wireless." Yet in spite of the general recognition of these facts the great scientific men of the world are quite unagreed as to the nature of light, gravitation and radio. How then am I to explain still another form of energy which, like that commonly recognized as coming from the sun, has a wide variety of influences, like gravitation is unhampered by passing through physical objects, and like radio is capable of conveying intelligence? Such a form of energy is astral vibration. Up to within the last two or three years scientific men were agreed that light is the ether moving in transverse waves. But even as the chemistry of the nineteenth century has been displaced by entirely new conceptions, so at present we find physics and mechanics and geometry also in the throes of revolution. This is largely due to the effect of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and its apparent startling verification through the eclipse observations of May 29, 1919, and Sept. 21, 1921. Einstein holds regarding the ether that "The idea of motion may not be applied to it."1 Therefore, while light may still be looked upon as a transverse wave in the ether, according to Einstein's conceptions, which are rapidly gaining ground, it is not the ether which is moving.

Dr. Charles P. Steinmetz, Chief Consulting Engineer of the General Electric Company, and one of the greatest physicists of the world, goes still further and denies point-blank the existence of the ether. He says in Popular Radio for July, 1922 : "There is no such thing as the ether. And light and wireless waves are not wave motions of the ether." But as he bases his opinions on Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and as Einstein's later ideas on the ether were first translated and published in English in 1922, I believe Einstein's own later views to have the greater weight. Einstein says: "According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense."

It seems then that there is an ether filling all space, and there is general agreement that light is a transverse wave, for as Steinmetz says: "The phenomena of polarization shows that light is a transverse wave."2 But while light and the alternating current are waves, he maintains they are not wave-motions. They arise as properties of an energy field in space. "Obviously, then, by carrying the explanation of light and electromagnetic waves back to the energy field�to energy storage in space�to the electromagnetic field, we have carried it back as far as possible."

I shall not weary the reader by giving further details of the mental struggle now going on in scientific circles in the endeavor to reconcile observed phenomena in connection with the transmission of energy through non-atomic space. Without doubt the most plausible, and in fact at present the only theory that satisfactorily explains the observed behavior of such imponderable forces as light, gravitation and radio, is Einstein's Theory of Relativity. For an explanation of just what this theory is, the proofs of its validity, and its tremendous importance in elucidating the conditions that obtain in the world man occupies after physical death, the student is referred to my MS., "Einstein and Occultism."

It may be pointed out, however, that the test of any theory is its ability to predict new phenomena and to correct all known phenomena in the field which it covers. Einstein's Theory may ultimately fall, just as recently the accepted theories of chemistry, those of geometry, those even of mechanics, as well as those of biology, have fallen in the face of new discoveries. But at the present moment Einstein's Theory meets the above mentioned tests better than any other advanced in the realms of mathematics and physics. And on the same ground I contend that the theory of astral substance and astral vibration covers the field of biology, astrology and psychic phenomena better than any yet set forth. No other theory has been forthcoming to satisfactorily explain a mass of carefully collected astrological, biological and psychological facts.

The theory of astral substance and astral vibration, however, does adequately explain all the known facts of astrology, of psychic phenomena, of biology and of psychology. And at the same time in each field mentioned it has been able to predict new phenomena, such as, for instance, the influence of certain positions of Uranus and Neptune upon life before such positions had ever actually been observed, and the possibilities and apparent limitations of divination.

But it is not to be supposed that the theory of astral substance and astral vibration as here set forth may not in time need considerable revision to keep pace with new conceptions of dimensional relations in the universe. Atomic matter is exceedingly slow in its movements, and as we speed up the rate of motion we gradually approach a new phase of existence having entirely different properties. Consequently, the laws that do well enough for atomic matter, have been found to fail when applied to such rates of motion as light and radio. Einstein's theory is an attempt to formulate laws equally applicable to atomic matter and non-atomic motion. And in a measure Einstein has succeeded in formulating such laws; but to do so he has had to abandon the three-dimensional conception of existence, and has had to abandon the Euclidian system of geometry dealing with such dimensions. He has had to adopt a conception of the universe in which space instead of being measurable in straight lines, is a crooked and warped space, and the universe in which we live is treated as having more than three dimensions.

The reason�as it seems to me, in order to formulate a conception of things that harmonizes with the behavior both of atomic matter and imponderable forces it was necessary to base the whole conception on four or more dimensions�is that substance with comparatively slow motion is known as atomic matter, but as it gains in speed it gradually passes into an entirely different state of existence, and has very different properties. Einstein's Theory implies this, and it is a new idea to science, but an old conception to Hermetic Initiates. For verification of this the reader is referred to The Light of Egypt, by Burgoyne, published in 1889, pages 23, 24 and 25, where this Hermetic conception, and that of a universe of more than three dimensions is set forth in detail. Einstein's Theory, then, is more successful because it attempts to take into account a state of existence with which we are not yet familiar, a state of existence in which action is speeded up to a point where four or more dimensions are necessary to ex* plain its properties.

This four-dimensional world, which Einstein now incorporates into his calculations, is the astral world. It is the realm of disembodied humanity immediately after death. It is also the realm occupied by the astral counterpart of every physical thing; and interpenetrates all things physical. The fourth dimension itself may be said to be time. Yet on the physical plane it is difficult to look at time as one dimension of an object just as its length is another. But on the astral plane past and present and future may be seen at once, just as we on the physical plane view the middle and both extremeties of an object. No wonder, then, that physical scientists are having a terrible time of it in explaining the action of imponderable forces, for as these forces gain in speed, they tend to lose their physical properties and exhibit only such properties as are possessed by bodies in the astral world.

According to Einstein, if a bullet could be shot from a gun with a velocity of 160,000 miles per second, due to its motion, the bullet would shrink to about half its previous length. Yes, and I would further add it to be my belief if the bullet were shot from the gun with sufficient velocity�a velocity greater than that of light�it would lose all its length as a physical object and exist only as a bullet on the astral plane. Further, Einstein postulates that nothing can move faster than light. I would modify this by saying that anything that moves faster than light is no longer physical, but loses its previous properties and acquires those of the astral world. Light, gravitation and radio present many difficulties in the way of explaining their behavior because they occupy an intermediate ground between what we call the physical plane and that known as the astral plane. Waves in the ether, energy fields in space, gravitational strains in space, all are phenomena intermediate between two realms of life, the physical and the astral.

To illustrate the function of motion still further let use experiment with vibratory rates. A frequency of 16 per second begins to manifest to the ear as sound. Now if we gradually increase the vibratory rate we can still hear it as sound through about twelve octaves. But when the rate becomes higher than about 30,000 per second we no longer hear it. Still increasing the rate we come to a number of octaves that are the waves used in radio, and still higher, after passing a number of octaves whose influence is unknown, we come to about fourteen octaves know as the Hertzian waves. Increasing the frequencies still further they begin to manifest as the infra-red, or dark-heat, waves, through about eight octaves. Now if we take a Welsbach burner which radiates heat waves, and gradually raise the vibrations an octave it becomes luminous, and we then have light. Light is about forty-five octaves higher than sound. We can feel the sensation of heat for about two octaves and can see the vibrations as light only for about one octave. Raising the vibrations still higher we get the ultra-violet, or chemical, ray; and finally far above this we come to the X-ray. Thus the difference between sound, radio-waves, Hertzian waves, radiant heat, light, chemical rays, and the X-ray, each manifesting distinctive properties, is due to their various rates of motion.

Then disregarding the many undiscovered octaves of vibration below the highest at present recognized, there is no reason to suppose there are not innumerable octaves of still higher vibratory rates. And even as the X-ray, one of our highest known rates, takes a photograph through matter opaque to ordinary light, so still higher rates of energy, undoubtedly, have properties quite contradictory to those with which we are now familiar. In fact, as in the case of sound and light, physical rates of vibration pass into ethereal rates of vibration as higher octaves are reached. So also, at still higher octaves, ethereal rates grade into astral rates, and a vibratory rate above a certain octave is no longer physical or ethereal, but is an astral vibration, even as I have expressed my belief that Einstein's hypothetical bullet if given a speed greater than light would become an astral bullet.

Now all of this, I am well aware, may seem to some highly technical. But it is a necessary prelude, in view of latest scientific opinion, to any adequate discussion of astral vibration. And it leads up to a consideration of astrology.

It may be thought that in the third lesson of a course designed to lead the student by easy and systematic steps from complete ignorance of such subjects to a grasp of those fundamental principles which it is advisable to know before attempting the detailed mastery of the various occult sciences, that the subject of astrology is out of place. This is not the case, however, and the student will find that the sooner he grasps the general significance of astrology the quicker and the easier will he be able to master the whole range of the occult.

This is true for two distinct reasons. One is that all life is constantly being influenced by unseen currents of energy radiated by the planets. Consequently, the precise effect of any other occult force at any given time can not be known unless the power of planetary currents to modify its influence also be taken into account.

The other reason is, that through a peculiar mag-netic sympathy that pervades all nature, and the fact that nature tends to express similar qualities in numerous octaves, when the planetary affinity of an object is known�it being but the expression of the same quality on one octave that the planet expresses on another octave of nature's scale�this planetary rulership, as it is called, affords a true index to otherwise unknown attributes of the object. Thus through their relationship to the orbs above we easily learn the occult properties of things we otherwise might never know. Astrology, therefore, is the golden key that unlocks the mysteries. It is the most perfect instrument in existence, I am convinced, for the interpretation of man's true relation to the universe . and to God. And as a religion is what man believes to be his relation to the universe and to God, when rightly understood, there can be no more perfect religion than the Religion of the Stars.

Now right here is where the student proves himself liberal-minded or a bigot. He may recoil upon his egotism and declare he knows he has a free-will and that the stars have no power to influence him. Yet while agreeing with him in the matter of freewill, for astrology does not imply fatality, I must point out that the question of whether he is influenced by streams of energy from the planets imping-ing upon his astral body can,be decided, as can any scientific fact, only by experimental evidence

In spite of educational prejudice, or preconception, if he will put his opinions to the test, and before passing final judgment learn to erect a chart and judge it according to the rules of the science, he will then indicate a true scientific spirit. But many are afraid to put their ideas to the test. They are so self-opinionated they will not investigate anything with which they are not already familiar. They pass sentence without trial, preferring to remain in the rut of error rather than take the trouble to determine the correctness of their opinions. Such an attitude is inexcusable and leads to stagnation. To condemn a subject without examination is bigotry. And such bigotry is equalled in its folly only by many prevalent mystical notions that anyone of average intelligence who takes the pains to investigate carefully can quickly and completely disprove.

If it apparantly does not seem reasonable that streams of unseen energy radiated by the planets affect human life and destiny, let us consider that listening to an opera by radio also seems unreasonable. To be sure, nothing seems more unreasonable than life itself; and scientists have puzzled over it centuries without offering any adequate explanation of it. Yet it exists. And the only way to determine if the planets influence human life is to experiment with them. Any person of average intelligence can in a short time, and at trifling expense for tables of the positions of the planets�those for one year being called an Ephemeris�for various years, learn to set up a map showing the positions of the planets at the time of birth of each of his friends and relatives. Such a map is called a horoscope. From examining such charts it will be apparent very shortly that persons born near noon, when the sun is overhead, have great ambition and ultimately rise to a position of prominence in the particular environment in which they move. It will quickly be recognized that persons born just before sunrise also have a power to rise in the world, in these cases through personal effort, and they continue the struggle to rise as long as life lasts. Then the next step in the investigation will be convincing that any person born when the planet Mars is rising on the eastern horizon is aggressive and warlike; but if Saturn is there instead, the person is careful and cautious.

Still more advanced experiments, in which the movements of the planets after birth are calculated, will show that special after-birth positions�called Directions�coincide with specific events in the life, and that from the "directions" the time and nature of an event can be predicted. This is not fatality, it is merely the ability to predict by astronomical calculations when certain streams of energy will fall upon the person's astral body in such a way as to stimulate the person's subliminal mind to a given line of thought. The person, if aware of the current reaching him from the planets, does not need to act in the manner usually indicated. But if unaware of the influence the thoughts thus stimulated lead him to fulfill the prediction.

Someone may now interpose the objection that astrologers still use the geocentric positions of the planets, but that astronomers have long ago abandoned geocentric astronomy. This is a misconception, for every astrologer knows that the sun is the center of the Solar System. So does the astronomer, yet when he wishes to calculate where the shadow of an eclipse will fall upon the earth, or when he wishes to determine the moment a star will cross the meridian, he does not calculate these positions in reference to the sun as a center, but in reference to some particular point on the earth. Likewise the mariner does not calculate the position of a star with reference to the sun as a center to find his position at sea. -. He must know the position of the star in relation to the earth, and to some definite spot on the earth, at some particular interval of time.

So, even as the light of the star that enables the mariner to find his position at sea comes to the earth from a given angle at a given time, making his calculations possible; likewise the energies from the planets that influence life reach the earth from given directions at given times. And it is the direction from which these energies are received on the earth, and the manner in which they converge and combine on the earth, that determines their influence upon earthly life and destiny.

It is true that astrologers sometimes fail in their predictions; but when the published report of one of the largest and best equipped hospitals in the land shows that in diagnosing disease 53 per cent of its diagnoses,3 as shown by hospital records, have been wrong, we should be somewhat lenient with astrologers. Architects also make blunders at times, and chemists sometimes fail in their analyses and in their synthetic processes. Even astronomers occasionally err in their calculations. The fault in each of these cases is not so much the fault of the science as the fallibility of those employing it. None of the sciences are yet in a perfected state, but with the same amount of critical investigation astrology will rival, I am persuaded, other sciences in the precision of its results.

Having, I hope, made it plain that the rules of astrological practice are independent of any theory, and that their accuracy should be determined by observation, let us next inquire into the probable manner in which planetary positions indicate the character at birth, and afterward by stimulating certain trains of thought, have an influence over the life.

To start with, we know that the sun is a giant electro-magnet radiating lines of energy into space, and that these lines of energy are cut by the various planets revolving around the sun much as the armatures of a dynamo, as commonly installed in our power plants, cut the lines of energy radiated by $he electro-magnet at the center. I quote from an article by Edgar Lucian Larkin, director of Mt. Lowe Observatory, published in the spring of 1923 : "The astronomers at the Mt. Wilson Observatory made a great discovery with their new delicate magnetometers, that rotating sun spots are surrounded by an electro-magnetic field of force, and magnetic lines extend to space. This is an important fact in nature. A dynamo is a rotating metallic mass in an electro-magnetic field of force between poles. Then the earth is an armature, since it contains metals and is in rapid rotation."

The great physicist, Tyndall, many years ago determined that "Every mechanical action on the earth's surface, every manifestation of power, organic or inorganic, vital and physical, is produced by the sun."4 And to this conception, investigators into the occult have added the assurance that whatever of a mental and spiritual nature is expressed on earth also derives its energy from the sun.

The sun, then, should be regarded as sending forth not only light, radiant heat, electro-magnetic energy, and exerting the power of gravitation, but also as radiating still finer energies through astral and spiritual substances which when expressed manifest as mental and moral attributes. In fact, whatever energies exist upon the earth, we may be sure they were originally derived from the sun.

The boundless regions of space, undoubtedly are fields of energy; for thousands of universes other than our own with all its countless hordes of suns and systems, are known to be rushing through it with an average speed, so astronomers say, of 480 miles per second. These universes, some 722,000 of which are known to exist, have long been recognized as Spiral Nebula?, and they certainly radiate energies other than the light by which they are seen. Our universe, known as the Galaxy, or Milky Way, also is traveling at a distance of 100,000 to 1,000,000 light-years5 from the other known universes. And while there are stars in our universe that move with much greater speed, and some that move slower, the billion, more or less, suns comprising our universe have a usual speed among themselves of from 8 to 21 miles per second. Our sun, carrying with it the earth and other planets of the Solar System, travels with a speed of about \2l/2 miles per second; and the earth on which we live moves in its orbit around the sun at the rate of 18^ miles per second. These figures, of course, stagger the imagination. But I have taken them from the recent reports8 of well recognized astronomers for the purpose of indicating that the heavenly bodies are moving with great speed, and that, as we know through the very fact of being able to see them, they are each radiating energy. Therefore, as they move, each in its appointed path, they cut fields of energy set up by the other moving suns and universes.

This being the case we may regard our sun as a great step-down transformer. Our earth and the other planets probably are not suitably constituted for handling the high frequencies that abound in the path of the sun. We are most of us aware that.the voltage of electricity as it comes from a power-house to be carried any distance is too high to be used in the ordinary electric appliances. It is necessary to install transformers to lower the voltage before the current is permitted to flow over the lighting system or common power wires. So the sun may be looked upon, not merely as a dynamo, but as a transformer of the high-tension energies of space, stepping them down to such frequencies that they set up a new field of energy about the sun.

The planets revolving about the sun in elliptical paths cut the energy field of the sun. This is not a field of energy in the ether only, but also an astral energy field and a spiritual energy field. And the planets cutting this huge energy field in turn become transformers and transmitters of energy. That is, each being of different chemical composition and different density of material, they each are adapted to picking up energies and stepping them down to certain other frequencies and radiating these into space. In this manner, similar in principle to that which may be observed in modern electrical appliances, the energies of space are gathered up by the sun and again radiated. Then the planets gather up this energy, and each giving it a special trend, again radiate it into space. Thus it reaches the earth and man from the particular direction occupied by the planets at the time, and endowed with the particular attributes imparted to it by each.

As no one up to the present time has been able to explain in a thoroughly satisfactory manner just what light, magnetism and electricity are, it would be premature for me to try to explain just what the astral light is. But this energy by which the influence of the planets is transmitted to the earth is seen by clairvoyants as a peculiar light. It varies in color and luminosity even as the sunlight does, and seems to be the all-pervading medium of vision for those who have left the physical plane and now live in the adjacent astral realms. So because of its similarity to ordinary light, which is now known to be a transverse wave in the ether�although we must recognize that the astral light is really a wave in four-dimensional existence�we may consider it, for want of more precise information, to be a transverse wave in astral substance.

But while we may not be too positive regarding the kind of wave that transmits energy from the planets to the astral body of man and other things, tending to organize centers of energy of specific quality within the astral form, we need not remain in doubt that such energies do reach and influence all things upon the earth. For this is a matter easily ascertained by experiment.

Then again, if I am asked why planetary influence is ranged so that there are seven distinct kinds of influence, one kind being transmitted by each of the seven planets more anciently known, and the more recently discovered planets Uranus and Neptune transmitting an influence that is the octave expression of Mercury and Venus, I can only answer it is because the septenary division is the one mostly adhered to by nature. Why is it there are seven torfes in music, the eighth being a higher expression of the first? Why does the light that comes from the sun, when passed through a prism, or as seen in a rainbow, dissolve itself into seven distinct colors? Why is it that the 92 chemical elements also tend to follow the same septenary law, the atomic weight being determined by the number of negative electrons, and given multiples of electrons expressing similar qualities on lower and higher octaves, as witnessed in bromine, iodine, chlorine and fluorine, which each express qualities common to all, but with greater or less activity? The impulses and thoughts of man, likewise, are susceptible to a grouping in which there are seven well marked families, and in which two of the families have expressions on a higher octave which gives them additional characteristics.

Therefore, even as in other departments of na-ture, so we observe in planetary influences, also, a definite grouping of qualities. We find the same quality that is expressed by the influence of a planet upon human life to be expressed in sound by a certain musical tone, to be expressed in color by a certain hue, to be expressed among minerals by a certain metal, to be expressed among stones by a certain gem, to be expressed among numbers and letters by certain of each, to be expressed among human thoughts by a certain definite group, and among peoples by particular nations. In other words, the same quality of energy expresses in all these and many other domains of existence, but in each case the expression belongs to a given octave.

1. The Sun, as directly affecting life upon the earth, radiates those frequencies of astral light that produce a dignified and life-giving influence. It is the same quality that expresses in terms of ordinary light as the color Orange. It expresses in sound as the tone D, and in human thought as Power.

2. The Moon, cutting the field of energy set up by the sun, and the field also due to the earth, is so composed that the wave-lengths and frequencies it transmits into space exert an influence that is plastic and receptive. It is the same quality that expresses in terms of color as the Green ray of the solar spectrum. It expresses in sound as the tone F, and in human thought as Domesticity.

3. The planet Mercury, acting as a transformer and transmitter of energy, radiates an influence that is sharp, active, changeable and clever. It is the same quality that expresses in color as Violet. It expresses in sound as the tone B, and in human thought as Intelligence.

4. Venus transforms the solar energies to a different rate of vibration. Her influence is clinging and submissive. It is the love quality which expresses in color as the Yellow ray. In sound it expresses as the tone E, and in human thought as Sociability.

5. The energies radiated by the sun when gathered up and transformed to a different rate by the planet Mars exert an influence energetic and combative. It is the same quality that expresses in coloras Red. In sound it is the tone C, and in human thought Aggression.

6. Jupiter, largest of all the planets, transmits an influence that is cheerful and beneficent. It is the same quality that expresses in color as the Indigo ray of the solar spectrum. It expresses in sound as the tone A, and in human thought as Religion.

7. Saturn, the planet with the rings around it, transforms the energies it receives into such wavelengths and frequencies that they exert an influence that is cold and reflective. It is the same quality that expresses in color as Blue. In sound it expresses as the tone G, and in human thought as Safety.

8. Uranus is merely the higher octave of Mercury, transmitting an influence original and disruptive. It is a quality expressed in color by all combined into a dazzling white. Its tones are above the physical, such as the astral chimes often heard by psychics. It expresses in human thought as Individuality.

9. Neptune is the octave of Venus, and transmits an influence visionary and idealistic. It is a quality expressed by irridescence, in which colors glint and change and flow one into another. Its tones are likewise above the physical, combining as the music of the spheres, and in human thought the same quality expresses as the Utopian.

Now sound is a wave in physical substance, light is a wave in etheric substance, and the astral vibrations that carry energy from the planets to the earth and man are waves in astral substance. Then as we know that any given tone of sound has different qualities when sounded on different musical instruments, and that a given color of light may have different qualities due to the transparencies through which it passes, so we need not be surprised to learn that the tone quality of a given planetary influence is greatly affected by the astral conditions of the particular portion of the heavens occupied by the planet at the time the note is sounded. We are well aware, for instance, that the effect upon the ear of the tone C is much different when the tone emanates from a cello than when it emanates from a calliope.

Due to the field of energy of the combined sun and earth the astral vibrations received from the planets when in one part of the heavens and those received when in a different part of the heavens, although always the same in pitch, are different in tone quality. That is, they are sent from various sounding boards. Observation proves that the path in which the sun and planets apparently move about the earth is divided into twelve distinct sounding boards, or instruments, for astral tones. This path in which the sun and planets apparently travel is called the Zodiac. It commences, due to the polarity of the earth in relation to the sun, at that portion of the sky where the sun crosses the celestial equator from the south to the north in spring each year. The north and south hemispheres of the earth, as indicated by the magnetic needle, are of opposite polarity, and where the sun apparently crosses from one polarity of the earth to the other in coming north is where the zodiac begins.

This zodiac is divided into twelve equal sections, called signs of the zodiac. Each sign, or section, of the zodiac is named after a particular constellation of stars which pictures its influence, but which does not coincide with it either in location or extent. As each sign of the zodiac has its own quality as a sounding board from which planetary tones may be sent to earth, it follows that the influence of a planet when in one zodiacal sign is not the same as when in another zodiacal sign. The planet Mars, for instance, when in the sign Aries has a pleasing quality like the tone C sounded on a cornet, but when in the sign Cancer the same tone is displeasing like the tone C sounded on an old tin can. This tone quality as influencing life on earth has been determined by careful observation for each planet when in each sign.

But besides the quality of a tone we must also take into consideration the acoustic conditions where the tone is heard. Due to these conditions, in some great auditoriums it is easy for the slightest tone to be distinctly heard, and in other halls a tone does not carry, or is reflected from walls and ceilings in such a manner as to produce a confusion of sounds. Of this public speakers are well aware. And in like manner the astral vibrations reaching any particular point on the earth are subject to the conditions of the environment in which they are received. The earth and its atmosphere have an astral counterpart, through which astral vibrations must make their way to reach any point on the earth's surface. When these rays come from directly overhead they have less astral substance to traverse, and when they come from other directions they have more in varying degree. The surface of the earth, too, is rotating at the equator at the rate of over one thousand miles an hour, which evidently has an influence upon the field of energy about the earth, which again must have an influence upon any astral waves reaching the earth's surface at a given point.

So we find that the direction from which the astral vibrations of the planets are received, with regard to that point on the earth where" received, has an influence upon both the volume and the trend of their influence. This variation in the volume of a planet's energy that actually reaches the spot, and the particular trend that is given to it, may be accurately mapped by a circle divided into twelve equal sections called Mundane Houses. The circle represents a line around the earth to the east with the observer at the center. A horizontal line across the circle represents a line passing from the eastern to the western horizon. A vertical line through the circle represents a line from zenith to nadir. Each of the four quadrants thus mapped then may be divided into three equal sections by other lines radiating from the center. And it is found, and may be experimentally verified, that the volume of energy received from a planet when in the section of the sky mapped by one of these Mundane Houses is not the same, nor has it an influence upon the same department of life, as when received from some section of the sky mapped by a different Mundane House.

We now have three different factors under consideration, all pertaining to the manner in which the planets affect life upon the earth: 1. The pitch, or tone, of the astral vibration radiated by a planet; 2. The tone quality, or resonance, given to the astral vibration radiated by a planet by the particular zodiacal sign which acts as a sounding board from which it is sounded; 3. The acoustic condition of the auditorium, the point on earth where the astral vibration has an influence, which determines the volume of energy received, and the particular department of life it most influences. And there is yet another consideration before we have spread before us all the more important factors of astrological influence: 4.The manner in which each tone harmonizes or discords with each and all other tones reaching the same spot.

We are doubtless all familiar with the formation of small whirlpools, so frequently to be seen in large numbers at time of high water in our streams. Currents of water meet at just such angles of convergence that they whirl with the proper velocity to form an independent entity, which endures as such for some period of time amid the boiling, seething flood about it. A funnel-shaped hole in the stream is observed, the waters around it forming a rotating wall. Something has been constructed in the surface of the raging torrent that did not before exist. It has properties quite distinct from any other part of the stream. But currents of water meeting under different conditions, from an angle, let us say, that is more obtuse do not form any such entity. They merely roll and toss and foam, as they tumble along, without forming anything distinct and apart from the general current of the stream.

Those of us who have lived on the desert are also familiar with whirling dust columns. Currents of air meeting at just the proper angle form a rotating air column that sucks up sand and dust, and sometimes larger things, the column of whirling sand reaching from earth to sky, moving off across the desert as an entity possessing properties quite apart from the surrounding atmosphere. There are also stronger winds on the desert that give rise to sand storms, but these have not the properties of the whirling columns. Waterspouts and tornadoes are less familiar to most of us, yet they also present an instructive lesson on how currents of air meeting at the proper angle and velocity become agents of terrific power.

Further, light waves under certain circumstances may be brought together in such a manner as to produce, not more light, but less light. This interference of certain light-waves with others gives rise to the dark lines of the spectrum. The waves so combine as to cancel each other's motion.

Now, therefore, with these familiar illustrations of water, air and light currents acquiring distinctive properties due to the manner in which they join, we need not be surprised to learn that astral currents when they converge at certain angles possess distinctive properties.

And even as careful study of water currents indicates the conditions under which whirlpools form, so also careful observation has established the conditions under which the astral currents from the planets meet to acquire certain definite influences. Whirlwinds all do not have the same properties. They vary greatly in height, in area, and in movement. Neither do astral currents when they join in such a manner as to acquire distinctive properties, express always the same characteristics. In fact, there are ten different kinds of astral whirls known, each formed by a distinct angle of meeting, and expressing distinctive characteristics.

These astral whirls are not produced by the meeting of the rays of the planets from all angles. They are formed only when the planetary rays meet at definite angles, which have been learned through observation. When the angle at which the astral vibrations from two planets meet is such as to form a definite condition, comparable to a whirlwind, or to a rapids in a river, or to the undertow on an ocean beach, this angle is called an Aspect.

In all, then, there are ten aspects, or definite angles at which planetary rays meet to exert a definite influence. The disturbance in the astral streams when they meet from certain angles is, like a cyclone, very violent and destructive. When they meet from other angles the result is the formation of energies that tend to bind together and build up the astral organisms that they contact. These energies are such that they may be constructively utilized by the astral forms they contact. But other energies, formed by astral currents meeting at other angles, exhibit an explosive tendency when contacting astral forms.

Experience teaches that astral currents from the planets meeting at a right angle, one-half a right angle, one and one-half a right angle, and twice a right angle, each has a disintegrative, or destructive, influence. A right angle, of course, is ninety degrees, and the aspect formed by planetary rays meeting at a right angle is called a Square.

When planetary rays meet at an angle of one hundred and twenty degrees the aspect is called a Trine. And experience shows that when planetary rays converge at a trine, one-half a trine, or one-fourth a trine, each aspect having an influence peculiar to itself, the influence is distinctly integrative and constructive.

The other three aspects recognized�when two planets are in the same degree of the zodiac, when two planets are in the same degree of declination, and when two planets are one hundred and fifty degrees apart�do not seem integrative or disintegrative in themselves, but depend for their constructive or destructive attributes upon the tone and quality of the planetary streams they combine.

Now the question arises, why it is that all things in the same vicinity are not affected by the planetary streams of energy that converge there in the same way. Before answering this I will ask counter questions. Why is it that when the tone C is sounded in a room where there is a piano, the C string in the piano responds with a sound, and the other strings remain silent? And why is it, listening on a radiophone, that it is possible to hear a concert given at a distant place, yet not hear other concerts that are being broadcasted from the same place using different frequencies? It is because vibrations strike a sympathetic response from, and thus influence, other things having a similar vibratory key.

The astral body of man, and the astral forms of things, contain centers of energy of the same key as each of the planets. But in one person or thing the center of energy keyed to one planet may be so small in volume as to be capable of almost no response, while the center of energy keyed to another planetary influence may be so large that it is constantly sounding a response to the influence of that planet. All persons and things sound a response, transmitting the influence of all the planets in some small degree. But usually the center of energy that transmits the astral vibration of some one planet is more prominent than the centers of energy that respond to those of the other planets. And when it has been determined which planetary influence the person or thing responds to most strongly, the person or thing is said to be Ruled by that planet.

It will now be seen that astral vibration is the means by which energy is communicated from one astral body to another. By it the clairvoyant sees events happening at a great distance, or in the past or in the future. By it tones are carried to the astral ear, giving rise to clairaudience. Events and environment impress their influence upon the astral forms of all things, and these influences being constantly radiated are carried by them to a sensitive person who thus psychometrizes the object. Thoughts are carried from one part of the universe to another by astral vibration from the living to the dead, and from the dead to the living. Also it is the means by which the planets each send a special grade of energy to the earth; and each reaching the earth from a certain sign of the zodiac possesses a specific tone quality; and reaching the thing or person from a given direction, or mundane house, has a special volume and trend; and converging with other planetary rays at given angles results in a definite constructive or destructive influence. Thus does astral vibration underlie all occult manifestation.