The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers
Lesson 7
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine July 1918

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light.
Course VI Serial #28.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
July 1918

The Sacred Tarot
Hermetic System of Names and Numbers.
By C.C. Zain

Lesson 7

Heretofore we have indicated only the most brief methods of reading names. Such readings may, however, be expanded to any desired extent, and if the intuition is keen prove quite reliable. To illustrate more fully the method of reading an astrological chart of a name independent of the birth-chart we will choose the name best loved in every American home. The sum of the numerical equivalents of the letters in the name Abraham Lincoln is 135. 1 plus 3 plus 5 = 9 which is the root. 135 minus 9 = 126. 126 divided by 9 = 14. 14 plus 1 = 15 which is the super-power. Arcanum IX shows the chief factor in his life to be Wisdom. Arcanum XV indicates that this Wisdom ends in Fatality. Abraham Lincoln is credited with being the wisest statesman America has ever produced, and the exercise of his wisdom for public good brought upon him the Fatal Evil of assassination. The name as a complete Tarot Chart is expressed thus:
IX-I-II-XX-I-VIII-I-XIII-XII-X-XIV-XI-XVI-XII-XIV-XV. As having most power in the name after Root and Power, we find the letter A, or Arcanum I, recurring three times. Will and Intelligence were powerful factors in the life and underwent constant discipline. The letter N, or Arcanum XIV, occurs twice, indicating pronounced Temperance. The letter L being repeated, or Arcanum XII, indicates his great Sacrifices. The Fatality of his life as indicated by the super-power XV is unmistakable in all the important events, including his marriage, nomination for presidency, emancipation of the slaves, and the circumstances of his murder; for he was forced by circumstances beyond his control into these things, yet ever bowed willingly to the responsibilities and events sent by Fate.

If we convert the above Tarot Chart into an Astrological Chart by substituting the astrological correspondence of each Arcanum it is indicated thus: Aquarius - Mercury - Virgo - Moon - Mercury - Capricorn - Mercury - Aries - Pisces - Uranus - Taurus - Neptune - Mars - Pisces - Taurus - Saturn. Such a chart of any person's name should yield to one familiar with astrological influences, a general history of the important events of life and the person's temperament and chief characteristics. For such a reading it is only necessary to know the general influence of signs and planets as given in any astrological text book and not the mathematics of astrology.

The Individuality of a name is always the super-root, which in this instance is IX, the astrological sign Aquarius. The influence of this sign is to make one honest and intensely humanitarian. It gives patience and logical reasoning power. The person moves on the intellectual plane, is cheerful, sincere, very kind, slow to anger, discriminative, charitable, faithful, philosophical, progressive, and above all a lover of liberty and equal rights for man. Thus does Aquarius give the key-note to the life and character of Abraham Lincoln; and it is noteworthy that he took a public stand in favor of Woman Sufferage, which in his time was unpopular, indicating him to well express the broad view of human rights that is the most pronounced influence of Aquarius.

The medium thru which the individuality must manifest, and indicating the ultimate event, is always the super-power, in this case the planet Saturn. Saturn produces neither beauty nor good fortune. On the contrary he indicates a hard struggle against adversity, little wealth, sorrows, and misfortunes, a laborious existence weighted with responsibilities and lightened by few pleasures; yet a vaunting ambition and the perseverance to work for its realization. Lincoln was always poor, suffered many misfortunes, had few advantages, rose to a position of great responsibility, and was killed before he could enjoy his success. He was disappointed in love and his married life was unhappy.

The first letter of the name, A, is astrologically Mercury. Mercury gives quick perceptions, and active mind, desire for information, and is general significator of travel. We conclude Lincoln craved learning early; and he made several early removals with his father.

The next letter is B, astrologically Virgo, which has to do with work and science and assimilation. Therefore we may safely conclude that young Abe was not permitted to live in idleness, nor did he neglect to grasp every opportunity to increase his knowledge.

The letter R falls to the Moon, signifying the mother and the home. In the Tarot it is the Awakening. Lincoln's mother died when he was about eight years of age, and this brought changes into the home, for his father married again in a few years.

After the change in the home indicated by letter R, comes letter A, or Mercury again, giving great impetus to study. He read everything he could get hold of, and then re-read it; studied the Bible, Shakespeare, and the few books he had and borrowed from the neighbors. Aquarius, the root of the name impelled him on, and Saturn , the power of the name, put obstacles in his path. But as the root is always stronger than the power he was able to progress in spite of great difficulties.

This period of study is followed by the letter H, astrologically Capricorn. Capricorn is the sign of material honor and business enterprise. As a consequence of his reading and study the ambition dawned upon Lincoln to rise in the world and become a success. Saturn still throwing obstacles across his path he struck out for himself and found the laborious employment of rail-splitting, determined to rise in spite of all adversity.

For the third time A, or Mercury, appears in the name, showing a steadily increasing mental power and will ability. This mental activity since the dawn of ambition indicated by letter H, has not been solely confined to study, and we now find him gaining a reputation for himself thru his humorous stories, witty repartees, and sociability. He is striving to gain his ambition thru his mental endowments.

Next occurs the letter M, ruled by Aries. Aries is a moveable sign given to pioneer work, hazardous undertakings, and warlike expeditions. We would conclude from this that some aggressive change, or as the Tarot terms it, Transformation, would take place at the period of life indicated by letter M. At this time he made a journey to New Orleans on a flatboat; and a little later the Black Hawk war having broken out he became the Captain of a company of volunteers. This company disbanding, he also served a short time as a private.

The letter L, belonging to the Surname is ruled astrologically by Pisces, which is frequently called the sign of self-undoing, and in the Tarot is termed Sacrifice. Astrologically it denotes disappointments, and at the period of life indicated by L. Lincoln ran for State Legislature and was badly beaten. He went into the dry goods business and failed; his partner suddenly decamping and leaving him to settle their joint indebtedness. During the whole of his life up to and including this period he had been materially a failure, the very honesty and generosity indicated by the root of the name being against him as well as the disadvantages imposed by the power of the name, Saturn.

But now we note a change of Fortune coming along with the letter I which is ruled by Uranus. Uranus denotes sudden ups and downs; and we find at this time his personal affects about to be sold publicly for his debts; but bid in and restored to him unexpectedly by a friend. He takes up the study of law, is appointed postmaster and also Deputy County Surveyor. Under the impetus denoted by the letter I in the name he launches out into politics; and in true Uranic fashion espouses what was then a most radical view in regard to slavery, assisting in every way the anti-slavery propaganda. Uranus being the planet that astrologically rules the sing Aquarius, we should expect the full force of the root of the name. He consequently begins to come into his own.

Following I we find N, or Taurus. N in the Tarot is Temperance or Regeneration, and the astrological sign Taurus rules worldly wealth, the conservation of energy, practical ideas, and acquisition. He therefore rose in political power thru having tempered and made practical his anti slavery views, gaining popularity by opposing both radical elements. He was elected to congress and married during this time.

The next letter in the name is C. astrologically Neptune. In the Tarot it signifies spiritual Power, and astrologically it is the planet of Universal Brotherhood and Utopian Ideals. This spiritual Force be comes the dominant power in the world whenever there is enough Saturn element with it to crystallize the ideas into objective works. So we find Lincoln becoming a power in the world thru his agitation of the ideals of Brotherhood. He came out plain that he thought it impossible for a nation to be perpetuated part slave states and part free. And he was nominated and finally elected on a ticket of Anti-Slavery for Territories.

O treads upon the heels of C, and as O astrologically is the planet Mars, we need not be surprised to find the Civil War declared immediately after his inauguration as president; for Mars is the planet of War, and O in the Tarot is Catastrophe.

That the war was a period of personal Sacrifice and Sorrows may be gleaned from the letter L following O. L is Sacrifice, astrologically the sign of Pisces, which is also the sign of devotion to spiritual ideals, and we find Lincoln Sacrificing the wealth and lives of a nation in abolishing Slavery.

He was re-elected to the Presidency and the war was won near the close of his life, as indicated by the letter of Regeneration N, which is also the astrological sign of material resource, Taurus. But the Fatality indicated by the power of the name XV, or Saturn, was even then evilly hanging over him, and no sooner an instrument in the hand of Fate had he freed his country from the ignoble blot of human slavery than it precipitated its evil upon him and the assassins bullet lodged in his brain.

In a manner similar to the above any person's name may be analyzed and by expanding the influences of each letter to cover all the details signified by its astrological ruler a very extensive reading may be given, of which the above is but an outline. The character of the individual as signified by the root should be kept in mind, and the incidents denoted by letters and power made subservient to it; for tho the individual must meet these influences their effect will depend upon his character. Thus with a weak root like Arcanum VI to start with and XV as the result it would be the individual himself who turned to Evil instead of being the victim, as was Lincoln. Considerable discrimination is needed to make a correct extensive reading, which may be gained by observation.

The Enchantress

Arcanum XI.
Letter: Egyptian, Caitha; Hebrew, Caph; English, C-K.
Number 11.
Astrologically: the planet Neptune.
Color: changing iridescence.
Tone: the music of the spheres.
Occult science: magnetism.
Human function: thought transference.
Natural remedy: spiritual healing.
Mineral: molybdenum.

C-11, expresses in the Spiritual world, the principle of all force, spiritual and material.
In the Intellectual world, moral force.
In the Physical world, organic force.

Remember then, son of earth, that for power one must believe in one's own ability. Advance with faith. To become strong impress silence upon the weakness of the heart. If Arcanum XI should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope thou shouldst study duty, which is the rule of right, and practice justice as if you loved it.

In Divination Arcanum XI is Force, Spiritual Power, Fortitude.

Arcanum XI is figured by the image of a young girl who opens and closes without effort with her hands the jaws of an angry lion. The maiden wears a crown surmounted by a vase and a crowned eagle, and at her brow the sacred serpent. The vase is symbol of the affections, and the crowned eagle indicates sex force spiritualized. The sacred serpent signifies that she acts in full knowledge of her power, and not blindly. The lion symbolizes force, also the animal instincts in man which are subdued by the spiritual nature. The whole ensemble symbolizes the power over the violent forces of nature that faith in oneself and an innocent life will give; also the spiritual power that is the natural result of unsullied affections which dominate and rule the animal instincts. It signifies that purity is the touchstone and that goodness alone is power.

(1) Numerically, 11 indicates the extreme magnetic and feminine forces of nature. It exemplifies the doctrine that evil should not be resisted but by overcome with good. The finer forces of woman, while not giving the physical strength of man, enable her to govern him by appealing to him interiorly, and thus she moulds his efforts thru his affectional nature. She enters occultly into his life; and liberating the powers that lie latent in the structure of his genius, enables him to realize the ideals she in her love has formed of him. As composed of 7 and 4, the number 11 symbolizes the power that is realized as a result of the perfect union denoted by 7. As 9 and 2 it represents Wisdom carried into the realms of Occult Science, giving control of the magnetic currents of the astral light. As 6 and 5 it signifies Temptation banished thru devotion to Religion. As 10 and 1, Fortune dominated by Will.

(2) Neptune is the octave expression of the planet Venus, signifying spiritual love as distinct from material love ruled by Venus. Neptune is the planet of psychic manifestations, its prominence in a birth chart being an indication of psychic ability. It exerts little power upon the physical world directly, but by its action upon the imagination of people it becomes singularly potent. Its influence is to spiritualize, and it is usually a prominent planet in the birth-chart of all genius, denoting that peculiar power so well expressed by Arcanum XI.

(3) The peculiarly high-strong and sensitive organism given by the planet Neptune enables its natives to receive mental messages from others. It is capable of great negativeness, giving it capacity for reception, and is sensitive enough to perceive the import of thought vibration. At the same time it has an inward power by which it can send powerful thought forms to do its will, or thru the faculty of imagination empress its messages upon the minds of others. It is like the strings of a Cello, sensitive to impinging sounds and readily set vibrating by them, and at the same time powerful to cause vibrations on other instruments. These qualities requisite for thought-transference are indicated in Arcanum XI.

(4) Alchemically, Arcanum XI represents the internal combustion that accompanies the second process as the alterations in the substance take place. Both the gentle heat from without, and the purifying Azoth that causes the changes in the impure gold now become of less consequence than the heat, electricity and magnetism spontaneously generated by the changes in the intra-atomic structure of the substance itself. These forces so generated are not violent, and their action would scarcely be noticed by the careless, but nonetheless they are powerful, and of the greatest importance in bringing about the desired result.

(5) In the Bible the most notable reference to Arcanum XI is found in the story of Samson's strength; for his power lay in his purity and virility, his mother being commanded thus while carrying him: Ju. 13:14 "She may not eat of anything that cometh of the vine, neither let her drink wine nor strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing." Samson slew the Lion shown in Arcanum XI with his hands, and later took honey from its carcass; honey being symbolically the nourishment the spiritual body receives from creative purity represented by the bee, creative attributes, utilized the virile powers to build up the spiritual strength. So long as Samson was pure his strength was boundless, but when he fell into sin his strength departed. Ju. 16:5 "And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and said unto her, Entice him, and see wherein his great strength lieth, and by what means we may prevail against him, that we may bind him to afflict him; and we will give thee, every one of us ELEVEN hundred pieces of silver." The three times Samson was bound and easily broke his bondage signifies that the power of purity prevails in physical, astral and spiritual realms. Hair is coincident with that age when sexual virility is attained, and Samson having been unshaved since his birth indicates his natural ability to use his virile forces on the spiritual plane, due to his pure life. But Delilah was an harlot, and robbed him of his purity, shaved him of his virile spiritual powers, and delivered him into the hands of his enemies, who put out his eyes, or spiritual sight, and the spirit of the Law departed from him.

(6) The Masonic degree known as the Heroine of Jericho is founded upon Arcanum XI. The scarlet line let down by the heroine, and the red handkerchief used in making the sign of this degree, denote feminine power. The story is that it was by means of this cord the two spies from Israel made their escape from their enemies in Jericho. It is symbolic of woman's creative periods, and signifies spiritual escape from physical limitations that the higher use of their creative powers will bring to man and woman; here alluded to as spies in an alien country.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XI denotes thought diffusion. It is by this means that a host of occult and religious absurdities are kept alive and gain a following. Some strong self-willed thinker formulates a religious doctrine or mystic belief which may contain much or very little truth, and may be his earnest conviction or merely a scheme to further some selfish end. He attracts to himself other mentalities that are little less dominant than his own, and their minds unite with his to impress the ideas upon others. And so a chain is formed of minds extending about the world, the popular masses being the negative pole and the originator the positive pole of this linked magnet, each link less positive as it recedes from the head. The current of thought set in motion by the links in this magic chain circulates unperceived thru the brains of humanity and wherever it finds a point of contact exerts a pressure to secure acceptance from the sub-conscious mind. When the doctrines are finally presented to the external mind they are not accepted because of any logical reasons, but because of the unreasoning impulse of the subconscious mind which has already been dominated by their magic, unknown to the thinker. The sub-conscious mind leads the thinker to believe there are plenty of good reasons for acceptance, but discourages impartial analysis. It is the same mental force exerted secretly that a good sales man exerts openly to sell a customer something for which the latter has no earthly use. It is the method most successfully employed by Priesthood and Sacerdocy at all times to keep the populace under the yoke, and it is the chief resource of the Inversive Brethren in keeping alive the decaying theological dogmas of the orient and palming these logical absurdities and mystical follies off to the Occident as a portion of the true Secret Doctrine. And on a small scale the same principle is applied unwittingly by a host of lesser teachers in gaining followers of their own singular beliefs. But the Adept and White Magician launches no form of power on the sensitive mirror of the astral light save his own ideal of himself in greater perfection than he has yet attained, and he receives this ideal thru reflection from his mate.

(8) In the soul's initiation Arcanum XI represents the Spiritual and psychic powers that are the outcome of the Neophyte's occult training. The changes in his organism denoted by Arcanum X result in greater refinement of brain and nerve substance enabling him to receive and transmit a higher grade of force, as well as making him sensitive to finer vibrations. The potency of a force depends upon both the quantity and its quality, the more spiritual grades being positive to and controlling those grosser and more material. The grade of force that can be transmitted by the organism depends upon its refinement and purity; consequently the Neophyte who has refined his body and lived a life of purity comes into possession of spiritual powers of great potency. At his point in initiation, as shown by Arcanum XI, the animal nature must be entirely subdued, but the virile polarity be kept alive; for upon this depends the Neophyte's power. The sex-nature, or virility of the Lion, is to be controlled but not destroyed, for to destroy it destroys the source of all power. And this explains why the truly masculine man, and the truly feminine woman have greater soul-power than less well sexed individuals. Either positive or negative polarity if strong can set up currents on the astral light and exert a terrific force; but those whose polarity is neutralized are like a battery in which there is no difference between positive and negative poles, and consequently no flow of electricity. In generating an electric current the greater the difference between positive and negative poles the greater will be the current generated. And in generating spiritual power the more masculine the man and the more feminine the woman, where there is natural affinity, the stronger the spiritual powers developed thru the responsive vibrations of their souls across the spaces of Aeth. Apparently there are exceptions to this rule, for certain hermaphroditic individuals have been instrumental in producing an influence over the world's occult thought; but investigation of all such cases will reveal the fact that such individuals are merely the mediumistic vehicles of other strongly sexed minds who used them as tools to further their own ends. They have not been master themselves, hence unable to conquer their animal habits. Some think to be sufficient unto themselves by developing an androgyne nature; but all things in nature are inter-dependent, and the law of life is the law of sex, and the law of higher life is the law of love. The nearer androgyny is approached the less real individuality is expressed and the less spiritual power possessed. Lack of soul-power and individuality such as is caused by equilibrium between positive and negative sex attributes as expressed in the hermaphrodite permits the mind and soul to be dominated by some external virile intelligence not so unsexed, making them a most suitable medium for the manifestation of psychic force upon the physical plane, and apparently possessing a strong individuality. But such a one is in reality dominated by another mind and has no power of their own, often expressing multiple personality as the control changes; and whatever knowledge and power expresses thru them is purchased by the destruction of their own soul. Naturally man is the positive element on the physical plane, but for the reason that he is endowed with positive physical attributes, he has less spirituality than woman, hence on the inner plane she is positive and man is negative. Intellect and Will are as naturally the attributes of woman as man, for Mercury the planet of mind is convertible, and not the exclusive property of either sex. A woman may be an intellectual genius and still be strongly feminine.

(9) The science of Magnetism is that of imponderable forces, including the manipulation of the astral light. The laws of magnetic currents rest upon Arcanum II, or polarity, raised to its second power, which is XI. In other words it signifies the dual action of sex used upon the plane of spiritual science, Arcanum II operating on the plane of the Grand Magical Agent, Arcanum II, producing Arcanum XI.

Strictly speaking the King, Queen and Youth of each suit have a numerical value of 10 each; for they represent all of humanity born under each of the 12 zodiacal signs, both men and women. Each king not only signifies a man of a certain temperament which would be numerically 5, but a woman also, adding another 5, or man and woman combined as 10. The Warrior or presiding genie, usually representing a person's thoughts is not a human being but an Intelligence only, hence possesses the numerical value of Intelligence, or 1 for each card. The kings represent the head of each astrological triplicity, the queens the reaction, or second sign of each triplicity, and the youths the last sign of each triplicity, or the issue as brought down to the practical plane.

The King of Scepters signifies a person ruled by the Sign Aries: fiery, headstrong, ambitious, courageous and energetic. Right way up it is an Aries man, but the card reversed indicates an Aries woman.

The King of Cups signifies a person ruled by the sign Cancer: mild, agreeable and pleasant. Right way up it is a Cancer man, but the card reversed signifies a Cancer woman.

The King of Swords indicates a person ruled by the sign Taurus: reserved and sullen, but a firm friend and an unrelenting foe and practical. Right way up it is a Taurus man, but reversed is a Taurus woman.

The King of Pentacles indicates a person ruled by the sign Gemini: intelligent. restless, volatile, and fickle. If right way up the card indicates a Gemini man, but reversed is a Gemini woman.

A full description of the temperament, disposition and personal appearance of the person denoted by each Court card may be had by consulting the description of the sign ruled by it in astrological test books.

The Martyr.

Arcanum XII.
Letter: Egyptian, Luzain; Hebrew, Lamed; English, L
Number: 12.
Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Pisces.
Color: the darker shades of purple.
Tone: low A.
Occult science: organic alchemy.
Human function: sensing the spiritual aromas.
Natural remedy: such herbs as mosses that grow in water, ferns and sea weed.
Mineral: the talismanic gem glittering chrysolite, and such stones as sand, gravel, pumice, coral.

L-12, expresses in the Spiritual world the revealed law.
In the Intellectual world the precept of duty.
In the Physical world, Sacrifice.

Remember then , son of earth, that sacrifice is a divine law from which none are exempt; but expect any ingratitude from men. Always hold thy soul in readiness to render its account to the eternal. If Arcanum XII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, a violent death will spread its snares upon the way. But if the world attempts thy earthly life do not die without accepting with resignation this decree of God, and pardon thy cruelest enemies, for whosoever does not forgive here below will be condemned in the next life to eternal solitude.

In Divination Arcanum XII may be read as Sacrifice or Expiation.

Arcanum XII is figured by a man suspended by one foot from a gallows which is supported by two trees, each having six cut branches. His hands are tied together forming a triangle above which one leg crossing the other forms a cross. From the hands gold pieces drop to the earth. It is the sign of a violent death coming unexpectedly by accident or in expiation of a crime, or accepted voluntarily thru heroic devotion to truth and justice. The twelve cut branches indicate the destruction of the twelve houses of the horoscope, signifying the extinction of life. The cross above the triangle, the reverse of Arcanum IV, indicates that material forces have gained supremacy over mind and that energy is wasted. The coins dropping upon the earth indicate the ebbing life forces and also symbolize that the efforts of the martyr who looses his life in the cause of truth and justice are never lost; for the ideas and principles advocated will remain in the earth's atmosphere as thought forms and finally find a suitable means of expression thru another person.

(1) Numerically, Numerically, 12 as being the second power of 3, is Arcanum III expressed thru the medium of Arcanum II, or the negative plane of union, which is so well expressed in its results by Arcanum XIII. But it also has another aspect, for union may be on the plane of science, also denoted by Arcanum II, and this considered Arcanum XII indicates the science of union is based upon Sacrifice and Devotion; for selfishness is the antithesis of higher union. This latter thought is expressed by adding 3 and 9, or union actuated by wisdom. The adverse significance of 12 is denoted by 6 plus 6, indicating Trials upon Trials, and 8 plus 4, which signifies Justice Realized.

(2) As astrologically Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, rules the house of self-undoing, and indicates the zodiacal cycle completed as well as ruling the house of disappointments and sacrifices, its correspondence with Arcanum XII is do apparent as to need no further comment.

(3) As a symbol of religious devotion, or for the expiation of some sin, it was anciently the custom to offer a sacrifice unto the Lord, or Law. This taking of life and offering it upon the altar of expiation was said to be a sweet savor unto the Lord. In a higher sense the sacrifice of self upon the altar of devotion nourishes the spiritual nature thru the aspirational power of thought. Such exalted emotions cause thought forms to emanate from man similar to the spiritual aromas which are perceived by the psychic sense corresponding to Arcanum XII.

(4) Alchemically, Arcanum XII is the complete fusion that takes place in the second process. The impure product being subjected to heat and Azoth from without generates intra-atomic force and finally just before the transformation attains a state of perfect fusion; and unless this fusion is complete a portion of the internal energy is sacrificed and the amount of gold it would produce is lost. This stage reached gives the promise of complete transmutation.

(5) Arcanum XII in the Bible is Judas who repented: Math. 27:5 "And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple, and departed, and went and hanged himself." It is also the fig three that was cursed for not bearing fruit: Mark. 11:20 "And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig three dried up from the roots." The other aspect of this dual symbol is represented by the persecution and violent death of the apostles and the conversion of the rich publican Zacchaeus. In mythology it is Promethius undergoing perpetual torment for his immortal theft of the divine fire from heaven.

(6) In Masonry Arcanum XII is represented by the ritual in the Christian Mark degree where the Grand Ministers execute the Judgement of the Lord and the candidate bewails his fate because his lips are unclean. Before conferring the mark, a live coal is taken from the altar and pressed to the candidate's lips to signify expiation.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XII symbolizes the certain fate that ever follows those who use magical powers without discrimination. The cross above the triangle signifies that the magician has become the servant of the very elemental forces he sought to master. The practice of magic unless with wisdom and unselfishness always leads to tragedy. Those who endeavor to use sex magic to attain psychic powers fasten upon themselves evil elementaries that usually force them to follow the example of Judas Isacariot and commit suicide in trying to get free from them. The benefit side of the Arcanum is an exposition of the magical law: "Give all thou hast of breath, of power, or life, in just duty and lawful motive; expire honestly the corrupted or contaminated matter, and you shall instantly be filled with the celestial fire and become refined."

(8) In the soul's initiation Arcanum XII indicates the Neophyte's absolute devotion to the cause of truth and progress. It exemplifies absolute devotion to the cause of truth and progress. It exemplifies that summons of the Nazarine: "Go thy way, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow me." Henceforth the struggling soul takes less thought what it shall have to eat and wear, but devotes its energy to assisting in the progressive evolution of creation; sacrificing life itself if necessary in the cause of Truth and Justice.

(9) Organic alchemy is the science of transforming plants and animals, including the subject of sympathetic virtues. It is possible to plant a seed and make it sprout and grow to a mature plant in the space of a few hours. Neither magic nor alchemy, however, can crate that which has no existence in nature, but by intensifying natural processes and supplying the necessary amount of life force the processes of nature can be greatly hastened. The subject of sympathetic virtues depends upon the vibrations given each organic substance by the stars to strengthen like vibrations in other organic substances.

The Horoscope Spread.

The frontispiece of Lesson IV illustrates the principle that four signs always express the absolute and are explained by a fifth. The lower diagram of Lesson VI shows how the five must move in a medium expresses by four signs, thus completing the number of deific manifestation 9. But when we consider man, we find him but the medium thru which stellar forces act. So considered the signs reverse and he is represented by the cells: 2,4,6, and 9 in the diagram of Lesson VI. Further we know that everything possessing life is a trinity of positive, negative and union, so that each of the active cells: 7,1,3,5 shown in lesson VI expands into a trine as indicated in the frontispiece of this Lesson. These are the twelve houses of life constituting a horoscope.

To use this diagram as a Tarot Spread the cards are dealt one by one upon the houses of the horoscope in the order indicated by the numbers in the diagram. The reading is used to foretell the near future of every department of life of the one making the consultation. The card falling upon any house of the chart will reveal the fortune of those things rules by that house astrologically. Turn the cards over as read.

Trine 1-6-11 is the trine of life. 1 relates to personal things and health. 6 is the life of the mind, governing philosophy, publishing and travel. 11 is the life of posterity, ruling children, love affairs, pleasures and speculations.

Trine 2-7-12 is the trine of power. 2 is the power attached to honor and authority, ruling business, credit and reputation. 7 is the power given by environment, governing sickness, servants and labor. 12 is the power of wealth, ruling cash and personal property.

Trine 3-8-9 is the social trine. 3 is the society of partners, and rules the husband or wife, open enemies and law suits. 8 is the society of kindred and thoughts, governing brethren, studies, writing and short journeys. 9 is the society of associates, ruling friends and hopes.

Trine 4-10-5 is the trine of concealed things. 4 is the concealed environment, ruling the home, real estate and the end of life. 5 is the concealed afflictions, governing disappointments, restrictions and secret enemies. 10 is the concealed things of death fatality, ruling legacies and partner's money.

A good card falling on any house signifies good luck in that department of life, and an evil card on a house signifies that bad luck will come from the thing it rules, the nature being shown by the card.

"Everything that has been , is or will be, has its foundation and is built up in Four Trines."

Lesson 7
Examination Questions

Course VI
Branch of Science: Kabbalism.
Subject: The Sacred Tarot.

1. What is signified by Samson breaking his bonds three times?

2. What is symbolized by the honey Samson took from the carcase of the Lion?

3. What planet is usually prominent in the birth-chart of Genius?

4. What does a vase symbolize?

5. Explain how a chart of a name may be made to reveal the details of a life if the intuitions be keen?

6. What is the divinatory significance of the King of Cups?

7. What is symbolized by a cross above a triangle?

8. What is the numerical value and significance of the Warrior of each suit?

9. What is the only thought-form persistently launched by the White Magician?

10. What is signified by the eyes of Samson being put out by his enemies?

11. What do bees symbolize?

12. What planet denotes the ability to receive mental messages from others?

13. To what planet does Arcanum XI correspond?

14. Upon what depends the potency of a force?

15. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XII?

16. Upon what depends the potency of a force?

17. Explain the magic chain produced by thought-diffusion?

18. What is the significance of the lords of the Philistines offering Delilah 11,000 pieces of Silver?

19. What is meant in the Bible by Samson slaying the Lion?

20. In what did the strength of Samson lie?

21. What is the numerical significance of 11?

22. What is symbolized by the angry Lion whose jaws are easily closed by the girl of Arcanum XI?

23. What does Arcanum XI express in the Intellectual world?

24. What is the divinatory significance of the King of Scepters?

25. What is symbolized by the 12 cut branches of Arcanum XII?

26. What is the numerical value of King, Queen and Youth of each suit?

27. What is the divinatory significance of the King of Swords?

28. Explain briefly the principles of The Horoscope Spread?