The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers
Lesson 8
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine August 1918

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light.
Course VI Serial #29.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
August 1918

The Sacred Tarot
Hermetic System of Names and Numbers.
By C.C. Zain

Lesson 8

The occult student can hardly do better than digest the doctrine expounded by the wise Paracelsus in the following lucid terms: "If I have manna in my constitution I can attract manna from heaven. Melissa is not only in the garden, but also in the air and in heaven. Saturn is not only in the sky, but also deep in the ocean and Earth. What is Venus but the Artemisia that grows in your garden, and what is iron but the planet Mars? That is to say, Venus and Artemisia are both products of the same essence, while Mars and Iron are manifestations of the same cause." Grasping the ideas clearly set forth in the above words there will be no difficulty in comprehending the entire subject of Names, colors, Tones, natural remedies, etc.

Whatever you have in your constitution, as indicated by the astro-vibrations in the birth-chart, can be attracted to you from the sky, or the earth, or the people of your environment. If you have gold in your astro-constitution, as indicated by the Sun well fortified in the birth-chart, you can attract gold; but if gold is lacking, as indicated by the Sun much afflicted at birth, you will never acquire wealth. At the same time, it is possible thru artificial expedient, to so increase the strength of those vibrations at birth that are fortunate, and decrease the vibrations that attract misfortune, that the life is much more successful than it otherwise would be. If you have no gold in your constitution, perhaps you have lead, in which case business enterprise and speculation would lead to ruin, but transactions in lands and mines might bring a fortune of increasing magnitude, so long as it was not converted into cash; for when it became cash it would be spent or lost. In such a case the proximity of things vibrating to the modes of motion of the Sun, as a street number whose super-root is 21, or a firm name in which the letter S occurs repeatedly, or whose numerical equivalents involve to 21, or objects colored orange; all these things would increase the intensity of the vibrations of the Sun in the astro-constitution. which being radically discordant, would strengthen its evil, and hasten to bring the loss and misfortune indicated by it in the birth-chart. But Saturn being fortunate in the birth-chart, if the super-root of the street number is 15, and the letter X occurs in the name, or more strongly if the numerical equivalents of its letters involve to 15, or if the room is tinted Blue; these things will all intensify the vibrations of Saturn in the astro-constitution, and consequently tend to attract the fortunate things shown by Saturn's position at birth. It will attract elderly people who will assist, and it prompts those steps that lead to fortune.

A word, as we have already seen, is but a number expressed literally and any number, great or small, is really some word or words expressed by means of figures; names and numbers being convertible into one another and expressing the same astro-vibrations, except that in one case the
vibrations emanate from the domain of words and in the other from the realm of numbers. It is also true that any tone or color, or combination of tones, or shades of color, may likewise be converted into words or numbers that will exactly express their vibrations. Sound is caused by vibrations ranging from the 4th to the 12th octave of vibration, or from 16 to 32,768 vibrations per second. Vibrations slower or faster than this must be apprehended by other means; thus electricity includes the 25th to the 35th octave of vibration, or from 33,554,432 to 34,359,738,368 vibrations per second; and heat ranges from the 46th to the 48th octave, or from 70,368,744,177,644 to 281,474,976,710,656 vibrations per second. Our experience teaches us that these vibrations of sound, heat, and electricity have an effect upon us, for they produce rapid physical changes; and in a similar way other vibrations less easily perceived are powerful to affect us; for instance, the chemical ray which is the 50th octave of vibration; and the 59th to 61st octave which is known as the X-Ray. In a like manner, tho their vibrations are unperceived by the physical senses, all things by their astro vibrations affect us. The 49th octave of vibration, or 562,949,953,421,312 vibrations per second manifests to the sense of sight as light. Light when refracted divides into the seven colors of the spectrum, whose varied combinations produce all possible shades of color. Each of these colors of the solar spectrum vibrates quite definitely to one of the seven planets. And as the planets also have rule over zodiacal signs, so it is found experimentally, that the shades of the seven colors vibrate to the twelve zodiacal signs; the light shades of a color being ruled by the planet's day sign, and the dark shades of a color vibration in unison to the planet's night sign. As all possible shades of color are but the combinations of those colors that vibrate definitely to given planets and zodiacal signs, it follows that any color or combination of colors may be expressed in astrological terms. And as astrological terms may be converted into tones, names or numbers; and the latter may be expressed in color.
To find the color correspondence of any name, add the numerical equivalents of each letter and find the super-root and super-power of the number. The super-root so found will be the true color of the name. The super-power of the number will be the color towards which the true color of the name is shading; and the letters of the name will indicate the minor shades corresponding to the incidental characteristics of the name. Thus, "Teddy" = 22+5+4+4+10 = 45 whose root is 9 with the power 5. By referring to the color given for Arcanum 9 we find the true color of the word Teddy is Light Blue. The secondary color is the power 5, which is Indigo. The incidental characteristics of this word whose colors signify Wisdom seeking authority under Law, are expressed by the colors Black, Indigo, Dark Red, Dark Red, and White. If it were desired to pick a color to harmonize with and strengthen the name, light blue is preferable, indigo being second choice. If it were desirable to have a trimming of other colors those corresponding to the letters in the name should be selected, but these have much less value.
In the same manner the color of a number may be found. Thus if it desired to find the color corresponding to and consequently strengthening the number 1918. 1+9+1+8 = 19 the super-root. Arcanum XIX rules the lighter shades of Orange which is the true color of the number. 1918 minus 19 = 1899. 1899 divided by 9 = 211. 211 plus 1 = 212. 2+1+2 = 5, the power of the number, corresponding to Indigo, a color giving some force to the number but not nearly so powerful as light orange.
Psychologists have found that the color of the wallpaper and carpet of a room in which one spends much time has a great influence upon the mind. Thus the shades of red stimulate to passion and violence, which the effect red is observed to have upon animals, the bull and turkey gobbler being familiar examples. Blue on the other hand is cold and tends to produce melancholy, discouragement, retrospection, repentance and meditation. When people speak of having the "blues" they refer to the Saturnine influence of this color. The shades of indigo stimulate generosity, kindliness, reverence and cheerfulness. The yellow shades stimulate the love nature, the affections and emotions. The shades of orange stimulate pride and ambition, and strengthen firmness and self-esteem. The violet shades increase the activity of the mind inclining to science, to schemes and smartness. The influence of the shades of green is to make the mind receptive and mediumistic. Therefore as a general rule if one is quarrelsome red should be avoided. If given to despondency do not wear blue or back clothes. If the mind is so active it is difficult to sleep, violet should be avoided, and the bedroom should be papered and carpeted in shades of green. If there is lack of physical energy and animal heat, let the reds predominate, and in cold weather wear red woolens next the skin. (Wool is a product of Mars as well as red). Blue will make one thoughtful, and red impulsive. Out among the trees and green vegetation quiets the restless pulse of care and tends toward the exercise of the psychic and mediumistic faculties: hence those who live close to nature often are gifted with "second sight", and the aborigines of all countries usually have communion with unseen intelligences. Color has therapeutic value when applied with a knowledge of requirements.
The greatest value of a knowledge of the significance of colors is in applying them to strengthen the astro-constitution and thus increase the power of an individual for accomplishment and success. By inspecting the birth-chart and progressed chart it will be discerned that certain planets are more fortunate than others, also that certain signs are the same thru their rulers being strong or afflicted. A color corresponding to any planet or sign when worn, or prominent in the environment, will stimulate that planet or sign, but whether for good or ill will depend upon the latter's harmony or discord in the birth-chart. Red will stimulate physical activity, but if Mars is afflicted seriously at birth this activity will engender quarrels or take the person into danger, the exact department of life in which it will manifest being shown by the houses of the birth-chart by Mars. If Sagittarius is on the house of travel at birth, light purple will increase the tendency to travel, but the result of the journeys will depend upon the radical strength of Jupiter, who rules Sagittarius. If Libra occupies the house of marriage at birth, the wearing of light yellow shades will hasten marriage , but whether it will prove fortunate or not depends upon the strength of Venus who rules Libra. However, if in this case it was considered advisable to marry as Venus is strong, even tho the same partially malefic planet is in the house of marriage, the yellow would strengthen the benefic influence of Libra, tending to matrimonial felicity; but to wear the color of the planet afflicting marriage would promote discord in the domestic relations. If Capricorn be on the house of business at birth, and its lord, Saturn, is well aspected; dark blue will increase the business and tend for success. But it Saturn is in the house of wealth, and afflicted blue will help keep one in poverty. The student, from these hints, will find no difficulty in applying the law of colors to anyone whose birth-chart is procurable, simply remembering that a shade or combination of them will stimulate those things in life ruled by the signs and planets corresponding to them as found in the birth-chart. Also it will be found of great advantage when any Arc of Direction is expected to bring benefit to associate with the color of the planet from which the benefit is expected, and for the same reason when an affliction occurs by progression those colors should be avoided signified by the afflicting planet and the house it rules. Thus if by direction Mercury applies to a good aspect of Venus, the yellows and violets would be fortunate colors, and that shade should be chosen corresponding to the sign on the house were it is most desired it shall operate. In this case with Taurus on the second house the yellows would tend to bring money thru correspondence or art.
The Reaper.

Arcanum XIII.
Letter: Egyptian, Mataloth; Hebrew, Mem; English, M.
Number: 13
Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Aries.
Color: the lighter shades of red.
Tone: high C.
Occult science: horary astrology.
Human function: taste.
Natural remedy: such herbs as hemp, mustard, broom, holly, dock, thistle, fern, garlic, onions, nettles, radishes, poppies, peppers and rhubarb.
Mineral: the talismanic gem amethyst, and such stones as ochre, brimstone, firestone and red stones of various kinds.

M-13, expresses in the Spiritual world, the perpetual movement of creation, destruction and renewal.
In the Intellectual world, ascension of the Spirit into Divine spheres
In the Physical world, natural death, that is to say the transformation of human nature at the end of its last organic period.

Remember then, son of earth, that terrestrial things are of short duration and that the highest powers are reaped as the grass of the field. If Arcanum XIII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, the dissolution of thy organs will come sooner than thou expectest. But do not dread it; for death is but the parturition of another life. The universe reabsorbs without ceasing all which springs from her bosom that has not spiritualized itself. But the releasing ourselves from material instincts by a free and voluntary adhesion of our souls to the laws of universal movement constitutes in us the creation of a second man, a celestial man, and begins our immortality.

In Divination Arcanum XIII may be read as Death or Transformation.

Arcanum XIII is figured by a skeleton reaping human heads, hands and feet. On the blade of the scythe wielded by Time is a serpent and a scarabaeus, and back of all is seen a rainbow. The progression of the scythe in its work is the emblem of the perpetual destruction and rebirth of all forms of being in the domain of time. The serpent on the scythe represents the virile energy that has carried the soul, symbolized by the scarab, in its pilgrimage of births and deaths thru mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms up to the estate of man. The skeleton mowing human heads, hands and feet signifies that the works, thoughts and under standing of man passes in due time from the earth; but the rainbow promises a new life of thought and initiative in a superior realm.

(1) Numerically, 13 is the second power of 4, indicating Arcanum IV, or Realization, operating on the negative plane, or Arcanum II. It is the realization derived from life effort, the reaction of Polarizing forces upon the physical organism. What this new plane of realization where the efforts are now transferred will yield depends upon the utilization of powers on the old plane. If this use is represented 9 and 4, the transformation results in self-consciousness, the outgrowth of realized wisdom; But if it is merely 10 and 3, change of action; or 5 and 8, the law of justice; or even 6 and 7, temptation followed by victory, the life will simply be transferred to another plane thru the avenue of Death. But if 13 is the result of 1 and 12, will and sacrifice, or 2 and 11, the science of spiritual power, this transformation may take place consciously at the appointed time without the intercession of death.

(2) Astrologically, the sing Aries is both the beginning of the zodiac, signifying a new life starting, and the pointy where the zodiac ends, showing one cycle of life completed and the soul transferred to another cycle of zodiacal existence. Astrological measurements of Time are made from the first point of Aries, the Sun entering this sign being the end of one astronomical year and the beginning of another. Hence it is Brahma and Shiva, creator and destroyer, as indicated by Arcanum XIII.

(3) Life subsists upon life. The energy and substance of all physical organisms is largely composed of energy and substance obtained thru the Death of other organisms. Both animal and vegetable lives are sacrificed to sustain the life of man. The organic life of these lower kingdoms undergoes a Transformation when assimilated by man; and the higher cell development of the human organism gives the spirit atoms of these organic particles the environment necessary for a higher progressive development than they could attain in the animal or vegetable state. Therefore, while man depends upon the innumerable cells of his body for physical expression, he furnishes them the sphere and conditions for their progressive evolution; for the cells of the body have an intelligence of their own, and are as independent of man as man is independent of the earth. While portions of man's domain they should obey his will, even as man should obey nature's laws; but like man they are undergoing their cycle of progressive evolutionary life. This Transformation caused by the death of the organic form as a whole is not without its compensation, for it gives the particles a chance for higher expression in the organism of man; hence a just reciprocity. The sense that distinguishes what organic matter should be transformed as food is the sense of Taste, corresponding to Arcanum XIII.

(4) Alchemically, Arcanum XIII is the transformation that occurs to the physical atoms of the substance during the process of transmutation. The intra-atomic tension occurring immediately after the second process starts, produces a complete and perfect fusion; that is, the mutual acids and alkalis meet and blend harmoniously and in proportion, in the mutual death of both. This polarization of each other due to fusion is the death of the old physical form, which now undergoes Transformation, and results in absolutely pure gold when finished.

(5) In the 49th chapter of Genesis, Jacob being about to die called together his sons, the fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel, to bless then, and prophesy their future. One familiar with astrological symbology will find no difficulty in allotting each tribe to its proper sign from the wording of Jacob's death-bed blessing, as it refers to the astrological rulership of each tribe in unmistakable terms. Reuben, unstable as water, is the Water bearer of the zodiac, Aquarius. Simon and Levi are brethren, or the Twins, Gemini. Judah is a Lion's whelp, or the zodiacal Lion, Leo. Zebulun shall dwell at the haven of the sea, the home of the Crab, Cancer. Issachar is a strong ass, or beast of burden such as is the Bull, Taurus. Dan shall judge his people, justice being weighed in the Scales, Libra. Gad, a troop shall overcome him, for the desires of Scorpio are a multitude; but he will overcome at the last even as the Scorpion becomes the Eagle. Ashar shall yield royal dainties and his bread shall be fat; so does Virgo yield the harvest and govern assimilation. Naphtali is a hind, or deer, or Goat, Capricorn. Joseph's bow abode in strength, and Sagittarius is armed with this bow. Benjamin shall rave as a wolf, and the wolf is the destructive aspect of Aries. Ephram who was younger received Jacob's blessing first, and Manassah the elder was blessed later; indicating that in the end, or last sign Pisces, the last shall be first and the first last in the work of Universal Brotherhood which should be the work of the Priesthood. This congregation of Thirteen was followed by one entering the gates of the new cycle; for Jacob was straightway gathered unto his fathers.

The twelve disciples called by Jesus also represent the 12 zodiacal sings; and the Lord's supper at which all were present, Jesus making the thirteenth member, was shortly followed by the death on one. Math. 26:23 "He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me." Of the four zodiacal genii, Scorpio, or the Eagle, is represented in the Tarot by the suit Cups. Also the crucifixion takes place on the autumnal Cross of Libra; and Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver, or 30 zodiacal degrees in the feminine half of the year, and from the cross of Libra to Scorpio is 30 degrees. Judas is the astrological sign Scorpio, Arcanum IV, or material realization, who betrays the Sun into the winter signs, or spirit into matter. Judas afterwards repents and hangs himself as shown in Arcanum XII; but in allotting the 12 disciples to the zodiacal signs Judas is Scorpio and not Pisces: for Arcanum XII is voluntary devotion as well as expiation. The bread of the Lord's supper is symbol of physical nourishment that sustains the body. The wine is the spiritual nourishment the soul must receive in order to transcend Death and attain immortality. Both are necessary to man. The thirteen being gathered together at one meal was followed by the transition of one, and the tradition of the death import of 13 exists thruout the world today so that many people will not eat at a table at which 13 are present, thinking it an omen one will shortly die. However, 13 is not merely symbol of death and dissolution, but is the vernal cross of Spring, the sign Aries, in which the Sun commences a new cycle of life. It is the promise of immortality; for the Sun-God rose from the tomb of Winter. Therefore, while 13 means merely Death to the vulgar, to the initiate it means the Death of Selfishness and Crystallization thru the Sacrifice and Devotion signified by Arcanum XIII; and the commencement of a new life thru the transformation of material desires into aspirations.

(6) In modern Masonry there are something like six degrees of the Cross, all dealing with some aspect of Arcanum XIII. In these degrees both Arcanum III and Arcanum XIII are inter-blended; for Arcanum III is the cross of crucifixion, astrologically Libra, symbolized by the Christian cross; and Arcanum XIII is the militant cross of resurrection, or Aries, symbolized by the sword, which is really an inverted cross, even as Aries and Libra are polar opposites. Man is born into the next world thru Death- or if you prefer the inner interpretation; he is born into spiritual life thru the transformation of his animal nature into the divine, which occurs only when his grosser attributes are slain.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XIII represents the ability to separate the astral body from the physical at will and use it as a vehicle to visit distant places or persons. In Masonry this voluntary use of the astral body to visit other planes is called "Traveling in foreign countries." There are various means by which this may be accomplished. Orientals sometimes use mantrams, breathing, and a swaying rhythmic spiral motion of the body, the astral separating from the physical in an upward spiral. But in all cases where there is control of this faculty the soul and astral go out thru the pineal gland at the top of the head. Mediums also leave their bodies, but they pass out thru the spleen or solar plexus, and have no control of their movements, even tho conscious of them. This difference marks the true Magus as distinct from the irresponsible medium. the Neophyte should never attempt to leave his body in this manner unless with the consent of his Master and in the consciousness that his body will be guarded during his absence, else another entity may occupy it whom he will be unable to dislodge. A shock to the physical during the astral's absence may sever the magnetic thread between them and result in death; therefore a quiet seclusion where there is no danger of interruption is an essential factor in such procedure.

(8) At death chose those who live ignorant and unspiritual lives enter the karmic zone of images created during life by their thought and desires. This panorama of all his mind has vitalized environs the soul for ages and he lives in a world of dreams, at last to fall asleep and awaken, if spiritual enough to awaken at all, as but a little child. This astral realm of purification is the Purgatory of the Church, into which the soul passes immediately after death. Therefore souls who communicate with mortals soon after death can impart little information of value about spiritual things; for they are environed by whatever ideas they held upon earth and are unable to distinguish their own mental images from reality. It takes time and effort even for those spiritually minded when born into the astral plane thru death to understand its mysteries, even as a child born into physical life must receive an education before understanding physical verities. It is to escape this probation that the occultist toils and struggles. He bridges the abyss of death even during this life, and is able to move in the astral in full self-consciousness in company with his Master who teaches him to distinguish the realities of that world from its illusions. Arcanum XIII indicates the point in the soul's initiation where self-consciousness on the inner planes is thus attained.

(9) The death of one event is but the birth of another, and at the moment of birth, even if it be the birth of a plan, its destiny is configured in the sky. The Time being noted when an event or thought is born, a chart of the heavens erected for that moment may be consulted to learn its future. Such procedure is the practice of Horary Astrology.

The Queen of Scepters signifies a person ruled by the sign Leo: haughty, high-spirited, ambitious and resolute. Right way up it is a Leo woman, but the card reversed indicates a Leo man.

The Queen of Cups signifies a person ruled by the sign Scorpio: active, selfish, proud, resentful, reserved and thoughtful. Right way up it is a Scorpio woman, but reversed it is a Scorpio man.

The Queen of Swords indicates a person ruled by the sign Virgo: studious, rather even tempered, ingenious and witty. Right way up it is a Virgo woman, but the card reversed is a Virgo man.

The Queen of Pentacles represents a person ruled by the sign Libra: good, high-minded, noble and amiable. Right way up it is a Libra woman, but reversed signifies a Libra man.

The Alchemist.

Arcanum XIV.
Letter: Egyptian, Nain; Hebrew, Nun; English, N.
Number: 14.
Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Taurus.
Color: the darker shades of yellow.
Tone: low E.
Occult science: medical alchemy.
Human function: psychometry.
Natural remedy: such herbs as daisies, dandelion, myrtle, gourds, flax, lilies, larkspur, spinach and moss.
Mineral: talismanic gem agate, and such stones as alabaster, white opaque stones and white coral.

N-14, expresses in the Spiritual world, the perpetual movement of life.
In the Intellectual world, the combination of ideas which creates the moral life.
In the Physical world, the combination of the forces of nature.

Remember then, son of earth, to conserve thy forces, not to recoil at thy works, but in order to wear out obstacles, as water, falling drop by drop, wears away the hardest stone. If Arcanum XIV should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, a well formulated plan of action followed perseveringly will raise thee by degrees to the heights thou wouldst attain.

In Divination, Arcanum XIV is Regeneration or Temperance.

Arcanum XIV is figured by the genie of the Sun holding a golden and a silver urn and pouring from one to another the conducting fluid of life. The genie is crowned with flame to indicate it is a spirit, and his feet are winged to signify his rapid movements. The fluid transferred from one urn to another is the symbol of transmutation; and the eight rays of the Sun behind the genie's head signifies that the positive forces of the universe are exactly equaled by the negative forces. The cloak over the shoulder of the spirit indicates the perpetual fecundation of matter by spirit. this ensemble is the symbol of the combinations of positive and negative forces thruout nature, working ceaselessly in all kingdoms as the cause of all movement and life.

(1) Numerically, 14 is the second power of 5, of the Law, Arcanum V, operating upon the interior plane of Arcanum II. As 5 is the physical plane dominated by man's intelligence, 14 becomes the dominion of the astral plane by the intellectual forces of man. And as 7 signifies the perfect nuptial union on the physical plane, so 7 plus 7, or 14, indicates the perfect regenerate union, and the magnetic forces so generated as shown by Arcanum XIV. And herein lies the secret of perpetual motion for when positive and negative forces are equal and under control of the will they may be made to flow from one point to another undiminished in power and quantity.

(2) Astrologically, at the time of year the Sun passes thru Aries, or Arcanum XIII, the vital forces of nature begin to move, and changes are started in the laboratories of Isis. But the Sun-God is not fully regenerated until the forces of the Moon are also brought into play, it requiring both positive and negative fluids to perfect the transmutation. Easter is not celebrated until after full-moon; for it requires the mixture of Solar electricity and Lunar magnetism. Taurus is the exaltation of the Moon even as Aries is the exaltation of the Sun; and the Sun passing into Taurus mixes these two vital essences and fecundates the earth, bringing forth grass and flowers. The Bull is symbol of fecundity, and Taurus is the sign associated with Arcanum XIV.

(3) As Libra, or Arcanum III, being generation was found to rule feeling, so Taurus and Arcanum XIV, the symbols of regeneration completed, rule that inner sense of feeling known as Psychometry.

(4) Alchemically, Arcanum XIV is the pure gold that results from the completion of the second process. It is transmutation accomplished. The production of gold is not the sole object of alchemical procedure, for of what value is gold when life is extinguished. The Great Work not only contemplates the manufacture of gold, but also the production of the Elixir of Life by which life may be prolonged indefinitely and the gold enjoyed. This Elixir is composed of the pure gold procured by transmutation, to which is added an equal amount of pure silver, and both dissolved in the Water of Pythia.

(5) Jacob wrestled with Temptation, or Arcanum VI, and was Victorious. Consequently, when he fell in love with Rachel he agreed to serve for her seven years. Gen. 29:20. "And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed into him but a few days, for the love he had of her." However, Arcanum VII, or perfect physical union did not bring him the ideal love he craved, for he was deceived into marrying Leah of the tender eyes, or in other words his Spiritual sight was not fully opened by the physical. Therefore, he served another seven years for Rachel, or Arcanum XIV, signifying regenerate union. And he loved her so much he voluntarily served another seven years, thus completing the Great Work, Arcanum XXI. Baptism is Arcanum XIII; but the regeneration accomplished by it is Arcanum XIV. Arcanum XIII is referred to in Math. 28: 2 " And, behold, there was a great earthquake; for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it." Arcanum XIV is mentioned in Math. 28:18. "And Jesus came and spake into them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."

(6) The compass taken alone is the Masonic symbol of Arcanum XIV. Arcanum XIV is the Rosy Cross. It is the fifth libation (14 is the second power of 5) of pure wine, symbol of spirit, drank from the skull, or head of the skeleton of Arcanum XIII. It is also those significant letters, INRI, correctly interpreted as Igne Natura Renovature Intergra, meaning All Nature is Renewed by Fire.

(7) "Love is convertibly passion, enthusiasm, heat, affection, fire, God." Also, "Love lieth at the foundation." There are three planes upon which the sexual attributes may manifest that are possible of contact and partly controllable by embodied man. All movement in the universe is in response to the law of polarity, or sex. Birth on the physical plane is the result of positive and negative forces vibrating in unison and physical life depends upon the harmony and strength of the vibrations at conception. and their subsequent modifications by other vibrations. The intensity of the vibrations implanted by the father determines the child's vitality; and the mother's intensity depends the child's constitution. And upon the balance and harmony between these two, the Sun and Moon in the birth-chart, depends in a great measure the fortunes or misfortunes of life. This is elucidated by Arcanum VII. On all planes harmony is the requisite of life, and discord is the harbinger of Death. Arcanum XIV indicates the regenerate plane of love's manifestation. And here we wish to warn the unwary that this has nothing in common with the practices of certain mediumistic individuals who are able to leave their bodies and indulge their passions on the astral plane. Such usages are either the outcome of a depraved sexual nature, or the perversion induced by forced celibacy which has stimulated the imagination into feverish excitement and compelled that on the inner plane which was denied on the external. This is the origin of the witches' Sabbath and is more soul-destructive than physical dissipation, for the magnetic bondage is harder to break. It corresponds to Arcanum XV. That to which we refer is the union of the mental and magnetic forces of two purifies souls working together in loving harmony for the advancement of the race. Such are not only legally married in truth, and any infidelity in thought or deed is a destructive force retarding their progress. Spiritual powers never flourish where there is the mildew of impure desires.

(8) In the soul's initiation Arcanum XIV indicates that state where the Spirituality is sufficient to completely dematerialize and transmute the sexual fluids into magnetic energy. Both man and woman are truly regenerate and having transmuted their animal desires they are able to combine their forces and undertake a work upon the inner plane. They travel at will in the astral, and become "invisible helpers" to those on earth, and visible helpers to others who have passed the river of Death.

(9) The true use of alchemy is not alone to make gold, but to prolong life. Medical alchemy is the science of the Elixir by which life may be lengthened, the secret of which is revealed by Arcanum XIV.

The Solar Spread.

The Solar Spread is based upon the 50 posts or gates of initiation, and depends upon the influence of the Seven Active Principles of Nature penetrating the seven departments of human endeavor for its revelations, the spread as a whole constituting the Jubilee or fiftieth Arcanum.

After the usual shuffling and cutting the cards are dealt from right to left in 7 rows of 7 cards each as illustrated in frontispiece. The cards should be turned over as read, starting at the bottom row and reading from right to left. Where the birth-chart of the consultant is known, each row of 7 cards reveal those things that the planet ruling the row governs in the birth-chart. In each case the three cards to the right of the middle card in any row governs the past of that particular department of life, the middle card of the row indicating its present condition; and the tree cards to the left of the middle card reveal the future developments concerning that department of life.

Where the birth-chart is not at hand, or if the reader is unfamiliar with astrology, each row is read as referring to the department of life generally signified by the planet in front of the row. The bottom row is ruled by the Moon, and governs the home, domestic life, the public, and if the querient is a man indicates his wife. The second row from the bottom is ruled by Mercury and signifies studies, travels, writing, brethren and the fruits of intelligence. The third row from the bottom is ruled by Venus, and relates to love, society, friends, partners, cash and art. The middle row is ruled by the Sun and signifies the honor, health and vitality, and if the querient is a woman indicates the husband. The fifth row from the bottom is ruled by Mars and relates to accidents, antagonisms and enemies. The sixth row from the bottom is ruled by Jupiter and refers to business, occupation, employment and religion. The top row is ruled by Saturn and relates to elderly people, real estate, sickness, losses, sorrows and secret things.

Lesson 8
Examination Questions

Course VI.
Brach of Science - Kabbalism.
Subject- The Sacred Tarot.

1. What one of the disciples of the Lord corresponds to Scorpio, and why?

2. What is symbolized by a rainbow?

3. What physiological effect has the color red?

4. What color-significance has the super-power of a name?

5. What zodiacal signs corresponds to the dark shades of the 7 colors of the spectrum?

6. In what way is gold present in the astro-constitution?

7. What vibrations in the birth-chart are increased by the color blue, the number 15 and the letter X?

8. Why was Jacob required to work 14 years for Rachel?

9. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XIV?

10. Why is quiet and seclusion desirable to one who wishes to travel in the astral?

11. What is the origin of the idea that the number 13 is unlucky?

12. In the blessing of Jacob in what way is the sign Sagittarius signified?

13. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XIII?

14. What is the physiological effect of the color Blue?

15. How may the color of any number be found?

16. How may the true color correspondence to any name be determined?

17. What zodiacal signs correspond to the light shades of the 7 colors of the spectrum?

18. What will determine the effect upon a given person of the letter S, the number 21 and the color orange?

19. What do the wings on the feet of the genie in Arcanum XIV signify?

20. What is the divinatory meaning of the Queen of scepters?

21. What are some of the means used to "travel in foreign countries."?

22. In the blessing of Jacob in what way is the sign Capricorn signified?

23. In the blessing of Jacob in what way is the sign Aquarius signified?

24. What is symbolized by a scarabaeus?

25. What is the general effect upon man of the color green?

26. What is the divinatory significance of the queen of Swords?

27. How many cards are dealt in the Solar Spread?

28. In the Solar Spread what relation has each row of cards to the birth-chart?

29. In the Solar Spread what do the three cards to the left of the middle card of each row signify?