The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers
Lesson 9
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine September 1918

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light.
Course VI Serial #30.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
September 1918

The Sacred Tarot
Hermetic System of Names and Numbers.
By C.C. Zain

Lesson 9

The power of tones to cause physical changes is familiar to most thru the assertions of scientists that a bridge or building may be destroyed by the playing of a violin if the tone of the structure be constantly sounded. The key-note of a person can only be determined from the birth-chart, it being the tone given in these lessons corresponding to the ruler of the horoscope. The key-note of a name is the tone corresponding to the super-root, and the secondary tone is that corresponding to the super-power. And it will be found that names harmonize or discord with one another much as do tones. As a general rule to find the harmony existing between two names, find the super-roots of both, and if the astrological signs or planets ruling the super-roots harmonize, so will the names, but if they antagonize, the names will discord in just so much as the rulers are antipathetic. Tones are only incidental in human environment and do not justify extensive treatment in this work, so we will only note in passing that music has the power to suggest emotion and action to the mind and over-soul, arousing the latent energies and stimulating them to activity by its rhythm and tones.

Minerals are not so constant associates of man as are names, colors and numbers, yet when brought into close contact with him, certain stones are among the most powerful agents in affecting his life for good or ill. The metals in themselves have but little power, for they are almost entirely mediumistic; but because of this extreme passivity they become the best available instruments for impressing an idea or thought constantly upon the mind of one associated with them. Stone are natural talismans, their power being inherent in themselves; but metals are merely the plastic transmitters of ideas impressed upon them by someone's mind, hence their influence amounts to little unless they are made into charms.

Stones are composed of minerals that have been attracted to and polarized by the impersonal soul-monads undergoing their cycles of life in the mineral kingdom. It is entirely erroneous to think of stones as possessing no life; for were there no life in the stones it would be impossible for vegetation to draw life from the soil, which is merely disintegrated stone. When the stone dies it decomposes and liberates the vitality it contained to be used by the vegetable kingdom. Life is derived from life, and does not spring into existence spontaneously at some arbitrary point in evolution, but exists, tho greatly reduced as to activity in the very lowest forms of matter. And as higher forms of life consist of substances polarized by a central soul-monad or monads, so stones likewise are soul-monads vibrating in unison with some astrological sign that by the law of chemical selection have crystallized about themselves material particles that give expression to their internal nature, or astro-vibrations. Therefore, to wear a stone upon the person is to become intimately associated with an impersonal intelligence or intelligences having a definite nature as indicated by its astro-rulership.

Names, tones, numbers and colors shed their subtle psychic vibrations upon all associated with them, stimulating into activity their astrological correspondences in the astro-constitution of man. But stones contain a real, living entity, or elemental, that can be seen with the psychic vision, hence must be considered as an intelligence as well as a force. The most active entities of the mineral kingdom, and therefore the most powerful, are those incarnated in gems. A gem is usually the crystallized body of a single very active elemental belonging to the highest state of the mineral sub-mundane kingdom. A gem, like a person, may be asleep and require awakening to be of value. Or it may be a corpse from which the entity has departed so recently that it has not had time to decompose, in which case it is valueless as a talisman. But if it is alive, which is more usual, it can be made to become the obedient servant of the occult student, giving warning of the approach of danger, impressing him as to the real nature of people, or urging him to take steps leading to success, and warding off evil influences of all kinds. To wear a gem, therefore, is to enter into a psychic partnership with the elemental vivifying it, and this elemental will not merely stimulate into activity the portion of the astro-constitution it rules as do names and colors, but will work intelligently form the subjective plane to bring good or evil fortune as the case may be to the wearer in all ways. From this the value of the astrological rulership of stones as given in these lessons will be seen, for they belong to the sign corresponding to the Arcanum under which each will be found.

Every person's natural talisman is the gem ruled by the sign on the ascendant of the birth-chart, and the more accentuated the influence of this rising sign by its occupying most of the house of life or holding a number of planets the stronger the talisman will act. On the contrary, a gem of an opposite nature will not enter into sympathy with the person wearing it, and the elemental will do its best to set in motion antagonistic astral currents, impressing impulses upon the wearer that lead him into danger or bad ventures, and in all ways striving for his downfall. Thus if a fiery sign ascends at birth a talisman belonging to the watery signs if worn will be apt to lead into misfortune; or if an airy sign is the ruler, a gem of the earthy triplicity will prove unfortunate. Gems that are neither the talismans of the birth sign nor belong to signs of an opposite nature will yield very little benefit, for there will be no circuit of psychic influence between them and the wearer, such as is maintained between the elemental of a true talisman and the sub-consciousness of the wearer; not will they prove inimical , for there is not the incentive to active warfare that is instinctively felt by the entity occupying a gem of an opposite triplicity, Gems are sexed, and the sympathy between the talisman and its wearer is strengthened if they be of opposite sexes; also the gem is given increased power by wearing it on that part of the body ruled by its astrological sign. Those who are at all sensitive are greatly benefited in health and fortune by wearing a proper talisman; and those psychically inclined can consult them as they would look into a crystal, talking to the entity meanwhile, and receive much information that will assist them in their personal affairs.

Metals, unlike gems and stones, are very negative and exert very little psychic influence over those associated with them. But for this reason they become the most potent, tho not the only substances, that can be used in the manufacture of charms. Organic substances may also be used, but in all cases it is necessary to procure those that are negative, for they act merely as channels along which astral currents set in motion by the magician's thoughts travel. The potency of a charm lies wholly in the strength of the thought-form attached to it by the magician. And to strengthen that thought-form and make its life durable the charm is formed in such a manner as to symbolize the idea the maker desires to keep constantly active within the psychic domain of the one in proximity to the charm.

The Black Magician usually makes his charms of organic substances of revolting character and in grotesque form, fit symbols of the character of the forces he expects to attract. To this inversive image he attaches a diabolical thought-form by means of ceremonies and invocations to the spirits of evil; the hideousness of the rites stimulating his mind to the fever pitch and rendering it magically potent within the realm of elemental force. Evil charms, however, are not always the outcome of design; for mediumistic substances often absorb the mental images unconsciously impressed upon them by the minds that have been associated with them. Houses in which there has been great mental anguish, or strong emotions resulting in tragedy, sometimes become so permeated with these thought-forms as to be decidedly unlucky for subsequent occupants, and the rooms in which there has been much sickness and suffering should never be occupied by sensitive people. Certain famous jewels, tho not in themselves mediumistic, and hence not true charms, have had thru the means of tragedy an evil elementary attached to them. This vicious astral is not the elemental of the gem, but an intelligence of potent malignancy that guards it and brings misfortune to all who possess it.

Charms, however, are not all evil, and may be manufactured by anyone possessing the will-power and knowledge, for good purposes. Even as there are stories current concerning the unluckiness of certain houses, heirlooms and famous jewels; so also there area reports of lives being saved thru the influence of some trinket blessed by a priest, or given as a token of love by some mother to her child. To make a charm most potent the metals of which it is composed should be proportioned to the influence of the planets in the birth-chart of the wearer. That is if Venus rules the chart, copper should preponderate in the charm, or if Jupiter, tin. The most potent charm for general purposes is composed of metals bearing the relation man and woman should bear to one another as revealed by the Major Arcana of the Tarot and hardened by the metals of love and benevolence. Both man and woman possess in their constitution a small portion of the opposite nature, else there would be no point of affinity between them. The charm if to be worn by a man, should be 21 carats gold, 1 carat silver, 1 carat copper and 1 carat tin. If to be worn by a woman there should be 21 carats silver, 1 carat gold, 1 carat copper and 1 carat tin. Such a charm should have engraved upon it the symbol of the influence it is desired to have. It should then be magnetized at a time when the astro-magnetic forces are most potent. This is at midnight of the full-moon, and if the Sun and Moon are in negative signs, so much the better. The White Magician undertaking this work should thoroughly understand what he is about, and by proper rituals and ceremonies consecrate the charm to the purpose in view. Such a charm may be made to protect the life of the wearer, but more frequently is made to assist the occult student attain his spiritual aspirations. Sometimes, where separation between devoted man and wife is imperative, a golden and a silver charm are made of similar design and consecrated at the same time. These bits of metal while worn constitute the two poles of a mental wireless system keeping each impresses with the feelings and thoughts of the other and their mutual sympathies strong. So also the accepted neophyte is given a charm consecrated by his Master before the latter passes out, enabling communication between them to be established at any desired time. Charms are potent only when properly made and magnetized.

The Back Magician.

Arcanum XV.
Letter: Egyptian, Xiron: Hebrew, Samek: English, X.
Number: 15.
Astrologically: the planet Saturn.
Color: blue.
Tone: G
Occult science: ceremonial magic.
Human function: the physical body.
Natural remedy: naturopathy.
Mineral: lead

X-15, expresses in the Spiritual world, predestination.
In the Intellectual world, mystery.
In the Physical world, unforeseen fatality.

Remember then, son of earth, that the most unprofitable thing in the world is selfishness. Pride and rebellion but enchain the soul to the lower spheres; but all trials and misfortunes accepted with resignation to the Supreme Will is an accomplished progress bringing an eternal reward. If Arcanum XV should appear in the prophetic sings of thy horoscope, cease to rely upon thy own power and wisdom and labor to disengage thyself from pride and selfishness, which but bind thee to matter, mortality and an evil Fate.

In Divination Arcanum XV may be read as Fatality or Black Magic.

Arcanum XV is figured by Typhon, genius of evil, standing triumphant over the ruins of a temple. In his right hand he holds a scepter surmounted by a circle encompassed by two divergent bars, signifying the inversive forces that hem in and chain spirituality. It is the emblem of hatred and division. In the other hand is the flaming torch of destruction whose blaze has been applied to the ruins of the temple as shown by the smoke rising from it. This being of Evil is crowned with a flame to indicate it is a spirit. The wings are those of a bat, indicating it to be a denizen of darkness. The horn on its nose being above all signifies stubborn rebellion. The breast of a woman and organs of a man symboize the hermaphrodite, emblem of self-centeredness and absence of Love. The body is that of a hog to denote greed. The feet are those of a goat to indicate the sign Capricorn, the home of Saturn, or Satan, and the most material sign of all. For the same reason the beings chained at the feet of this Master of Chaos have the heads of goats, indicating their intelligence has been used exclusively for selfish purposes, or from Capricornian motives. The head of the crocodile symbolizes cruelty, and the snake emerging from the body instead of the head indicates the use of the creative energy, not for enlightenment, but for physical gratification. It also represents mediumship rather than conscious control; for the chief center of mediumistic power is the solar plexus. The two men with goats heads, chained by their necks at the monster's feet represent the certain fate awaiting all who use magical powers to attain selfish or purely material ends. Sooner or later thy become the slaves of the very forces they have used, and are finally completely destroyed in soul as well as body, as signified by the ruined temple. Until the final extinction takes place they survive only thru preying on the ignorance and credulity of others, shown by the sign of sorcery they make with their hands. This ensemble symbolizes the chaining bonds of Selfishness, and represents the lives and powers of the inhabitants of the Dark Satellite.

(1) Numerically, 15 is the second power of 6. Arcanum VI is Trial and Temptation, Arcanum II is Science and Polarity, 2 being negative yields to Temptation to use occult science for gratification; hence 15 is black magic. 5 is Intellect dominating the elemental world, but added to 10, or Change of Fortune, it is reversed and becomes Intellect the slave of elemental forces; in this manner the Religious hierophant who falls from his exalted station finally becomes the Master of Evil Arts.

(2) Astrologically, the planet Saturn is author of a major portion of the world's miseries. He is the planet of crafty selfishness and Fate, called in sacred writings Satan. Hence he corresponds to Arcanum XV.

(3) The physical body is man's universe of matter, the external vehicle of the soul thru which it may attract and gather up varied experiences of mundane life. It should ever be governed and molded from within and considered as a medium thru which the divine soul should evolve its latent potentialities. Alas! too often, man makes it but the seat of selfish ends. As the most external and consequently least spiritual of man's forms, the physical body corresponds to the planet Saturn and Arcanum XV.

(4) In Alchemy, Arcanum XV is the dross that must be entirely consumed during transmutation. In the production of the Elixir of Life, it is the scum that rises to the surface of the combined fluids that must be skimmed off and thrown away.

(5) In the Bible, the various references to Satan portray Arcanum XV - Math. 8:31 "So the devils besought him, saying, if thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine." The elementaries obsessing the men passed into the swine because of their affinity for greed; and their dashing down a steep place to perish in the sea well depicts the condition and end of those who are ruled by selfishness, their affinity for evil forces precipitating them into frightful practices that engulf them in an ocean of sin. Arcanum XV is the star of Religion inverted - Rev. 8:10 "And a third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter." That is, the emotions of men became corroded by selfishness. Rev. 8:1 "And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit." This is a wonderfully accurate portrayal of the work of the denizens of the Dark Satellite. First we see the pure emotions, represented by the waters, embittered at their very source by selfishness which creeps insidiously into the human heart. Then from the dark orb, called the bottomless pit, we find the smoke of lies, deceit, and religious imposture, ascending to the world in such clouds as to obscure the Sun of spirituality, and becloud the air, symbol of human aspirations.

There are some who assert the Inversive Brethren have no organization, but such not only lack experience, but fail to apply the law of correspondence. Every marauding band of robbers has its head, every criminal clique its bylaws. Saturn, the planet of greed is a master of organization; and as a mere measure of self-protection these beings who possess intense cunning and intelligence, are banded together and ruled over by those of their numbers having the strongest infernal powers. Strife, confusion, sin and disorder upon the earth enables these dwellers of the abyss to secure victims for prolonging their own sordid existences thru obsession. vampirism and the back arts. To convince man there is no spiritual life beyond death, only a dream in Devachan and then a return to the treadmill, is to smother his spirituality, and in his hopelessness be becomes negative, and an easy prey to inversive brethren incarnate or discarnate. Consequently they strive to foster the belief that true spirit communication between those on earth and those who have passed the border of death is impossible. But while much passes for true spirit communion that has its source in lower astral intelligences; yet the glorious Truth remains that such intercourse is possible, and that under proper conditions our loved ones who have gone before do talk to us, in spite of the clouds of smoky illusion with which the denizens of the pit endeavor to befog our conceptions. St. Paul perceived the power and methods of these Brethren - Eph. 6:12 "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." He that hath an ear let him hear.

(6) In Masonry, the power of the forces indicated by Arcanum XV is represented by the riot in the Past Master's degree in which the candidate attempting to preside over the lodge is dethroned. As the Secret Master degree is Arcanum XIV, so also Arcanum XV corresponds to the Master's Elect of Fifteen degree and the capture of the assassins of Hiram Abiff. These ruffians attempted to gain a passage to Ethiopia, or the Dark Satellite to gain safety, but were frustrated and finally captured.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XV is the method used by the Inversive Brethren to keep mankind in the bondage of ignorance. Being too crafty to formulate a wholly erroneous idea, knowing its falsity would soon be discovered, they use some undeniable truth to cloak error. The method of thought diffusion by which erroneous ideas are propagated and broadcast when once accepted by some virile mind was treated under Arcanum XI. The manner by which it first takes root is entirely inversive. As an illustration of this in the occident we will take Christianity. That which was taught by the gentle Nazarine is True and highly Spiritual. Seeing these Truths were too apparent to be openly defeated the Inversive forces prompted the many pious forgeries that undeniably exist in the New Testament. Still later, the doctrine of humility and service was inverted into the doctrine of Church pride and authority. The doctrine of peace and brotherly love was transformed into the doctrine of religious conquest and compulsory belief at the point of the sword; and the doctrine of salvation for the innocent, pure in heart and unselfish became the dogma of Free Salvation for the crime stained soul who professed with his last breath of life to believe in the Son of God. That which came to be accepted and practiced as Christianity was the inverse of its founder's teachings.

Now let us turn to the orient. Reincarnation of the monad thru the chain of life extending from mineral up to man, tho always in a higher form than that previously occupied, was taught in Atlantis, in Ancient Egypt and in Chaldea. But Western Initiates never have taught Human Reincarnation. This idea of repeated births, essentially true up to certain point, was grasped by the Inversive forces to subjugate the East. The human mind is wont to accept as true that which corresponds to its limited idea of Justice. But the Infinite's conception of Justice is not narrowed down to any such restrictions. Sentiment says of great wars and disasters before they happen that God would not permit such horrors. But such finite conceptions prove erroneous, and sentiment finds no method to circumvent that which is defined by Law. Reincarnation fails to explain apparent injustices; for if we go back to the beginning, the inherent qualities of the soul to grasp good or evil must also be accounted. But to the mind that can not follow the chain of reasoning back to its logical starting point, and who therefore only grasps the limited idea that the condition at any given time is result of Karma it seems just; failing to perceive there was no Karma at start, and that viewed even from the standpoint of finite justice it is as unjust to give all souls equal opportunities but endow some with ability to grasp them and others not, as it would be to give all the same endowments and yet unequally distribute the opportunities. However, if all were qualified alike at start, and were given equal opportunities, in other words justly dealt with , the only difference would be due to age. As a matter of fact the Initiate perceives that all such conceptions of justice are intellectual inventions; for souls grow for the purpose of performing different functions in the Grand Man, and each requires different experiences to perfect itself for fulfilling that position, just as the stomach is not developed thru the same processes as the brain. But the reality of reincarnation was seized by the Dark forces and inverted into the doctrine of Human Reincarnation. When this latter is accepted the deadly Caste system logically follows; for as the station of life is determined by the holiness of the past lives, the self-righteous Brahmin has a just excuse for gloating over his low-caste neighbor, and it becomes his duty not to interfere with the Law of Karma by rendering aid to the miserable wretch who is undergoing merited punishment for sins committed in lives past.

Well knowing that the old thralldom of ignorance composed by a so-called Christian Priesthood who opposed every scientific advance was doomed with the coming of the Aquarian Age whose sunrise occurred in 1881, the Inversive Brethren thought to again dominate the western mind by obscuring its spiritual vision. Seeing the success they have had in clouding the perceptions of the East, they endeavored in the dawn of the Aquarian Age to import the pet illusions of the orient into the West. Consequently we are told from certain sources that all spiritual communication is deception due to elementals, elementaries, lifeless shells or the influence of living people. The truth of the dream-like life of unspiritual people during their sojourn in the lower astral spheres immediately following death has been inverted into Devachan, from whose idyllic dreams all must return to resume the burden of another monotonous physical existence. And that glorious spiritual land occupied by the purified soul of disembodied humanity, the homes of the dead where exist those treasures that moth and rust doth not corrupt, the realm of intense consciousness that offers the bounty of eternal progression; has been transformed under the perverse imagination of the Brethren of the Shadow into a Nirvana, absorption into which means nothingness. They tell us to destroy sex and deny love, well knowing that when love departs the grim monster self rushes in to fill the void, and that the unsexed man or woman lacks virile resistance and quickly succumbs as the mediumistic prey of these Dwellers on the Threshold. Both the Tarot and Astrology have suffered similar transformations on oriental soil; so that little can be discerned of the former, and western students have found the latter so hazy and mystifying that they have discarded Hindu Astrology in their practice.

(8) The lives of those Spiritually Great are ever hard because they always endeavor to dissipate ignorance and relieve suffering. Finding themselves being deprived of their prey the dark cruel legionaries launch their venom with malignant fury against anyone rescuing victims from their clutches; and where they can influence mediumistic individuals on earth to carry out their wishes, vent their wrath by physical persecution. Savanarolo and many another martyr were really liberators of mankind from the darkest ignorance. The soul in its pilgrimage when it learns to work on the inner planes for human upliftment will there be confronted by inversive forces. This is the Dweller on the Threshold, and woe to the soul that can not resist its onslaughts. Two things are essential for victory in this struggle- Purity and Unselfishness. And here is often where the ascetic fails; for having denied love on the external plane he has no affectional anchor for his soul, and the beautiful fascinating sirens sent to him in the border spheres prove his undoing. Magnetic currents of selfishness flow to the Orb of Death, and where selfishness exists within the soul it is drawn into these astral rivers and carried to the abode of Lucifer. Martin Luther was not dreaming when he threw an ink-well at the Devil; and he meant vastly more than appears on the surface when he said he married to please himself, to vex the Pope, and spite the Devil. Arcanum XV is the Dweller on the Threshold.

(9) Ceremonial Magic is the science of rituals, invocations, exorcisms, necromancy, magic circles and the control of elementals by fixed forms of procedure. All good works begin with prayers and devotions to God, and all evil magic with oblations to the spirits of evil, in both cases appropriate symbols intensifying the Will. Ceremonial Magic, particularly when practiced for doubtful purposes is ruled by Arcanum XV.

The Youth of Scepters signifies a person ruled by the sign Sagittarius: benevolent, free, jovial, quick tempered, energetic and fond of outdoor sports. Right way up it represents a Sagittarius man, but reversed signifies a Sagittarius woman.

The Youth of Cups indicates a person ruled by the sign Pisces; negative, timid, listless, much influenced by environment. The card right way up is a Pisces man, but reversed is a Pisces woman.

The Youth of Swords represents a person ruled by the sign Capricorn: crafty, subtle, reserved and avaricious. Right way up it is a Capricorn man, but reversed denotes a Capricorn woman.

The Youth of Pentacles signifies a person ruled by the sign Aquarius: amiable, witty, artistic, humanitarian and fond of refined society. Right way up it is an Aquarius man, reversed it is an Aquarius woman.

The Lightening.

Arcanum XVI.
Letter: Egyptian, Olelath; Hebrew, Ayin; English, O.
Number: 16.
Astrologically: the planet Mars.
Color: red.
Tone: G.
Occult science: Astro-meteorology.
Human function: the animal soul.
Natural remedy: thermo-therapeutics.
Mineral: iron.

0-16, expresses in the Spiritual world, the chastisement of pride.
In the Intellectual world, the exhaustion of the mind which attempts to penetrate the mystery of God.
In the Physical world, the ruin of fortune.

Remember then, son of earth, that only God is Absolute. If Arcanum XVI should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, reflect on the old oaks that have defied the ravages of time and have finally been brought down after a century of immunity; and think that thou too mayest be brought low at the very moment of thy greatest arrogance by some unexpected blow.

In Divination, Arcanum XVI may be read as Accident or Catastrophe.

Arcanum XVI is figured by a pyramid decapitated by a thunderbolt. A crowned and an uncrowned man are precipitated from a platform built on seven steps, falling with the rest of the debris. The platform on which the men were standing represents the human plane which is the seventh degree of mundane life, the last incarnation of the monad in matter. It is the symbol of the conflict of material forces which strike down the great as well as the small, kings as well as their subjects. It is also the emblem of rivalries which end in nothing but a common ruin, sterile projects hopes that are extinguished, enterprises that fail, ambitions frustrated. and death by catastrophe. It is the false security that results from material success, and reliance upon purely material science, also the sudden punishment meeted out to those who use magical forces selfishly.

(1) Numerically, 16 is the second power of 7, or Arcanum VII operating on the negative plane of Arcanum II, hence the perfect physical union denoted by 7 is utilized for magical purposes. Such union under scientific guidance, or Arcanum II, generates a frightfully efficient force, but ultimately sex magic always reacts upon those who use it as signified by 8 plus 8, bringing a violent punishment.

(2) Astrologically, Mars is the planet of physical force and violence, of passion and accident and storm, as portrayed by Arcanum XVI.

(3) It is the animal soul of man that gives him vim, courage, combativeness and aggression on the physical plane. But if the animal soul is dominant these qualities will be used to advance self regardless of the feelings and rights of others. Mars, cruel, energetic and destructive corresponds to the animal soul of man, as does Arcanum XVI.

(4) Alchemically, Arcanum XVI is the withering flame and dazzling light produced at the instant the pure gold and pure silver that have been dissolved to fluidic state in the Water of Pythia enter into combination. Unless both metals are the product of the second process they will not be of sufficient purity to withstand the intense heat, and a violent explosion will blow the retort and its contents to atoms.

(5) Elijah built an altar of twelve stones, or twelve angles of the pyramid, or houses of life, shown in Arcanum XVI. I Kings, 18:38. "Then the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench." Sex magic is mentioned in Revelations as, "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth." The destruction of those who follow such practices is described thus - Rev. 16:18. "And there were voices and thunders, and lightenings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great." This Mystery, Babylon, is described at length in unmistakable terms, whose destruction is Arcanum XVI.

(6) In Masonry, the Mater's Elect of Mine degree is based upon Arcanum XVI. Joabert, who steels ahead of the others and discovers one of the assassins of Hiram Abiff asleep and executes summary punishment by stabbing him in the head and heart, cutting off the head and carrying it home represents this principle. Arcanum XV is the 15 craftsmen that conspired to murder Hiram. 12 repented of their sin, Arcanum XII. But the death was brought about by the others, for Cain is the inverse of Tubalcain, the constructor. The punishment of Cain, or the Actions of the assassins, is represented by Arcanum XVI.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XVI depicts the ultimate destruction of those who purchase their magical powers at the price of their humanity. Love and sympathy distinguishes the human from the animal, not mere intellect. History records many an intellectual genius, human in form only, and a brute at heart. Such possess no immortal soul. Some to gain magical powers cultivate the intellect and thru rigid asceticism and stubborn will crush out all emotional life within themselves. In so far as gaining power over the elementals during life, and being able to manipulate the lower astral currents to produce external phenomena, their method is successful; but so far as any real spiritual power is concerned they are effectually barred from it, because spirituality depends upon the higher emotions of love and noble fellowship rather than upon mere magnetic force. Such a self-centered, potent -willed magician may not consciously be a Black Magician; but thru his elemental affinities and lack of the refining, uplifting, softening influences, he can not penetrate any state interior to the lower astral realms, hence he denies the existence of spiritual worlds, and hopes only for an unconscious Nirvana. He has failed to nourish the feminine portion of his nature, the divine soul, and it has departed, leaving him dominated by the animal soul whose chief expression is ruthless dominion. Consequently when death claims her own, which may be delayed by magic but not utterly prevented, and the animal soul perishes in the astral as it always does at the second death, there is no immortality. Nor does it make the slightest difference to this natural law whether the one so stricken was only a wandering fakir with a shriveled arm, or boasted the proud title of Holy Mahatma and Dalai Lama reincarnation of Buddha; for Arcanum XVI indicates that fate of both.

(8) In the soul's pilgrimage Arcanum XVI indicates that stage of progress where the Neophyte is called upon to exercise his soul-powers for the protection of the weak from the Inversive Magi.

(9) Astro-meteorology is the science of astro influences as affecting the weather and mundane phenomena such as earthquakes, volcanoes and electrical disturbances, as depicted in Arcanum XVI.

The Wish Spread.

The wish spread is used to determine if some wish will be realized. First the card is selected representing the one making the wish, and placed in the center of the spread, face up. Then the other cards are spread out, face down, and 15 selected at random, the others being discarded. The 15 are shuffled and cut repeatedly and dealt one at a time face downward, 3 to the left of the central card, 3 above it, 3 to the right of it, 3 below it, and 3 in the center on it. Turn those to the left over first saying of 1-2-3 'This is what surrounds you.' Next read those above, 4-5-6, saying, 'This is your wish.' Then read those at the right, 7-8-9, saying, 'This is what opposes you.' Then read those below, 10-11-12, saying , 'This is what comes to your home.' And finally read those in the center, 13-14-15, saying, 'This is what you will realize.' If the Wish Card, which is the 9 of Cups, appears anywhere in the reading except in- 'This is what opposes you'it is a sure sign the wish will at least be partly realized, and the place where it falls will determine how soon it will come, the closer it is to 1 the sooner it will come. But if the Wish-Card falls on 7, 8 or 9, the desire will not be gratified, and the cards will show why. When the Wish-Card fails to appear, if the cards are very favorable the wish may come true, but if unfavorable it will be denied. In either case the cards in their different stations will indicate the details and show why the result is as denoted. The Wish-Spread is illustrated by the frontispiece.

Lesson 9
Examination Questions

Course VI
Branch of Science: Kabbalism.
Subject: The Sacred Tarot.

1. What is symbolized by the scepter of two divergent bars held by Typhon?

2. What is the best time to consecrate a charm?

3. In what lies the potency of a charm?

4. Why should a person with a fiery sign on the ascendant at birth not wear a talisman belonging to a watery sign?

5. What are the most active entities of the mineral kingdom?

6. What is the difference between a talisman and a charm?

7. How may the key-note of a person be found?

8. What does the science of Astro-Meteorology embrace?

9. What is the divinatory meaning of the Youth of Scepters?

10. Why are the lives of the spiritually great always hard?

11. Where is the chief center of mediumistic power?

12. What do the wings of a bat symbolize?

13. What should determine the preponderating metal of a charm?

14. Why are certain houses and certain jewels unlucky for all who come closely into contact with them?

15. What part of the body is the best place to wear a talisman?

16. How may a person's natural talisman be determined?

17. What is the effect of wearing a gem?

18. How may the general harmony between two names be determined?

19. What does a pyramid symbolize?

20. What is the divinatory significance of the Youth of Pentacles?

21. What two requisites are necessary for victory over the Dweller on the Threshold?

22. Why do inversive forces cloak pernicious ideas with undeniable truths?

23. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XV?

24. How may the key-note of a name be found?

25. What is the divinatory meaning of Arcanum XVI?

26. What is the significance of the number 15?

27. What is symbolized by the head of a crocodile?

28. For what purpose should the wish spread be used?

29. When the wish card appears in the cards 1-2-3 at the left of the Wish-Spread, what does it signify?