The Sacred Tarot and Hermetic System of Names and Numbers
Lesson 10
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine October 1918

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light.
Course VI Serial #31.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
October 1918

The Sacred Tarot
Hermetic System of Names and Numbers.
By C.C. Zain

Lesson 10

As the Tarot is a synthesis of universal influences, to be perfect it must correspond in all its parts to astrological divisions and chronological measurements. We have indicated the strict correspondence between the 10 planets, 12 zodiacal signs, and 22 Major Arcana; also that the 12 common Court Arcana represent people born under each of the 12 astrological influences, the Warriors of the Court being thought-forms relating to the 4 departments of human life. Each zodiacal sign in astrology is divided into three portions called decanates, themselves each constituting a complete minor cycle of influence of 10 zodiacal degrees. In each quadrant of the zodiac there are 9 decanates governed by the ruler of the quadrant, or tenth influence; therefore each quadrant of the heavens corresponds to the 10 numerical cards of each suit, and the four suits correspond to the 4 quadrants, the whole zodiac in its subdivisions corresponding to the 40 numbered suit cards. The key to the astrological influence of each card of the Tarot is given in the diagram of the frontispiece of Lesson 1. The ring of this key is the sub-rulership of each decanate and quadrant of the zodiacal circle corresponding to the 40 Minor Arcana as there given. The stem of the key is the rulership of each planet and sign corresponding to the 22 Major Arcana. The wards of this key turning in the three world, physical, astral, and spiritual, are composed of the 12 types of humanity that move in these spheres, and the 4 departments of their lives to which they are devoted, corresponding to the 16 Court Arcana. This astrological key is well worth study.

Chronologically, the 12 common Court Arcana represent the 12 months of the year and the 4 Warriors the 4 seasons. Or if we include the 40 Minor Arcana, making each suit consist of 13 cards plus the Warrior, they correspond, altogether, to the 4 seasons plus 4 X 13 = 52 weeks of the year, the Major Arcana representing the astrological influences that produce the weeks and seasons. The numerical value of the Minor Arcana of each suit, obtained by adding their numbers, is 55, or 220 for all 40 cards. The value of the 12 common Court Arcana is 10 each, as has been explained, or 12 X 10 = 120 for all, and the value of the Warriors is 1 each, or 4 for all; and the Major Arcana each represent a single principle. Omitting the No-numbered Major Arcana for the present, the value of the whole set of Tarot is: 220 plus 120 plus 4 plus 21 = 365. The No-numbered Tarot does not represent Zero, but is an indeterminate quantity, and in this case may be taken as 1/4. Therefore the total numerical value of the Tarot chronologically is 365 1/4, or the number of days in a year. The No-numbered Tarot, which is arbitrarily given a value of ¼ in this case, represents the unknown factor of all astronomical and human calculations. It is the power of stellar bodies and people to deviate slightly thru their own volition from the orbit defined by external influences. It is the inherent power of action known as Free-Will.

A birth-chart may be read by placing each of the Major Arcana on the place occupied in the chart by its corresponding astrological sign and planet and noting the results that would naturally be expected to follow the combination of forces shown by the Tarot when harmoniously or discordantly united as indicated by the aspects. When there is doubt in the astrologer's mind as to the effect any aspect, either in radical or progressed chart, will have, much light will be shed on what may be expected by combining the cards ruling the planets forming the aspects.

Stones and gems are not the only talismans that can be procured, tho they are the most durable. Plants have temporary talismanic value when worn by those ruled by the same astrological sign, either the young growing shoots being procured, or the portions bearing flower and seed vessels. Animals also sometimes have an influence similar to talismans, this being particularly true of domestic pets, such as cats, dogs and horses, where there is a strong attachment between the animal and its master. Where the attachment is pronounced the soul-monad of the animal, which is an elemental of the animal kingdom of sub-mundane life, will often sense conditions psychically and endeavor to warn its master of approaching evil; not only so, but it sometimes occurs that after the animal's deaths it will remain close to its master in its astral form and endeavor to carry out the latter's wishes from the astral plane, and by means of dreams and impressions inform him of impending conditions which it perceives from the interior plane. Not infrequently these discarnate animals that have had previous human association are attracted to séances and assist in the production of so-called spirit-manifestation. Some people experience a violent antipathy toward certain animals, and where this is felt we may be sure there is an inward antagonism. Likewise the plants and flowers of house and garden should not be selected indiscriminately, but with the end in view of obtaining those whose astro-vibrations are strengthening to the individual, and whose aromas furnish spiritual essences harmonious to the soul. The best time to gather planets for temporary talismans or for medicinal purposes is when the moon is rising or culminating in the sign ruling the plant. The antipathies of flowers and animals bring an evil influence similar in nature but weaker in strength then antagonistic human magnetism.

People when ill do not all respond with readiness to the same method of treatment. A glance at the radical and progressed horoscope will reveal to the astrologer the planet whose vibrations chiefly are causing the trouble. Under the Arcanum ruled by each planet will be found the Natural Method of greatest efficiency in curing the ailments caused by each planet. Thus if Mercury is affected mental healing will be efficient, or if Neptune is the chief malefactor the disease will yield to spiritual healing readily. Jupiter causes diseases arising from impure blood, that only proper diet will cure. Venus causes depletion , that needs rest and recreation to correct. Uranus produces peculiar disturbances in the electro-magnetic forces that yield readily to mesmerism. Water-cure is the natural remedy for the afflictions caused by the Moon; and Light for those caused by the Sun. If Mars is the disturber there is usually a temperature to be reduced, and if Saturn creates the evil the vitality is low and needs earth-baths and outdoor life to build it up.

Each particular disease is also ruled by one of the zodiacal signs, which may be ascertained by consulting works on medical astrology. In these lessons the herbs ruled by each sign are given under the Arcanum corresponding to the sign. This will enable the student not only to select the proper plants for temporary talismans, and sympathetic flowers for his garden, but also give him a knowledge of herbs when applied as medicines, or give instructions for the specific cure of disease thru the administration of herbs, but merely to give a few hints as to the fundamental principles underlying such cures. An herb belonging to a given sign of the zodiac will produce conditions similar to the disease ruled by that sign when taken excessively into a healthy organism. because it excites to undue activity the functions with which it has affinity, But taken into a diseased organism the atoms of the herb instantly attack the atoms of the disease it rules and there is a war to the death between them, and if the remedy has been taken in time the disease is vanquished. This is the principle of Like cures Like, the basis of the Homeopathic system of medicine, and in administering herbs should be followed. But this principle can not be followed in all medicinal healing, for a remedy belonging to the sign of the disease may strengthen the bodily function it rules but not be sufficient to affect a cure. In these cases it is necessary to apply the doctrine of the Alopathic system, Contrary cures Contrary, and fight fire with water, earth with air, Mars with Saturn. This latter method, while seemingly necessary to combat certain virulent diseases is much more apt to impair the constitution thru the violent reactions of the medicines used. One skilled in the Tarot as a divinatory instrument can often not only use it to assist in diagnosing disease, but also to determine the most efficient treatment to secure a speedy recovery.

The Star.

Arcanum XVII.
Letter: Egyptian, Pilon; Hebrew, Pe; English, F-P
Number: 17.
Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Gemini.
Color: the lighter shades of violet.
Tone: high B.
Occult science: genethlical astrology.
Human function: the sense of sight.
Natural remedy: such herbs as madder, tansy vervain, woodbine, yarrow, meadow-sweat, privet and dog-grass.
Mineral: the talismanic gem beryl, and such stones as garnet and those that are striped.

F-17, expresses in the Spiritual world, immortality.
In the Intellectual world, the interior light which illumines the spirit.
In the Physical world, hope.

Remember then, son of earth, that hope is the sister of faith. Shed thy passions and thy errors in order to study the mysteries of true science and the key will be given thee; then a ray of divine light will break from the occult sanctuary in order to dissipate the shadows of thy future and show thee the way of happiness. If Arcanum XVII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, whatever may happen in life never injure the flowers of hope and thou wilt gather the fruits of faith.

In Divination, Arcanum XVII may be read as Truth, Hope or Faith.

Arcanum XVII is figured by a blazing star of eight rays in the center of which is a white trine with point upward joined at its base to a black trine with its point downward. This star is surrounded by seven other stars and hovers over a nude young girl with one foot upon the sea and one foot upon the land, who pours the fluids of universal life from two cups, on of gold, the other of silver. Near the girl is a flower of three blossoms, and above the upper one a butterfly opens its wings. This young girl is the emblem of Truth. She is nude, signifying that Truth can only be recognized when stripped of preconceived ideas and dogmatic opinions with which it has been clothed by artificial civilization. She rests partly upon the land and partly upon the sea to denote that Truth is dual, the Truth of reality and the Truth of appearances, the Truth of the ideal and the Truth of the practical, the fluid is poured from a silver cup upon the sea, indicating the necessity of the loving emotional side of man's nature being nourished if he would grasp the inner Truth; and from a golden cup upon the earth, denoting the necessity of cultivating the positive reasoning intellect in order to grasp the external Truth. The fluid flowing from the golden cup represents the forces of man, and that from the silver cup the forces of women; together revealing the Truth of soul-matehood and that the magnetic forces of man rejuvenates the soul of woman, and the magnetic forces of woman rejuvenates the soul of man; and their forces mutually sustaining each other makes a joint immortality possible. The eight-pointed star symbolizes the Law of Equilibrium, the balance between spirit and matter, male and female, the inner and the outer. It is the book of the apocalypse, sealed with seven seals, the inner Realization and the outer Realization, birth of soul and birth of body, under the influence of the 7 planets which are represented as surrounding the star, each being a smaller star of four rays to signify the Realization of its influence on man. The two trines in the star symbolize the Hermetic Axiom, "as it is below, so it is above" and reveals the fact that evolution is only possible as the result of involution. It also indicates the necessity of experience with both good and evil in the course of soul progression. The flower of three blossoms represents the three planes of existence from which the soul sips the nectar of wisdom, gaining thereby the strength to attain immortality, symbolized by the butterfly.

(1) Numerically, 17 is the second power of 8, denoting the crystallized condition of Arcanum VIII undergoing polarization by Arcanum II, involution being followed by evolution; for matter is but polarized spirit. In the universe there is but One Principle manifesting under two modes of motion or Force and Will. There is but One Law, Sex, manifesting as spirit and matter. And there is but One Truth of the star of Arcanum XVII.

(2) In astrology, Gemini is the first degree of the airy trigon, expressing the most interior degree of intellectual force. It is the day-house of the planet of mind, Mercury, and a fitting representative of Truth. Moreover, it is the most dual sign of the zodiac, expressing the union of Intuition and Reason. Gemini, the Twins, faithfully corresponds to Arcanum XVII whose most pronounced symbolism pertains to the duality sustaining all worlds that alone makes life and consciousness possible.

(3) Truth is apprehended primarily thru perception. While not the only factor, yet it is the first step in knowledge. The most active avenue of perception is sight. The restless activity of the eyes and their constant search for new experience allies them with the alert sign Gemini, and we find the sense of sight corresponding to Arcanum XVII.

(4) In Alchemy, Arcanum XVII shows the fountain of perpetual youth finally found. The pure gold and pure silver, both perfect products of transmutation and therefore greatly refined, have been dissolved in the Water of Pythia and have withstood the calcining heat of union, and have been freed from dross. Thru this ineffable combination they have partaken of a new quality and are no longer gold and silver but a crystal fluid, the coveted Elixir of Life. Many have sought this precious draught, but few have found it. Some have discovered it in their alchemical researches and failed to recognize it. Others have found it accidentally, and while deeply awed by its wonderful proprieties have never partaken of its life giving qualities, not perceiving its true use. More have been poisoned by drinking that which they imagined to be the Elixir, a fluid resembling the Eternal Waters, but really a destructive opiate. Only those who have discovered the Elixir and partaken of its life-restoring qualities have truly accomplished the Great Work.

(5) The first pointed reference in the Bible to Arcanum XVII is Gen. 1:27. "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." This passage of scripture reveals the Truth contained in Arcanum XVII, which itself is dual. This Truth is the fact that Man is formed after the image of God, that the Microcosm is a copy of the Macrocosm, that whatever exists in the starry firmament above also has its correspondence in the soul of man. This Truth is dual; for it says man is created male and female, after the image of God; therefore the Macrocosm is also male and female, and souls to persist must retain their sex for when this attribute is destroyed man ceases to be an image of God, and no longer partakes of the Divine nature.

In John 8:32 we read: "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Freedom implies previous bondage. The bondage here implied is the restrictions imposed by material environment. The soul incarnate is limited by the senses, by the physical body, and by death. The truth that liberates is the knowledge of the True nature of the soul and its relations spiritual as well as material. Arcanum XVII is the book mentioned Rev. 5:1. "And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals." This is the book of natural law under the dominion of the seven planets. Immortality is gained thru a knowledge of this book, which when understood becomes the tree of life spoken of in Gen. 3:22. The method of opening and reading this book is plainly stated, for, "behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." This Lion is the sign Leo ruling the affections and emotions of the heart. Next we read of a Lamb that takes the book, or the sign of the head, Aries; therefore to open the book of nature requires that both the emotional and the intellectual faculties be active, for Truth can not be grasped by cold intellect alone, not understood by impressions devoid of reason. The Lamb becomes the soul triumphant over Arcanum XIII, or Death, thru the activity of its intellect and affections.

(6) In Masonry, the degree of Provost and Judge is based upon Arcanum XVII. The duality of Truth is symbolized in this degree by the key to the small ebony box containing the Temple keys, expressing the Truth that all nature is Male and Female, and that her mysteries can never be solved either by intellect or intuition alone, but require both positive and negative keys as complements of one another to complete the revelation.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XVII is the perception of Truth, both external and internal. When fully developed the pure intuitions of the soul are the most infallible guides to, and criterions of, Truth. As like attracts like, truth is only attracted unadulterated to one whose soul is firmly grounded in the very truth of things, that is, in whose mind there no inclination to deceive others in the slightest degree, or to distort facts to coincide with sentiment. Such a state of impartiality is difficult to attain, without which it is easy for psychic entities to deceive, as will be explained under Arcanum XVIII. But aside from these intelligences attracted voluntarily from other realms, the application of the inward realization of Truth is open to discredit except in the case of the Initiate, because those who have cultivated their soul-faculties become extremely sensitive and unless they have received full initiation are easily impressed by ideas projected from other powerful minds. They therefore imagine there is an inward response to the Truth of ideas, which in fact they have had forced upon them magically thru the instrumentality of their sub-conscious minds regardless of falsity. Frequently also with increased sensitiveness there is the tendency to accept an idea because it appeals strongly to sentiments, the emotions being mistaken for soul-response. Consequently the Neophyte must exercise both intuition and reason and check the information gained thru one source by the other.

The Initiate grasps both the exoteric and the esoteric aspects of Truth. He perceives that every atom of physical life is but the symbolic expression on the external plane of the indwelling spirit-atom. With his psychic vision he notes that every living form is a collection of these indwelling spirit atoms controlled by a central soul-monad who furnishes the conditions for their progress as they do for it, dominating them by virtue of its past labors in impersonal incarnations. That is, every plant and animal, as well as gem and stone is but the material vehicle thru which some elemental is evolving and elaborating its powers. These spirit entities that mould the form of crystals, plants and animals causing them to assume the shapes they do are the Realities; for they continue to occupy new and higher forms, while the material forms they inhabit are transitory and unenduring, and consequently but an appearance.

The Initiate recognizes the truth of appearances at its true value. He does not deny the existence of matter and its properties; for to those occupying the physical plane, misery, disease and sin are as real as are spiritual verities to those occupying interior realms. It is as great a mistake to deny the qualities expressed by material form as to deny the reality of the spiritual ideals causing their expression. To one living entirely upon the physical plane the mere denial that a substance is a poison will not prevent its causing the death of the body. But to suppose the material particles are the Real cause of the fatality is to observe but one side of the Truth; for these particles are but the material vehicles of spirit atoms that have a violent antipathy towards human life. They are really the physical expression of a spiritual idea, and this idea can be sensed psychically. If the spiritual development of the person is such that he realizes his own source and destiny, and that he belongs to a Higher spiritual state than the destructive forces of the poison, and that by virtue of his function in the cosmic scheme he should and can dominate all sub-mundane atoms of life; in other words, if his spiritual nature is active, he may partake of the most violent poisons, or elementals of the fire, preventing them from acting as usual. Again, let us glance about us. The uninitiated see in all our great cities, slums and hotbeds of vice. It is useless to deny their existence, or the many contributing factors in external life that supply them with victims, the chief of which is the mental and magnetic inharmony of the parents at their conception; but even this is only a portion of the Truth; for the clairvoyant vision reveals the existence of cities within cities, the lower astral world permeating the physical. The inhabitants of theses astral slums are usually as unconscious of the people of the physical world as the latter of them; yet the desires of the inhabitants of each react magnetically upon one another, and the slums of the soul-world stimulate the evil of external life, in fact it might be said the external slums are imitations of corresponding interior hell.

(8) In the soul's initiation Arcanum XVII represents the attainment of Divine Illumination thru the perfect rapport of the soul and Ego. The Ego is not some mighty angelic power, but an eternal scintillating atom of Deity, pure and innocent, depending on the two soul-monads which are the positive and negative attributes of itself, for knowledge of external life. The soul-monad incarnates in the brain of man, and when the spirituality is sufficiently active a conscious rapport is established between this monad and its Ego. This brings the soul directly in touch with its own center of Deific life, enabling it to grasp the Cosmic idea and realize what portion of that idea it is progressing to express. What God is, the soul can never know, but it does grasp its own relation to God, and this Truth leads it to freedom. This Freedom is not that of annihilation, or a dreamy Nirvana, but the ability thru increased knowledge to consciously direct its own progression in harmony with the laws of Cosmic evolution; instead of being subject to the stars, it rules them. This illumination enables it to internally know spiritual truths, and usually brings the conscious knowledge of its missing soul-mate.

(9) Genethliacal astrology is the science of astro influences as affecting individual humanity, The sympathetic relation between the soul of man and the stars is symbolized by Arcanum XVII. Man being an image of God, whose body is the Universe, all movements and changes in the Grand Man must produce by magnetic sympathy corresponding changes in man. The magnetic rays of the Macrocosm converging on earth impress their vibrations on man at the moment of birth. These vibrations persist thruout life, only being modified by subsequent movements in the Grand Man setting up new vibrations, that reacting upon those in motion at birth, inclines him to actions and leads him into environments that externalize as events, whose time and nature may be determined from the birth-chart.

Genethliacal astrology is an exact science, and like all exact sciences depends for its accuracy upon precise data. The astrologer must be supplied with the Sex, Place of birth, and Date of birth, including the year, month day hour, and exact minute A.M. or P.M. when possible. Not only can the character of an individual and his fortune in all departments of life be ascertained, together with the time of events, from a chart erected on such data, but one understanding spiritual astrology will be able to determine the degree of soul-development possible during life, and even predict something of destiny beyond the tomb.

The Warrior Court cards do not represent people, but intelligences. In Divination they are read as Thoughts that concern the one to whom the reading is given. From whom these thoughts will be revealed by their proximity to other court cards representing people; or to Major Arcana if the influence is from discarnate entities.

The Warrior of Scepters indicates thoughts concerning business. If right way up they are advantageous, but reversed, plans for opposition.

The Warrior of Cups signifies thoughts regarding love and affection. Right way up they are thoughts of loving devotion, but reversed show deceit or opposition to the affectional desires.

The Warrior of Swords denotes thoughts of combat and strife or sickness. Right way up they are in the consultants defense, but the card reversed indicates deadly enmity and plans for his ruin.

The Warrior of Pentacles represents thoughts of money and health. Right way up they have in view the prosperity of the consultant, but when reversed are plots to obtain money from him.

The Moon.

Arcanum XVIII.
Letter: Egyptian, Tsaidi; Hebrew, Tzaddi; English, Ts.
Number: 18
Astrologically: the zodiacal sign Cancer.
Color: the lighter shades of green.
Tone: high F.
Occult science: mediumship.
Human function: spiritual converse.
Natural remedy: such herbs as water lilies, rushes, cucumbers, squashes, melons, and water planets generally.
Mineral: the talismanic gem emerald, and such stones as are soft and white, including selenite and chalk.

Ts-18, expresses in the Spiritual world the abysses of the Infinite.
In the Intellectual world, the shadows which envelope the spirit when it has submitted itself to the rule of the instincts.
In the Physical world, deception and hidden enemies.

Remember then, son of earth, that whoever braves the unknown, does it at his peril. Hostile minds, figured by the black dog, will surround him with ambushes; friendly, servile minds will offer him flatteries; and treacherous minds, like unto the scorpion, will plan to attain their ends thru his ruin. If Arcanum XVIII should appear in the prophetic signs of thy horoscope, observe and listen, but know how to be silent.

In Divination, Arcanum XVIII is Deception, False Friends, or Secret Foes.

Arcanum XVIII is figured by two pyramids at the edge of a road. The Moon above, half obscured by clouds, sheds a pale twilight. One of the pyramids, symbol of the twelve houses of the horoscope; is black, representing an ignorant life; the other pyramid is white, in front of which is a doorway, or exit, symbolizing the attainments of life enlightened by science, and the free departure from life of the good, who are not earthbound. In the road before the pyramids are two dogs, one white and the other black; while between them in a circle of white crawls a scorpion. This dim moonlight scene represents the séance room, whose hidden perils are more redoubtable than those seen. The false radiance of the Moon indicates the glamour surrounding such occasions. The good and the bad, ignorant and learned, as symbolized by the pyramids, are gathered at the edge of the road to the beyond. To such a place are attracted lying spirits, as signified by the black dog, and friendly spirits, as denoted by the white dog, and treacherous and dominating spirits who have much knowledge, as indicated by the white circle in which the scorpion moves, but who use it to deceive and attain selfish ends.

(1) Numerically, 18 is the second power of 9, or Wisdom Polarized. Arcanum IX operating thru Arcanum II, or the exploration of secret realms in not without its perils and should only be attempted by one far advanced, or under the guidance of a competent Master. When this is done, the negative side of Science vanishes, and 18 becomes True Wisdom regarding the Science of Occultism.

(2) Astrologically, Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, and is most susceptible to influences from other planes, being pronouncedly affected by its associates and environment. This mediumistic quality correlates it with Arcanum XVIII.

(3) Cancer is the most interior degree of the watery trigon, and most readily receives and interprets the thoughts of entities occupying the interior worlds. What appears on the surface to be mere intuition, in this case is often the influence of a discarnate entity. This case of communication with higher entities corresponds to Arcanum XVIII.

(4) In Alchemy, Arcanum XVIII corresponds to the property of the True Elixir to absorb and transmit the life-giving energies from the surrounding atmosphere. It also represents the false Elixir. As has been previously pointed out the Elixir is not composed of ordinary metals, nor can it be produced where there is the least imperfection in ingredients. It must be composed of metals of the second process. The majority who seek this fluid of eternal youth fail to realize this, and prepare a draught by dissolving whatever metals are at hand in the Water of Pythia without precaution as to their purity or proportions. They imagine they have made the Elixir, and drinking it, are drugged into a semi-conscious state where they are unable even to perceive the approach of their ruin.

(5) In the Bible we find Saul in his extremity consulting a medium at Endor. Sam. 28:8. "And he said, I pray thee divine unto me by the familiar spirit, and bring me up whom I shall name unto thee." The power of spirits to obsess is mentioned as a matter of course:- Math. 10:1. "And when he had called into him his twelve disciples he gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out." Paul speaks of deceiving spirits:- I Time. 4:1. "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron: Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats."

(6) In Masonry, the degree of Intimate Secretary is based upon Arcanum XVIII. In the lower aspect it represents the spy who listens at the veil and is captured, condemned by Hiram King of Tyre, and finally freed thru the intercession of King Solomon. In its higher aspect it is that eminent Saint, John the Baptist, to whom modern Masons dedicate their lodge, the Sun being baptized with the Holy Ghost when it enters the sign Cancer, the highest, most spiritual point of the Summer Arc.

(7) In Magic, Arcanum XVIII represents the function of mediumship. It should be born in mind that the passive ever becomes the medium of the active, hence matter is ever the medium of mind. Broadly speaking, everything is mediumistic, in the sense that it receives and transmits force. The interior planes are finer and more active than the external, consequently the physical is the medium of the astral, otherwise stellar vibrations would be powerless to affect physical destiny. And for the same reason the astral world is passive to and the medium of the spiritual world. God is the great central controlling spiritual force of the universe, and from Him down to the densest mineral atom there is a perfectly graded scale of mediumship, each higher place transmitting the one Universal force to the plane next below, until it finally penetrates the lowest realm. The Adept is a medium for the expression of spiritual ideas upon the physical plane. The spiritual truths externalizing in his life are taught by schools on the interior planes and subsequently verified by his own soul-experiences. The true Adept never claims to originate the teachings he gives out; for he recognizes the fact that whatever truth man grasps on the physical plane is due to his reception of them from exalted souls whose interior plane of life enables them to dispel illusion; and the Truth these exalted beings realize is transmitted to them from still more interior worlds, and so on to the very throne of God, who is absolutely the source of all Truth. But there is a great difference between such conscious and controllable mediumship and that of the person who trusts to some controlling spirit guide, or permits a discarnate entity to use his body as a means of communication.

In the first place it should be understood that under proper conditions it is possible, and frequently happens, that people who have crossed the boundary of physical life, do return and talk with their loved ones thru the organism of some pure medium. But the soul-world closest to earth is the lower astral, in which dwell earth-bound souls, vicious elementals, depraved elementaries, and a host of other entities, some of which are harmlessly mischievous, some of which are inimical to man, and some who desire to use him for their own ends. To abdicate the rulership of the body in favor of whatever unseen entity happens to be present, and which may claim to be anything that suits its purpose is to court the domination of the soul by entities who may use their advantage to deceive, demoralize, obsess, and nearly always to weaken the will. And of all places, the public séance room is that least likely to furnish anything of value, for the mixture of the thoughts and magnetisms attract every sort of questionable entities. Such conditions favor physical manifestations, for these beings belong to the realm of force, and where the magnetic pabulum is present can furnish phenomena thru a medium as readily and as genuine as can be produced by an adept, tho the medium can not control it. Much such phenomena is fake, because the genuine is a great drain on the medium who can not generate the force to produce it often, and he must keep his patronage at any cost. Irresponsible mediumship is fraught with peril except when practiced in the sacred precincts of the home by those of blameless character: for moral purity creates a barrier the spirits of iniquity can not pass.

(8) In the soul's pilgrimage Arcanum XVIII denotes the Neophytes work on the astral, freeing earth-bound souls from their fetters, and assisting those deceived to realize their error and strive for a new life.

(9) Mediumship is the science of reception and transmission, embracing the law of affinity and its application to produce Phenomena.

Spread of 36.

This spread is used to give a general reading of conditions and events. After the preparatory shuffling and cutting, the cards are dealt one at a time face downward in a square of 36, starting at the bottom right-hand corner. Turn the cards over from top to bottom, one at a time, in the order of their rotation as given in the diagram on frontispiece, and read each card as turned as conditioning the card just preceding it, or as a subsequent event, as the case may be. The bottom row represents the past, the next row above represents the present conditions, and the other cards of the 4 rows above, the future. When all 36 cards have been read in this manner, start picking them up in pairs, and reading each pair as an incident of the future. The first two to be picked up and read in this manner are 1 and 36, next 2 and 35, then 3 and 34, and so on until all 18 pairs are read. This pair reading starts with the immanent future denoted by 1 and 36, and is not meant to supplant the first portion of the reading, but to shed additional light upon the events and conditions of the future as previously read.

Lesson 10
Examination Questions

Course VI
Branch of Science:- Kabbalism
Subject- The Sacred Tarot.

1. Why should the soul-response to an idea be accepted only after careful analysis?

2. What is the Truth that gives freedom?

3. What does a butterfly symbolize?

4. Why is the young girl of Arcanum XVII represented nude?

5. In a general way how may the method of treatment for illness be determined from the birth-chart?

6. How should the plants and flowers for the home be selected to produce the most harmonious results?

7. Explain in what way the Tarot symbolizes the 12 months of the year.

8. What constitutes a barrier that spirits of iniquity can not pass?

9. What is the divinatory significance of the Warrior of Cups?

10. What is the data that must be supplied an astrologer to enable him to erect a correct chart of birth?

11. To what state of the soul's initiation does Arcanum XVII correspond?

12. Why is it a mistake to deny the existence of matter and its properties?

13. In Masonry what does the small ebony box containing the plans for the temple and the ivory box containing the keys symbolize?

14. What is the most dual sign of the zodiac?

15. What is symbolized by an 8 pointed star?

16. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XVII?

17. When is the best time to gather a plant for a particular purpose?

18. How may an astrological birth-chart be read by the Tarot?

19. Explain in what way the Tarot symbolizes the 52 weeks of the year?

20. What is symbolized by a dog?

21. What is the divinatory significance of Arcanum XVIII?

22. What is the divinatory significance of the Warrior of the swords?

23. What is the bondage from which Truth frees man?

24. Why does the girl in Arcanum XVII rest partly on the land and partly on the sea?

25. In what way may pet animals affect the life?

26. Explain in what way the Tarot symbolizes the 365¼ days of the year?

27. In what way is Truth dual?

28. In the spread of 36, what does the bottom row signify?

29. In what manner are the cards picked up and read in pairs after the first reading in the Spread of 36?