The Religion of the Stars
Origin of Man and Religion
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine December 1919

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 71. Course VII, -A.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. December 1919.
The Religion of the Stars
Part I. Origin of Man and Religion
by C.C. Zain

To dispose, at the very commencement of these studies, of a possible lurking suspicion of heresy, we state frankly we believe in the Bible.

And having allayed the anxiety of the orthodox Christian, we turn to the far East and give our brethren there confidential assurance that we believe the Zend Avesta and reverence the Rig Veda. Nor have we the slightest prejudice against the Talmud nor the Quoran. And traveling still further afield to the remotest islands of the Pacific, to the frozen barren shores of the Northern Sea, and to the inhabitants of the Antipodes- we extend assurance to these various-hued, various-tongued races, that we have faith in their Sacred Works- be they carved in astronomical symbols on stone, carried out by pantomime in their religious dances, or merely handed allegorically from mouth to mouth, parent to child, as the revelation of the Great Spirit. And to the Scientist, likewise our brother, who sneeringly smiles at our boundless credulity, we offer the explanation that the faith we so candidly confess is not merely a whim or notion. It is grounded in the immutable Laws of Nature, as will duely be revealed to those who follow the trend of these discourses.

Our articles of faith having been stated- containing belief enough,(almost) to meet the commendation of the clergy- let us be equally frank in discussing the current opinion of scientists about the Bible and other Sacred Works. And without cavil, let us admit the fact, that the impious researches of these naughty scientists have sadly undermined the religious tenets of the world. Let us no longer, ostrich like, hide our heads in the sand of some creed and deny the facts which we fail to see only because we fail to look. Where, at the present day, are those once so numerous, who have the stamina- or from the scientific standpoint, the ignorance- to proclaim a literal belief in the Bible, "from cover to cover"? Why not face the facts? The rude pryers into the handiwork of God have brought forth so much disconcerting evidence that thinking men and women reject a literal interpretation of any Sacred Book. So irrefutable is this evidence that today, thruout the land, the Churches, one after another, are closing their doors thru want of attendance. Men and women, as a whole, are looking for something more intelligible than the insipid stream of talk flowing from the pulpit. And it pains us to add- a fact we wish were otherwise- that the most scholarly minds of the age are beginning to look upon religion of any kind as a hoax.

This work is not presented to encourage agnosticism- as will be made plain later- nor to disparage the Bible of any land. On the contrary, it is issued for the definite purpose of increasing the reverence for all the so-called Sacred Books by indicating their true source and their solid conformity to the Laws of Nature and to the possibilities of Man, as revealed by the latest discoveries of Occult and Physical Science.

Geology unerringly interprets the history of the earth's formation, from the indellible records nature has traced in chapters of stone. The Book of Nature's Geology denies that the earth was created in six days, and that the globe is an infant of but 6,000 years. Turn backwards the stony pages, one after another, and read the records of the earth's development for millions of years before she reached such maturity that she could Mother man. Chapter upon chapter-- gravel, tufa, lava-- layer after layer, that required immense periods of time for the formation of each of many strata, until a veritable mountain rested upon the remains of an ancient citizen--who at that time was civilized enough to construct a polished stone mortar and work gold. Such is the story told by the Calaveras Skull.

Zoology determines facts about living organisms. Its decision is final when it asserts that due to climatic necessities, the variety and quantity of food required, and other valid reasons, it was impossible for the ancestors of all living insects, birds and beasts to have lived in any floating structure built by Noah or any other man. The amount of food alone, to say nothing of sanitation and natural proclivities, when calculated reaches a figure that staggers the imagination.

Vital statistics give us certain approximate data. At the common ratio of increase in population starting with the 70 Jewish people first in Canaan, and who afterwards went down into Egypt; and at the end of the Egyptian captivity there would have been about 40,000. But the Bible asserts there were 600,000 men of war; which would imply a population of about 3,000,000 people. A census taken after the Jews reached the desert-- assuming as we must that every child had a mother and every mother a first born child, girls probably about equaling boys-- shows about 45,000 mothers. Divide this into 3,000,000 people-- for all must have had mothers-- and we find each mother having about 66 children. Rather a large family even for a people who knew nothing of Race-Suicide.

It is stated Sinai was a desert with no blade of grass, yet the Jews had such immense flocks that it would have taken millions of acres to support them-- a sacrifice of 150,000 first-born lambs being made at one time. These lambs were slain and their blood sprinkled on the altar in the space of two hours, or at the rate of over 20 lambs per second-- which we must confess was fast work as there were only three priests to do this work. Their killing speed rivals the revolutions of a fast motor; but even this did not compare with their eating capacity-- which was great enough to shame the pie-eating champion of the world today. Every woman on becoming a mother had to sacrifice two doves and two pigeons, which law compelled the priests to eat in the most holy place. At the average birth-rate for the population given, each priest was compelled to eat about 200 birds per day. One wonders how they had time for anything else, and how much they would have enjoyed a change of diet.

These are but samples of the hundreds of discrepancies that abound in the Bible and make its literal acceptance possible only by dethroning Reason. The works of Paine, Ingersol, Voltaire, Dupuis, Godfrey Higgins, Huxley, Volney, Gerald Massey and scores of other scholars contain evidence enough to convince any but those who fear Truth. Even the four gospels of the New Testament have been credibly proven to have been written by others much later than Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It seems certain from the evidence that not one word concerning the "Life of Christ" as we now have it was written for at least 150 years after his supposed birth. For but one thing among many, it is unexplainable how references can be made to popular customs as if both writer and reader were perfectly familiar with them, when history proves no such customs existed until a century or two after the death of the supposed author.

Certainly, the Books of the Bible are Sacred Books. Those of the Old Jewish faith were selected from many similar Books and traditions by a vote of the Priests. Others-- no doubt quite as valuable-- were discarded. The New Testament also, up to 325 A.D. consisted of many books, which on the surface seemed absolutely to contradict each other. To solve this difficulty the Council of Nice was called, and a vote was taken on what books should be incorporated into the Christian Bible. Of course where the books contradicted each other too strongly the one would be retained that conformed generally with the other books selected, and those contradictory discarded. The Books yet in existence that were discarded-- and of course the Bishops did all in their power to see that the books voted out were completely destroyed-- are called Apocryphal, and are quite as Sacred as those voted in. If the Bishops at the Council of Nice had seen fit to vote certain other quite as authentic books into the Bible, it is probable Christianity would have killed just as many people in holy wars and religious persecutions-- but on the behalf of very different ideas than those for which so much blood has been shed.

Another worthy question decided at the Council of Nice was whether Jesus was a mere man and teacher, or a supernatural Being. Many of the pious Fathers at that time contended he was but a man-- for he claimed no other distinction. So a great furor was created, and a vote decided upon. The majority at the Council voted Jesus a God; and the minority fretted and fumed, the majority being backed by the soldiery were successful in getting his Deification generally accepted.

Tradition reveals the existence of a Jewish reformer, no doubt an Adept, Jesus, of the Order Essenes, a sect originating in Egypt and drawing their knowledge from Egyptian Initiates. Also, contemporaneous, was another Initiate and wonder- worker, Apollonius of Tyana, whose history is somewhat better known. So little was thought about the life and ministrations of Jesus that no one took the trouble to enquire when he was born until 580 years afterwards. The early Christians cared nothing about the matter, and it was an obscure monk who lived in Rome about the year 580 A.D. whose name was Denya, surnamed the "Little", who finally attempted by calculations to discover the period of the birth of Jesus. Finally,, due to Church influence the year Denya computed should have been the year of birth of Jesus was adopted as the beginning of the present Era. Many people think the most certain fact and date in history is the birth of Jesus-- but a little investigation will show there is nothing but uncertainty connected with it.

Another popular delusion, shared by Christian and Pagan nations alike, is the belief that in some manner their particular Savior is set apart from all the other World-Redeemers both in virtue and in general history. Such is not the fact, as a little study of Comparative Religion will reveal. And Comparative Religion is another of those naughty sciences toward which the brainiest men of earth are turning increasing attention. It shows that not only the various Saviors worshiped today, but also the Saviors of all times, even of races of which we know nothing except their stone monuments of religious observances-- have all been born of a Virgin at midnight of the night before Christmas, have brought tidings of Peace and Good-Will to men, passed thru the important events described in the orthodox "Life of Christ" and after persecution and crucifixion, have ascended into heaven. Here are a few of the better known Saviors who antedated Jesus and Apollonius of Tyana-- Denatat of Siam, Quoxalocote of Mexico, Txion of Rome, Prometheus of Greece, Quirinus of Rome, Atys of Phrygia, Aceston of Greece, Witoba of Telingonese, Sakiah Buddha of India, Bali of Crissa, Indra of Tibet, Ivo of Nepaul, Hesus of the Druids, Thammus of Syria, Withra of Persia, Thulis of Egypt, Krishna of India, Crite of Chaldea.

Comparative religion further brings to light the fact that all the noteworthy events regarded in both the Old Testament and the New, are paralleled by similar events recorded in the Sacred Books and traditions of all races, in so far as they have been preserved. They present a solid wall of similarity, the draperies of the wall alone being arranged to conform to the temperament of the particular people. The gods and prophets of cultured and sympathetic peoples may have committed acts of indiscretion, and those of a more stern race may have meted out justice with no light hand; but it is only the God of a bloodthirsty and cruel nation that delights in either animal or human sacrifice.

It is only a degenerate, cruel, selfish and perverted people in whose Sacred Books will be found every species of revolting and incestuous lust recorded- God commanding enemies to be hewed to pieces as one would hew a log- whole peoples innocent of any wrong except resisting invasion of their country by hoardes of savage shepherds, being wiped out; the old and young alike being murdered and only the young women saved from death to be violated and made slaves. You may find in the orthodox Christian Bible, Deific sanction for almost every crime conceivable to man, not overlooking the the important one in which God tells his people to kill all who teach a different religion, even commanding husbands to murder their wives and sons to slay their mothers and friends to kill friends if they differ on matters of religious belief. Deut.18.9. These terrible crimes commanded by God do not occur in the Sacred Books of other peoples- they are merely the draperies furnished by the natural tendencies of the Jews when they were Brigands. About the allegories common to all peoples, the Jews wove notions attractive to them- falsehood, rape, incest, pillage, and polygamy; a confused heap of vile rubbish thrown over a beautiful and substantial well of Truth.

The science of Psychology- another naughty innovation, traces the analogy between the Phantasies of childhood and the Myth-Making proclivities of a Race in infancy. If day-dreams of children are more creations of fancy, based on nothing important; then it is quite logical to assume that the religion of man in his childhood is but imaginary creation, based upon nothing real in nature. It is determined experimentally that dreams- either of night or day, are largely the realization in phantasy of desires that have failed to realize in external life. This is about as far as current Psychology has gone. But from this we may correctly infer that the local setting of Sacred Books is the portrayal of such deeds as the people glory in. If the people are murderous, jealous, revengeful, and full of lust, the acts and commandments of their Gods under various circumstances will reveal these vicious tendencies. The Gods and Heroes of the Greeks and Romans were often sensual and cruel, but seldom cowardly- because the people were war-like and passionate, but all desired to be courageous and display valor.

Occult science, reaching far in advance of current Psychoanalysis, reports upon a flood of experimental evidence, that dreams May, and often Do, in the realization of desire, incorporate a factor of still greater significance to the life within the phantasy. Thousands of people have received information of the utmost value in dreams. The most useful of our inventions and discoveries, and our grandest compositions in music and poetry, were received thru dreams. Dreams without number have held prophetic import. They have held warnings and admonitions that have been of the greatest value. They have incited the greatest human achievements.

Every Phantasy, or Dream, is composed of two parts. A part that is significant in the Subliminal life of the dreamer, and an insignificant part composed of incidents with which the important part is clothed and concealed. Psychoanalysis has determined it is impossible to select at random a name, or number, or phrase, or idea, that does not represent some fact of importance to the life of the person choosing it, as revealed by analysis. In every such random expression, in every so-called slip of tongue or pen, there will be found the incidental associations drawn from past or present environment, and another less obvious portion that is really a vital factor in the mental life of the person. If, therefore, we consider Religion but the Phantasies of peoples in various ages, we are compelled by the laws of Psychology to admit there is both a covering of association drawn from the external life and desires of the race, and a factor of great significance to the Subliminal life of the people concealed beneath- for these two factors are common to every dream. If we hold Religion to be merely the random hazards of a primitive people regarding the cause of things-- still we are compelled to explain the significant Subliminal factors that made their guesses assume such forms; for individual guesses always contain a significant factor. Furthermore, Psychoanalysis has revealed that there are certain dreams, and certain random ideas, that occur alike to people over the entire globe; and that where so found they have the same import- are symbols of the same Subliminal facts. Therefore, from whatever angle we view religion, the fact of its having common ideas over the entire world, whether derived from chance or from dreams or from inspiration or from revelation, or any other source- makes it the duty of science to determine why such ideas should be universal, and what significant facts of that Subliminal complex called the Soul of Man is concealed by each.

That the same symbolic ideas are found in all religions at all times will fully be demonstrated in the course of these lessons. Scientists have generally concluded, after investigation, that the only possible explanation for the similarity in religion and the similarity in language, architecture, social customs, and workmanship, as found both ancient and modern thruout the world, is that mankind derived all from a common source. If the ideas of the ancestors of present-day mankind were derived from a common source, it implies that at some time in the past there was intelligent communion between the various races of the earth. Scientists do not tell us how this communion was accomplished. If it was telepathically, why do we not so commune now? Was there at one time a land-bridge uniting continents and islands now widely separated by water, or did the ancients possess ships sea-worthy enough to cross vast oceans? As a matter of evidence there must have been physical communication; for how else- take but a single instance of the many- could the plantain or banana, a native of tropical Asia or Africa, find its way to where it was found in Mexico, the West Indies and South America? It is seedless and cannot stand a sea voyage to get to America except under the artificial conditions supplied by man, its tree-like root requiring the greatest care in transportation. But current science would have us believe we are only started into the age of Iron tools; that mankind as a whole was recently in the Bronze Age and before that in the Age of Polished Stone and still further back in the Age when only rough Stone implements were used and another step back there were no tools, until receding in history, we come to a time when our ancestors branched off from the an- cestors of anthropoid apes.

Let us examine the latest evidence in support of this theory of the evolution of matter. The first skull of the Neanderthal race was discovered in 1848 on the north face of the Rock of Gibraltar. Later, in other places, notably in 1908, other specimens were found. This race occupied Europe to the end of the last glacial epoch. The lower jaw bone of a Heidelberg man was found in 1907 in a sand-pit at Nauer, near Heidelberg at a depth of 79 feet. The brain capacity is supposed to be less than that of the Neanderthal. The first fragment of a Piltdown Man- "dawn-man", was unearthed at Piltdown, Sussex, England in the Autumn of 1911, other fragments being unearthed in 1912 and 1913. He is supposed to be less developed in brain than the Heidelberg Man. It has been but a few years now when a new link in the chain was apparently established by a Dutch Army Surgeon, who found the top of the skull, two molar teeth, and the left thigh bone of what he termed Pithocanthropus erectus, on the Begawan River, near Trinil, in Central Java. No other specimens of this Trinil ape-man have been reported to date. As recon- structed, the brain of this specimen is estimated at 865 to 900 capacity, while that of the highest apes is but 600 and the lowest recorded brain of the present-day human family is 930 Its age is estimated by geologists at 500,000 years.

With the exception of this Trinal Man, the Cave Man of the Old Stone Age have brain capacities larger than present-day Australian Bushmen, which is seldom over 1250 The brain capacity of the Piltdown Man is estimated at about 1300, Heidelberg a little more, and the Neanderthal averaging about 1400. We do not take issue with the Trinil Man, nor have we reason to doubt that the future will yield the skull of a degenerate race with even less brain capacity, and bones more nearly approaching those of the apes. But we must indicate a fact- neglected because science finds it so difficult to explain by the accepted evolution- of-matter theory. No human remains have been found in earlier geo- logical strata than the Quaternary period- with the possible exception of those in California which are placed by many geologists in an earlier period, the Tertiary. The Trinal Man was found in strata belonging to the Quaternary period. In California human skulls, stone mortars and stone weapons have been found with the bones of the Mammoth and Mastodon in gold-bearing gravel 200 to 300 feet from the surface, overlaid by thick beds of lava, tufa, and gravel. The most noteworthy of these were found under Table Mountain, and referring to them Dr. Foster says -

"Since the introduction of man, the physical features of the country, as well as the climate of this region, have undergone great changes. The volcanic peaks of the Sierra Nevada have been lifted up, the glaciers have disappeared, and great canons(canyons) themselves have been excavated in the solid rock, and what were once the beds of streams now form the Table Mountains."

Dr. Foster and others allot these California relics- which also include granite mortars, stone skillets with spouts, grooved stone hammers, slate tubes, ladles of steatite and shuttles of sienite, which are pronounced to be "and exhibition of the lapidary's skill superior to anything yet furnished by the stone age of either continent" - to the Tertiary period. If not older, at least they are fully as old, as any known relics or remains of man. Belonging to the same period, the skull found near Angeles, Calavaras County, California, in a shaft 150 feet deep, sunk thru five beds of lava and volcanic tufa and four distinct beds of gravel, has a cranial development Equal to That of Modern Man.

It is a fact that there have been times when implements of stone have been used in nearly every quarter of the globe. Europeans found the peoples of the South Sea Islands in their Stone Age, but they also found traces of a departed civilization well conversant with Bronze implements; and recent discoveries have shown a written language also. The Indians of the McKenzie River were lately reported to be in their Stone Age. Also, thruout the world Bronze has been used at times by various peoples. It would be poor logic to assume that because the Klamath Indians of Southern Oregon were recently in their Stone Age, and that as late as 1854 the Mohavi, and Indian tribe of the Colorado River, possessed no metal objects of any description, that there had been previously no people in North America acquainted with the metals. As a matter of fact, the North American Indians were preceded by the Mound-Builders of the Mississippi Valley who in building their immense structures of earth and stone- one of whose pyramids covers about the same area as that of Cheops, Egypt, tho not nearly so high- not only used Bronze implements, but had attained a precision in surveying that could not be equalled by our engineers today without the use of delicate instruments. They were the original workers of the Lake Superior Copper Mines and the Mica Mines of South Carolina, were acquainted with moulding and plating metals, as revealed by unearthed ornaments of silver and copper- and there is some evidence that they were acquainted with and used the lathe.

It is about as sensible to divide the history of the world into Paleolithic (Old Stone) Age, Neolithic(Polished Stone) Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age- as it would be to assert that the world was in its Stone Age within the last thousand years because as reported by William of Poiters, the English used stone weapons in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D., and the Scots did the same in 1288 when led by Wallace.

We possess historical records 7000 years old. During that time there has been no important domestication either of animals or grains from the wild state in which naturalists insist they once existed. It would seem that in historical times man has not had an uninterrupted civilization of sufficient duration to make possible such domestication. Wheat, oats, barley, rye, and maize were derived from the wild grasses and brought to their present state by selective cultivation. In what scientists are pleased to call the Stone Age, when man was supposed to be just emerging from brute intelligence, we find him in possession of the domestic horse, ass, hog, and goat, as witnessed among many others by the Swiss Lake Dwellings, allotted by scientists to the Stone Age. Also, the cereals and many highly cultivated plants are found in all their present domestic perfection as far back as the remains of man have been discovered. Of course it is not to be supposed that all the people of the earth then or now possessed the cereals; for we do not expect the Eskimo to be devoted to agriculture even at this day. How long then, may we ask, did it take our ancestors to bring from a wild state to perfection that upon which we have scarcely made an improvement in 7,000 recorded years?

Another fact inconvenient to those who believe that man only recently developed from a beast is that the very first remains of man in many lands show him to be a builder of cities, with a highly developed form of government, and skilled in both arts and sciences. Egyptologists assert that the farther back they trace Egypt into the past the higher the degree of civilizations they uncover and the more refined the evidence of art and learning. The Chaldeans, the Aryans, the Assyrians, the South Arabian Cushites, the Phoenecians, the Phrygians, the "Pelasgi", and probably the Chinese, all set out as builders of cities and acquainted with the arts and civilized life. The very first sight of Egypt and Babylonia shows them in possession of a written language and well versed in astronomy, medicine, and acquainted with the use of iron. Also we find these ancient nations-- Chaldean, Persian, Hindu, Chinese, and Egyptians-- all having a 7 day week, the days of the week even as today being named after the 7 planets of astrology, the same day being held sacred to the same planet by all nations alike.

Anciently in the countries named, and in Mexico, Central America, and South America as well, there was a well developed astronomical religion. The tribes of Mexico and Central America had a religious ceremony in which they partook of cakes upon which were marked the Egyptian Cross, or Tau. Tau is the root from which Taurus the Bull was derived. Taurus is an earthly zodiacal sign into which the sun passes next after crossing the Vernal Equinox into Aries. The Bull- cake of certain nations and the Cross-Bun of the English at Easter are all derived from the ancient veneration for the sun's rejuvinating power in Taurus, his union with Earth to bring forth new verdure. The ancient nations of America, according to the Spanish conquerors had a Virgin Mother of God similar to Isis of Egypt and Ishtar of Chaldea. They also had a sacred Ark that was portable like that of the Jews and too sacred to be touched by anyone but the priests. And, like the Druids, they claimed to be children of the sun, even as the Egyptians were children of the Sun-god, Ra. We have mentioned the ruins of immense pyramids to be found in the Mississippi Valley. Pyramids are to be found everywhere in Mexico and Central America, there being 450 of them in Cholula alone. The most ancient are at Teotihuacan not far from Mexico City, the two largest being dedicated to the sun and moon, the larger being 200 feet high and covering eleven acres. In Central America the remains of 50 to 60 cities with immense stone buildings have been discovered.

The masonry in ancient Peru and Maya had all the peculiarities of construction found in the ancient ruins of Asia Minor, Chaldea, Greece, Arabia, Egypt, and India. The Peruvians worshiped the sun, moon, and stars-- the Temple of the Sun at Cuzco being luminous with plates of gold and the image of the sun was of pure wrought gold. The civilization of the Incas of Peru seems to be after the Chinese model, there being the same elaborate system of regulating the common people, which must have descended from some people with ages of civilization behind them. Both kept records by means of knotted cords; both built and maintained elaborate roads for transportation, building suspension bridges of twisted twigs in an identical manner. Both the Chinese and Peruvians had the same custom with their dead, similar dramas, boats steered by paddles operated at prow and stern, and rafts with sails. The obelisks and pyramids of Yucatan are identical in nature with those of Egypt and India. Both the Egyptians and the Peruvians held annual fairs, and among both the land was divided per capita every 52 years, in Judeas every 50 years. The Jewish custom of laying the sins of the people on the head of an animal and turning it into the wilderness had its counterpart among the Aztecs. Cyclopean Structures exist on all continents, built in a similar manner of immense cut stones- evidently for the same purpose.

The evidence could be multiplied indefinitely, proving there was a high degree of civilization in the most ancient period in which we have any reason to believe man existed upon the earth. The fact that ancient man understood and computed Solar-Lunar cycles which take place only after immense periods of time, is interesting evidence, among others. That this civilization all had its origin from a common source may likewise be proved by a mountain of facts. So far as the land area of the world today is concerned, it may likewise be demonstrated that all the civilization it contains originated in Atlantis. We refer the reader to the incomparable work of Ignacius Donnaly-"Atlantis"-for much evidence regarding this- and but add that the inferences of Donally have been substantiated by the discovery of written records. In carvings on stone made by the Mayas, as well as in the Troane MS. and the Cordex(codex) Cortesiane there are records of the destruction by earthquake and the submergence of a great island in the Atlantic Ocean. The author of the Troane MS (Mayan), says that Mu(Atlantis), disappeared 8,060 years before his time- corroborating generally the records of the Egyptians concerning this same event. Dr. Le Plongeon, not long since, in translating inscriptions written in the Mayan language with Egyptian and Mayan characters on the face of the Pyramid of Xochicalco in Mexico, found the statement that the pyramid was erected for the purpose of perpetuating the knowledge of the destruction of Mu(Atlantis), and was made as an exact model of the Sacred hill of Atlantis. This Sacred hill is described in detail by Plato, who obtained his knowledge of it from the Egyptians. And it is interesting to note that Dr. Le Plongeon mentions that one third the Mayan language is like Greek and some of it like Assyrian.

The civilization and the religious ideas of the globe today were all derived from the civilization and religion of Atlantis, a land that sank in a great cataclysm beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. But from whence did the Atlanteans gain their wisdom? Dr. Littlefield has demonstrated that all the salts of the body as deposited from solution may be made to crystalize into any desired shape by con- centrating the thoughts upon them. Spiritual Materialization has been accomplished times without number, often under the strictest test conditions, as reported by some of the greatest scientists of the age. It is a demonstrated fact, which any but the willfully blind can prove, that Men live after passing from their physical bodies, that they can return from other spheres and, under proper conditions communicate with those still in the flesh and exercises a controlling influence over matter that seems truly wonderful. Tradition held there was an Island of Atlantis, that there was a Deluge, that Spirit Communion is a fact, that Magic is possible, that mind may commune with mind when the bodies are far distant. Science laughed at all these traditions, yet all are now being demonstrated and science is gradually being forced to accept them. Tradition asserts the climate of the earth was once very mild and genial, and geology upholds this tradition. Tradition says the first man had large, loosely organized bodies. These children of the Golden Age, or Eden, were so ethereal that when they were ready to pass on they departed voluntarily, the loosely organized form dissolving in the atmosphere. They came from a non-material realm, and polarized just enough of the particles of the atmosphere about them to constitute a filmy body. They had immensely potent wills, and were in constant communication with still higher spiritual intelligences who also bent their mighty minds to the task of solving the problem of the relation of the Soul to the Universe.

As time passed the descendants of these ethereal parents absorbed more and more physical substance from the atmosphere, and finally were dense enough to partake of fruit and nuts as food. The changing of the inclination of the earth of its axis brought glacial periods and extremes of heat and cold. When the Equator came vertical to the Ecliptic-which condition there are Egyptian records of- there were two arctic winters and two tropical summers each year everywhere except at the poles. In extreme latitudes there would be long unbroken months of night and in all latitudes there would be long intervals when the Sun would barely rise above the Northern or Southern horizon. During this "Age of Horrors", as the Hindus call it, mankind to keep from perishing became a wandering nomad, living on flesh. The struggle merely to procure food was so severe there was no time for intellectual expansion. Living on flesh and blood, he came to partake of the attributes of the animals he lived upon in their tendencies also. Only such races as were favorably located could retain more than mere fragments of the Spiritual Wisdom handed down to them by their more enlightened forefathers.

Scientists point to the Piltsdown Man, followed by the Heidelberg Man, and succeeded by the Neanderthal Man- all in Europe during the glacial and interglacial periods- one apparently following the other as less near the bestial state. However, it has been proved that the succeeding race was not a modification of the preceeding one, but a branch from a possible common root. And no sooner did the last glacier retreat to the North, some 25,000 years ago, than there appeared in Europe the Cro-Magnons, a race having a well differentiated society, with talent for various kinds of work, cultivating art and religion- and whose features and brain capacity compares favorably with modern Europeans. In just such a climate as once existed in Europe, the Eskimo now lives but he is not a criterion of the present-day world civilization. And the European Cave-Man during the glacial epoch is no criterion of man's civilization elsewhere in the world; for immediately (when) the climate becomes attractive a highly civilized race over-runs Europe and exterminates the Neanderthals, just as Europeans drove the Indians of America from their native soil.

Undoubtedly the form of man impinges upon the form of the higher animals. The Atlanteans, Egyptians, Hindus, ancient Peruvians and Druids all taught the evolution of the Soul thru progressive forms from mineral up to man; and from man to angel in higher-than-physical realms. But the evolution of matter as taught by material scientists is a very different thing; for it attempts to account for the mental by attributing it to a tendency of blind matter to evolve. The author holds a different opinion. It seems to him that mind, motion and substance are inseparable components of the same thing- but that the form assumed is the result of that which we call mind or soul. And as it is demonstrated that today discarnate entities communicate with man, and impart valuable information to him, it does not seem illogical to conclude that discarnate entities might have imparted knowledge concerning nature's laws to man anciently- and because some of the knowledge displayed would take such an infinite amount of experimental observation to obtain, it seems quite probable. Further, as under certain conditions discarnate entities from other planes certainly do materialize today- as witnessed, for instance, by Crooke's "Katy King"- there is no impossibility involved in accepting tradition that the conditions were once such on the earth that man came here and gradually thru a long period of time materialized a form. But however this may be, we will show, in the course of these lessons, that tho most ancient known religion, which is the origin of present-day religions, was not merely a Phantasy. The Religion of the Stars was, and is, an explanation of immutable verities.