The Religion of the Stars
Samson, Rebekah, the Sea Serpent and Holy Grail.
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine June 1920

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 79. Course VII-I.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. June 1920.
The Religion of The stars.
Part IX. Samson, Rebekah, the Sea Serpent, and The Holy Grail.
by C.C. Zain

The account of the deluge given in the Bible, is of course familiar to all students. But other recorded accounts may not be so generally accessible. Therefore a few extracts should be inserted in this place. The account given in the Gilgamesh, the most ancient known writing, has been translated from the cuneiform. The Noah of The Gilgamesh is Ut-Napishtim. His warning came in a vision. The voice of God said "Thou man of Shurippek, son ,of Ubara-Tutu, pull down thy house, build a ship, forsake thy possessions, take heed for thy life! Abandon thy goods, save thy life and bring up living seed of every kind into the ship". God gave Ut-Napishtim minute instructions as to planning and building the ship. These plans were followed, but Ut-Napishtim was much puzzled what to tell the people about his preparation. God instructed him ,to reply to their queries-- "Bel hath cast me forth, for he hateth me". He prophesied the coming of the rain,' but made the people believe it was to be a benefit rather than a flood. He employed many people in building the ship. It "took four days to gather the materials. On the 5th day he laid it down, on the 6th. he loaded it, and finished it on the 7th day. The hull was 120 cubits wide, and placed on it was a great deck house 120 cubits high divided into 6 stories, each divided into 9 rooms. The outside was made watertight with bitumen, and the inside with pitch. On the day when it was finished he gave a great feast.

After getting all manner of beasts, birds, seeds etc., into the ship the narrative states--"During a whole day darkness and chaos reigned on the face of the earth. The very gods of heaven were afraid and 'crouched like hounds weeping." After the tempest had raged 6 days and nights it abated on the 7th. and Ut-Napishtim says --"! looked upon the sea and cried. aloud, for all mankind was turned back into clay. In place of fields a swamp lay before me. I opened the window, I looked upon the world, and behold all was sea". Finally the ship coming to rest on Mount Nitsir, after letting it rest there 6 days, on the 7th. he sent out a dove, but it returned. Later he sent out a raven and the water had then so far subsided that it drew near the ship� wading and croaking". Ut-Napishtim then soon landed and offered up sacrifices even as Noah did, and the fragrant odor of the incense came up to the gods so that they "gathered like flies", as the narrative states it.

Berosus was a priest of Bel at Babylonia about 250 B.C. He compiled a history of his country from native documents. This history perished later thru religious fanaticism, but extracts from it have been preserved in the writings of Josephus and Eusebius. Barosus gives quite a full account of the deluge, making Sisuthrus the deluge hero who was warned in a vision to build a ship, as mankind was to be destroyed by flood. Sisuthrus was the 10th. Babylonian king, even as Noah was the 10th. patriarch. And as all students of numbers know, 10 is the cyclic number, relating to the passage from one dispensation to another. Sisuthrus was also instructed to commit a history of the beginning, procedure, and final conclusion of all things down to the present term, in writing and bury it in the City of the Sun at Sippara. After the flood Sisuthrus, his wife and the pilot were translated to heaven. His voice was heard from the air, however, and he instructed the remaining members of the party to proceed toward Babylonia and recover the buried writing. This they did and then started in building cities and temples.

Here is a very brief account from ancient Mexico taken from the Codex Chimalpopoca--"And the year was that of Ce-calli, and on the first day all was lost. The mountain itself was submerged in the water, and the water remained tranquil for 52 springs. Now toward the close of the year Titlacahuan had forewarned the man named Nata and his wife Nena saying;� Make no more pulque, but straightway hollow out a large cypress, and enter it when in the month Tozoztli the water shall approach the sky'. They entered it, and when Titlacahuan had closed the door he said 'thou shalt eat but a single ear of maize; and thy wife but one also'. As soon as they had finished eating they went forth and the water was tranquil; for the log did not move any more and opening it they saw many fish."

A still briefer account related in Peru states that a man-took his llama to a fine place for feeding but the beast moaned and would not eat, and on his master questioning it, it said there was little wonder it was sad. It said in five days the sea would rise and engulf the earth, and told the man to go to the top of a high mountain. When he got there he found many animals congregated. The water rose until it washed the tail of a fox, and that is why a fox's tail is always black.

In American Indian myths it is not uncommon for man to be warned of the approaching deluge by friendly animals. The dispatching of birds is also quite common to American narratives. An Algonquin tradition states that the deluge was caused by the blood of a Sea Serpent which was slain by the Creator. The oldest of the Babylonian deluge stories allows quite conclusive evidence of being derived from still older versions. One Babylonian account indicates that an Ocean Dragon was called upon to submerge the world, and in an old cuneiform text the year of the deluge is referred to as "the year of the raging serpent. These references to serpents, and dragons recall the legend of the fight of Hercules with the Sea Serpent Hydra in the Lemurian marshes. Hydra belongs to the sign Cancer, into which the Vernal Equinox passes at the time of the deluge. Also the pictured constellation of the lst. decanate of Libra, directly opposite the Vernal Equinox, is a Serpent. The third serpent of the sky is the second decanate of Libra, which is directly opposite the decanate of Aries pictured by the River of Life. At the time of the deluge the Summer Solstice, represented as the Great Bear in the sky, and on the earth as a pyramid or Tower of Babel, coincided with the 1st. decanate of Scorpio, represented in the sky as the Man wrestling with the Serpent. At the same time the two decanates of Libra represented by serpents were covering the constellated man, Aquarius. This then may well be called the year of raging serpents".

The serpent by its spiral form becomes a universal symbol of cyclic movement and creative action. About the pyramidal temples of Babylonia and ancient Mexico was a spiral roadway leading to the top. In Mexican temples stairways were not infrequently bounded by a balustrade in the form of a serpent. It is said that on Hackpon Hill at Avebury, in Wiltshire, England, stood the ruined remains of the head of a colossal Rock-temple, that once stretched in the form of a serpent over three miles of country. On this side of the Atlantic, at Brush Creek, Ohio, is a mound 1,254 feet long, averaging 20 feet wide, built in the form of a serpent with an egg in its jaws. There is another serpent mound at Snake Butte, S. Dakota. These serpent mounds and temples were erected in honor of the universal creative energy transmitted to earth by the Sun, and originally not only symbolized the spiral traced on the earth by the vertical rays of the Sun during its annual pilgrimage but also by their location recorded periods in the Great Solar Cycle. The Babylonian and Mexican Pyramids, built in stages with a spiral pathway leading to the top, are much more precise in their significance. Each story representing the one spiral in the Great Serpentine roadway signifies on Great Solar Cycle. These Pyramids and Towers symbolize the Solstice, the highest Declination of the Sun. A one story structure, with a spiral pathway passing once around it is meant to represent that since the founding of that particular Temple of the Sun the Solstice has passed once around the Great Solar Cycle. The Temple being erected to the Sun, portrays by its spiral Height the changes in the sun's extreme declination. When it is remembered that this change of extreme declination of the sun determines the climatic conditions on earth, which undergo extreme changes, and thus make the earth a garden of eden or a world of horror to man at different times, the Importance of recording such knowledge will be seen. Not all pyramids have such a spiral roadway, but nevertheless they are temples of the Sun and record, each in its own way, the declination of the Sun at the Solstice. Thus it is said that the greatest barrow, or tumuling in the world is the English Silbury at Avebury, and that he gauge of its shadow is almost identical with that of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

In Mexico we find pyramidal temples of one story, others of two, still others of three and a few even of four stories. If these were actually founded as long ago as they record, the oldest must have first been erected 100,000 years ago. The Temples of Babylonia record even more remote dates as they sometimes have six stages, and the Temple of Bel even more. The description of this temple with detailed measurements was discovered by Mr. George Smith at Babylonia. This Temple of Bel lasted until the time of Herodotus and Strabo, and they gave accounts of it. According to the inscriptions the height of the Tower was 300 feet, the breadth at the base being the same. Heroditus says--"It had gates of brass, and was two stadia everyway, being quadrangular; in the middle of the temple a solid tower was built, a stadium in height and breadth, and on this tower was placed another, and still another on this, to the number of eight towers in all. The ascent was on the outside, and was made by winding passage round all the towers; and about half way up the ascent there is a landing and seats for rest, where those ascending may repose; and in the highest tower there is a temple, and in this temple a large bed well furnished, and beside it a golden table; but there is no statue erected in it; and by night no one lodges in it, except a single women of the country, whom the god has selected from the rest, as say the Chaldeans, who are the priests of this god."

It should not be thought that these pyramidal temples of the Sun endure age after age without repair. Races who follow after those who first built these pyramids have long passed from memory of the people occupying the land where once they dwelt; discerning the purpose of these Towers as mile stones marking the evolution of the human race as mapped by the cyclic pathway of the Sun, repair and rebuild these structures along original lines. Should the present races of earth awaken from their spiritual sleep long enough to grasp the true purport of these monuments, active steps will be taken to reconstruct and repair the most notable, by all means the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Happily we have the record of such a repair being made.

Sir H.C. Rawlinson has translated an inscription in which Nebuchadnezzar boasts of his work in repairing a Babylonian Temple in these words--"Behold how the building named "the stages of the Seven Spheres", which was the wonder of Borsippa, had been built by a former king. He had completed fourty two ammas (of height), but he did not finish its head. From the lapse of time it had become ruined; they had not taken care of the exits of the water, so the rain and wet had penetrated into the brickwork; the casing of burnt brick had bulged out, and the terraces of crude brick lay scattered in heaps. Then Merodach, my great lord, inclined my heart to repair the building. I did not change its site, nor did I destroy the foundation platform; but in a fortunate month, and on an auspicious day, I undertook the rebuilding of the crude brick terraces and the burnt brick casing. I strengthened its foundations, and I placed a titular record in the parts that I had rebuilt. I set my hand to build it up and to finish its summit. As it had been in former days, thus I exalted it head."

Tho two bears are Decans of the Mental sign Gemini, and are familiarly known in familiarly known in various parts of the world as the Big and Little Dipper. A dipper is a vessel to convey fluid to the mouth of the thirsty traveler. The soul is such a pilgrim amid ever changing conditions of external environment, athirst for experiences, which are as necessary for it as water to the desert wanderer. The little Dipper represents the seven psychic senses thru which knowledge of the astral world is imparted to the parched lips of the seeker. The Big Dipper of 7 bright stars represents the seven physical senses thru which physical experiences are imparted to the thirsty soul. The Pleiades is sometimes also referred to as the little Dipper, being confounded with the little Bear. The Moon rules mental capacity, and its exaltation is in Taurus, where the Pleiades reside These 7 stars-- or rather 6 since one has been lost-- represent the 7 states of Consciousness possible to man. This group, as explained in lesson #78., by its position at the birth of the year marks the period of cataclysm, and by the position of the decanate to which it belongs, the time of year when cataclysms occur.

Probably there is an orb of influence, a longer or shorter period time during which the cataclysm may occur, as determined exactly by other factors. For we find in experimental astrology that events indicated by Major Directions occur not exactly at the time the Major Direction is complete, but during a period it operates, and at the exact time-week and day-- shown by Minor Directions operating at the same time. This will be fully explained in Course X. In like manner the exact time of world cataclysm is probably shown within close limits by the position of the Pleiades, but the exact year is probably determined by planetary positions. The exact year being so determined, the time of year apparently is confined to the ten days during which the Sun passes thru the first decanate of Scorpio, but the exact day would be determined by Moon and planets, the last such occurrence having transpired on the night of Oct. 31st

Both Bears have long unbearlike tails. Bears not naturally possessing such appendages, they represent acquired attributes. And as the Bears represent Objective and Subliminal Minds their acquiring tails indicates the possibilities of mental culture. Even it man naturally does not possess a given quality it is possible for him to acquire it thru the power of directed thought. Man has the power to incorporate into his character any desired quality. When the Summer Solstice, represented by the Great Bear in the sky, on earth by a Pyramid, and in man by his Objective mind and its sense organs, comes opposite, Pleiades, or six other states of consciousness (for one Pleiad fled to the constellation of the Great Dear) the world is subjected to deluge. The Objective Mind being directly opposed by the inner states of is confused by the reports of the 7 senses, and like the Great Bear of the American Indian tradition is slain-- for after all the Senses man are the hunters employed by his mind. The soul rejecting critical methods slays Reason. The Great Bear as belonging to the Aquarius decanate of Gemini relates to scientific thought. Being attacked by the senses and opposed by the emotions the mind is engulfed in a sea of superstitious sentimentality--flooded by mystical ideas that have no counter�part in nature, and that are but the children of desire.

When the Summer Solstice comes to a conjunction of the Pleiades, or six other states of consciousness, the fire of heaven descends to illumine the soul. When the Great Bear, Science, Reason, coincide with the higher states of consciousness man begins to build a structure reaching to the heavens. Whether we call the Pleiades the "Septenary Constitution, as indicated by Taurus being the first earth sign, or the 7 states of consciousness or as related to the Moon's rulership and exaltation in Taurus, or as a substitute for the real Little Dipper, the Subliminal Mind; the coordination of Objective and Subliminal Consciousness is indicated by conjunction of the Solstice and Pleiades. Both are necessary to grasp Truth completely and thus build the ladder of the soul efficiently.� And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. And the Lord said, Behold the people is one aid they have all one 1anguage and this they begin to do; and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. "Go to, let us go down, and confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech. So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth; and they left of to build the city."

So long as there was unity and cooperation between the people building the tower to heaven, nothing was impossible to them. They were scattered and rendered impotent thru misunderstanding one another. The tower proceeded bravely so long as Objective and Subliminal conclusions where harmonious, but when they began to conflict there was trouble, and the tower was abandoned. Man and woman are interdependent vitally and magnetically, as well as intellectual and spiritually, to an extent usually not dreamed. Their spiritual structure rears itself skyward so long as they work in harmony and understanding but misunderstanding and discord evokes the lightening of the soul that rends the edifice asunder. The world is seared by fire when the Equinox passes from Aquarius to Capricorn at the time the Solstice passes from Taurus to Aries. In Aquarius, the sign of perfected Man, the human race makes greatest scientific' strides. The two wavy lines of Aquarius indicate cooperation. But passing to Capricorn selfishness steps in, cooperation ceases because material ambition overrides spiritual aspiration. When Solstice and Pleiades conjoin, when man and woman cooperate, when man cooperates with his fellowman when, Reason cooperates with Intuition. the greatest attainment possible to the cycle will be made. But often close association is made sub-servient to material ends, to selfishness and the greed for material possessions and power. Then the lightening will flash, fire engendered by clashing thoughts descend wickedness prevail, and Sodom and Gomorrah perish by brimstone from heaven. Love without knowledge is submerged in the waves of ill-directed emotion. Knowledge without love perished amid the confusion of its own blasted ambition.

The Big Dipper, picturing the Aquarius decanate of Gemini, is closely associated symbolically; but should not be confounded with, the pitcher, or urn from which the Waterman pours upon earth a stream of living water, in whose waves the Southern fish disports itself. The story of Rebekah at the well relates primarily to the Sign Aquarius, rather than to the Big Dipper. The Dipper symbolizes intellectual matters, rather than wisdom vitalized by the affections, for no water is pictured in association with it. Water, by its ready response to all vibrations received from without is a symbol of emotion. Aquarius in experimental astrology has been found to be the general ruler of the house of friends. It is an intellectual sign, being governed by progressive planet Uranus, the higher. octave of Mercury. The word best expressing the nature of Aquarius is Knowledge, which vitalized by the emotions as shown by the water flowing from the urn is better termed Wisdom.

Abraham having gained wisdom did not wish his son Isaac to take for his wife one of the people among whom they dwelt. He was solicitous that Isaac should take a wife from among his own kin. For happiness and harmony between man and wife it is necessary that their interests be similar, that there be astrological kinship between them. For ideal results, as found by practical observation both should belong to the same Planetary Family, even as Isaac and Rebekah are represented to have belonged. Abraham's servant asked for a drink, "And she said, Drink, my lord; and she hasted; and let down her pitcher upon her hand, and gave him drink". Thus the waterman in the sky lets his pitcher down. Aquarius also, thru its governing planet Uranus-rules Astrology. The choice of a wife among his own people was not made for Isaac haphazard. It was made by means of a sign-- the sign Aquarius. The right woman was to say--"I will draw water for thy camels also, until they have done drinking". The camel is an animal noted for its water carrying capacity. Rebekah was selected from among others of the same planetary family for her willingness to furnish water, for her strong affectional nature. The wisdom of employing this astrological method for selecting a compatible companion and an affectionate wife was verified later-- "and she became his wife; and he loved her".

In the Opposite part of the heavens from the Waterman the Lion holds forth. The sign Leo, pictured, by the Lion, is the natural ruler of the house of love affairs, hazards, offspring and pleasures. One of the most pronounced characteristics of this sign is rulership, for Leo is the home of the Sun, and the Lion is the king of beasts. The nature of this sign is best expressed in one word by Will. Will is nothing more than directed Desire, and without strength of desire there can be no strength of Will. The greater the passion, the more intense the desires, the greater the fiery zeal the more will be accomplished providing this energy be properly directed. Even the rays of the Sun may prove dangerous where there is lack, of proper protection. In the various myths and traditions concerning Saviors, the lives of actual men, as a rule are made to conform symbolically to the Solar Savior of the world. And as the Sun or Solar Savior, actually belongs to the sign of the Lion, we need not be surprised to find Christ as, termed " the Lion of the tribe of Judah". We use the word Christ advisedly, and as a part from any external Avatar, as the Illuminated Consciousness that arises only from devout love for the Cosmic Father and undeviating obedience to His Will. The stellar Lion represents intense Heart Attachments and may be applied either to good or evil desires. The devil is spoken of in the Bible as a "roaring lion".

The Biblical Samson and the Greek Hercules are two versions of the same ancient story. Samson's power evidently was due to his clean living and strength of Will, for even before his birth his mother was warned�"Now therefore, beware, I Pray thee, and drink, not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing". When Samson had grown to manhood he saw a woman of the Philistines; but his parents were much against him taking a wife from among those not astrologically his kin. "And behold a young lion roared against him, And the spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he rent him as he would have rent a kid". Thus he conquered his unwise passion. But later he had changed his mind and was returning to take the woman as his wife--"and after a time he returned to take her, and he turned aside to see the Carcass of the lion. And behold there was a swarm of bees and honey in the car cause of the Lion. And he took there of in his hands and went on eating". Bees, exemplifications of constructive effort are universal symbols of creative energy constructively employed. Samson had succeeded in overcoming the lion that roared against him, he had been successful diverting his passions for the Philistine woman into another and more constructive channel. Thru associations Samson converted the destructive fires of pleasure seeking into such channels that they became a means of furnishing him with the highest form of food-- nectar distilled from the flowers. Destructive force had been controlled and put to work, and he profited by the product of his labor.

Hercules among his other works was called upon to slay a gigantic Lion that inhabited the Nemaean forests. He attacked it with club and arrows, but these proved unavailing. Finally he hit upon the expedient of grasping it in his arms and strangling it, and thus it was defeated. The impulses of the heart, the attractions that are unwise, are not vanquished by attacking them with violence and attempting to club them into insensibility, or to give them a sharp death wound. They are only eliminated slowly by diverting their energy elsewhere, gradually strangled by not thinking about them and thus permitting them no breath of life. Daniel was safe in the Lions den because of his purity of thought and life, but not so those who accused him falsely. Dan. 6:24 "And the king commanded, and they brought those men which had accused Daniel, and they cast them into the den of lions, them, and their children and their wives; and the lions had the mastery of them, and brake all their bones in pieces or ever they came at the bottom of the den."

David in asking Saul's permission to go out and fight with the Philistine Giant Goliath, related that he had slain both a lion and a bear that took a lamb out of the flock--"Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them." David had made his own passions as typified by the Lion, his servants, and had slain the Great Bear of his Reasoning power, placing his dependence upon "five smooth stones out of the brook", and the power of the Lord or Law. Five is the number denoting the dominion of intelligence, over natural forces. These smooth stones, like the "rock that is higher than I" symbolizes the Pole star, Truth. They are taken from the brook because of David�s affection for Truth. David depended not upon the Great Bear- of Reason, nor upon the Lion of passionate desire, for he had subjugated both; but upon the working of natural law and upon his inner recognition of Truth which he had attained thru the purity of his affections. Goliath the Giant each neophyte must slay, is love of Self. It is slain by the smooth white pebble of the Truth that the good of all is the good of each. This Truth must be recognized within, and slung with all the force of the Will. The stone struck the Giant in the forehead, in the region of Objective Consciousness and he fell upon his face to the earth.

Goliath is slain by David, much as the Great Bear is slain by Indian hunters, and as Zeus slew the Giants that attempted to storm heaven. David, in his various adventures, like the heroes of other nations, depicts the spiritual ideas associated with the different zodiacal signs. The constellation Perseus, belonging to the Sagittarius decanate of Aries, depicts David victorious over Goliath, holding the severed head of the monster in one hand and his sword aloft in the other. Both the lion and the bear were slain for taking a lamb out of the flock. Either the Love of Pleasure or Cold Reason may become inimical to the Lamb of creative energy. David overcomes both, even as Samson slew the Lion and reaped a rich reward of honey from the carcass.

Space forbids that we make extensive enquiry into the use of the Lion as a symbol in other sacred writings. Rampant Lions are common to heraldry. Paracelsus and other alchemical writers use the lion repeatedly in their writings. But wherever so found the Lion symbolizes, when uncontrolled, subjection to the passions and love of pleasure. Where slain, or overcome, it symbolizes such tendencies converted into Will-Power. Herein lies the great secret of alchemy as practiced in medieval times by the Masters of that Art, as will be given detailed consideration in the Course on Alchemy.

That there may be no doubt as to the lion being used in the Bible in the sense we have indicated we quote from 1 Kings,13-"Thus saith the Lord( Law) For asmuch as thou hast disobeyed the mouth of the Lord (Law), and hast not kept the commandments which the Lord( Law) thy God commanded thee, But camest back, and hast eaten bread and drunk water in the place of which the Lord did say to thee, Eat no bread, and drink no water; thy carcass shall not come unto the sepulcher of thy fathers And it came to pass after he had eaten bread, and after he had drunk, that he saddled for him an ass to wit, for the prophet whom he had brought back. And when he was gone a lion met him by the way, and slew him; and his carcass was cast in the way, and the ass stood by it, the lion also stood by the carcass. The ass equally with the ox is a beast of burden, and represents the sign Taurus. This man, disobedient to the Law was slain by the Lion of pleasure and left behind him not only the pleasures he loved, but the material possessions he had accumulated, as symbolized by the ass.

Leo having been shown to symbolize heart-attachments, we may be sure that the first, or Leo-, decanate of the sign, pictured by Crater, the Cup, but intensifies that significance. It is the symbol of burning zeal and enthusiasm. And it is significant that this constellated Cup is carried on the back of Hydra, the emotional serpent of family life, belonging to the domestic sign Cancer. Delving into the profundities of psychology we find actually that all religious zeal, all feeling of worship, all poetic inspiration has its foundation in that attraction between the sexes whose Vibratory resultant is so well expressed by the spiral Serpent. Worship of De1ty is the transference of the simpler love impulse from a human object to one Divine. This cup of enthusiastic zeal, of frenzied burning desire, is essential to all great accomplishment, but misapplied results in precipitate destruction. The Nazarine was filled with an unquenchable desire to serve the Cosmic Will. His great devotion brought him to a point where he must make an immense sacrifice for Love of Mankind, "Father, if thou be willing remove this cup from me; nevertheless not my will but thine, be done."

It was by means of a cup also that Joseph was able to detain Benjamin in the land of Egypt against the will of his brethren; for the heart is ever bound in the region of its strongest desire, symbolized by Crater. Joseph, who was sold into the land of Egypt, into the Winter signs, and becomes their ruler, is astrologically Sagittarius. The key to the astrological rulership of each tribe of Israel is given by Jacob in his blessing. This is explained in detail in lesson #29. "Joseph is a fruitful bough- the archers have sorely grieved him- But his bow abode in strength etc." "Judah is a lion's whelp". Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf etc." That Judah belongs to Leo and the house of pleasures will be fully revealed in reading Gen. 38. And as representative of this sign he is chief speaker in the difficulty that arises over finding Joseph's cup in the sack of grain belonging to Benjamin. the sack of grain representing material possessions. Benjamin the youngest son typifies the youngest sign of the zodiac Aries. Joseph's father loved him more than all his children because Sagittarius, the home of Jupiter, is the lucky sign of the Zodiac. He was made a coat of many colors, for Sagittarius is a dual and mutable sign, and of many inclinations. Joseph's dream of the sheaves making obeisance to his sheaf and the eleven stars bowing to him is born out in fact by the influence of Sagittarius; for as signifying the higher mind and the influence of Jupiter the wealth of the other signs bow to it. The next sign any planet Pass into from Sagittarius is Capricorn. When the Sun makes this passage it is the Winter Solstice, the lowest declination which it reaches so far as the northern hemisphere is concerned; therefore Joseph is represented as thrown into a pit by his brethren. Capricorn is the sign naturally ruling the business house, therefore we find merchants taking Joseph out of the pit-- for the Sun after the Solstice leaves its lowest point-- and selling him to the Egyptians. Reuben, represents Aquarius, the humanitarian sign ruling the house of friends, into which the Sun passes from Capricorn, is represented thruout as being friendly to Joseph and desirous of saving him. The coat of many colors-- the variability Of Sagittarius-- is dipped in the blood of a kid, symbolizing the commencement of Capricorn.

When Shadrach and his two companions were cast into the fiery furnace, Crater, they suffered no harm, because they were not slaves to pleasure, but were zealous in a righteous cause. In the fiery furnace there appeared among them another--"and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God". So does enthusiasm in the cause of justice attract 'celestial visitors from the inner planes who assist and protect the worthy neophytes.

In Greek mythology we meet with the cup as the goblet of Apollo. Among other labors Hercules assumed, was the finding of the cattle of Geryones. Having traveled to the Straights now called Gibraltar and set up his famous pillars, he was oppressed by the rays of the neighboring Sun. He valiantly aimed his bow at the Sun God, who marveling at his dauntless courage gave him his golden bowl in which to cross the ocean. Hercules was successful in his quest thru being able to utilize the fiery ardor ardor of unquenchable desire to carry him to the shores which he sought to reach.

In India there are legends of the Soma Cup, and in the Bible we read of the cup of wrath in Revelation. But the most famous traditional cup is the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail symbol of perfect Love, and the constellation Crater, was the object of quest on the part of the knights of King Arthur's Round table. The story of the Grail is Celtic folklore, undergoing the process of being grafted onto Christian Mythology. There are three distinct versions of the quest, the earlier version, of course, lacking the Christian element. Each version has a hero of a different name, who brings the quest for the grail to a successful termination. The Gawain stories represent the early pre-christian tradition. In them the grail is described as a self-acting food providing talisman serving the king and his court. The word grail as now used, was derived thru gradale from cratella, which is a diminutive of crater, or bowl. When we recollect that action is always in the direction of strongest desire, and that Crater, or the Holy Grail, symbol1zes the most intense desire, we find no difficulty in admitting the bowl to be self-acting. And in view of the psychological principle that if you desire a thing strong enough you can get it, it would well become a food-procuring instrument.

In later versions Percival is the hero, and the holy grail is represented as the vessel on which the Fisher King depends for nutriment. It is a precious stone brought to earth by angels, and committed to the guardianship of the Grail king and his descendants. It is a life and youth, preserving talisman--"no man may die within 8 days of beholding it, and the maiden who bears it retains perennial youth". It is its own oracle, and decides whom the Grail King shall wed. The Perfect Love may well be said to come from heaven, and is committed to the guardianship of the sign of love affairs, King Leo, to which Crater actually belongs. And what is there that will prolong life and beauty more than enthusiasm and love? And is not intense love the oracle that chooses whom its possessor shall marry?

In the Gelahad versions of the grail story we find its latest rendition. The christian element here finds its way into it. The grail has become the chalice of the Last Supper, in which the blood which flowed from the wounds of the crucified Savior has miraculously been preserved. In this version the grail is also self-acting and food supplying. In fact, the sacrament rests for its virtue upon the significance of Crater, the celestial cup. Cor. 11:27 "Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink this cup of the Lord unworthily shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord". In the intense moments of burning passion or devout aspiration man contacts spiritual food of the quality corresponding to the nature of his great desire. He draws into his constitution finer essences and subtler forces attracted by his emotion. He who finds perfect love finds youth, and beauty and never failing food for his soul.