The Religion of the Stars
The Ethics of Stellar Religion
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine September October

Issued under the auspices of The Brotherhood of Light
Serial No. 83. Course VII-M
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. October 1920
The Religion of The Stars
Part XIII. The Ethics of Stellar Religion.
by C.C. Zain

The second and intellectual decanate of Aquarius is pictured by Pegasus, the Flying Horse. The head, wings and fore parts alone appear in the stellar picture. The rear parts, representing grosser thoughts, are absent. Pegasus belongs to the Gemini decanate, and Gemini has rule over navigation. For such reasons it was the custom of those intrepid sailors, the Phoenicians, to paint a winged horse upon the stern of their ships. Belonging to the Twin decanate of the sign of Wisdom, the fabled origin of Pegasus is significant. After Perseus had slain the Gorgon Medusa as related in lesson #74, and cut off its head as David that of Goliath, he mounted on the wings furnished him by Mercury (ruler of Gemini) and sped homeward carrying the Medusa's head. The blood from the head dropped into the ocean, and from it sprang Pegasus. The horrid Medusa's head that turned all observers into stone, as we elsewhere explained, symbolizes lascivious mental images. The imaginative power, however, turned into higher channels, its essential nature being vitalized by the emotions represented by the ocean, become the most powerful steed to carry aloft the soul. While thus mounted on Pegasus and riding over the sea Perseus discovered the fair Andromeda and went to her rescue. And from this occurrence we have the expression-"to mount Pegasus" as applied to poetic inspiration.

It is said that every poet must drink of the fountain created by the blow of the hoof of Pegasus before he can expect to soar on Pegasean wing. This alludes to a tradition about Pegasus in connection with the Urn, or fountain of Aquarius. Pegasus, flying over Mount Helicon, struck the ground sharply with his hoof, and the water gushed forth from the rocks as the wonderful spring of Hippocrene. This Mount is none other than 0lympus, Zion, and the Pole Star; representing Truth. The fountain that gushed forth is the water flowing from Aquarius' Urn, and represents the spring of eternal Verity. Neptune is found in experimental astrology to rule Pisces and also to rule the imagination of man. Neptune tamed Pegasus and gave him to Bellerophon son of Glaucus, King of Ephyre, to assist him in slaying the monster Chimera. This monster is represented as vomiting flames, and as having the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a dragon. It is therefore a Composite of the Solar force of Leo, Draco and Capricorn�typifying the home of the Ego in celestial realms, its fall to earth, and the cave of matter in which the new Sun of consciousness is born. Chimera today is symbol for a creature of the imagination, for delusions and false ideas. As only with the aid of Pegasus can delusion be conquered, let us enquire what the steed represents.

In the Rig Veda the Aswins, or Twins, are said to possess a horse called "Pagas". This swift horse, which is none other than Pegasus, it is said, filled a hundred vases with sweet liquor. It is pictured among the constellations as spurning the earth and soaring on its outspread wings into the vault of heaven. And thus the soul of man. during sleep spurns the earth, and leaving the grosser portion of himself behind, soars thru the higher realms of space in search of knowledge. Of such experiences, unconscious to his greater self, the poet drinks. It is the fountain springing from the eternal rock of Truth. Freed from the body soul communes with soul, nature is scrutinized from the inner planes of life with all her mystery revealed. The Gemini decanate of Gemini, the Little Bear, is the Subliminal Mind in possession of its soul senses. The Gemini decanate of the sign of the perfect Man represents the Subliminal Mind completely freed from the physical body exploring nature's secret places on the wings of aspiration.

Neptune tamed Pegasus; for it is the influence of Neptune in the birth chart that gives one the ability to leave the body voluntarily and to retain complete remembrance of all seen and done while out of the body. Lacking a strong Neptunian influence it requires long and careful training to thus visit the inner worlds volitionally and consciously. Such conscious investigation will dispel Chimera, and reveal nature's truths in their proper light. Let no one attaining such power feel undue pride, and let no one conduct such experiments without taking ample precaution against being disturbed, or with unclean thoughts. Bellerophon after succeeding in destroying Chimera attempted to fly to high heaven on Pegasus, but because of his assumption Jove caused an insect to sting his steed, and the rider was thrown to earth.

Adams of England and Le Verrier of France, working independently and without each other's knowledge, discovered the planet Neptune. Adams sent the result of his labor to the Astronomer Royal of England, but his data were pigeon-holed. La Verrier sent his calculations to the German astronomer Galle, whose telescope, on Sept. 23rd. 1846 revealed Neptune in the calculated spot. Adams called attention to the data he had given to the Astronomer Royal, and it was found to coincide with that of La Verrier. But stranger still is the fact that the influence of Neptune over human affairs as revealed by experimental astrology coincides precisely with those ascribed to Neptune by Mythology. How is it that of all possible names the one was chosen by modern astronomers that fits the astrological nature of the planet? How is it that the Greeks who depicted in their literature a mythological god, gave to him all the attributes that we now find a planet actually possesses? When Uranus was discovered it was given the name of a king, but the name would not cling. The it was named after its discoverer, Hershel, but in spite of all endeavors this name would not remain. Finally it was named Uranus, and the name so stands, and will stand in the future; because the planet Uranus is found to possess all the characteristics in its influence upon human life depicted by Mythological Uranus. Those who named Neptune, and those who gave Uranus its final name were ignorant of astrology and even if they had not been, there had been no observations to determine the influence of either planet.

In earlier portions of this work I have noted a few remarkable coincidences, picked from an almost limitless number, ancient and modern. Some of these pertain to the thoughts of those, who, like Voltaire, would be the very last to acknowledge any psychic or usual agency at work in their production. I have also cited the basic similarity of tradition as held by all peoples, with examples as space permitted. As to the latter, a common geographical source of tradition-- all peoples having had commercial intercourse in the remote past--offers an explanation, tho I think not a complete one. It seems from certain testimony that people will apparently invent or concoct tradition that has not been handed down to them in writing or by word of mouth; and that such traditions conform closely to the traditions of other peoples receiving it from their forefathers. The evidence here may not be positive, but it is strongly inferential. And why not? Whoever has watched the flocks of little birds, which have no leader, but which rise, turn, wheel; settle and alight, and perform complicated maneuvers with a single impulse, cannot doubt there is a sympathetic communion between the minds of the whole flock. Why not then such a sympathetic communion between the minds of all men, even tho they be unconscious of it? Birds do not Reason, they simply feel impelled to make such a movement because the others of the flock feel so impelled, and all act as a unit.

But we must not stop our explanation here. The minds of those who lived and thought on earth still exist and pursue their studies. If there is intercommunion unconsciously between the minds of men incarnate, no possibility is involved in such unconscious communion with those discarnate. Let a Voltaire scoff! It does not prevent his mind being impressed by the thoughts of those no longer of the flesh to incorporate an element of truth in his fiction. It does not prevent his mind, freed from the body in sleep soaring off thru the universe in search of material for his book and collecting facts worthwhile. That the astronomers who named Uranus and Neptune were ignorant of astrology did not prevent the collective minds of unseen intelligences who know astrology to be a true science from impressing upon them the right names. Nor does it prevent The Religion of The Stars as recognized by the sages ancient and modern from penetrating to the very core of every other religion in the world. In spite of ignorance on the part of the founders of such cults, each allegory and fable and miraculous event has been impressed with the stamp of Unerring Truth--which needs but to be unshrouded to be recognized in all its brilliance and scintillating glory.

The third and spiritual decanate of Aquarius is pictured by Cetus, the whale. This is the largest constellation in the sky, and is mentioned in Lam. 4:3. "Even the sea monsters draw out the breast, they give suck to their young ones." It is mentioned also in Job 41:1. "Canst thou draw out leviathan with an hook? or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down? Canst thou put a hook into his nose? or bore his jaw through with a thorn?" This is the monster Perseus slew. Cassiopeia, picturing the last decanate of Pisces, boasted she was fairer than the sea nymphs. As a punishment for her pride Neptune sent the monster Cletus to ravage the seacoast. Cassiopeia besought Jove for relief, and it was decreed that her daughter Andromeda should vicariously atone for the misdeeds of Cassiopeia and be sacrificed. For the good of the people. To appease the wrath of Neptune, who rules Pisces, Andromeda, picturing the middle decanate of Pisces, was chained to a wave-washed rock to be devoured by Cetus. Cetus is also the Minotaur, to whom the choicest youths of Athens were fed until it was slain by Theseus-- the escape from the labyrinth in which the monster dwelt being made possible by the love of Ariadne, and her clew of thread. Cetus is also the Whale that swallowed Jonah, Jonah, like Andromeda was made a sacrifice to the Sea Monster for the welfare of others, and like Andromeda, Jonah was released after a time. Jonah was in the belly of this whale three days, and from the end of the decanate ruled by Cetus to the 1st. of Aries where the Sun comes from the dark half of the year, it must pass thru the three decanates of Pisces. It is probable, however, that the three days relates to the three days the Sun is in the Tomb at the Winter Solstice-- the three days the Savior lays in the grave.

Having in mind the story of Jonah, that of Theseus and Ariadne, and further details regarding the cause regarding to the vicarious sacrifice of Andromeda, as well as the story of Prometheus chained to a rock to have his liver each day consumed by a vulture--the vulture of envy--for the good of mankind; we are better able to judge the nature of Cetus. In lesson #74 he was called sensual desire. As the decanate pictured by Cetus is the spiritual decanate, he must be a monster that consumes spirituality-- and as this is the Libra, or marriage, decanate, it relates to union. As the largest constellation in the sky, and of destructive nature, it must picture the most potent source of evil on the earth-- and that greatest cause of discord reacting upon unborn generations, is mismarriage, and the nuptial union of those who have ceased to love each other. Thoughts are vitalized by emotion, and are powerful for good or ill in proportion as so vitalized. In the marriage relation, emotions vitalize thought, Where there is lothing, such thought consumes the soul, as the liver of Prometheus was devoured. The mismated Athenian youths were sacrificed to this monster, which was slain with the sword of Theseus assisted by the devoted love of Ariadne. Jonah would not obey the Lord, or Law, and was swallowed by this monster; but was released when he learned to obey the Lord, or Law.

The 12th sign of the zodiac is a dual sign. It rules both charitable institutions and prisons. Pisces is pictured by the two fish united by a ribbon. It is the last sign of the zodiac, and is the exaltation of Venus, the planet of Love. These two fish tied together represent the imprisonment of those united in discordant union--and also those voluntarily united in the bonds of love. Symbolizing the last act in the Cycle of Necessity it pictures the ecstatic and permanent union of Soul-Mates. As applied to mankind as a race it represents realization of Universal Brotherhood.

The first decanate of this sign of Self-Undoing, as it is popularly called, is pictured by King Cepheus. The planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is co-ruler of Pisces. Joseph, who became a ruler in the land of Egypt, or Winter, properly belongs to Sagittarius, but particularly in relation to his imprisonment must be considered in connection with Pieces-- and the first decanate of Pisces is pictured the only ruler in the sky. Joseph was sold into Egypt, much as Jesus was betrayed by Judas for money. His coat of many colors refers to the duality of the signs Sagittarius and Pisces. In Genesis 39 it is related. that the wife of the king of Egypt had Joseph imprisoned because he fled from her advances. There is a similar Greek legend in which Peleus flees from the court of Akastus because he is wrongfully accused of attempting to violate the Queen. As the queen, Cassiopea, pictures the last decanate of Pisces, from which the Sun passes to the signs of greater daylight--the winter garment, of course, is left with Cassiopeia; even as Joseph in his haste left his garment in the hands of the importunate queen. In fact, in some ancient zodiacs Cassiopeia is pictured as holding this garment in one hand. Cepheus was known to the Hindus as "Cassyape", and the Chinese locate the Inner Throne of the five (the number of Jupiter) Emperors in this constellation.

The second and spiritual decanate of the sign whose decanates are represented by the three members of a single family is pictured by Andromeda, the Chained Lady. The Hindu tradition of Andromeda is similar to the Greek as elsewhere given. They call the constellation "Antarmada", and in an ancient Sanscrit work are found drawings of Antarmada chained to a rock and beside her a fish. Joseph is imprisoned for resisting temptation, and later delivers the land from famine. Prometheus is chained and made to undergo perpetual torment for assisting mankind. The Savior is made captive and offered as a vicarious sacrifice. Theseus is imprisoned in the labyrinth of Crete and frees the land from a monster. Jonah is imprisoned in the belly of a whale to save those on his ship. Pisces, in which the prisoner is pictured is the sign, ruling both Universal Brotherhood and Imprisonment. Joseph is released by gaining the love of Pharaoh. Jesus ascends to heaven after exemplifying the doctrine of Brotherly Love. Prometheus is freed thru the voluntary sacrifice of one who loved him. Theseus was released from the labyrinth thru the love of Ariadne. Jonah was turned loose when he decided to serve the Lord. Andromeda rescued by her lover, Perseus. Those who practice the doctrine of Universal Brotherhood have ever been persecuted. But the very love for mankind that hampers and limits worldly success, that makes the sacrifice of material things a part of life; begets a greater freedom. It frees the soul from attachment to physical things, and insures its spiritual happiness and the life beyond the tomb.

The third and physical decanate of Pisces is pictured by Cassiopeia, the queen sitting on her throne. Chepheus is king of Ethiopia, and Cassiopeia the Queen, Andromeda being their daughter. Their dusky complexion is due to their belonging to the dark half of the zodiac-the winter signs. Cassiopeia�s pride concerning her beauty, which causes so much trouble, connects her with the sign Scorpio. She pictures the Scorpio, or Sex, decanate of Pisces. In some old star-maps she is pictured with a garment in her hand, in others as holding a palm, and in still others as holding a braid of her hair- emblem of sexual virility. Sex is thus a temptress, leading to imprisonment and is also the Tree of Life. Cassiopeia, or Sex, was the cause of the imprisonment of the soul in matter, a sacrifice necessary for the good of All and she is the good Queen who furnished her children with the Ram that bore the Golden Fleece, which carried them to Heaven. Sex places us in bondage, or frees us from it, as we are its slave or its master.

I have now completely circled the zodiac and related the fables pertaining to each of the 48 ancient constellations in so far as space permits. I have interpreted each fable by the aid of its constellation and the Law of Correspondences. I have submitted evidence, I think, that will convince any unprejudiced person that all present-day religions with their myths, fables and allegories, are derived from a single source. And, whether the line of Oral tradition be broken or not, whether handed down from the Golden Age by word of mouth, or impressed on man from the inner planes of life where those once on earth now dwell-- I believe I have shown the source of all Religions and the most perfect of All Religions to be The Religion Of The Stars.

In concluding my effort to give this most ancient Religion to the world-- a Religion which is a Science of Natural Law as well as a Belief-- I will give briefly� and in concise terms the Ethical Idea pictured by each of the 48 ancient constellations. In thus presenting the moral doctrines of The Religion of the Stars in so brief a space the thought embodied in each of the constellations must be stated as concisely as possible. The method followed, therefore, is to give the religious and moral conceptions associated with each of the 48 ancient constellations in the form of texts. Each of these spiritual texts, as a moment's reflection will convince, is capable of being expanded into a full size sermon. About each there is ample room for worthy discourse. And it is to be desired that these texts, expressing immutable laws of nature, shall be used by the eloquent as stations from which divine truth say be broadcast to the entire world.

But before stating the texts let me summarize their source: Even as in the present age we are specialists in industry, so were those who outlined the 48 ancient constellations in the sky specialists in spiritual verities. The results of their painstaking spiritual research, generation after generation, were embodied by means of universal symbolism in the constellations. One skilled in universal symbolism can thus now, as at any time in the past, read their meanings But that this task might be still easier, myths, legends, and traditions were associated with each of the celestial figures. These serve the additional purpose of guides and commentaries. In this rendering of the spiritual ideas written anciently by tracings among the stars, I shall first give a zodiacal constellation and then its three constellated decans. Here I may but indicate the symbol or myth associating each constellation with its text; but the association in each case is so obvious that further revelation will follow a little thought. We have here, then, as I believe for the first time, a translation of stellar texts giving the spiritual ideals, the moral conceptions and the practical religious doctrine of the wise men of old.

Apart from the more important ethical teachings, these spiritual texts have also an application in natal astrology. They constitute the specific precepts which people born under the influence of the corresponding sign and decanate most need; of primary importance in this respect are the sign and decanate, which were occupied by the sun at the time of birth. To determine this, only the month and the day of the month need be known, Of secondary importance are the sign and decanate in which: the moon was placed at the time of birth. An ephemeris for the year of birth will show this without mathematical calculation. And of less importance, but of significance enough to warrant observation are the sign and decanate on the ascendant. This requires the erection of a birth-chart. In the order of importance given, the texts may be used to advantage by anyone whose birthday, or better-still birth-chart, is known, as the most needful signboards of life.

ARIES rules the house of life. It is not only the first constellation, but joins the last constellation to the first, even as one life ever follows another. The spiritual teaching of the Ram of the Golden Fleece is: "There is no death! What seems so is transition: This life of mortal breathe Is but a suburb of the life Elysian Whose portal we call death."

1. Triangulum. The triangle is the symbol of mind, the alchemical symbol of flame and action. It suggests one entity springing from three separate factors even as in religion we have the great trinities Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, and Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The spiritual text, most important for those striving for higher powers is: All life, thought and action are the product of the union of positive and negative potencies.
2. Eridanus. When Moses came down from the mountain and found the Children of Israel worshiping the golden calf, Taurus, the bull of material possessions, he burnt the calf, ground it to powder, scattered its ashes on the waters, and made them drink thereof, It is the famed fountain of perpetual youth, and the life saving blood of the lamb, The text is: The fountain of immortal life springs from Man�s emotional nature; the vibrations of exalted love having a rate sufficiently frequent to affect spiritual substance and build a spiritual body.
3. Perseus is not only the renowned hero who cut the head from the Gorgon Medusa, but also David who slew and cut off the head of Goliath. Other acts of merit were the freeing of Andromeda chained to the rock, representing the human soul chained to materialism, and the recovery of the coveted Golden Fleece. Instead of others doing these things for him he was compelled to work out his own salvation. The text is: There is no vicarious atonement. Each soul is a responsible being working out its own deliverance from the thralldom inherited from ancestry and forced upon it by environment.

TAURUS, the bull, rules the house of possessions, Moses, when he ground up and burned the golden calf did not throw it away, but having thus spiritualized it, he made the Children of Israel drink of its ashes after they had been strewn on the waters of the River Eridanus. Nor are material possessions to be ignored, but used for spiritual ends. The text is: Physical life and its opportunities should not be slighted; neither should spiritual aspirations be ignored. Learn, therefore, to "Render unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's and unto God the things which be God's.
1. Lepus. Both by tradition and by popular conception the rabbit is the emblem of timidity and fear. The text is: One of man's greatest enemies is fear.
2. Orion is not only the mighty hunter, but is Moses born among the bull-rushes. He is King Sargon, and he is King Arthur of the far famed round table. The perpetual conflict of the constellated hero with the bull emblem of physical conditions gives rise to this text: The task of the soul on every plane of manifestation is to struggle with and over come the limitations of its environment.
3. Auriga is Phoebus Apollo driving the chariot of the Sun. Under certain aspects he is Phaeton, who when attempting to control the solar steed while as yet unprepared for such strenuous work almost burnt up the earth. He is also Elijah who ascended to heaven in a chariot of fire. With one hand he drives the solar steed, and with the other offers a haven of refuge to the mother goat and her two kids, The text is: The function of a master is to control the forces of nature and use them for the protection of the weak and the benefit of all.

GEMINI. Castor and Pollux, the original Damon and Pythias, fell in love with the daughters of Leucippus, but these young ladies already were betrothed to the sons of Aphareus. A great battle resulted in which Castor was slain. Pollux was so attached to his brother he did not care to survive, but Jove taking pity permitted him to share immortality with Castor, stipulating that only one at a time should be permitted to live on earth, the other being confined in Pluto's dark realm. Thus while the conscious mind is awake the unconscious slumbers, and while the unconscious mind is awake the conscious mind is asleep. They also represent Remus and Romulus, the twins, suckled by a wolf, who founded Rome. Gemini rules thought, The text is: Thoughts are mans most potent builders.
1. Ursa Minor. The pole star, apparently moving not, but stationary while the rest of the universe revolves around it, symbolizes truth. A bear symbolizes mental activity, and as the little bear revolves apparently backward, it signifies intuition. It is significant that the tail of the little bear, in quite an unbearlike manner, reaches out and touches the pole star. The text is: Only through the intuition does man contact the real underlying truth of things.
2. Canis Major. Tradition endows the dog with great loyalty, and by common Recognition the dog is the emblem of fidelity, the text is: "This above all, -- to thine own self be true; and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."
3. Ursa Major. The mariner on the sea, or the wanderer on the desert, who at night would find his way, looks for the north. star, the emblem of truth. To locate the star he. first looks for the pointers, two conspicuous stars in the constellation of the great bear that always point directly to the pole star. Thus as the bear is the symbol of mental activity, we have this text: Reason points the way to truth, and offers a valuable means by which the accuracy of the reports of the psychic senses my be tested.

Cancer. ruled by the moon, is recognized in practical astrology as the mother sign ruling the home and parenthood. The text is: Parenthood tends to displace selfishness with those tender affections that most quickly strengthen the soul and build the spiritual body.
1, Canis Minor. A renegade dog, such as this cur, symbolizes unfaithfulness, and thus the Mohammedans speak of the unfaithful as dogs, and the Bible prophesies that dogs should eat the body of Jezebel, The text is: The wages of sin is death.
2. Hydra. This water-snake is reputed to have had a hundred heads, and when one was cut off two grew in the place of the one. As water symbolizes the affections, and a serpent the desires, this signifies the desires that tempt man and with which he struggles, Hercules, with the aid of a companion, overcame the monster, beating off the heads with a club and searing them over with fire before the others had time to grow. But there was one head that was immortal and could not be slain, so he carefully buried it under a rock, the rock of truth. The text is: Not through slaying desire, but by sublimating it to a higher plane of manifestation, does man make soul progress. 3- Argo is the staunch ship of the famed Argonautic expedition, as well as the Ark of Noah, The text is: Poise is the one safe haven of the soul, therefore, "Under all circumstances keep an even-mind".

LEO. In symbolism as in reality nothing has more courage than the lion. The text is: Any accomplishment truly worthwhile requires the exercise of courage.
l. Crater is the fiery furnace of passion and also the cup of pleasure. The text is: To learn to like anything, associate with it as many pleasurable thoughts and sensations as possible.
2. Centaurus, picturing the middle decanate of Leo, is the original Santa Claus, The text is: It is more blessed to give than to receive, and to receive in full measure we must first give of that which we already have.
3- Corvus, the raven, stole food for Elijah, but is more noted in mythology for bearing tales of gossip. Once he was a pure white bird, but when he brought the news to Apollo of the unfaithfulness of the latter's wife, he was changed to black. The text is: Man tends to become that which he most talks about and most thinks about.

VIRGO is the harvest constellation. The text is: If a man sows discordant thoughts he will reap painful experiences, but if he sows thoughts of harmony he will garner success and happiness.
1. Bootes is the husbandman who raises grapes and presses from then the sparkling wine. In this decanate of the sixth sign, which is also an earthy sign, the sun changes the water in six pots of stone into fine wine, The text is: From every event of life the soul may extract value, even as the verdant vine transforms indifferent waters into rich and sparkling wine.
2. Hercules, named Samson in the Bible, was given twelve great labors to perform as the crowning event of his life. The text is: Perform conscientiously whatever work comes to thy hand, and because of thy experience, greater things to perform will be given thee.
3. Corona Borealis, the northern crown is the crown of thorns with which the savior is tortured just preceding his death on the autumnal cross, The text is: He who would live the life of the spirit, here and now upon this earth, seen and known of men, must have fortitude in times of adversity.

LIBRA in astrology is known as the sign of partnership and marriage. The text is: Not by one alone may the highest of all be reached, but by two united souls who are exited by the sweet reverberations of holy love.
1. Serpens. A serpent, symbol of generation, takes the form of a spiral, which is the form of life, the result of the interaction of positive and negative potencies. This is the balance decanate of the balance sign. The text is: In matters of philosophy and in matters of action the true course usually lies somewhere between advocated extremes.
2. Draco. The dragon is man's traditional enemy, the symbol of material conditions, which Krishna, St. George, and other heroes are said to have slain. The text is: Deal justly, even with thy enemies, for it is better to suffer evil than to retaliate with vengeance.
3. Lupus is the wolf in sheep's clothing, rising as the Ram, symbol of life, sets in the west. It is the traditional symbol of war and the ravages of war. The text is: It is impossible for a man to injure another without himself being injured, or for a man to benefit another without himself being truly benefited.

SCORPIO is the constellation of sex. The text is: Through sex man contacts the inner planes, drawing into himself according to his mood, the finest energies that vivify the spaces or the grossest forces from the fetid border spheres.
1. Ophiuchus pictures Jacob wrestling with the angel, wrestling in fact with the problem of domestic life and the use of the generative energies symbolized by the serpent. The text is: Continual kindness between the sexes generates a power by which the heights may be scaled.
2. Ara is the altar in the wilderness upon which Abraham was commanded to sacrifice his son, but upon which finally instead he is permitted to sacrifice the Ram of Aries. The text is: By sacrificing his animal thoughts, desires, and pleasures upon the altar of aspiration to higher things man comes into possession of intellectual and spiritual pleasures that yield a far keener delight.
3. Corona Australis. This olive crown is the token that adorns the brow of the victor. The text is: Men should be esteemed not because of their race; color, sex, or ancestry, but for what they have accomplished for the common good. The true monarch is he who renders greatest service to his fellow man.

SAGITTARIUS in practical astrology rules religion. The text is: True religion is the discernment of the divine plan and a conscious cooperation in its fulfillment.
1. Lyra is the harp of Orpheus as well as the harp with which David calmed the perturbed spirit of Saul. The text is: On every plane harmony is life and discord is death.
2. Aquilla is the eagle that according to tradition flew higher than any other bird, even into the face of the sun. The text is: In sleep the soul wanders on the wings of its desires to the region most attractive to it let that region, therefore, be the highest.
3. Sagitta is the arrow, which according to tradition goes straight to the mark. The text is: Concentration is the arrow that pierces the illusions of matter and makes possible high accomplishment.

CAPRICORN, although a goat, has the tail of a fish, and is thus able to function effectively either on land or sea. The text is: Every environment offers opportunities for spiritual advancement, and he who makes good use of his present circumstances for spiritual ends will attract new opportunities.
1, Cygnus, the swan, as winter departs, returns from the South bringing the glad tidings that this reign of death precedes a new summer and a new life. The text is: Under certain conditions the stone is rolled from the entrance to the tomb and man consciously exchanges ideas with those who have entered the chamber of death.
2. Delphin is the dolphin that tradition asserts saves the worthy from a watery grave and that also reunites those separated who deeply love. The text is: Man, by his thoughts, his emotions, and his actions on earth builds for himself a home in a higher realm where he will dwell after passing from the physical plane.
3. Pisces Australis is the fish that when it became necessary to pay taxes Peter caught, and from its mouth extracted a coin. It is pictured as drinking avidly the water that flows from the urn of Aquarius. The text is: From the inner planes it is possible for man to attract any information whatsoever he is capable of utilizing.

AQUARIUS is the constellation picturing the humanitarian sign, the sign ruling altruism. The text is: Do and think unto others as you would have them do and think unto you.
1.Equleus is a horse, the symbol of thought, and the steed of the soul. It pictures the Aquarius decanate of Aquarius, and as Aquarius rules astrology this horse is associated in particular with astrological knowledge. The text is: Next to love, man's most useful companion is knowledge, and in particular the knowledge of the manner in which the planets influence human life and destiny.
2. Pegasus, the winged horse traditionally has ever been associated with those flights of the soul known as inspiration. The text is: Under special conditions while still maintaining physical life, it is possible for man to free himself from the Physical body, to visit the homes of the dead, to enter the halls of learning and to bring back in full consciousness the knowledge gained in higher spheres.
3.Cetus is the monster sent to devour Andormeda, and also the monster that required the fairest youths of Athens for its food. The text is: The minataur that demands the sacrifice of the fairest youths of the land is discord in marriage.

PISCES in practical astrology is the exaltation of Venus, the planet of love. In token of deep and abiding affection the constellated fishes, are united by the ribbon of love. The text is: Love is the tree of life, and its fruit is universal brotherhood.
1. Cepheus, the king, rests his foot, representing his understanding, upon the pole star, truth, and wears a crown surmounted by seven globes, representing the seven planets. This indicates that his wisdom is based upon his understanding of planetary law. The text is: "As it is above so it is below, and that which is below is like unto that which is above".
2. Andromeda was chained to a rock for Cetus to devour. She also represents Prometheus, bound to the rock and condemned to everlasting torment for stealing the fire from heaven for the benefit of mankind. The text is: "He who sacrifices his own desires for the welfare of others draws down the divine fire from heaven and with it kindles the highest potencies of his soul.
3. Cassiopeia was the proud queen of Ethiopia, who because of her pride brought misfortune upon Andromeda. She is also Potiphar's wife who caused Joseph to be imprisoned. Andromeda was rescued from her perilous position by Perseus. Joseph fled the advances of Potiphar's wife, leaving his garment in her hands, even as man, passing to the next life leaves his physical body behind. The text is: Man may pass from this life to the next, even through death, with no greater break in his affairs than would be occasioned by leaving his acquaintances in one city and taking up his activities in another city amid a different group of friends.