Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Vitality, Health and Disease
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine June 1922

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 106 Course X--D.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. June 1922.
Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Part IV. Vitality, Health and Disease
by C.C. Zain

I trust in the preceding lesson I was successful in indicating that each of the zodiacal signs and each of the planets has its own particular tendency to weakness and its own particular tendency to strength, and that no one sign or no one planet is essentially better than any other. But of far more importance than the more mention of the weakness and strength of each is the psychological relation between them. For there is such a natural association between the worst quality and the best quality, that by skillfully accentuating the best quality the energy of the worst quality gradually is drained into it. Thus the extreme tendencies of any sign or planet present qualities having such factors in common that it becomes a matter of no very great difficulty to convert the one into the channels of the other.

When therefore, outstanding faults of temperament, character or disposition are indicated by the chart of birth, the astrologer also has in his possession the information on how these faults may be corrected without violating sound psychological principles. If he discovers that the fault lies through over-desire for Stability, he will not make the mistake of advising his client to cultivate less Obstinacy. For such a method of restraint tends to repressed energy. And repression always loads to difficulties of some kind. In fact, the use of the word �Don�t� is to be avoided as much as possible. Instead, he will advise the diversion of the obnoxious quality into some channel that will prove of utility. For Fixity of purpose where truth and justice are the objects becomes a potent factor for good-- a powerful asset to any character. And by its very nature it prevents the Obstinacy from expressing in an inimical way.

By skillfully utilizing the constructive side of the qualities of any sign or planet and centering the energies upon these, the energies of the destructive side quickly become transmuted. And while to those unconversant with psychological processes so much stress laid upon this point may appear strained, yet in reality it marks the difference between failure and success.

For any quality possessed by a person is the expression of status of consciousness that have been organized in his astral form by experience. Such organizations are actual energies. To dam them up requires great effort, and then they usually break through the dam. To try to make them run up hill, as it were, as, for instance, trying to make Mars qualities cautious, or a Saturn quality reckless, is fruitless effort. Yet it takes a very little work, if the matter is handled properly, to form a small groove of association between the destructive channel and the constructive channel of the same general stream of energy. Once the rivulet starts it begins to deepen and widen the association groove. And as the process advances, more and more of the energy is diverted into the selected stream. It still flows down hill, as it were, not against its natural tendency-- but it flows in a constructive and beneficial bed.

The chart of birth, then when read with a discerning eye, becomes much more than a map showing the qualities possessed by the person and the trend of the events of his life. It becomes an accurate gauge of the organizations of energy within his astral form. It reveals the cause of the qualities he expresses to be such centers of energy, and that they were so organized by definite states of consciousness prior to human birth. And it indicates what states of consciousness-- in a broad way what experiences during the soul�s evolution form mineral to man�are responsible for the trend of events mapped in the birth-chart

But were we to stop here our science would not be worthy of commendation as The Religion of the Stars. For the Religion of the Aquarian Age must not be able merely to chart the cause of an individual�s tendencies and the events of life that will be attracted by such tendencies if uninterfered with. It must also present a system of effort by which the individual may alter any organization of energy shown in the birth-chart and thus mould his character and become Master of his own Destiny.

The problem confronting the astrologer of the Aquarian Age, therefore, is two-fold. First, as a skillful diagnostician, he must be able to determine just what organizations of energy reside within the astral form of the person whose chart he reads, and just what departments of life, and how, these centers of energy will affect.

Secondly, form his knowledge that these centers of energy were originally formed by states of consciousness (which when more complex in nature attain the dignity of being called thoughts), he must be able to advise his client in regard to a line of thought and action that will enable him, not merely to submit with fatalistic lethargy to what appears to be mapped out for him, but such as will enable him to achieve a life and destiny largely of his own choosing.

As the first step is diagnosing the centers of energy that are shown by the birth-chart it will be well here to broadly outline how this may be done. So let us bear in mind that each planet corresponds to a definite family of thoughts, of desires, or urges�as they are variously called. And by a study of the position, strength and aspects of a planet the power, strength, and harmony or discord of its corresponding mental factors in the astral form may be known.

Now in lesson # 105 is given the group of Urges (or thoughts) ruled by each planet. And lesson # 96 each of these families of mental factors is given detailed consideration in relation to its importance in evolution, how it was developed, and just what it embraces. But the important point at this moment is that every planet in a birth-chart maps a center of energy within the astral form that has been organized by definite mental processes. And this center of energy receives and transmits energy from its corresponding planet�so that each such center of energy acts as a magnet to draw the person into an environment- of similar vibration.

The signs, then, in which the planets are found, indicate the Series to which the Urges (or thought-elements) belong. For thoughts and their more primitive forerunners, the Urges, spring from various motives. And a thought belonging to any family may spring into existence from any one of twelve motives, and thus differs form thoughts of the same family associated with another viewpoint. In lesson # 105 I have indicated the Series of thoughts, or Urges, ruled by each sign. And the whole matter of the Series to which thoughts belong is given detailed consideration in lesson # 99. But the point of significance here is that the viewpoint behind any organization of mental factors as shown by the planets in the horoscopes my be determined by the Sign in which the planet indicating the organization is located.

Furthermore, the house-position of the planet indicating any organization of energy in the astral form shows that the Urges were formed about the department of life ruled by that house. That is, a planet in the second house indicates that mental elements corresponding to the nature of the planet were built into the astral form by experiences with personal possessions. So, likewise, a planet in the fifth house indicates that the mental elements of the nature of the planet were formed through experiences with pleasures of offspring; and so on.

And finally, in our diagnosis we must not neglect to consider the aspects.

Thus a Conjunction aspect indicates a Prominence-Complex within the astral body, formed by the Urges ruled by the planets making the aspects. A Semi-Sextile is indication of a Growth-Complex. A Sextile aspect denotes an Opportunity Complex. A square relates to an Obstacle-Complex. A Trine aspect signifies a Luck-Complex. An Inconjunct shows there is an Expansion-Complex. A Semi-Square means there is a Friction-Complex. An opposition is a sign of a Separation-Complex. A Sesqui-square aspect points out the presence of an Agitation-Complex. And a Parallel denotes and Intensity-Complex.

The precise manner in which Urges or thoughts unite in the formation of each of these forms of mental compounds within the astral form will not be discussed here, as it was given detailed consideration in lesson # 98. But it may be well to summarize the manner in which thoughts concerning two departments of life unite in the astral body when they are associated. Quoting from lesson # 98.

�For it is found that elemental urges, or more complex mental factors, in so much as they possess qualities which when the experiences enters the consciousness produce a disagreeable sensation, in that much they possess a polarity toward the other element with which they are associated, that forces them to enter into discordant compounds. But in so far as their effect upon consciousness when formed produces a pleasurable sensation, they are round to possess a different polarity toward the other elements and thoughts with which they are then associated that tends to cause them to enter into the formation of harmonious compounds.

And the strength and quality of the disagreeable or pleasurable sensation accompanying the association of thoughts determines which of the ten kinds of� mental compounds will be formed. Therefore, the kind of such compounds that were organized by elemental urges before birth into human form are those mapped by the aspects between the planets in the birth-chart, and the family to which the urges belong are shown by their corresponding planets.

The vital forces that energize man are no exception to this general rule. The amount of vitality possessed by any person depends upon his ability to receive and transmit energy of a certain degree of intensity. And the physical body being but a replica in physical substance of the astral body, the ability to receive and transmit vital energies depends upon the structure of the astral form. This astral form possesses its particular structure due to the various experiences it has had adding modes of motion to it. Each experience has set up a corresponding state of consciousness which is recorded in the astral form, entering into combination with other states of consciousness already recorded there. In this manner the astral form has been built to its present structure. And upon the structure so present depends the vital power of the person.

The birth-chart clearly reveals this astral structure in detail, mapping all the important centers of energy in it. And some of these centers of energy have a powerful influence directly upon the amount and kind of vital force that the person receives and transmits. So it, becomes the work of the astrologer to determine as precisely as possible just what positions in a birth-chart indicate conditions pronouncedly influencing the vitality.

And experience shows that there are three points in the birth-chart that particularly refer to vitality�the Sun, Moon and Ascending Degree. But what degree of importance to attach to each depends upon the sex of the person and the relative position of the Luminaries in the chart.

The Sun, of course, is primarily the source of all Vital Power. But under certain conditions this vital power is not received directly through the center in the astral form indicated by the position of the Sun in the birth-chart�but is partly, or in whole, refracted through these centers indicated by the Moon and Ascending Degree.

In a male chart when the Sun is above the horizon it has almost exclusive rule over the vitality. That is, the position and aspects to the Sun will indicate to what extent the person receives and transmits vital force.

But when, in a male chart, the Sun is below the horizon and the Moon is above the horizon, the vital forces flow through these centers in the astral body occupied by both Sun and Moon. A portion of the vital energy, instead of flowing through the Sun-center, is diverted and flows through the Moon-center.

In a male chart, however, when both Sun and Moon are below the horizon, the vital forces flow through the Sun-center and the center indicated by the Ascending Degree.

In a female chart when the Moon is above the horizon it has almost exclusive rule over the vitality.

But when, in a female chart, the Moon is below the horizon and the Sun is above the horizon, the vital forces flow through these centers in the astral body occupied by both Moon and Sun.

And in a female chart, when both Moon and Sun are below the horizon, the vital forces flow through the Moon-center and that center in the astral body indicated by the Ascending Degree.

Therefore, in judging the amount of vitality indicated by the birth-chart it is necessary to consider the strength of Sun and Moon and Ascending sign, the amount of power shown by the house-position of Sun and Moon, and the various aspects to the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. The amount of importance to be attached to any one of the three vital factors being determined by the rules given above.

Thus in a male chart when the Sun is above the horizon very little consideration need be given the Ascendant and Moon where vitality is concerned. The vitality will be shown by the position of the Sun and by the various aspects made to it by the other planets. And in the case of a female when the Moon is above the horizon its position and aspects show the vitality.

But when there is a Solar-Lunar vitality, the Sun and Moon should receive about equal consideration, the aspects to each being carefully noted.

And when the rule calls for a consideration of Sun and Ascendant, or Moon and Ascendant, the strength of the Ascendant by sign and the various aspects to it from the planets should receive about the same attention as is given to the Sun or Moon, as the case may be.

Now when we consider that every center of energy in the astral form has been organized by states of consciousness, it will be seen that states of consciousness of a certain order have been responsible for the amount of vitality possessed by any person. For the center mapped by the position of the Sun has been formed by that group of mental elements within the astral form called the Power-Urges. The center mapped by the Degree Ascending is formed by mental elements of the Series shown by the ascending sign having been closely associated with the Personality. And the center mapped by the position of the Moon has been formed by the group of mental elements within the astral body called the Domestic Urges.

In other words, those states of consciousness, which when human form is attained are called thoughts, concerning Power, Domestic Life, and Personality, are responsible for the amount of vital power.

Therefore, in a chart where the Sun is shown to be the source of vitality, the strength of the Power-Urges within the astral body, and the manner in which they have combined with other families of urges, determines the vital power and consequent length of life.

These Power-Urges are thought-elements such as express in human life as pride, firmness, approbativeness, conscientiousness and self-esteem. And when they have been organized through certain motives they have more power than when springing from other incentives. When springing from the Egoistical viewpoint, for instance, they express on very high plane. They then belong to the first series of elemental urges, being shown in the birth-chart by the Sun in its exaltation, the sign Aries. But when they spring from the Equilibrium motive they lack such power, this being the seventh Series of Urges, shown by the Sun being in its Fall, the sign Libra.

Likewise, when they have been organized largely through experiences in certain departments of life, they have more power than when associated with other departments of life. And this is shown by the house-position of the Sun. When, for instance, the Sun is in an angle it gives far more vital power than when in succedent or cadent houses. In fact, all planets are more powerful in the angles, which means that thought-centers organized through experiences with Personal-Matters, Position, Marriage, and the Home, have much more energy at their command that those organized about other departments of life, and they consequently permit a greater volume of energy from the corresponding planet to be transmitted.

Further, every aspect the Sun receives from another planet indicates that mental factors of the group ruled by that planet have entered into combination with the Power-Urges. If the aspect be harmonious it indicates that the combination was formed under the influence of pleasurable sensations. But if the aspect is discordant it indicates that the two families of mental elements are united by pain into a disintegrative complex. The vital forces, then, that are received and transmitted by the person will receive a constructive or destructive trend according to the nature of the complex shown by the aspects, just as light in passing through a glass transmits the color of the glass.

If the Sun is afflicted by the planet Saturn it shows that the Power-Urges have entered into inharmonious mental compounds with the Safety-Urges. These Safety-Urges are the thought elements such as express in human life as secrecy, acquisitiveness, covetousness, causality and comparison, and in their more pernicious forms as doubt, worry and fear. And of all the afflictions to vitality, that shown by an evil aspect from Saturn is the worst. For it tends to lethargy, stagnation, and depletion of vital forces. The very nature of the Urges associated with this planet tends to restrictions, slowing down all the functions of the body. And even the good aspects from Saturn do not add to the vital power directly, for thoughts of such a nature are not energetic enough. They do help the vitality in one way, however, for they make a person careful of himself and sparing no pains to increase his power and physical and mental vigor.

But when the Sun is afflicted by Mars we get a very different result. This shows that the Power-Urges have entered into inharmonious mental compounds with the Aggressive-Urges. These Aggressive Urges are the thought-elements such as express in human life as amativeness, destructiveness, combativeness, and alimentiveness, and in their more pernicious forms as anger and cruelty. And strange as it may seem at first thought, they do not afflict the vitality directly. But because of their very nature they contain so much energy, and combination they make with other urges tends to impart energy to the combination. Therefore, any aspect to Mars to the Sun is an aid to Vitality. But if the aspect is inharmonious it will tend to an over-expenditure of the life forces, excess of various kinds and through its inharmony will attract accidents and acute disease. The person then becomes reckless of his life and energy.

The best influence the Sun can receive for vitality is a good aspect from the planet Jupiter. This indicates that the Power-Urges have entered into harmonious mental compound with the Religious-Urges. These Religious-Urges are thought elements such as express in human life as benevolence, good cheer, venoration, hope, reverence, and spirituality. The inharmonious aspects of Jupiter to the Sun impair the vitality by clogging the system through high living. But the Religious-Urges, being so genial and expansive in quality, have not much power to afflict the vitality even when strongly present in inharmonious combination.

Another beneficial influence upon vitality is shown by the conjunction of Venus with the Sun. This shows that the Power-Urges have entered into a harmonious mental compound with the Social Urges. These Social Urges are the thought elements such as express in human life as affection, friendship, mirthfulness, conjugality, and inhabitiveness. The only other aspects Venus makes with the Sun is the Semi-Sextile and Semi-Square, neither of which have much influence over vitality.

And any aspect between the Sun and Moon is of great importance where vitality is concerned. It shows that the Power-Urges have entered into a mental compound with the Domestic-Urges. These Domestic-Urges are thought-elements such as express is human life as time, tune, sublimity, and philoprogentiveness. When the aspect between the Sun and Moon is harmonious it indicates that these two families of mental elements have formed a constructive mental compound. But if the aspect is inharmonious it indicates that the compound is disintegrative. And while an aspect between Sun and Moon when inharmonious is not so severe in effect as the same aspect from Saturn, and when harmonious is not so potent for good as the same aspect from Jupiter, yet it has a most decided effect for vital power or the lack of it.

The planet Mercury is of minor importance in a question of vitality, when the Sun is sole ruler of vital power. But in a chart where the Moon is sole ruler of the vitality, or shares with the Ascendant that rule, Mercury becomes more significant. When aspecting the Moon it shows that the Domestic-Urges have entered into a mental compound with the Intellectual-Urges. These Intellectual-Urges are the thought-elements such as express in human life as eventuality, language, calculation, and the recognition of size, weight, form and color. If they have united with the Domestic-Urges harmoniously it gives a mental calmness and surety that prevents the too-free expenditure of nervous energy, but if united inharmoniously it occasions depletion through useless expenditures of nervous force.

We have yet to mention the aspects of Uranus and Neptune to the ruler of vitality in a chart. The aspects from Uranus show that the Individualistic Urges have entered into the combination. These Individualistic-Urges are the thought-elements such as express in human life as independence, originality, inventiveness, and unconventionality. Their rate of vibration is such as to have very little direct effect upon the vitality. There harmonious combinations, however, give a surety of purpose and confidence that prevents vitality being wasted in diffidence. And their inharmonious combinations give an erratic flow of nervous energy that tends to dissipation of vital force. But, on the whole, the aspects of Uranus are of small moment where vitality is concerned.

The aspects from Neptune have even a less effect directly upon vital power. They show that the Utopian-Urges have entered into the combination. These Utopian-Urges are the thought-elements such as express in human life as daydreams, visions, and psychic impressions. Combining with the urges ruling the vitality they have almost no power to benefit, but when the aspects are inharmonious they induce extreme negativeness which may impair the vitality, or they incline to habits of life that tend to depletion.

So far I have confined the discussion almost wholly to the Sun as the ruler of vitality. But in those cases where, according to the rules stated, the Moon is the sole ruler of the vital forces, most of what has been said regarding the aspects of the planets to the Sun also applies to the aspects to the Moon. It should be noted, however, that while a good aspect of Mars to the Moon is very potent to strengthen the Lunar Vital Force, yet an inharmonious aspect of Mars to the Moon is more of an affliction than a discordant aspect of Mars to the Sun. The reason of this is that the Domestic-Urges, as shown by the Moon, are negative, hence when wrongly combined with the positive Aggressive-Urges tend to more violent discord than the union of the latter with the positive Power-Urges.

And because both are negative in quality, the good aspects of Venus to the Moon are more powerful for vital force than the conjunction of Venus with the Sun.

But with these exceptions all that has been said regarding the various aspects to the Sun as affecting the vitality also holds true regarding the aspects to the Moon, when the Moon is sole ruler of the vitality, or shares it equally with the Sun. But, of course, the aspects to the Moon indicate that the various families of thought-elements indicated by the aspecting planets have entered into combination with the Domestic-Urges.

When, however, the Degree Ascending shares the rule over the vital forces, it indicates that the thought-elements shown by the planets aspecting the Ascending Degree have been harmoniously or inharmoniously associated with the Personality. That is, these urges have been organized through agreeable or disagreeable sensations directly affecting the Physical Body. Consequently, through this association with the physical body they become potent as centers of energy to receive and transmit either harmoniously or inharmoniously, as the case may be, vital forces.

Therefore, in gauging the vitality shown by a birth-chart, first consider the rules given to determine if the vitality is ruled by the Sun, by the Moon, by Sun and Moon together, by Sun and Ascending Degree jointly, or by Moon and Ascending Degree. Then consider the grade of vitality by noting if the vital rulers are strong by sign or not. Next note if the ruler, or rulers, of the vitality are powerful by being in angular houses.

With the strength and volume of energy so determined then proceed to judge what effect the aspects to the rulers of vitality have. And with the exception of Mars to the Sun consider that every inharmonious aspect to the rulers of vitality impairs the vital force. The manner in which it is impaired is shown by the family of urges the afflicting planet rules, and the nature of the aspect shows the kind of inharmonious complex within the astral form that underlies the affliction. And it should be here noted than an inharmonious aspect from a planet in either the sixth or the eighth house is more inimical to health than when elsewhere located, because such planets show organizations of energy within the astral form caused by thoughts or urges about sickness or death. Consequently, by their very nature they attract these ills.

In a similar manner consider every good aspect to the rulers of the vitality as aiding it, the amount and nature of the aid being shown by the nature of the planet and the aspect. In this was the vital power may not only be gauged, by the underlying mental causes of its strength or impairment may be determined.

Then, with this information at hand, it becomes expedient to advise just what steps should be taken to apply a mental antidote to the centers of energy indicated by planets afflicting the rulers of vitality. And just what now forms of energy should be built into the astral centers to increase the vital power.

For, as that center of transmission within the astral form mapped by a trine aspect of Jupiter to the Sun or Moon was, during the past evolution of the astral constitution, built into it through certain experiences that affected the consciousness in a particular way�so by cultivating similar status of consciousness it is possible to build a center of energy into the astral form after birth�even when it is not indicated in the birth-chart�that will have all the effect of the Sun or Moon trine Jupiter at birth.

Therefore, to build up vital force with the least effort, it becomes advisable to determine the family of Urges that rules the vitality�Power Urges, Domestic-Urges, or Urges centered around the Personality, or a combination of two of these families of Urges. Then set to work to cultivate such experiences and thoughts as will add, in the strongest most pleasant manner, mental elements corresponding to the planet whose influence is most beneficial for vital power, to these thoughts governing vitality.

For the greater the amount of joy and enthusiasm felt when thoughts concerning two phases of life are experienced, the more pronounced becomes the harmony of the mental complex so formed.

If the pleasure felt at the time of their association be mild it will cause a Growth-Complex to form, such as is shown in a birth-chart by the semi-sextile aspect between planets. If the thoughts are persistently associated in the mind with intense pleasure, and Opportunity-Complex is formed, such is shown in a horoscope by the Sextile aspect. But if the two phases of activity are associated persistently under such conditions as fill the whole being with deep enthusiasm and lasting joy, a Luck-Complex is formed, such is shown by a Trine aspect in the chart of birth.

Therefore, as Jupiter is more beneficial than any other planet to increase the vital power and preserve the life, the Religious-Urges should be cultivated in connection with the Power-Urges, the Domestic-Urges, or with thoughts intimately associated with the Personality, depending on which group or groups rule the vital power as shown in the chart.

This means that to strengthen the Sun-center in a birth-chart the feeling of self-esteem and power should as often as possible be joyfully and intensely associated with the feeling of benevolence, and devotion to the service of Deity. It means that the most potent means of strengthening the Moon-center is a birthchart is to bring the feeling of deep religious responsibility as joyously as possible into all the thoughts and actions concerning home and domestic life. Make the home and those in it a source of continual joy and thanksgiving. And to strengthen the Ascendant-center, associate all thoughts of personal welfare with a generous and pleasurable feeling of good-will toward all. Feel pleasure in personal activity. Realize that you are constructive power acting under Divine guidance. And take as much joy as possible in the thought.

Thus it will be seen that the power of prayer to heal, and to lengthen life, is the most potent of all thought-methods. For it is building into the astral constitution, quickly or gradually, just such conditions as are indicated by a powerful good aspect of Jupiter in the birth-chart. And instance of the power of prayer so to heal are to numerous now to need further comment. But the fact is that by following the methods here briefly advanced and intelligently and energetically applying them, a person may build into himself just such a vitality as would be indicated in his birth-chart if he had Jupiter sextile or trine, Sun, Moon, or Ascendant.

And by bringing the Aggressive-Urges�thoughts and actions based upon initiative and courage�into pleasant association with the urges ruling vitality, a vital force can be built up that will sustain life with all the persistence indicated by Mars sextile or trine, Sun, Moon, or Ascendant.

Likewise the Domestic-Urges may be combined with the Power-Urges to give all the effect of Moon trine Sun in the birth-chart. And the Social-Urges may be organized with the Power-Urges, or Domestic-Urges, or with the Personality, to give the effect of Venus conjunction Sun, or trine Moon, or in good aspect to the Ascendant.

Furthermore, the evil aspects to the vital rulers already existing in the chart may be annulled and their energy turned into constructive channels. This is done by selecting the group of urges that is the Natural Antidote for the group which afflicts the vitality. Then associate the mental-antidote pleasantly with the group indicated by the afflicting planet. This will gradually transmute the discordant energy already present in the astral form into a more harmonious channel. But I must reserve for succeeding lessons the details of applying such a mental antidote, although the method is fully explained in lessons # 97 and # 98.

Now, however, I must draw attention to a curious fact-- that while the amount of vitality determines the recuperative power and length of life, yet the strength of the constitution and habitual state of health does not depend primarily upon vitality. That is, people with very little vitality often have good health for thirty or forty years of life, and then die the first severe sickness that overtakes them. And on the other hand, people with very poor constitutions, who are always ailing and seem to be at death�s door, nevertheless, live to a ripe old age. They have a poor constitution and very good vitality.

In a male chart the strength of the constitution is shown by the Ascending Degree, and planets in the First House, and the Moon. In determining the strength of the constitution, note that it is stronger if Rising-sign and Moon sign are both of same polarity, both positive or both negative, and that in a male chart a positive sign rising gives a better constitution. Every aspect to the Moon, to the Ascending Degree, and to planets in the First House, tends to strengthen or weaken this constitution.

In the chart of a female the strength of the constitution is shown by the Ascending Degree, any planets in the First House, and the Sun. If the rising sign and Sun-sign, in a Female chart, are the same polarity, the constitution is strengthened. And is a female chart a negative sign gives a stronger constitution than a positive sign, because it agrees better with her own polarity. Every aspect to the Sun and Ascending Degree and to Planets in the First House tends to strengthen or weaken the constitution.

And of planets in the First House, when there are several, that one nearest the Ascendant has most influence. Further, in all cases the underlying mental cause of the strength or weakness of constitution is indicated by the planets and their aspects, which point out the complexes formed before birth in the astral form.

But there is still another factor that must be considered in connection with health. It relates to the Sixth House. For even as the First House of a chart is the most powerful�the Sixth is the weakest in a chart. Therefore, disregarding the planets, the sixth house indicates the weakest portion of the body, and the sign on that house shows the part of the body most liable to affliction. Yet due to the planets forming aspects, which indicate discordant complexes in other parts of the body, the part of the body indicated by the sixth house is not always the part attacked by disease. Nevertheless, in a general way, it is a weak part of the anatomy, and if there is a malefic planet in it badly aspected, or if the ruler of the sixth be severely afflicted, it indicates where the disease is more liable to attack because of this inherent weakness.

Therefore, in determining the health of a person we must not only look to the strength of the constitution as shown by Rising Degree, Sun or Moon, and planets in the First Houses�but we also must look to the Sixth House for any special weaknesses that are not indicated by the constitution in general.

And where weak centers are indicated, either relating to the First, Sixth, or the Luminary ruling the constitution, these weaknesses should be overcome by applying a correct Mental Antidote. That is, by selecting the group of urges that forms the natural antidote for the group causing the weakness, and pleasantly cultivating the thoughts and actions so selected. Also the constitution, and therefore the state of health in general, may be built up by organizing through appropriate thoughts and actions such centers of energy pleasantly associated with these centers indicated by the Luminary concerned, or the Planet, or the Personality-- so that the effect will be quite the same as having many good aspects to the Ascendant, Rising Planet, and Luminary, in the birth-chart.

As course IX�Mental Alchemy�is devoted to diagnosing and healing various diseased conditions it would be redundant to go too far into such details here. Most of us, however, have observed many cases, if we have investigated at all, in which a person with a poor birth-chart for health, and who has just such health as might be expected, has been permanently cured by adopting a certain religious or mental attitude. Such healing will become the universal method in the future, when the details of just how thought-elements combine in the astral body as discordant or harmonious compounds to attract corresponding conditions in external life, are recognized. And at that time Natal Astrology will come into its own. For the birth-chart unerringly shows the though-cause of all weakness and disease, and show just what kind of thought-elements are needed and in what manner they should be applied to overcome the weakness or effect a lasting cure. And I trust I have shown why man need not be the slave to ill health or to early death just because his birth-chart indicates it. For intelligent man is master of his stars, of all forces, and of his own destiny.

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Serial No. 106, Branch Letter -- D
Course X, Branch of Science�Natal Astrology
Part IV
Vitality, Health and Disease
Examination Questions

1. How is the strength of constitution determined in a male chart?

2. How is the strength of constitution determined in a female chart?

3. What is the two-fold problem that confronts the astrologer of the Aquarian Age?

4. How can the natural association between the worst quality and the best quality of

a sign or planet be utilized?

5. What factors in a birth-chart indicates the families of thought-elements as organized

in the astral body?

6. What factor in a birth-chart indicates the Series to which a given family of

thought-elements belong?

7. What factor in a birth-chart indicates the department of life about which a family

of thought-elements were formed?

8. What factor in a birth-chart indicates how the various families of thought-elements

have been united into harmonious or discordant complexes?

9. What is the general law determining whether mental factors will combine harmoniously or as discordant centers of energy?

10. What determines, when thought-elements combine, which of the ten different

kinds of compounds will be formed?

11. Why are planets located in the sixth and eighth houses more potent for ill than

when otherwise located, if they afflict the ruler of vitality?

12. What determines the vitality of a person?

13. When, in a birth-chart, is the Sun sole ruler of vitality?

14. When, in a birth-chart, is the Moon Sole ruler of vitality?

15. When, in a birth-chart, are Sun and Moon joint rulers of the vitality?

16. When, in a birth-chart, are Sun and Ascendant joint rulers of the vitality?

17. When, in a birth-chart, are Moon and Ascendant joint rulers of the vitality?

18. In a Birth-chart, what is the worst affliction to vitality?

19. What is the effect, in a male chart, upon the vitality of an affliction between

Mars and the Sun?

20. In What way can Saturn help the vitality?

21. What is the best influence in a birth-chart that the Sun or Moon can receive to

assist the vitality?

22. How may the Sun-center, as shown in a birth-chart, be strengthened?

23. What is the most potent means of strengthening the Moon-center as shown in a


24. What is the best method of strengthening the Ascendant as shown in a birth-chart?

25. How may the evil influence of aspects to the rulers of vitality in a birth-chart be


Birth-chart of Lord Northcliffe, who rose from a poor boy to be the most

powerful newspaper man in the world. Leaving an immense fortune at his death.

(no other birth data given)