Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Business, Finance and Vocational Selection
by C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine July 1922

Issued under the auspices of the Brotherhood of Light.
Serial No. 107 Course X--E.
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif. July 1922.
Natal Astrology (Hermetic System)
Part V. Business, Finance and Vocational Selection
by C.C. Zain

As, in the previous lesson, I made mention of the desirability of being able to select a proper mental antidote for any discordant complex within the astral form mapped by inharmonious aspect between planets in the birthchart, it may be well, before taking up the main subject of this lesson to illustrate the principle of mental transmutation.

And I can do no better, in illustrating the principle involved, than to refer to one of the latest and probably the most important scientific discovery of the twentieth century.

I have in mind the work of Dr. Albert Abrams, whose methods are embraced by the term��The Electronic reactions of Abrams��usually abbreviated in scientific discussion to E R A.

In �The Brotherhood of Light Annual for 1923� I shall give further details concerning the proofs, the methods employed, and their occult significance. But here I shall merely go so far as to indicate certain parallels between the Electronic Reactions and planetary influence upon the astral form of man; and between the electronic system of cure and the methods employed by mental alchemy.

In the first place Dr. Abrams states that all things whatsoever are radio-active. That is, they radiate energy. Furthermore he believes that everything has its own rate of vibration, and that it is possible to detect its frequencies. Therefore, whenever vibrations of given frequencies are detected it is an invariable indication of the presence of the thing or quality corresponding to that vibration.

Dr. Abrams has made practical application of this principle in the diagnosis of disease. He has invented a method by which it is possible to detect the rate of vibration given off by human blood, and also the rates given off by the various different diseases. By taking a few drops of blood from a patient, and noting the various different rates of vibratory frequencies given off by the blood, he can determine just what diseases the patient suffers from, just what portion of the body is affected, and the exact virulence of the disease. And all the time the patient may be in New York while Abrams is in San Francisco. And if the patient�s blood is not available, he can take a letter written by the patient, and diagnose all these conditions with mechanical certainty from the vibrations being radiated from the handwriting. And it matters not how old the handwriting, for he has obtained correct results from handwriting several hundred years old.

His experiments prove, remarkable as it may seem, that as experienced by human beings, truth has its vibratory rate, love has its rate, infidelity its rate, and so on�and that these rates also may be detected to determine the mental state of the person so analyzed. This portion of his work, however, is in its infancy. But the diagnosis of disease by the electronic method has now reached beyond the experimental stage, and is being employed. With startlingly correct results, by many of the most successful and renewed physicians in the world. 1.

Having determined that a disease, its germs the poisons produced by these germs, the bodily tissues in which the germs have resided, and even the handwriting of the person diseased, all yield the same invariable vibratory rate, Dr. Abrams set about finding a method by which such vibratory rates might be destroyed. And he found that when a vibratory rate is introduced into the human body, or when a specimen of the disease itself is exposed to the vibratory rate, of the same frequencies as the disease, that the disease vibrations are cancelled and the disease is quickly and completely destroyed. The present theory for this fact�which has ample demonstration as a fact at the hands of many noted physicians�is that the new energy increases the swing of the vibration to such an extent that it is completely broken up, just as soldiers marching ever a bridge without breaking stop may cause it to fall, or as a wine glass may be shattered by singing its own musical note into it.

To be able to introduce the vibratory rate into the human body, such as would have frequencies just right for destroying the disease, yet would in no way injure healthy tissue, Dr. Abrams invented an instrument called the �oscilloclast�. By its means, throughout the U.S.A. up to the present time, hundreds of patients have been completely cured of the three most dreaded diseases�Cancer, Tuberculosis, and Syphilis. The �oscilloclast� has no power to build new tissue�but it completely destroys the disease and permits nature to work unhindered at rebuilding tissues. And unless too great areas of tissue have been destroyed by the disease, mother nature performs a complete cure.

We have here, therefore, a complete mechanical demonstration of two important principles. First, every organ, every disease, and probably every mental attitude, has, and constantly radiates, its own particular rate of vibration. Second, a certain vibratory rate introduced from the outside has the power to cancel and annul the vibratory rate already present.

And it should be borne in mind that when a patient is being treated with the �oscilloclast� he perceives no sensation whatsoever-- no more so than when he receives certain so-called areas of direction from the planets�yet in both cases the unperceived vibratory rate may powerfully influence his life.

Treatment by means of the �oscilloclast� is electrically changing certain destructive rates of vibration that exist within the etheric body. This also causes changes to take place in both the astral body and the physical form. Likewise, any change imposed upon the physical body must affect the etheric body and the astral body. Also, any change in the astral body tends to build a replica in the physical body through similar changes in the etheric form. And doubtless all Mental, Spiritual, Divine and Metaphysical transpires through changes in the vibratory rates within the astral form which cause similar changes in the vibratory rates of the etheric form and thus affect the physical body.

Furthermore, we may be sure the whole power of the planets to influence man�s life and destiny is due to the vibratory rates that he transmits from them. And the kind of rates he transmits depends entirely upon the vibratory rates already existing in his astral form. But if he has some vibratory rates in his astral form that he does not wish to encourage he is not compelled to keep them. He has the power to introduce other vibratory rates into his astral form that will completely cancel objectionable rates already there. And when he has cancelled them, or transmuted them into other rates of vibration, he will no longer transmit the undesirable frequencies as received from the planets. Just as the �oscilloclast�, in some manner which is as yet a mere speculation, changes the rate of vibration of Cancer, Tuberculosis and Syphilis into energy which no longer radiates such rates, and thus eradicates these disease from the human body-- so may man also introduce mental rates of vibration into his astral form such as will change rates existing there into rates that no longer radiate undesirable influence, and thus change the whole course of life and destiny.

And even as experimentation with the �oscilloclast� was carried out with the ideas of finding those rates of vibration that cancel and annul the rates radiated by the various diseases, so the mental alchemist has quite as successfully determined the mental state that cancels and annuls the particular rate of vibration transmitted by every discordant complex in the astral body. The birth-chart maps these sources of inharmony, and shows the astral vibratory rates radiated by them.

Thus it is found that the Safety-Urges and the Social-Urges when properly applied form the natural antidotes for each other. The Aggressive-Urges and the Domestic-Urges are mutual antidotes, as are the Intellectual-Urges and the Religious-Urges. And the individualistic-Urges are transmuted by applying the Religious-Urges, while the Utopian-Urges require the application of the Safety-Urges. The power-Urges, however, being the central nucleus of all life and energy, need no antidote to annul or cancel their vigor; for they are inharmonious only through wrong combination with the other Urges.

For a more extensive discussion of these mental antidotes the student is referred to lesson #97. And for the most successful method of applying them he is referred to lesson # 98. Here I am attempting only to elucidate a general principle. And while Dr. Abrams, up to the present writing, has not isolated the Electronic Reaction indicating that a person has the power to acquire wealth, or that there is a vibratory rate in his blood that shows he repels money; yet such rates of vibration undoubtedly do exist within man�s astral form. They are mapped in the chart of birth. And it is fully expedient and quite as practical, when the particular rate of vibration is radiated that indicates poverty, to mentally apply the rate of vibration that is known to cancel and annul the particular kind of poverty indicated, and thus affect a cure, as it is to break up an ordinary current of electricity into various vibrations and apply that rate which is known to destroy cancer.

But before further discussing either the mental states that cancel certain discordant vibrations or the mental states that may be used to build up such vibratory conditions as are desired, it seems advisable to indicate how to best advantage the vibratory rates already present in the astral body may be utilized in the acquisition of wealth.

The centers of energy mapped in any chart of birth are always, relative to each other, more or less harmonious or discordant. Therefore, a careful analysis of a chart will reveal the Best Planet in it. This best planet may be more or less afflicted by inharmonious aspects from other planets, it may be best only in comparison with the other planets in the chart. And in this consideration the strength of the planets by sign, and their power by accidental diginity, as well as the strength and kind of aspects they receive from other planets in the chart mist be taken into account. But however poor the chart may be there is always some one planet � unless as is seldom the case, it happens that two or more are exactly equal in beneficence- that exerts a more harmonious influence over the life. And it is very important in Natal Astrology to determining this best planet, for it indicates the person�s greatest natural source of wealth.

This means that he best planet in a birth-chart maps the center of energy within the astral form which transmits the particular rate of vibration that has the most powerful influence to attract wealth.

And even as Dr. Abrams finds that not only electrical frequencies of a given rate have the power to destroy a certain disease, but that certain chemicals externally applied also radiate frequencies having a similar power, so astrologers have found that association with certain things tends to destroy the power of the radiations shown by a center of energy in the astral form, and association with other things tends to increase its power. Thus Dr. Abrams finds that exposing virus for five minutes to a blue light destroys the syphilis factor, and exposing it to a yellow light destroys the tuberculosis factor. So too astrologers find that association with certain colors, tends to increase or decrease the potency of the centers of energy within the astral form to attract harmonious or discordant conditions in the environment.

But according to Dr. Abrams all objects are radio-active. And this is born out by experiences in connection with astrology. For we find that association with these things ruled by a given planet increase the activity of the center of energy within the astral form shown by that planet in the birth-map. If the center in the astral form is harmonious, through this intensifying of its vibratory strength it is given power to attract harmony in the environment. But if the center in the astral form is discordant, intensifying it through association increase its power to attract discord in the environment. Consequently, when the best planet in the birth-chart has been determined, it becomes of greatest moment for the person to associate as much as possible with the things ruled by this planet. These things, because representing the strongest power to intensify the harmony in his astral form, become his greatest natural source of wealth.

This is of the utmost importance in business, because a person who enters a business having to do with the things ruled by his best planet may have great success, while if he enters a business having to do with the things ruled by the worst planet in his chart, he may make a complete failure. In choosing a vocation, therefore, the first essential is to select one in which there will be a constant association with these things that are ruled by the very best planet in the birth-chart.

The other factor in selecting a vocation is to make choice of such methods as corresponds to the temperament, disposition, and mental ability. That is, the best planet in the chart indicates those things whose association will prove most fortunate, but the method of dealing with those things must not conflict with the natural likes and ability of the person. It is unwise, for instance, for a person with a dislike for mechanical work, and with no mechanical ability, to try to become a machinist. Machinery may not be unfortunate in itself�but if there is a temperamental distaste for working with it, or no interest in it, these things should not be forced. But at the same time if it should be indicated as a natural source of wealth it might be turned to advantage in another way. It might be bought and sold on commission, or it might from the product of a business organization where others did the actual mechanical work. Thus the natural tendency to buy and sell, or the ability as an organizer, would be the chief interest, and machinery merely the source of wealth with which associated.

It is a great mistake for people to engage in calling for which they are temperamentally unfitted, or for which they have no natural aptitude. When a person has found the kind of occupation for which he is naturally best qualified he is most happy in his work. And if, at the same time, in this kind of work, he is associated with his greatest natural source of wealth he is most successful. Thus it is one of the great missions of astrology to point out the calling for which each child should be educated. For how often a child is educated along lines that prove of no value to him whatever, wasting the years of his life that should be spent in preparing him for a calling to which he is by temperament adapted. Many a good farmer is wasted by becoming a failure in the business world, and many a fine surgeon is lost to society through the study of law! And it is a function of astrology to prevent these many vocational errors.

In the preceding lesson I gave the rules for determining the temperament, disposition and mental ability. The natural trend of persons born under each sign and planet, and the best quality and worst quality of each sign and each planet were stated. In this connection it need further only be added, perhaps that these born under the Movable signs tend to pioneering and new enterprises, they are the originators. Those born under the Mutable signs tend to adaptation, they are the developers. And those born under the Fixed signs tend to details. They are the finishers.

It will be well, however, as the ruling planet is the most important factor in temperament and the best planet indicates the natural source of wealth, to mention some of the things ruled by, and the methods corresponding to, each planet.

SUN�The Sun rules gold, politics, persons of authority, the male sex in general, and these who employ others.

In method he inclines to official position, civil or political, or to deputies appointed by office holders. He must be at the head of something, even if but a shop foreman or the head of a small department of some business.

MOON � The Moon rules silver, liquids, the common people, commodities, hotels, the home, food, the female sex in general, and has some significance over music.

In method she inclines to everyday business in the retail trade, to fishing, seamanship, nursing, and to serving food. She is at her best when meeting large numbers of all kinds of people.

MERCURY�Mercury rules books railroads, periodicals, telephone and telegraph systems, and people who are literary or studious.

His methods incline to talking, writing, traveling, teachings, and the constant use of the mind. Clerical work, accountancy, postal work, traveling salesman, or acting as an agent, is in line with his inclinations. He must have opportunity to express his mentality.

VENUS-- Venus rules flowers, art of all kinds, dancing, wearing apparel, fancy goods, confectionery, pastry, toilet articles, jewelry, people of a social turn, and has some significance over music.

In method she inclines form hard work and depends upon affability, grace of manners and good taste. She relies upon that which pleases rather than upon that which is of necessity.

MARS-- Mars rules steel, machinery of all kinds, implements of construction and destruction, and among people, cooks, soldiers, surgeons and mechanics.

In method he is aggressive, and either destructive or constructive. He, therefore, takes to all mechanical work, to war, and to surgery. He must have an outlet for his abundant creative energy.

JUPITER-- Jupiter rules judges, clergymen, bankers, professional men of all kinds, merchandise and persons of wealth.

He does well in any of the professions, and also as a salesman of things appealing to those of considerable means. For while Mercury depends upon shrewdness and cleverness, Jupiter depends upon good fellowship and a genial personality. He appeals to the better class of patronage and can sell either his own abilities or his merchandise to the very best advantage.

SATURN � Saturn rules minerals, mines, real-estate, the land, hay, grain, coal, building material, business methods and sedate and elderly people.

In method he depends upon foresight, system, economy, management and persistent labor. He predisposes to sedentary employment and to laborious work. Mining and agriculture are in his line, as is business management in general. He has not he personality to make a good salesman, but he can buy to advantage and is a shrewd trader.

URANUS-- Uranus rules inventions, orators, corporation lawyers, chemists, electricians, astronauts, astrologers and occultists.

In method he is original and inventive, and tends to the uncommon. He has the power to influence others through his magnetism, and must have an outlet for his unusual ingenuity.

NEPTUNE-- Neptune rules oil, gas, drugs, the drama, mediums, mystics, psychic people, and schemes requiring incorporation or the co-operation of a number of persons.

In method he is visionary and dislikes physical work, but has the power to impart to others enthusiasm for his plans. Consequently, he makes a good promoter, or one who carries out psychic work of some nature, or who practices some progressive method of healing.

Now let us consider how the two factors indicating the best vocation may be combined to point out the proper line of education and effort. Let us not lose sight of the fact first that the things shown by the best planet are the natural source of wealth with which it is necessary to associate as much as possible, and second that the method to be employed depends upon the temperament and natural ability and does not in any manner depend upon the harmony or discord of the factors ruling the temperament. For instance, if the disposition if fiery and Mars the ruling planet the method must be constructive or destructive in nature, no matter how badly Mars is afflicted. Manufacturing, or building, or fighting are right in line with the Mars temperament, and it is possible to apply some one of the Mars methods in connection with the things ruled by any of the planets. If the best planet is the Sun, politics offer plenty of opportunity for fighting. If the best planet is the Moon, the sea affords opportunity for mechanics. If the best planet is Mercury, printing gives Mars an outlet-- and so on. The cardinal principle throughout such judgment is to follow the methods indicated by the temperament and ability in connection with the things ruled by the most fortunate planet.

If, therefore, the temperament is Mercurial, talking, writing, teaching or demonstrating something ruled by the best planet is in order. If the temperament is largely Lunar, everyday methods of commerce may be employed. If the temperament is Venusian, the social qualities should be made an asset. If the temperament is Solar, the ability to direct the efforts of others should be taken advantage of. If the temperament is Jupiterian, the personally should be brought to the front. If the temperament is Saturnian, system, economy and organization must enter the field. If the temperament is Uranian, originality should be applied, and if the temperament is Neptunian, there must be ample room for schemes of promotion. But in each of these instances, the things about which such methods are employed must be things ruled by the best planet in the chart. And if these rules be followed there can be no mistake made in choice of a vocation.

Whether, however, in following the chosen vocation a person should be content to work in the employ of another, or should strive to launch out in a business venture of his own, requires other considerations. For it not infrequently happens that a person who is most successful while handling another�s business, quickly loses all he has when handling his own. On the other hand a person who makes very little success in the employ of another often makes a marked achievement when he breaks away from such servitude and establishes himself independently. And in determining this, the first and most important of the two factors to consider is the Tenth house. If the chief significator of the Tenth, and the cusp of the Tenth, are well aspected it is an excellent indication that the person can make a success of business for himself. But if planets in the Tenth, or the ruler of the cusp of the Tenth, or the cusp of the Tenth, receives inharmonious aspects it indicates difficulties that tend to hamper and independent business.

The second, and less important factor in judging the extent a person will succeed in a business for himself is the Sun. For when a person owns, or heads his own business, he becomes the center about which the whole business revolves. And if the Power-Urges in his astral constitution are harmonious, as shown by the position and aspect of the Sun, his controlling influence upon the business will be harmonious and tend to success. But if the Power-Urges are decidedly inharmonious, as indicated by a weak and afflicted Sun in the birth-chart, his influence upon the business as its vital center will be disorganizing and tend toward failure.

In view of this, and the fact that at the present day there seems to be no limit to the salary it is possible to command in the service of large companies and corporations, it is much wiser for the person who has a Tenth house and Sun greatly afflicted and not helped by good aspects to make up his mind work for a salary, and leave the ownership of his business to those who are willing to employ him. But if the Tenth and the Sun are harmonious he will make the greater success by breaking away from those who otherwise might hamper his efforts and establish a business of his own.

And in this connection it is interesting to note that when there is a planet in the Tenth house the kind of a business a person would like to follow is usually indicated by this planet. The same is true in a much lesser extent of the planet ruling the cusp of the Tenth, when there is no planet actually in this house. But this inclination does not signify that the person will actually follow the business so indicated, or even that it would be wise for him to do so. It merely indicates that there are thought-organizations in his astral from that attract him toward a particular field. But his chart may never permit him a business of his own, or through necessity he may be forced into a calling less congenial.

Still another consideration of importance to business life is the Sixth house. Planets in the Sixth house and to a less extent the planet ruling the cusp of the Sixth, indicates the amount and kind of service that may be expected of employees. An executive who has Mars in the Sixth will find his employees quarrelsome, wasteful, and rebellious. If he has Saturn there they will be deceitful and inclined to shirk when not closely watched. If Venus is there they will be amiable and will endeavor to please. And if Jupiter is there they will work steadfastly in his interest. Many a man owes his success in life largely to Jupiter in the Sixth house. Such a position, for instance, was of immense value to ex-president Woodrow Wilson.

Further, the Sixth House indicates the circumstances attending working for others. Of course, in such judgments the aspects the planets receive must be given full consideration. But as a general rule Saturn in the Sixth house indicates one must work very hard when in the employ of others; Mars, that there will be strife in such work; Uranus that there will be disruption and many changes; the Moon that there will be many small things to attend to; Mercury that the mind will be active in the work� and so on.

But now we must consider the rules for judging money prospects and business ability. For these are not the same, nor to be judged in precisely the same manner. A person, through inheritance, through lucky speculation, and otherwise may acquire much wealth without having much business ability. On the other hand a person may apply what business ability he possesses to acquiring a social position or political appointment, rather than to more accumulation of money.

In judging the power to acquire money and personal property the first and most important factor is the Second house. Look to any planet in the Second house as of prime importance, and to the planet ruling the cusp of the Second as a next value. And bear in mind that Venus brings money with little effort, Jupiter through fortunate to transactions and the good-will of others, Mars through strife, and Saturn through much laborious effort, and that Saturn tends to heard and Mars to squander wealth.

The second factor in Judging money prospects, of less importance, somewhat, than the Second House, is the strength and aspects of the two business planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter shows the power, or lack of it to attract wealth; and Saturn shows the power to keep it. Every aspect to these two planets in a chart has a significance as to the power to acquire and accumulate money.

The third factor in judging the money prospects, and of less importance than the second, is the Tenth house. Aspects to the M.C., to any planet in the Tenth, and to the planet ruling the cusp of the Tenth, should be considered of importance in the order named. The Tenth house signifies the person�s credit and reputation and his business�all of which have some bearing upon money matters.

The fourth and last factor, and of less importance than the other three, in judging money prospects, is the Sun and Moon. The Sun shows the power to attract gold and the good-will or the reverse of persons who have authority and power. The Moon shows the power to attract silver and the good-will or the reverse of the common people. A well aspected Sun shows the ability to transact business involving large sums, and a well-aspected Moon indicates the ability to make many small transactions. Therefore, a person with the Moon well-aspected and the Sun afflicted will do better to follow a business where many small transactions, or sales, take place. But if the Sun is well aspected and the Moon is afflicted, it is a waste; of time to bother with little sales or small business deals, as there is greater success in making a few large turns.

However, all wealth is not gold or silver, even though measured by such standards. Real-estate, for instance, is indicated by the Fourth house, small live-stock and farm produce by the Sixth house, transportation systems and mail order work by the Third house, stocks and bonds by the fifth, inheritance and money acquired by partnership and marriage by the Eighth, publishing plants by the ninth., and large livestock aby the Twelfth. Therefore, in judging the power to attract and accumulate these things, consider the house ruling it instead of the Second house. For each of these departments may represent, in some form, the acquisition of wealth.

The success in business enterprises, the station in life, the credit and general reputation, are judged by three factors.

The first and most important of these factors is the Tenth house. The aspects to the M.C. are most important, then the nature and harmony of any planet in the Tenth, and finally the nature and aspects to the ruler of the cusp of the Tenth. The Tenth house in particular shows the esteem in which the person will be held by others, which is of great importance in business life.

The second and next factor in importance are the two business planets, Jupiter and Saturn. They show the native business ability, or lack of it. If Jupiter is afflicted it indicates the person will be attracted to ventures that lack patronage or that have very little power to attract money. If Saturn is afflicted he will enter into business transactions that are not properly systematized and that fail through lack of funds, or that meet with adversity. For genuine business ability and success Jupiter and Saturn should be strong and not too much afflicted.

The third and last factor in judging business and station is the Sun and Moon. The Sun represents the opinions of people of power and authority concerning the person, and the Moon the opinions of the man in the street.

Therefore, in judging the money prospects there are four factors to be considered Second house, Jupiter and Saturn, Tenth house, and Sun and Moon. But in judging the business prospects there are but three factors, which are considered in a different order of importance�Tenth house, Jupiter and Saturn, and Sun and Moon.

The means by which the success or failure indicated will be brought about is shown by the planets aspecting the important factors, and the houses they occupy. A harmonious aspect from the ruler of the Tenth to the ruler of the Second, for instance, indicates money made through the channel of business; but if at the same time the ruler of the Fifth afflicts by aspect the ruler of the Second, it indicates that money will be lost through speculation. And in some such manner every planet aspecting the wealth-indicating factors reveals the manner through which wealth may be gained or lost.

Further, it is not uncommon for a person to fail in one locality and succeed in another. The sign occupied by the best planet in the chart for money-making shows the kind of a locality where success in this field will be greatest. And the kind of a locality represented by the planet that most severely afflicts the money prospects, indicates by the sign it is in, the environment where money-making will be most difficult. A table giving the climate, Kind of Country, Land, part of City and part of home ruled by each sign will be found in lessons No. 90 and No. 91.

So, also as a rule, if the Tenth and ninth houses are more harmonious than the Fourth and Third, a person can do better at some distance from the locality of birth. And in case a move is advisable, the direction from the place of birth that the best planet for moneymaking is in the birth-chart the left-hand side of the chart being east, the top south, the right-hand side the west, and the bottom north is, other things not interfering, the direction in which success would be most pronounced.

But all these rules for judging the wealth acquiring attributes assume that no persistent and wisely directed attempts to apply a mental antidote have been made, and that no now constructive centers of energy have been added that are not shown by the birth-chart. And such assumption is almost universally justified. But it need not be so. For even as states of consciousness have organized every center in the astral form shown by planetary aspects and position, so can states of consciousness voluntarily produced change, add to, or annul them.

Therefore, to increase the capacity for wealth-getting shown by the birth-chart, two processes should be inaugurated. First, by means of wisely applied mental antidotes cancel and annul the influence of these planetary centers in the astral form that are shown most strongly to repel and dissipate wealth. Second, by thoughts of a different order, accompanied by as intense pleasurable emotions as possible, build up wealth-attracting centers in the astral form.

If, therefore, Saturn is the planet afflicting wealth, the Social-Urges should by cultivated pleasantly in association with thoughts and actions concerning money. If Mars is the afflicting planet, the Domestic-Urges in association with wealth may be pleasantly invoked. If Uranus afflicts, the Religious-Urges should be acquired. as also should be the procedure if the affliction is from the planet Mercury. Either Neptune or Venus require the Safety-Urges as an antidote. An affliction from the Moon requires the Aggressive-Urges. And a discordant Jupiter calls for the application of the Intellectual-Urges.

The Social-Urges may be applied as an antidote by cultivating pleasure in the thought and action of obtaining and using money to help others. The Domestic-Urges may be applied by cultivating pleasure in the thought and action of obtaining money to provide for the comforts and safety of the home and family. The Religious-Urges may be applied by cultivating a pleasant feeling of generosity and charitableness and benevolence in association with money. The Safety-Urges may be applied by taking pleasure in being cautious and saving where money is concerned, and the Aggressive-Urges by being bold and free in its acquirement and use. The Intellectual-Urges may be added by acquiring pleasure in studies concerned with money and the exercise of discrimination in all financial matters.

In this manner the discords may be annulled. But this is only part of the work, for to acquire wealth there must be strong wealth-attracting centers of energy in the astral form. And the center in the astral constitution that has most influence, either to attract or repel money, is the center shown in the birth-chart by the chief ruler of the Second house. Therefore, to give wealth-attracting power it is advisable to associate its urges as powerfully and as pleasantly as possible with the urges ruling the particular business or condition from which it is especially desired to receive money�and of course, these pleasurable thoughts and actions, if they are to affect money must be held in the mind along with money thoughts.

If the efforts to make money are along the channel of business enterprise, the urges to be associated as strongly and as pleasantly as possible with the urges chiefly ruling money, are these urges corresponding to the chief ruler of the Tenth house. If the effort to make money is through hazardous enterprise, through speculation or amusement, the thought-elements corresponding to the chief ruler of the Fifth-house should be strongly and pleasantly associated with the thought-elements corresponding to the chief ruler of the Second House. If the effort to make money is through agriculture, real estate or mines, the thoughts corresponding to the chief ruler of the Fourth house should be powerfully and joyfully associated with the thoughts corresponding to the chief ruler of the Second house.

The same principles may be applied advantageously also to building up other factors directly affecting wealth and acquirement. Jupiter indicates the condition of the Religious-Urges in the astral body, and Saturn the condition of the Safety-Urges. A very little inspection of the birth-chart will indicate just what urges should be added to each of these two thought families to give them wealth-acquiring power. For one can instantly see just what aspect from what planet would help the chart most, if it were only present. And by selecting the thoughts and actions ruled by such planet and associating then with the Religious or Safety-Urges, a condition may be obtained in the life very similar to the desired planetary aspect.

And in a like manner one or all of the three factors that directly affect business, credit and reputation, may gradually be built harmoniously into the character. And when it becomes a harmonious part of the character the destiny also will be harmonious. For character attracts destiny.

The Brotherhood of Light
Box 1525, Los Angeles, Calif.
Serial No. 107, Branch Letter -- E
Course X, Branch of Science�Natal Astrology
Part V
Business, Finances, and Vocational Selection
Examination Questions

1. To what is the whole power of the planets to influence man�s life and destiny due?

2. What mechanical proof do we have that every object and mental state radiates its own peculiar rate of vibration?

3. What mechanical proof do we have that a certain vibratory rate introduced from the outside will cancel and annul vibratory rates present in the human body?

4. Through what process is it probable that all cures produced by Mental, Spiritual, Divine and Metaphysical healing take place? 5. How are the centers in the astral form that radiate discordant energy located? 6. What bearing has the Tenth house on money? 7. What have the Sun and Moon in a birth-chart to do with money prospects?

8. If the Sun in a birth-chart is afflicted and the Moon is strong and well aspected, What kind of business transactions will prove more successful?

9. By what three factors are business success and reputation to be judged?

10. How is the environment and direction from place of birth where the financial success will be greatest to be determined from the birth-chart?

11. Why is it so important to determine the Best planet in a birth-chart?

12. What effect upon the astral body does it have to associate with objects ruled by the Worst planet in the birthchart?

13. Why is a person so often a failure when in his business he is compelled to associate with the things ruled by the worst planet in his birth-chart?

14. What should determine the methods to be employed in business?

15. Knowledge of what two factors in a birth-chart prevent vocational errors?

16. What significance have Jupiter and Saturn in judging the money Prospects?

17. What is the first factor in considering the power to acquire money?

18. Does the harmony or discord of two factors ruling the temperament have a decisive influence upon the kind of a vocation that should be followed?

19. What is the most important factor to consider in determining if a should own his business?

20. What is the second and less important factor in judging if a person should have a business of his own?

21. What planet indicates the kind of a business a person would like to follow?

22. Of what significance in business life is the Sixth house?

23. By what process may the capacity for wealth-getting be increased?

24. What center of energy in the astral form should in particular be harmoniously built up to increase the money-getting power?

25. How may it be determined from the birth-chart just what thoughts should be cultivated to produce some desired result in life and destiny?